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    1. Weird house and visiting St. Louis

      by , 09-17-2017 at 04:29 PM (Exterminate)
      For the past week or so I have been waking myself up 4.5-5 hours after going to sleep. So bed at 11PM, and waking at around 3:30-4:00. I have been trying to WILD at least once every morning. I have had so-so dream recall for as long as I have been gone off these forums, and I wanted to get back into lucid dreaming. I actually had a short layer one lucid dream a few days ago, but it only lasted about 30-45 seconds before the dream went dark and I could not regain control of the dream before waking up. I had just set out my dream journal this morning next to my lava lamp so I could use its dim light to write down my early morning dreams and grab a sip of water and use the restroom, etc. I'll copy the fragments from the early morning down, and then the second dream is going to be the one I had after waking about 2 hours later.

      Visiting St. Louis

      Don't remember much. I visited St. Louis in this dream, but it was much smaller than it should have been. I suppose it more closely resembled Jerseyville, which is where I am moving to in a couple of weeks. Driving into town with my brother Kris, mother and father, I arrived separately. I took the main road and came across the house we are soon to be moving into. I saw a car with my eldest brother Jeff, his wife Rose, and their kids at an intersection. Rose and Jeff actually live about a block or two away from our new house IRL. Since I arrived first I decided to check out the house. There was some guy who was watching over the house until we arrived. He was very shy, and he freaked out when he saw me. I tried to communicate with him but he shook his head and ran outside, never to be seen again. I then went to the motel room our family was staying in, and it was a motel 6. The entire room was renovated and changed per mother's request. A wall had been taken out, and it had been converted more to a small apartment with full furnishings and whatnot. We heard someone outside the door, and it sounded extremely close. Opened the door the investigate, but nobody was there strangely. Turns out the entire apartment building was doing their own renovations, so there was much hammering and Drilling going on.

      I then checked out the rest of the town and saw some pretty large back yards that resembled my old house from when I was real young. This one house had a creek in the back, but it smelled absolutely horrible. The garbage disposal had backed up and sewage was everywhere. The appearance and smell made me gag. I then left, and saw the neighborhood had a bunch of busted pipes and fire hydrants that had caused frozen water to be everywhere. I played with it a bit by breaking some off and throwing it around, feeling it, and whatnot. It was around 35° fahrenheit outside, so not too cold.

      Strange house/Office building

      I was at the building where I work. I feel like this is a dream repeater, where I have done this before. I had recently got a promotion to some management job, but then I started seeing shadows of people at this place. The building was not actually my work place, but it had the feel of it and my new house. It had 2 stories. Men's bedrooms on main floor, and women's bathrooms on main floor, and vice versa. Men's bathrooms on second floor, and women's bedrooms on second floor. These shadow people had two different kinds. They were all walking in some sort of pattern through the house. There were many shadow people that had the same exact appearance. These people were something different, but I don't remember the explanation. The other kind of shadow person had all sorts of different appearances, but they were sentient. They were the home's previous victims. They were stuck in some sort of time loop. They could not see or hear me. I could see them wandering around, and at one point they were looking at something behind me. I moved over to let them see, and I had been standing in front of a light. I guess me standing there had caused the room to look strange to them. There were at least a dozen of these other victims around the house.

      This woman grabbed me from behind, and guided me through the house. She had a microphone pressed next to my mouth and she was trying to convince me to listen to her and do what she says. I don't recall her whole plan, but she says not to tell anybody she exists, and that she is to be trusted. She asks if I will visit her again the next day at the same time, and I say yes. I do so, and she did the same sort of thing to me. She guided me around telling stories. I took note of her appearance this time. She liked red. She had some sort of brown trenchcoat on, red lipstick, red high heels, very red hair. She was a bit overweight, and about a foot taller than me
      (Making her ~7 feet tall). I spent all this time pretending to listen to her, but really I was gathering information to report her to my boss at work.

      The next day I looked for someone to tell my story to. I could not find my current supervisor or team lead, but I did find my previous supervisor, and my previous job's supervisor. I had a conversation with the supervisor at my previous job, Tyler, and he acted like we talk on a regular basis. He is sitting at the computer desk I have in front of me presently, but it was located at this workplace in the dream. He tells me he beat some sort of video game record, and wonders how I don't know what he is talking about. I conclude he is confusing me with my brother, who currently works at the job this man is a supervisor at. I then start to mention my experience with my previous supervisor at my current job, Nicole, and she rushes me to this management room with many chairs and a projector screen. We are to watch a short video, and then I am to share my story with those in the room. I go to grab a seat, but every time I try someone else is sitting there or takes the spot. I get a bit frustrated after a few moments because I am supposed to be the center of attention here, I should get a preferred seat. There ended up being over 30 people crowded in this small area to watch the presentation. I had to sit in a preschool chair that was way too small for me. I noticed I was missing my shirt for some reason. Turns out I was switching shirts every time I got off work, and I forgot to put on the new one? We watch a couple of preview videos as if it were a movie theater. I see a bunch of diversity stuff and anti-trump lectures, and I start to lose my patience after like 15 minutes of watching nonsense. They eventually skip past like 4 more clips and get to the point.

      All eyes on me, they ask me for my story. I start to share, and suddenly my chair starts spinning uncontrollably. I try to place my feet on the ground between the chair legs, but they are positioned in a way that prevents me from looking straight. Someone hands me a blanket to cover my torso, since I am shirtless, and I stand up out of my chair to prevent myself looking further like a doofus. Some kid explains the chair is spinning because of some wires beneath it that are tangled. I lift the chair, and sure enough it is being held by cables of some sort. I press it down real hard and it stays in place. I sit back down and explain what this mysterious woman had said to me and what she looked like. I still had some details to share, but the people in charge figured this was enough and started marching out to take action. I mention something about this house is the most important thing to me, and catching this woman isn't my main focus, but I wanted to fix the shadow people instead. The people in charge here ignored me completely and I was forced to leave the building.

      I ask myself as I am leaving what I have gotten myself into. As I walk out the door I see a whole army of Daleks flying past me, ignoring me because they're on my side...Uh oh. The people I asked for help from were Timelords, and they were so crazed that the Daleks were friendly to them and obeyed them. Dream kind of ends there, but I remembering going back to the house and seeing a large step before entering the front door. I see some compartment in this ledge and wonder if it opens to some stairs. I open it up, and it was not stairs, it was a doggie door...A small one at that.
      I am not sure where this fits into the dream, but I also recall seeing my name on the news that I had almost died. I felt both excited seeing my name in the news, but surprised considering I was not harmed at all.

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      non-lucid , memorable , dream fragment
    2. Closed for Construction // Daleks and Cylons

      by , 07-01-2014 at 05:08 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      June 30, 2014

      orange text = lucid

      Closed for Construction

      It was Monday morning, and I was going about my business in the classes; it was almost break time. We were learning more about running records in my Teaching Literacy class. The teacher called for a break, and I scurried on over to a shop in a neighboring building, where I've been getting my mountain dew and coke lately. I opened the door, which was strange, as the door was usually propped open, and instead of the shop, there were three desks; they were strewn all over the place, not lining up with the walls or with each other. It was then that I remembered the sign I'd seen on Friday, saying that the shop would be closed starting Monday for construction (this sign was actually there, and the shop actually was closed today).

      There was a construction worker sitting at one of the desks, and at the two other desks were the two women I've seen at the register. The one I've seen most often looked up at me and asked me if she could help me.

      "Oh, I'm sorry. The shop was going to be closed starting today, wasn't it...?!" I excused myself and left, embarrassed.

      Daleks and Cylons

      I was on a college campus that was basically a mixture of my campus, my little brother's campus, and my old high school's grounds (and holy cow, I've dreamed of this place before, too...! I remember now where the library was and even the same courtyard I was now in). I was going to meet my little brother there, because he was going to show me where he spent his days. I saw him, waved him over, and he took me to one of the buildings, though I can't really remember which one it was. We talked about something, but I forgot what.

      I woke up the next morning and started to get ready for school. I was in my old bedroom, but it's slightly larger feeling, and the bed I had years and years ago was still in there. I got dressed, brushed my teeth, ate a bowl of cereal, and was in the process of packing up my backpack when I realized I needed to get something from the car. I went out to the garage, and rummaged around in the car (it was my dad's olllllld red Honda, which we got rid of 2 years ago) until I found whatever it was (I can't remember what), and then my mom came out saying we needed to leave NOW NOW or she would be late for work.

      "But I'm not ready yet...! All my stuff is inside!"

      "Well go get it!"

      I didn't think much, and ran inside to get my bag, which I hadn't finished packing yet. I plopped down in the car, and asked mom if we could hold up for a sec, because I didn't have all my stuff. "No time to waste, we need to go now."

      "Why can't I just drive the van on my own?"

      "Erik needs it because he has to stay late today."

      "I honestly don't mind waiting up for him at school...!"

      But we had already pulled out of the driveway. I made one of those longing motions for the retreating house behind me and the things I had left there. We had turned onto the street my old high school was on, except that it was much, much longer and in general larger-scale than it is IRL. I suddenly realized one of the things I'd forgotten was my wallet. I checked my pocket, and found that my debit card was in it, but a load of good that would do me at school. "Come on, mom, I don't have my wallet. I need that."

      But she didn't say anything, and we came to a road block where Daleks and Cylons [[ Centurions and human models ]] were asking to see my mom's ID (Daleks and Cylons comprised the police force here. I remember feeling a slightly defiant acceptance toward them. The way you'd feel if you were secretly a rebel, but wanted to appear normal to get past the checkpoint)

      "Ma'am can we see your ID?" Mom handed it over. The Cylon looked through the car at me, in the passenger's seat. "Does she have one, too?"

      "I do, but I left it at home," I said, glaring at my mom.

      The Cylon eyed me, then my mom, and then a Dalek that was looking through the passenger window right at me (it was uber creepy).

      They waved us on, and as mom pulled back onto our course, I suddenly realize: Cylons and Daleks... those are from two different series...! I looked down at my hands: My left was completely normal, but when I looked at my right hand, there was an extra thumb. I blinked, wondering if it was just my eyes playing a trick on me, because it all seemed way too real to be a dream. But the extra thumb was still there, and I was dreaming!

      I still wasn't totally totally convinced, and so I didn't want to do anything that would cause my death or my mom's death just in case, so I tried to reason with her using my real world logic:

      "Look, mom, I don't have my ID or my school card. I won't even be able to get into the school!"

      But she wasn't budging, and so I though, Fuck this shit, I'm waking up.

      And so I woke up. I was back in my bedroom, and a large office printer in the corner was beeping and whirring, alerting me that the Cylons and Daleks were running a search on my name. I sniggered at my cunning in getting out of that dream, and proceeded to rush into the living room, telling my dad and brother, who were just getting up, "You guys wouldn't remember, since it was a dream, but I just woke up from it."

      And then my real alarm went off and woke me up. It scared the shit out of me and I jumped at least a foot off my bed.

      Double false awakening and Lucid FAIL lol.
    3. Dream Fragments 07 - 16.07.09

      by , 05-22-2012 at 01:26 PM (Dream Tales)
      Me and a girl who was apparently my friend were running through the woods. There was a boy a couple years younger with us and he was lagging behind. We stopped to allow him to catch up but he slumped against a tree and passed out. The girl put him on her back and we ran into a block of houses. She was now slowing so I took the boy’s excessively heavy backpack and put it on.

      I was in a café with a group of friends. The café was run by Daleks. I had to go to the toilet and when I went in I found a woman having a lively chat with a Dalek as though it was her best friend. When I returned to the café I found my friends being led away with the lead Dalek in possession of my phone which I realised must have gone off (my ringtone was the Doctor Who theme).

      “Stop!” I yelled, running forward. “It’s mine! The phone is mine!”

      The Daleks freed my friends and I was shut up in a bright, dungeon type area beneath the café.

      The gang from Goodness Gracious Me were coming together for a new series. I was watching an ad for it.

      I was in a grassy clearing in a block of houses with my brother. It was dark and I saw a baby deer just ahead of us. I asked my brother if it was the one he had seen before and he nodded. The deer then approached us and as it got nearer it got bigger and bigger. Up close I could now see that it looked nothing like a deer at all. It was more of a mix between a goat and a moose. It was very tame and let us pat it and when I asked it if I could take its picture with my phone it nodded and backed away so I could get a better shot.

      I was in Hunstanton with my family. We were preparing to leave but I was unhappy because we hadn’t gone into the arcade.