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      Hey, hope you come back here some time
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      Drop me a line, my email is still_dream at hotmail dot com
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      I'm writing you regarding the post "am I a nagual".

      Are you still searching her?
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      Hi, sorry for kind of stealing your name!
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      Long life, Saviour.
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      ... 667
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      Hahaha, you have received 666 likes XD I almost feel obligated to 'like' something so that it changes to 667. I think I'll wait a day.
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      Love your avatar btw.
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      how long have you been pursuing lucidity
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    MoSh: How about you stop trying to define everything, and just accept what you experience, and explore it.
    - From the DJ of Waking Nomad!
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    Recent Entries

    Last Night.

    by Man of Shred on Yesterday at 03:02 AM
    Terrible News

    I dreamed I was watching news on TV. It seemed to be a couple decades in the future. Obama was on screen and looked fairly old. forget what he was talking about. Next was more threats of WW3, and a gigantic earthquake in Europe.

    City Girl

    I was in a very Advanced city. Much of it was in the sky on platforms with walkways connecting the city. I flew over to one block and landed. I spotted an Asian girl with long hair who was smiling at me. Ignored that and walked around a building, I saw her again in the same place. She was wearing a dress with nothing underneath because she kept "accidentally" flashing me her goods. This was so weird she seemed like she was a stranger. My initial impression was that she was very young like 18, but also seemed to know what she was doing. She was on steps and would walk up and down them slowly looking at me, there was a wind effect on her dress and she seemed to be doing that deliberately.

    I broke down and quietly said, "Let's go find a room." She nodded and I followed her upstairs through a door. We were in a sort of motel hallway. We entered a room and the rest I will leave out.

    Fa, And I'm in a room with my brother. He is showing me pictures of the same girl, He is telling me to maybe stay away from that girl, he thinks she has a past and maybe likes it a little too freaky. He shows me a picture of the girl with scars in her legs. I say "That's Jamie, she showed me them herself from when she had an abusive boyfriend! but the girl at the motel was somebody else." We have an argument about who the girl in the photos really are.

    FA, I'm in a hammock outside my house and notice a black kitten on the railing. The sun is shining out. I reach out and pet the kitty and it purrs for a moment and then takes a huge bite into my hand. I feel it go right through my hand. I yell and fling my arm and the cat flies off and scurries into a corner. I'm yelling, "What the fuck! why did you, why did you..." I seem to have many memories of this very cat biting me before. It's cowering and slowly moves away and actually gives me a very guilty, human and apologetic look and walks slowly away.

    Harry Potter Dream Magic

    I was walking in a city on a busy on a street or square. A big thunderous cloud appears out of nowhere right on the street I am shocked and a lot of people seem frightened. In the cloud a red archway appears with a black door in the middle. A grey haired man emerges from the door wearing a nice suit with a black and red cape. He is holding a wand with a long pink glowing ribbon or string at the end and is waving it around in neat shapes. In one final swoop with his wand ribbon and the archway, door and cloud disappears. He puts his wand away and bows, everyone starts clapping.

    Something else is off... I see all sorts of wizards walking down the street practicing magic with their Wand ribbons. The man seems to know me and I seem to know him, I recognize him as a professor at Hogwarts. He bids me a good day or something and walks up the street..

    I pull out my wand ribbon. "It's been a while since I practiced." I say and try to remember a spell I twirl the wand ribbon around and around, it neither glows or does anything amazing, but instead winds up tying itself in an knot and someone yells, "amateur!" or something.

    He turns around and looks at my tied ribbon and half smiles, "Yes, indeed it looks like it HAS been a while!" He says and keeps walking.

    Movie and transit WTF.

    I'm in a movie theater watching a movie but I am not interested so I leave early. I wind up in the back of the building in some outside parking lot. a lot of metal bars are kind of in the way so i have to jump/fly over them.

    I go into a street and get on a bus. The vividness increases. In the bus a long set of bleachers pulls out. I try to climb them but they are far apart. The bus starts moving which makes it harder to climb. I somehow manage to make it to the top and begin staring at someone's reflection who is sitting above me. It's the girl from the dream a few nights ago where I was Lucid and threw something at her. She smiles at me through the reflection and I notice she has HUGE teeth. I smile and turn my head to look at her, but it is not a girl but a boy. A younger boy with glasses. He gives me a stern look and says, "Did you fart?" I realize I've just been dream trolled when I wake up.

    Answered Prayer.

    by Man of Shred on 03-22-2017 at 01:40 AM
    Welcome to DreamJournal 2.6 (Note)


    Went to bed, gave a prayer and asked Jesus to restore shared dreaming with Raven. I got some surprisingly unexpected dreams.

    String of False awakenings 1

    I was playing guitar somewhere on an acoustic that sounded distorted. I was playing riffs that sounded like Linkin Park but not one of they're actual songs. I was going over a main riff, then a sort of chorus riff, the whole song seemed to be in the E major key.

    FA, I'm in bed in a house that seems to be mine, but it is dark. I look to my right and there's a stand with a cup, and a piggy bank? But the piggy bank is trotting around.

    FA, I'm in the same bed and room but when I look to my right where the stand was is a doorway over looking a hall. I see a sillhouette of a woman in a Kimono walking towards me, she has her hands clasped in front of her kind of like the pencil drawing I did of Asuka.
    I become semi lucid as the dream slips. I reach out to her for a moment and the vision comes back, it's the same figure but closer. I wake up.

    I try to stay still and DEILD but have a strong urge to turn over. I do and briefly slip into another dream.

    Raven and Jesus go to White Castle

    I am in a dream which looks like a pencil drawing. I see Jesus standing over Raven knight's bed. She is asking him, "but why me? I am worthless" or something.

    He answers, "Because I called you by name..."

    The dream slips and I am awake listening to a youtube Chuck Missler video, where he is quoting Isaiah 43;1 "Do not be afraid, for I have redeemed you. I have called you by your name. You are mine."

    I slip into the dream lucid for a second but now I am Raven Knight, I am her looking through her eyes and I am telling him (she is telling him.) "I was afraid and was hiding in my white castle."

    Dream ends. I now have a new lucid goal: Accompany Harold and Kumar on their epic journey to White Castle.

    String of False Awakenings Pt. 2

    I arrive at work. But it's not my usual job. It's on the third floor of a building and I am in boots that aren't appropriate for the job. My usual boss is there however and she hands us some sheets for tasks to be done. I get confused on where to go and what to do.

    FA, I'm in a bed in the same building. I find flight of stairs and on the next floor is a large yellow room. I remember that it was recently under construction but my job is on the next floor. I cross the room and head for the next flight of stairs

    FA, I'm in the same bed. I am slightly paralysed now. I see a ghostly figure of a man enter the room. https://i.ytimg.com/vi/DcOGe6tYqaI/hqdefault.jpg

    FA, I'm in the same bed again and I look up and there's a weird wooden creature statue near the bed. I look into the room between the statue's arm and armpit. and see the same ghostly man there. I am terrified and start saying, "No, no no," I want to call on Jesus.

    I wake up and realise i was actually saying, "No" out loud. My dog was on the other end of the bed looking at me funny.


    More Dreams

    by Man of Shred on 03-20-2017 at 05:19 AM
    Time Dilation Failed Attempt

    I became Lucid flying somewhere. I wanted to try time Dilation right away since most of my lucids last only a minute or so. I flew down until i felt my hand on the ground. I looked at my hand and a space in between my fingers. I didn't count the spaces but I closed one eye. I stared at one spot where my hand was and started counting. Right away I noticed a difference. Water poured from my sleeve all over my hand as I counted. At around 16 water was covering my eyes and everything was going black. When that happened I grabbed again for the ground with my hand and felt it briefly before i drifted off to somewhere else.

    Note: I should be incorporating DEILD here. As for time Dilation I will try closing one eye and resume counting up the spaces between my fingers. If that doesn't work I'll put my hand on a clock and try

    Dog Walking

    I leave my house with my dog on a leash. I am almost lucid but two native guys distract me. They are on my street asking Passerbys for smokes. I don't want to give any away so i keep walking. Two other guys say they can't give any away but they can sell a pack right now. The other guy is like, "screw that I don't wanna pay for smokes just give me one." but the other guys keep walking. I turn the corner and tell my dog buddy to run. We run quick and turn into an alleyway which leads to a park.

    Halfway through the park i can hear the bums talking loudly, It sounds like they are still looking and I am trying to avoid them. It sounds like they are entering the park from the main street so i Quickly walk to the end of the park where a paved walkway is that leads to another park. The other entrance is obscured by boards. On the other side a tall woman with brown hair is playing with her baby. she looks at me and kind of smiles. Me and Buddy can't get past the boards and I can hear the bums coming up from behind. It's here the dream ends.


    I'm with a group of people. We are supposed to board a transit train or something, many people are dressed up in some jerseys, maybe for a race or something. We are in a bathroom I am doing my thing and some lady comes in and yells that the train is leaving NOW. I leave right away and seemed to have kind of pissed on myself, but not much.

    Then I am on a train with my brother. Some guy is also there and a brown haired girl. Some other woman was there who seemed familiar maybe raven. We are talking about the city and she was saying that we should get off at a certain stop, There's a mall there but it's not much populated, so it's asy to get around and do things. I say good idea.

    I forgot where I got off but the girl with short brown hair and her boyfriend run off. My brother says i have to get them to come back before we leave, because he has to drive us somewhere. Somehow I am in a wierd vehicle of my own a small sled? dunno but it goes pretty fast. I wind up in an apartment area near night time still following the people. I hear the girl call my name, and she says She is not coming with us. She starts to talk more but I have no time for that so I take off in my eird vehicle which is a string i am holding which somehow slides across snow. It doesn't seem to work after a while and I ewake up.
    lucid , side notes

    Dreams over the past week.

    by Man of Shred on 03-17-2017 at 03:01 AM
    Getting lost

    I'm walking around in a big Hotel or something. I'm trying to get away from someone (walms/Hukif)? I turn many corners and go down many corridoors. I am deliberately taking routes that are a maze so he doesn't find me. I wind up in a place as big as the entrance to the Chinook center movie theater in Calgary. There's the large escalator, My weight is super light and notice I am dreaming. I am trying to remember goals but none comes to mind, I bounce a little on my feet. Then wake up.

    French Harbor

    Note: I sleep a lot with youtube on playing in the background. Lately listening to a Christian guy name Chuck missler.

    I am walking into a french harbor from the water. There are Tv screens flying past me welcoming me to a historic WW2 harbor in France. I reach a paved area at night time. Chuck Missler is just standing there giving a speech like a projectionalised hologram. People are gathered around him, I go to the crowd and talk to some of the people but they slowly vanish. I look a chuck again and he's just talking to no one and doesn't seem to notice. I start walking into the city and no recall after that.

    Round table

    Another dream influenced by what I was listening to. A librovox reading (where one person reads a chapter then another person for the next chapter) of bible commentary.

    In the dream I am sitting at a table of people reading from a book. they read a few paragraphs and pass it along to the next person. I eagerly await to do my Frank Muller impression. But something else happens and I can't Remember.

    Bjork and Escape.

    I am in some game. I am supposed to escape some building structure before a timer ends activating these big steel platforms that come from everywhere and crush you. I start in some basement area with some construction equipment, the place is circular and there are various stairwells leading up. I think I've been at it for a while. The whole Idea reminds me of an awesome Dr. Who episode where he escapes a time dimensional prison built by Gallefreiyans, but it takes him 3 billion years to do so. Basically at the end of the day he dies and re-materializes with no memory and starts over. This place is like that.

    I get up one stairwell and go past some people and enter a door which leads me into a large room. There's another door at the end of the room but before I do and alarm goes off and the steel platforms come at me and I re spawn in the basement. At this point I wait it out a couple minutes before i hear the alarm again and see the steel platforms just a few feet above me, so the spawning place i found out is safe. I go up the same stairs and pass the people again and yell at them to get to the bottom of the basement or they will be crushed.

    I enter the large room and i can't remember if I spawn an orange box or if it's just there. I get into and look out the seeing hole. I see the platforms go past me and I don't respawn. They retract and I get out of the box. My Boss? walks in and said I cheated but I just shrug and say i made it.

    In the other door in the room is a bar. People are sitting there drinking. I notice the Music Artist Bjork nursing a drink by herself. I go to ask for an autograph or something but she shoos me away angrily. I feel a bit hurt but the other customers start giving her shit for being mean. I shrug and say it's okay, she's pretty famous and probably doesn't wanna be bothered all the time by fans. I go to leave the bar and wake up.


    I'm getting on a bus in downtown Chilliwack (a town I used to live in when I was younger). We down the main road towards little mountain, forget the name. and Now I'm in a car with Chilliwack /friends. We are going to visit someone. We drive past a set of townhouses I remember but they look totally different. We get by the gas station where little mountain is and I lose the dream.

    Long lucid of doing nothing

    I was in a different town at a different Gas station with a group of supposed friends. We are all planning on going to someones house. They all pile in cars but there is no room for me. I somehow get on a greyhound bus and the light shifts from day to night. We drive a block and I notice my dog is chasing the bus. I guess I was walking him earlier and forgot he was there. I yell at the bus driver to stop.

    The bus stops and I feel light in gravity. I'm lucid but just decide to walk my dog for now. I have him by the collar and later it becomes a leash. I know I'm in a town like didsbury so I know if I turn right on the next block I will be walking towards downtown. The goal is to get something to eat and stay at a motel. I AM still lucid, just going along with the dream for now. At the corner I wonder if I can grow myself large. I halfheartedly try but don't feel myself grow tall or my view of height doesn't change. I just shrug and enjoy the walk

    I turn the corner noticing how real everything seems and how stable the dream is. I spend a few minutes walking when i notice some buildings with lights on my left. At the corner I turn right again and find the Bar/motel place I was looking for. I walk in and there are people eating drinking, and some are on gambling machines. I enter a shared room. Where some people are sleeping and sitting on a couch with a TV in the corner.

    I leave my dog in there and go outside for a smoke. While there I try to dilate time as dictated by Walms, but I'm sure I do it wrong. I forgot to have my hand on the ground and close one eye. I put my hand on the glass of the window and count the spaces in between my fingers trying to imagine them as units of time. I count 4 like normal and start from left to right again and notice i have more fingers. Instead of counting up from four i start at one again and so on, which is probably wrong as well. I count eleven spaces this time. My fingers have small hands on the end of them so my vision zooms in and I start counting the spaces in between thos fingers and it keeps zooming into more hands. This is exactly like the scene from Doctor strange. I then notice I was counting wrong, I pull myself out of this vision and I am still outside the bar. Things are a little blurry now. So I go back to the room where my dog is and go to sleep.

    Family Meal Gone Wrong

    I go directly from the other dream into this one fully lucid. I am a bit foggy like waking up from the other dream. I am sitting at a table. Some good looking woman is talking to a younger girl who looks well into her teens maybe 16-18 I can't tell if it's Michelle Or Shawna, The woman kisses her forehead as if she is her mother and begins to leave the room. I notice a strange old lady with a butch haircut sitting at the end part of the table who has dark energy seeping out of her as she is a shade of purple. I seem to be affected as well. I am getting violent urges so I pick up a piece of food and throw it at the girl. She starts crying and the older woman who I am expecting to scold me instead gets up and starts taunting the girl. the girl has brown hair that is shorter now, I'm thinking her appearance changes based on what mood she is in. The old woman goes to grab the girl by the hair and at the same time creates a clone of herself to sit in another chair which is also laughing at the girl. I am just watching the scene when my alarm goes off
    lucid , false awakening

    Useless Lucid

    by Man of Shred on 03-03-2017 at 02:07 AM
    Some Recall over the past few days.

    I have a note that says, american pie joke. Basically I dreamed at work and made an offensive joke referencing the movie american pie.


    Dreamed I was out in the countryside. Some guy hired me to dig Special tunnels for him. We'd drive out in the country and go in some underground mine where we kept digging until we'd reach a portal that would transport us to different small towns about the countryside. He really wanted me to keep it a secret and his tone implied something really bad if I told anyone.

    Jesus hotline

    Dreamed I was a part of a website that answered calls for people asking About Jesus. I got a call and for some reason the customer was skype calling me. I saw a vid of a filipino girl going "hello, hello?" and I would answer but she kept saying "Hello." over again. I ended the call.

    Wasted Lucid.

    I was in my house somewhere and there was a woman. and I said to her. "This is a dream I hope you know" She gave me a whatever kind of look and said, "Yes I know."

    Suddenly I was outside in calgary on a train thinking of what I wanted to do. I forgot my main goals and proceeded to tell the bus driver to take me to a casino. I entered the casino and told them I'd like a seat at a poker table. They handed a me a keyboard that said Table 9 seat 5. I went looking for the room and couldn't find it. I asked a floor walker where the room was and he pointed too an ugly wooden door with a broom, a mop and a garbage trolley in front of it. I walked in expecting a maintenance closet but found a small room with a poker table with all the seats filled. I went to the dealer and showed him the card, but the guy in seat 5 wouldn't move. He started arguing with me about it, I was about to rip his head off when I woke up.