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    1. 31st Janurary

      by , 01-31-2019 at 01:22 AM
      Tonights dream wasn't very interesting but oh well.
      I'll write what I remember,

      So, first off it started off with me in the living room, and my mum wanted to get mcdonalds?.... i say ? because she was asking what toy I wanted, which lead me to say some sort of pokemon then there was a problem, she asked what pokemon i wanted again and I said sylveon then she repeated it a few times angrily. then she went back to the phone and said sylveon angrily.

      i dont remember what happened, but all i remember is that i was on reddit and i made subreddit for girls about a certain thing but i dont remember what, just leaving that in here, anyways moving on. [yes im a girl but i leave my profile on male cuz i like it]

      further on, i teleported to school, we were in the hall and i felt really weird cause I wasn't meant to be at school, sitting there everyone performing waiting for it to stop.. then it stopped, i left and started walking to the exit of the school.

      these kids asked me where i was going, i said i wasnt meant to be at school and they were getting mad at me and they stole my bag, i kept running to go home, tehn i saw my class outside doing a play thing, and i ended up running all over the place, going in 3d person mode too it felt like i was holding a controller, after running around for so long i saw one of my school mates tied up, i knew it was for the play but i just ended up untying her anyways.

      then i owke up
    2. 19-01-30 Resident Evil

      by , 01-30-2019 at 07:23 PM
      I've been playing a lot of Resident Evil 2 lately (the remake), and it shows. I was dreaming that I was an Umbrella Corporation exec. I was in a room on a massive cargo ship. We had a girl tied up by her hands and legs, sort of suspended in the air like the Vitruvian man (with ropes extending from the floor and ceiling). A captured rebel, I guess. I was with two other Umbrella bigshots, a man and a woman. We were interrogating her. The female exec was very violent, and wanted to sodomize the poor rebel with all sorts of objects. I was pretty grossed out by this. I told her we should just kill her and be done with it. Torture was a waste of time. The other man agreed. We decided not to discuss the rebel's fate in front of her, so we retreated into a little meeting room right next to the cabin we were in. I had a henchman dressed in a bunny suit guard the prisoner. I was quite 'genre savvy' so I warned the henchman not to get too close to the window, or zombies could burst through and pull him through (there was an outbreak in progress on the ship). I also told him not to get too close to the prisoner. Heroes in movies always escape because the villains are too stupid to keep their distance. I didn't trust this mook. So we had our little private meeting, but the dream ended there.

      In another scene, there was a zombie outbreak. Some guy ran off in the wrong direction and got ganged up by zombies, giving us a window to escape. I was the 'good guy' in this scene.
    3. Trigger warning, comments disabled.

      by , 01-30-2019 at 02:58 AM
      last night I had a really depressing dream, Even a little hesitant to write this but I'll do it anyways.
      if you suffer from depression or have depressing thoughts or are sensitive to suicide and stuff dont read.
      if u wanna read the non depressing part do Ctrl + F and write 5600 then goto that part

      So, todays dream starting in the living room, i was laying on the floor on my computer, then my mum came in and called me stupid and insulting me and telling me she wanted me to die, I began to think about this alot and then just came to the conclusion I should die

      i went on the internet and told all my friends how I was gonna kill myself, thinking about what my mother had told me and then bringing it to myself and building it up with reasons as to why I should.


      Then I teleported to school, still feeling the way I was, still on my phone telling others venting, except this time my Toxic friend was sitting with me, being annoying and such and rude and pushy like usual. i finished my work quickly, then went to my dorm so i could get away from her.

      I was getting dressed for some reason, then I realized I accidentally took someone elses skirt, and had three white shoes instead of two, I brushed it off and was like 'wow im so silly hehe'. I looked to my left where a closet was, and i saw an eye peeping out staring at me, I opened the closet and it was my old school friend, I was wondering what the hell? and he said he was hiding from something cause he was scared.

      I closed the closet, then I woke up in my bed [in dream]. and saw my mother looking in my room angrily then walking back to the living room, i stood out of bed and checked the time on my computer, it was 9:12 pm. So, you know what I did?

      I got my sleeping bag, went outside, sat on my front porch stairs, and put it on and slept, and this bus went past and looked at me [the people in it, not the bus lol], then i got out, ran across the corner and I saw my backyard, it was sooo huge!! there were no fences either btw but it was humoungous! it was a huge mountain and stuff it was so epic..

      Then, I heard giant foot steps and scary growling.. so I started running away, but really slowly cause its a dream and in draems you run really slowly. then I a helicopter picked me up, and we flew to the monster and I said 'Say sorry!' then the monster looked down really sad and said 'okay...' while sad.
      then i woke up.
    4. Monday, January 7

      by , 01-29-2019 at 08:17 AM
      I am outside somewhere. It seems dim or dark. Itís almost like I am watching this scene, as opposed to in it. There is a horse, and the horse is pulling a cart or something. Thereís someone on the cart, directly behind the horse. I now watch as the horse begins to give birth. Once the foal is birthed, the scene (and me too?) rises into the night sky. Something slowly changes into an image of a rabbit/rabbits. (*this scene is oddly psychedelic and definitely inspired by the little bit of Watership I watched last night). Now I am laying in bed or asleep. There are OBE sensations for a while, until I open my eyes. There is something slightly different, either the scene or my perception. I know that this is an OBE or a dream state. I walk out of the room and into the dark kitchen, where I see on the oven that it is 1am. I then make my way to the front door and open it. It is night, but with the illumination that comes with heavy snowfall. There are a few inches on the ground (*just like in real life) and it is still coming down. I walk out on the dry strip under the roofís protrusion. I have the notion to rise up into the air, but when I try I cannot. Now, I think I wake up in bed.
    5. Friday, January 4

      by , 01-29-2019 at 08:12 AM
      I am with Melissa on top of what seems to be a pile of toy boxes. They seem to be of different sizes but still arranged more or less in a large rectangle. I donít think itís that tall, but it feels like weíre high up. It should also be much more unsteady than it feels; I can feel the boxes move slightly apart but stay together. Some or one of the toys is talking to us. We seem to be held hostage or otherwise in some sort of altercation. I let it keep talking as I slowly slide off the side. I grab two pocket knives and give the thinner one to Melissa. I worry about it being too thin and therefor easy to slip in her hand. I then use my pocket knife to puncture a box (and the chest of the toy inside?). I think the one puncture should be enough. Thereís also large teddy bear? I think I stab it once also. It is just the skin of a teddy bear, almost human sized, laying flaccid over some boxes. Iím not sure if itís really Ďdeadí or just feigning.
      Tags: knife, toy
    6. Childhood rage

      by , 01-29-2019 at 05:51 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      This was non lucid but vivid. My sister who is now 50 was young and so was I. She maliciously tore a poster on my wall. I start yelling about this being the second time. The image of her tearing it replayed in the middle. She said something to push my buttons and I was in a rage.I felt like pushing her hard, but controlled myself sort of. I used my knuckles and rapped on the top of her skull twice, about as hard as knocking on a door. I then left. Now 2 female DCs are following me and yelling for the police. I told them all I did was knock on her head and it could not have her her much. One of them joyfully said she had been recording me admitting I did it. The dream faded. I woke up angry.
      I did have problems with my much bigger sister picking on me, but that was long, long ago. I love and respect my sister and enjoy spending time with her. Very odd that feelings from childhood came out in the dream.
    7. College Dorm Experience

      by , 01-28-2019 at 11:51 PM (Re-entry: The Atmosphere)
      This was the result of night #2 trying 1g of Calea Z in capsules. I didn't try more like I said I was going to in my last entry, but the results were just about exactly the same as the night before. Read on, fair maiden.

      I dreamed of being at my childhood house. I was getting ready for the anticipated bus to arrive and take me to school. I was rummaging through a cardboard box of my clothes while brushing my teeth. I heard the familiar squealing brakes and release of pressurized air as the bus stopped in front of my house. I had second thoughts on the shirt I was wearing, as I had just found my pink shirt. The bus closed its doors and began driving away. Oh well, I'll just have to drive; it was college, anyways.

      I walk through the front doors of the dorm building and found my room number. It was incredibly small, but there were 5 or 6 other people there, all roommates. I had no idea how we were going to even find room to sleep, but I knew I was fine taking the floor so I let everyone else stress about that (they didn't seem worried). At the time of walking in, I was the only guy. I was very surprised to find out that this college didn't segregate their dorms by gender. I'm more comfortable around women anyways, so this didn't bother me either.

      I recognized two of my new roommates as people I've met in different points in my life. I found a small stack of folded note cards with pages of info on who was assigned to this room (Cue the typical 'reading in dreams' scenario; words were bouncing all over the place). One name in particular stuck out to me. For the sake of anonymity lets call him Scotty. Scotty was a friend of mine in highschool, someone I wish I had gotten to know better. I haven't seen or heard from him since so it got me all excited when I found out we were going to room together. Just as I put the note cards down, he walks through the door.

      We spend a little time catching up, but everyone else in the room seemed to get really bored. I thought to myself, "I'm not holding you guys here for any reason; you can go do whatever, yo." Just then it occurred to me this room was special. I looked out the window to see a bronze statue of a racist confederate general. Some guy who had this room a few years back made it famous by creating memes about this racist statue, dubbing it the "Monument Room". No one seemed as entertained about it as I was.

      I mentioned to Scotty that another guy we went to highschool, mostly my friend, was going to be rooming with us too. He hadn't shown up, unsurprisingly, and I had the feeling that he wasn't going to. The dream faded and I woke up.

      This was the first dream of the night. Just like the night before, I took the Calea Z about 30 minutes before laying down to sleep. It seems like this stuff takes about 90 minutes to kick in. I think tonight I'm going to set an alarm for 3 or 4 hours to try and time my digestion for one of my later, longer REM cycles. Stay tuned.
    8. NSFW... Also what the freak

      by , 01-28-2019 at 09:42 PM
      in last nights dream, it was pretty much a blur but from what I can recall... warning semi NSFW

      I was at this place, and they were selling these potion doll things? now just a note, these things were popular but im not sure why exactly but i do remember they were, and i got one for speed then I left, I thin it was my daydream character again, but I went into his car.. with skydoesminecraft.

      So, skydoesminecraft was sitting at the back I was sitting in passenger, while this dude was driving they were talking and such, then we got home, the guy parked, skydoesminecraft left the car but still talked to him outside the window, then the guy kneeled down in his chair, rolled the window, put his pants down, put his genitals out... then skydoesminecraft kissed it then walked off.

      not joking, I literally dreamnt this wtf..

      anyways, I went into my house and saw my little brother on his laptop, but he was looking at porn?! at 7 years old?! i looked again and he was using bing search engine but he put so many viruses on it that the background was literally horrific BDSM and torture porn in the background and whenever you searched anything that's all taht came up.

      anyways heres togniths dream
    9. Incredibly Detailed Piece of Prime Rib

      by , 01-28-2019 at 01:02 AM (Re-entry: The Atmosphere)
      Yesterday I finally found some of the empty capsules I've been wanting for my Calea Zacatechichi. I've been smoking it off and on for the past few weeks with less than satisfying results. Last night I packed two capsules with ~0.5g of plant material each and took them 30 minutes before hitting the sack. The results were tangible this time around.

      I dreamed of being at my old restaurant job which had closed IRL. Stood in line for a while; the place was surprisingly busy. Walking up to the counter I was greeted by four very new, young and inexperienced staff. I ordered my favorite - prime rib. As they laid the meat on the grill in front of me, I could see the meat fibers and bloody texture of each piece, hear the mean sizzle, and the unenthusiastic question of what kind of bread I wanted with it.

      I didn't get a chance to eat it. I walked outside to see jawbreakers the size of basketballs had just rained down while I was inside, oblivious. Most of the unreasonably sized candies were still intact, but a few had shattered and lay in large chunks on the side of the road.

      I woke, turned over, and went right back to sleep without being able to DEILD.

      I dreamed of being in a large two story house. Someone was in a military tank on the street outside. It was ridiculously big, taking up the entire width of the road. The driver/operator was someone I knew and tolerated. (I wouldn't go so far as to consider them a friend) We played a friendly game of whack-a-mole. I ran from window to window, poking my head out and tossing a pebble at the tank. As quickly as he could, he would spin the barrel of the tank around and fire a blank shell into the window. Some of the shots actually damaged the house, but it didn't matter to much to me. It wasn't my house and he never got me.

      After a while, I became bored and went outside and got in the tank. We went for a cruise, driving recklessly fast through the streets and eventually over a shoreline and into a lake. The tank sped over the water with ease, deftly maneuvering around boats minding their own business. We shot down narrow channels and eventually things ended up looking more and more like the poor graphics of an old video game.

      The dream faded and then reformed.

      We pulled up to a warehouse and got out. My 'friend' and I walked inside and found one of his friends. They pulled out some airsoft guns and began shooting at a homemade range rather recklessly. They made cheesy moves and moved in front of each other as if they didn't care about being shot. I stayed back and considered leaving without telling them.

      What I noticed about last night was the dreams seemed to be non-stop. There was no feelings of space in between the dreams, and the level of realism was pretty different than my usual night of dreams. I didn't wake up feeling exhausted like I've heard some people describe, but I wasn't the most rested I've ever been. Maybe I'll try again tonight but have more.

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    10. I hate school! also tea towel pelvis anime owo

      by , 01-28-2019 at 12:29 AM
      Hola Senoritas and Senors, heres tonights dream, I was highly scared that I forgot the entirety of my dream last night! but then it came back to me.

      So, in tonights dream... I was on my phone looking at someones instagram, then I noticed that the stuff in their room appeared in my room, I got my little brother to look at all. We noticed that most of the items in there were items we already had then I said 'I guess we can't take items we don't have already.' but we took everything we could get, then the person that we were taking the stuff from came in, and put all the stuff back. i looked back on it again, and she was pretending to be a baby and all that stuff and I was just like what the hell?.

      after that, I left the house and went to school at 4 am on sunday, then I noticed everyone started coming and I was freaking out, apparently i checked the time and it was already Thursday! what!. Thankfully, my social worker picked me up then took me to this place to just talk to me and stuff, then she took me to this room in this building and it had these 3 guys in it and her,

      I'm pretty sure one of the guys was from my daydream life, to elaborate: I'm always daydreaming, even now I am, and I usually imagine I live in this house with these people in it and we're all friends and stuff, though I don't really control it it just kinda happens y'know?, So it's just a second life happening in the background, anyways other than my craziness..

      they were playing this game, it was like a 3D anime game, and they were choosing their characters, and one of them was this 3D anime girl with long black hair and a japanese swimsuit, then they decided it'd be funny to add a tea towel on the front of her pelvis, then we all laughed hysterically at this tea towel that was placed on her pelvis. After this I left with my social worker, and it was like 9 pm.

      This guy came with me too, not sure who it was, I have a feeling it might've been my internet friend Gavin again but not too sure, and we went to the backyard and it was snowing and everything and it was amazing, I got some ice skates and told them to put it on and told them ''if you put these on you can skate across the snow'', we happily did so then I woke up.


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    11. Replay Attempt.

      by , 01-27-2019 at 06:46 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      Remember very few details, but it was an interesting lucid in that I had watched a sequence and then attempted to steer the dream to allow me to experience the scene in person. The attempt sort of failed. I did manage to create on of the DCs and get the city to kind of conform to the layout, but when I attempted to walk from one place to another I just kept walking expecting to arrive at a lake. Someone mentioned the lake was that way, but I never got there.
    12. Vampire Lucid

      by , 01-27-2019 at 06:39 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      Long crazy dream where I sailed along a cliff and found a tiny tunnel. I wormed my way through the dirt tunnel and came out in a tomb like church. I eventually end up across the street in a two story house. Lots of interaction with DCs until I figure out they are the thralls of a vampire. I was lucid by this point and created two big guns and had to defend myself. Later the actual vampire came in. A female wrapped her arms around him and told me to fire. This involved shooting through her. Some how I knew that her blood blasting into his body had killed him because of her self sacrifice. The weirdest part comes where I am in the front room but had to just watch through the eyes of the person I had been playing. A woman came in and he did not know if she was part of the bad guys. She approaches as I watch through his eyes. He is terrified and pointing both guns at her begging her to not make him shoot her. She says something soothing and gently pushes the guns aside and hugs him. He breaks down in tears.
    13. Mercedes.

      by , 01-27-2019 at 06:24 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      I was talking with a female DC when she became a girlfriend from 30 years ago. She sat on my lap facing me and was topless. I was lucid by this point and did not touch her sexually. I was more interested in the warm feeling of friendship and closeness. She kept giving me signs of affection like tiny kisses on the cheek.
    14. Strange lucid games.

      by , 01-27-2019 at 06:17 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      I went through many weird sections of some kind of adventure/puzzle game with a DC of a friend. In one part I was out on the side of a high rise standing on a ledge. We used TK to drop things off. I TK'd a DC off the edge and they fell and landed fine at the bottom. Inside the building one scene involved a women who was deathly ill. She was bloated to the point of popping. I decided we should wrap her limbs in in plastic wrap but that just caused blood to come out of tears in her torso.
    15. Fantastic Hawaiian Afternoon.

      by , 01-27-2019 at 06:10 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      01/26/19 This dream went on and on. It was all in a tropical setting that I knew was Hawaii. I explored a city up and down hill sides, found a balcony and looked out to the sea over tree tops. I road around part of the coast in a bus. It went over a bridge and I looked down into a place where a bay met the sea. I could see moving water of different densities and also see the land and coral on the bottom. Can not describe how real and fantastic this visual was. I appeared in a boat down on that water. The dream had so many portions and I did not write anything down, so can put little down here.
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