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    1. 2013, August 26 (Thursday); Dreams of Vampire Rain and The Black Hole

      by , 08-26-2013 at 03:58 PM
      *Edit: The dream I had prior to this involved Johnny Bravo in the side-yard*

      > One of the first dreams I had that I recall on this night was of drawings of Vampire Rain followed by another dream. I had more dreams before then but they weren't in mind when I wrote this.

      Then, In the morning:

      > Bit about the air conditioner in Mother's bedroom having red knobs or red something on the interface. I think this means we just need to remove it.

      > Then, "The Black Hole" Bits - Vincent the android was in a lower section of the ship and was followed by STAR the robot who was pissed at the android and was going to blow him up with a blue explosive, But VINCENT gave him back his guns while accidentally picking some back up (As if it were a video game) and asking STAR to not blow him up when he kept picking the guns back up. STAR then went back up the blue vortex/beam/alien spaceship teleporter thing/whatever you call it. After that, VINCENT went into a room near the beam and saw someone there who resembled Dr. Fred from Maniac Mansion who sucked VINCENT into him somehow and used him while VINCENT argued with him and "Dr. Fred" said he was always in control of what happened on Dr. Reinhardt's ship and the mayor was dead, As he had to have him killed or something.

      Then, The Intelligent Heavy and Stupid Heavy (Fan-made Team Fortress 2 characters) were together and an explosion happened, Possibly while they were gathered by a sandwich. The Intelligent Heavy fell into "Dr Fred"'s place as an engineer and I didn't see what happened to him and the Stupid Heavy fell into an area near Dr. Reinhardt's and talked, I think, And someone (I think Dr. Reinhardt) said that he (the heavy) fell into his (The heavy's) pocket. The Heavy said something like "Oh-Oh! How do I get out?" As I thought of laughter, Possibly from people who would read this.