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  1. If you were forced to lose one sense forever, which would it be?
  2. Do you play an instrument?
  3. Post Optical illusions
  4. Most painful moments of your life?
  5. If you could change 1 think about yourself...
  6. 'Rape tag': The 'disgusting' new schoolyard game
  7. Aliens of the opposite sex
  8. Most embarrassing moments of your life?
  9. Incredible Cakes
  10. open a dream page on Facebook
  11. Who Would You Grieve For?
  12. Best female voices
  13. Are you pet lover?
  14. RIP Whitney Houston
  15. Guy Shoots His Daughters Laptop
  16. Getting licked on the face.
  17. Never give up on your dreams
  18. Gamer's Corner
  19. Reccomend any albums?
  20. Real Recipes For Real Good Food
  21. You're lonely and horny, I'm lonely and horny, don't spend Valentine's day alone - hook up with me!
  22. Congrats Shockwave
  23. Lightened Dream III - CNET Editor's Review
  24. Super Bowl XLVI
  25. hahahahaha Finally!
  26. What's your favorite midnight snack?
  27. Fake or not this was interesting
  28. Where would you go during a zombie apocalypse? How would you prepare?
  29. ~ Happy Birthday fOrceez! ~
  30. Happy Birthday Xox!
  31. Massive Aurora Due to Solar Flares
  32. Did Papa John's change their recipe?
  33. DV Movie Night!
  34. Happy Birthday Bennerman <3
  35. Do you spend too much time on dreamviews?
  36. Happy Birthday Alyzarin?
  37. Happy Birthday Dead :D
  38. Happy Birthday to ryartran
  39. If this video doesn't make you cry, you have no soul...
  40. Who Are You... Really?
  41. How to Trick People into Thinking You're Good Looking
  42. Twins
  43. Do you ignore posts in weird fonts?
  44. Discuss posted food pics, including recipes/tips.
  45. What was this guy thinking?
  46. Goodbye DreamViews. :poof:
  47. These People Deserve Recognition!
  48. The Most Romantic Love Song
  49. Etta James, at age 73, Has Passed On
  50. Post Pictures of Your Drag Self
  51. Apple releases iPad Textbooks
  52. Sounds in the sky
  53. Gambling in the Market?
  54. My computer just had a near death experience!!
  55. Attitudes of females toward other females
  56. Happy Birthday Horne!
  57. SOPA shelved in face of White House oposition
  58. Movie Quotes Thread!
  59. Happy Birthday Seroquel!!
  60. Mario, Harry Potter, and Futurama Jewelry
  61. Can't find a good sitting position
  62. Cannabis linked to healthy lung function
  63. Vermin Supreme for President!
  64. Empathy (?) and when it becomes a problem
  65. Girl's Don't Make Sense
  66. Help me identify what I saw in the night sky
  67. Casey Anthony is Vlogging now...
  68. Matte87 Is The New Dream Guide Leader!
  69. Any good male singers about that can help me out?
  70. A mini-tutorial for some MAC users
  71. Insecurities
  72. Welcome to the DGT fOrceez
  73. Dramatic Artwork by US Soldiers Shows A Century of War through Their Eyes
  74. Zebrah turns red!
  75. Happy New Years Everyone!
  76. Double Whammy!
  77. Man at bar jokes with cop, cop executes man
  78. 365 days w/o Jerking Off: A self control challenge
  79. Post What-the-fuck?? Japanese Gameshows
  80. Will you/ Did you lie to your kids about Santa?
  81. Nice!
  82. Are you genuine in casual conversation?
  83. The Few. The Proud. The Santa Claus.
  84. New year promises
  85. Meditation - Blisscoded Sound
  86. Merry Christmas Everyone!
  87. Hiting the road
  88. Are you attracted to people more for looks or personality?
  89. Post ecstatic music
  90. World's Worst Drivers!!
  91. Merry Christmas!
  92. whats it like having long hair(for guys)
  93. Kim Jong Il Dead
  94. So I was using the search feature and......
  95. Joining the Military (Navy/Airforce) as a Technician?
  96. Your spelling it wrong
  97. A Trillion frames per second camera.
  98. Has anyone used LinkedIn?
  99. what defines an english person
  100. Describe where you get meaning in life from. In one sentence
  101. Reply in only song lyrics
  102. Elevator Crushes Woman To Death
  103. United States Federal Reserve provides banks with $29 Trillion (with a T) over 4 years
  104. Where do you gift-shop online?
  105. What to do with our dog: your opinion.
  106. Happy revolution around the sun, ♥Mark the 75th!
  107. The World's Slowest Fastest Camera
  108. The "Dude, I Want That!!" Thread
  109. Internet Forums are the French Coffee Houses of the 21st Century
  110. Lowe's succumbs to Anti-Muslim activists, pulls ads from "All-American Muslim" and loses my respect
  111. Red Solo Cups
  112. I have no friends ):
  113. Total Lunar Eclipse Tonight C:
  114. Rick Perry's homophobic ad
  115. Lot of stuff bothering me right now, guess I'm just looking for someone to listen...
  116. Does anyone have access to these full articles????
  117. Anyone have showers in the dark?
  118. Panning for gold in New York
  119. Could I have some website advice and opinions please?
  120. Need help choosing a new Headset.
  121. Attention 90's kids
  122. Google+
  123. Forum Username Changes
  124. Recycling Dream Guides
  125. The international "Stream-of-consciousness"-day!
  126. Using my Kindle
  127. Helen Keller's birthday
  128. Jobs in Philosophy(metaphysics/existentialism)/Psycology
  129. Am I high?
  130. Minecraft Skyblocks!
  131. Anyone have depression?
  132. Thrive The Movie
  133. PETA has gone too far this time...
  134. Achieve Post Compendium
  135. Earth from the ISS
  136. Happy Birthday Oneironaut!!!!!
  137. Where do you draw the line between chivalry and the "nice guy syndrome"
  138. 86-Year-Old Veteran Chronicles His Life in Heartwarming Rage Comic
  139. I fought for my country an I do not hope I fought in vain
  140. Can You Handle The Truth?
  141. Happy Birthday Shockwave!
  142. Cant control my smile reflex
  143. Cry Wolf
  144. Scariest game for PC you can think of?
  145. Cha-ching!
  146. Code Violet
  147. Happy birthday tommo
  148. Would you be a good eye witness?
  149. In what part of your country do you live?
  150. College scholarships
  151. The Rise and Fall of Cocaine Cola
  152. A Wild Homework Appears!
  153. Welcome back to the Dream Guide Team, zebrah!
  154. Post-Trip Anxiety?
  155. How much does the internet weigh?
  156. Do you have a fetish?
  157. Best / Worst Costume Thread! Post Your Favorites!
  158. The weirdest fetishes you ever heard of.
  159. DIY or barber?
  160. Post your Carved Pumpkins!
  161. A Book about how to abuse power.
  162. The Worst Experience of My Life...and a Warning...
  163. It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!
  164. Can we bop it up a bit more for Halloween?
  165. Do you have serious problems, disorders, or really bad habits
  166. How Sarcastic Are You?
  167. SURVEY :) please do it ! Does the social-emotional wellbeing affect the nature of dreams?
  168. Go back in time with Wayback Machine
  169. The Shepard Tone
  170. Mr and Mrs Dreamviews
  171. I've been away, for so long...
  172. Poniez bro
  173. Do you enjoy arguing?
  174. Happy Birthday Mooseantlers!
  175. Please stop taking life so seriously.
  176. Sex While Skydiving
  177. Quantum "levitation" magnets. MUST SEE VIDEO
  178. What's the longest time you've gone without showering/taking a bath?
  179. Samsung and Google's Galaxy Nexus accouncment Live Stream
  180. What English Really Sounds like to a non English speaker
  181. my "AWESOME EPIC" list!
  182. Should this thread be locked?
  183. Western Cultures Fixation with Zombies
  184. Welcome to the Team, Darkmatters
  185. Might live without money and live in a cave.
  186. Tell me what it is you like about alcohol
  187. Scientists crack DNA of Black Death, Plan to Bring Back
  188. FBI arrest scarlett johanssons cell phone hacker
  189. Space Events
  190. Six months since joining
  191. Congratulations to Arch, our newest Dream Guide!
  192. Boys raised as girls
  193. Do, date, marry
  194. Feynman & Sagan Series
  195. Youtube Space Lab
  196. Happy birthday Supernova!
  197. Drinking or smoking, which do you prefer?
  198. if you could change 1 thing in history, what would you change?
  199. NZ Oil Spill
  200. What is your MBTI personality type?
  201. Drinkies
  202. If you could have any form of your choice what would you be?
  203. Post Pictures of Your Everyday Life
  204. Professors gone bad
  205. Hobbit Home - Cost and Plans
  206. A haww haww
  207. How can alcoholics stand being completly wasted everyday?!
  208. Why do people hate rainy/stormy weather?
  209. RIP Steve Jobs
  210. Do you ever fear that people irl spy on your DV activity?
  211. Man admits to having sex with over 1,000 cars.
  212. What food are you craving ATM ?
  213. Sitting here looking at my laptop,
  214. iPhone 4S thoughts?
  215. Your favorite alcohol (not beer)
  216. Sexy ponies.
  217. PVR interfering with VCR/DVD player
  218. Arrested Development returning for 10 more episodes; followed by a movie.
  219. What Type of Penis Do you Prefer?
  220. 6th Month on DV, THANK YOU GUYS!
  221. The Language Thread
  222. Question
  223. man arrested after freeing birds
  224. Eco-Home of the Future
  225. Today I Presented Evidence of Lucid Dreaming to >20,000 People
  226. Changing my middle name
  227. When do you start calling someone a 'woman' rather than a 'girl'?
  228. I found an amazing book on Alchemy
  229. How to get your book published for the Kindle
  230. Who invented the dream bubble symbol?
  231. Identity theft & Phishing
  232. Five Years of Dreamviews
  233. On the rebound
  234. In how many Languages can you say 'hello' or 'hi'
  235. Happy birthday to OldSparta!!!
  236. Whats your Gender?
  237. tell me about ur nicknames:D
  238. Tell me about your life.
  239. pen spinning?
  240. What is the community team?
  241. Tell me about reading on the toilet.
  242. E-mail updates for the end of the world.
  243. satellite heading to earth
  244. Post your first like given and recieved
  245. Isn't it cool
  246. How often do you watch porn?
  247. [*][*][*]>>Customizable Profiles Contest!!<<[*][*][*]
  248. How drunk are you?
  249. Best/Funniest/Awesomest SFW Websites
  250. Okay, so,