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    1. Stranded into the night; Reliving an emotional state

      by , 01-12-2017 at 05:53 AM
      A dream like this came as no surprise given my circumstances the previous evening. I dreamt that my good friend picked me up from a Campus Christian Fellowship event, which actually did happen the night before. Only in the dream, there occurred a disturbing turn of events. He exited his car and entered into the facility in which the occasion was being held. I had already left the building, but after he had been in there for a little while, I noticed several members of the fellowship program leaving with very sad and offended expressions. In my mind, I felt that he had spoken harsh and offensive words to them and greatly disturbed these people. I, in turn, was quite upset, and we proceeded to have a fairly significant argument over the matter. He did not drive me home, and I was stranded into the night.
      Now, some things about this made sense, and other things did not. My friend does not consider himself a Christian, but he is not very critical of those who do profess to be, and he would certainly not intentionally carry out offensive and hurtful actions to strangers in the community, but this was the case in my dream. I was disturbed by this dream upon awakening, and I wondered what this was trying to tell me, if anything.
      I cannot remember the circumstances surrounding this next dream, but I remember the feeling of it, and one image in particular. Iím staring at a face that bears a striking resemblance to that of my former lover. In the dream, I am experiencing the exact emotions I had when I was with her. Itís weird that I cannot recall these exact emotions now IRL, but in the dream, they were very real. Itís as if I can only recall my true emotions of the past in my dreams. The reasons behind this dream I could point to fairly easily. I introduced my friend (The same friend in the first dream) to the show Twin Peaks last night. We watched the pilot episode last night, and needless to say, heís hooked. But there was an odd moment when we realized he looks quite a bit like the showís unfortunate victim, Laura Palmer, to the point that it actually freaked us out a little. I have no doubt this instance is what influenced my dream, but I cannot explain how I was able to relive the exact emotional state in the dream as when I was with her.
    2. 2 Dreams; Similar but not the Same.

      by , 10-15-2016 at 04:58 PM (Journals From The Void)
      Had 2 Dreams last night. However, they seemed to follow the same story unintentionally, so I'll be putting them in this one DJ entry. Both of these dreams were fun, and both focused on me fighting this 'sage,' as the DC's called it. The Sage was an evil cannibalistic person who could use magic of some kind.
      Dream 1

      It starts off with a few members of the marching band deciding to practice next to a really steep cliff, with a jagged, rocky 'wall.' A dust explosion occurs in the distance. A shadowy figure flies towards me, and I couldn't make out the details or features. He hits me, and I end up hitting a rock. The figure charges towards me again, but I jump off the rock just before he hits me. As I fall, I see an explosion of dust where I had just jumped back from, and the figure once again charges at me. A blue slime pops out of my sleeve and connects me to a sky tram placed in a very convenient, although sensible, location, connected to the top of the cliff and somewhere I didn't care to look. the slime pulls me to it just in time to dodge, and I end up crashing through the wall. My face hurts and my left arm was sore. While I was laying down, I saw a person, encased in stone and with red eyes and two nubs of horns growing from his forehead flying up to look at me as the tram moved away slowly. He didn't give chase. I wake up.
      A brief awakening and missed dream signs

      When I am awake, I feel pins and needles on my face, and my shoulder is somewhat sore. I prepare to do a DEILD, but fail when my dog starts licking my face, making me open my eyes. So I decide to think about missed opportunities to become lucid.

      Dream Signs
      1) Cliffs rarely form away from oceans, and I don't think there are any around my location.
      2) The grass was to dense and lush.
      3) A flying man attacks and no one flees.
      4) I survive the first attack.
      5) I dodge the second attack.
      6) I have a pet Blue Slime. (I genuinely want one now that I've had that fun dream, though.)
      7) Convenient Sky Tram keeps me from being hurt again.
      8) This Dude can Fly.
      Dream 2

      I am running back from the guy who I saw in the first dream. Only, he's fat and eating people in my school. People are saying "he's the sage, here to save us all," and similar things. I shout "Can't you see he's EATING PEOPLE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!" People just stare at me like I'm crazy. I dodge past my short section leader, who is taller than me in this dream, and see my other section leader, who's normally taller than me, but is my height in this dream. He's not in the line to get eaten, so I figure he's at least one person with common sense remaining.

      "Hey, you see that guy eating people?" He says.

      "Yeah, I think he might be evil," I respond.

      "OHHHH!" He says, surprised.

      Like an idiot, he gets in line. 'Whatever,' I think to myself as I take shelter in the cafeteria. The cafeteria is round, and missing 60 degrees of wall. The fat 'Sage' flies over to me. The remainder of the lines seemed to come to their senses and entered the cafeteria too. All of a sudden, I remember the previous fight. The sage grabs a butter knife and... stabs his left eye. He becomes skinny and lots of copies of him are made. Blue Slime turns into a sword, and there's a bit of tension. I wake up.
      Dream Signs
      1) There was a fat flying guy.
      2) All these people were ignorant of their imminent deaths.
      3) The halls were completely different from my real school's halls
      4) The lunch room was missing 60 degrees of wall, and was a perfect circle.
      5) The sage stabbed himself in the eye with a butter knife.
      6) The sage's clones came out of his eye.
      ************************************************** ************************************************** ***********************************
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      non-lucid , memorable
    3. Dream Journal: September 16th, 2016

      by , 09-17-2016 at 06:43 AM
      This was the first lucid dream I've had in ages, and the longest one I've ever had! I was really pleasantly surprised to have this experience without even trying last night

      When my dream started, I was watching a looping video of me and two guys posing for a picture on a wooden platform overlooking a cliff. One of the guys is frustrated with his hair and messes with it, which is looped in the video over and over. Suddenly, the looping stops and I enter the scene. Everybody leaves, and I call my mum to pick me up. She comes to get me with her car and we start driving down a typical suburban road. I was just idly watching the scenery go by, when it suddenly hit me that I was dreaming! As soon as I came to this realization I could feel the dream start slipping away, but I felt around the inside of the car to stabilise it and focused hard on staying in the dream. When I felt it was stable enough, I turned to my mum and excitedly told her I was dreaming. Remembering how some people had been able to see cool things by asking their subconscious to show them something amazing, I asked my mum to take us to the most amazing place imaginable. I then tried closing and opening my eyes in the hopes it would change the dream scene, but instead my mum just took the next right and sped the car over a chainlink fence and down steep hill towards a cliff. Luckily, at the last moment I was able to make her steer left, sending the car crashing into a rock and me flying into the branch of a gigantic tree about ten feet off the ground. As I looked around I noticed that in the branch was the nest of some humongous bird and decided not to stick around to meet its owner. I swung down to the base of the tree using a thinner branch, then waited for my mum to do the same. We were now up the hill from a little grassy beach at the bottom of the cliffs. We started walking down to the beach, but as we walked a round furry insect started flying in and out of my ear, biting me as it did so. After a bit of frustration I managed to shoo it away, and we continued walking down. Once we reached the beach, we found what seemed to be strange pit of blood-like mud with a live swordfish sitting in the middle. Instinctively, I put my hand in my pocket to find my phone so I could take a picture, but it seems it had fallen out during the crash. I begin to worry that I'll lose my awareness if I'm not careful, so I ask my mum not to let me forget that I'm dreaming. I then see what seems to be a resort built into the wall of the cliff, with large windows and glass doors. My mum and I go inside, where I find a friend of mine sitting by the window. I see that she has a phone and take it from her, willing her not to notice. I open the phone to find her camera app but end up in her gallery instead, where I find several grainy black and white pictures of me. My mum and I go outside again, but find that the swordfish I wanted to photograph has now disappeared. For some reason my mum then jumps into the bloody mud pit, which starts swallow her up like quicksand. She asks me if I'm really sure this is a dream, so I point out to her the strangeness of our current situation and the fact that only minutes ago she had willingly tried to drive our car off of a cliff. The mud starts covering her head, so I pull her out. She opens her mouth and spits out a mouthful of what appears to be tea, and I see that inside of her mouth she now has a teabag for a tongue. She stops moving, and a man comes out of the resort and tells me that he thinks she's most likely dead. I don't really care, however, as I know she's just a dream character. I then wake up.
    4. Too Real to Forget

      by , 05-23-2016 at 01:36 PM
      Last night I had a dream that was so real it freaked me out. So I went to bed at a normal time, but in my dream I woke up as if it were the next day already. The only problem was, I wasn't in my room or even my bed anymore, I was in my ex boyfriend's house in his bed watching him and his friend play xbox. When I realized that I was there and that we had broken up I got really confused and started freaking out in the dream. Both of them looked at me and thought I was just being crazy and they told me to go back to sleep. So I went back to his bed and went back to sleep, hoping I could escape. When I woke up again, I was in his friends bed at his friends house. I got up because I thought something felt weird and when I looked at the bed I saw my ex cuddling another girl, his friend next to the girl, and I was all alone staring. I tried to walk away but there was an invisible barrier keeping me in the room. The two boys woke up and started yelling at me to leave but I couldn't because of the barrier. I'm not quite sure what happened but I blacked out in the dream and then woke up for real in my own bed.

      This was super strange because we broke up 7 months ago and haven't actually seen each other in about 5 months. The break up ended badly which is strange why I'd be hanging out with them after that. I'm not sure what to make of the dream but it's haunting me and I'm hoping someone can help.
    5. Dream fragment: Log 2 - Cats and mazes

      by , 04-28-2016 at 10:14 AM
      So last nights dream was very strange, to say the least. I was listening to music again and remember waking up to the hour long Odyssey mix form Monstercat's Discovery album.

      I remember walking through a sort of maze that was a muted blue colour, or sort of washed out. It had some child sized mouse holes for going under the walls which when I looked were actually little hidie-holes. Inside was a small room and in that room were people, usually one per room.

      This is where it got strange... Now I'm sure some readers here have seen the Doctor Who episode with the cars flying under the city and the Cat and Human couple with kittens as children... the people in these rooms that I found were giving birth to litters of kittens... I've only ever seen pictures of cats birthing and I have never seen the notorious 'Woman giving birth' health video at school so this really weirded me out...

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    6. longest false awakening ever.

      by , 12-20-2015 at 07:11 AM
      this was a while back, but I'll post what I remember

      I was in bed with my boyfriend, and I woke up cause I was rather thirsty. I turned in bed and got a drink, at this point I think I actually was awake but I don't know for sure. Either way I rolled back over, hugged onto my boyfriend and fell asleep, I started having a weird dream where I was in this room with a bunch of guys I didn't recognize. I don't remember what was going on but I do remember one of the guys kept like coming onto me, he touched my arm and I jerked awake still hugging my boyfriend. I felt really light headed and tired though and soon fell right back asleep ending up in the same room as before, this time there was one less guy and I just walked around kind of exploring the room. it seemed like a hotel room and I have like brief flashes of faces and people I encountered but I still don't remember what happened, the guy soon returned and was a bit more forceful this time and tried to kiss me, again I jerk awake, even more lightheaded than before and trying desperately to stay awake but I soon passed out again. this happened like 15+ times and I have no idea if I was actually waking up or if it was a false awakening. the last time the guy like tried to tug my pants down and I jerked awake, actually managing to sit up and look around my room unsure if I was actually awake or not, it legit had me too scared to go back to sleep but I did and the rest of the night was uneventful.
    7. Weird

      by , 10-07-2015 at 04:18 PM
      I had a weird lucid. I remember asking my mom if she really loved me. She replied with an unenthusiastic yes. And I thought Hmm she wouldn't reply like that in real life. I remember waking up, not sure if it was a false awakening but it probably was, seeing how I eased back in so quickly. And in the lucid I asked the dream who I love the most. The dream replied, Your parents. I woke up soon after. This was a strange one, I remember actually being able to feel and taste.

      Tell me if you've ever had any weird lucid or non lucid dreams. Also I wasn't even doing reality checks or trying to lucid dream when this happened.

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    8. A Strange Occurrence, Perhaps with Hidden Meaning

      by , 09-26-2015 at 06:58 PM (Nyctophilia)
      I am at my grandmother's house. The family is over for what I assume is my sister's birthday party. There is cake and relatives are over. Then, a friend of mine comes over. We shall call her A.

      Now A and I have a history. We have been close friends for a while and I have always had some feelings for her. I asked her out several weeks ago, she did not want to change our relationship. I tried to convince her otherwise but did so in a horrible way and came off horribly. I eventually apologized, things returned to normal.

      But in the dream, she comes over. I hug all of my individual relatives goodbye, and then we walk back to her jeep. Suddenly, another guy appears. He is somewhat handsome, and we shall call him E. I have never met nor seen him before, yet he climbs inside the jeep with us. I sense that he likes A, and I don't like that. I also sense that she may feel the same, but I am unsure. I keep her distracted from him for most of the car ride, I succeed in causing her to ignore him. He sits in the back while we are up front talking. I assume we are going to the movie theater, and eventually we arrive there. It is night and there are street lights illuminating the parking lot.

      We get out and begin walking towards the back entrance to the theater, for some reason. It is an upward slope and blacktop. I am in the front, A is beside me, but slightly behind. E is behind us and tries to talk to us, but I attempt to steal the attention. Eventually conversation is swayed into my relationship with A. I cannot remember exactly what I said, but it was something that struck her silent and made her trail into deep thought, while I was smiling beside her.

      We go inside of the theater, only to find that it is actually a hospital. I see a passed away relative there, my aunt, who had left us late last year. She is happy to see me and greets A. We walk around, talking, and then things fade.
    9. the sand filled hut and my bike riding sister

      by , 07-26-2015 at 05:14 PM
      the dreams starts with me running to this hut behind our old house. i notice that some part of it is gone, the hut is also filled with smooth desert sand with a bright sun shining over it. i go outside see some more sand next to the old hut. i say something and just walk to the house itself when i suddenly see my sister riding her bike.
      i say something like: "are you riding your bike here?!" the dream starts slowly fading while my sister tells me something.

      this was the same night as the dream about the mall
    10. Escaping The Theme Park (26.6.15)

      by , 06-25-2015 at 11:21 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Escaping The Theme Park
      I was at a theme park which has a water slide. I was going down it with friends and we would escape the guards often, Running through a lobby. It was like a cinema style lobby, with the same doors and all. It kept getting a lil harder each time, sometimes. I saw motivation guy. He was in character and was playing a hick looking bloke. He lost a tooth and would tap on his teeth and more would appear. He said if u tap too much you'll lose more, like he did. I think I noticed this at the back of cranny shops. Not long after I see a scene of Sam Newman getting flashed down a toilet. He was slowly getting plunged down. They were portable toilets, which turned into a water slide, which lead to the theme park.

      I was now Sam I think, as I was continuing going along the water slide. It was now just a rapid and would take u around the park. Others were on the slide too. I was trying to figure out how to get out of theme park, because they were more guarded and switched on to catch people like myself. I decided to go for another escape. I begin running through the hall but end up getting chased by a women. I lose track of where I'm going and end up in a public shower room. I hide up on top of showers, watching her every move. I feel I'm easily visible if she was to glance up, which she eventually does. Im unsure what happens after this. I think I outrun her.

      Im now walking around the park trying to figure out and remember which way I was meant to go, to get out into the safe zone, so I could be with the rest of my friends.

      I'm outside my house and it's night time. There's s device which is like a sling shot. U can get into it and play around with it. I start to shoot an apple into the sky and Daryl tries to catch it on the way down. I was making it hard for him by pulling the apple down in flight, which would make it come down a lot quicker. I could see Daryl getting frustrated. I see Gary Ablett Jr. He's in his Gold Coast Suns jersey. I get his attention, So I can get him to try and catch the apple. If anymore could get it, Gary could. I can't launch the apple near him cause of where i am standing. I signal him where to stand, but he eventually just leaves.
      I leave and end up in a room with a lot of people at my school? It's like an assembly. We're all sitting down. They announce that it's an awards night. I think to myself that I shouldn't be here because I won't be getting an award, but decide to stay anyways.

      Side Notes: Did some EFT with the proper approach imo. So good so far.

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    11. Aldo vs McGreggor (18.6.15)

      by , 06-17-2015 at 11:37 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Aldo vs McGreggor
      I can see Eddy Betts. He's just kicked a bag full of goals, maybe 8 or so.

      I'm at my home and I see Eddy and Connor McGregor outside, under the veranda. They're about to fight. A referee is also there, it's Yamasaki. As they're waiting for the fight to start, they are pretending to attack one another, by getting really close to each other, but not touching. I think Eddy is now Aldo. Aldo is the first one to crack, and actually begin fighting for real. They are both on the ground and grappling one another. Connor throws a reserve elbow from the ground and it brutally knocks Aldo unconscious. It's a sickening blow. I go over to Aldo to check if he's ok, but he's still unconscious. I think Aldo is my dog REX for a moment, before turning back to Aldo. I lay down next to Aldo and get him in a submission while he's still unconscious, by pulling his head a certain way which will cut off his ability to breath, causing him to pass out. He must wake up mid way through, as I feel a resistance. I feel this just as a wake up.
    12. Re-Hired

      by , 01-04-2015 at 02:13 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      I decide to stop in to a place I used to work at. Arriving around 8:30 PM, I am included in an orientation group for new hires. I am a little surprised because I have yet to apply, but I do need a job so I just go with it. We get a tour, and the woman tells us about the company. Only lasting 15 minutes, I decide to go buy some food before the store closed at 9. Out on the floor, I see some old coworkers from CSU, Robert and Alberto. I am completely famished, so I talk with them as I browse for food, mostly looking for fruit. They seem to only be interested in distracting me, and not talking, so they leave. I end up eating a pound of cheese.

      Now I see some night crew people starting to arrive before the 9pm shift. I walk to the back room like I work there to see if I can find the night crew manager. I'm wearing a jacket and carrying a bunch of things, too much for comfort. I find my old locker, still with my things in it from 3 months ago, and stuff my sweater and a bag into it. As I hang up my winter coat, I see that I have 2 winter coats of the exact same type. That's strange. It must have been because I ripped the side of it. I don't remember ever having 2 though...

      The night crew introduces themselves to me. There are now about 20 people on the crew. Compared to 6 when I was working there. The manager tells me he's called Justin, and then we all just wait around in the break room for the shift to start. Justin lays down on the bench seat and keeps encroaching on my space. I keep moving over until I have to stand up. He goes even further so that his head and upper body are not even on the bench seat anymore. There is a chair I was going to use that he now is using as a pillow. He moves around and it doesn't look comfortable at all. I move the chair out of his way and he looks upset at me. "Well are you using it as a pillow, or is it hurting your neck?" I ask him. He laughs, and everyone gets up for the start of the shift.

      I clean up the back room, making to throw out some plastic and recycle some cardboard, but the trash barrel is 30 ft tall. I try to throw it into the barrel, but it's just too high, and the plastic doesn't throw well. Someone starts using an industrial vacuum, but is having trouble with it. I'm not sure they know how. I remember that's the same one we just got when I quit. Now I see that the 30 foot barrel is just several barrels stacked up to clear the floor for vacuuming. I walk to the receiving dock where several people are standing around, getting ready to unload the truck. One guy puts a climbing harness on so he can climb up a 20 ft pallet, and attach ropes to unload it with a crane. That looks like the best job to have! Too bad I quit earlier, now other people are having all the fun. But I seem to be back on the team now, so it's all good.
    13. Christian Boys and Population Elimination

      by , 12-27-2014 at 08:51 PM
      William, who's now a Christian (though in real life is an Atheist), comes into the living room and sits on the couch beside me, just as we are asking Rachel which of the guys in the photos she fancies. When Rachel tells us which one it is, it just so happens he is a Christian - I joke to Rachel "oh, you're into Christian boys now are you?" and someone tells me to remember that William is a Christian and I should be careful what I say.

      Then I'm in space and can see a massive spaceship. The population aboard are starving, so parts of the ship with people in it are being eliminated to allow more food for the survivors. I see cartoon characters floating out of the parts of the ship that are being destroyed.
      I am going to be eliminated too, but something saves me and asks if I'm okay with being saved, reminding me I'll have a hangover tomorrow if I am. "Oh I'm sure you don't mind", says the something, whilst opening up a teleporter to teleport me to safety.
    14. The Life Changer

      by , 10-15-2014 at 08:23 PM
      [B]The dream[/B]
      It was just a normal very realistic non-lucid dream,i saw myself walking down the neighborhood allies leading to my old mid-school...the one that gave me new feelings i would never forget for my entire life.
      in the way i was meeting the normal people i meet casually in my way: the butcher shop owner,the supermarket guy,the auto parts vendor,the dealership lady...ect.

      So entering the school i kinda gasped the old memories of me being beaten by bullies,doing rushtime homework,preparing school projects...when i decided to leave the school after a nice vivid talk with the old school principal.

      Heading down home i had a feeling that someone was watching me,it felt like it was a cold 5PM atmosphere where you get scared by the red clouds and cold breezes but the feeling kept haunting me,i was looking repeatedly behind me and no one was there until i reached home where i saw someone peeking a look at me at the end of the corner...i rushed toward it thinking it might be someone i know...but i was far beyond that.

      [B]There she is![/B]
      What i found almost gave me a dream heart attack but it felt so real that my heart still kept racing when i woke up and i couldn't talk:the silky brown hair and the white unforgettable skin with small eyes and round face...the deep red lips and the pink/black themed outfit literally made me shake even though it was the young version of her: my 1st crush.

      [B]What happened...[/B]
      In real life back 4 years ago:she was my everyday enjoyment that drove me to reach a higher levels of education because it may looked like an uneducated any-guy type of girls to the other i had my faith that she was not and she realized it! thats what made what we have so special to the point of making private english sessions and trading relatively expensive chocolates everyday (young people stupidity).

      But the thing is i thought one day that i might be more than a friend to her and i should take it a step futher...so i decided to ask her out: that moment i saw happiness in her eyes but somehow she hesitated and discussed it with her girl-friends and gave her a bad image about me so she refused...

      i cannot forget the feelings that opened up inside me like a lion just got woken up by a zebra: all the muscles in my body got tensioned and i raged to the class breaking everything brutally but eventually someone stopped me and it didn't end well in the principal office.
      i never saw her since then and only once 5 months ago which brought up again the same feeling.

      [B]A tendre kiss[/B]
      back to the dream: i couldn't move thinking that i might rage and just injure her but at the same time something urged me to break every single bone of her body to avnege what she did to me...she was just staring at me with a simple smie while i was boiling in the inside.

      after what it felt like forever she suddenly gave me a kiss on the cheek which felt so warm it instantly cooled me down and said: thank you! and goodbye!

      i woke up sweating like a fountain and a racing heart....

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    15. Typical Neverending Dream. Felt Like a Day.

      by , 10-11-2014 at 03:37 AM
      *So this was a dream from a 3 hour nap, but of course felt long. As a background i'm a heavy napper, and dream extremely vividly the moment my head hits the pillow. I will start to dream as I doze off as well if i'm tired, or start hearing part of my dreams. I have no control over my dreams, I can never fly, or breathe under water. They are simply as real life is but much more interesting and include odd places and things that don't exist. I have no idea why. I am also extremely honest and social in dreams which is different from real life. My feelings don't get hurt as easily.*

      I met a yellow male fairy, maybe about the size of a cat, I was told by my dad to get to know him. We were sleeping next to each other and my dad got so angry, but the fairy wasnít human, and it wasnít weird. I said ďI knew he would get mad, he gets mad every timeĒ and me and my dad got in a fight (me and my dad donít really get along in real life)

      Next flash. is I was ready to die, I was writing on my friends computer real fast saying ďyou did a good job, Ö. etcĒ it was a room with several computers and a desk near on the side from where I was sitting. If you walk the opposite way next to the desk you could leave the room. I decided not to kill myself after all, but I was going to congratulate her on being the last person I write too, but I decided not to. As I was waiting for her to see it she walked back into the room with black pearls around her neck and other such things because she became famous I guess. (this has to do with someone singing better than me in real life in a competition and that was her a few days ago)

      Another flash. We were in this underground room, me and a friend I knew well, it seems like my childhood best friend but then again it didnít. There were snakes coming out from everywhere. Out of the ceiling, out of the cracks the floors, and I was trying to avoid them. But I saw them such as you would in a movie, from one flash of a snake to the other. eventually I would jump around and swing around as much so I just let one bite me. They didnít scare me, I just didnít want to get bit.

      Next flash. I was eating ice cubes from this icecube holder on this counter with this large room with two seperate groups of people, and stairs that go down the middle. from this large section of people. I looked at the ice cubes and they werenít normal ice cubes, they were pretty like glass and they had a lemon seed in them and something else. I had eaten something that made my mouth burn, and I was trying to make it go away. I was spitting places such as the towel behind the picture frame hung up where the stair move down. I was hoping nobody saw me, but the last time I tried spitting in my dream since I did it more then once to get the taste to go away, I spit in real life and thatís what woke me up.

      Next flash. My friend had my mini scissors that I havenít been able to find and that I was looking for in real life today, I take them and she gets offended. I wasnít mad but she said something along the lines of ďwell that flute was so expensive anyway soĒ and from that dream I remembered a false memory that was given to me in the dream of me giving her a flute she bought me back, I got a mental picture of it in my dream, and I had made a light hearted clever joke back to her comment about these fancy scissors I have in real life even though she was defensive.

      Another flash. I was down by these booths and shops in the same place, there was this one with a lady that in my dream I remembered from before. I got there right as it was closing and she pulled down the metal to cover her booth right as I was about to look and buy something.

      -I donít really remember colors of walls or carpets.
      -I donít remember the people really. They were just details such as there is in real life.

      These are only a few of the parts I remember. They all led into each other. I donít remember the transitions or the other several places I went and things that happened besides these.
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