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      Hey, hope you come back here some time
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      Drop me a line, my email is still_dream at hotmail dot com
      Do not answer here, please.
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      I'm writing you regarding the post "am I a nagual".

      Are you still searching her?
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      Hi, sorry for kind of stealing your name!
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      Long life, Saviour.
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      ... 667
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      Hahaha, you have received 666 likes XD I almost feel obligated to 'like' something so that it changes to 667. I think I'll wait a day.
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      Love your avatar btw.
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      how long have you been pursuing lucidity
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    Best selling book writer. Kickass musician. I also get paid to dream!
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    MoSh: How about you stop trying to define everything, and just accept what you experience, and explore it.
    - From the DJ of Waking Nomad!
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    I'm guessing those intergalactic storm cloud monster bugs come out of sacred energy vortex angel gate medicine wheels.


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    Recent Entries

    Spring Competition Day 10

    by Man of Shred on Today at 01:59 AM
    All this and not one lucid! WBTB 4:30 AM

    Guide (Frag)

    I just Remember my Guide Victor in a black space talking about recall. But he was saying things in such an abstract way I couldn't understand.

    River (Full nld)

    I was with a group of people somewhere. forget what we were doing.

    FA, Really vivid and I'm on some slope near a river with lots of trees. Some blond girl is nearby and I think she was with the previous group. I wander to the stream There's some dock with some stuff on it but don't remember what.

    I go back up the slope where the girl is by a tree we talk again. then I go to the stream again. The dock is now a few boards floating away in the stream. It floats away and then circles some shrubs sticking out of the water. then it comes near me and I grab the big board from the water. I should have been wet here but wasn't. But whatever I brought it by the tree with the girl and she made a comment about it. I laid it down by the tree and fell asleep on it.

    Confusion (full nld)

    Was back at the place with all the people. But they were all asleep. I heard Chuck Missler talking in the dream and I was staring at a box. My vision zoomed into the box and I was in some biblical setting. People were smashing pots or something to make music. It was pretty modern sounding and I wondered how that could be.

    Someone tapped me on the shoulder and I was in the room again. one of the people woke up and told me to shut the music off. I was confused.

    River again(Frag)

    FA, on the board by the river. I got up and the girl was gone... forget what happened after.

    Bathroom (frag)

    I was with Asuka in our bathroom. She was over the toilet or something. I forget what we were talking about.

    Working. (full nld)

    I was at Mcdonald's working at a different store where I didn't know anybody. The dream was long and boring. The most emotive part was when I was on break. I was waiting in line by a kiosk to order food. Some guy behind me was called to take his order. I got mad because I was in line and didn't see the till person call him. Turned out the till person couldn't see me because he was so short. then he took my order.

    Hard Boss (Full NLD)

    I was floating or flying in something like a video game setting. There ws a path made of colorful swirly things. I had to eat magic carpets made of... Caramel popcorm in order to charge plasma balls which I shot from my mouth. Took me a looong time to eat one carpet, while avoiding a large Krusty The Klown head trying to eat me.. I finally ate enough to shoot some fireballs at him which hit him. The energy bar just barely went down.

    flew to the next carpet and noticed it had a tag on it. It read: estimated difficulty 9/10. and the fine print read: This boss may be more difficult than given rating. I went to eat more but it was too hard. I tried shooting some more balls but didn't have enough energy. Guess i had to eat a whole caramel carpet again...

    Spring Competition Day 9

    by Man of Shred on Yesterday at 04:15 AM
    WBTB 2 am. Melatonin wakes me up at odd hours.

    Lost DG (Frag)

    Frag of my DG Victor came back. But he was lost between the walls of my house. I was in a closet shouting at a ceiling at him. I hear him walking around and I told him I was going to break a part of the ceiling so he could get in.

    Dog (Frag)

    Went into my living room. Asuka was on a hyda bed watching TV and coaxing me over. I lay facing her and she flashed me her boobs. Then Buddy my waking life dog jumped on the bed and started trying to lick them..
    dream fragment

    Spring Competition Day 8

    by Man of Shred on 04-25-2017 at 01:50 AM
    Flying High Again (Full nld)

    Just remember that I'm flying high above the earth. I can see continents and I can also see names of countries like "Tibet". My mind tries to justify flying so high. I look below and see that I'm on a zipline??? Weird.

    I find a place to land. I somehow drop into some sort of garage or shed. My vision zooms 3rd person and I can see two people are about to come in the shed. First person now and I don't wanna get caught. I see some outside light on the bottom of a wall and somehow crawl under it making myself flat. I get outside just in time! I walk somewhere else but the dream fades.

    Note: WBTB at 5 am.

    No, Not the Bees (Frag)

    Fragment of a girl eating some cake. She starts choking and gives a garbled scream. I ask what's wrong? She keeps gargling and suddenly some bees start flying out of her mouth. I jump back freaking out.


    Slabs? (frag)

    Weird frag about Asuka showing me how dreams are represented in concrete slabs? I was in a black place and a concrete slab would zoom into view and Asuka would be there saying something about dreams. then I'd dream inside what the slab represented. Then Asuka would bring another and I'd be in a different dream. Then another and another. After a while it was no longer Asuka showing me but a man. This happened dozens of times as I tossed and turned in my bed.

    Why (full nld)

    I am walking around in a house that i think belongs to K my cousin. The place seems long abandoned. I'm having dream memories of the day before? That earlier I had my friend from 2011 Jamie over at this place and I was giving her a tour... (gosh I hope it wasn't her eating bee cake from my frag.) So I was walking around the now empty place feeling sad she was gone again, and thinking that her presence was so full when she was around that when she left it was like a deafening silence. I imagined she was still there. "Here's the living room." I said, "And here's the balconey where you can smoke." I walked to a door that led to a little office, "And here's a private office for all your work."

    Eventually I walked to the balconey and jumped off floating down to the ground. It was damp and wet out and I left on a path of dirt.

    Updated 04-25-2017 at 01:54 AM by Man of Shred

    non-lucid , nightmare , dream fragment , side notes

    Spring Competition Day 6-7

    by Man of Shred on 04-23-2017 at 08:43 PM
    Failed wbtb both nights.

    School (full nld)

    Fairly long dream that i can't recall much details. I kept wandering into a school, exploring weird passages in the school. and then I was talking to some asian guy, may have been the same guy from my lucid. We kept going in and out of his place for some reason. I also remember driving around with him and he was asking me to take a class at his school. But I was really unsure if I wanted to.

    Dog (frag)

    A fragment of playing with my waking life dog in my living room. He was rolling on the ground a lot.

    Asuka (frag)

    Don't remember much or many details at all. Just that Asuka was being really sweet. That's all.
    lucid , dream fragment

    Spring Competition Day 5

    by Man of Shred on 04-22-2017 at 03:28 AM
    WBTB at 2:45 am.

    Trains (Lucid)

    Started off... I'm sitting on a couch and Asuka is showing me a comic book. Inside I see a dream story about my friend Xereniak. She mentions the dream is happening now but I don't understand. In the comic strip Xereniak is pursuing Spider Man inside of a train with passengers on it. Xer Morphs into Venom and shoots black stuff at Spider Man which traps him a bit and they both tumble past the page. The whole effect looks like the moving photographs from Harry Potter, but in comic form.

    I wanted to find out what happened to them. My vision zooms into the page. I become lucid outside a train station now when I'm walking and my walk feels light. I almost fly in that air a bit with a bit of extra bounce in my step. I go through a train door and enter a populated train, but the seating is more like a jumbo jet. I walk down and aisle a bit and then think of my goals. I remembered Asuka was with me earlier, so i look back. I see her as a Filipino girl who's sheepishly hanging by the door poking her head around the half wall. I'm surprised she's actually behind me in a lucid! I nod to her and say "Come on." She nods and silently starts walking up to me, she looks as if she's trying to find a seat. I then remember i wanted to try and dilate time. I wanted to find a clock so I looked at my wrists to see if a watch was on them but there weren't any. I then wanted to try Walm's time dilation method of counting your hand against the dream. I placed my hand on the other end of the car. I started counting but fell into SP right away. I saw some swirling energy and a scene formed around me but i lost my memory.

    Brother (Frag)

    Had a dream about visiting my brother. Forget exactly where, but Two people came from a rip in the dream and somehow convinced me to go with them. We went through and I was outside a big japanese palace at sunset. forget wht happened after.

    Weakling (lucid)

    I was in a hallway with some people and we were in the middle of raiding some place. some guy got the crap kicked out of him for some reason. I entered a room with a wooden floor and rice paper walls, some young and very short asian guy was sitting on a mat but he got up. I became semi lucid here because I was pointing a sword at him and he was telling me, "Just kill me quick, I deserve it" I didn't know why he was asking me to kill him or the context of the rest of the dream. I didn't even know why I was pointing a sword at him or even who the people I was with were because they were still in the hallway watching me no doubt. I looked down at my sword... It looked bent and rusted. I didn't wanna stab a guy helplessly who seemed to have already surrendered. Fully lucid now I told him I would just knock him out to keep from causing trouble. He didn't say anything. I did a Gracie Jiu jitsu takedown on him I remember from junior high when I took martial arts. I put him in an elaborate choke hold. His dream body was kind of rubbery so I couldn't get my arms around his neck just right. It must have looked kind of gay to my onlookers but I knew this would work. I somehow found the right hold and then let go after a minute. He was out cold. I went to join my friends in the hallway but forget what happened after.

    Updated 04-22-2017 at 03:49 AM by Man of Shred

    lucid , memorable , side notes