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    1. #187: Homework

      by , 08-03-2016 at 03:30 AM
      I'm sitting in a library. There are three computer workdesks standing right next to each other. I'm sitting at the right one. There is something using the middle one. It's a guy. He's quite talkative. At some point I mention that I really need to focus on my work. A while later my classmate Kristen is using the left one. The guy meanwhile keeps going on and on with distracting me. Eventually I throw him, black chair and all, to the ground. He's lying on his back, still in the chair. Perhaps I even threatened him. The guy leaves. I get back in position and fiddle with an orange highlighter for a while. I explain my burst of violence by stating that I already mentioned that I need to get this done. I don't want to dole too long on an explanation though, cause else my classmate may think it's weird that I would go to such lengths to get some peace, only for me to continuously keep talking myself.

      The wall in front of me is made out of glass, so I can see the guy come walking back together with my old mathematics teacher. Damn. This is gonna drag out. Plus, since this is America, the guy might sue. They come back in and I just pretend not to be aware of their presence, continuing my homework in my paper notebook. I'm not sure if the teacher actually said something. A bit later Eminem is rapping. Somehow it's supposed to relate to me. I can't remember which song it was. I keep working, but eventually interrupt him. I tell him that he's one of my favourite rappers, that is one of my favourite songs and the part he just did is my favourite part of that song, but I've got homework to finish and he is so awesome that I'm focusing on the music instead of on my homework.
    2. #180: Monsters & food / Juice

      by , 07-19-2016 at 02:08 AM
      Monsters & food
      I'm playing some real life Pokemon-ish type game. There are some monsterlike creatures somewhere outside and I'm with them, along with my friend Jor. There's a certain one that you can't beat. What you need to do is put something on it that will dissolve it. The thing that you're supposed to put on it looks like some type of food. A bit later, my friend and I are actually cooking, though it's just two big pans standing outside in the sun. I started it and it looks delicious. Jor is doing the finishing touches, which makes me feel inadequate somehow. Eventually we're done. I start walking somewhere and a mental image forms of my Facebook page. My profile picture somehow has some text related to God in it. There's 4 words and they're written vertically. What the.. how?

      I'm with my classmate Bos. We end up going to an apartment complex, where my friend Sander is sitting. I think it's supposed to be my birthday and Bos is taking pity with me, so he's spending time with me and getting my friend to spend time with me. I didn't even know these two knew each other and were friends. And here I was feeling sorry for Sander for not having a lot of friends. No need. The story changes a few times as Sander is Eric at some points. Eventually he disappears and now it's my deceased grandparents. My granddad is making orange juice for me. Somehow I feel a bit uncomfortable. Bos is more at ease with my grandparents than I am.

      There was more to both dreams, I am certain of that. I just can't remember.
    3. #179: Forgotten lucid / Cops / Date

      by , 07-18-2016 at 04:18 AM
      Forgotten lucid
      I'm certain that in the morning, perhaps around 6am, I was lucid. I only remember walking down a white surface street, while still trying to stabilise or to regain my lucidity. Other than that I don't remember what I was doing -_- I do remember waking up or having a FA and attempting to get back into it, I think with success.

      Ľ In one of my non-lucids I was Spider-Man and swinging to a skyscraper while my friend was watching me. My webbing was weird though. It seemed more like plastic wrap.

      Ľ I'm in Indonesia I think. I've got my thesis defence, but it is quite weird. For what seems like the first few minutes, I'm talking about only semi-relevant things.

      Ľ I'm in my student city in the Netherlands. I'm with my classmates and someone is telling me something about an area slightly to the north of the city centre. I can't recall what that person was telling me though.

      My friend Sander is driving a Dutch car on the highway. I'm sitting in the back to the right. I think I'm playing with my phone. There's a motorcycle cop driving in front of us and Sander decides to mess with him. He pulls up very close the whole time and flashes his lights for a long time. I can see the change in lighting on the cops motor / back. To our left is a pick up truck from Rijkswaterstaat. I ask Sander if he is sure about this, because he'll get himself into some trouble. Eventually we reach a traffic light and a diferent motorcycle cop goes against traffic to pull up next to the driver's window. The cop isn't wearing a helmet, just a yellow raincoat hoodie. Strange. He gestures for Sander to follow him.

      In my student city again. I'm on roller blades and I'm not very proficient at it. I'm quite unstable. There's a mom and her daughter standing somewhere. They try to draw my attention from a distance. For some reason I try to ignore them first but after a few seconds I listen. Somewhere in this dream my glasses fly off and the right leg has broken off. At the same moment I was trying to look up directions using Google Maps for the two of them. I hand my phone to the daughter while I fix my glasses. It turns out to be quite easy. Pop in a screw and it's back to normal. Though the daughter comments that it is slightly crooked. Great.

      We're standing somewhere else now, somewhere with a roof but still semi outside. It's around this time that I notice the mom's dress. It's blue/green and there are holes to allow her nipples to stick out. That is... ok...? She has weird elongated nipples. I also notice for the first time that the daughter's breasts are quite big and there is some cleavage showing. I don't dare to look too much though, cause I'm afraid they'll notice me watching.

      We're at the train. I actually walk inside with them and then walk out again. The daughter shouts after me that we should go on a date. I don't really have the chance to reply. Somehow I know that they are from Zwolle. That's quite far.. plus I'm not interested.. plus I've got a girlfriend. I wonder for a moment whether she put her number in my phone while she had it. How else would she expect to go on a date with me? I don't know her name though. I wonder whether I should just not text her or text her to let her know I'm not interested.
    4. #177: Faulty brake / Break out

      by , 07-13-2016 at 03:32 AM
      Faulty brake
      It's daytime. I'm driving a car in what seems to be the Netherlands. The steering wheel is on the left side. I think it is my mom's car. I enter a street with a dead end and some parking spots on both side of it. There's a supermarket here. I try to park for what feels like 5 minutes, just failing and failing. First I use the sidewalk to get past 2 cars which are blocking the street. I find some parking spots, but they're all marked with blue lines and a wheel chair. Handicapped spots. Damn. At one point I consider just standing on the spot for a moment, cause it's just going so ridiculously bad. I go back a bit down the street again and find some parallel parking spots. There's 3 in a row, all empty. I try to park, but even here I mess up. I can't get it between the lines. I use the handbrake and the footbrake at the same time, yet the car keeps moving. Eventually it just moves all the way backwards into a container or something, coming to a standstill. While it was moving backwards I realised that this is too messed up to be real. Plus, a car with faulty brakes has happened more often in my dreams. I don't even care what happens to the car anymore. I focus on pushing the index finger of my right hand through my left hand. There's one second where nothing happens and then it suddenly sinks in. Cool! The tip of my index finger emerges on the other side and I wiggle it a bit. I'm not sure if I should keep it there to make it easier to remain stable, or if I should move it out again. I do the latter. This is the first moment that I become aware of the car radio playing music. I make a gesture with my right hand to turn off the sound and it works. Sweet! Now, to summon a fireball to win my bet with werty52. I become anxious for a few seconds at most and suddenly I'm awake in my bed. I didn't RC to check if it was a FA.

      I used to push my finger from my left hand into my right hand. I switched it the other way around about 4 days ago.
      My bet with werty52 is actually to conjure up a waterball.

      Ľ I'm in front of a hospital or something. I just arrived by car. There's someone else with me. My mom? I'm supposed to see the doctor, but I can't recall why. There's a railing in front of the hospital and I decide to bust some parkour moves. I do a few vaults, one of them going ridiculously bad. Guess my muscle memory has 'forgotten' these moves, cause I haven't done it in so long. I should practice them again. Not now though.

      Ľ There's a very trippy fragment from something happening out in the universe. Two of my friends / people I was with had to kill themselves to go back to the normal dimension.

      Break out
      I'm inside a police station. We've just been arrested for.. dunno. We're in a group. The woman in our group gets escorted to a cell with a glass door that says VIP and looks freaking fancy. Damn. She's escorted by a female cop (wearing a hijab I think and middle eastern style outfit). They start struggling as the woman tries to escape. In the end we all break out. I go by every door, checking if there's someone who might go after us. I have a gun.. a gas gun (or something). It's supposed to knock people out, but it doesn't do much. I still use it anyway. There's only one person in one of the rooms who I know. Kristen, my classmate. I ask her if she will snitch on me. She says she has no clue where I'm going cause we never hang out, cause she thinks I'm crazy and this just proves it. Thanks! She knows exactly where I'll go. Indonesia. I give her a quick hug and run out. We've only got half the crew assembled, cause the other half didn't get arrested. We need to get to them. Someone wants to make a call to them. I tell him not to, cause it may be traced. We walk for a bit (not the mad dash you'd expect from having just escaped police custody). We end up passing my old high school. Two police cars and a third, not police car but looking official, pass by. I turn my head and pretend to be talking to my friends. One of them tells me that I can tell the story that I was trying to tell. As soon as the cars have passed I explain that I didn't have shit to tell. I just wanted to hide my face from the cops. Let's get to the rest of the crew. It's my cousin, her husband and kids.. and an old man.
    5. Chased by the Past

      by , 07-12-2016 at 04:46 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was hanging out with some people. An office.

      I was being chased by my classmates from high school. I was with a male friend, but they're after our "group." (not sure what group) Two of my classmates chased me and my friend in a forest-like area that's reminiscent of USLS's small forest near the coliseum. Friend said he'll draw them off, but I worried that they'll still chase me. For some reason, they didn't. After a while, one did. I was trying to post on social media that I'm being chased and including the names but I didn't know yet who were chasing me until they got close enough.

      I was avoiding one taking the phone away while I was running and typing.
    6. #173: No Vaseline / Movie

      by , 07-09-2016 at 03:07 AM
      No Vaseline
      It's daytime. I'm somewhere outdoors in a hilly area. There's a survival camp type of activity going on. I'm with quite a group of people. Someone is instructing us on how to pass the course / do all the exercises. At one point there are pull ups or dips and the instructor can't decide for a moment in which way we'll do them. He decides on convict style [not sure if that's a real thing, but that's what he called it]. The instructor is a friend of mine, Frank. At some point Hillary Clinton is also present. I'm aware of the fact that we've all paid her IDR 50,000 to participate in this. I'm discussing a bit with my friends about whether she's making money off this or if she is breaking even. There is one dude who doesn't seem to get what to do, so he'll get more instructions later. We're standing near a railing, I think made out of wood, watching the events unfold a bit below us. In the meantime I'm rapping along with Ice Cube's No Vaseline, which I can hear from somewhere. There's one line that is incorrect, but I dismiss it. Then my favourite line in the song is incorrect, which makes me go like 'what the..' I start looking around to determine the source of the song. There's a group of guys chilling at a picknick table behind me, with a big speaker next to them. Motherf... My friend asks me what's up. I tell him that they have the shitty version. Somewhere along this dream I talk to Kristina, asking her whether she has learned to sing yet. There's another girl, though I don't know who, who is supposedly also my friend. She wants to learn to ride a motorcycle. I tell them to do some type of challenge to learn it within one year.

      I could actually hear the song, instead of just knowing the sound was there.

      It's Tuesday and I'm supposed to meet my project group for a movie. The dream is confusing a bit. The movie will be in another city. I've been negotiating with my mom for a bit, and for some reason I will pick her up at my grandma's place or in that city. At one point it seems like I will go to the movie with Jorn. That can't be right. I haven't talked to him in forever. Project group, right. The movie title was just one word, but I forgot what it was. I can't find the movie in the programme though. Hey.. but I already paid my classmate to buy the ticket. I ask a question about it in the whatsapp group. Ow yeah.. the movie got cancelled because there was not enough audience and we're getting a refund.
    7. #169: Fragments

      by , 07-02-2016 at 02:24 AM
      Bed: 23.30
      Wake up: 07.55
      Now: 08.05

      Ľ I'm along the side of a highway. There are some metal fences and quite a large gap which I use for parkour practice. I perform several precision drops to the fence below me. At first it's going quite alright, but as I move further to the right, the likelihood of falling into that deep gap increases. I become more careful and as a result, don't execute my jumps well.

      Ľ I'm with friends, on the bicycle. We're with quite a large group. There's one couple, who are friends of mine. A girl who is supposed to be my girlfriend is also present. I'm just having fun together with the guy of the couple. We're at the front of the group and my girlfriend is more to the back. I think this is gonna cause me to get into some trouble with her later on. It feels a bit as if some part happens twice. At some point I'm in a bookstore, when my girlfriend catches up. She mentions that something that she was cooking was slightly burned.

      Ľ I'm sitting at a table, with my old classmate Re next to me. It's evening. It's kind of a warung type of place. She has her head placed in my lap a few times, which ultimately leads to some sexual jokes. At some point I wonder where this could go, but there are people around, so it's best not to do anything.

      Ľ I meet a white guy who seems to be an Australian in his 20's. He tells me that he has been appointed as the new manager of BAM cafe for a few months.

      Ľ I'm riding along a big road on a motor, together with a friend, who has his/her own motor. It's a little bit of a rundown road. We actually seem to have gone in the wrong direction, not that I really manage to care. There's an explanation of sorts. A voice over? At one point there is an explanation about poor people taking out loans and carrying the money home with them in inconspicuous bags. I consider for a moment that I could easily steal this woman's bag. I won't. It'll cause a lot of trouble for her.

      Ľ I'm with my friend Julia. We just went out (with a group?). It's evening, dark. At this point it's just the two of us. We arrive at what's supposed to be my place. There is some chemistry, but isn't she married? Nothing is going to happen at my place anyway, as it's a men only building. I ask her how long it would take her to get home. She mentions it's 20 minutes walking. I tell her I can take her on my motor. She refuses at first, but because it's quite long and it's dark out and she's alone, I offer again. She says it's a good idea and thanks me for it. She also tells me not to expect anything to happen, but in a way that says that there is a possibility of something happening.
    8. #167: Movie / Holding hands / Epic medieval fight

      by , 06-28-2016 at 01:30 AM
      Bed: 23.00
      Wake up: 06.35
      Now: 07.00

      I'm inside somewhere. A company visit / business case of a company I really like has just finished. We're busy exiting. I tell Jim that the case was interesting, just to make sure that he keeps me on his mind. Outside the room, on the hallway, is another employee of the company. We start heading towards.. someplace.

      I'm now in a big lecture hall. It feels as if we've walked here from the other place. We're going to watch a movie. My high school English teacher is leading the class. Eventually we're somewhere along the 50 minute mark, perhaps even further. The video is streaming slowly cause the school/uni connection is shitty, sometimes forcing us to pause. Someone explains the technical stuff to my teacher. She asks us if we will have enough time to finish it. We have 30 minutes left in this class and 40 minutes of movie left. My friend Lin tells her that we do. Huh? Idiot. Meanwhile I'm seated, with my bag in front of me on the floor. I open and close the zipper a few times, probably being very obnoxious, considering that we're watching a movie. I've got candy inside in a see through plastic bag, which I share with my friends and cousin. I still make a lot of noise.

      Holding hands
      I'm walking outside with a lot of people. Not sure where we're going. My first ex girlfriend is walking to my left. She decides that she wants to hold my hand. Her boyfriend is somewhere in the crowd, walking behind us. We're at the very front. I tell her that this isn't a good idea. At some point I wonder whether she is trying to make her boyfriend jealous or whether she genuinely wants to hold my hand. She mentions that her boyfriend is holding a girl's hand as well. I look and see that he's doing one of these poses where he creates a loop with his arm, allowing the girl to place her hand in the loop. I tell my ex that we would be better off if we were walking to the back. She varies in how intensely she holds my hand.

      Epic medieval fight [literally the only note I took of this dream]
      I'm somewhere outside in a mountainous area. There are quite a number of armed forces. I feel like Thor [Chris Hemsworth version] is also present. A fight is about to go down. Our side is trying to ambush a different group, but our advance group gets ambushed in return. There are so many different groups which have allied to the group that I belong to that I'm no longer sure which uniform belongs on my side and which doesn't. At some point I'm in need of a weapon. There are some scissors. Nah. There's a bamboo pole with a kite attached to it. Perfect. I ask an old man to cut the string to the kite. He uses some big scissors which look pretty damn awesome as he's cutting the string. Really?! You couldn't tell me in the first place you had that?! I take both the bamboo pole and the scissors with me. I'm not sure how I'll use both, as this bamboo pole will serve as a two handed weapon. I put the scissors in my right back pocket. I encounter 3 white girls standing close to what seems like a coin buying stand at a fair. The 3 girls are my height and are dressed identically. They all have the same gun and are aiming for me. I use the bamboo pole to slap their arms away to throw off their aim. This isn't something that I can keep up long with the 3 of them. I advance so that I can use my scissors. I'm not sure what happened next, but I'm victorious. I start talking to the girl behind the stand. She was going to give her number to those girls for some reason. I ask her to give me her number instead, and she hands me a white paper with her number. The girl herself is quite pretty. The only details I can remember is that she's a white girl with black hair. I put the number in my front left pocket and tell her that if I don't die, I will call her.

      Ľ There's some family gathering going on. My cousin is present, as well as my little cousin, who I take with me into an elevator. At some point my cousin and I (and someone else) are eating.

      Ľ I'm walking from the hallway of my dormitory into my room. To my left I see an Asian girl walking away from me. I stare at her for a moment. I make sure to look away the moment she looks back. I walk into my room. I look out my room to look at her again. She turns back, presumably to see if I was looking. I think she caught me.
    9. Mmm candy; Same person in 2 dreams

      , 05-31-2016 at 12:45 PM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Went to bed around 7 pm since I didn't take a nap earlier and I was sleepy from my early shifts.

      My friend and classmate Luba is visiting. We are eating a tons of candy. It looks like a small rubber band, being attached to a small pin. I taste one since we don't know if I'm gonna like it. First there is no taste, then it's a blue rasperry like those sour raspberry ribbons you can buy at candy shops at malls.

      I go to fetch more and I eat a lot. I look at all the pins and I'm like "holy crap, that's a lot of pins, I better throw them away so she doesn't know I ate them all".

      I go back to her and she is now changed into my boy cat. She looks exactly like him, laying on a side of a mattress, stretching lazily. I move the tray with candy closer to her and as she is sniffing it, candy changes into salami sandwitches.

      I'm attending some world conference in Russia. We are given a bedroom with attached kitchen. We take the wrong bedroom thinking that it's the one directly next to our kitchen, but that one belongs to chinese delegation. Now we don't have a window, darn.

      As I'm standing in line for meal, we take a tray, utensils and move up with the line. I notice that the utensils still have soapy water on them, since there is a lots of people there and they are in a rush to clean them, no time to dry.

      I look infront of me and there is Luba, all smiling and we talk a bit.
      Tags: classmate, russia
    10. #148: Library / Prison

      by , 05-17-2016 at 07:33 AM
      Bed: ~23.00
      Wake up: 08.00
      Now: 08.15

      I'm at what seems to be the university library. There's a rap video being played or being recorded. Either way, it's happening right there and the people who are in the video are also there. It starts out in a language that I can't remember. It's a collaboration of European rappers. Eventually it's the turn of some Dutch rappers. Man this is quite cool. The fact that Dutch rappers were deemed important enough for this.. The video is an old one though. It has to be at least 10 years ago. This makes me wonder why I've never seen it before. I remember recognising one of the rappers, but right now I don't remember who it was.

      At another moment in the library, I'm out in the hallway. There are some people sitting on chairs and some people standing. I'm trying to mingle a bit, but I feel quite excluded. I'm not taking part in any conversation really.

      Another moment again. I'm talking with some classmates. One of them is telling the group that his thesis is going really well and that he will fly towards whatever country soon to do his research. I know there was more to this dream, but I can't recall it.

      I'm somewhere inside I think. I'm sitting at a table which has a bench on both sides, sort of like a picknick table.. or a prison table. There are at least 2 guys sitting at the same table with me; one in front of me, one to my right. One of them is telling me/us about him needing his wisdom tooth extracted soon. Only problem is, he lives in Groningen and on the day of the extraction, he'll need to get to Schiphol for his flight. I suggest to him to get his tooth extracted at the Slotervaart hospital, or better yet, the VU hospital. That way he can still catch his flight afterwards. He tells me the system doesn't work that way. He can't just go to whatever hospital he pleases. I tell him that he just needs to get a letter from his dentist for that hospital.

      The conversation continues to another topic. It's about prison. I tell them that I have been in prison once. The prison was shaped like a narrow rectangular strip, just like the tiny strip of paper that I'm holding. In the mean time I get soup. It's Chinese [something] soup. The liquid is yellowish and quite clear. It looks great. Suddenly I say: ow forgot to mention, I was in prison in a dream.
    11. #146: Travel / Game / Work

      by , 05-14-2016 at 07:59 AM
      Bed: ~00.00
      Wake up: 08.15
      Now: 08.30

      I'm in Indonesia, together with my girlfriend. We're travelling around the country. I think that at the start of the dream we are in Sulawesi and we're deciding on our next flight. I think I'm alone at some times. The details are a bit blurry, but I've missed a flight that I had already booked to Singapore. Ah well. At one moment we are walking around in the streets, which are sand-covered. In another moment we seem to be at the airport.

      This dream also alternates with a bird's eye view of several places. I see the very south-west part of Java, at the coast. There's a section where there's a relatively thin line of sand, with water at both sides. It looks like a great place to go. In another moment I also see Singapore, though not where it's supposed to be. There's another country attached to it's eastern border, which is only a bit bigger. I'm considering flying to Singapore and then travelling to this country by land. I could make this trip in 4 days, 2 days per country. I think the other name was similar to India. I'm not sure what I would do in that country though, I'm not even really interested in it. I'm also considering the amount of days I have left before university supposedly starts.

      I'm playing a game with Justin, my cousin's boyfriend. It's a game we seem to control through our phones, but which takes place in reality at some points. It's a game where we're both controlling soldiers, or opposing units at least. I think at one point he's controlling a big cat like animal which is pretty much invincible. He's trash talking the hell out of me. The style of the game is quite cartoony, like Big Little War Game. A few times I take control over some soldiers who have a gatling gun. I manage to take out a few of his soldiers every time before mine get taken down, yet he's still trash talking me and making me feel like I suck.

      I'm at a fancy work place. I'm not sure whether I work here though. The place looks very modern, mostly clean white. The people that I do recall seeing are dressed in suits and similar attire. There are two white women walking just at the top of the stairs/escalator. One of them is a bride and the other seems to be her friend. The bride is not wearing anything bride-like though. I quickly go up the stairs. There's one corner to the left in the stairs where I decide to jump on the cylinder shaped grey railing. I jump on it, jump to another part and then continue my way to the top. I wanted to get there quickly cause I thought the bride looked really beautiful and wanted to see her better. Once I'm a bit closer I realise that her friend is actually way prettier. I walk past them inconspicuously. Once I'm past them I decide on another approach. I rewind time a bit and then decide to freeze it. It places me just in front of them and allows me to take a close look at the woman's face. Time is not totally frozen though, it's just in slow motion. The woman is still moving a bit. I decide to fake that I wasn't spending any attention on them. I'm walking with my classmate Wil towards a narrow gallery, with the women walking in the same direction. One of them says something of which I'm not sure whether it was a joke or not. She says we're stalking them. Nope! We got here first. Now we're pretending(?) we had a bet going on and I just won it. I get all excited about my win. I'm thinking up the narrative on the spot. This could be our yearly bet that I have just won, explaining my excitement.

      Ľ There was a party today or yesterday. My cousin didn't show up, even though I thought he would. I'm quite disappointed, cause I was looking forward to seeing him.

      Ľ I'm at the apartment complex where my mom lives, at the ground level. I enter through the door at normal pace, but make a sharp move several metres to the left, taking a big ball with me using my feet. There's someone waiting for the elevator who by now must think I'm avoiding him. I go to the storage units (which aren't like reality), which creep me out a little bit in this dream. My mom's unit is on the opposite side of where it's supposed to be. Also, the lock is totally different. There's a guy (Koen?) inside. I don't think he's there against his will, but still I'm a bit iffy of the whole situation. A few units to the left is a grown tiger.
    12. #137: Cousin / Company visit

      by , 04-30-2016 at 07:08 AM
      I'm in the living room at my mom's house (I think). I'm there with my cousin, his girlfriend and their newborn son. It's the first time seeing their son, so I take a good look. Hmm, I remember him looking differently on the photo. On the photo he really looked like my cousin. Now, not so much. For some reason I look at the window, looking at some green truck that's parked outside. I'm not sure anymore what happens after, or what the significance of the truck was.

      Company visit
      I've just exercised (physical therapy perhaps) and now I need to get somewhere. I'm running late though, so I don't have the time to shower first. I make it to the bus just in time. I had to cross the street quickly in between cars. I remember seeing the number of the bus, though I can't recall it anymore. I get in at the back. It's really crowded and I consider whether or not I should check in. I might get a fine if I don't do so, but on the other hand, it's so busy that they will never notice. I tell myself that I worry too much and don't check in. I already had my black backpack out in front of me, drawing out my wallet. I put it back in.

      I'm inside a building. We're going somewhere with the class. Guess I will have to try to shower here. It's a company visit and quite a prestigious company at that. I run into some classmates on the way up the stairs. There is one classmate going down as well. It's Aun. Later, when I'm up the stairs, I see Aun along with the people she regularly hangs out with. I ask her surprised if I didn't just see her walking down the stairs. She tells me it was X [forgot who]. I remember the hijabs of both persons being different colours, so I'm satisfied with the answer.

      We're in a big room and a presentation is starting. A lot of people are still being noisy. The lecturer in front of the class is one that most people dislike because she can't teach very well. She's trying to settle things down and someone hurls a nasty comment at her. Man.. we are so not making a good impression at this company. Eventually people settle down, except for to the far left in the back. Nick and Kristen are arguing with each other for what feels like 5 minutes. They either don't care or don't notice that everyone is waiting for them. Embarrassing.
    13. #109: Evil mask / Night out

      by , 04-18-2016 at 08:34 AM
      This entry is from about a month ago. I had written it down, but hadn't posted it yet and then my laptop died. Managed to salvage my laptop today.

      Evil mask
      I'm in class, in a medium sized lecture hall. At the front of the class is my old high school teacher in mathematics. A few of the people I identify in this dream are my current classmates Kristen and Aun who are sitting quite close, Stan who is sitting further to the back at first I think, but later is also sitting quite close and my former classmate Kamil, sitting further to the back. The teacher is having issues gaining the respect of the class, which means that she gets interrupted quite a bit. Kamil starts thriving of asking her arrogant questions, just to show people that he doesn't care about this all. The teacher ends up making me, Kristen and 2 others a sort of class representatives or something alike so that we can help her a bit. Kamil starts asking another question and I tell him to take it seriously this time, or something along those lines. Something to preserve the dignity of our lecturer.

      Stan is now sitting not that far to my right. I see a weird shaped usb stick that he's about to insert into the left side of his laptop. I panic and tell people to stop him. Kristen and Aun are on it. Stan manages to insert the usb stick and fire up the programme, but he doesn't have enough time to do whatever it is he wanted to do. I saw the name of the programme (can't recall it anymore) and Kristen and Aun go through his laptop to find it. They clearly have no clue what they're doing though, using Google with somewhat random and totally misspelled keywords. I tell them to let me do it. I use Windows' built-in search function to look for the programme. Found it. I'm wearing a weird thing on my face now. It's a sort of mask made out of sensors. Stan tells me that it's evil and will control me. The way he says it is quite sinister. He's enjoying this. I make some weird movements which indicate that I'm being taken over, though I'm just pretending and making fun of him. Then suddenly I can feel the mask latching on to my face. It IS trying to take over. I panic a bit and tell people to get it off my face. Once it's off I stay motionless for 1 or 2 seconds before violently trying to attack Stan for his involvement with this pure evil. Several people are holding me back and remove Stan from the scene. Once they let me go I start weeping.

      Night out
      I'm somewhere in the city in the evening with about 5 guys from my class. I look at the time at one point. I think itís about 01:00. Weíve left a bar/club and are going home. I see a bus not too far away thatís just departing. Fuck. Iím not gonna run right now. Once weíre near the bus stop I realise that weíre missing someone (I canít remember who). I ask the others if they have seen him and nobody knows where he is. He just kinda disappeared somewhere during the night. Now Iím focused on getting home. I ask who is walking and who has bikes. Thatís when I notice that everyone but me has a bike. Ah perfect. Iíll just double up with someone then.

      Iím standing in front of my room at my student home. Itís the morning after. Iím talking to my housemate Bart about last night. The door to Karenís room is open and somehow I know that sheís inside. Thereís a mix-up though, cause her room is where Shawnís room is supposed to be. Thereís another person standing somewhere close, but I canít remember who. My conversation with Bart is about all the craziness and hooking up. Iím not sure what Iím recalling about that night also happened in the dream or if it was a flashback within the dream [makes sense? ]. Bart mentions that he had no idea that Abby was into girls. I donít act surprised at all. I tell him casually that yeah she swings both ways. Then I suddenly remember something about me kissing her. Iím not sure if that actually happened or if Iím just imagining things, but I need to know! I mean sheís hot, but I do have a girlfriend! I want to call Abby to figure out what happened.

      I think this is part of the previous dream. I vaguely recall taking selfies/videos of me doing front flips. One of them was at a beach. I donít remember what I ended up doing with these pics/videos. I think I showed them to someone.
    14. [10-04-2016]

      by , 04-10-2016 at 11:39 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was sitting in a green coloured bus. It had only three seats for passengers. It was courising around the city, taking random passengers - only I stayed inside all the time. Once it took a fat and a bit ugly girl wearing dark blue hoodie and jeans trousers from a station. We were driving in silence, until I said "So... It's a nice bus." She replied "Yeah, it's quite good."

      Second dream

      I was a disembodied spectator. I've seen a dude enter his car and drive. On the crossroad he saw two pretty girls in their sports car and decided to follow them and get a date with one. They drove on. The road was surrounded by grassy hills with trees growing sparsely. There was a small, abandoned village nearby. They were speeding up greatly, suddenly they hit each other and I got into body of that dude. Seatbelts were too weak and I flewn out of the car - first hitting the front window with my head, then hitting the ground and skidding down.

      Somehow I survived and got closed in a cage by a strange cult that was just searching for sacrifices for their dark god. In another cage there was a strange cat-like creature. It's tail was ended with a mace. In another cage there was a raven-like monster with spruce alike needles protruding out of it's feathers.

      Suddenly I found myself in my house, in my own body. There was a long desk that took half of the kitchen's space. There was one computer with old RCT screen. I tried to write my DJ post, but for some reason strange words only appeared. There was one of my classmates sitting nearby. He asked if I'd want to summon someone. I tried, but for some reason it didn't worked.

      I decided to leave posting DJ entry for my classmate and entered a club. As soon as she saw me, a tall, long haired blonde woman wearing a white jacket, black blouse and black trousers decided to hit up with me. For some reason I couldn't see her face. We danced for a while - at first I was dancing badly, but after a while I did pretty good. Dancing with her was really turning me on, everything went black and I appeared in the middle of a street in my home town.
    15. #117: Firegrass

      by , 03-27-2016 at 06:18 AM
      I'm at what's supposed to be the airport in Jakarta. I've just arrived here, standing somewhere outside. Since I'll be moving next month, this is a great opportunity to scout ahead a bit. Which bus to take, stuff like that. I've got two fairly sized bags with me. After a few seconds I notice they both have wheels. Sweet, that's gonna save me a lot of trouble. I see my regular size backpack on the ground. I can just put that one on my back then. Somewhere in this dream I think of what a waste of money this actually is. I'm here right now to do what exactly? Then I'll fly back to the Netherlands, only to return again a month later. I guess I can at least leave some stuff here, make it easy on myself.

      I walk around a bit. At one end there seems to be some type of fair. I have a very short conversation with someone about what lies further on. Apparently just old junk, old airplanes and potentially old bombs. Guess I won't be checking out old airplanes then. At some point this turns into the funeral for I think the father of a guy I know, Erwin. There are quite some people. People raise their hand and suddenly there's fireworks. One of the arrows doesn't make it and falls back to the ground, setting the grass ablaze. People start scrambling around. I run towards one of the many large grey (trash) bins made out of steel, with a fair amount of sand in it. I grab it and then run towards one of the many fire patches on the grass. My classmate is here, telling me that the sand won't be enough to extinguish the fire. I put the bin on top of the fire anyway, up side down. I tell her the lack of oxygen will extinguish the fire. It works. Then on to the next one.

      Sometime after this event my classmate accuses me of having scrambled for my own life, instead of doing something. Are you kidding me? I went to grab a bin to extinguish fires. I ask my other classmate to please back me up on this.

      Had some more dreams with classmates and also a lecturer, but that's quite a bit to write down.
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