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    1. Fake SLD with Kat

      by , 12-31-2013 at 03:51 PM (The Dream Adventures of [email protected])
      dream 1 - I don't know why I'm frustrated lately... it just sucks when a thing doesn't work out that was waited for almost 8 years IRL. It just fucking makes my entire family nervous. I'm sick and tired of all this. All I need is hope...

      I argue with someone but I don't remember. I'm really pissed off.

      dream 2 - I see a youtube video on a big white screen in a small building or nail place. The video is really interesting. It shows about yellow light of orbs flowing into top left direction to go into a bigger circle that looks like a human female egg. When the orbs go inside, they get out of the egg into the going reverse in the direction they have come, and they got bigger. It's something about life, death, and afterlife.

      I see some middle-aged women doing something on a table.

      dream 3 - I watch p90x video. Scene jumps. I try to WILD unconsciously. I'm Denma, but I can barely see and my head is really heavy for some reasons. I turn my head.

      I wake up.

      I try to see things by lifting my room curtain of a window. I finally see bright sunlight. At some point I pass out.

      LD - I'm running in my backyard and I doubt it's a dream. So I fly by leaping into the air and I can fly. It's a dream! I get lucid and fly to the left and then land on a top of a building. I look at my hands and stabilize. I remembered the time dilation techniques from a DV TD but I choose my own way to dilate it.

      I'm at outdoor of construction site or some kind of parking lot. I see a lot of dull buildings and cars and rusty textures. I see a lot of people doing parkour. I try to summon a portal to call Kat to practice fake SLD. When I turn back there's no portal. So I call out his name and at some point I really find him. I greet him but because there are so many DCs we don't really get to talk. I look at my hands again to stabilize.

      Now I'm in a building and so many people are doing palm spin on the wall altogether. I run to the wall do wall run. I do it again.

      I see a man holding a pistol trying to kill someone. I get a little nervous (if I would wake up). He goes through the crowd and everyone gets panicked a little too. Some people grab him and he shoots a gun with loud BAM!. I realize that the bullet almost hit my face, but it passed to other direction closely right in front of my face. I wake up.

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    2. Shared Lucid Dream with Fake Katsuno/ Epic Fight against Anime Villains!

      by , 03-18-2013 at 12:06 PM (The Dream Adventures of [email protected])
      Lucid Dream
      My thoughts

      I don't know how I got lucid. I tried to WILD during WBTB. I remember lifting my dream body - maybe I WILDed in dream. So I WILDed on the bed and I was in a strange room. It felt cozy though. There was a couple of furry animal characters and I unconsciously morphed into my furry character Als.

      One of the couple had black and white fur. There was a window right near the bed and it was night outside, but still bright as day. The sky was beautiful dark blue with shining stars.
      There were other furry characters too, I could sense that they were from my comic story Dagels. Probably the blue one?

      I was hanging out with them a little first, but then I immediately remembered all of my goals for SDing with Katsuno and pulled myself together. Oh yeah I have to go to the moon!

      "Guys, let's go to the moon together! It's gonna be fun!" I stood up from the bed.
      They agreed and I tried to summon a portal.
      But it didn't work. I even imagined the whole wall behind me would fall off and it would be the whole scene of moon, but it didn't work. The furries laughed at me.
      One of them tried to help me I think. Somehow my point of view shifted to 3rd person. I saw me and others falling off from a house in the middle of pitch black universe on to the moon! We were screaming.
      It was weird though, I could control the point of view too. Few seconds later I could go back into my body and I noticed that I was falling on the moon. It felt like watching the movie. First I panicked a little, but I remembered that it was only a dream so I tried to get calm.

      "Guys, it's gonna be ok! Hold hands together tightly!" I yelled.

      Somehow at this moment I felt like I could control the DC's behavior.. We held hands like skydivers and we decelerated onto the moon. Others landed perfectly but I bumped my face on the gray ground "oof!" and I tasted the dirt inside my mouth. Everything was vivid. When I touched the moon ground I could feel its roughness. When I stood up I cleaned the dirt on my face. Wait, before I stood up in front of me there was huge weird plastic building. Could this be Nomad and Raven's moon dome? But when I looked up it wasn't the dome. It had weird shape with red color, like a typical lamp lid. Everyone was curious what it was.

      "Hold on, I'll look into it." I jumped up high and inside that red plastic lid, there was a huge light bulb.
      There were plenty of other red plastic buildings like this when we walked along. It really felt like I was Alice in Wonderland. I should have paid attention to the moon landscape. I got distracted to this plastic building and we went inside one of them. I don't remember how we got into it, maybe there was a door?

      When we went inside, I could 'recognize' how this whole place structured. It was so weird. The building was long in width (not height), and there were about 5-6 rooms. Each room had a different places - it wasn't just a 'room', rather it was just like in the animated movie Monsters Inc. where you open the door and there's whole new place, but these all places are connected together in 'one building'.

      The room we entered was the place of beautiful grass hills and forest with huge clean lake, under the bright night sky with shining moon. Everyone jumped into the lake including me and we swam. It was so fun!

      After swimming we wanted to go to the other place so we walked along at the end of this room to find the door.
      When I was walking I shouted "Katsuno! Katsuno! Katsunooooo!! Kat!! Dennis!!!" in Als's voice. But he seemed nowhere.

      On the other side of the door, there were people I recognized as 'enemies', but they were drowning in the flooded place. It was slightly raining. I think it was the forest again.
      At this point I lost the furry friends and I just swam into the wavy lake. And right there, in the middle of lake there was Katsuno holding onto a wooden plank! He was Naruto, but strangely he wasn't wearing the leaf headband, and he didn't have those kyuubi marks on his cheeks.

      I swam towards him and told him "Hey Kat! It's me Windy! WE'RE DREAMING RIGHT NOW!"
      And he got surprised, saying "holy crap this is dream?! We're sharing dream!"

      But right at this moment I suspected him that he was a DC. I mean I recognized him as Katsuno, but he had too obvious reaction of meeting me and there nothing 'special' reaction beyond that. It's like 'oh hey we met together and this is crazy. Let's just have shared dream ' It felt like he didn't look thoughtful; this is the typical feeling I get from DCs. I didn't feel any Katsuno's real energy signature from this DC.
      I really had the moment of thought that he is definitely a DC. It was obvious. But I tried to ignore it because if I just abandon this DC and try to look for real Katsuno, it would waste the time and dream. Whether he's real or not, it's just much more fun enough to have shared lucid dream than a normal LD, because I experienced this with fake Aeolar

      So we got excited, but the strong flood was distracting us. I held Kat's hand while him still holding on the plank. I morphed into my character Vox (just flying robot) and with my sound wave power, I dragged Kat to the door while I was flying. The enemies were following behind us so I shot the sound wave lasers *zzzt* and they died lol. I don't know how the enemies looked but they seemed villains from anime.

      The door was a little high up on the rocky cliff. Kat climbed up and I could see that he was wearing the sennin mode outfit. He looked cool!

      At this moment the more enemies were pouring onto us and I remembered that I wanted to be Hinata to try 64 palm jutsu. (It was because Kat was Naruto.) I immediately morphed into Hinata and used clone jutsu. I literally heard that short Japanese flute sound(?) when doing hand position of a jutsu. I saw Hinata clones behind me and they beat up the enemies. Kat opened the door and I as I followed him, this one enemy caught my foot and at this moment I used 64 palm jutsu. I didn't really remember how this jutsu was done, but when I used it my arms got so light I stabbed his body with my hand sooo fast!! I was surprised that it totally worked the enemy collapsed into the water and I went into the door.

      I don't know what happened then. When Kat and I got to the other side of the room, Kat wanted to fight more enemies in the other room. But I was scared to go because I saw that there were too many enemies and they looked really strong. I could see him in that room exploding into kyuubi mode, and I could literally see the red chakra coming out of his body.
      I noticed that this whole building can be destroyed by using one of 6 items, like flooding or burning the whole place. But it was hard to find the item. I pulled myself together again and decided to fight with Kat in that room.

      When I opened the door.... the room was full of blood. It wasn't that creepy but I was just scared to fight, because even though there were plenty of dead enemies, there was one strong enemy standing in the middle of the room and Kat was in wiling kyuubi mode. (I think he had 3-4 tails) And I was still Hinata. When I stared at that strong enemy....he looked like one of the characters from manga Bleach. I don't really read that manga, and I rarely saw the characters on the Internet, but he definitely looked like a Bleach character. He was tall, had tanned skin, sharp eyes, red spiky hair with white headband on his forehead (I think he had tied hair), wearing all black kimono with white robes, and long katana. Maybe I can find a picture on google and surprise myself...

      I'm not even surprised anymore because I've experience so many things like this... I swear to god though I never seen this character before

      Anyway, I stood in front of him and I was just scared to attack him. (is he strong in real manga?) At that moment, in a blink of an eye he sliced my left hand off with his katana. I could see the red meat on my sliced wrist. The great pain slowly came. But I don't really remember if it was that painful. I don't know if I overreacted(?) from the pain. At first I was like "ugh" and then screamed because of pain. Then in another blink of an eye he chopped off my whole arm. I collapsed on the floor and all I could do was just screaming my lungs out holding my left shoulder.

      Behind me, Kat got really angry and he raged against Renji. I don't know how Kat killed him because I was closing my eyes feeling the pain. I could feel so much blood trickling out of my shoulder. After few minutes Kat was off of kyuubi mode and he carried me outside the room to somewhere safe.

      My recall is a little foggy here. At some point I had my arm back and I was alright. I was 'me' and used an item to flood this whole place. Strangely Kat was nowhere. When I finally got out of the last door, I held the door because there were some of my high school friends coming out. But this was so weird.....when I looked at their faces they had... brown moldy faces. But they acted as they were perfectly normal. Damn that was just disturbing... I was like wtf? whole time lol

      I think I went inside the building and there was Kat and then we somehow got out. We just had conversation afterward. But I don't remember the whole thing. I remember though, that I told him I would morph into Asuna and have SAO scenario together next time. We were walking along on the green hill under the bright night sky (that landscape again).

      We were back into that room where I was with my furry characters! Kat tried to leave outside the window and I immidiately remembered this:

      "W-w-w-w-w-wait Kat! We gotta use the code."
      Kat had confused face. When I stared at him he wasn't Naruto anymore. He looked like half of his character Mazukio and half Kirito. lol
      "The code. This time we have to tell each other 'code' to confirm shared dream. Let's make password!"

      And then literally after I said that I woke up here. I was still in deep trance state.


      The fun time with Kat in dream made me force to believe that he was real, but as time has passed by I just knew he was a DC. and yep Katsuno told me after on DV that I met fake Katsuno lol
      But even if he was fake the dream was just awesome xD

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    3. The shared dreaming hideout. (dream from this year) 02/02/12/

      by , 04-14-2012 at 08:39 AM (My Dream Records)
      Black means non lucid
      Orange means semi lucid
      Blue means lucid
      Red means dream characters talking
      Purple means possible shared dream person
      Green means notes

      Got it? Great! for those who read my entries...you know the drill.

      Dream #1 You got mail

      Im in some room connected online (possibly dreamviews) with Kaomea. We are having a conversation about astral travels and possibly sharing a dream one day. We were now on a cel phone talking to eachother, we were talking about Hawaii and i was telling her that i use to live in California with my ex and decided the relationship was not working anymore so we parted ways. I mentioned that i moved back to Michigan and that i miss being back home.

      Dream #2 Party at some random location

      I walk into a house filled with a bunch of people The house was huge and had a big swimming pool in the back. This one young lady walked up to me and started having a conversation with me. She looked a bit like T-Boz from the 90's R&B group TLC. We were both seated on this long couch and she sat next to me and with her legs crossed flirting with me. I take my hand and gently caress her thigh area. I remember telling her she looks good, and the conversation from there was mostly about how she was feeling me.

      Dream #3 Let me take care of them

      Im walking with someone (who looks like Kaomea) we climb down some underground tunnel. We were squeezing thru narrow spaces and trying to get thru this labyrinth tunnel with all these narrow spaces ducking uder leaking pipes. I believe that she is Kaomea, her energy felt warm. i reach in my pocket to grab my hawk coin totem. Where are we goin? I want to introduce you to some people. Oh ok. How far do we have to go? Mmm it should'nt take long. lol why you tired already? Na, just wondering. We were walking thru a flood of water when all of a sudden..i sensed some energy, Bad energy. Wait ssh, What? Listen...you hear it? Sounds like flies. All of a sudden..i look back and notice these demonic looking Gargoyle looking creatures flying straight towards us. I started glowing gold and began feeling and immense amount of power surging thru me. I launch gold projectile beams and green and purple flickers of fireballs at them. meanwhile the Kaomea look alike is surrounding her self with a huge white barrier. I think she was shielding herself and i told her to let me take care of them. Im running thru them tackling them and bashing them with super human strength. I take them all out and feel drained. The Kaomea look alike, takes her hands and place them a few inches away from my body. What is that. Im rejuvenating your health. Oh, thank you. Mmmhmm.

      Dream #4 Dreamers hangout

      Im now at some underground hideout, where there are a bunch of dreamers socializing and hanging out. I remember seeing a basketball court, a workout room, a sparring room, and a classroom for kids, teenagers, adults, ect ect. I see tracy morgan telling jokes to some girls in this gym, and Gary busey was eating tuna fish sandwich. I remember he was talking and kept chewing with his mouth open, and i kept giving him the elbow telling him to talk the othe directions. I remember him pointing his finger at me, i grabbed it and bent it backwards and said to CHILL MAN ALRIGHT!? Shit... Alright alright, sorry. Don't bite my head off. I remember seeing this guy who was (i believe he was Oneironaut zero) showing some asian dude some new abilities with shooting projectile beams out his hands and some other cool stuff. I overhear some people saying that Wakingnomad is waiting for us he does'nt have all day. There was this one dude who could create wind just by blowing, a girl who can create ice with her hands, a little boy who can clone himself, and a guy who can stretch his arms long distances. I remember the Kaomea look alike was upset about something and she decided to leave. I asked her what was wrong, and she mentioned something about how she did not feel like doin something. (i forgot what is was she said) I told her that i appreciated her healing me, and that i hope we can meet up again soon. she nodded her head and said, mkay, that sounds good to me. Great i'll see you around, take care of yourself ok? K, you too! I watch as she walks down this long hallway tunnel, feeling the dream fading i wake up.

      Notes: Im unsure if i shared a dream with Kaomea. But whoever she was, she had a energy that felt familar to me. Hmm...interesting. but the setting of this underground hangout had a bunch of active dreamers there. and i heard a bunch of DV members names being shouted left and right. Overall im happy with the results, and i enjoyed the stting of this dream.
    4. Panty and Stocking: Kneesocks (possible shared dream with Aeolar)

      by , 03-04-2012 at 02:08 PM (The Dream Adventures of [email protected])
      I kept waking up for 5 times and I forgot to WILD. When I lifted up my dream body it was hard to stand. I couldn't see. I even rubbed my eyes, but it didn't work.
      and for the second time of OBE I finally could see my room.

      I stood up and transformed into Kneesocks. I saw me on the mirror - the face was still me. But the hairstyle(still black though), clothes, red skin were there. I said 'cool.'
      I even conjured her sickle!

      I thought of finding Katsuno first, but I thought it was too late to do it (sorry Kat :/ ) so I decided to find Aeolar. I chanted his name and opened the door but I was frustrated that the living room was still there.

      Someone was beyond the veranda when I went to the living room. I opened the veranda door and a guy about my age stood there. I immediately recognized him as Aeolar.
      "Are you Aeolar?" I asked, but I don't remember his answer. I didn't even confirm...oh, I think he said yes, but I had to make sure so I did the ignore test - he was still there O.o
      "Oh my god!!!!!! We are sharing dream!?!?" I shouted.
      Then I had to calm myself because I was worried about waking up in dream. Suddenly Aeolar dragged me out of snow-covered-backyard and we flew to somewhere to do something awesome. I think he said we should do some kind of action.

      I could see his face. I looked at him closer to memorize his feature. He had brown, slightly blond hair and brown eyes. EDIT: he had slight beard. He was wearing dark-colored jacket.

      We were at some kind of super market store and started to destroy it with our weapons. I don't recall what Aeolar's weapon was. I stabbed the ground with my sickle, making a big crack reached to the store - the building got split in half! 2 women came out of the store: one in wheelchair, I thought it was dangerous for them so I brought them to a safe place. The wheelchair rolled down.

      "Hey we should do something more awesome! omg!! we should do a catching monster quest!!" I said. I thought of dream battle together, but I wasn't really confident about it, so... Aeolar agreed with me.

      I dragged him to a place where a huge monster would be there. I saw tall buildings and an enormous teddy bear destroying the city xD We started to fight him.

      I flew and swished the sickle (it was really heavy somehow) at the teddy bear but it didn't work out well. So I thought of transforming into Killy to use his powerful GBE laser gun, and then flew down to the ground with Aeolar. There were many people there. I tried to summon GBE gun - imagined it was on the ground, failed, imagined it was behind me, failed, and then imagined it was on my waist, worked. But GBE was a bit smaller than actual one in the manga and it felt like a toy.

      Anyway, I pulled the trigger, holding it for about 20 seconds to shoot it in full capacity. When the bright yellow mark on the gun made beep beep sound, I approached the teddy bear and shot him. It went blam! and then made a huge hole in his stomach. full. of. awesome!!! I've never used his gun before in dream.......but the bear healed himself!! I shot him again several times but he bounded all my lasers.

      I don't recall what happened then... Aeolar and I were in a building walking together. "We should make passwords here to make sure that we've SD..." I said, and Aeolar suddenly pulled out his walkie-talkie saying a word with alphabets and numbers to Katsuno? (damn, now that I think of it I think Aeolar was just my DC...) I gave him a password. This password IRL I sent it to Katsuno. But I don't remember Aeolar's password at all T^T He said something...maybe he forgot to tell me?

      And then we were at my backyard again.... we were talking about SDing. I asked him "how'd you get here?" and he said "I don't know...it just started in my first dream"
      A bunny was running around the backyard close to me, so I tried to catch it while sitting, but it ran so fast. I chuckled. I lied on the grass and looked at sun-setting-dark blue sky.
      Then I woke up.

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    5. Lucid Dream #48

      by , 08-08-2011 at 11:00 AM (Warbenifit156's Lucid Dreaming Adventures)
      Lucidity: 6/10
      Vividness: 8/10
      Length: ~10 Min.

      I came out of this door and was greeted by some people. The scene was all dark and scary, with many creepy things along the way. Such as spiders. My dad, my brother, and some other people were there as well. This one guy said that I was in someone else's dream and was having a shared dream about regrets, so I went along with it and asked him "how often do you have these dreams?" He looked at me and said "all the time." I replied "Well, I'm not going into that door very often, then." Then I remember that we were in a flying car and I was waving at some people that I know and then I was at the beach, lying down. We traveled a little more until we came across the door that would get us out, I went through that door so fast, it would make your head spin.
    6. Lucid Dream #46

      by , 08-01-2011 at 06:23 PM (Warbenifit156's Lucid Dreaming Adventures)
      Lucidity: 3/10
      Vividness: 7/10
      Length: ~5 Min.

      I was with a group of 3 other people in a little town and we all thought that we were having a shared Lucid Dream. I said that I had a shared Lucid Dream accidentally before and he said something that I can't remember what. A little while later, I told this one guy who wasn't doing anything to try clapping his hands or something, when he clapped his hands he blew up. I was like, "now that's cool."