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    1. Log 1334 - Fly and Sell, Fat Ape, Gas Station Zombie Attack, LOTR Odyssey, and Jocks Scraps

      by , 12-23-2018 at 11:51 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Sunday 23 December 2018

      More fragments, but at least I recalled something...

      Scrap Group 1
      Various dreams of my flying around and selling weapons.

      Watching a documentary on apes. There were clips of a particularly obese orangutan that could nonetheless climb and swing around like the best of them. Cut. Me and my nephew visit a zoo with said orangutan. We arrive at its enclosure, to find it planted halfway face-first through a mud pit, lifeless. Guess even apes fall from trees. I was about to burst out laughing, but withheld only because my nephew was quite upset.

      At a gas station. While wondering how I got there, I noticed buses and other similarly large vehicles barricading the exits. I crawl through a schoolbus, to discover a horde of zombies right outside. Perspective warped between live-view and a top-down ASCII, classic roguelike representation of such (in the vein of Cataclysm - DDA). I scout around for the safest exit possible.

      In a fantasy story, a mix between The Odyssey and The Lord of the Rings. As the former, much of the journey occurred on sea, whereas similar characters (and even their live actors) for the latter were present. While we entered a cave city, one of the sailors (in ancient sailor manner) tried to force himself on a local, a pretty woman with tanned skin and black hair. His leader (played by John Bernthal) beat the sicko half to death for his trouble. I "remembered" the literature not having such a just outcome. Later, a wizard (played by Jason Alexander) tried impressing a lady by creating a magical clone of her. This only disgusted the woman. A sailor quipped "you shoulda just make a little dog or something".

      At some restaurant. I chastise some jocks for making lewd jokes. Woke up soon after.
      dream fragment
    2. 2lbs of Ice Cream/Tricycle Woman

      by , 12-23-2018 at 06:29 PM
      I've followed my boyfriend C into a tiny restaurant, it has a single prep bar in the middle of the establishment and a second, separate room with tables. I have never been here but once I go inside I suddenly work there. I don't know where anything is, what we sell, or how they sell it. C is nowhere in sight. Of course.

      The restaurant has a garage door that takes up an entire wall, and they open to let it know they are ready to take business. But all the other workers are so placid and lacking urgency that it's hard to tell we're open. I go to help a woman who insists that she just wants 2lbs of ice cream. No one will listen to me, so I can't figure out where it is, and when I final see someone prepping the ice cream bar, I ask her if what's prepped is for my customer or someone else?? And she doesn't acknowledge me.
      All the other employees talk around me instead of to me. I start to scoop the weird oblong chocolate ice cream onto....a plate, when someone says "That's not even ready yet."
      "What do you mean?"
      They don't answer me. I set the plate down. She picks it up and scrapes all the ice cream from the plate and the bar onto a flat tray with some milk, sugar, and butter and mixes it all together. She sets it down on the counter and I weigh the ice cream...it's 1.7lbs, plus a literal ice cream sandwich? Some shavings of ice cream on a bun. And a super weird mashed potato and ham biscuit thing.
      I'm so confused, but I take it. It's they're 'standard plate' apparently. I take it to the woman and I try to ask if it's okay but she won't talk to me either, but also somehow makes me feel completely worthless.

      Finally the work day is over and we're all trying to leave at once in a tidal rush for the side exit. I feel like I should have asked more people what I should have been doing. Maybe tomorrow will be better. There's a tallish, pale man with a cap of black curls, and big black-brown eyes. He's wearing a navy blue sweater over a sky blue button up. As we're leaving he looks down at me. Right into my eyes. And I can tell he really really sees me. I'm not forgotten or invisible, or talked over. He offers me his hand in a casual gesture, and I take it, wondering what my boyfriend will think if he sees me holding hands with another man.
      But he's a hypocrite in these matters anyway. Should I care?
      The hand is comforting and the man only means to be companionable, he's not coming onto me.
      "It was a rough first day. Will you be back tomorrow?" He asks. I pull my hand free as we move out onto the patio, 7-8 other employees streaming past us.
      "I think so."
      "Good. See you then."

      He leaves me behind and I spot my boyfriend C across the way. He's a distant figure and doesn't appear to consider me directly, though he raises a hand to let me know he's seen me...he still gets in his truck and leaves.
      Which incites a dull sort of panic in me, because for a second I'm certain we rode here together. Did he just leave me to walk?
      No...that isn't right. I dimly remember parking.
      Where the fuck is the parking lot?

      Uncertain, I go down the stairs to the fine gravel driveway. It's long and hooks toward the highway. I get almost to the end when I see the lot, on the other side. So of course, now that I'm trying to cross, there are a bunch of cars turning into the driveway.
      Well. Not all of them are cars.
      Some people are on bikes.
      One woman is on a motorized tricycle? I only barely avoid her when I rush across the street, and she nearly hits another person on a bike...but she revs the tricycle, pops a wheelie and swerves out of the way.
      It's so unnecessary and bloody stupid that I can't stand it. All of this pisses me off.
      "Yeah, Karen! Rev your stupid tricycle, it's super intimidating!" I yell, disproportionately irate. Then I start laughing. It's so stupid that it strikes me as funny. I want to tell C about it so badly but he's not anywhere.
      I my heart sinks back to its regular place in the hollow of my stomach, sad and cautious, and I find my car.

      There's a lapse and I'm with C, I try to tell him about the funny thing that happened but he's not really listening, and when I tell the story again I know he doesn't believe I shouted at a stranger.

      I'm having an argument with Jess Day from New girl in a weird little kitchen. She's supposed to be me, and I'm supposed to be C.
      "Well yeah! that's how things would be if they were balanced! But they aren't, are they!" I snap.
      "What do you mean not balanced?!" She cries.
      "You really want me to bring this up here, in front of our FRIENDS? our TWO FRIENDS?" Who won't leave the fucking room.
      I move around to the far side of a tiny, oddly shapped island that has a cork bulletin board running down the center with all sorts of maps and notices pinned to it. K, someone I haven't seen in forever is loudly observing a map and trying to throw thumb tacks at the board to make them stick.

      I really want to get into it, so we can have a fight about something that bothers me, but the others won't leave the room and it's too personal to discuss in present company.
    3. They Swapped Cars...? (12/22/2018)

      by , 12-23-2018 at 05:55 PM
      I'm traveling with my boyfriend. As usual, we are in separate cars and for some reason I have borrowed his. It's a sleek Porche in gunmetal grey. It's a cold dark night, we stop for gas and I leave the car at the pump (but pocket the key) and go to look for him in Walmart. I don't find him but we somehow return to the cars at the same time.
      Something is wrong with the car but it takes me a minute to figure out it's a completely different car. It's a dented silver Toyota sedan. I fish the key out of my pocket and find it matches this dinged up mess. What?
      I'm so confused.
      How did this happen?
      My boyfriend C comes up and asks what happened to the car.
      "I guess someone stole it? I don't understand. I had the key in my pocket the whole time, but now it's the key for this car??"
      "It was just a rental, we'll use this one for now and figure out the rest later."
      Without a second thought he gets into the second car and leaves me there.
      I frown at the Toyota. The top of the car is pressed down even with the hood. I open the door and push a button so it unfolds, then get in and try to catch up with C.

      It's suddenly daylight and I'm on the highway in front of my childhood home in Welling, OK. Driving the car is oddly like running, in that I can't keep up a consistent speed if I get distracted and keep lagging behind my boyfriend so that I can't even see him anymore. There's a man on the shoulder of the road yelling for help with a floppy brown and white puppy. I help him catch it, and he convinces me to take the dog to it's mother in the next town over, since I'll be driving through.