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    1. A geat night

      by , 05-02-2019 at 10:34 AM (Into my world)

      This was a great night because it was the first time I recalled 4 dreams, for me this is a new record. the first two that I'll write were more vivid and longer than the other two.
      I think that happened because I was on holiday and I slept very well in my own bad.


      Pee problems

      I'm a boy, it's night and I'm at home in my bathroom. I'm standing in front of the toilet with the urge to pee but I can't, after a wile I try I start worrying about my health, so I call a doctor to come and help me.

      A doctor arrives with her white coat on, she has brown and wavy hair that falls over her shoulders.
      She gives me a pill that should solve my problem, I swallow it and then I sit down.
      the doctor look at me in a strange way and asks me if I'm okay, I tell her I'm fine and then I fall to the ground unconscious.

      I wake up a few seconds later and stand up, now I'm a girl again, I'm myself again. I go to the bathroom and pee successfully.

      I wake with a start thinking I have wet the bed, fortunately it didn't happen.

      fighting a dragon

      Me and another boy are fighting a red dragon under the supervision of a magician who can be Gandalf the white (yes I watched the lord of the rings that night).
      We are in an enclosed place, it looks like an artificial underground river with a vaulted concrete roof, the river that flows below un and laterally a raised platforms where you can walk with side exit.

      But the battle with the dragon isn't real, because every time we made a mistake in strategy and the dragon defeats us by growing us away Gandalf save us and brings us back restarting the fight from where it ended, giving us the opportunity to find a new strategy.
      It's more like a workout.

      the other guy and I are hanging by chains at the riverbank while the dragon, breaking through the wall, has come out by one of the side doors.
      I start to the eight and to the left until I get high enough to kick the dragon on his head. but it wasn't so effective because the dragon kick me in return and I and up on the other side of the river.
      the dragon himself, snapping, comes to save me before I touch the wall and Gandalf tells him: " I was taking her ".
      but now the dragon had grabbed me and brought me back on the other side to resume the fighting again.


      I'm at home sitting in my room in front of my desk, it's evening and in front of me there is my little white budgie hanging out on my desk.
      at certain point I take it in hands and start caressing him, initially he screams and wants to run away, but after a while he understands that I don't hurt him and he relaxes letting himself being cuddled.
      I put it on the table and continue to do the scratching behind his head.

      then I take it downstairs and I put him in his cage with the other budgies.

      secret agents

      I'm a secret agent and I'm on a mission with another companion. it's night and we are dressed all in black, we are almost invisible.
      we are in a place that seems a construction site and we have to sneak into a cubic building to steal something but it seems to have no income.

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    2. Crystal Ball

      by , 01-23-2015 at 02:11 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      January 22, 2015 (With CZ)

      I was in a queen-sized bed with Zukin and some random guy who was apparently our roommate (and we only had the one bed?). Before going to bed, Zukin had told me that the guy was into me, but I didn't believe her. We always slept with Zukin and I on the sides and the guy in the middle, for some reason. I turned to face the wall, so that they were to my back. I felt his knee on my calf or something, and I didn't move it, wondering what he would do. He scooted closer, so I scooted closer too, and then we were full-on spooning. He hugged my stomach, and I turned to face him, and our legs were all tangled and we cuddled for a while. Just as I felt like I would fall asleep or something, he pushes me away and says something like "Unacceptable... To the VAULT!" And gets up, and goes into the bathroom to get some tools out. I was dumbfounded, and just shouted, "Oh FUCK YOU. It's OVER." He didn't seem to hear me, though.

      Zukin was laughing silently, and scooted over to whisper to me, "I'll take your place. Let's fuck with the bitch." So we switched places, and when the guy came back, scissors and a few other weird beauty tools in hand, we were both cracking up on the inside. He trimmed some gray hairs from her head (not that she has any IWL), did something really weird with her nails, and then used the round contraption to clamp each of her toenails to make them healthy? He was making random comments about stuff I don't remember. Then he started asking "me" about things like how many credits I had. Zukin was like "Oh I dunno. Kestrel, how many credits do you have?" I answered, and then she relayed he information back to him, who still didn't get that we'd switched places. He was just babbling like an idiot and we both cracked up, deciding he was a bit of a creep, and left him in the bed. We opened the door to the bedroom and it opened into an airplane cabin (from one of the lavatories).

      We went to our seats, which happened naturally. I looked out the window and saw stunningly blue tropical waters and many islands; an archipelago. This made me realize I was dreaming. I didn't even need to do an RC, I just knew. I turned to Zukin, shook her and shouted, "ZUKIN WE'RE IN MY LUCID DREAM!" She smiled and got all cheerful, giggled a little bit, and I looked back out the window. I controlled the plane right from my seat, just thinking it should go this way or that.

      I looked out the window as the plane turned and bobbed up and down, and Zukin pointed at something off in the distance. It looked like some sort of massive temple from here, so I willed the plane to go to it. I was suddenly in the cockpit, with windows all over (above, bellow, to the sides) and we dove for the water. We dove underwater and flew through it for a while, then the nose pointed up again and we were almost at the thing we had seen. As we got closer, I saw that they were actually lines and lines and lines of large poles sticking out of the ground. They were painted to look like the furs of big cats. There was one aboriginal man standing amongst the poles, looking up at us.

      I had shed the rest of the plane; I was now just flying around. I wanted to go back to the bright blue waters, but when I went over the water again, it was all murky and dark. I frowned, closed my eyes, and envisioned the bright blue waters I had seen before. I could see it in my mind's eyes, but when I opened them, the water was still all icky looking. I sighed, and turned back to the land again. I ended up in some weird building, with a layout a bit like my apartment. It was dark and the bathroom looked weird, but it slowly started turning into my apartment. I went into my room, which was just as messy as it is IWL, but in a different way. I found a piece of tissue paper, and put it down on a clear spot of floor because I wanted to find a crystal ball. I noticed an old couple sitting on my bed, but ignored them. When I looked back at the tissue paper, I was pleased to find there was now a crystal ball underneath it.

      I removed the tissue paper, and started rubbing the crystal ball. I saw swirls and sparks inside it, and closed my eyes to think really hard about the question, "What with the next year bring me?"

      When I opened my eyes, the crystal ball flashed 4 or 5 strings of words. The first one, which I remember, was, "Glück für dich," which was actually pretty promising (and apparently is the name of a song? Glück für dich. Interesting instrumentals but his voice bugs me a little... Not sure what to think about this song, really)

      I flashed another German message I can't remember, then a string of numbers, which I also can't remember. but the last thing it flashed was "KI-HI, CCCCCCC!!!!!!!!!!"

      I tilted my head, because that one didn't make any sense. I wondered if the crystal ball was broken, so I closed my eyes to try for a new crystal ball. When I opened them, there was a blue box with a crystal ball in my hands. I shrugged, took it out of the box, and tried again. I started rubbing it, and closed my eyes again, and looked up. The old man must have thought I was weird, because he was like, "Are you alright, miss....?" I shushed him and waved my hand, and my concentration was a little broken, but I looked at the ball anyways. I started to wake up because my alarm went off, and I only managed to catch, in bold, loud fount inside the crystal ball, "LOVE PROSPECTS: " and then
      opened my eyes in my bed. I was shouting in my head "WHAT ABOUT LOVE. IS IT GOOD?? WHAT WERE YOU GONNA SAAAYYY?!?!"

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    3. Airplanes // Cuddles // Little boy

      by , 07-06-2014 at 03:31 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      (catching up on a few days' worth of Dream Journal entrees... so they're not too detailed)

      July 03, 2014


      I remember taking about 6 rides in an airplane from one place to another. I don't remember much about the landscape or even what I did during the flights... I think I was the co-pilot for at least half of them.


      I was at an old friend's place. I've known him since middle school. My roommate was also there, for part of the time, and maybe one or two other people. We were all watching a movie, or something... I was sitting next to him on the couch, and I remember that a few people left, and then it was us two, and my roommate left. I leaned on his shoulder, and he put his arm around me, and suddenly we were snuggling up to each other like it was totally natural. We cuddled for a while, and would have done other things if Kristin wasn't there... He whispered in my ear that I should text him when we left.

      Then, when we did leave, I was standing outside with her as we waited for our ride (I think it was her boyfriend, but I'm not sure) and I texted my friend, "Sooo... should I come back in?" And I was horny as fuck, man. He texted me back: "Yesssss."

      But I woke up as I was climbing the stairs to his room.

      Little Boy

      There was a little boy living at my house. That's all I remember, haha!