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    1. February 21, 2019 Non-lucid

      by , 02-22-2019 at 04:08 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      The scene is at the beach. We're on vacation. Bahar is there, I'm trying to be closer to her but it doesn't seem to work out.

      I'm at a festival. A few guys from my high school are there and we interact for a moment. Moo is there with me. We seem to be watching a trailer for the festival as it's happening in real time. There's a stage with a huge crowd listening to a dj but only certain people are jumping and dancing. I think it's really fake. I see there's groups of people going through a line where they have to do certain things like dance and jump through hoops or something. I'm inside a building drawing something on a piece of paper. At first it looks really shitty and then it comes out to be really well-drawn. It's a gray balloon.
    2. 9 Dec; Spiders coming out of me, robbery and a new food

      by , 12-09-2018 at 12:22 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      On my teenage bedroom, going to sleep late, keeping a light on.

      With some friends at a party hosted by Björk.
      I hurt a finger and burst a blood vessel internally, so I cut open a little bit of the flesh to squeeze some blood out, but instead come out little orange spiders.
      I empty my entire finger until it becomes transparent and naturally it refills with fluids and muscle. It starts working wonderfully and I realize I need do do the same procedure with all my fingers which are painful and stiff, but I can't find the courage to see more spiders coming out of me, I am freaking out at the thought.
      Then thorny vines start bursting out through my skin and I also try to remove them one by one and it is painful.
      Meanwhile I am feeling a bit hallucinated with all that is happening to me and I decided that maybe that was it: I was indeed hallucinating! and I enter a strange mental crazy state, dancing like mad and Björk asks me if I'm alright. My friend Nuno says I need to continue extracting the spiders to heal and I say "What, so it was real? You did see it?" And they confirm with a nod.

      Friend's mansion, looking for one of the many toilets, end up in the laundry room, which is bigger than my living room and dinning room together and has a fireplace.

      My own house is attached to a pharmacy which is all made of glass walls. One night I hear noise at the pharmacy door and I go take a look. There is a gang of guys planning to rob it. They see me peaking though a door, because there is an all night light on illuminating the whole place. I hear them commenting that I'll be the final prize. I get scared, because I know they can get inside the pharmacy easily by breaking the glass. So I go back to the house, lock the door behind me and go check all other doors in my house. Then freak out that they are all unlocked and I can't find the key.

      There is a festival promoting a new food, made from some sea creature or algae, that people never ate before. It is processed into some green waffle toasts and also a spread. I try the spread, tastes weird like raw pureed seaweed. They are asking name suggestions for the products. There are some names on the table already and I see one that looks like Okeje.
    3. September 13, 2018 Non-lucid and Semi-Lucid Frags

      by , 09-13-2018 at 08:19 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      The non-lucid I was with Sam h at what we thought to be a music festival. It looked like an indoor water park but the theme was a jungle so there were a lot of trees and brush all over the place. I believe there were water slides and hot tubs scattered about. There was a front desk. We had gone up to the people and mentioned that we had two tickets. At some point we saw Temple.

      The semi-lucid I was walking in Kings Charter. I was cutting through someone's yard to get to my house but I heard recently IRL that the owners of this house participate in beekeeping so I was trying to go around them when I realized that the house wasn't even there. In its place was a field and there weren't any trees or houses that are usually there. I became aware that I was dreaming but was very calm about it. I just thought that it must be a dream and that I should do what I want. I was now walking in that field and there were people walking near me. I thought in my mind that I would try to ask a dream character something. Before I could ask anything a girl walked by me and she said something like "you are a beautiful one" or "you are a good one", I don't think it was exactly that but it was something similar. I can't really remember. I kept repeating what she said to myself in awe and curiosity. Someone else walked by and said something else but I can't remember. I realized my eyes were very squinted. I was trying to open them up but the dream collapsed.
    4. July 11, 2018 Non-Lucid

      by , 07-12-2018 at 08:25 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I was in a city with my friends. Moo and I were going back to the house everyone was sleeping at. We were about 50 feet in the air on little chairs. We were trying to steer the chairs in the wind towards the house. I remember I had gotten really close at some point but had gotten blown away. It didn't feel dangerous but this isn't possible in real life and if it was it would be dangerous. We eventually get into the house and I see Bahar and Kolby are waking up. Ky is there too. The room is dark with a stair case in the middle that goes to a visible 2nd floor. When we were flying in the air it seemed like it was fall with a strange festival going on.

      I go outside and now there's this pool with people hiding items inside. The idea is that the swimmers can swim and find valuable things but it's supposed to be rare. Every few seconds the water would become clear and you could see a bunch of shiny objects laying about, then the water would become extremely murky. I was following the story of an attractive girl who had gone back into the house and was now engaging with two men at the same time. She goes into the bathroom after and realizes she was somehow ugly in her view but the guys couldn't notice. She was freaking out. It seems like she traded the ability to see in that pool to get shiny objects for being pretty. Now she thought she was ugly and there was mud covered all over the shiny objects anyways so it didn't even matter that she had them.
    5. June 27, 2018 Non-Lucid

      by , 06-27-2018 at 05:29 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I'm in a theme park sort of like Busch Gardens in VA or Epcot Center. It looks rainy outside and dark. At some point we talk about how we're at a music festival but we only seemed to stay in one spot under this one random tent the entire time. It seems like maybe the festival is over and we're packing up to leave. It's night time but it's lighter outside with a shade of light blue. I don't think we want to leave.

      I'm walking around the theme park and there's very strange things occurring. It seems like this park is dark and something out of a My Chemical Romance music video. There's different events occurring throughout the park and there's music playing. There's performers at certain stations. There's a girl doing magic with one old man in front of her watching. I walk by exhibits and when I hear music I can see people dancing to it like this strange choreographed dance, they all know the moves. The people are dressed up in some goth clothing, I see a guy with black long hair and pale skin serious as can be doing these dance moves.

      At some point I'm off to the side with Moo and my jaw starts to clench up real bad. I can't control it, it's just strained really bad up and down. I fall to the ground and scream in pain, striking the ground.

      The end of the dream I'm watching this little turtle guy walking around. I think that I've made a video game and this little turtle is walking around in the over world trying to decide which level he's playing next. I remember I made is so the movement wasn't so linear, he could walk to these little leaves or other parts of the map that would trigger a level. He was a cute little turtle walking upright with a very concerned voice like "oh dear am I going to make it okay." I remember thinking this was a very good video game. I woke up thinking maybe he should be an armadillo instead.
    6. The Missing Children Festival [Series of dreams]

      by , 04-29-2018 at 06:02 AM (Nonsense and Conundrums)
      [This is a series of dreams that occured over three nights, from June 13 to June 15 in 2017.]

      [June 13]

      I am at a festival sort of place, where there are dirt paths and stalls selling things. There are many events going on. One "show" has recently been cancelled, something about the building being unsafe.

      There is something amiss at this festival; children are going missing. I am trying to gather all the children without families (which is most of them) and take them to a cave, a designated "safe place". The cave seems to have a magical barrier to keep negativity out. At one point I find a little blonde girl and try to coax her into coming with me, but she disappears when I turn around and look back.

      [June 14]

      Continuing from last night, I am at the same festival, but my girlfriend is kind-of there (it's weird, she was blurry, like she was phased in from somewhere else] and a frantic young man is following me. He is shorter than me - natural, as I am my alternate self which is rather tall - and has curly brown hair and black-rimmed glasses. He is trying to tell me something, something about a bad thing going to happen. I listen to him casually while walking until a loud rumbling begins. The grond shakes, and people start running and screaming. The guy tries to say something along the lines of "I told you!" but I shoo him off and forge my own way. I am surprisingly calm for someone who thinks this is all real, slowly moving through the crowd and keeping an eye on the sky; the sky is beautiful, a prismatic shatter of color that slowly turns black.

      I make my way out of the festival and to a nearby farm house. There are many people inside that aren't too happy about me intruding in on their space, but I ignore it. An old man, presumably the keeper of the house, tries to trap me in an upstairs room. I easily resist his attempts and look for something I'm apparently looking for. I eventually find it: a trap door that leads to a huge underground factory. It is big enough for me to transform into my royal form, wings spread and all. I try to fly but find it difficult, and the dream fades.

      [June 15]

      I make it out of the factory and am somehow back at a different sort of festival, an indoor one. I end up at something that is drawing a crowd, some famous performer doing something I cannot remember. I watch until two officers come up to me with handcuffs and tell me to come with them. I get the feeling I should listen, so I comply without protest.

      On the way to their vehicle, cuffed and all, I feel a man press a key into my palm and whisper to hold onto it. I stuff it on the side of my panties, where they hopefully won't search. We drive to the holding station, where I sit on a bench and the officers explain the "situation" to someone else. Somehow, my cuffs loosen, and I sneak away.

      I go through a few doors and am suddenly in an underground mountainous area, airy and full of light yet so artificial. As I walk through here, a voice begins speaking to me: the man from earlier. He tell me where to go and I eventually am led to a door with a key slot. I still have the key he gave me, and it fits perfectly. Thing is, it only opens to more scenery. The voice tells me to be patient. I trust him and keep going; a little hiking and a weird cougar later, I stop at the mouth of a waterfall. The voice tells me to go through the waterfall. A strange blue creature comes forth from the falls, beckoning me in. I obey, going through.

      Things are strange on the other side. So much so, that my first reaction is to turn back around...but then walk back in. The place has many vivid colors and strange creatures, plants, and such glowing, odd scenery in general (think Wonderland, really). A pink creature greets me, and then I wake up.
    7. Carved in Stone

      by , 04-08-2018 at 06:04 PM (The Fourth Factor)
      This dream took place in a city than my brain identified as Dubrovnik. And it wasn’t entirely unlike Dubrovnik—it was by the sea, and in the right sort of general landscape, only hillier, and it did have a similar aesthetic. This wasn’t the first time I had a dream set there, although I don’t think I identified it as anywhere familiar that time.

      In this dream, the city seems to be gearing up for a festival, with some tents and stalls already up, some still being set up. The city is full of people, which strikes me as an unusual circumstance, as if I’ve been living here rather than a visitor like them. As I hear people talking among the crowd about the best route to a certain location, I know the answer. But right now, they’re heading in the right direction anyway—at least, if they want to see the preparations along the way, which is what I want to do.

      Across a canal or some kind of long, rectangular pond, there are yet more people near a fountain, including someone I know—an old classmate of mine, an Italian exchange student. She and an unfamiliar man are embracing there. In front of me, some other people I recognize as classmates have also noticed, and they don’t like what they see. One young woman in red makes a disparaging comment rather loudly, clearly intending to be heard by them. I don’t know what the story is here, but I find it hard to believe that it could possibly be any of their business.

      I run into her again later on, as part of a group of performers, doing some kind of open-air act—oddly, it’s as if they’re all hovering above the water of a canal like the other one, only wider. I wave to them as I pass, and they wave back, but nobody else is even acknowledging them. I have the impression that they’re afraid to for some reason.

      At some point, I’m further up, out of the city proper. I pause to look down a broad stone staircase—really, more of a terraced sidewalk—that winds its way down to the sea. The sea is shining and calm, pale blue and pink, as if the sun only rose a short time ago.

      And further still, there's some kind of special site. I climb on a big rock to get a better look at it. The whole area is blocked off with a sheet of glass and has a rather stage-y appearance, as if it were intended to be seen from this angle. To the right is the entrance of a cave, where cacti and other scrubby plants are growing. To the left are four reclining chairs in a row—I assume that means this place will be open to the public at some point, since I can’t imagine why they would be there otherwise.

      The ground they’re located on breaks off with a sheer cliff face which I’m directly facing, and I can see something interesting there: some kind of symbol carved in the pale stone. It's a small circle with two lines inside it, which are arranged like the hands of a clock when it’s 10 o’clock, and coming off the bottom is a long, wavy line ending with a wedge, like an arrow. It strikes me as vaguely alchemical. I wonder what it signifies—it definitely seems to suggest some kind of downward motion.

      Some other people have gathered here while I’ve been looking—I recognize someone else I know. The last time I spoke to him was very awkward, but he doesn’t mention that, which I’m glad of. He’s telling me about the cave. But unfortunately, I can’t remember much of what he says—only that something important took place here a couple millennia ago.

    8. Huh...

      by , 01-04-2018 at 09:16 PM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Fell asleep at: 5:00 AM

      Woke up at: 1:00 PM

      I think I'm in a warped, dreamlike version of my school, fused with one of the houses from the colonias near my town. It's all the usual dream stuff, just me walking around, minding my own business...

      When the DC of my dead cousin shows up. And I am speechless.

      Now, I'm not gonna sugarcoat things. Even though this was an experience personal to me, I felt like it was worthy enough to be talked about. It's nothing too graphic or too sad, so stick with me.

      He's wearing a greasy looking pinstriped suit, a faded black with light gray lines. He looks unkempt, as was his style I guess. He was always the "cool" one, and often put his appearance first before anything (The man owned a leather jacket for Pete's sake).

      Immediately I start choking up. He's on the other side of a chainlink fence but manages to jump over it because he could. I think he was talking about something, but I was too preoccupied dealing with my own anxieties.

      "This is the one person I hate so much...How could he do this to us? Why does he still look so cool? How is this possible? The one person I try so hard not to emulate shows up in my dream, without MY permission? Typical. But...there are so many questions..."

      He walks around for a bit; around a twisting, almost rotten tree, and peers into a window. Excited children flood the window, and he smiles back. I get even more temperamental.

      He parkours his way up a wall, onto the roof, totally in line with his character. I think to myself:

      "What do I talk to him about? How different are we? Why the hell did you do that to us? Will I ever see you again? Can you get the heck away from me?" My fist clenches trying to hold it in, and I choke up once more, on the verge of tears.

      But I don't have any time to think.

      The children whom he had met burst out through the door, and he jumps back down to meet them. I trail them all back inside through a red door to my right.

      They're all laughing, having a good time, but I demanded an answer from him (Well, not really but you get the point) and still he had nothing left to say. The children have also done some excellent drawings and sketches on notebook paper, and I admire just how detailed it looks.

      But I clearly have had enough. I stormed out of the room and went to contemplate this situation elsewhere.

      I wind up in a big city. A parade seems to be going on in town as kids throw humongously large rubber dodgeballs at each other, cars pour in from every corner, and confetti rains down from above.

      I don't take part in the festivities, I'm too shaken to even think. In the real world, that would've been the death of me. I walk callously across each gathering of students and even snake my way through busy traffic.

      I come across a chainlink fence and think I should climb it, but thoughts of my deceased cousin crossed my mind, and I move onto something else.

      And that's when the dream ended.

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    9. Airships in the Cloud House

      by , 09-12-2016 at 06:44 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      Lately I've been changing up my sleeping routine and just not setting my alarm. It seems to be helping with recall...so far.
      I was in a little house that rested on top of the clouds. The house wasn't any that I recognized, but the sight outside was beautiful. Strangely, our house was the only one like this; no others were in sight, just an endless sea of clouds.
      In the house with me were my dad and my aunt. We were all gearing up to ride on some airships to this festival that would be taking place down on the surface, beneath the clouds. While we were preparing, multiple people I knew IRL also came to visit, popping up through the clouds on their own airships. The airships themselves looked like motorcycles without wheels. One guy who I didn't recognize popped up and laughed loudly, cupping his hands around his mouth and shouting towards us, "ARE YOU GUYS READY YET??"
      Eventually my grandpa appeared on his own airship, parking it on the house's balcony and coming in to chat with the lot of us.
      Unfortunately, if we did go to that festival, I certainly don't remember it.
      The next dream recalled was much smaller, and I think I had it after going back to sleep when I woke up to write the previous one.
      Me and my friend AJ were in this strange place that looked like a combination between my high school and a shopping mall. /for some reason, quite a few of my dreams feature warped or weird versions of shopping centers or my high school. I don't recall much from this dream, just that AJ was trying to lead me to some place, but I ignored him, as I had a bad feeling about it. Instead, I went upstairs to check the lockers, for some reason expecting to find something in them that was apparently very important.
    10. Festival continues

      by , 11-06-2015 at 07:16 PM
      Dl1- I still seem to be at last night s festival but there is no cheese :/
      I am in charge of one of the music stages in the large stage behind the manor house. It is a large grassed area with a raised wooden stage. Large amounts of people mill about. I am over on a bank at the end that dips down into ? There are ropes and wooded poles here. Mr B comes over to ask me what is happening with the stage and why no one is playing. I say there are no children who want to play. At the very end there is netting...
      Dl2 - Arranging to meet up with others at a cinema (cinema seems like in a dream I had years ago). But meet up times are to vague. We are to meet between 7pm and 11pm as say we will probably miss each other.
    11. Lots of fragments... farm, festival, Mars, trees.

      by , 10-31-2015 at 07:12 PM
      AAAAAAAA I lost my entire journal entry. I hit the back button somehow and I don't even know how!!!! It blanked everything out!

      I don't know why it claims it auto-saves when I can never find my drafts. Ever. They never appear, even when I save things as drafts. Not once have they ever.

      I'm REALLY upset and frustrated.

      Ok, fine, here I go AGAIN.

      First dream: Fragmentary. May have been lucid. All I remember is a very interesting looking brown and cream diamond tiled floor. I almost always forget any lucids from my first dream, and everything in them is fragmentary and fuzzy. They're also always only barely lucid, not even worth considering one if I really wanted to be strict about it.

      Second dream: Dreamed about a farm. Fragmentary, weird, and complicated. Hard for me to make sense of. I'll write more later. Some bullet points:
      - kind of video game farm but also not
      - piles of laundry/hay
      - helping my aunt
      - weird cat thing in a sack
      - apple trees
      - HUGE tree with a city in it

      Woke up, tried an induction. I was trying to end up in Rome, but my attempt failed.

      Third dream:
      There was a street festival in a more run-down area of my old home town. It was in front of a two-story white house. There were a lot of food vendors, and there was also a stretch of street full of people doing face-painting for children. I was trying to meet up with my boyfriend on the other side, so I picked my way through them, trying not to knock over any paint or step on any children. After I got through, I realized that I could have simply walked along side the whole thing instead of through it.

      Before the festival, my boyfriend and I had buried our more valuable belongings along the side of the house and marked it with a long, stiff, silver blade of grass. After the festival was over, we went to go dig it up. But there was a guy who considered it to be his territory, and he seemed aggressive and we thought he might attack us. He was flying around in a tiny plane thing he sat on top of.

      So we abandoned our stash, and I couldn't remember if I'd buried my wallet with it, but I hoped I hadn't. We got in my car and started driving away from there, and drove through some thick woods. He disappeared into the trees. We turned around, hoping he was lost or thought we were still in there, and went back to try to dig up our stash before he showed up again.

      Woke up. Tried an induction into Rome again... attempt failed.

      Then I dreamed about a "cone" on Mars that may have been a tower from an advanced alien civilization. For some reason, though, NASA didn't seem interested in investigating it, which was frustrating. There wouldn't have been a way to analyze the technology anyway without humans there in person, if we could even get ahold of any (which was unlikely) and there wasn't much to gain by sending humans there to do it, either. I doubted the rover would be able to get there and get anything without them destroying it. They didn't even know about the little rover driving around out there, anyway.

      Then I dreamed that there was suddenly a new Democratic candidate, a young Latino guy. All of the candidates' faces were up on huge banners, but Hillary's was the only one that had a name on it.

      I believe my inductions had such a high failure rate because the environment I was trying to send myself to was very unfamiliar. My inductions into familiar places are much more successful.
    12. Maguro Festival (NLD)

      by , 10-08-2015 at 05:49 PM
      Ritual: My LDs have all but vanished now that I am not actively working on it (not for lack of interest, but work is way too busy right now, and I'm not playing any computer games either!) However, when I got up before dawn to feed the cat and realized I was wakeful enough to call this a WBTB, it occurred to me that I didn't even know what the October TOTMs were, so I looked them over before returning to bed. I tried to do some counting but had no focus and fell asleep. I did end up complete one of the tasks, but essentially within the context of a non-lucid dream! The distinctions between LD and NLD used to seem a lot crisper when LDing was new to me, but I would call this an example of agency without dream awareness, which I'm not sure has happened to me before. I always thought dream awareness was the prerequisite for agency, but apparently not!

      NLD: I was in a community that was preparing for a special festival. They had a great deal of maguro (lean tuna meat) and slices of it were lining a long stone staircase that cut through a wooded park-like space. I wanted to marinate the maguro like I had done at last year's festival: it had been a big hit. I tried to remember the marinade recipe, and knew that it was very basic: pretty much just soy sauce and cilantro. Soy sauce was easy to come by, but I was out of cilantro. I had a limited time before all the maguro went bad, so I had to find cilantro right away.

      I went into town to see if I could get any. While walking down the sidewalk, I saw some women holding cameras. I assumed they were photographers for the festival. This reminded me of the TOTMs, so I tried to remember the one I had prioritized. Oh right: if I see a DC, I should follow him or her. I picked one of the photographers, a black woman with her hair bound in two pigtails, and started shadowing her as she walked down the street.

      The DC only walked about fifteen feet before she turned around again, so I turned as well and continued following her. She walked back to the place where I had first spotted her and stopped again. What was she doing? I studied her closely, trying to understand her behavior. She wasn't taking any pictures; her camera hung ignored around her neck. However, she seemed to be posing to display her fur coat to best advantage. Suddenly I understood: she had put on a gorgeous costume for the festival, so now she was walking up and down the sidewalk in order to be seen!

      I decided that continuing to follow her would be redundant if she was just going to hang out on that same stretch of sidewalk, so I went into a local bookstore to ask about the cilantro. There was a guy who had a piece of paper with pictures of the various types. Right now only the cilantro from China was available, he said, but it didn't have the best flavor: they had picked it too early. I told him I'd settle for that if I couldn't get anything else.

      Notes: Since I stopped doing active dream practice, not only my recall but even the content of my dreams has degraded. The more epic and story-like elements have dwindled and my dreams currently seem to be pieced together primarily from waking life residue. This one is full of it: I ate similar slices of maguro on Sunday night; on Monday I attended a lecture where the speaker used a fur coat as a metaphor; and in the back of my mind I had been wondering if it was true, as someone recently told me, that cilantro can lower the raised mercury levels one can get from eating too much maguro. Even marinating the maguro has a precedent, a very delicious form of sushi called zuke.

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    13. The Festival

      by , 06-15-2015 at 08:33 PM
      I was in a festival in a small town a bit far from mine (I don't recognised exactly which). It was already dark, the town was full of colourful lights and music, and everyone were out partying. I was with my girlfriend and some other people, and I suddenly realized that we didn't have a way to get back home at the end of the night. I phoned my dad because he took us there and he could still be around, but he was gone and he had already arrived my hometown. I took a look on my cell looking for someone from my hometown who could be there, but I found no one (and it was really hard for me to use my cell). I stayed for a while thinking how to go back later, but finally I didn't mind about it and kept partying.

      [Time lapse]
      After some hours I'm walking the streets, now with some different friends. One of them has the looking she had years ago, when I first met her. We leave the festival, like we are going home, but I don't really know whose home are we going to. After the dream, I realized those streets were similar to some from my hometown.

      [Time lapse]
      We arrive a place made of wood, looks like a skiing resort, but I don't remember going that high. There's many people with elegant clothing, and I think I wasn't with my friends by then. There, still outdoors in front of the main entrance, I find an extrange pice of furniture designed to keep hats on it. They are all the same; white fancy sailor's hats, with golden cords and emblems. They look so ridiculous to me that I start climbing the selfs, steping over those hats and laughing.

      [Time lapse]
      I'm in the front of a house, still dark, and there are some people who I can't recognise. Suddenly, a furious man comes, holds one of my legs (making me fall to the ground) and starts pulling me to the street. Then, hidden next to a car, he takes a long PVC pipe and holds it over his head, threatening to hit me. In that moment, a friend appeared (now awaken I don't recognise him), took that PVC pipe away from the furious man and threw him to the ground. The man who tried to hit me started then yelling about how we couldn't hit him because of him being someone very important. Then, suddenly, I see an scene (I'm not there) of that man in a hospital bed.
    14. Werewolf swim festival

      by , 03-07-2015 at 04:38 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      There’s some kind of festival going on and people arrive for it. We’re all werewolves. We’re in this big house like my grandma’s IWL and I’m helping mom out.

      As the people arrive, I quickly jump down from somewhere to the carport where mom is, and ask her what she needs me to do as the people walk up the drive. She gives me some task, so I jump back up to do it after kissing her cheek. Only, I end up knocking this roof type covering off and have to fix it, and someone helps me. I’m clumsy because I’m nervous.

      I’m keeping away from some guy I saw in the group too.

      I’m around the front porch area and there are three girls standing on the drive. One of them calls out to me, asking if I’m going to swim. I say no, because I don’t know how to. She taunts me about it and I keep calm at first, but she goes on and I snap and call her a bitch before I storm away.

      Later, a woman and another girl appear. The girl had told on me to the woman. “She called her a bitch!” I respond sarcastically something like, “I would never say that word (that she just said)!” like that girl had done something way worse. The woman calls me out saying that she knows I’m lying.

      I’m talking to a woman about swimming, and she says that she’s not swimming either and doesn’t know how to. She’d rather ‘be buried than drown’. I think that sounds a bit weird and repeat it to her for confirmation.

      I’m working on something, bending over. I realize something isn’t right – I’m not wearing underwear, just a shirt. I remember that dad is nearby and quickly stand up and try to figure out what’s going on.

      There was something about sparkles and candy too.

      Inspirations: Werewolves from one of yesterday’s dreams, same with swimming. Think the no-undies thing comes from me taking off my boxers shorts last night from under my pajamas. Probably took place in a grandma’s house setting because mom told me she was going over there today.
    15. Jogging, festival and driving a truck

      by , 01-05-2015 at 10:46 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      *Again had troubles with sleeping, but I can recall some fragments.*

      First dream

      Sunny, warm afternoon. I was in the backyard of my home. Suddenly I started to run around my home without any general direction.

      Scond dream

      I was at a great festival in Montreal. People were celebrating, although I can't recall why. It was during cold, dark evening.

      Third dream

      I was a truck driver. While driving from my home, I took a woman as a passenger. She was young, slim brunette with a bit dark carnation. She was pregnant, and I had to take her to the hospital.
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