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    1. Commentary on my written out "perfect dream" idea

      , 02-28-2019 at 10:20 PM
      This is not a dream. A long time ago, I wrote a short story of sorts trying to imagine how I'd beat the dream. The story with no commentary except at the end is here, and the TLDR is basically the following elements I analyzed from previous amazing dreams combined together to create a story that sounds like my ideal dream:

      • Companionship Focus.
      • Fantasy element.
      • Conflict.
      • Light/dark balance.
      • Novelty element.
      • Vague location.
      • "Softened ending"
      • Use of music
      • Use of conversation

      The story is as follows:

      It is complete darkness. [This is inspired from True Synthesia, where I gave myself the ability to see music as colors, which was greatly helped by the pure black background)

      There is a timer and a robotic voice .... The display says 300 SECONDS in all red. Then the robotic voice counts down as the clock displays 299. [The sci-fi nature always appealed to me, and SERENDIPITY showed this off perfectly. The "number in red" actually occurred later in [I]Bittersweet Lovestory[I] where a number in red appeared]

      I am instantly aware ....In a good old underwater bazaar, I'm walking down the streets, with medieval Scottish music playing. There is even a piano there... [Underwater was from OZ&SHIOM, and I thought the music theme might help along with my love for the piano]

      270 on the timer I saw; I still had a lot of time, so I decide to play a nice melody that synchronizes and echoes the medieval music well, even though it is more of the science-fiction remix Skrillex style. After I play.... I am looking for something as a birthday present for my friend Jamie. [Jamie was actually the girl I liked from the time that I had written this]

      I wonder what to buy, but nothing seems good. People are selling scraps of metal, paint, and hot dogs among with other foods...With great tension, I search more carefully. Then, I see a man also selling fireworks. Finally, something decent, I think, then go to him and try to haggle for him. Time was running low, so I quickly managed to get a low price. 215. Close call... [Fulfills the "conflict" aspect with little risk of pain]

      I teleport to a different place where I will execute my mission. Wearing a casual-business style outfit, my heels click against the fancy marble floor as I walk forward to an elevator. It is mysterious and a bit dark but I am only filled with the emotion of curiosity along with interest. [The "business but mysterious" fits the mood that Mastermind bought me from OZ&SHIOM] A mysterious narrator whispers incoherently, before finally stating: "I will show you... Selcarim." I walk into the elevator and enter a palace of wonders. The art is amazing, along with ultra-realistic scuptures. The air is fresh and the mood is breezy along with being quite relaxing. 196 seconds left. I walk onto a gateway where I see Jamie there, sitting on what looked like a fancy boat polished with yellow and orange flames painted on the metal, and she invited me to join her.

      I sit beside her. The narrative once again whispers something incoherent before stating once again: "I loved taking those rides on the Retsoac." The song "Burn" begins to play in the background. And with a whoosh, the boat rushed forward. 170, 169,168. Food rained from the sky and we took the hot dogs, hamburgers, and mexican tacos, eating them up, the hot salty taste sizzling in my mouth. The flames became real, but both of us only felt a reassuring unharming heat, warm and friendly, almost as if it was sentient. 140 seconds left. The time was reaching short. ["Adventure of Tasting Meat" showed that food tasted great in dreams]

      ... The narrator continues his explanation..." Lights appeared below, great lanterns floating up to us,the grand sky opening. 110, 109, 108... As the song still playing in the back transitions to its chorus-- "And we gonna let it burn, burn, burn..." -- Blue diamonds dazzle all around us in the sky, flashing from left to right, feeling as if they are passing through us, with blazing fireworks all around the blue diamonds. The diamonds seem to be a sentient being... [the "Lantern festival" was one of my goals, and the blue diamonds was inspired by a dream involving "Merkaba" from dream journal]

      .... "Yes, he is--I am--the Rotarran." A blip indicates I was speaking in code all along. Rotarran rewinds to Narrator. Flashing back to the boat, Feileb was belief, and cigam was magic. Even before that, Retsoac was coaster. Flashing even before that, within the market, I had actually bought from every single person there and used all the products. Despite their looks of simplicity, I had managed to make the result very fancy... [This mystery is a bit stupid if you think about it, but I found the idea of reversing things kinda cool]

      "You don't always have infinite time," 40 seconds, "You have to manage your resources carefully....it's not about what you have. It's about how you use them. Selcarim does not exist without persistence or hard work,"....Even little moments that are not considered Selcarim must be treasured." ..."... Because, in reality, Selcarim is..." And as I kiss Jamie with a meteor shower flying over us-- 10 seconds....the title in fancy font appears. [I tried thinking and writing out a valuable lesson, compared to other dreams about friendships, this is actually quite deep]

      SELCARIM -- The timer quickly counts down the final seconds, as the landscape shifts around us, flowers growing, anticipating reaching a higher level.

      Then it is reversed, with the result being...
      [The mystery is finally solved and it's like a movie's credit scene]
      0:00 SECONDS. Perfect timing.

      The kiss lingers on my lips as I wake up. [This goes back to a lot of romantic dreams where it ends with a great kiss]

      So to recap, I basically believed that a combination of a countdown, medieval scene with music, transitioning to a cool business-like scene, preparing a surprise for my crush, and eating food on a rollercoaster with her all leading up to a surprise ending, would be able to beat my favorite dream. I do still believe that this story is strong enough to beat my current favorite (which is actually still the same), but the countdown and the twist are indeed very hard to pull off, and the business scene seems a bit unnecessary, even if adding further mystery to the story.
      side notes
    2. 19-02-XX Back in School

      by , 02-28-2019 at 05:16 PM
      The dream took place in the present, but took place in two of my former high schools. The first was at the Sint-Agnes school, on the small courtyard by the street. I told Mr. Ferret how much things had changed, but then I realized it was always that way.

      In another part I was at KTA Brasschaat, possibly with my father. I remember running through the empty hallways, knowing exactly where I was going. We also went through some classrooms. At some point I went down stairs really quickly. So quick, I started to hover. There was much more, but I forgot. Later that day in real life, it turned out that there was a high school reunion at that very school, to which I hadn't been invited for some reason.

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      Tags: school
    3. The colonial boys' adventures in the old diary

      , 02-28-2019 at 10:48 AM
      I dreamed that I was looking through my attic when I came across this old diary. It was the diary of a boy back in the wild west colonial times in America.

      Flipping through the book I came across a very unique page. The page was displaying the stories in diary on a moving screen build into the page, which felt like every other page. Watching the moving pictures, I was drawn into the story of the and part observed, part participated in a number of adventures.

      Inside the diary now, the boy was one of three. He had a brother and a sister, Dad and Mum. They were quite a wealthy family in the upper class of that time frame. They had black American servants and wore fancy dresses.

      The boy was lonely though, and he had a pet cat. Him and the cat had fun playing together and romping around their country estate.

      One day, the boy was wandering in the woods and he came across a Indian brave. Him and the Indian brave became good friends! The Indian brave used the friendship of the boy for his own purposes and got the boy to help him sabotage a key Industrial building...

      So, the brave got the boy to help him collect kegs of gun powder and dynamite. Then, they sneaked down one night and planted it around this building, a very important one for the boys fathers business. It was located near a swamp and a river. BOOM, it went up in smoke and ashes.

      The boys father held a meeting. In their large hall in the main house, there were many soldiers, servants and the whole family was there. The father was very angry!! He was discussing with the soldiers there about who had done it and interrogated the servants.

      Later on that day, the boys younger brother found his diary which had all his mischievous adventures recorded in it and gave it too his Mother. She instantly know what had happened and quietly put it back down as the boys father was in the room then.

      "Huh? Whats that? Let me see that Diary" The father swaggered over...

      "Its ok dear, its Allen's Diary. You know, boys that age need their privacy" she reasoned as she nonchalantly took it from his hands...

      __________________________________________________ ______________________________
      Next fragmented Dream:

      I dreamed that I was an opera singer performing in a large Orchestra. Some musical people in my family were there and I was trying to impress them with my voice. I had to sing some songs that I hadn't sung before....
    4. Hitch hiking to the cricket match / Its all in the perspective....

      , 02-28-2019 at 10:21 AM
      In this one, I'm on a road with my friend and we're have just come from a party. Now, we are trying to hitch hike to a nearby cricket match!

      we try and flag down a few cars with no success, then two more guys hike up the road and join us. Some more thumbing at cars and a truck pulls over with room for us all. We pile in the truck.

      One of the guys is worried about losing his stuff in the truck and the driver tells him not to worry. Then, we talk about a few different topics including inflation of products like....bottled water! We yarn with the driver about how the price of bottled water has gone up due to inflation from this amount....to this amount!

      Arriving at the cricket match, we pile out of the truck and walk down. My friend is auditioning to join the cricket team or something like that. He goes out to bowl on the field while we watch, then something weird happens.

      I'm seeing him bowl from the perspective of two other senior members of the cricket team, a guy and lady. Its like I'm watching their imagination in my own dream mind.

      The senior cricket lady watches him bowl and sees a super sexy strong athlete. She admires his long hair ( was't that long ) and gives it a extra sheen and also adds more muscle definition.

      The senior guy in charge of the team watches him bowl and well, his imagination is boosting my friends bowling skills! In this guys mind, some of my friends ball actually curve in mid air and one actually bounced twice in the opposite direction before landing in the middle of the stumps. Weird right?

      Of course, my friend was accepted into the team and he thanked me for my support. haha
      non-lucid , memorable
    5. Significance of colors in my dreams

      , 02-28-2019 at 05:45 AM
      This is not a dream entry. For all my dream entries, visit http://dreamjournal.net/journal/drea...ame=9spaceking.

      I've noticed color being significant sometimes so I wanted to mark down what they meant to me in my dreams:

      1. Synthesia (I gave myself ability to see music as color in a few dreams)
      • Wake Me Up (Avicii) creates a vast multitude of colors
      • Hey, Soul Sister creates soft pink and blue colors
      • Nuvole Bianche is slight tint of blue with hint of pink
      • The Magic Inside is violet
      • Burn (Ellie Ghoulding) is orange into red
      • Crystallize is light blue
      • Replay is autumn orange into green trees
      • Breaking Free is silver
      • Bad Apple is dark violet
      • Any Other Way is blood red

      2. Abilities
      • True Talent/Invincibility is marked as gold
      • Table-turn usually causes the scene to become white(r)
      • Efficiency power (imagining myself doing something in a montage within 20 seconds) causes the scene to grow dark with focus
      • Konami Code (a fence of invincibility) causes rainbows to flow around it

      3. To mark special events
      • A beautiful garden was green (with flowers all over)
      • A crush I had wore a beautiful red dress (in a dream) but I still chose my friend over her
      • I purposefully had a black-and-white detective adventure but color was used to mark important clues
      • The sky is only blue in peaceful/calm dreams
      side notes
    6. Tuesday 26th February 2019

      by , 02-28-2019 at 03:19 AM
      This dream was from a nap i took because i was feeling ill.

      I was laying on my back and i entered the dream still hearing sounds from outside my bedroom. Even though i was conscious of this, and even though the transition from waking reality to the the dream was very smooth, i didn't have a WILD. I started the dream in a train/bus. It had windows and i was seeing we were going around London city. We were going to a park where there was an event, but we were going to get lost. I was travelling with my sister, although when i looked around i also saw some of my friends from school. Anyway we decided to keep going even though we were going to get lost and i was saying out loud semi-lucid "i don't care if we get lost, we're in London, this is amazing and so beautiful!".
      The bus/train (sometimes it was a bus, sometimes a train) had a mechanism where you could take an SD card from it and you could replace your phone's SD card with it. BUT before leaving the bus you had to put one back. If you didn't the driver will notice (100% of the times because the bus had a sensor or some advanced technology lol) and the bus wouldn't continue.
      When the train reached the final station i almost panicked because we werent exactly in land. The rails were up like 20 meters in the air and if the train kept going we were going to fall. But it stopped. Anyway we had to get out and step on the rails... it was kinda a challenge to get out but not really because the rails were different. There were big squares in between where you could step. Of course if you stepped out you'd fall because there were also empty spaces in between. We went out of the train and entered the station. From outside the station seemed like abandoned and inside it was deteriorated and it was a place where homeless people would sleep. But it was the final stop of the train nevertheless, and a lot of people got out in that stop. Since we were all going to the event we all got out there. I saw some people, including my friends, starting to run because they didnt want to stay in that station when the sun went down, which was going to be in like 15 minutes. So far that place was safe, but soon when people would leave it wouldn't be apparently. Even though i did not fear the place i didn't like it and didn't want to stay there. There was like a bad vibe there. So i was going to follow the people, run if i had to, why not? Walking sometimes is boring. But i woke up.
    7. Extra bonus dream.

      by , 02-27-2019 at 03:57 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      Yet another Jamie dream. (Honestly is anyone surprised by this by now?) Hooray! In this one she is leaving an office building that is the exact one where I was having Dark tower dreams. Where Roland was brainwashed into thinking he was an average Jow with an average Job. Jamie was followed by the red haired fat and annoying woman from the lunch room. She was yelling at Jamie to give up on me. Jamie looked mad and concerned and was walking away. Good on her!
      Tags: dark tower, jamie
    8. What happened?

      by , 02-27-2019 at 03:39 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      I forgot a lot of non lucids. I'll try to remember some as I write these down.

      Jamie Dreams

      Early in the month.

      3rd person view dream of Jamie sitting by herself in a real comfy looking chair. She appears to be arguing with herself. But then I hear she is talking to voices. The closer I listen the more the voices sound like me. Some are negative and some are positive. She seems annoyed in upset. I try to get through, "This is MY voice." I say something like that. But all the voices argue I am a liar and they are the real voice. While I find her kind of adorable arguing with all of these voices, I know personally how annoying this can be *please lock me up.*

      In one dream I am in a bedroom with Jamie. I lie down like we are like a couple going to bed. She looks at me and says, "No." In another dream I find some ugly woman with glasses and decide to try to sleep with her. I hear Jamie's voice in my head say, "Robert no!." Is that what you you wanted, can't have you AND no one else? kidding.

      In one dream I am with my dad and we are walking around a city. We go up some steps to a c train platform where my dead grandma from 2010 is. She says to me, "I hope you know what you are doing with this girl." Implying that she doesn't like Jamie. At the top of the step I kind of victory jump. It's like my grandma is a part of those annoying spirits who are telling me to ,"Move on." from Jamie, are finally giving up.

      After about a week or so of Jamie not showing up in dreams I then remember one of her where I am trying to light a smoke. My lighter isn't working. Jamie comes up with her own lighter but can't get hers to work as either.Hehe she's trying to steal chelsea's thunder of dream cigarette lighting capabilities. Well: YOU FAILED!!! Really appreciate the effort tho :-)

      Some dream where Jamie isn't talking to me and driving away in her car. I'm standing with a woman, maybe her mother, She says, "She really likes you, you know." Really? Why isn't she saying anything?

      Another dream where me and Jamie are driving in her car. It's like the old dreams from last year. Can't remember the context of the conversation but she says, "Suicide is never an option." WOW. She's come a long way since the , "Let's commit suicide together," Dreams of mid last year. Good job. Was I being suicidal in the dream? I know I'm not, but I may have been being overdramatic in the dream.

      A dream where Jamie is merged with my body or something. Might have been because I was watching a really dumb show on netflix called, "Z Nation." a Walking Dead like zombie tv series that doesn't take itself seriously at all. Unlike the Walking Dead which Is why I can't stand it. Anyway in the episode some Hippy dude takes weird drugs so he can spirit walk inside someone and take control of their body. Maybe I saw Jamie in the dream and asked her to try it out. She kept trying to make me aroused in my own body, maybe to experience the sensation for herself. I get to the point where I almost burst and then ask her to stop. she does.

      Got back from seeing Alita: Battle Angel (Loved it by the way.) But after seeing it with my brother I had dreams about it. But it was Jamie. She was trying to put herself in a cyborg body like from the movie. The nurse lady from the movie was there and was saying that the body was having trouble merging with the body because she had no core... Very Strange. I know Jamie had once tried to convince me that she has BPD. and I've read that such people are said to lack a certain emotional center or core. not sure if that's what the nurse meant though. Interesting.

      Last dream. Was just me and Jamie lying in bed going to sleep. We may have been groping each other not sure... But, seems she is getting over whatever it was that was bothering her.

      Comments: This periods' dreams Jamie seems less happy than the end of december and january. Not sure what the cause of this is. She is resuming some of her affection though which I appreciate. That says it isn't me that's a problem. but she is having problems on her own that she is dealing with.

      Other Dreams

      Bunch of non lucids where a short blonde girl sometimes with long hair and sometimes with short hair keeps hitting on me. In one dream she makes out with me. these came after me and my brother went to a short concert in calgary where I kept seeing cute blond girls. Some were staring at me and smiling but they were all with guys, so I didn't think anything of it.


      Dreamed I was exploring some large building with some dark skinned girl. We wound up in a bedroom and started kissing on a bed. She tasted kind of sour, (IRL I have a slight cold so was just probably tasting my phlegm,) I suddenly Had this feeling like I was cheating on someone possibly Jamie. I stopped for a second but the girl looked at me with such wanting eyes that I resumed and tried to ignore the feeling. As if to stop it a bunch of guys manifested in the room on beds. They had donut boxes with treats in them and they started arguing with me. The girl left the room.


      I kept accusing some girl in my inner world, (Mine and Asuka's daughter i think.) of stealing my DVDs or something. I was filled with rage. Asuka said it wasn't the girl but she has no idea where the DVDs went. I checked the boxes again and they had a volume missing.

      *clap* BONUS DREAM *clap*

      This one I had a couple months ago. A dream with Jamie I forgot to write down. In this dream we are in The Dark Tower universe in Hambry. Me and Jamie are walking around the town and she is making fun of the accent of the townspeople. She's saying, "So it is," and ,"So it was." Then she laughs to herself.

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      Tags: asuka, dad, grandma, jamie
      side notes , non-lucid , dream fragment
    9. war, planet earth self destructs & Aliens Part 2

      , 02-27-2019 at 01:50 AM
      So in the continuation from the last dream, Some type of humanoid Alien had saved me from earth which was self-destructing and I was now in a space vessel orbiting Earth.

      The alien was discussing with me about his different ideas and thoughts of how to save earth, undo what had happened, reverse time etc etc. Stuff, I don't quite remember. The alien had developed a clone of me which was in a 'regeneration' tank.

      Apparently, the clone was being used to try and help with extracting my memories of the events which happened but wasn't working. So the Alien now wanted to try something else.

      He showed me this headset device which straps over my head and instructed me to imagine being back in the memories of the disaster. Then, the device would record my memories and project them onto an outside screen in his laboratory.

      So, I put this device on my head, a little worried about the radiation. The alien re-assured me that it wasn't a problem.

      All was black at first, then I could start to see flashes of my memories of the previous dream. Very weird. Next, I'm back in the previous dream and I literally re-play the dream, with only a few 'idiosyncrasies' and differences.

      Feels weird to have re-played the dream later in the night in a Alien spaceship with a VR like headset strapped to my head!
    10. war, planet earth self destructs & Aliens Part 1

      , 02-27-2019 at 01:41 AM
      I dream that earth has been in a large catastrophic war, not sure who between. I'm standing up on a mountain with brother E near a large city looking at the effects of the war.

      The war has created a plague of black 'corruption' that is constantly spreading out and over the planets crust causing major tectonic plate splitting, earthquakes and general mayhem.

      Realizing that humanity is doomed, we take off down the mountain in our car to have some last minute 'fun'. We zoom around at top speed dodging cars, people and the odd pocket of black corruption floating in the air, a precursor to the disruption of the crust.

      At one point, we go inside a house that has a meeting of young people taking place. Meals are being served and the youth are discussing the disaster. We act cool and try and fit in...

      back outside we zoom off out of the city and decide its time to suicide. Somehow, we had gotten our hands on some kind of nuclear material in the shape of a gas cylinder. I graciously let my brother, E go first and he kneels over the cylinder while I gas him with the intense radiation.

      Just before I do it, something stops me and the dream blacks out...

      The next dream in the next dream REM cycle is a continuation of this dream, it seems.
      non-lucid , memorable
    11. medieval fight / Dream fragments

      , 02-27-2019 at 01:28 AM
      I a member of a primeval tribe that progresses from its base roots in tribal living to the medieval age level of civilization and technology.

      Their are two factions in this tribe. One is the founding faction, and the other, a separate group that slowly splits away from the original in both their physical appearance and culture.

      Their was much war over the centuries, slowly escalating in scale and violence, many causalities lost on both sides. Eventually, it comes down to a final epic battle in the medieval age.

      Our side occupies a Castle that the other side is trying to attack. The leader of our faction screams to the enemy forces, "...and if you keep fighting we'll decapitate your leader that we've captured and catapult his head over the walls to you!"

      They yelled back defiantly, "No, we'll save him, capture you and send your heads flying back!"

      Diplomacy having failed, we prepare for battle. I'm a high Priest, holy warrior serving in the army. I wear a special 'Epod' vest and wave a holy scepter around with magical incense. Perhaps I was blessing the army and cursing the enemies?

      Our troops are readying all their arrows, catapults and machines of war while the leader is shouting out orders.


      Dream fragments from earler:

      A lake and a River. Driving a car escaping...
      In a city...
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    12. 26 Feb: Sports and art competition

      by , 02-26-2019 at 09:01 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Participating at some kind of triathlon competition and doing very well. I am quite ahead of some men who are favorite. But the tests range from swimming, escaping simulated war games to going to a studio and produce some works of art. I see others painting authentic masterpieces, but all very similar, as if they all came from the same art school. I don't have their talent so I draw a mandala and also make some kenpo fighter doll with materials available. My sensei is in the jury and he is both impressed and amused.
    13. "I'll follow you no matter what"

      , 02-26-2019 at 12:20 AM
      I dream that I'm in a flying vehicle. Not sure if it was a Helicopter or a UFO type vessel.

      I'm in a squad of around a dozen soldiers and we're about to drop out of the aircraft down to a frozen, snowy Island where we'll do a scouting patrol run around the perimeter of the Island.

      We drop down out of the aircraft into a frozen wasteland of ice, snow fighting off the cold wind with white colored winter army gear with military weapons.

      I'm second in command, the leader of the group is a tough blond haired mature woman. I feel a deep sense of loyalty to her no matter what. I plod in her footsteps determined to not miss a step, fall behind or tire.

      Seeming to realize why we're here I walk up beside her and faintly whisper to her out of the corner of my mouth...
      "Are we here to kill them all? I'm ready, just do the signal" She knows who I'm referring to and whispers faintly back without turning her head, "No but good observation. We'll wait until they start attacking us and then we'll kill them."

      In order to save those loyal to us in our squad, she'll wait until that attack us and then we'll kill them while saving those who attack us.

      I nod my head in approval and we trudge on...
      non-lucid , memorable
    14. Capturing and taming the ninja warrior princess / 'happy weed' smoothie

      , 02-25-2019 at 11:23 PM
      I'm a powerful and skilled bodyguard for a wealthy client in Japan. One night, in her traditional styled hotel, she gets attacked by an all female squad of ninjas dressed in black clothing wielding samurai swords and flying weapons.

      Its no problem of course, I somehow fight them off with my bow and sword. Keeping the client in a safe location, I jump and swing to different levels in the hotel fighting at a superhuman speed! I whittle down most of them in a volley of fast shots with my bow then dash in for a spinning multi attack with the tips of the arrow and the sword. I kill all of them except one, their leader.

      Not sure why I didn't kill her. Boredom I think, a break for the mundane life of a bodyguard. I wanted to have fun with her, show her around the town and my way of life.

      Its a fun tussle and wrestle as I subdue her and tie her up then its off in my fancy car to get something to eat! Fighting girls is hungry work!

      Want to impress her, I drive off like James Bond in a big cloud of smoke and burning rubber. "Look out the window, You'll notice that the hotel is located in a maze of streets where each street looks like the next one and each intersection feeds into the next", I patronizingly explain while almost getting lost in the maze while driving out of it.

      Finally, I roar out of the maze of streets and pull into this large headquarters that looks a bit like a large fancy cathedral. Its where I work from and is the headquarters of the organisation I work for. Theirs also a large food bar there.

      Untying her, I lead my captive ninja girl into the food bar. "Lets get ourselves a mean green smoothie!" I enthusiastically shout. Walking up to the food bar, I order a green smoothie, "put lots of 'happy weed' powder in it", I whisper conspiratorially to the guy behind the desk.

      Looking over my shoulder, I notice the girl has wandered off a bit and is spiking random bits of food on a large chopstick! Pieces of fruit, veggies and savory things are all impaled on the chopstick. "No no, that't not how you do it", I say embarrassed. "Here's a plate, a big one, put it all there". She puts in on the plate and....that's all I remember.
    15. The godstone axe / lost village / flying / fried insects

      , 02-25-2019 at 11:03 PM
      I start off dreaming that I'm in a survival type VRMMO mining for resources. I'm using a dull basic mining pick to smash into this seam of black rock. At first, I'm mining very slowly, then, as time goes on I pick up in speed.

      Looking at my ui interface, I realise that I can craft two my tiers of mining picks. The advanced and then the god level pick. The black rock seam has a 3 percent chance to drop the 'advanced' level rock type and 'extracting' from that type of rock yields a 1 percent chance in giving a 'godstone'. I need 5 godstones to craft the pick.

      I find myself fast forwarding the mining action manifolds until its all a fast blur, stopping the action, I notice I have 3 godstones! I decide to do more mining later...

      Travelling towards a nearby village, I see a pretty curvy and voluptuous girl getting attacked by aboriginal natives with spears. Racing towards the scene, I defend her while fighting off the natives just enough so they fled and I didn't kill anyone. She was thankful but pulled back when I acted amorously trying to kiss and hug her. Never mind, so I tossed her over my shoulder and kept on hiking towards the village.

      Leaving her hobbled and tied down at a campsite at the base of the nearby mountain, I continued up towards the village which was up in the mountain. A guide/scout met me part way up and we continued upwards only to find that the route up the mountainous rocky pathway had been blocked by fallen rocks in a cave the path went through!

      Feeling nervous about more landslides, I went outside and flew up into the sky past the tree line. I breath long and deep, enjoying the fresh air and view. I see my Brother, E, at a campfire cooking something. I fly down to him and notice he is frying in a pan a bunch of termites, bees and ants. Yum?
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