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    1. Wednesday, September 18

      by , 10-08-2019 at 07:28 PM
      I am with Melissa in what seems like a mountainous area. We are in a cabin type building that feels like it’s on the edge of a gorge or some precipice. There is some event going on just outside the other doors that I think we’re a little late to. There is a cabinet for us to put our phones in, I think because there are no photos allowed. I place mine among the others, all screen up, as well as my glasses case? I feel my keys in my pocket, but decide they’re fine since they’re clipped to a belt loop with a carabiner. We step outside now and there are quite a few people, maybe our age or younger, sitting around on the rocky and uneven ground. They are all wearing puffy grey/blue coats that seem to be uniform, possibly with the same logo or team name. I realize that this is some sort of outdoor survival challenge and that I am wildly unprepared and they obviously are not. Melissa is in regular clothes and I am in a tie dye Grateful Dead shirt. It now starts, I think with a race.
      Tags: cabin, mountains
    2. October 15, 2018 Non-Lucid

      by , 10-15-2018 at 10:28 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      My sister is picking me up from this place near the mountains. We go to a gas station and I go to the counter. I freak out a little bit and fall to the floor. I get up and think that I'm sort of losing it and my sister looks a bit concerned. We go back to that house and I think there's now some zombies there.

      I'm in this open space that has a hill with a temple/building at the top of it. It feels like we're in a videogame. In the distance are these roads leading to another place. I think it's good vs. bad and there are teams of people. I fly down off the hill onto a road. I remember thinking I was gliding very far and I had done this before. This place felt really old and familiar. It felt like we were years in the past. On the other side of the map is this factory building. The bad guys are in there. I think they're horde but it's just a large group of people. They're flying into the building and I'm hiding on another side of this train. The train is actually surging and jiggling me around as I'm trying to hold on and hide from the horde. I go back to the hill and there are a lot of people surrounding this temple. I'm calling out to a particular girl thinking her name is KSHMR which IRL is a guy DJ but in the dream it's a girl. I start to fly up in the air. There are these tennis courts or basketball courts with giant black gates. I'm flying around sort of like spiderman jumping off of these giant black gates while yelling out to girl KSHMR. I was wearing my pink/white kimono.
    3. Backpacking with a Drizzle

      by , 09-23-2018 at 08:34 PM
      I'm hiking through some mountains to get somewhere. I took a different route than other people to the point we're meeting at and end up arriving first. Other people are at this spot, but most of them are packing up. I start to unpack and get ready to lay down for some rest. It starts to drizzle rain, however, and my things, including my sleeping pad, start to get wet. Looking up at the sky, I can see it's still sunshine but a dark cloud is right over us and getting bigger. I hope it moves away soon and start blowing up my sleeping pad. I take deep breaths in and surprisingly blow up and significant amount of it in just a few breaths. Everyone from my group starts to show up at this point and ask how I got here so fast.
    4. x.

      by , 07-28-2018 at 10:22 AM
      A few non-lucid dream sequences/fragments. My dreams felt very long and the places I was in felt vast.

      Sequence 1:

      One of the last sequences; I remember being driven by my partner to a small white building. It was the lobby for some sort of research complex. I went in and it was decorated with white and black inside, and there was a receptionist, a slim black-haired woman with her hair tied in a knot and she was wearing a black suit with skirt and a pair of glasses. She was speaking to someone else, both of them were standing up, though her desk was at a normal sitting height. She was explaining something to this other guy. She noticed me as I approached and I said I wanted a job there or something, she asked me what relevant skills I had; I answered truthfully (in waking life context), that I had not had many formal jobs. I also said something else random like I was good at blasting things or something.

      She then said "let's see what you got then". And then I simply remember being in another area that looked like an old or ruined town, and what looked like trenches or canals. She was there and in a different outfit, with a sword; I had a sword and a shield and I could see myself in third-person now (so it had become like a game), wearing a similar roman-era battle outfit. She got a few blows in first but I bashed her with the shield and she fell on the floor and I struck her with the sword in long swipes; sword swipes left a glowing trail behind them.

      There's something missing in my memory of the sequence here; next I am at what feels like an underground facility, the research complex. I am in a cylindrical room, on its upper half, which was separated from the bottom by thick glass and metal beams that made an aesthetically pleasing pattern. There were researchers here on upper half and on the bottom half I saw a test subject (which in my dream-mind I knew was a volunteer, like I was for the project) walk in through a doorway, to the centre of the room, where there was a raised platform. A researcher was in front of the subject on a control panel and adjust some things and the subject transformed into a 50ft/15metre creature; as a creature, it was pink and white-ish and with flowing appendages, not quite like tentacles. It also looked semi-translucent in parts. I have a dream-memory of seeing several transformations, each with very different resulting creatures, but all large.

      At some point before this entire sequence I remember seeing a similar giant creature like the one that, before I "knew" about the research complex, and it had been in some sort of combat situation. It may have been in the previous sequence.

      I remember watching more of these transformations and wondering if they would do me at some point. My memory of this dream sequence ends here.

      Edit: Made this 3D image of how I generally remember the transformations room. I didn't add a lot of detail simply because I don't remember it anymore. The grain is just because it's a quick render (6minutes).

      Fragment 2:

      This came before Sequence 1, and was just as long, though I only remember fractioned details.

      I remember being in a different ruined city area, which I got to by going down some steps under a mountain or something. I remember seeing some sort of interface for my health points and equipment, and my health was very low. I had no top on either, and for some reason in the dream context that made me extremely vulnerable. There were rats and other pests around, and I remember I got to a place where there was some sort of faction's base, where they were defending from another faction. One of the guys there wanted me to train first, and he had me lie down on a table of some kind where they either injected me with something or attached something; either way, something like an exoskeleton formed and my fear of being vulnerable went away. They explained something about the process, how a sodium injection was required but wasn't the only key to this. I remember there was a training room in the downstairs of the base.

      Fragment 3:

      In the same region as before, I remember being on a stereotypical Asian looking rooftop, and looking around and seeing the mountain where I came from, with the steps under an overhang. It was day, but the sun wasn't very high and there was cloud cover, though it didn't quite cover the sun. There were a lot of shadows. Looking around more there were other mountains to the left and then further left were plains and forests, back up to the point of seeing the steps mountain again. On the rooftop was someone else. A boy or a girl or a young-ish person anyway. They told me something about the winds that were coming and that we had to do something. I could see large, fast, clouds coming very low from the mountains. I don't remember much else other than seeing this character before in an alleyway.

      Some notes:
      • The sparring match with the receptionist went on for quite a while and I remember that even though my sword would cut her to chunks, she would "respawn" and we'd fight again. The combat reminds me now of Warframe and Shadow Warrior (both of which have strong Asian themes).
      • The first time I saw the giant creatures outside of the research complex I was not aware that they were human test subjects, so when I saw the transformation process I felt bad for having participated in a combat with one, especially given that I felt I'd rather be on the creature's side anyway.
      • Watching the creature transformation process I remember feeling a bit envious. In the context of waking life, I know that transformations of even the smallest degree are impossible, but a part of my subconscious still desires them, which attracts me to creative content that represents those themes. The transformation theme in general is a clear dream-sign, but one that I must remember to set an intention to make notice of, due to its prominence in games, and therefore the fact that it's so well embedded into a part of my reactions and behaviours towards it.
      • It is a little rare that transformation themes are so present in at least a couple of dream sequences. They were clear dream-signs and I should have done a RC.
      • The researchers at the complex wore no special clothes or outfits, they were dressed casually or with suits, so a potential dream-sign did not manifest there.
      • The "exoskeleton" wasn't so much an exoskeleton as it was making me "buff", I seem to remember.
      • Being at the rooftop especially should have made me RC due to a fear of heights, especially taking note that being a stereotypical rooftop, it was sloped.
    5. Storks in a Field

      by , 01-25-2018 at 08:02 AM
      Morning of January 25, 2018. Thursday.

      I am sitting up in a bed in an open field of waist-high grass. In the distance, the field seems to have a cliff that probably overlooks a ravine. There are beautiful mountains beyond. Two white storks walk by, about ten feet away, to my right.

      I am thinking of happily running through the field and flying over the ravine (as I have done in dreams since childhood), but my combination of lucidity and dream state indicator (the bed), slowly pulls me back into consciousness. RAS mediation is passive, as I have known and mostly grown used to vestibular system symbolism since early childhood - other than my walking in the city and tripping on something dreams that have occurred every sleep since childhood (and I was already actively linked to the dream state indicator, so no falling sensation either).

      Although the birds are a common form of autosymbolism for both vestibular system ambiguity and being unconscious, they are walking here, technically a form of return flight waking symbolism that has occurred in many past dreams (and they seem to be the very common paired preconscious and emergent consciousness factors here, though they might additionally be associated with Zsuzsanna and I in dream sleep - though I had dreams like this before I met Zsuzsanna). Additionally, the field is a type of autosymbolism for liminal space, though less common for me then porches, parking lots, or store checkouts, all of which signify a specific level of unconsciousness and circadian rhythms factors (which I validated as such as far back as age eight, even before I had studied hundreds of similar dreams over the years).

    6. My Not So Impressive 200th Dream Entry

      by , 01-03-2018 at 11:46 PM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      Just a fragment and some short dreams but really trying to work on dream recall!

      -in the mountains, beautiful mountains

      -I was at a Taylor Swift concert, I got front row. TW was singing and, at one point, held onto my shoulder and sang to me. I was sooo happy and was thinking, "if only I could have gotten a picture with her, but oh well, just this memory is enough!" and then she went back on the stage and started singing a song by another artist.

      -there was a group of kids and a male swimming instructor. All the kids were black girls and had matching hair and bathing suits. The swim instructor told them to do front flips into the water, and one by one they did, except for one kid who wanted to show off. She got a running start and jumped so far she ended up reaching the ledge on the other side of the pool and crashing into it.
    7. Desire is a Compassion Burned Fire

      by , 01-01-2018 at 09:11 PM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      Happy New Year!! I got a great start to mine - a nice solid lucid!
      For the past week I have been working hard to try to lucid dream and remember my dreams. It's starting to pay off! though my dream recall still SUCKS.

      early dreams:

      I was in the mountains. It was so incredibly beautiful and I wanted to move there but things kept holding me back and I was so sad about it. I wanted to stay in those snow covered towering high mountains forever.

      I was in caves.
      I was lucid and and excited. It seemed to last awhile and I let the dream take me wherever, part of which I remember crawling through caves. Eventually though, I lost the lucidity and the caves became scary.

      My boyfriend woke me and said goodbye and went off to work. I knew I had to try to fall asleep so I could get a lucid in!

      I was in my old house with my parents, sister, and grandpa. It was painted all white and empty except furniture. Everyone was sad and stressed for some reason. My sister was eating something like trail mix, she started choking and I said, "are you ok??" and she says, "no" but I realize she is fake choking. My dad says something like, "she just wanted you to practice your emotions." WTF. I was angry. I stormed off to my old room and there I find my mom, smoking a cigarrette, and my grandpa on the floor with his eyes closed, he looked dead but wasn't. I say, "hey, I need a cigarette!(neither of us smoke IRL) and take it from her and take a huff. Then my sis comes in and joins.

      I am in my bed, which is kind of like a bunk bed, and start going to sleep. This is a dream itself though, and my mom is walking around. I try to block her out, close my eyes. I get warped into a
      new dream, I am standing in the living room. It's night time and I'm staring at the giant window that's decorated in xmas decorations and a bunch of lights. I focus on one to stabilize the dream, and it works. I don't know what to do, but I don't want to stay inside so I go out into the night. I notice a few things, like the tree in the front yard by the driveway, a giant blow up snow globe santa thing, and on the street two cars are parked. Standing by the cars are two girls, around my age. I walk up and see they are digging through stuff in their cars. I stand in front of one of the girls. She has blond straight hair, with smokey makeup and long earrings. We start dancing and a song blares in the background, it sounds to be a young but seasoned singer and I try to remember the lyrics. "Desire is a compassion burned fire" We dance and it's amazing and then we KISS and it's fire. I decide to wake up after this because I thought my mom had been waiting for me to wake up, even though that part was just a dream. I wake up in my real bed.
      Tags: kiss, mountains, song
      lucid , non-lucid
    8. Walking to a Business and Dancing in a Mountainous Region

      by , 11-23-2017 at 05:23 PM
      Morning of November 23, 2017. Thursday.

      I am living with my wife Zsuzsanna and our family as we are now at our present address. However, many threads of my conscious self identity become reduced over time until the waking transition. I leave our house, apparently to get something from a store, but end up walking south which soon ambiguously becomes north as my association is mixed with Wisconsin (where I have not lived since February 1994). It seems to be nighttime.

      Over time, I am not sure where I am going but I continue to walk along the side of the road. I notice snow on the side of the road. My dream self does not consider how this area looks nothing like the area we live in real life. The fact that I do not know at all what is ahead does not bother me.

      I remain as far from the middle of the road as possible as a few cars pass now and then. I consider that I am walking in an area where pedestrians are not allowed, though there is no sign indicating such. Soon, the snow banks on each side of the road are higher.

      Eventually, I see an older couple in a station wagon. They are going in the opposite direction I am, down the side of the mountain, which is not that steep in this section. The unknown older lady asks me if the roads are clear for cars in the direction I had been walking from. I tell her that the roads are okay to drive through, as I had walked a considerable distance.

      Following a curve in the road, which is now seemingly one lane and easterly, I eventually end up walking through a square tunnel. A thin layer of ice covers the walls. One car goes by me during this time, going in the opposite direction. By following the road, I somehow end up inside a business building. I stealthily walk through, noticing three people talking in one office. I view this through an indoor window. There are other offices on each side of a hallway. I am puzzled as to how to get back to the road, as I had just been on it prior to illogically finding myself here.

      I enter a large room which seems like a public restaurant with round wooden tables sparsely arranged. An unknown male approaches me with a large flat piece of cardboard shaped like a person, painted over to represent a chubby male in informal clothes, and with eye holes to look through the face. The face is not that realistic and has a mustache. The piece has red vinyl straps connected (possibly by tacks) around the two-dimensional upper arms to hold it over my shoulders and upper arms, though my arms can still move freely. I am to wear it over the front of my body, though its legs are too long by at least a foot and bend out in front of me when I wear it, horizontally dragging and remaining against the floor. The other male is puzzled, though I do not tell him that I am not involved in whatever is going on. Instead, I say, “I am the stand-in”, and he seems to understand.

      I am to dance with another male who is not in such an odd cardboard cutout “costume”. He is unknown and sitting at a table with a few other people, mostly female. He is wearing a cowboy outfit with a fancy hat. Curiously, he also has some sort of red straps attached to his shoulders for no discernible reason.

      I start dancing on my own and my moves and balance feel perfect. The other people are seemingly amazed by how well I am moving (especially considering the odd cardboard “costume” covering the front of my body). I dance and feel a sense of well-being for several minutes. It seems I will be filmed as part of test footage until the real actors or performers show up. However, I eventually do not feel like being a part of this scenario anymore, mainly due to not being confident about either waltz moves (where I visualize hands shoulder to shoulder and the other arms out horizontally with hands clasped, towards the direction of movement) or dancing with a male (who reminds me vaguely of Burt Reynolds at about sixty), and deliberately leave the dream state with very clear intent even though I had not been lucid at any point, yet with the knowledge I had deliberately created much of my dream from the beginning. This has happened often throughout my life. It is a type of non-lucid dream control.

      Factors like non-lucid dream control (creating or influencing the dream without realizing it is a dream, typically not even remembering what a dream is) and literal prescience (with too much detail to be coincidence, including finding and marrying my beautiful literal dream girl) cannot be explained at all by what the majority seem to believe and experience. What part of the mind or extent of threads of conscious self identity and ephemeral synthesized fictional dream self viewpoints or combinations thereof account for this? How does one wake themselves so easily and intentionally from a dream without actively knowing it is a dream up to that very point? (This is not the same as knowing it is a dream and deliberately waking.) These concepts of course, are only part of the great puzzle of my life.

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    9. August 16-23, 2013

      by , 06-13-2017 at 04:59 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      8/16/13 | Vibrations
      Something like using vibrations to use things, or to progress, or to attack.

      8/17/13 | Minecraft 1.4.5
      I dreamt that I bought Minecraft. First, I spawned in an area where I had to spawn a cactus in the middle of some grass. Then I turned around and made a pile of blocks to sleep on, but I knocked it down to collect them again. Suddenly, mom and my younger sister were there, using legos that also acted as blocks.

      8/18/13 (L) Value: 0 | Toothpick Snap
      First, I was playing Twilight Princess for half a minute when I became lucid. When I became lucid, I snapped a toothpick in half and was teleported to the bathroom for shapeshifting. I don’t remember exactly what I did then, but my heart rate momentarily increased, which I calmed down a moment later. But then, mom showed up and I went to the stairs to find my older sister sitting on them, playing StarCraft 3. I thought about Star Trek Online for a moment. Then, I found myself playing it. I unfortunately lost my lucidity there because I got distracted by some DCs.
      Time: 30-90 seconds

      8/19/13 (L) Value: 0 | Underwater Wheezy, 6-Armed Wall Climbing
      -1-Yet another boring everyday life dream. Dad put stuff in the bathtub, and mom drove into the water in Wheezy(the minivan) before I picked it up and put it back.
      -2(L)-Just two parts. I grew some more arms to help me climb a wall. After that, the dream began fading away, so I spun around while focusing on my hands, but the transition was too fast, and I woke up.
      Time: 30-40 seconds

      8/20/13 | Escaping Yellowstone With Rockets
      Apparently, Yellowstone was the safest place on the planet. I said, “If it erupts, then it obviously won’t be the safest place on the planet. What do you know, it did erupt. [Skip the boring parts] I was escaping the eruption with some people at high speed with rockets.

      8/22/13 (L) Value: 4 | Hill With Deadly Mountains, FA, Partial Progress
      -1-It started out with me in the car and mom driving us to a BBQ. I looked to the north and could see a nonexistent, steep hill with mountains nearby, which some others and I eventually climbed. I found myself coming down from the top after a beautiful scene of mountains. Some deadly rocks detached from the side of the hill and fell on top of someone, killing them instantly. I saw a potential one, thinking it might kill me, so I took a different route down and then I suddenly had a FA with sleep paralysis engaged. I thought I had woken up, so I decided to do a FILD. No more than 5 seconds had elapsed before some really weird things started happening. I felt like my right shoulder muscles were stretching and being pulled in weird directions.
      -2(L)-So the FA began right after another FA that I didn’t catch, and I became lucid by doing an RC. I could breathe with my nose plugged. It works every time. I forgot to stabilize the dream here. The first thing did was say, “Tail, grow.” That didn’t work, so I walked over to the door, and said, “Tail, grow through my clothing.” That was more convincing for me, so my tail grew to 24 inches. I grabbed it, and felt the whole thing! I scratched the end of it, and felt that too!
      Time: 1-2 minutes

      8/23/13 | Forgotten Mountainous Scenery
      At one point I was at this grassy place with mountainous scenery to the N, E, and SE. Apparently it was same world and place that I walked up and down 3 times.
    10. WILD / Purple Mountains in the Distance

      by , 10-16-2016 at 04:16 AM
      Awake after about seven hours of sleep.

      Meditate for 26 minutes.

      Do energy body work, i.e. Inner alchemy, chakra activation.

      Conditions: In room. Laying on back on slight incline. Lights on.

      Methods use: imagine floating above body, walk around courtyard, swaying above body, sphere coming out of head and seeing self from above; energy body stimulation, autosuggestion, and so forth .

      After about fifteen minutes of going through the several methods described I allow myself to fall asleep while maintaining a moderate level of concentration and awareness.

      After a estimated three minutes I suddenly become fully conscious in my bed, seeing that I can see through my closed eye lids and there is a strange feeling of 'energy' in my body I quickly conclude I am in the dream state.

      It takes a few moments to be able to rise from the dream bed, I visualise and Will my subtle body to coagulate and solidify, I then attempt to role on to the floor, after several tries I am successful.

      I walk slowly out of my room into the hallway allowing my vision to crystallise into a steady state, when I walk into the living room I notice that the coffee table is no longer there, but this does not surprise me a great deal.

      I walk outside through one of the many living room windows, I am on a second story. The ocean is again extremely close, only some thirty feet from the door. To my great surprise however there was perhaps one of the most magnificent landscapes I have ever seen in this word or that one. The first thing that drew my attention on the other side of the water was a towering and jagged mountain covered with snow, it reminded my of pictures of mount Everest. The next aspect of the scene was also remarkable, behind and to the right of the mountain was a purple and blue sun set, (or sunrise) there were a great variety of shades of the colours, coupled with multi textured streams and clumps of white clouds.

      After enjoying the view I decide I would like to interact with some people, to my left down the shore about one quarter of a mile I see a small building, it looked at first like a store or small home. I lift only five feet off the ground and fly quickly toward it, stopping was a little tricky, my momentum wanted to carry me a bit farther. I walk in, it is a bar, there are maybe ten people standing around drinking, some by the bar, others chatting next to the several pool tables.

      Break in memory. I am in the dream bed again. First I hear a stand up comedian talking, it was Joe from the show 'impractical jokers', it went on for a little while but i only recall one line accurately. He says "Why are there so many gays now days?" and then says "One thing:finger paint". Needless to say I found this a very odd stand up routine. Next there was the voice of a man who lectures on the evidence of alien structures on the moon and other things similar to that I had heard recently, this went on for some time.

      Break in memory. I am again in my dream bed. There is a extra TV in front of the bed, I watch it few a moment and ascertain it is a dream re make of the classic movie 'the exorcist', that did not worry me, but I looked away not wanting to freak myself out.

      I am walking through the hall next to my room again. A old old friend walks by and quickly reaches over and pinches my back causing a mildly unpleasant sensation. I attempt to talk to him but he ends up walking through the wall next to the bathroom, it did not occur to me to follow him.

      I was in bed for something like one or two hours, I cannot help but feeling that a large portion of the lucid dream was forgotten sadly.

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    11. Cafe, Alone, Rock Monster

      by , 07-04-2016 at 06:27 PM
      I was working on the layout of an old newspaper and the image of a man at a radio station talking into a mic appeared. He said he had been working at this station since 1865 under the title of ‘Father of the House.’ I remember thinking he didn’t look that old, maybe only 45.

      I was working at the cafe, very busy section towards the front of the house.
      Two women together ordered food, changed tables while waiting on food so I had trouble finding them at first. One of the women told me she hadn’t ordered this dish: it was a baking pan of 4 enchilada-shaped objects wrapped in what looked like blue plastic. It was called ‘the Four Plastics’ and I remembered her ordering it but I didn’t argue. She said she had ordered the ‘Rhubarb Salad. Lots of detailed activity happened that I don’t remember well now- fumbling with computer and ordering food, fumbling at cash register and fumbling getting people checks. I was at the cash register and I could see a girl in my section was out of water. I grabbed a pitcher and I walked over to her. She was a regular (dream- but she seemed to be a younger female version of a waking life regular I used to know) and she had a drink when I got to her table. She said it was an accident that she gestured towards me, that she had been doing some kind of experiment/magic. She was only 19, had long auburn hair, giant round glasses, and an awkward face. She was nice, but very strange. I felt bad for her, and wanted to find a way to help her grow into herself, specifically initially helping her to speak in a more eloquent manner. But I didn’t say anything. I listened to her tell me and some other people how she was tiring about going to a costume party, but that she would probably stay at home and dress up at her place alone. Maybe as a tomato? I can’t remember.
      We had a new chef and a new [manager?] at the cafe. They were loyal to each other.

      I had a small black puppy with me behind bar at one point. It was scrambling in my arms and ran around behind the bar and up to the top to greet some customers.

      At one point there was an ex president visiting. He was of an asian background and he lived in this town that the cafe waist now that he was retired. His daughter worked at the cafe. They had been eating and listening to audiobooks that we rented out- a long series of perhaps 12 titles, all written on his receipt that he handed me at the cash register when he walked up. Initially he told me, ‘Don’t freak out…’ when he walked up. I told him I was remaining relaxed. One of the titles had the word phantom in it. I had trouble ringing them up but I did the best I could. A woman manger came up to me later and told me to organize them in a better way. I told her I wasn’t sure how- but she shoved the receipt into my chest and walked away.

      I don’t remember it happening, but my husband had left me. I had moved on to an ex from long ago and he had left me as well. Then I had moved on to yet another ex, and we had been living in an old apartment similar to one we actually lived in in real life. We had issues and then we decided to stay together but get different apartments. I found one that was slightly cheaper at $640/month in the same complex. He eventually left me too. I remember feeling sad that everyone seemed to leave me, that something must be wrong with me.
      I woke up (false) on my bed with my jeans and t-shirt on. I couldn’t recall going to bed, thought I must have bee really tired and just passed out when I came home from work. As I laid there, I looked up and could see a bunch of bikes hanging around me, and a bike part on my bed. Then I saw my mom through a window in my bedroom door. She came in and I told her that my ex had left me. I told her I already had my own place, and she seemed to be trying to help me plan my future, saying, ‘That’s not so bad…’ about the price of the apartment. I felt sad about living in this city again, didn’t want to be there. She was giving me $160 for my birthday. I told her I wanted a bike.

      My apartment was a the foothills of some mountains. In the valley there was a large river. It was beautiful, though I didn’t acknowledge it in the dream. To the southwest , and n the opposite side of the river, was another range of mountains, and one structure in particular looked like a giant rock monster. I imagined him as a mythological being, that sometime woke up and ran through the valley, creating the river bed. He seemed slightly scary.

      I think I’m subconsciously afraid that I am not treating my husband well enough and fear him leaving me. I think this fear is valid but not really applicable, as we have great communication and things are good with us. I think this comes from general anxiety within my self about many things in my life. The cafe dreams are definitely a reoccurring theme, and I suppose I feel like I am struggling to keep up with things and making too many mistakes. Again I think it comes from a general anxiety, maybe specifically over my career.
    12. Lucid and Flew into the Mountains

      by , 06-27-2016 at 06:37 PM
      I was at a mechanics to get my car fixed. A song came on the radio (some old R&B or funk song) that I liked, and I felt happy. I told someone that my Dad used to love this song. I started flowing around the parking lot. Realized I was dreaming and became lucid. I flew into the sky and saw 3 blue jays flying near me. I decided to fly next to them, but one of them looked wary of me so I sped up and flew really fast towards the mountains in the distance. I was high up, and there were clouds, and it was beautiful. I landed on the highest peak of the mountain, and I discovered a small room just inside of the rock I landed on. It had a small branch carved into the stone and an olive-green cushion to make the seat more comfortable. There were 2 windows carved into the stone as well, and I looked back out towards the area I flew from.

      As I climbed down I lost lucidity. I walked past a house that was partially open (missing outside walls) and I saw an area with lots of shelves and interesting [nature-based?] art. All I can really remember about these objects is that I saw leaves and wood.

      I needed to take a shower before a road trip. I had trouble deciding which shower I would use. I knew I had hours until I needed to leave so there was no rush.

      I was living in an apartment complex and driving home through the parking lot. I knew I needed to pay my rent but the office was closed. I saw who I thought was the office manager outside talking to another person and I briefly thought maybe I would just walk down and pay the rent to her. But when I parked near the office I saw that there were designated slots to put your rent check in after hours and I decided I would do that. My last name was completely different than my maiden or married name: Polley. First name was the same.

      I have no idea. I have been getting good sleep the last few nights. The lucid dream wasn’t the most lucid I’ve been. I will have to think about these for a while.
    13. Sleeping Beauty in the abyss

      by , 01-04-2016 at 04:48 AM
      During a string of fairly uninteresting dreams, I escaped out a window and found myself lucid. I was looking at a dark mountain range in the far distance, and hearing a voice saying "Aurora, awaken." Aurora apparently was me, which I thought of as an odd choice of names; I associated it with Sleeping Beauty. I thought of this place as the abyss. I attempted to create a bridge, but found I was altering the scene as a whole instead of individual elements; I saw scenery representing my bedroom around the edges of my vision. I stopped the attempt to alter the scene and exited back through the window instead.
    14. November 22nd 2015 TOTM

      by , 11-22-2015 at 07:24 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      Basic Task ii - Ask a DC to tell you a joke (Rodrodrod)

      Other things occurred earlier in the dream, but the first thing I remember was a character in tall snowy mountains. He kept walking around and yelling "wooliath" or something like that. The dream follows him up some steep slope in between jagged mountains to the very top. Then, I'm in the dream with my friend Terry. We speak about some random thing and then I'm looking over the cliff. Suddenly, I accidentally fall forwards off the mountain. My mind questions how far up I am and how far I have to fall. The first thought that pops in my mind is that I'm so high it's like I'm skydiving. Sure enough, I fall through some clouds and beneath me I see the earth. I'm miles in the air. This actually puts me to some excitement but I fear that when I hit the ground it might seem all too real and it will hurt. Anyways, my view is of a lot of water and some land masses on the edges. I'm falling closer and closer to earth when I realize that this is a dream. When I realized it, I just decided I could float up right as I got close to earth. Before I hit the ground, my momentum shifts and I'm flying upwards now. I look at my hands and decide to do some reality checks. First, I rub my hands together to feel some friction. Then, I do some math. "2+2 is four. 3x3 is 9." Okay, I'm solidified now. A thought comes up, "okay now what I do want to do?" At first I was going to just explore the dream but then I remembered the TOTM and decided I go onto the ground and look for someone to ask to tell me a joke. So, I fly towards the ground through the clouds until I see a bridge over water. I fly down and land under it now standing in shallow water under the bridge. I look over and see two people against a wall. I do not know who the person is on the left, but on the right is my friend JP. A smile lights up my face and also his as I walk over to him. I say hello and then ask him to tell me a joke. He refuses and says that it will disgrace his family and also the university that we go to. I lose interest in his story and turn around. My left eye starts to close so I try to look at my hands and rub them together but the dream collapses.

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      lucid , task of the month
    15. I finally HAD A LUCID DREAM! And then the anticlimactic day that followed.

      by , 08-24-2015 at 06:21 AM (Awake to take in the view...)

      So it's been years - seriously - since I've had a lucid dream that lasted for more than a second or two. Until two nights ago.

      I discovered lucid dreaming on my own, and it was incredible. Mine were never super vivid - like they always felt hazy - but they did happen quite often, and I could always fly. My sleep cycle as a kid and teenager was really screwed up, mainly because OCD and insomnia kept me up late into the night, and I had to wake up early for school and such.

      But then I started taking melatonin nightly, and lived a more regular albeit hectic schedule. On one hand, this was awesome, because I slept and felt better. But I also slept deeply. To the point where my dreams became less vivid, and in the rare event I would become conscious, I would be so exhausted that I'd just let myself become unconscious again. When you only have 4 or 5 hours to sleep...suffice it to say that isn't very good for lucid dreaming.

      I have been fighting to get back to where I used to be, and I want my dreams to be more vivid, too! My efforts have finally been paying off.

      So, the dreams from two nights ago! This night was the first effective MILD I've done. I basically told myself "I'm dreaming" until I fell asleep.

      The lucid one! : I was standing amongst mountains, in a pine forest. It looked like I was on a lower part of a mountain, but a mountain indeed. There were a lot of people around, and a parking lot - seemed like a national park of some sort - and there were lots of tall mountains around me. We seemed to be on a cliff as well. I managed to realize I was lucid pretty quickly. I think it was because I realized I could fly! I was with my brother, and I yelled in excitement something along the lines of "WE'RE DREAMING!" I did upside-down pull-ups on the railing and all sorts of things, and I felt weightless. It was fantastic, and more vivid than I'm used to, too.

      It was also foggy. Very foggy. I could see around me, but off the side of the cliff everything was mostly obscured by fog.

      I decided to explore this building which seemed to be built into the mountain. Inside the building, there were towels everywhere, and a bunch of secret passageways. My brother came along with me. I happened to stumble upon a bathroom, and as I entered, I heard this gasp and saw a blurry reflection of a girl through some glass. All skin, maybe a shower cap? I don't remember! She must've just finished taking a shower or something. It looked like someone else was in there, too, but I couldn't tell. I figure the reason she gasped was because I accidentally walked in on her!

      Aaaaaaand then I woke up. -_- But hey! I had a lucid dream for the first time in YEARS! Hard work pays off. I know this now. I hope this can continue into the school year. I don't want nights where I only sleep 3 or 4 hours anymore. I never liked those. I will do my best to improve on my time management so I won't have to (hopefully). I will do everything that I can.

      Note to self: the reality check of whether or not I can fly is seeming to be more effective than checking my watch or my phone. But we will see.

      Other, non-lucid dreams...

      - For some reason, I had to move in with the parents of a friend of mine who lives in Nevada. I felt really lonely, even though they were really nice and friendly.
      - Another friend of mine (who ironically knows the first friend) was with me in this glass house that overlooked the city below. There were a bunch of paintings kids had done, and they were sitting and drying on the floor. The floor was glass so you could see down below. We were probably just a few stories into the air. The city lights below were actually quite beautiful. If only I had become lucid during this one. That city would've been fascinating to explore.
      - Apparently, some girl, younger than me, kissed me on the neck. I have essentially zero recollection of this one, but that's what it says in my dream journal. I actually do think she may have been blonde with blue eyes. But I don't remember any kissing...
      - Another friend (yep, another! who happens to know the first two, I think!) was riding in this car or carriage or something. He was really famous, but he stopped to say hi. I was in a really crowded street, if I recall correctly.

      But then the next night, I experienced zero lucidity, and I think I fell asleep when I was trying to write down a dream. Thus, the only notes I have are "Stormy and rain outside - some papers wet."

      Very anticlimactic to the previous night beforehand, which was a shame because the prior night had been so captivating. Oh well. I tried sleeping in since I had nothing going on until church in the afternoon, but I couldn't sleep. I just laid there and felt wide awake. So I just watched We Bare Bears on YouTube instead. Wham!
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