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    1. New Driver

      by , 12-26-2018 at 08:04 PM
      EXT. ROAD - DAY

      I'm driving and can't negotiate a simple left-hand turn.

      I've forgotten how to drive!

      CUT TO:


      Now I'm in my old bedroom. The jump cut jars me into lucidity. I quickly run through the house into the master bedroom, trying to stabilize and utilize my newfound conscious state. No one is home.

      (Dream from earlier this month.)
    2. Logs 1335 - 1337

      by , 12-26-2018 at 07:58 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Spoiler for Log 1335 - Street Flight Chase Awareness and Other Assorted Stories:

      Created Monday 24 December 2018

      Two LDs and a bunch of scraps.

      Scrap Group 1
      Watching one of my brothers play Sonic (3) and Knuckles. Skip to Sandopolis Zone Act 2. The background transitions to blue crystal, somewhat like in Lava Reef.

      At home. A old friend showed up to visit. He was in prison jumpers, and was being escorted by guards. He showed me gameplay footage of a 3D Mortal Kombat game, supposedly released in 2013. I asked questions about it, which he thought had obvious answers. Thought him kinda a jerk for that.

      Dream 1 - Suicide School

      The visuals were blurred. I was rushing through a school's hallways. I was almost late for my next class. Actually, I felt I was already doing so poorly, with no way of recovering grades. No idea why I bothered. Anyway, I shouted "Tiid Klo Ul!", stopping time long enough to barely make it.

      Skip ahead. While leaving class, I realized I forgot a book of mine. So, I commanded it to float to my hand.

      Reloop a few times. Later in the hallways, I saw a chilling sight: figures hanging from the ceiling. Many were kids, and a few were characters from kids shows, like Elmo and several other Sesame Street puppets. All of them had paper sheets on their faces, which themselves had small smiley faces printed on them. There were a few victims that were plainly alive, and even one or two were still only preparing their suicide. However, I did nothing to help them, and in fact just passed them by, only mildly perturbed. Looking back, such lack of conscience is... disturbing...

      Skip ahead to another set of corridors. An art teacher and her students were setting up a big paper mache display. Contents included huts about 5'5'' tall. Cartoon animals were plopped behind roofs, appearing as if they were climbing on. Something about this creeped me out. Maybe the creatures' expressions? Dunno.

      Things get unclear. Not sure how this ended.

      Scrap Group 2
      In a room in an unknown facility. Below me, an ethereal message box appeared. There were blurbs of a "Grass Titan" attacking people, yet ironically, it was described as being friendly. Later, the Titan barged through. It appeared as a stumpy 20ft humanoid made of grass. Besides a feminine shape, it lacked other distinguishing qualities. The creature snatched a hapless guy, and carried him off. It initially seemed fond of him. But, messages indicated the man was being torn alive out of sight. By the time I went to investigate, I found only his battered remains. So much for being friendly...

      Repeated clips of the infamous "Press X to Shaun" glitch from Heavy Rain.

      Dream 2 - Street Flight Chase Awareness

      The visuals were a bit blurred. I was free-falling from the sky at daytime. About a minute in, control panels sprung up around me, like a plane's cockpit. Fancied this was a giant robot. All of this equipment vanished half a minute later.

      I landed on a city's streets, where I finally realized the dream. Suddenly, a futuristic, chrome colored cop car chased me down. I flew backwards, barely keeping ten feet ahead. I then found myself in the back seat of a moving vehicle. Anyway, I fired a golden energy blast to the sky. The projectile then split itself, and rained down in the path of the police cruiser. That's the end of that.

      I turned my attention to the driver, to find it was actually my guide, E, in her naga form. Made me wonder how she could drive like that, but oh well.

      The dream collapsed soon after. DEILD two minutes later.

      Dream 3 - Cold Dawn Pool

      The visuals were a bit dim. DEILD transition in bed. I overhear housemates arguing about something in the kitchen. I go there, but didn't find anyone. Instead, I noticed the walls were colored blue, green, and red, respectively.

      Hand rub. I fly out the window. Suddenly, I found myself elevated over a huge pool surrounded by forestry, cloudy dawn sky above. This setting "reminded" me of a dream (actually a false memory) I had earlier. Anyway, I try breathing ice, but all I really saw was vapor, as if I were in the cold.

      The dream collapsed soon after.
      Spoiler for Log 1336 - Power Sites, Car Trunk, MSH, and Demonic Ward Scraps:

      Created Tuesday 25 December 2018

      Just fragments, though I got close a few times.

      Scrap Group 1
      Something about loitering around in random locales, of which were said to give wealth and power to those that waited long enough.

      False awakening in the truck of a vehicle.

      Playing a Marvel fighting game, likely Marvel Super Heroes. I used Magneto. First fight was against Iron-Man. I was zoning too much for my own good, not helped that Iron-Man's projectiles were much faster than usual.

      False awakening in the floor of an unknown apartment room. I was imagining various scenes, when E appeared beside me. She shifted between various monstrous and demonic forms. It felt as if she was warding me from danger.
      Spoiler for Log 1337 - Clumsy Babysitting Unexpected Guest Polluted Storm Swim Bridge and Near Accident Fragments:

      Created Wednesday 26 December 2018

      Just fragments. At least my back pain mostly subsided. Now I just need to get focused again...

      Scrap Group 1
      Something about taking care of babies. One of them fall on their head on tiled flooring, yet they remain perfectly fine.

      Mom's boss unexpectedly visits home.

      At a hotel with family. Later, Vegeta appears out of nowhere in a small, hovering vehicle. He has me and my brother, Chaz, go with him to do some unknown tasks. Vegeta drops us off at an empty, exceedingly long bridge, stormy skies above. My bro and I walked through the road for a bit, when he suddenly jumped into polluted waters below. He claimed it would be faster that way. I followed suit. After a while, we stop at an inlet to dry up, only to go for a swim yet again. Eventually, we arrive in a city.

      Riding around in a highway at daytime. Chaz was there, and my other brother, Sebastian was driving. The road was very crowded. Other drivers get impatient. A few of them even make change dangerous lane changes into opposing traffic, almost getting us into an accident.

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    3. Lucid twice again!!!

      by , 12-26-2018 at 10:23 AM
      It's been a bit since my last lucid dream. I picked up a Nintendo switch, and it kinda threw me off my lucid dreaming game, since my focus started being more and more on the game I was playing lol... Well this past week, I tried focusing on lucid dreaming again, and I def think it helped.
      I have been focusing on falling asleep with intention. And tonight, I did so again. It resulted in 2 shirt lucid dreams. One where I lost lucidity while carrying out a dream goal, and one which was a bit shorter. The content is a bit irrelevant, but I just wanted to register these 2 dreams in my journal.

      Ohh, both lucida were dilds