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    1. 2 Lucid Dreams

      by , 12-15-2013 at 08:48 AM
      First lucid : [COLOR="#008080"]I go on my balcony and realize there's a new door in there. I ask myself what is that door doing there and I enter in it. It leads to my living room. I think it's weird so I do a RC. The RC works and confirms I'm dreaming. I get so excited I open up the window and yell : I'M LUCID!!! Everyone keeps highfiving, yelling and celebrating. I sit on the couch. There are a lot of stuff on the ground but I don't bother looking at them too much.I think about things to do and the summoning idea comes in head. I try to summon some shoes and I could. The shoes were brown with all kinds of glitter on it.I seem angry and I take them on. I try to walk in them but couldn't so I give up.[/COLOR]
      2nd Lucid : [COLOR="#008080"]I'm in my living room, thinking about stuff to do.I try to summon other shoes but fail.I stabilize and the dream gets more clear. I suddenly wonder if I could feel really bad pain in dreams. I look around for something to cut myself. I find a ruler and cut my calve really really bad. I don't feel any harsh pain.I go to the kitchen and see my mom, dad and my sister in there. I yell for mom then point to my cut and she's like : Oh boy, you did it again? Wash it and it will recover soon. Dad seems to give 0 fucks about me and really continues drinking his vodka while talking with mom. I eventually get tired of it and I get a random sweater and go outside. When I go outside I see a lot of people on this bench.I wave at all of them but they seem to ignore me. I yell for Kris because I wanna tell him about Audrey but nobody comes. I see a lot of people walking on the street so I ask them what is happening, nobody responses. My classmate comes up to me and asks me if I go to B Roxanna's concert? yeah. I ask no questions but follow people running. I yell : I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT CONCERT YOU GUYS ARE TALKING ABOUT, BUT I'M STILL GOING THERE while laughing. A man suddenly offers to drive me and some random DCs to the place. We get into the car and it suddenly breaks. The guy is like : Okay, I'll get my bike. He gets out of his car and he kind of looks like Einstein. He gets his bike and then we try to jump on his back. I say that there's no use to do that because it's stupid. The DCs tell me : No, you're stupid. I go to this shop and order a new, vagina to give it to that guy (What.the.fuck) He gives me a cheesecake and I thank him. The random DC gets the seller into a conversation while I steal some sugary stuff from there.I give him the cheesecake and he says thanks then he runs away.I sit on a chair and I'm waiting for someone. I tell random DCs that they're dreaming but most ignore me except one lady. I don't know how to make her believe she's dreaming and Chimpertainment(David) comes and makes her do a lot of RCs and then she believes she's dreaming. David also tells her that she should practice a lot for it in order to get better at it. I give her the username and other usernames from dreamviews which is kind of dumb because it's not like I had a shared dream.[/COLOR]

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    2. #16. Restaurants With Poor Customer Service. Also: Missiles

      by , 06-14-2010 at 04:02 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      Briefly, I'm Shawn Spencer from Psych. I check my backpack for water. I have a little over two bottles left. It's around 4PM. I decide to do the 3KM hike instead of the 5KM hike; I'll probably be back by 6PM and I'll get to the first peak of the Chief. The route is a combination of my running route here and the real hike in Squamish. I don't have a map with me, but I know the trail well enough.

      Similar location, female form. I'm talking to either my Oma or my Aunt Audrey. They keep switching. I'm watching the fire. There's something flammable (fireworks, ammunition?) in one of the wooden containers being licked at by the flames.

      I'm in a restaurant of a hotel with my mom and great grandma. Our tables are switched. I have a copy of a menu in my hand, and two spoons because I was holding one from the other table.

      I'm (working) in an office building. I keep speaking to bosses higher-up. I think one of them looks familiar (might be Jameson from Spider-man movies).

      I'm an American sniper in America and I'm being shot at. I'm with several other snipers at the top of a very tall tower surrounded by water surrounded by a city which might be San Francisco. I'm standing up, but I'm quickly pulled down by another man when I become aware of being in someone else's sights. A missile heads toward us on a crazy, spiralling course. It explodes over our heads.

      Patrick and Spongebob's houses are split in half and combined with Squidward in the middle, freaking out. Flashback to Patrick and Squidward trying to play a practical joke on Spongebob. A stone statuette of a face embedded in rock.

      Restaurants With Poor Customer Service. Also: Missiles. Scare Factor: 2.

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