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      Hey, hope you come back here some time
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      Drop me a line, my email is still_dream at hotmail dot com
      Do not answer here, please.
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      I'm writing you regarding the post "am I a nagual".

      Are you still searching her?
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      Hi, sorry for kind of stealing your name!
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      Long life, Saviour.
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      ... 667
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      Hahaha, you have received 666 likes XD I almost feel obligated to 'like' something so that it changes to 667. I think I'll wait a day.
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      Love your avatar btw.
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      how long have you been pursuing lucidity
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    Best selling book writer. Kickass musician. I also get paid to dream!
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    MoSh: How about you stop trying to define everything, and just accept what you experience, and explore it.
    - From the DJ of Waking Nomad!
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    I'm guessing those intergalactic storm cloud monster bugs come out of sacred energy vortex angel gate medicine wheels.


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    Recent Entries

    Short lucid again

    by Man of Shred on 06-27-2017 at 07:00 PM

    Started I was waiting at a bus stop with my dog. It was super windy out almost knocking me over. It was night time almost pitch black. I looked across the street to where the mcdonald's is supposed to be. I notice 3 big and black tornadoes in the sky coming towards me. I turn and run with my dog. I go around the corner and walk for a bit.

    Suddenly I'm on the bus with my dog and we are driving through the storm.I become lucid because I don't remember boarding the bus. I walk around the bus for a minute but everything is too black and I lose the dream.

    Jamie Returns

    Dream about an old friend. We are in some dark back yard with a large dark green tree. She says she has to explain everything to me so I will understand. She goes to the tree and finds an opening I follow her inside. Inside is like another world. There's something strange inside. There are lines of white powder flowing down from the walls. Jamie starts snorting lines... ummm okay, then disappears and wakes up (She ways into some drugs when I knew her but not heavily.)

    suddenly i'm outside the tree and it's on a high landing. i'm holding onto it because I don't want to fall. Some guy with a beard walks by and says something to me but I'm not paying attention.

    Updated 06-27-2017 at 07:06 PM by Man of Shred

    dream fragment , lucid , non-lucid

    Short lucid.

    by Man of Shred on 06-26-2017 at 04:49 AM
    Recall has been spotty at best in the last couple of days.


    I'm in a large apartment building. for some reason I think I'm in Sweden in a no go zone (I was watching youtube videos of this the night before). I think there were people after me so I'm running down a stairwell for some reason shutting off the lights as they go. I think it's to scare the people after me? I spend quite a long time doing this.

    I emerge outside and see my dad in a truck I ask him to give me a ride but he says no and leaves me there. I am frustrated not knowing where I am. I become lucid looking at the ground. I float in the air a bit. I go do time dilation by putting my hand on the ground. I forget something in the sequence but I try to stack the time dilation into 3 lucids. I start counting but as an effect of doing it wrong my vision blurs and I wake up.

    Other dreams involved flying around semi lucid.


    by Man of Shred on 06-22-2017 at 03:35 AM
    Adjusting to the night schedule is harder on recall than I thought.


    Just a fragment about going to some event concerning Bjork. Can't recall anything either than that.

    Big house

    I arrive in a car with some people. We are going to visit people. We go inside a big house. There's a huge landing with a drop off at the other end. I am climbing up it and struggling to get up on some poles. This part was very vivid. I saw some guy below who told me to just jump down. It didn't look too deep after all so I did. I started walking around and my recall fades here.

    A few Dreams

    by Man of Shred on 06-21-2017 at 02:26 AM

    I was walking through a school field towards a dirt road or alleyway. Saw Hukif coming down the road with a friend. We start talking. I keep saying that he thinks he killed my inner world characters but they are still around. He looks mad at that statement and argues that he did. By now we are passing very tall trees spaced out along the side. I say that no I recognize dream energies fairly well and I can tell that the characters I meet are still the same. He doesn't say anything to that.

    We wind up in some pantry in some house I don't know where. I tell him he looks different. He says really? I notice he has long blonde mullet hair almost like the goblin King on Labrynth. I say yes and I've mastered his time dilation. I notice he's speaking perfect english and wonder why since he could hardly speak it years ago over skype. I can't think If I want to demonstrate or not in the dream. I said you count your hand against the dr.." He either killed me or I woke up really fast.


    I was talking to my dad or something. We were outside. It seemed I wasn't allowed in my house or something so I was supposed to camp out like a homeless person. But I seemed to have enough belongings. First I was going to go to a town where Bjork was visiting or something.

    I started walking and wound up on a bike. I wound up at my friend Gary's house while some other kid was arriving on a skateboard. I saw him crash and fall. I was about to go in when I woke up.


    I'm in a large vehicle that is like a house being driven on a road. We are escaping a bunch of zombies or something. One girl is sitting across from me. I remember from a previous rewind of the dream she had slowly turned. After a while it looked like she was trying to resist urges to eat people.

    still low recall.

    by Man of Shred on 06-16-2017 at 03:31 AM
    This is only over the past couple of days.

    Weird house

    I was in a house with a strange lady. I kept telling her she looked like the female version of John Goodman from Roseanne. That's all I remember.


    First I was in a living room. I heard Chuck missler from youtube talking through the dream. My Brother was there and he was looking for the source of the sounds. It looked like he wanted to shut it off.

    Suddenly I'm outside. There's a large bee around the front door of the house and I am trying to avoid it.


    Something about seeing her and smiling at me.


    I'm with my mom and we are watching movies. In one Jim Carrey is fighting Satan. Suddenly I'm inside the movie and I'm flying around a black space. There's something like a grey pyramid I start climbing. The whole time the devil is trying to tempt me.

    Suddenly I'm in the living room again. and We are trying to figure out which movie to watch next.
    non-lucid , dream fragment