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    1. 28 Jul: Part of nazi resistance, wasp attack and drugged by dirty cops

      by , 07-28-2019 at 08:58 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Were occupied by nazis. I am part of the resistance. I am staying at my hometown and we set headquarters at the school just by the side of my mom's house. I am supposedly a teacher, but it's just the cover. The school is at one of the highest points at the village and we can see every movement from there but are not seen easily from below. So I meet there some fellow freedom fighters and we exchange info and make plans there. Someone brings us the info that a resistance lady escaping the nazis is sleeping at the cemetery and apparently about to be found by a nazy patrol going there. We organize a group of three and we exit through the back to go on a rescue mission. I kiss goodbye one cat I own and is sleeping on a shelf on a wall. I fear not coming back but know that some of my friends would look after my baby. We get there and we eliminate the patrol and want to bring her along but she is actually complaining, saying she could totally handle them alone. We're upset and we leave.

      Going to my room, find it infested with wasps. Don't want to kill them, so start working on a strategy to take them away but can't make it work, so I just close the door. Later, Zilla and someone else comes to sleep there unaware of it and they go to bed without noticing there are wasps between the sheets. They get attacked and amidst the panic, Riverstone comes to help and starts killing them, says we can't save the wasps, we must protect ourselves first. I join in killing them with a shoe but hurts doing so. Then notice another little animal like a crab going into the bed. It is a strange creature because it seems origami, not real. But it moves and seems intelligent. I drop it outside my house and immediately it goes back inside, finds the room and goes to the bed again. I wonder if it is a robot.

      Walking a street with a frjend. Stop in front of a historic building to admire it. Then some silly guy passing by, kisses my hand. At first I ignore, but then decide to scold him and grab him by his arm and head for a police car nearby. Unfortunately no cops inside. So I drag the guy to the nearest police station. Unexpectedly the police tells me and my friend that a killer is looking for us. Then it's revealed that is someone in the police. They drug us, I stay awake but very sleepy. Someone laughs. I try to resist, I manage to keep conscious until someone comes in with a big dog.
    2. embarrassing miscommunitcations

      by , 01-24-2018 at 06:16 PM
      Its early morning and i'm lazing in bed when Susan comes in. I do a double take as she is already in the room and realise that the first one is a robot replica. I try to turn off the robot and hide it away but I only manage to reboot it and robot Susan starts talking. And I panic Waaaaaaa!

      Next dream I am in a town in Europe and realise I am being followed. A gunman comes up to me and shoves his gun at me. I try to explain to him that I am not up to anything but am just studying the architecture of the building near buy. He is not convinced and his boss turns up also waving the same silver colt gun around. His boss looks like Paul Whitehouse (a uk comedian). I show them something is strange about the building near buy, the archway defies the laws of gravity and their is something strange about its length.
      Tags: arch, guns, robot, white
    3. Ninjor shows up again!

      by , 12-21-2017 at 06:31 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I start off Lucid at Burton and I'm in the livingroom. The light is on and I'm leaning next to a window. As I do that I noticed that there are people outside and fell the need to go out and meet them so I do that and I then realized that it is night and it is all dark out cept for some bluish street lights. The people were in the street, goofing around with each other and was kicking something around. When they took notice of me they avoided me getting too close to them as I was the stranger to them. I stood on the sidewalk, facing my house that was across the street and then I notice something in the back yard. It was a dark figure, standing in a yard ajacent to mine behind a fence. He was cloaked and wore a hood over its head and looked up at me when I decided to get a better look at him by shining my Wii U Screen light towards him. I caught vague details of his face other then dark eyes and I thing a grey mouth. I realized my mistake of shining a light in his face and he starts to come towards me. As it got closer to me I began to pick up better detailing of him and found out that he was Ninjor from the previous dream. I ran into the house as he tried to intercept me and I closed the door. The light in the living room was still on and I then heard a knock and the familiar wavy voice. "Helloooo!" He entered the house and then I ran to the basement. Ninjor chased me there and then I seen him looking at me from on top the flight of steps and then I asked him about the game Power Rangers Legacy Wars and he seemed confused. "What?" Before I knew it I would up in SP then returned to the dream. This time I was in another place, hiding from Ninjor. I was now in my mom's room that is at Raymond. It is very dark in the room and hard to see. Ninjor opens the door and he asks why do I keep running from him. I say because you tried to get me because I was talking shit about you on that game I play. I again asked him about the power rangers game and he had no clue what legacy wars was. This was Not the Ninjor in the game but a completely different one. I asked him what would you like to do? He thinks for a second then an idea comes to him mind and he says as I was thinking about him being a cook. "Lets eat dinner together!" Before I can react I wake up to an aggressive Sleep paralysis and had to get up.
    4. Big Zam

      by , 08-25-2017 at 08:58 PM (My Robotic imagination)
      I start off Lucid from an SP that occurred during the night. It was an odd start off but for some reason I was thinking about the Big Zam from Gundam. I'm over at Burton Ave and the light is on in the livingroom. I walk in and I seen Dozle Zabi, the pilot of Big Zam there. He was asleep on a long couch that was up against a dormant fireplace.

      He was in a sitting position with his head tilted back and his mouth a hung and I think he was also snoring. I remember seeing him in a gundam series Gundam Origins where Garma Zabi got injured and Dozle ran up behind him him, crying and grabbed Garma into his arms as he collapsed.

      I was thinking about the way Dozle Sounded while crying and avoided him. As soon as I went to the door outside, he wakes up. I seen him look around for a second then he saw me and gets up.

      I ran outside which was dark and hard to see until I ran near some light filled Japan city buildings. I saw him behind me and though oh no I don't want him to grab me like he id Garma and grate me with his rough hair bristles on his face. I tried to run fast but it was not happening as I was in slow motion next to a fence and Dozle ran up behind me and caught me into his large arms and lifted me up. "I got you! Ahh hahahaha!" I elbowed him in the gut and escaped into another scene.

      Some time had passed and it is daytime. I'm in a populated city with stores,traffic, people and buildings and the Big Zam is there. Dozle was in it and he was way off in the distance,trashing some Federation friendly's store and laughing as he kicked the mess out of the shop, trashing it in a smoking pile. Then I see three more Zams appear and this time they were on the opposite side of the city, trashing stuff and closing in on where I was at. They have managed to mass produce the Big Zam! I knew that I had the get out of there but three more appear right in front of me, trapping me along with Fed sympathetic civilians. The Zam that trashed the shop came up behind me and saw me. He lifted up it's foot to smash me with but I wasn't gonna go that easily. I used my Lucidity and let the dream know that if you smash me, then I'll wake up and this will be all over in an instant but there was no need for that. That was Dozle in that Zam and he decided not to smash me and walked over the top of me. This place was still dangerous, who was in the other Zams? I ran to where the shops got trashed at and Donzle saw me heading that way. "No don't!" He turned around in the Big Zam and started chasing me.

      As I was running a Red and Orange Gundam appeared, coming down some stairs from a destroyed building he was in. He grabbed me as I was running past him and I realized that it was the Heavy Arms! He pushed me behind him then when Dozle showed up and looked down at him from his mobile suit, Heavy Arms Opened up all of his doors and caught Dozle in the side of his Suit, knocking it off balance and causing it to fall sideways. As the Zam fell it changed size until it was toy size and fell sideways into my arms.
      It was acually a different shape and color as well, it was now black in color and square, looking like the side of a radio. I looked into the dark cockpit and saw Dozle inside. Heavy Arms Saw me with it and knocked it out of my hands and onto a table. It landed with a plastic thud then Heavy Arms suddenly took off, needing to deal with the bigger threat of the Giant Big Zams.

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    5. Playing Jedi Knight and caught by a robot

      by , 02-09-2017 at 07:00 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I'm playing Star Wars Jedi Knight and it is very dark and hard to see. I'm practically blind as I walk around, looking only at things that I ca see in my mind. There is a robot somewhere running around,looking for me and I'm hiding from it. I trip over something and fell into some water but realized that I had to quickly get out of it. The robot has been in that water and the stuff from its body has made it unsafe to stay in. I feel all tingly and strange after I got out and collapsed. It didn't take long for the robot who I think was Tidalwave to find me. It pointed at me and started running at me. I got to run but it was too late. It pounced on me and landed on top of me causing my face to smash up against it's chest that were turrets. Yep It was him and he said something a pressed them against my face.
    6. almost forgotten Storm Megazord dream

      by , 11-10-2016 at 06:33 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I start off at some kind of park like place and was riding on something. What ever it was it tipped over with me on it and now I'm hanging on to a small thing on a rope. I'm upside down and there was water below me. To make things harder I also had one of my Megazords in my hands and didn't want to end up dropping it into the water and losing it. I'm trying hard to get up as what ever it was I was on slowly gave away until I fell completely into the water. It is a pool and I'm swimming around in it and dropped my toy in it. At first it remained together but then it fell apart and the pieces sank down. I was just about to go under and get the pieces when suddenly I began to see at first dolphins swimming around me but then they turned into baby Killer whales (the black and white ones), blocking my view and crowding me. I suddenly became lucid and told the dream that I didn't not want these here and to get rid of them now.

      After that I find myself in another dream with my Lucidity lost. There is some kind of Music playing and sounded peaceful and verse less. The place was mostly dark and looked like it was in some kind of sewer place. The Storm Megazord was there and he had a monster cornered and because of the music I wanted him to get the monster. The zord charged at the unseen monster, grabbing it into its arms and then I woke up just as the Music playing from my Wii U ended.

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    7. [04-10-2016]

      by , 10-04-2016 at 07:19 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      With younger sister I entered an old and rusted bus. Driver took us through some woods into an old village. We left the bus and wandered around old cottages. It was cold afternoon and it seemed like it was going to rain. I looked at trees all around, they were quite beautiful. I was intrigued by some strangely shaped leaves. Then the forest disappeared and we found ourselves in some chamber, there was a pedestal with many buttons on it. I stared at it, wondering how it works. Then I recalled that I've seen this chamber before and tried one combination. I pushed buttons to try different set, but it turned on traps. Arrows shot from openings in walls that were put in numerous places, then a robot with appearance of black haired woman in red dress moved and tried to hit us, but it had movement restricted to just one track.
    8. DJ Entry 11Night Of 7/28/16

      by , 07-29-2016 at 09:38 PM
      Well... In a sense I went to sleep at 1 a.m. so... Let's just get to the point

      Not having any dreams worth mentioning for a while now, I haven't posted for quite a long time. Now this dream, however... This needed to be discussed.

      It was about 1:30 a.m. and I was tired so I went to sleep. Got comfy real quick, set my alarm to 6:30 in the morning, all that stuff. Now here are the first set of dreams:

      1. Oddly enough, I was a prehistoric animal (for some strange reason) and was in a cave when a... Tiger? Came by killing everything in sight. Now I still felt fear even though I knew it was just a dream. Maybe I wanted the dream to continue on? Either way, I stood against the wall and... For whatever reason the tiger just kinda skipped past me for no appearent reason. Knowing the big cat was still hungry I couldn't help but think it was some of my optimism. For example, I wouldn't've stayed still had I known I would get killed for sure. Anyways, walking out the cave I was led to my old bedroom for whatever reason. I then saw that same tiger waiting there, and at that moment when I walked out, I was my 5-year-old self with the same mindset as I am right now.

      The tiger then said "What were you thinking?" I just stood silent. We went to the bathroom to discuss some things (for whatever reason) and the discussion stood quite stable. I said "I just knew if I stayed optimistic then maybe chances were I'd be safe. The tiger asked "You know I just killed your entire family, right?" To which I responded "and you know this is a dream where I can simply bring then back, right?". The tiger kinda just stood silent. I left the bathroom and well what do you know? I'm back to myself again!

      In this dream, it seemed as school has started up. The date was August 17th on the first day of school. I then kinda teleported to my old school ('cause I hate my new school) and was in the workout room for some reason. Oddly enough, I was the one to view the dream this time. I saw a discussion going on about the whole tiger incident and it seemed like everyone knew about it. Though oddly enough everyone came back alive after the tiger killed everyone. I teleported home and it seemed like my dad was doing some work on the floors (I was back in my present home at this time) and my bedroom floor was oak instead of cherry for some reason. I then woke up to my 6:30 alarm.

      I pretty much said "Screw you alarm, I'm going to find out what happens next!" And headed back to sleep. In the next dream I kinda saw a flashback on the things that happened and was in my old house again. Next thing you know the Tiger's a T-Rex this time. Oddly enough all is the same. This time we headed up the appalaichians Only to discover something was a bit off this time. We hit the tip and we were back in the bedroom.

      Then we discovered a telescope in my room which i couldn't help but look through. All's the same, except when I look back the T-Rex is just gone. I then Lie in bed for a few wondering where they went, and then all the sudden what do you know, there's a 7-foot tall robot in my room for no appearent reason just taking off. I kinda shrugged it off until the T-Rex came back as a Tiger and we had the discussion. We kinda said our goodbye to eachother and the dream ended. I got a fine 13 hours of sleep when I woke up and my thoughts about the dream still remain as I typed this.

      I woke up choking on phlegm as i saw it was 2:15 in the afternoon.

      Please let me know what you think of this confusing dream in the comments.
    9. Sebulba, bigfoot and robocop

      by , 05-17-2016 at 08:29 PM (My Robotic imagination)
      I start off by watching Star Wars and I'm watching the Sebulba scenes. The first one is where is at Mos Espa but the things he do there are different. It is daytime as it always seems to be and there are stalls of food and merchandise around. Sebulba is among the people and aliens as Anakin shows with Jar Jar Binks. Sebulba has had a run in with Jar jar before and is already perked up at him.Hopping up on the table on all fours he glares at them as they pass on. Anakin glances over at the Dug who snorts at his eye contact and jumps down in front of Anakin. Anakin Smirks at the ugly Dug as he approaches him and Jar jar. He says something threatening to the boy and Jar jar then turns back to his buddies and sits at a stands, watching Anakin. Anakin just shakes his head and walks pass the Dug and his henchmen. Sebulba looks different then his normal appearance, he is slightly furry and has a werewolf like appearance.

      After that encounter the dream shifted to a different scene. I'm now in a car with my mom and we are driving to somewhere. As were are driving I see something out in a field of grass with forest in the background. There was a tall, burly gorilla like creature walking around there and he looked to stand at least 8 feet tall. He had dark grey hair, shiny black skin, sharp claws and a snout. I stared in amazement at it and realized that it was a Bigfoot and was out in the opening. As I continued to look I realized that a person was down there with it seemed to be hiding behind it but was way too close to it. My mom turned around from something and by this time the Bigfoot has made it's way on to the road, blocking our path pass him. He walked towards us but at an angle that made it seemed like he had no interest in us. Then realized that it was some kind of filming shot and that the Bigfoot was not real.But how can a person be that big? And still be able to move around freely and fluently? There is no way in hell that it was a person inside that thing. It got closer to us and my mom was amazed at how large it was and said "whoa!" and in response to that he backs it up, somehow throwing me out of the car in the process. "Shit!" I ran on foot as it caught sight of me and started after me. I ducked under small bridges and down alley ways, trying to lose him but it didn't work.

      So I went into a building and was now in a room that looked like the room I had over at the Lakeshore Apartments. It was darker inside, no light was on and I was on a bed. I seen the Bigfoot come in through a window and he grabbed at something on the table. It was a glass object and he cracked it open and drunk what ever it was inside. It was red in color and realized that it was blood. He found another one, cracked it open and drank its contents as well. I realized that I was trapped in the room and the monster began walking towards me, swiping at me but then suddenly from outside I hear a bang. There was another window, not the one he crawled through but another one that was across the room from me. I see Robo Cop on the other side and he was walking towards us. The big foot leap outside through the window at Robo Cop who threw him into something, breaking it. "Cut Cut!" The director said. Robo Cop looks up at the director as he came down and saw what was going on. Robo Cop and big foot was real but now somehow Robo has stumbled on to an unknown set and messed up the equipment. There was a mech there as well and big foot stood back up and tried to kick it, but it dodged and countered, kicking the big foot and causing it to run off. "You idiot!" The Director yelled as he ran after it, trying to get it on camera. Robo cop looks over at me again and starts heading over to me, but before he can get to me I woke up.
    10. Close, but no cigar.

      by , 01-16-2016 at 08:31 PM (Here be dragons)
      I'm laying on my bed, in the dark, feeling warm and relaxed. I feels a slight rocking motion and trying to push my dream body out, but I don't have enough momentun and snap back in, waking up in the process. I manage to stay still and look for the rocking motion again, wainting until I'm confident I can throw myself out. I roll off the bed and go to the window. I go through it and walk in the dark, waiting for the darkness to subside. When I can finally see I'm standing on a road between two hedges and it's the end of the afternoon. Eli is already here, and I take his hand. He wrap me in a tight hug and I get gently pulled on my tiptoes, burying my face against his neck, smelling cologne and his warm skin undernearth. I lose my equilibrium and lean against him, encircled in his arms, and the dream threaten to shatter like glass. He let go of me, reminding me that I have to look for someone. I'm not very lucid but I know he's right, so I climb other the hegde into a tree and use the brach to lauch myself into the sky. I' flying very low, and I use the trees on my way to try to go highter.
      I fly close to a small group of dream characters; I can't really see their faces, but one of them is familiar. I land next to him and he smiles, recognizing me. It's the handsome man with the patrician features and he is as happy to see me as he was is the first dream I saw him. He takes my hand for a basemain, but the mighty kitty wakes me up.
      At this point I check the time, and since it's still early, I decide to try to do a WBTB, as I can't chain.
      I am in a garden, without lucidty. I'm with agroup of girl, we're celebrating something like a engagement. We're all on motocycles, except one, who only has a bike. I get off my ride, telling her to take it, that I will find something else. On cue I hear hooves, and I turn around. A cybernetic horse is coming for me. It's made of a strange, shiny almost black blue material, with a blue shiny outline stylizing its face and body. Its eyes are pupilless and shining too, and its mane is a plate of the same material as the rest of it. There is some kind of plugs on its back, and I use them to secure a saddle made of a simple piece od leather on its back before climbing. I don't need a tack to steer it, but the girls with me find it innerving, so I materialize a bridle around its head. The horse rears up and nickers, very unhappy with that.

      I really need to stress to myself that I need to find the silvery man and not any pretty thing I find on my way
    11. Catching Up.

      by , 12-30-2015 at 06:26 PM (I Have a Problem)
      I was in Santa Barbara for the first part of the dream.
      All of my old Santa Barbara friends were there: Gio, Colette, John, and probably other people that I can't remember. I was there for Gio's birthday party, and we were all just hanging out and talking. At some point, Gio tells me that he has some kind of death robot. I pictured this robot to be about the size of a Roomba. Apparently, it was just a regular robot that blasts a heat wave into your face to warm you up, but this one was malfunctioning and wouldn't stop blasting the heat wave until you died. No one seemed scared of it though. Thinking about it now, it seems like it might've been one of the robots from Fallout 4, that holds people down and blasts their face with a laser.
      At one point I remember hanging out with John, and I was sitting on his bed just talking to him and catching up, since it had been more than 5 years since I last saw him.
      I'm pretty sure at one point I was also watching a movie with all of them.

      For the second part of the dream, I was at the Seattle gang's apartment, and we were all just hanging out. I remember Ena, Mike, and Ishani being there for sure, but I'm not sure about the rest. We were all just hanging out and catching up. The apartment was really big, with a nice living room with natural light coming in. It was sunny and beautiful.
    12. Suntans of thing

      by , 12-28-2015 at 10:38 AM
      D1 - Incubating strange wiggly creatures in a translucent shed. They are hanging up, fatest specimen is rubbery slug/snail or could be ear shaped creature is selected to be most successful and is to be crossed with best robot parts.
      [This dream came before robot parts one but I went back to it again]

      - Children trying to create the best robot/machine from parts available. All are being made in a matrix of combinations. Most are circular in overall shape.

      D2 - Wake up sunburnt from head to toe, red raw apart from white part where I was wearing a cap on my head. I slather the remaining lotion to my daughters shangrin over myself. It is already sweltering with bright sun light. Outside Island is very grassy with some palm trees. we have to make a trip across main island and over to a small island which has been designated as a car park! Oo
      We breifly discuss pros and cons of this.
    13. Ferris Wheel Robot Car Cruncher

      by , 11-17-2015 at 05:17 PM
      Morning of November 17, 2015. Tuesday.

      My wife Zsuzsanna and our children and I appear to be living back on Barolin Street but it has more of a rural feel. At one point, I go outside and it seems to be early evening, during sunset. Some sort of unexpected large movement takes place to my right (though in the distance) and there is mild anticipation over something unusual about to be seen. Something soon comes into view from between a couple houses on our side of the street. It looks like a detached Ferris wheel rolling slowly across the street and away from our neighborhood. I can make out its silhouette against the dark blue sky as it rolls towards the horizon.

      Later, my wife and children are outside. Curiously, there is a couch on the front lawn facing the street but at an angle towards where the rolling Ferris wheel was last seen. Zsuzsanna and our two youngest sons seem curious about what I saw and are seated there in expectation. Perhaps it will happen again.

      Meanwhile, I am looking through a magazine which has various articles about guitar music and rock musicians as well as at least one article about fishing (kind of a strange mix). We will be eating fish (either lutefisk or sushi, neither of which I have ever eaten in real life), which is in a cheap plastic salad container of the overpriced kind sold in grocery stores. However, I have an additional set of at least three smaller plastic salad containers, also containing some type of fish salad, that somehow came out of the magazine. I am not sure if they are fresh, as the magazine’s date is unknown, and I remain uncertain about eating anything.

      There are a few photographs related to fishing. One photograph shows a man fishing from a small boat. Somehow, the fishing line from the photograph is eventually hanging out of the magazine and gets caught up in features of other photographs and even the guitar strings in a photograph of a male rock musician performing (playing electric guitar) on stage. I pull on it a bit and try to work out what other pages or photographs it is connected to. It is in somewhat of a tangle across a few pages.

      Eventually, the Ferris wheel (or a different one, as it comes from the same area and I do not recall the original event showing it rolling back to where it was), comes out in the same way as before. This time though, it stops and leans in our direction - though it is about a block away and not really threatening should it fall. It somehow transforms into a giant robot and picks up a white truck, crushing it and dropping it to the ground. I am worried about flying debris (even though it is not that close to us), so I get my family to go inside the house. Otherwise, the giant robot does not leave that area. It appears to simply be junkyard activity at this point, though the walking anthropomorphic car compactor is a rather fancy feature.

      There is another dream event, somewhat distorted and viewed from space, where an asteroid comes down into the ocean, causing a huge tidal wave that goes around the planet and covers most of the land on every continent. There is seemingly at least one “reset” where I “make sure” it goes all the way around to cover the United States evenly (though I am aware I had been living in Australia, which is the first to be covered). There is no fear or even much concern, just an odd emotion I cannot quite describe, with a slight giddiness, though not unpleasant. This is probably some sort of waking metaphor event; for example, destroying or “covering up” the dream state.

    14. 151015: Pieces of Machines and Dreams

      by , 10-15-2015 at 11:15 AM (The Dream Journal)
      Dream 1: Forbidden Rat Trap
      I'm outside and the sun is out, it looks like a late summer or earlier autumn afternoon. It's an open space with some trees out further behind me: I'm on a rock and the flatness stretches forward below me. There is a fenced area on the rocks. I'm with a bunch of young guys and we all try to get over the chainlink fence, there is something in the center of the restricted area we all want to see. I'm able to climb over it with a fair amount of ease after looking at it for some time. Of the around 15 people only two or three can't make it over the fence right away. We look at the thing on the ground, some kind of weird mechanical device.

      We hear people coming and everyone jumps and climbs the fence. I'm able to get over quickly but see that two people can't climb the fence and escape, they're stuck in the enclosed area. I know I can run and dart into the woods like everyone else but I stay, I can't leave these guys behind. A bunch of middle-aged guys come there, fat and mustached, they look pretty ragged, and ask us what the hell we're doing. I nervously say we were interested in the device in the area and nothing more.

      We enter the enclosed space and look at the device. They are about to show one of the guys how to repair it. I quickly take a place by them to see how it's done. It turns out to be a rat trap a long line of wire comes out that is kept mechanically in place with a kind of clip. The rat eats the wire and it triggers a spring that breaks its neck.

      Dream 2: Going to Beat Up a Robot
      I'm in a machine shop with a teacher. He is taking apart a fairly complex machine with many gears and moving parts, I see he is looking at some drawings that have the complex assembly laid out, it is drawn in a dark, shadowy ink like something from Warhammer 40K. His intention is to fix a part that has worn down in it. I look around the small machine shop, it looks like a classroom, the large lathes and milling machines take up most of the space. Students are there also doing work with the machines. I try to get a peak at the drawing and machine the teacher is working on. There is a female student there as well looking at it. He mentions a few pieces need to be repaired and re-machined. I say I want the hardest one to fix, it better my skills. I hope he chooses me.

      There is a robot in the class, is it the programming for the CNC lathe? I only know it is menacing and needs to be defeated. I ask it how to make a mech exoskeleton, as if I was working for it. It says there is a suit in the back room. I enter teh dark, cluttered room and I see an exoskeleton like in Aliens. I see what need to be repaired but it looks of. I jump in and strap myself into it, There is little protection for my body but my legs and arms now control large hydraulic lifts.

      I walk into my class, ready for anything. I see a classmate is also wearing a suit, we fistbump our large metallic fists together. Walking down the class, the robot is gone.

      Dream 3: A Mysterious Machine and a Metro Tunnel
      After not finding the robot I join the rest of my class to a dark, windowless and cramped storage area. There is a caged area to our left. The teacher opens it. There is something there that is mysterious and odd, as if I can't make it out as it is so alien to normal life. I'm not sure if this is the impression I had in the dream or if it's just that I don't remember what it was. I get the sense that is was a mechanical device of some kind, but it was special, unique and weird. Were we to repair it or admire it?

      I leave and go to another class. I knock on the door and my old class is there, they are all by computers. Delicate white sunlight comes from the slightly shaded windows to the left. The computer classroom is also very cramped. Everyone is happy to see me, there are smiles and greetings. Everything is very vivid. I try to see if I can get a computer from somewhere and quietly work on my stuff. The small class has no computers free. A few students I know smile and ask how I'm doing.

      I'm in the central metro station. It feels like it's morning, many of the kiosks are not open. I walk around, I'm in a three piece suit. I see my dark reflection in a plexiglass window. This is just like my dream a few nights ago, I think to myself. (!) I see others from my class. They are also in suits and dresses, is this some kind of graduation event? Who or what are we all waiting for? I break from the rest of my class to see if there is a good place to put a sticker down, that way I can see it next time I'm here and realize I'm dreaming. (!!) I think of the metro area in the game Yume Nikki.
    15. #201. U-haul

      by , 08-20-2015 at 03:56 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      I'm at a networking event that's in someone's living room. In this dream, the very nice houses in the city are on a peninsula overlooking the water, and the host has a big house that fits everyone. It looks a lot like my house, but bigger.


      I'm at the dumpster in our complex, and I've found a couple of really cool chairs that I could use in my studio. My husband is not happy with the prospect of dumpster chairs. I now realize that the chairs that were really nice a minute ago actually have broken lifting mechanisms.


      I'm sharing a dorm with my mom and my brother. This is not a happy arrangement. We've just moved in, and the management is now telling us that we need to move to another one of their properties because they're renovating.

      I'm arguing with my mom over whether we should rent a U-haul or take several trips in the truck. She vetoes my U-haul suggestion and says that we can make the truck work, but I say we have two hours to move and we need to take at least three trips in the truck.

      A panel that we're loading into the truck snaps, and it flies with force towards my mom's throat.


      I realize that I'm dreaming.

      With my mind, I catch the broken pieces as they fly towards my mom, absorb the kinetic force, and let them drop, harmlessly, to the ground.

      I remember that my next task is to teleport—and that I want to teleport to a neighbour's house to fulfill two goals at once—but the dream is getting fuzzy and I'm starting to drift towards consciousness.
      Blearily, I think that it seems silly to teleport into a neighbour's house when it's right next door. I wake up.


      Malfoy is sending a robot after me. It would be a physical threat, but as long as I pick it up and hold it on its side, it can't actually get to me, so that's a bust as far as evil plans go.

      The robot follows me uselessly around the room.

      We're in a playground, and I've hijacked Voldemort's followers by pretending that I, Harry Potter, am actually the next incarnation of Voldemort. (Or maybe I am?)

      Malfoy is teetering on top of something that looks like the Cirque du Soleil-inspired stunts from Mad Max: Fury Road. He's trying to prove a point. He falls, but he's currently invulnerable.

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