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    1. Darn Work frags

      by , 04-06-2016 at 07:56 PM
      D1 - Trying to make some financial transactions but have to cross stepping stones round the side of a dark lake to get to bank Oo
      D2 - Again on a lake, a father is dressed in a crown and a dress, he is swimming just off a little island, with a house on it. His daughter is talking to him. Ok?
      D3- At work new people are being shown around, I follow them through corridors, past water coolers and potted plants.
      D4 -Looking after a new class, will they do as I say? or will there be a mutiny? it's a close call. but all goes ok despite my nerves being on edge.
      D5 - Repeating dream
      List of classes in a book. I'm being asked if I have signed up for a xmas performance number. I have to choose and practise as the last minute, as per usual.
      Tags: bank, work, xmas
    2. Da Boss - dreamsign

      by , 04-02-2016 at 06:04 PM
      D1 - Only remembered one dream.
      In a room with large wooden desk chock full of paperwork and ledgers. I am pawing over a large ledger.
      Someone needs the information and I am looking down columns for name underlined. I answer a phone on the desk.
      Later someone comes in and takes the ledger and photocopies it so they have their own copy to relate to when calls come into the main office. Noooo! the information is not uptodate. I try to sort out the mess.
      The information is all to do with the xmas play ~^ what the... and the boss is there in his office waiting to see me, uh oh

      Ok I have recurring dreamsign here
      that i am going to try and use as a trigger
      Tags: boss, deadline, work, xmas
    3. Medieval cross over

      by , 04-01-2016 at 03:32 PM
      D1 - At work trying to teach kids missing number problems ad nauseam
      usual dream sign of doing something over and over till I find a solution

      D2 - Staying in an impressive chateaux, of great white stone, big as a castle. I am looking out and an enourmous sunlight courtyard and above a great stone bridge between the two sections of chateaux. It is late evening and the owners of the property start to troop in, wearing all their finery.
      The men are suited in Louie 14th style foppish wigs and silk jackets, whilst the women wear silk gowns bared to expose their breasts.
      My eyes are drawn to their pink nipples Oo lol.

      D3 - At work I am caught by my boss on the way through a large room, staff room ? There are many chairs around with people lounging about drinking coffee and banter is flowing.
      He asks me to edit Elf the movie as he wants to use it for this years xmas story (omg I only just realised xmas is one of my dream signs).
      I agree under duress, I have the weekend to complete the task.
      At home I have forgotten about the task, and in a slight panic rush to complete the task.
      I find as I am editing that their is subplot after subplot appearing like russian dolls within the scenario, in exasperation I exclaim how on earth did he think I could do this.
      As I am finding the subplot they turn into a dream world of their own and I am inside the film. A medieval story of knights and beggars ensues.
    4. Lucid in the dark

      by , 03-07-2016 at 07:04 PM
      D! - I am in a darkened room, I can just make out the size of the room in the semi-darkness. It looks smaller than my room, plus in my room the street light outside always illuminates part of the blinds.
      I realise i am dreaming and think I must try and change something but am a bit non-plused by the fact that there is nothing in the room and nothing seems to happen. i remember i'm supposed to touch things to stabilise the dream, so I reach out. The wall is cold to the touch and some furniture I feel is smooth and cold. Nothing happens, but i'm really hyped about it

      D2 - There is a bald guy semi-naked laying on the ground, facing away from me. I felt I needed to kill him, I have no idea why.
      I reached down and twisted his neck to break it. It snapped but this seemed to have no effect on him, so I grabbed hold of his head and pulled him up. Then I flew straight up into the sky, really fast. In a matter of seconds I was up above the planet, looking down. I could see some nice detail, oceans, land masses and the void of space. But I wasn't really interested at the time. I just thought if I drop this guy from heigh enough its gonna finish him. So I dropped him and watched him sail back to earth.
      Afterwards I flew back down to earth but the close I got the more it was just like zooming in on a simulation of the earth and by the time I got to the surface, the earth was fairly flat with just some bump map textures on it Oo. Perplexed I looked around but could see no evidence of the guy, and had no idea what to do.

      D3 - Something about giving someone a life and parking near school.

      D4 - Recurring dream about having to get ready at last moment for christmas school performance, but this time I have to perform.
      I am to sing alongside some other teachers on a few numbers. I am totally unfazed by this and start singing even though I have no clue of the tune :d

      Yay! Lucid, and seems like an obe, my first
      lucid , memorable