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    1. Almost Lucid? Repeated RC fail

      by , 01-05-2016 at 02:49 PM
      I woke up to my first alarm at 5am and was really tired after sleeping late so fell back asleep between my alarms, knowing that I had to get up soon. I think because I knew this I fell in a really light sleep which on the one hand, perhaps, made it far more likely for me to be able to do a RC, but on the other hand resulted in me not taking my RC seriously (as my brain thought I was actually awake since such a short time before I had awoken and part of me was listening out for the next alarm). Anyway this is what happened:

      I wake up in the dream and it is early morning, light but still a bit dark (corresponding with real time). I go to the bathroom to get ready - I flick the light switch and enter the room...the room is still dark. I go back and flick the light switch again and re-enter...still dark. I do it again. Still dark. I do this like 5-6x. Then D comes into the room and I say "i'm having trouble getting the light on" we look at each other and then have the same thought I should be checking my hands I bring my hands up to my face and the same time he grabs them and brings them up to my face for me. I examine my fingers but they look normal (usually I see more fingers straight away) I count them anyway but I come up with a funny number 6 or something. I concentrate and count again and keep coming up with numbers like 7 or 9 on one hand. I am really confused trying to figure how how my hand looks normal but when I count them I keep coming up with more. It's like my eyes are playing tricks on me. I either give up and keep getting ready or I actually wake up then realising it's now 5:20 am (and I know/can sense what the time is before even looking at the clock)
    2. Troubles Doing Reality Checks - Feb 7, 2015

      by , 02-08-2015 at 10:17 PM
      In this dream I was in my home, which I didnít recognize, and my wife was jumping up and down trying to look through cracks in the window blinds. Hmm, I must be dreaming. Letís check! I looked at my hands, they looked perfectly normal. I took my right point finger and tried to push it through my left hand, nope, it doesnít pass through. Then I pinched my nose and tried to breathe out, nope, I couldnít breathe out. I was positive this was dream, so I decided to try and stick my hand through the window. Nope, it wouldnít pass through. Then I tried to walk through a wall, nope, I couldnít walk through it. What the heck is going on here? I walked outside, through the front door, and I saw my friendís RV.

      Something looked wrong with its exhaust pipe, so I laid on the ground to take a look. It was totally plugged up with carbon and soot, so I stuck my finger in there to try and clean it out. This didnít make sense to me because the catalytic converter should of plugged long before this happened. I began to think again that this was dream, so I tried to fly. I flew face down along the asphalt road, grinding my nose in the process, and then I lifted upwards about 1 foot, but I was only travelling at about walking speed. The asphalt road then turned to gravel, and I could hear the wind howling past my ears and I could feel it against my skin, but I was still only going walking speed.

      My body was vibrating violently while I flew (new experience). Next I decided to fly upwards, and finally, something worked! I shot up into the sky, and realized my dream environment was only about one city block square. Usually my lucid dreams are as big as the universe. Beyond the city block was an empty grid pattern extending as far as I could see. It seems I had my own personal and private dreamscape and I didnít know it. This would have been a perfect place to have a peaceful visit. I need to note this experience for the future. I then woke up.

      Soon I was back to sleep and in the same house. I didnít realize I was dreaming. The house seemed familiar to me for reason (duh). I began to wonder where my truck was parked, because I didnít remember parking it at this house, so I went out the back door to take a look. I couldnít find my truck anywhere, and I once again began to question if I was dreaming. I did the hand, finger through hand, nose blow, and attempted flight, reality checks but nothing indicated I was dreaming. Hmmm, maybe Iím not dreaming, so I walked back into the house and then I woke up again.

      I have a new rule: If Iím questioning if Iím dreaming, Iím dreaming! No more than one reality check needed.
    3. 2 Lucid Dreams

      by , 12-15-2013 at 08:48 AM
      First lucid : [COLOR="#008080"]I go on my balcony and realize there's a new door in there. I ask myself what is that door doing there and I enter in it. It leads to my living room. I think it's weird so I do a RC. The RC works and confirms I'm dreaming. I get so excited I open up the window and yell : I'M LUCID!!! Everyone keeps highfiving, yelling and celebrating. I sit on the couch. There are a lot of stuff on the ground but I don't bother looking at them too much.I think about things to do and the summoning idea comes in head. I try to summon some shoes and I could. The shoes were brown with all kinds of glitter on it.I seem angry and I take them on. I try to walk in them but couldn't so I give up.[/COLOR]
      2nd Lucid : [COLOR="#008080"]I'm in my living room, thinking about stuff to do.I try to summon other shoes but fail.I stabilize and the dream gets more clear. I suddenly wonder if I could feel really bad pain in dreams. I look around for something to cut myself. I find a ruler and cut my calve really really bad. I don't feel any harsh pain.I go to the kitchen and see my mom, dad and my sister in there. I yell for mom then point to my cut and she's like : Oh boy, you did it again? Wash it and it will recover soon. Dad seems to give 0 fucks about me and really continues drinking his vodka while talking with mom. I eventually get tired of it and I get a random sweater and go outside. When I go outside I see a lot of people on this bench.I wave at all of them but they seem to ignore me. I yell for Kris because I wanna tell him about Audrey but nobody comes. I see a lot of people walking on the street so I ask them what is happening, nobody responses. My classmate comes up to me and asks me if I go to B Roxanna's concert? yeah. I ask no questions but follow people running. I yell : I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT CONCERT YOU GUYS ARE TALKING ABOUT, BUT I'M STILL GOING THERE while laughing. A man suddenly offers to drive me and some random DCs to the place. We get into the car and it suddenly breaks. The guy is like : Okay, I'll get my bike. He gets out of his car and he kind of looks like Einstein. He gets his bike and then we try to jump on his back. I say that there's no use to do that because it's stupid. The DCs tell me : No, you're stupid. I go to this shop and order a new, vagina to give it to that guy (What.the.fuck) He gives me a cheesecake and I thank him. The random DC gets the seller into a conversation while I steal some sugary stuff from there.I give him the cheesecake and he says thanks then he runs away.I sit on a chair and I'm waiting for someone. I tell random DCs that they're dreaming but most ignore me except one lady. I don't know how to make her believe she's dreaming and Chimpertainment(David) comes and makes her do a lot of RCs and then she believes she's dreaming. David also tells her that she should practice a lot for it in order to get better at it. I give her the username and other usernames from dreamviews which is kind of dumb because it's not like I had a shared dream.[/COLOR]

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    4. Reality Checks Fail at Disturbing Visit, lost and doubting

      by , 10-06-2013 at 08:59 AM
      My family was visiting my dad and step mother, but we were staying next door in some sort of rental. I did not notice that neither their home nor neighborhood were anything like they actually are.

      My husband and sons and dad and step mother were going to go somewhere in a car, but I was not going. I was helping them to the car, carrying a booster seat for my almost 5 year old. I did not notice that the booster seat was a way more elaborate contraption than in reality. But suddenly they were gone, and I did not remember them having left, and I was left with the booster seat.

      i did the finger through palm reality check, but it failed. Instead of seriously questioning reality or following up with another reality check, I started rationalizing that something must be mentally wrong with me, that I must not have long to live. I tried calling my dad on my cell phone, but he did not answer. I rationalized further that they must have had another booster seat in the car, and maybe the one I was carrying was not needed. I did not notice that the booster seat then disappeared.

      I then tried finding the place where we were staying, but could not. The neighborhood was nothing like what I "remembered" it being - both not matching reality and not matching false memories. It in fact became a more and more elaborate neighborhood, the longer I walked. It was like a small tourist town with shops. I heard some tourist comment, how quaint it was, that they had no clue this charming town was there, that they needed to explore it more. I heard someone laugh.

      I meanwhile was panicking more and more, and doubting my sanity. i did more reality checking. Again just the finger through palm attempt, but again without serious questioning, and again it failed. However, by then I was too panicked to stop and think. I tried calling my dad again and my husband in vain. I was crying, and thinking that this can't be happening to me.

      And that's when I woke up, and realized that it was not happening to me. And that I checked reality repeatedly in this dream, but did not seriously question it, even though the reason I checked was because stuff was happening that should not be happening! Soooo close, and yet sooo far.

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    5. Lucid False Awakening

      by , 06-09-2013 at 03:45 AM
      Whoa! I had another Lucid Dream! Wait.. better do a Reality Check.... counts fingers, tugs on pointer finger... Ok I'm really awake this time.

      Saturday, June 8th, 2013
      Well, after sleeping for 5 hours, waking up and going back to sleep... nothing. Slept soundly for another couple of hours, woke up, went back to bed but I didn't go to sleep right away, I laid awake for a while then curled up with my back to the sunlight coming in the window. I didn't think I had fallen asleep so I must've had a false awakening because I got up and started fiddling with my knitting stuff. I found my crochet hook set but a few of the holes where the hooks should have gone, were filled with pencils, pens and other items, even some small crocheted bits of yarn. I pulled all of these out and started hunting for my loose crochet hooks to put them back. I found a small bunch of them, put a few in, hunted around some more and picked up the set again but it was full of the pencils and pens again. Every time I found a hook, the set was jammed with the other objects again instead. After putting the same hook back 3 times, I thought quietly, "This does not make any sense..." That was when I did a Reality Check. It almost didn't work though! I counted my fingers and I did indeed count 5 fingers... and one thumb, that made six. I tried to stretch out my pointer finger but it wouldn't stretch at first... I counted again, made sure that I was dreaming then I focused and tugged on my finger again. This time it stretched out perfectly. As I sat on my bed in my room I tried to imagine that I had a Snickers candy bar and took a bite but all I chomped on was air. I went back to pulling on my fingers, stretching each one out and letting them slowly morph back to normal. That helped, Then I sat in kind of a half lotus position trying to float upwards off my bed. But I couldn't seem to do that either. I know why I didn't just leave my room, because I could distinctly hear my parents voices talking right outside my door (even though my mom is currently in another state: Tenessee) and I was afraid of sleepwalking or finding out that I was actually awake... I was also not wearing anything which would have been quite embarassing. Plus, in taking the time to get dressed I might have lost the dream. So as I sat there on my bed trying to float, I noticed a golfball sized lamp on my bedroom wall, it looked straight out of a Sims game. It seemed to be getting larger, (from golfball sized to base-ball sized to bowling-ball sized) as I stared at it and it gave off a weirdly bright bluish white light. I was vaguely aware that either the bed was shaking or I was rocking back and forth. The luminescent globe had reached the alarming size of a beach-ball when I finally looked away. I looked down at my hands, counted and tugged my fingers to make sure I was still in a dream and still lucid. When I looked up again, the light was gone. I was glad since the light gave me the willies. I went back to my attempts to float off my bed, but in the process of trying to focus, I accidentally closed my eyes. This I knew was an immediate mistake as it caused me to lose the dream. It was a wacky feeling though, feeling my position shift from sitting upright in a lotus position, to lying down on my side curled up under a blanket.
    6. Dream Journal Entry 6 - No Recall, Continued Attempts -04-13-2013-

      by , 04-13-2013 at 08:00 PM (The Land of Dreams - SilentEternity's Dream Journal)
      Unfortunately, I did not recall anything last night. The only thing that happened was me waking up in the middle of the night -

      Reality checks show that I was actually awake and not dreaming.

      I shall continue my efforts. I'd sooner witness all things fall into utter oblivion than give up this early.

      When I succeed, the land of dreams will finally allow me to break the monotony of my life with flashes of creation and fantasy.
      side notes
    7. 12/5/12 The second night

      by , 12-09-2012 at 08:24 AM
      Throughout the entire night i had quite a few dreams, although none of them were lucid. The first dream i had that night was about some guys trying to rob me. In real life, i take martial arts and i was trying to fight the guys off of me and i did. After that i woke up. Then feel back to sleep and dreamed something about a guy working on a powerline and i watched him get electrocuted and fall off of the thing he was on and he hit the ground. I woke up again and the way things went during this night I beleive I went though all my REM stages and remembered all my dreams from this night. When i feel back to sleep again, I dreamed I was at my ex-girlfiends house(I should have used reality checks here, but like an idiot I didn't). Some things went on there that you guys can guess on your own lol. Then finally I woke up before the last dream and it was still pretty early. So I dirfted off into a similar situation as the first dream. I think that there was water in the enviroment I was in and I was fighting with many opponents in martial arts. This was the most vivid of them all during the night. The difference in the last dream and the first was i did not feel thretened by guys in the second one. I beleive we were only sparring.
    8. Attempted Flying & Exporing + Soda Machine Hack (Lucid, Reality Checks, WILD)

      by , 08-24-2012 at 07:39 PM
      Woke up on 8/17/12
      *Only remember fragments of some dreams
      *Before the following dreams I had other lucid dreams. However, since I can’t remember the old ones I will only count the ones I remember into my total.
      *My lucidity carried over from previous dreams, so I tried to remember to do reality checks in the following dreams.

      Successful WILD
      Successful reality checks

      In no particular order:

      1) The first thing I can remember is that I was in some plain area with fencing around it (The floor was probably just dirt). I remember being lucid in previous dreams so I attempted to hold on to my lucidity. I did a hand reality check and my hand seemed normal but because I was already lucid I tried to force something to happen. Soon my hands attached to each other and I had four fingers on the left side and three on the right. I don’t understand why I was so determined to perform a reality check when I was already lucid. I probably just wanted reassurance. I attempted flying first by jumping a few times, and I got higher and higher like I expected. Somehow, gravity was pulling me down and though I tried to fight it by jumping over and over I was unable to overcome it. It was as if there was a height limit and I wasn’t able to pass it. I was back to where I began my flying attempt and this time I tried to swing my arms up as hard as I possibly could. I did this a few times and went up higher than I expected, but after a brief moment of floating I could feel gravity pulling me down again. Once again I was back where I started and I began jumping again, but instead I turned a little to the left so that I was looking at the corner of the fence and I jumped forward bouncing myself over the fence and over a few small pieces of scenery that I cannot remember clearly. There was one obstacle that I believe was a wall. It looked green and I remember thinking that I wasn’t going to make it over, but I don’t remember what happened. The dream must have ended.

      2) Like the previous dream, I was lucid from dreams that happened early in my sleep and tried to hold on to that lucidity. I was in some building with gray was walls, though the mood wasn’t at all scary or depressing. I was standing in the middle of what I can best describe as a doorway without a door in it. It was simply an opening into another room. The opening was about 10 feet wide and the walls were about half a foot to a foot thick. I looked down at my hands once again, trying to assure myself that I was lucid. I tried to concentrate on something being wrong with them and I think that eventually they did become odd in some way (I think I just keep looking and eventually I could see another finger on my left hand). The dream faded before I knew it.

      3A) I was in my taekwondo class and people were practicing with nunchucks. I don’t remember many details besides the people who were there. When we were done my mom gave my friend a ride to our house. I went to the bathroom while he used our computer, but the view was of him at the computer.

      *The following dream is somehow connected to the previous dream. It may be an alternate series of events starting from getting in the car.

      3B) I am outside of a supermarket (I assume it is a Wal-Mart. This is explained in the dream notes in Section 3.1B). I get in my mom’s car and we are about to take someone home (Instead of being the friend from taekwondo he is a guy who used to go to my school). He gets out of the car and starts talking to his friends. While we are waiting he turns into a female dream character without me realizing it. I ask if she is coming and she waves us off. My mom begins driving and as the dream went on, I went from traveling in a car to pushing a shopping cart on foot. At one point, I push the shopping cart into a thin wooden board that was resting on a wire fence at a steep angle hoping to drive it over the wire fence by using the board (I don’t realize how odd my attempt is. The board was almost parallel to the fence). It doesn’t work, so I decided to back up to get more momentum. I run faster attempting to push the cart over the fence once again. It goes higher, but I am still unsuccessful. I leave the cart behind and easily climb over the fence. Behind it is a type of junkyard area with tan-colored dirt and a couple of tall huts made of some material of the same color (maybe even the same dirt) surrounding the area. The huts rest on a wall of dirt that surrounds the small area. I find it boring and proceed to different areas. As I explore I see elaborate playgrounds in different directions. One was in the distance in a wooded area. The playground was made of tall logs and had pointy roofs. I kept exploring and the biomes changed very quickly (in a way very similar to how biomes change in Minecraft. I’m in a grassy area one moment and ahead I would see a circular area of sand connecting to the beach; once I’m off the sand, there would suddenly be grass again. I eventually make it to some playground for a short period of time then start traveling again. For some reason, I’m looking for my school at one point. I reach it and the dream gets gray; it looks like it does on a cloudy afternoon. I go down one hallway and walk inside the office, though it looks nothing like the office in my school. I see two soda machines and two snack machines and I end up with wet paper towels in my hand which I try to stuff up the change compartment of the vending machines (This is explained in the dream notes in section 3.2B). A student next to me is doing the same and I make a comment about how I am surprised that he has also heard of the trick. I then say that I heard about it yesterday from a guy I knew. Behind us was a room with glass windows surrounding it. There were thin support beams in between the windows. My mom was sitting at a table in the room with two sodas.

      Dream Notes:

      General: The previous day, I performed more reality checks than I have ever done in one day. This contributed immensely to my lucidity and high level of awareness.

      3.0B) I watched an episode of Wildest Police Videos the day before this dream. In one clip a man and his son were pulled over, but shot the cop and drove away. The police surrounded their car outside of a Wal-Mart and shot them. The scene in my dream was exactly the same as the scene in the clip (aside from the violence, cop cars, and guns of course).

      3.1B) I volunteer at Habitat for Humanity. A guy I know there who is doing community service was getting a soda the day before this dream. He started talking to us about how he used to stuff paper towels up the change compartment to catch the change and take it out at the end of the day to see how much money would come out. This is what I was doing in the dream.

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    9. Help me out here.

      by , 08-08-2012 at 08:01 PM (Mysteries of my subconscious)
      Okay, keep in mind that I am 16. And that lately in order to become aware, in my dreams I would just KNOW that I'm dreaming without a reality check, and sometimes don't even use a reality check. (which I know, is bad.)

      So, it started out as me being in school one day. My friend that I kinda avoid hanging out with sometimes asked me to hang out with him, and I kind of avoided it. I rescheduled anyways. Then I went into my classroom that I was supposed to go into. It was my CAD classroom (which is a 3d computer design class). Then my teacher showed us a new seating chart, and I went to sit in my seat. Moments after I got there I appeared in this courtyard at my school that wasn't my actual courtyard.

      This is where it starts getting weird...
      I was in a dream scene that I had been in previously that night for an entirely different dream. I believe it may have been in a dream of mine last night too.
      So i hear people chanting something about dreaming, and then I quietly chant that "I will have a lucid dream tonight" I kept chanting it to myself and I only did a small reality check to ask if I was dreaming. I didn't catch myself one bit.

      Later on into that dream, I felt as if I woke up in waking life, and then rolled over in my bed and the scene changed again into a water world that was portrayed as a video game world in my head. I WAS the character in the game though, and I WAS actually scared of the feeling of drowning. At one point, I came into realization that I messed up in my last dream. That I didn't do a reality check. Then I was telling myself I have got to start looking at my hands more and really focusing in on that stuff, no matter what. I didn't do one reality check I believe.
      I carried on just thinking that.

      And then, I felt as if I kind of woke up. I felt myself roll over in my bed, keeping my eyes closed, and affirming myself that I would become aware. I continually did that. Then I felt some shaking, and I heard another bed shaking inside my house, and I feared something might be happening to my mom, and then I was focusing in on that. I felt my cat lift it's head up and jump off my bed. Then I rolled over, opened my eyes, and was in my room and all the shaking stopped. My door was closed [so a cat couldn't have been in my room].

      What was this for me? Was it vibrations and those vibration noises? Because like I said, I felt my cat jump off my bed. Could that have been my dream guide as I was entering into the dream? I didn't feel any sort of sleep paralysis, because and I was able to just roll over twice and open my eyes within those few seconds.
      I sort of thought that this sensation was awesome though. I thought it was exhilarating once I woke up. I simply loved it. I thought it was a great dream, even though I only reached layer 0 minor in the layers a lucid dream.
    10. Another short LD - 7/9/12

      by , 07-12-2012 at 03:49 AM (Sea of the Unconscious)
      Yet again I can't remember what made me RC. I suspect I RCed out of habit, I don't remember the beginning of the dream at all either. I just suddenly remember using the nose plug and becoming lucid. It was dark again, and I had to use the nose plug twice. I didn't feel anything the first time, did it again and felt the air running through my nostrils. I was yet again concerned about moving my real body instead of my dream body. I think I tried to visualize my body moving initially instead of actually moving. I woke up quickly.
    11. Grandmom adventure turns lucid

      by , 05-30-2012 at 12:19 AM (Sea of the Unconscious)
      My grandmother allowed my sisters and I to stay at her house and watch TV until her favorite shows came on. Ten minutes before her favorite show airs, we pile into her car and she takes us to a hospital. We didn't go inside, we just walked around the grounds. The hospital looked like my old house, and the hospital was next to Barry Street. Barry is my father's name. I was extremely confused for a moment in the dream.

      On the hospital grounds an old man was performing a marriage ceremony for two cats. We met up with my parents. My sisters decided to go into my grandmom's car, and I my parents'. I realized in the car that my sisters were being driven straight home, while my parents were going out to Lowe's. Inconvenient, since I had to pee.

      I have no idea how I became lucid. I did the noseplug, and that was successful the first try. By that point it was very dark, I thought maybe I had woken up. I tried imaging myself rubbing my hands togetherónothing. I was afraid of moving my real body or fully waking up. I decided to move what I thought was my real hands, and rather than feeling friction, they felt tingly. I was still dreaming. I stared at my palms, and I managed to stabilize my dream a little. I then counted my fingers, and there was an extra on my left hand.

      I remember also reading text as an RC. I was on a crowded bus; someone had hairy lumps on his chest/chin. I donít remember what device I was reading off of, but when I glanced at it a second and third time, the sentence that initially made sense turned into nonsense. I decided to float out of the roof of the bus.

      I also decided to crawl around the place, it helped a little in stabilizing my dream more. I felt a little bit of sensation on my limbs, but not as much as I would expect. I had to focus on how everything feels in order to feel any sensation.

      So I decided to do some metal bending. I did it simply with thought, and donít do any cool moves with it, so it was not as exciting as I thought it would be. I decided then to fly. I sprouted wings and took off. I couldnít feel my wings, and had to focus on their movements if I wanted to feel them at all. I felt no air movement while I was flying. I flew around a fort, and I saw some monster decoration on the ground. I saw two other men flying with bows and arrows. I began following one, but then realized that I could summon my fiancť! I saw a portal next to me and threw myself into it, tumbling. I was in darkness again, and rather than stabilizing I decided to wake up.
    12. Lucid Dreaming Discussed in Science Class

      by , 05-22-2012 at 01:19 AM (Sea of the Unconscious)
      Most of the details from the dream are fuzzy now.

      I was in school, and I had the same science class as two of my friends. My female friend tried to seduce me in my room, but she was only doing it to use me. She was very tempting, but I shied away from her offer. Then someone else accused me of having feelings toward a male friend, even though I'm engaged. I wasn't quite sure how to handle that situation; the accusation was true, but I didn't like him enough to consider ending my current relationship. The accusation was a waste of breath.

      I went to my science class, and in the middle of the lecture, the teacher began discussing lucid dreaming. Even his powerpoint slides had LD pictures. I notice how focused the teacher and the projector screen are on lucid dreams, and I am immediately suspicious. I become a little anxious--I think I was concerned that I would miss an opportunity to become lucid--and plug my nose. I can't tell if it had worked or not; I might have been able to breathe through my nose, but my nose didn't feel anything. The previous time, I distinctly felt the air in my nose. I make sure my mouth is closed, and I try the nose plug again, and I feel the air flowing through my nose.

      My alarm goes off. I miss my chance to become lucid.
    13. How I Navigate Thru My Dreams.

      by , 05-13-2012 at 09:40 PM (My Dream Records)
      Black means non lucid
      Orange means semi lucid
      Blue means lucid
      Red means dream characters talking
      Purple means possible shared dreaming person
      Green means notes

      Got it? Great! Now grab a bite to eat, and enjoy reading my dreams

      Dream #1 Amrapali Ambegaokar.

      Im in my current house in the living room, sitting down on the couch, watching the beautiful Kathak dancer/actress Amrapali Ambegaokar, give me a special dance performance. After her perfomance, she sits next to me and we start talking about dreams. She asks me is it possible to share dreams, i tell her that yes it is in fact possible. (What a missed chance of a reality check) She mentions to me, that a friend of hers has a performance later, and that she promised her she will show up.

      I thank her and tell her that i will try and share a dream with her one day.
      (What a lack of awareness there for me) I hug her, and walk her to her car and walk back to the house and wake up.

      4:30 - 4:45 am. I did plenty of subconscious training, and went back to sleep.

      Dream #2 Giving A Lesson On Dreams.

      Im talking to a very attractive European looking woman about dreams. She has a very lean figure, and looks very much in shape. She has slanted brown eyes, long brunette hair, and is wearing a tan sweater and some black pants, and black ballet flats. We are in the kitchen and i am talking to her about dreams. She wants something to drink, and i give her a orange pop. (Soda)

      We sit down at the kitchen table, and i tell her..

      "Anytime you are in your waking life, do you ever stop and ask yourself...where am i? What did i do a hour ago?"

      "Umm noo not really why?"

      Im rubbing my hawk coin looking at her, and say to her..

      "Because this is a dream thats why."

      "Really? Everything feels so real."

      "Thats because our minds are wired around what is suppose to look, smell, taste, and feel real. Does that drink taste real?"

      She nods her head. I tell her to start doing more reality checks in her spare time such as asking herself, what did she do a hour ago, what day is it, and how did she end up where she is. I tell her that pretty soon she will be on her way to achieving lucidity much more often.

      Dream # 3 Stop Him!

      Im in some meeting with a group of men in suits. Im projected as a White man with short black hair slick back, and wearing a dark black suit. Im staring at these different files on the tables, and noticed a file that said..TOP SECRET INFORMATION. It was in big bold red letters. I ask one of the men to pass me that file so i can take a look at it to make sure its the right document. A man hands it to me.

      I jumped thru a window and it shatters. I hear a man yelling


      Im running down a crowded street and project back as myself. I run thru stores, buildings, and finally find my hideout and set the file in my dresser cabinet and wake up.

      Final dream frag: How is your reality checks going?

      I just remember talking with one of my dream characters about how to properly do reality checks. I remember her being a female and thats all i remember.
    14. Who's dream is this???

      by , 05-03-2012 at 07:34 PM (My Dream Records)
      Black means non lucid
      Orange means semi lucid
      Blue means lucid
      Red means dream characters talking
      Purple means possible shared dreaming person
      Green means notes

      Got it? Great! Enjoy my dreams and make your self comfortable.

      Dream #1 Who's dream is this???

      Im walking down a neighborhood near my favorite aunt P's house. Its day time out and sunny, and feels like 65 degrees out. I walk to the gas station to get me some chips, Reach in my pocket to grab my hawk coin totem. Im whistling and flipping it in the air catching it with one hand while my other hand is in my pocket. I notice a black dude on his bike riding past, nothing suspicious there. I notice a old white lady walking with a cane reaching for something in her purse, nothing strange there. I look down in front of me to notice a coin similar to mines. Hmm...i question it a bit, and look up to notice it is now night time. "Huh.? How did it get night time so fast?" Ah, only one solution to that! I continue walking and notice a white chic with sandy brown hair, wearing a burgundy t shirt, some black and white converse sneakers, some ripped blue jeans, and she looked to be in her early 20's with a sort of punk rock look to her.

      "Hey hows it goin?"
      "Good. Um..i know this is like gonna sound strange and all..but..lol Are you like a DC?"
      "Uh..noo. Im a real person."
      "Cool i am too. My names heather."

      "Uh..nice to meet you Heather. How did you get here?"
      "Get where? Here? Lol i walked here dude."
      "No no no no no. I mean..how did you get here..in my dream?"
      "Lol this is not your dream dude. This is my dream."
      >_< I reach in my pocket and pull out another hawk coin.
      "Whats that?"
      "A personal token of mine. Helps me determine if im dreaming, or sharing a dream with someone."

      I flip it in the air, it falls on the sidewalk spinning really fast and then creating more coins.
      "Whoa thats freaking awesome!"
      There are now 5 coins on the ground.
      "Grab one."
      "Cause if your gonna be sharing dreams with me, im gonna need to keep track of who you are, and whether or not to confirm in my dream records if your real..or just a projection."
      "But dude, i already fucking told you im real."
      I stare at her. We start walking towards a house and there is a tall white blond chic who is sitting down in a chair smoking out of a bong. I see this one black dude who looked mixed with something.

      (Blond chic) "Hey hey hey.. how the hell you two just walk in my house without (words sluring )with out how come knocking."
      (Heather talking) "Whoa..your defintely stoned!"
      (Blond chic) "Ye..yea...so what."
      Me and heather start looking around the house in search of something. (don't know what)
      Im rubbing my hawk coin totem, and tell heather to do the same to stabilize the dream more. We begin noticing stairs and roaches falling out of the ceiling.
      "Gross! Lets get the fuck outta this place!"
      "Hell this is your dream!"
      We run out of the house now in a crowded outside busy intersection. I mention to her that she needs to remember that everyone around us are just projections of hers. She tells me how did i get into her dream again. I mention to her that i am certain this is my dream and she is only a projection.

      We argue a bit and notice some people outside of a store ( A latino guy and a white chic with long black hair)

      We approach them.
      (Heather talking) "How does it feel to be a DC?"
      (The girl talking) "Uh..who's dream is this?"
      Me and Heather look at eachother, then look back at the girl and Heather hands her the coin and i wake up.

      Notes: I am still unsure to truly know if this was an actual person so to speak. But, i keep it mark as a shared dream just in case a heather happens to stumble upon this entry. I could've had more dreams so that i can do the TOTM. But could'nt sleep due to a car alarm from one of my neighbors goin off every other hour. I managed to find some earplugs though so i can get the proper rest. Overall, im happy with my recall, and want to continue getting my lucid dreams. More subconscious training is in the works for me today!
    15. The shore of my subconscious ( Old dream) 02/13/11/

      by , 04-13-2012 at 03:00 AM (My Dream Records)
      Black colour means non lucid
      Orange means semi lucid
      Blue means lucid
      Red means dream characters talking
      Got it? great, now for the good stuff. So kick off your shoes and enjoy this dream.
      Dream #1 Something special.

      Im walking on a beach with a beautiful latin woman. (She looks like Roselyn Sanchaz) She's wearing a long white dress, barefoot with pink flipflops in her hands, long wavy black hair, a pecan colour complexion, with beautiful slanted eyes, a strawberry shaped nose, and pink juicy lips. She's laughing as im tellin her how Gorgeous she looks. The sunset looks warm mi amour, i hope this moment never ends she says. Even if it does babe, i will see you again. You promise? Yes, i promise. We watch the sun go down, as i gaze into her hazel eyes and our lips meet..dream fades.

      Dream #2 A moment of bliss interrupted.

      Im asleep on the couch, awaken to the sound of a blender goin off. Im sorry papi did i wake you? Na its ok love, what you making? A strawberry smoothie you want some? That can wait, come here. I hold her close to me and once again get lost into her hazelbrown eyes. Ay papi your gonna make me spill it, even better, then your gonna taste like strawberries! we both laugh, and the phone rings. Hang on papi i have to get the phone, hello? yes it is, who's calling? Ohhh yes why of course. (My memory gets foggy here what the conversation was about) I walk outside and a seagull is flying in the sky. Air feels warm, im at peace with myself...Reaching in my pocket to grab my hawk coin totem, rubbing it wait main...how did i end up here??? what is today's date??? Papi are you outside? I stuff my hawk totem coin back in my pocket. What are you doing out here mi amour? Oh uh, i was just getting some fresh air ahem. (She has her arms around me staring at me giggling. Wait a minute, were you playing with that silly coin again? I don't know what you are talking babe, i was just getting some fresh air. Your off again to one of yours missions are'nt you? I thought we were gonna have lunch and cuddle up and watch a movie? Don't worry i'll be back i promise. You know i always come back to you, so just keep my plate warm for me hon ok? (I kiss her on the forehead) i'll call you when im on my way. A bergundy bmw pulls up at the, the entrance of the house, I look at my dream wife and tell her i love her. She looks at me with tears sliding down both her eyes as i pull her closer towards me, don't worry..i'll be back later tonight ok? She nods in my arms, Ok, please come back to me mi amour please! I can not lose you again, you have to come back to me please! I will babe, i will. I walk towards the car and get into the passenger seat, A woman with dark her fair complexion with a take no shit look about her who looks italian, (very attractive) lights up her cigarette and says, you done with all that mushy mushy shit with your little soap opera looking senorita or no? Yea, as im staring at her inside the car window. Good, now on to more serious shit! She peels off and we drive to a warehouse and i ask her how did that last mission go? she walks over to this table and shows me a table full of guns. (She mentions something about us taking down a known Boss crime syndicate who runs, robbery, Extortion, Crime, Gambling, ect ect.) Ok its seems like we're all set then, by the way i did'nt catch your name, what's your name? Natalia. I nod my head and get a clear look at everything around me in this warehouse, feeling like im about to wake up, i say her name over and over. Now awake in my bed, i record it into my recorder device, and try and do a Wild.

      Dream #3 Swan filled parking lot.

      Im walking thru a parking flooded with water and filled with swans. I reach in my pocket and pull out my totem and begin rubbing it wondering how i got here, Im aware enough to realize its a dream i fall backwards and had a false awakening.

      Dream #4 Who's totem and recording device is this???

      I wake up in this building filled with chairs, (i do not remember the exact amount of chairs) but they were lined up in almost like a loop. a recording device on a empty table, a glass of water, with a spinning dradle top (just like the one in the movie inception). A white pill with a note that say's in big bold black letters, DO A REALITY CHECK NOW!!! I reach in my pocket and pull out my totem, and reality check with it, fully aware of whats happening...i walk thru a door and there is a computer with random names (I forget the names on the computer) of people who are dreaming. I take the pill and drink the water then record myself talking on the recording device left on the table. I say into the recorder, ahem hi this is dreamprofesser and im in a room filled with chairs and a spinning top, whoever finds this recording device meet me at discreet location so we can share a dream. I push the stop button and fall asleep.

      Final dream. How did you get here?

      I wake up in some hotel with a bunch of college girls dorm, their sittin around talkin about something. One of them who was a blond who looked at me while watching t.v said to me, Uh...like how did you end up in our dorm??? Uh...i don't remember, i get up off of the couch walk out the dorm and wake up to the sound of my Beethoven alarm goin off.
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