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    1. Dysfunctional Roller-coaster Festivities in Goa

      by , 08-28-2014 at 11:35 AM
      Wednesday,27 August 2014

      Moon Cycle: 3% illuminated waxing Cresent in Virgo

      Tarot of the day: 8 of swords

      Mayan calender: Red Lunar Dragon


      I stand in the very front of the dance floor where the stage is lit up red and indigo at a big festival in Goa,India.
      My good Indian friend,Shai, happened to be DJing. He played some deep fractal psychedelic trance.
      Another friend, Samantha, encouraged me to try to hula hoop. I prefer Poi but think "what the heck" and give it a go.
      I managed to do a couple of moves without looking completely retarded.

      My cellphone starts vibrating and ringing in my pocket. It's Penelope from South Portugal.
      I scurry into a quiet corner shop away from the chaos, examining the weird latex party masks and translucent glowing gum boots while answering the phone and speaking to her.
      "I'm in Goa!I wanna meet up with you!",She exclaims.
      "Sure I'm available right now,come to this party I'm at",I reply.
      "Umm actually i forgot, I can't right now because the forum post didn't get enough hits, but your cousin is somewhere close by so maybe you can meet with her instead.",she hungs up.

      Confused by the odd phone call ,I simply shrug it off.

      Soon after I get a message from my Ex-girlfriend asking if I posted something on her Facebook wall.
      "Not that I remember",I text in return.
      I go check her profile directly after my reply and notice she has new photos with her bf plastered all over her wall from the "crocodile dundee" camping trip the just went on, next to the same river where I attended the Rainbow Gathering.
      I could feel a slight spark,a tinge of jealousy ignite in my chest.

      When I walked out of the party store the dream scene had changed slightly. A large yellow roller coaster stood at the forefront of my vision.
      All my friends where jumping on and signaled for me to do the same as it would set off soon.
      I sprinted to the very back seat and made it just in time.
      As the roller coaster jolted into motion I began putting the seatbelt on, and to my dismay mine didn't clip into place. It was broken!
      We began to lurch forward up the steep incline to where a sheer drop lay.I shouted for it to stop but the ride continued slowly upward to the summit.
      I figured my best bet would be to hold on for dear life.

      Luckily,the ride was fairly tame,and from what i can remember i managed to not fall out of the seat.
    2. 1/11/14 - tooth falling out

      by , 01-12-2014 at 12:44 AM (Leaving the matrix)
      Dream fragment: I'm laying in my bed, I'm messing with my teeth with my tongue. I feel one of my back teeth wiggle and it makes a click noise. I panic and run to the bathroom and look in the mirror. I put my hand in my mouth and tug at the tooth very gently, but it falls out, I take it out and look at it, it's completely translucent, but i see tan things in there. I panic and think that my retainers won't work anymore and my teeth will begin to migrate, but then when i tongue the spot it fell out from I feel a brand new tooth like a polished little mountain poking out and I feel relieved and that this is even better because the other one was see through and this one is bright white.