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    1. So I need some help with this one...

      by , 01-07-2019 at 09:38 PM
      Ok, so here's what happened. I was with the characters from Scooby-Doo about to leave the malt shop and get back into the mystery machine. This was a spontaneous lucid, because as soon as I entered the Mystery Machine, I began to have thoughts about my body in bed. Then I began messing with dream characters, interrupting Fred and Daphne mid-conversation by making her voice silent among other things. Then, Daphne turned into my sister and I suddenly had a thought: and I said to her, "I have a question about dreaming, can you help me out?" to which she replied, "sure, let me show you a dream I had". She took my hand, and we sort of phased out of the mystery machine and onto the sidewalk. We ran towards a tree and dove straight into it (there was no hole or anything, we just dove headfirst into a tree trunk, and suddenly the world began to stretch and contract like a giant accordion. After three or four contractions, it stopped, I turned around, and I was in a completely different place. It was a very modern building that looked like a fusion of my high school and university buildings, and I asked her where she had taken me. Daphne/my sister had changed again, to my surprise, this time taking the form of a classmate, and she said to me "this is a dream I had. I gave a great speech here" and we walked up the stairs towards a large crowd and a podium. She began cracking jokes, and I started seeing friends from high school in the crowd, so I was laughing and giving high-fives and hugs, and I thought once more about my body in bed, but I still didn't wake up. I climbed up the last of the stairs and thought to myself, "I can use that travel technique she taught me to go somewhere else" having somewhere in mind, I stopped the girl and said to her, "when you're done with your speech, can we go somewhere else?" to which she agreed, but sadly for me, the dream was about to end. I saw two more friends from high school, who told me an absolutely hysterical joke which made me completely lose focus, I high fived my friend, looked up, and BOOM. I woke up.

      So my questions are as follows: who is the girl (just a dream character, a guide, part of my subconscious, etc)
      What in the world (if anything) did I do to become lucid and how can I do it again
      How can I not wake myself up like I did in this instance to keep myself in the dreamscape?

      Thanks for reading and thanks for any feedback. Love to all!
    2. 7 Jan: Kidnapped by giant and secret room in fireplace

      by , 01-07-2019 at 08:25 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I have some friends from circus, a girl acrobat and some other guy who is big and brute. We get magically sent from the circus backstage to the top of the EU commission building. We find a way down, which leads us to the inside of some ordinary house. But we are being followed and we head out through a window to a back garden. I have my cat Buda with me. We hide. But some kid passing by seems to enjoy revealing our hideouts to our chaser, which is a giant. He takes away my friend, don't know what happens to him. Then takes me as prisoner into a big house, like a hotel. When he is away I rehearse ways to escape. I find a service corridor between kitchen and dinning room that he can't possibly access, because it is for humans only. I hide there. Only way he can get to me is breaking the wall. This passage has two corridors in a 90 degrees angle. He doesn't find me. After looking everywhere for me, he remembers the passage and opens the door to peek. But I hide alternately in each corridor and he can't see me. Then silence. Next morning I hear a familiar voice and I risk to peek outside. I find a window and outside I see lots of cars, maybe police looking for me, so I take a chance and wave to them. They come and rescue me. Apparently the giant is no longer there and someone tells me he is dead, that he fell from a 20th floor building. But I am told my two friends are also dead. The guy and the girl. The girl he had killed by throwing her down the 20th floor also. The guy, no one knows for sure. But later on he appears, hurt but alive. They had wrong info. I hug him with joy.

      Passing by a neighborhood of some rich people I know. See their entrance full of water and go check. The door is not locked, I go in, it is empty. Floor has water as if some plumbing broke or some faucet is open. But I don't check that, because the fireplace is moving forward. Then stops and exposes a secret compartment. I hear someone so I rush inside the compartment to hide. See a handle that looks the one to open and close and I close it. It is a tiny space, just fits a person. The back has a spying mirror that shows the room behind this wall. So I watch what seems a realtor showing the house to a potential buyer. I look around at this compartment and see a kind of drawer in the back of the fireplace. I open it and it is stashed, but I don't find jewels or money. Instead it is full of buddhist prayer flags and packs of incense. But there are more packages behind, so I don't know what's in there. The problem is that someone brought a dog and the dog has sensed me behind the fireplace and he is restless on the other side of the mirror, trying to find an entrance to get to me. I start opening the fireplace and the dog goes around and finds me. He is friendly, just wants to say hi and receive some cuddles, but then I hear people coming and I hide again. They don't notice the fireplace slightly tilted and the dog stays quiet at my feet.

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