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    1. The Plasma Gun Universe

      by , 07-28-2022 at 11:04 PM
      This dream was incredibly profound for me at the time. I woke up half-way through the night and had all the details, but then I fell right back asleep. When I woke up for good, a lot of the details were missing, but I still retained some of it. One thing that bothers me about dreams is how profound they can be when you first wake up and have all the details, but through the day, many of them fade into obscurity and no longer seem worth writing about.

      I'm on a bus. I'm a younger version of myself. Sitting across from me on the other side of the bus is a really attractive girl. She looks like Vanessa Hudgens from the past. She's talking with the person next to her who I don't remember very well. I begin to notice that she's psychologically playing with me. Whenever she says something to that other person, it has some deep double meaning that relates to myself. I start to feel very divided. I'm simultaneously very attracted, but scared of her at the same time. She seems too smart. It's kind of eerie. I wish I could remember what she was saying at that point, but I can't.

      We arrive at our destination (which is like a combination of the house I grew up at and a summer camp). There are a lot of people there (like maybe 50 to 100). I try to talk to her after we exit the bus, but she kind of ignores me and continues talking to the other person. We all part ways and go to some kind of lunchroom. Stuff happens I don't remember. Later, I'm able to finally have a conversation with her. She acts as if she wanted to talk to me all along, but was just waiting for some reason. As we talk it becomes clear that she knows things she really shouldn't know about me. It's getting creepy, yet I'm even more attracted to her cause she seems like an oracle. She says a bunch of stuff, but here's what I remember...

      "That suffering you went through when you were younger... I know you experienced some loss. That was supposed to happen. Like it happens to everyone." I see an image of her laying in bed talking in my minds eye. She explains that I'm in some type of trial to test my strength and implies that certain other people are too. This is the purpose of this universe. "Everything is made from a plasma gun. The plasma gun is a projector and it creates the entire universe for you." She seems to allude to this whole thing being some type of experiment. She tells me to hold up my arm in front of me. She takes her hands next to my arm and shows me the size of it relative to my arm. It's only a few inches longer than my arm and it's rectangular in shape. If I had to guess, it's about 2.5 feet long and a few inches in diameter. She explains this is how the universe is created. The plasma shoots out the end of the gun and creates a virtual reality. It's all made out of waves and particles are an illusion. I then suddenly see a white background with the gun itself in my mind's eye. It looks like a huge Juul. The end of the gun has all these swirling colors and images. I then come back to dream reality. I'm speechless. She explains more about how the thing works, but I don't remember it. My mind was blown at the time and I could tell she wasn't lying cause it was like she just hacked into my brain and knew all about me.

      I wanted to talk to her more, but after that, it seemed like she wanted to get away from me. The dream kept fading and becoming less and less real until I woke up.

      PS: I think this dream happened cause I was watching a video on how CRT screens work before bed.
    2. Holding Facility/Celebritites

      by , 07-22-2012 at 11:37 AM (Hey, Look... A Dream Journal)
      around 8:00

      Holding Facility/Celebrities

      The first thing I remember is being in a building, I am taken into this area, where I get the feeling people do tests on other people. I enter this booth kind of thing, I look in the mirror and realize I'm naked, after checking myself out for a bit. A women comes in, she begins striping so I assume she is being tested on as well. Next thing I know, I am in a holding facility. Where, I guess, they wait to see what will happen to there test subjects. I begin to need to go to the bathroom, so I search the area, it is now a huge house, I get a little nervous because of how big the house it. I walk up stairs and stairs, so many floors, I eventually find a bathroom. I open the door, close it and lock it, the lock is very strange, not your usual type of lock. I seem to have forgotten all about the bathroom, because after checking out the lock - I just leave the room. When I leave, I open the door to another room, Kaley Cuoco (who plays Penny on The Big Bang Theory) is sitting in a chair at the far end of the room.

      She begins talking to me about something, which I cannot remember, no matter how hard I try, shame. I get the impression that the house we are in, is hers. I notice something moving in the corner of my eye, the cupboard door is opened a little bit and I can see a women in there. I squint a bit to see, and I see finally see it is LIGHTS (singer). She shoots me an impression when tells me not to tell Kaley. But she has already noticed the door and has walked over to it. She pulls LIGHTS out of the cupboard and starts shouting at her, I get the feeling she is a test subject. I walk over to her, and tell Kaley to back off, such a gentleman. I put my arm around LIGHTS and she turns into my body, with her arms around me. I can hear and feel that she is crying a little bit. After a bit, I get her to sit down on a couch, she explains that she has been tested on, and she has hidden in this house, in that cupboard for weeks. I've still got my arms around her, once Kaley leaves she turns to me and thanks me for sticking up for her, she then kisses me and afterwards goes back to laying her head on my chest. This point I had a false awakening which ended up involving the holding facility again, but nothing noteworthy to write down.
    3. Notes

      by , 10-27-2011 at 11:10 PM (The Stories of my Dreaming Mind)
      I found it interesting how that first WILD came to be. I think it must've been the universe giving me a perfect fool-proof opportunity and me taking it: I wake up from a vivid dream that I need to write down. Writing it takes about 10 minutes, and I am awake just the right amount, then try to WILD, get there in just 5 minutes, and have the most amazing, most vivid dream, let alone a lucid dream, I have ever had EVER.

      I also found it very interesting that the imaginations I had in this vivid dream actually weren't as vivid as the physical reality of the dream as most other dreams are. Meaning I need to fix my theory:
      The theory now is that depending on how vivid and conscious you are in the dream, your imagination's vividness will stay the same but feel like it varies because you compare it to the vividness of the dream reality. Otherwise, your mind works relatively similar to how it works in waking life. You translate the things around you. Waking physical life is just collections of vibrations and frequencies that your senses process in order for the mind to understand it, just as in dream reality where you translate the vibrations and frequencies around you. The realities are relatively the same, only that in dream reality you function at a higher level because you know you can do anything.

      Another Observation: Everyone in that lucid dream was watching me in awe throughout the whole thing, unless they had a specific function in the dream, such as driving or teaching,etc. They would react to things the way I would best want them to react to things. They love it when I talk about my theories and things I am excited about, because I love talking about my theories and things I am excited about. They do not act on their own, unless I subconsciously expect or want them to. The WILD really revealed to me how everything and everyone really is just a projection, and how I am the real being there in control.

      If I were to compare that with something for better understanding, it's almost just like from Tron, where the programs have specific functions and can't think and plan, and where the users that come in can create, control, and do everything they please in this reality. The projections are lower than the user, and they know it. It's as if they look at me as a God, The dreamer of the dream they are involved in. You get what I'm saying? Very interesting. I would rant more, but that would take up this whole page because I'm just so ecstatic right now.
    4. The Key (Aware DC's)

      by , 08-31-2011 at 01:52 PM
      The dream starts with me inside a small house, I walk outside and look around noticing a couple of buildings
      and a small ramp. The landscape is a dull grey that looks like it could go on forever.
      Three figures emerge from one of the buildings.
      The first figue is hunched and has that creepy look about him, while the other two (upon talking to them)
      seem to be of the stupid sidekick types that obey the first figure.
      The hunched figure appears to be a friendly man, he tells me I must help him escape.
      I am slightly confused as to why he would ask such a thing (when he looks like he is free already
      in the vast expanse of my mind). However I accept to help the man thinking there would be no
      harm in doing so.
      After performing a number of tasks, I grow a suspicion for the man thinking why I need to
      do so many actions that are supposedly ment to help him escape. He talks in a expectant and
      exited manner the more I do, much like the way a villan plots his next evil scheme.
      When he leads me to the top of one of the buildings, the man holds out a key, dangling it
      over the side of the building looking at me curiously.
      He says how thankful he is of me doing these things for him and that this will be the
      last thing needed to help him escape. But then he starts to re-think the final task saying how
      I am incapable of doing something drastic, like catching this key. For some reason I feel
      compelled to say that I can (possibly out of stubborn pride). The man smirks and drops
      the key off the side of the building. While reaching out towards the key I slip off the edge but manage to
      grab it in time, landing on top of a car at the base of the building unharmed. The man shouts from the
      bulding top "I knew it was too much of a challenge!". I reply "I did it!", he looks confused for a moment
      before saying "I knew you could!" and reaching me at the bottom of the building near the car.
      I look to my side and notice an object much like a plate of metal with a keyhole carved into it.
      I ask the man what it is but his only reply is "Nothing to worry about, now " he stops when he notices
      me closing my eyes before continuing "No! Don't wake up! Come back!!". I wake up from my dream.

      During this dream I was semi-lucid, meaning I was aware I was
      dreaming but felt a strange need to follow the dream plot.