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    1. 2021-08-22, 23, 24, 25

      by , 08-25-2021 at 03:09 PM
      + [something about N&A]
      + comparing my very deeply tanned (nearly black) arm vs. my friends, to see who has the darkest tan, 3-4 arms all put side-by-side, at first I think mine's darker but then think grade-school friend EB's is darker
      + [doing something with some guy]

      mid/final [early waking]
      + I'm hosting an outside party where the guests are all seated in an outdoor amphitheater [DS], A (of N&A [DS]) asks for a Coke, go to get it from the cooler, I can't find it but see A's retainer in the cooler bottom
      + Looking up at a snowy hill through a chain-link fence, tell guy there that "well this year the snow didn't make it through the fence at least," at that moment some snow breaks off and rolls down to the fence, "spoke too soon!" I say
      + In a crowded (school?) corridor with people, looking at brightly colored small plastic packages (like individual tea packs) in a display case, turn to "friend" near me to say something and realize it's some random girl I don't know, continue observing the contents of the display case


      Late bedtime always wreaks havoc on recall, as does watching videos before bed. Almost not recall at all, but managed to dig up a couple fragments:

      + On top of some tall moving platform, I'm intercepting footballs tossed by the opposing team players who are playing on the ground below me

      + In the back seat of a car going somewhere juggling some items, the people in the front are talking to me about something


      Weak recall phase...hoping for more upticks soon!

      + Tossing an Aerobie indoors then outdoors with some guy


      Scotch-fueled dreaming night, pretty good in fact:


      + [people in places -- forgotten]

      + racquetball/squash: playing 2-on-1 2 young woman against me, I can't make shots, I call interference several times, one of them disagrees and cites the rule

      + playing a hand of poker: I'm dealt a full house (A-A-10-10-10, plus some other cards), I bet too aggressively too soon and everybody folds, I gather the cards to avoid showing my hand and shuffle

      + in a small "dune-bug" like vehicle with a really long gear shift handle, I'm showing that it's hard to stall this thing

      + [late fragment] working out in a gym [DS]?

      + outside in a flea market, I see lots of garbage/litter on the ground in my area, I think about cleaning it; I'm arranging my passports and documents on a table, I'm concerned it's open and accessible to all, so I try to move a small portable table between the walkway and my documents, I think (somebody says?) it won't be enough to protect them

      + in a low small boat with a black dangerous animal (cougar/puma?) sitting right behind my, nuzzles my head from behind, I'm leery of it, deja vu, scene repeats

      + enter and move through a cluttered shop, narrow aisles, follow a girl(?) she's trying to sell something(?), I give the proprietor a handful of papers to sell he looks at them and says they're "Honda parts," and I see he has a large Honda-branded section against one wall; he opens a small box full of papers and puts my papers into the box
    2. 2021-08-21 LUCIDD 261 crazy clock, harem, female killers, hell, goddess, taxi scene

      by , 08-25-2021 at 02:14 PM
      2 large glasses of wine in the evening before bed

      + in some sort of an office setting trying to get something done from the girls there they're hiding in an office from me

      + Place like a locker room where women are paired up and they are killing each other the pairs are much stronger and they have kind of dead weird eyes (large whites tiny pupils), at some point I'm given a popcorn machine so that I can use this to attract a partner so that I can be safe, I'm walking around the room, an inspection is announced and I have a shopping cart with me, I think I can stand here it won't bother anyone, but I need to move because one group there doesn't want me there

      + [DO] A woman is being let down to hell on a staircase, it is getting progressively hotter and she is starting to sob and moan about the heat, and the demon leading her says "haha this is not even hot yet it's just the introductory area"

      + tall sort of demon god woman (30+ feet tall) very bright weird clothing ribbon on her nose approaches us we can't avoid her I seem to be her major first disciple there's a group of us she hands me a ribbon to put on one of the second or third disciple girl's nose.

      + LD #261 DILD LUCIDD
      find myself in a room looking at a clock on the wall, the hands of the clock are spinning super fast forwards several hours for a second, then backwards several hours for a second, it is fairly dark but illuminated with a directionless blue fluorescent light (like a 70's black light). I RC and can breathe, feel that I'm probably dreaming but test further: I'm standing on a low table and lean forwards to see if I'll fall or glide/fly, I move forwards and seem to be gliding so I conclude I'm dreaming. The room is L-shaped and I'm at the corner between the two longer parts and turn to the right and am facing a wall, which I fly through. Now I'm in a long narrow corridor (also colored blue) and fly a bit down, then see (a door?) to my left, turn, and fly through it into a bedroom. I fly forwards into the room and do a U-turn to the right and am facing a woman standing at a bathroom counter, she is facing me. STM. I feel a tingle in my body and the scene fades.

      Attachment 10576

      + Harem. Start STM outside, we move to a staircase where people are sitting, the girl's "manager" (?) comes by and says something I'm not a fan of (some sort of rules?) I take her down the staircase (CH basement?). The area is packed with girls. Back to back STMs.

      + after the lucid and the harem scene I'm checking my watch and I can't determine if it's 10:20 or almost 4 p.m. (hands are at the 10 and the 4, can't tell which hands, though)

      + I got a call from someone maybe it was AG (mom of kids friends with autistic girl) or someone who needs help in a state far away they're going to fly in and give me their documents and I have to somehow help them resolve the issue but I'm concerned about my schedule I don't think I can do it in time

      + a taxi stands on a street outside, vivid, and some people are walking by they splash dirty like asphalt mix up from the street on to some people who are standing there in one of the door man comes out and scolds them runs away I see that people a couple there who is waiting for a taxi have been covered by this black goo from the street walking down the road I want to get a taxi but I see there's a long line of people and they are holding tokens the taxi driver start at the bottom and go up the hill get a token they handle token to the person who wants to wait for them and they have to wait in line for the taxi driver with the matching token to return these tokens look like small 1kg dumbbell weights one of these I think it's thrown at my head and hits me
    3. late

      by , 08-25-2021 at 06:16 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Entry a day late. got unexpectedly called into work right before bed...

      Jamie 1

      First I remember being in a garage with an old coworker. He was talking about his band and started doing lines of coke...

      Fast forward, I was driving? Then I was on my computer looking at Jamie's profile... Then I was driving around town again and ran into Jamie. She seemed mad at me or something and accused me of facebook stalking her... (Fact: Haven't even looked at her profile since 2012. Never looked her up in any way shape or form.)

      Jamie 2

      Days later I had this dream. Just remember her seeming more normal and easygoing.


      I was in a strange house. I was watching TV. Then my TV was gone. My brother's girlfriend said she put it away or something. I started wandering around trying to find a room to sleep in. One room led to more strange rooms, which led to more hallways maybe in another house? Just kept exploring more rooms, turning into more endless hallways and more rooms until I woke up.

      Gonna have to try that in a lucid. Enter a house, Go in the basement and try to see how endless the rooms are.
      Tags: jamie, rooms