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    1. Ate candies (1st jan 2021)

      by , 01-01-2021 at 07:21 PM
      I had a dream (not fragment) upon waking up this morning, I did write to my gf that I ate candies in the dream. Now it's been few hours after and I didn't bother write down the whole dream down when I woke up - instead I was lazy going back to bed.
      What I can remember though, I were at my home and my parents were here too. And I knew I wouldn't been eating anything (because fasting irl), but I struggled hard and had received candy, so I just ate it all.

      (since of having the dream I was thinking, I'll need start record/write down when I wake up, new year and perfect time to do a new start on several things and hold onto them)
    2. cciv.

      by , 01-01-2021 at 05:32 PM
      1st January 2021


      I'm with H, we're in a town or city like L. I remember we had been in the van. We were buying something off someone or selling them something.

      We go past a bigger van at some point. Its back doors are open and it's crammed full of stuff, some rolled up materials, furniture, other things I don't recall.

      I remember then some interaction with mom, in the street? But I'm also recalling another scene indoors. I'm showing mom and dad some drawings, though mostly to mom. She seems proud or happy, but I get the feeling that she wishes she could do the same.

      The bit in the street; narrow-ish street, cobbled floor/paving. Daytime. I remember something about my phone and holding it up in an odd way, trying to avoid people (colliding with them).

      Next I'm in a house, still with H and in the same area. Out of a window I can see a large square or plaza. We're at ground level. There are people going back and forth. This looks like a small kitchen area, the interior is wooden, a nice semi-deep stain. I pick up a towel and start cleaning up some water on top of a wooden-veneered countertop. H is next to me and we're talking about something although I can't recall what. I see a woman approach the house. She's in her 50s, has long but wavey hair and holds herself in an uncertain manner. She has some kind of turquoise top?

      I seem to recall she comes by a few times and I try to tell her that she's at the wrong place or something, as I don't know her at all. All the while, she has a very confused expression.