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    1. Up & Down the Street; Whose Dogs?

      by , 02-08-2018 at 07:00 PM (The Fourth Factor)
      I can’t remember how the dream began, which means that I can’t be sure whether I had realized I was dreaming and decided to fly around for a while or whether I had somehow realized that I could fly and stabilize my surroundings but not the full implications of it. But either way, that’s what I ended up doing.

      It seems to be early evening, and I’m on a street where all the buildings are lit up with small, multicolored lights. The street is steep and winding—a little reminiscent of Nerudova Street in its topography and architecture—and it has a vibrant and exciting atmosphere, as if it’s a Saturday night and this is the place to go on a Saturday night.

      the adverse effects of B6-nerudova-ulice-prague-1909.jpg
      (Click to enlarge (because I can't figure out how to make it bigger here))

      I fly all the way up the street and then turn around and fly back down again. But it doesn’t feel quite as real as I know it could be. I focus harder, and I imagine hearing music as I fly along, and that seems to help—this time, it feels as if I’m actually there. I fly back again, and this time I try it while spinning around—something I’ve never done before. It turns out to be a lot of fun, seeing the ground change places with the sky.

      Sometime later—in another dream, probably—I'm on a bus on some kind of a trip. I’m with a large group—many young children, some teenagers and a couple adults. There are also some children and teens there who are exchange students from another country. I have the impression this is a trip for the kids, and the teens and I—not sure of my age in the dream—are there to help out with it.

      At some point, we make a stop at a large grocery store—the sort that’s often still open in the middle of the night, which it seems to be now. A group of us, including me, goes in. But a woman—maybe the person in charge—asks me if I could take the dog outside for a bit so she can have a chance to burn off some energy before we’re back on the bus. She has the dog there—a big, black dog, female, I think. I agree to it.

      Once in front of the store, the dog goes sprinting off in a big loop, eventually coming back around to me. She immediately runs off again, and this time she returns carrying a stick in her mouth. Looks like we’re going to be playing fetch. But just then, I hear barking coming off from to my left. Two smaller dogs are there—neither one on a leash, I note—and the one that looks like a half-size pit bull is barking up a storm. I am instantly on alert: I have seen scenarios like this one end with furniture being toppled. But the black dog is not acting threatened or aggressive, and so it seems unlikely that a fight’s going to break out. I have a vague impression of the dogs’ owner nearby—but just then, my alarm wakes me.

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    2. [23/24-01-2017: 10th & 11th competition night]

      by , 01-24-2017 at 04:41 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      The lonely path

      It was evening, dark and cold. I left my house and wandered far away to mountains. There were two paths leading through them - the easy and ordinary, and much more dangerous and remote "The lonely path". I instantly chosen the second and started walking up the path. Suddenly I found myself back at a valley close to mountains, in place where one path split in two (the ordinary and lonely). I chosen lonely path again. Then I found myself back at my house, thinking "Each time, despite different circumstances, it leads to the same decision and outcome. Each time creating a separate universe." I ran to the road and saw a few cars passing by. I made a decision just before reaching the road - I'll chose the lonely path.

      The prom

      It was my prom made second time, as most of people wanted to repeat it. I was hesitant, but did appeared there. I was bored and wanted to leave. Everyone gathered outside the local - it was a busy city street. Everyone was talking about other participants of the party. Someone even called me bumptious.
    3. Spellbee's Splendid Competition Night 6: Flipipping a Car

      by , 01-19-2017 at 01:39 PM (My Dream World)
      I don't remember the non-lucid part of the dream, but I suddenly got lucid. I was in the middle of some large street, on some crosswalk. There were lots of car. I started walking fowards. There was a car in my way, so I decided I wanted to flip it. I put my two hands beneath the car and effortlesly flipped the car like a table. I continued walking until I reached the other side of the crosswalk, when I remember the three-step tasks. Luckily, I managed to reemmber the first one, telekinesis. I saw a woman across me and decided to TK her towards me. I extended my hands towards her and made her levitate and brought her into my arms. I let her down and continued walking on, until the dream started to fade. I tried RCing and touching stuff to stabilize, but lost the dream and woke up.

      Me and my family were staying in some huge, fancy hotel. I woke up a little late (I think about 9 A.M, almost 10) and decided to go get breakfast. I went into the elevator (which was huge, it had tables and chairs in it for some reason) and it started going down. I noticed I was wearing jusjt a shirt and boxer shirts, but decided I didn't care anyway cause it was breakfast and everyone was probably in their pajamas. I also remember some little kid being in the elevator. I them realized it was too late and they wouldn't be serving breakfast. When the elevator arrived at its destination, I went down some stairs and there were some bakeries where I could buy stuff. I got lucid at some point but everything was already fading away and I was feeling faint. I walked along some wall, touching it for stabilization but woke up.
    4. Dream street signs

      by , 10-29-2016 at 06:54 AM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      I woke up after another dream and quickly drifted into this dream, I assume it was a DEILD but I can't quite explain how I got into this dream, I suddenly just was in it.

      It was pretty short and I don't remember very much either. I was walking on a street, outside, it was nice weather. The most notable thing was me looking at some street signs. I have a very rough image of them left but... I could hit my past self for not immediately noting down what was on them. There was some kind of explanation for something.

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    5. Fragments after The Sea of Mist

      by , 10-07-2016 at 09:25 PM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      I woke up and wrote down my dream earlier. Since it was my day off and I was sleepy, I went to bed again. I had a few fragments, but most of them were too vague to write down.

      I recall being antagonized by a loudmouthed man in a wifebeater as I sat in a blue metal chair and blue metal table at a food cart on the street (these are common in Thailand), at night, with a few other people around sitting on the chairs and eating. (I think it was a food cart? I recall working on a painting and I recall people eating food.)

      I recall having a false awakening where I didn't bother getting up, which was why I didn't perform my reality checks. I was in a bed, which presumably was big, and back in my mom's city apartment, cuddling with her. I dozed off within the dream.
    6. Nuclear blasts, a floating city, and I successfully overcame a false awakening

      by , 04-23-2016 at 04:18 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      I was in a house, it likely seemed like one of my earlier homes, the house my family used to own. There was someone else with me but I don't know who it was. I looked out of the window, and the scenery was a lot different, I saw mountains and plenty of green out there.
      The sun was about to rise and we saw it, but we also saw light of... nuclear explosions, 3 or 4 in total.
      (I think it was around here where I got lucid but oddly enough I'm not sure, maybe I already was lucid)
      I pointed out the explosions to my companion, expecting some sort of shockwave to hit us, but it never did.
      After that a scene in some kind of floating city came, there were many fragments floating around, some with buildings and/or plants. For the life of me I can't remember the transition from the house to that city, even though I think it was only 1 or 2 minutes in the dream. This floating city had mostly dark gray elements and some orange, and I know that orange was the most prominent color all around us, partially from the sunrise, maybe partially from the blasts. It looked a bit medieval and fantasy-like, probably inspired by some game. I moved upwards with strong jumps, like in a platformer. On a slightly larger island, where 2 or so buildings and some plants were, there was a group of people in dark clothes. I went to them and talked about something, I don't remember everything. What I do remember is that I explained the game Sonic Riders to them, and how I would love to have a pair of those floating shoes and how I liked the idea of them more than hoverboards.

      Then everything went black and I felt the dream fading, and as usual I struggled against it. It seems I was out of the dream for a short moment but this time I managed to hold on to my consciousness without completely waking up. I'm pretty sure this would've become a FA if I hadn't manage to hold on to my consciousness by a thread.
      After some time of focusing and struggling I saw light, and quickly noticed that it was kind of like the light you'd see coming from under and around a door when it's bright outside and you're in a dark room. I reached for the door and opened it, just to see the same thing again. Then another door, and another one. Then, after I think I opened 4 or 5 doors I actually got outside and had full visual input from the dream again. It was cloudy but bright outside, and I was in some kind of village with broad streets and little to nothing happening. I tried to fly, but was only able to float. The last thing I did was changing the sky into a clear night scenery with tons of stars, which looked and felt beautiful, but alas then I woke up for real.
    7. Bluescreen, double smartphone and taking a stroll through the snow in underwear

      by , 03-16-2016 at 12:20 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      I was in my current home, mostly correctly rebuild in my dream as well. One of the most notable differences was the fact my apartment was on the wrong side of the house. In the beginning my wife and my best friend were there, we were in the staircase I think. We talked about something I guess but I don't remember well.
      The point from which I remember the dream well was when I was lying on my bed, looking at the screen of my PC across the room. It suddenly had a blue screen and then a really weird boot screen, like it would be possible and even reasonable for a boot screen to look like that, but I know none that actually does.
      I kind of had a sync of the blue screen on my smartphone too, there I saw something that didn't fit in there. Oddly enough I can't seem to chronologically order these events correctly either.
      Also I suddenly had a perfect copy of my smartphone, on in each hand. I swiped in my complicated unlock pattern, but I didn't copy it correctly, rather I mirrored it. Both phones unlocked.

      At this point I had a smile as the fact I was dreaming had undeniably dawned on me. A nose-pinch RC confirmed that.
      I didn't pay any attention to the fact I was apparently only wearing underwear and went outside (that whole getting lucid in a dream and going outside thing seems to become a thing in my dreams nowadays), it snowed and it was pretty cold. I, walking around with hardly any clothes, felt that cold in a somewhat realistic, however not unpleasant manner. After some time I got used to it and didn't really feel any cold anymore either.
      I spent most of the time walking around my neighborhood, which also was mostly correctly, all the while looking at my hands and turning them into lizard type hands, scales and stuff. It worked out pretty well too. The last thing I remember that sometime in between I shouted something out into the dream which seemed to help stabilize it.

      Eventually I woke up, or rather I had a false awakening. It seemed like I was in the same home that this dream had build, or mostly similar anyway, and my wife was beside me too.
      I shouted the same thing and startled her, and stupidly didn't realize I was still dreaming. Had I realized it I probably could've gone on a bit, but alas I woke up shortly after.

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    8. Half-Bridge Over Aurora

      by , 01-15-2016 at 06:26 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)

      I was in Katipunan-Aurora area at night. I was walking with some people. We were going to cross the bridge over Aurora but it was cut in the middle. It was as if the other half of the bridge was just gone. We had to go down, which was tricky.

      Daytime. I was trying to do some parkour flows in some ruins. I was with some friends. I watched S teach a new flow.
    9. #36: Music / Selling / Train

      by , 11-23-2015 at 01:37 PM
      With no real way of knowing where I am, I know that I'm in Indonesia. It's already somewhat late in the evening. I'm walking around in a mall and feel like it's near closing time. I hurry a bit, because I still want to buy some earplugs. I enter a store that looks like it's an electronics store. I believe the floor consists out of white tiles, which have been polished until they shine. It kinda looks as if there are two entrances behind one another. As if there is a 'pre-shop' to the actual shop. There are two salesmen standing in the 'pre-shop'. All this consists of just a counter. Without me having said anything, one of them asks me if I want to buy earplugs. He just really wants to sell. Because I came here to buy earplugs I go along with it. I look at the counter. There are purple earplugs connected to a black iPhone I believe. I tell the salesman in Indonesian that I want to try those. I put them in and connect them to my own black iPhone. I'm scrolling through my playlist. I want to try these using the song Backseat Freestyle by Kendrick Lamar. I keep looking through the music I have of him, but I can't find this song. Then I decide that it's no problem, as it's just for testing anyway. I play a song and I can hear it being played double. I take out my earplugs. The sound is coming both from the earplugs and the speakers, but it isn't synchronised. How annoying! This is totally inconvenient. If I sit in an angkot [public transport minivan] everyone will hear it. I want to tell this to the salesman, but I'm struggling to find the words in Indonesian.

      It's daytime and I'm standing somewhere on the street. I'm with a colleague. It's one of my first days as a street sales person. I approach a girl to convince her to become a member of whatever it is I'm standing for. At some point I've convinced her. I put my black bag on the ground and grab 5 pens out of the front pocket with one hand. I present them to her, so she can have her pick of which one she wants to use. There are two green ones which I know are empty already, so I'm hoping slightly that she won't take those. Then I remember that the registration form is still in my bag as well. I grab it out of the main pocket.

      I'm standing in a train, near the end of a carriage. In front of the door to the other carriage is a steel rod on which I decide to sit. It's blocking the way for someone to enter, so I move. I look at my phone to consult the train app for travel information. This new version is bothering the hell out of me. On the left I can choose a time of departure and on the right I can do something similar. Who thought of this? It's totally not convenient! To make matters worse my screen responds erratically to my touches.
    10. Yes give me more...more...more RECALL

      by , 11-11-2015 at 07:23 PM
      D1 - I am looking at a stretch of road that has the wall of a building running along it. Single storey, dark brown flat roof, bumpy.
      There is a pavement running along, it then goes off to the left.
      I am being persuaded to demolish the building as this is a good time, as the owner is away. I know it is wrong to do.
      but I agree anyway.
      The part of the building is demolished and I have a new property built on the land. The owner is unsurprisingly unhappy on his return.

      Tryed to DEILD but just ReEnter Dream

      D2 - In the same street a bit further down the road, there is a modern apartment block. The windows are double glazed, with dark brown frames.
      I am asked to go park the car, on returning from holiday. I go to park it on a parking spot owned by the apartment block.
      I am asked to move it. So I try the next spot.
      I am asked to move it. So I try the next spot.
      each time the spot I am offered is smaller.
      Eventually I am given a spot only big enough for a small piece of luggage to sit on.
      I put the luggage down under a seated bar area and it is immediately covered over with food for a party.
      So I remove it.

      Tryed to DEILD but just ReEnter Dream

      D3 - Back into the same street, it is a Saturday. We are tired from returning from holiday but my partner does not want to go to bed :/
      We are traipsing around the streets. We do some shopping then arrive at a Pub. Inside is pretty empty as it is early morning, there are strange posters on the wall of some creature, plant like. The owner won't give us a refund for tickets to the band that was on last night.
    11. Raptor vs Raptor

      by , 07-14-2015 at 11:11 PM
      First dream: I'm out dressed up as a grizzly bear out in my backyard chasing after a male attempting to tackle him with my weight. He runs and screams until we run out in to the front yard where I nearly got a grasp of him but he slips away and we both end up in the backyard again. Unfortunately, this time he gets help from another grizzly bear who happens to play the role of a mother. While watching these two pair up, I'm up on top of the roof of the garage deciding whether or not to brawl with this heavy beast.

      As it's climbing up the roof, I start to lose interest in this conflict and run away from the mother bear. I climb up as fast as I could to the next higher level of roofing and right as soon as the mother bear reaches the roof, I charge towards the edge of the roof and start flying off in to the depths of the dark narrow street I live on. I flew faster and faster, enough to get me out of the zone of danger. I was afraid. Not only afraid of the mother bear but the darkness accumulating the whole street I flew in to.

      As I flew with great ferocity in to the dark, narrow street, I noticed a light at the end of the street. A home. This home was the end of the street - a source of open peace. Once I reached the end of this street, I would escape from the evils lying within it. Instead, I got the opposite of that. After flying for a while, I noticed an eerie looking abandoned home standing right next to the street. Bad experiences came of it whenever I visited it in previous dreams. I decided to go ahead and look what's inside it anyways in hopes that something different would happen.

      I walked in to the dark residence and slowly crept up inside the the interior of the building. What I heard was a few people engaging in a quiet conversation in the middle room of the home. It was a discreet conversation, so whatever they were talking about wasn't supposed to be heard by outsiders. I walked past the small the room and the first thing I noticed was its large size and open spaces. I was scared up to the point when I saw how dark it was in the areas surrounding it. I slowly walked out of the home unnoticed.

      Second Dream: There was a school somewhere inside a huge open field of grass. I was walking alongside my classmates figuring out where our next destination would be. On our way, I saw several crowds of people walking from class to class(unusual for me) and many of them were waiting outside entrances of unique classrooms. For example, one of the classrooms presented a small zoo where the students could learn about the species living in them. I look in to this one for a while because I thought it was curious. After a while, it was finally time to go back to finding our unknown point of interest. I followed both of my friends through the halls of the crowded school in to the school on to the entrance of the school office and confronted the principal for help. This is where we discovered a secret fear underlying the school's boundaries. What was it? I'm not sure. The principal stood and gave us a motionless stare and knew something was out to get us if we didn't leave the campus on time.

      All three of us quickly jumped down on to the stairs of the school to what was a large scene of green mountains surrounding the entire school. My friends and I transformed ourselves in to creatures. Dinosaurs. Raptors, I think. We all moved ran through the open plains at great speeds. We still had the minds of a human which meant that we knew a lot more than the Raptor's do. However, there were other raptors as well.

      We eventually ran in to what seemed to be nearing the edge of a really tall cliff. The leader, one of my friends, told us to get down on the ground and turn on our night vision. Both of my friends rested down in to the grass but I had a little trouble doing so. There were upcoming enemy raptors walking ahead of us. I tried to lay down but I couldn't. It wasn't until one of the enemy raptors came up near us when I finally had the power to bury myself in to the ground. But that was when I accidentally moved my body and alerted the raptor walking right past me. It roared. Me and my other two friends quickly got up from the ground and ran off to the edge of the cliff. I ran right behind the leader and my other friend besides me. The raptor behind us roared out and was about ready to eat us. Our leader jumped off of the cliff, over what seemed to be a river, in to the small village right next to it. He made it safety to the ground. When I jumped, however, I fell off and was hurled down in to the flowing river. The friend besides me followed.
    12. New Dorm in the City

      by , 05-02-2015 at 12:08 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was looking for a new dorm. I was talking to someone and he/she referred me to a place near the city. The place is just near the street, but there's construction everywhere.



      - 3 a.m. - 9 a.m.
      - No coffee
      - Listened to a new audio
    13. The Gold Coin in India

      by , 05-02-2015 at 09:47 AM
      2nd May 2015

      I walked the dirty streets of India with a young local, yet westernized girl. We chatted nonchalantly and as we stepped off the pavement I noticed a gold coin that had a half moon cut out from the top. The girl immediately notified me of its high value.

      A local man with his family noticed all of this and offered to purchase it from us. I negotiated with him, and after some fuss managed to bring get 5000rupees from him, as the Indian girl watched quietly.The man gave the gave her the 5000rupees and carried on his path.When I spoke to her about splitting the money she told me it was her coin and therefore her money.I felt flabergasted and cheated. I,after all, had done all the work!
    14. Jogging / Portable Hole / Space (DILD)

      by , 04-14-2015 at 07:06 AM
      Ritual: WTB 2am, woke 9am with dream. Recall: 9/10. April had so far been a dryspell, but after my hot streak in early March I hadn't worried too much about it. I've noticed that my streaks and dryspells often seem to operate cyclically. I was distressed in early April when even my dream recall was inexplicably poor, but for the past week that had been improving. I had been continuing daytime RCs but to no discernible effect, and hadn't made any serious LD attempts all month.

      Last night was no exception, but since I was stressed and annoyed over work obligations, I let myself drink rather heavily with dinner. The consequence of this was that I slept poorly, having to cycle lots of water and wake up even more frequently than usual. This didn't bother me either, as I'd slept plenty in the last few days and didn't feel especially tired. I also enjoyed that I was dreaming heavily all night, with decent recall, though the dreams themselves were not interesting enough to sacrifice more sleep to record them. As morning approached, the line between sleeping and waking started to blur, to the point where I found myself in a long dream where I seemed to be lying half-awake in my bed, but talking and interacting with DCs who were in the room with me. Even before the dream ended it occurred to me that it had involved some semi-lucid intervals, so I realized I should get up and take some notes. I was in the process of doing so when I began to suspect I was still dreaming. My first instinct was to wake myself up so I could record the dream properly, but then I realized that I shouldn't squander this unexpected opportunity!

      DILD: In my living room. Don't think I'm awake yet. Could wake myself up, of course. Hang on—that would be a waste. Must be at least an hour before I have to get up. What were those tasks again?

      Jogging will be easy enough. I start running even before I leave the house. Suddenly my feet feel heavy and I notice I am wearing my old black leather combat boots. Grin—if there was any doubt I was dreaming it has cleared up now. [For the record, I was never in the military, I just had a distinctive fashion sense in my youth.] Go outside the door and jog away. Immediately nothing like my backyard, though it does still resemble the region I live in. Look around: in the distance see a woman pushing a stroller. "Woman pushing a stroller," I say to myself, to fix the details. I'm running across a parking lot, and where it ends I pass an unusual tree whose thick branches are armed with long thorns. "Thorn tree," I state for the record. Find myself at the edge of a steep hill and run straight down. Gravity isn't a problem, I stay perpendicular to the ground I am covering, which means I am pitched forward at a 45 degree angle and would fall flat onto my stomach if gravity were operative, but it isn't. I can feel my body being gently buoyed up into this position, and my speed doesn't become too great. Say, "Steep hill." As I'm running down the hill, looking around, I see something stranger. The earth is almost barren, with dry scrubby vegetation in patches, but looking to my left, I see razors sticking up out of the ground as if someone has planted them there, dozens of them, several inches apart, covering a large patch of ground. "Razors planted in the ground," I say, adding, "Disposable razors." And they're not just any brand, but I recognize them: distinctive yellow handles, white heads... "Bic razors," I think.

      At the bottom of the hill the ground levels out. I notice that the act of jogging doesn't feel at all realistic, which is interesting because I actually do jog in WL on a semi-regular basis, so it is not that my dreaming mind lacks sensations to draw upon. In what respect is it unrealistic? Well, there's no need for real effort, no sense of real weight. And now, unbidden, my arms are dangling and dragging through the dry dirt of the ground, I can feel it sifting through my fingers. My arms do not feel any longer than normal, and my legs do not feel any shorter than normal, yet my fingers are trailing the ground alongside me as I run. I notice a small mushroom lying on the dirt and pick it up, saying "Mushroom." It is a fleshy beige tube-shaped stem without a distinct cap, and I recognize the type from the grocery store—it is a small eryngii mushroom.

      Previously I had passed highways at the base of the hill, but now I'm approaching a smaller local street, buildings tightly packed together on the side of the street across from me. I decide to move on to another task. When the April TOTMs were posted I had worked out a plan whereby I would use the portable hole to portal myself into space and do the bonus task. I note an ideal location in the street—there's a manhole cover there or some other kind of circular mark that seems the ideal place to set down the hole. I notice three guys on this side of the road are getting into a parked car and feel instinctive momentary caution about running in front of it, but remind myself that this is a dream, there's no way to be harmed if the car hits me, and anyway I should use it as motivation to succeed quickly in the hole task. In retrospect, I note that the direction they're about to drive suggests either that this must be a one-way street, or else that the traffic flow is the opposite of what it normally is in the US.

      I had planned my strategy as I was jogging up, so once I got to the spot I had designated, I promptly used my right hand to reach into my "pocket" (to avoid overcomplicating things I deliberately didn't bother to take notice of what I was wearing or make sure it had a pocket, I just let assumption carry the day), pulled out my portable hole and dropped it. Nothing happened, but the problem was easily diagnosed: my hand had come up empty from my pocket, so I had only been pretending to drop the hole. Apparently, in dreams, there can somehow still be a distinction (however nuanced) between "pretending" to do something and "actually" doing it.

      "You actually have to pull something out," I murmured to myself reprovingly, and reached into my pocket again. This time my hand closed around a folded piece of very thin black cloth. I recall the texture of the cloth made it feel like a synthetic fiber, smooth and slightly shiny. I unfolded it and dropped it on the pavement. It was circular, perfectly sized to fit over the manhole-cover spot in the street, but I had thrown it so casually that it had fallen in a bunched up and wrinkled way, so I kneeled down to gently smooth it flat. Then I stood back up and stepped on the cloth, intending to sink through it and find myself in space. Of course the first time, it felt no different than stepping onto a layer of cloth that had been set onto the pavement, and I didn't go anywhere. This didn't surprise me, since I knew my expectations might have been conditioned by some of the early TOTM reports I had read in this month's thread. So I patiently tried again, knowing I could make this work. I hopped in place and focused on the sensation of sinking. The second try was still a dud. I hopped again, maintaining my focus and emphasizing the idea of falling through the hole. It worked, though instead of falling suddenly, as one might through a real hole, I was sinking slowly and gently downward. I used this extra time to build my image of where I wanted to end up: space.

      After I sank beneath the surface of the pavement, I was floating in a pitch black, unconstructed space. This was more promising than disorienting—after all, outer space has very similar qualities. However, I knew I should be seeing stars, so I firmed my resolve to be in space, specifically "outer space," not just unconstructed space. The dream complied, and filling my field of view to the front and right was a sudden glimpse of a great starry disk, fully round as if I was looking at it head on. "Galaxy," I murmured, impressed by how beautiful it was, how awe-inspiring, even if it had been generated entirely by my own mind. But the task required me to observe a sunrise over Earth, so I focused my intention using keywords: "Space. Sunrise."

      The beautiful galaxy disappeared, replaced with a vision much less inspiring. From photographs I have the impression that seeing the actual Earth from space is visually stunning, but despite the loveliness of my galaxy, my model of Earth was rather dull and unconvincing. What made it so underwhelming was that I didn't feel like the distances were right: even though I was still floating in "space," I felt like I was only a few feet away from the planet, which resembled a large globe about six feet in diameter. It was dark, because I was looking at the night side, and as I willed the "sunrise" to occur, the light creeping around the edge of the planet illuminated something unexpected: the whole planet seemed fenced in by structures built over and around it, and they were covered with corporate logos! Actually it seemed very appropriate metaphor for the current state of affairs. The structures definitely didn't look like the sorts of things that could exist in space, though, since they consisted of large interlocking beams that crowded and dwarfed the planet itself. As I examined this structure, the "space" in which I was floating stabilized into the interior of a large, dimly lit room, the earth and the structures around it becoming mere models. It resembled the lobby of a planetarium or space museum.

      "Space. Sunrise." I said again firmly, trying to restore the scene to the one I had intended. I temporarily succeeded in making the room fade away so that I was again floating in darkness in front of the Earth, but when I tried to re-do the sunrise, the growing light illuminated the walls of the same room that I had just banished, and now the light was almost aggressively bright. This, I figured, was actual light from WL—during my earlier wakings I had noticed that it was a very bright morning, and my curtains can only do so much to keep light out of the bedroom. I managed to ignore the light and hold onto the dream a little bit longer, but I was still wrestling to turn the room's interior back into outer space when I woke up.

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    15. Driving from the backseat

      by , 03-26-2015 at 03:08 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      So... in this dream I was driving a car from the backseat as if it was normal. Then the police stopped me and I freaked out a little, realizing that this was probably illegal. The whole weirdness of the situation made me do a nose pinch reality check, and the policemen (there were 2 but I only properly saw the face of 1) gave me a strange look. I didn't believe this was not a dream so I did another nose-pinch reality check, this time it worked and I knew I was dreaming. Now the policemen gave me an oddly satisfied look and then the scene switched, and I was suddenly in some kind of artificial cavern underground, though natural light came in through places in the ceiling. I spent the rest of the dream really taking in the details touching and manipulating the sand on the ground, appreciating how real everything felt.
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