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    1. blur/driving(freeway and city)/ hotel assassin

      by , 01-23-2012 at 11:35 PM
      A lot of what I "remember" from the early part seemed more of a blur as a bits of my dreams do, usually the times when i'm alone and there is nothing being said (i vaguely recall an... "everywhere storm" on the US and another shark themed dream passed by in the blur last night)

      But yes, all of a sudden I was like... driving around this sity, had just taken an off ramp and was driving around looking for something. It was dark, and for some reason I was particularly trying to stay away from "skunks" (what i generally call their calls). I managed to pass through the town with only seeing glimpses of them going in their own directions.

      I remember the feeling of urgency growing rather strongly in this dream, that I needed to find the freeway and and backtrack or go somewhere else. Another thing I must note, wasn't the first time I'd been to that city. First time driving around there.... but I can pull back having a dream some months where I was running around it barefoot or something.

      . . . . . (catching flickers of a memory) nah.... that was... hmmm For some reason I'm remembering a lot of.... aerial acrobatics.... which is something i generally don't do (matrix-status jumping around/over homes/buildings)

      Anywho after the driving dream ended.... there was one more dream for me to have.

      Once again another hotel/motel (may have been a motel in this one, looked more like it). As the dream started, I'd just arrived with a 2 others. For some reason me and one of them expected someone to be waiting inside.

      One of the two followed behind me (for some reason, some people in my dreams... may as well just be a dark shadow with no detail XD..... I just don't see them, i know they are there, but I can't place what gender they even are .) The other went to a side window to look inside. Before doing this I of course "pulled" 2 swords that I own, (one being my main, but the other wasn't the other one from the previous, which would explain what happened in a few moments) I have my main spkatana, and i toss my old oceankatana to the person i arrived with about to go for the window. Now armed we proceeded

      I went straight for the door, opened it about an inch, and then kicked it the rest of the way open. At this point, me and the follower only had t otake a few steps in. Just being me, I naturally decided to just pear around the door (against the wall where the door sits when fully open), and.... I couldn't even see them but he was there, just as with those i'd came with.... I could but couldn't see him. Within the second I saw the othersword, the angel-wakizashi (naming em for later reference) flying right into my face, I remember pulling back just in time to see the blade extend past it and the eventual hand and handle of the sword which is how i knew which one it was.

      I grabbed the person and pulled them away from the door, one of the others was about to help me with em while i had them locked up, to which I yelled at them not to. I tripped the person/thing up and followed him to the ground, both of us still also clutching the Wakazashi (short katana for those who don't know), a smooth as butter I turned it towards his chest and sunk it down into him. I vaguely remember me/those with me asking who sent him... But I don't remember hearing any answer. Pretty much when I woke up.

      May go and type up some other entries while I seem to be in the dream remembering mode, an have the day off. Have missed a lot.