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    1. Tuesday, August 5

      by , 08-10-2019 at 07:04 PM
      I am either at a concert or watching a video of a concert. I think I am at it, but it is like I started watching a video of it or saw a thumbnail of it on YouTube and then ended up at it. I had been looking through my Watch Later on YouTube, and it was full of Pink Floyd and Doors concerts. I noticed that I had also been watching videos of speeches or someone talking about different topics. This venue has the feel of a warehouse or hangar, airy and dim. The stage and seating riser are long. The Doors are performing, and it sounds like they, and especially Jim, are on top of their game. Jim is animated and fiery. I am now seeing a panorama of the crowd, from the stage, at about stage level. They seem to all be standing and very animated as well. I notice a diversity in skin color. The fashion seems wildly eclectic, possibly 60s, but almost hyperbolically so. There seems to be a good ratio of women to men, many women carelessly or ecstatically topless. The shot pans and lingers on a black man and white woman amid the crowd, the woman’s pants unbuttoned and the man casually rubbing her over her underwear. They’re standing straight and next to each other, so undetected by only the camera. I find some humor in the shot’s slight lingering on this candid exposure of the moment. I now have to use the restroom and end up finding a unisex? bathroom at the end of a hallway. The hallway is slightly ornate, as if in a theater or old house. I think a woman comes out right before I go in, possibly saying something to me. In the bathroom, there is a toilet against the wall and then a ramp up to what looks like a stall. I go into the stall, only to find that the door swings into a position that leaves about a foot long gap. I go back down to the toilet and stand to use it instead. I think it is too low and I aim too high, accidentally hitting the wall at first.
    2. Awesome Concert

      by , 07-12-2019 at 11:43 PM
      I woke up early in the morning and went back to bed attempting to MILD again. Instead of a lucid dream, I was put into several smaller dreams, most with a very vivid piece to them.

      I'm on a road trip to a brew fest on a bus with many people. The bus gets parked and we have most of the day to do whatever. I feel bad because the same people who brought the bus to carry everyone in were also the ones who brought some kind of house for everyone to stay in. I tell myself that I will buy some groceries so I'm contributing something. Someone mentions that they just saw one of the coolest concerts ever and I'm suddenly in a sky camera view in a stadium with the concert. It's a group consisting of 3 DJ's or mixers similar to Swedish House Mafia or Glitch Mob as well as an entire orchestra. The two groups mix perfectly together with an occasional solo from a single violin or cello that is accented by the beat still being given by the DJ's. I'm surprised that the instrumentalists can keep up with the beat of the song. Then they start to play covers of Star Wars music which is also cool.

      In another dream, it feels like I have a movie view for some of it and first person view in others. I'm watching Anna Kendrick and a few of her friends walk into a prom reception which is a super fancy locale surrounded entirely by a pool. They have to walk through the pool, about knee deep , to get into the reception. Once inside., the lighting is super cool because everything appears in gray scale except for the decorations hanging from the ceiling and the centerpieces on all the tables which are vibrant colors.
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    3. Sunday, May 5

      by , 06-21-2019 at 08:25 PM
      I’m with Melissa at what seems to be a small concert or concert festival in the woods. We are standing very close to the smaller stage that really has nothing between it and the audience. The band that is on seems quiet and really isn’t that good. Melissa starts walking off to the right, in jeans and a black sweatshirt. I give it a second and then follow her, reasoning that there’d be no situation where my simply asking where she’s going would be inexcusable. This area looks like an orchard of deep olive green on a hill. I look back and see Dad and Makayla on the sloping lawn in front of the stage. When I catch up, Melissa informs me that she’s just going to go pee. I want to go with her, and I also think about sneaking off to have sex somewhere. I can feel myself becoming aroused. I look around to see if this could be feasible and see the orchard ending in a fairly steep dirt hill. I wonder what’s past it, but don’t think I’d actually go that far. This area seems too small and not secluded enough. In the other direction there is a tiny cliff that leads to water and a tiny beach. There’s a larger woman standing on the beach.
      Tags: concert, music, sex, water
    4. Thursday, January 31

      by , 02-12-2019 at 06:18 AM
      I am with Melissa in some clothes store. I carry three pairs of Levis as we casually go into a fitting room stall and close the door. It’s just big enough for the two of us. Without me trying to do so, the ink tag on one of the pairs separates and comes off. I try them on and they fit very well (though they’re a little long). They’re sort of a faded Tahoe blue in color. Since they fit and the security tag fell off, I’m going to wear them out under my other pants. I tuck the cuffs into my socks for extra invisibility, and with my shirt back on they are entirely concealed. I briefly consider where to leave the ink tag, though it doesn’t matter a whole lot. I think about bringing the other two pairs back out, but then know it would be suspicious without the other pair I came in with, so I leave them in here. We casually walk out (into the mall?) and towards what would be the food court. We get in line for something (Brooke may be with us) There’s a guy about our age or younger in front of us. One of his friends appears and starts snaking his way in front of us. He has something with him that says (or he is labeled?) ‘Ladders’. The first guy is ‘Chutes’, so I guess it makes sense for them to be together and don’t fuss about him cutting. Melissa is holding a drink, a thin and tall glass clutched at chest level. This second guy starts grabbing at it, which is when I start to have a problem. He tries to make casual conversation. I clasp my hand on his shoulder, and, in a sort of fake amiability, pull him aside with more of a shove. I ask/tell him something. The first guy has his phone out and, sensing this new tension, bluntly says something to Melissa about her unfollowing/blocking him. Without missing a beat, she coolly responds with something to the effect of ‘not a chance’ or ‘not in a million years.’ i get the sense that maybe we’ve met them before and she was receptive on social media to be polite and/or because they didn’t seem too bad. We now pay for the mini golf? at the counter and go wait at some tables outside. Oddly enough, we are still going to be mini golfing with them.

      I am at work when I discover that there is more to recover than there should be. Clothes are misplaced and strewn in random places. I notice a section in particular that no one attempted to fix while I was gone. This really irritates me, but I start working on it anyway. On top of a shelf there are pins and nails and the paper filling from inside the shoes. I see Rocio over here, so I go talk to her. She speaks a lot in Spanish, repeating some things. I understand some of it, trying to reply in Spanish too. I think she asks if I am going to teach. I tell her maybe, really considering it. The large, yellow cup from Dad’s is here and full of water. I take a large swig.

      I am at a very small concert festival with Melissa. I see a lineup poster by a stage - Venom is playing at the same time as another band (they’re both headlining though?). Melissa asks me to pick which one we should watch. I pick Venom because they sound familiar. They come on and start, and Melissa rushes to the stage. I imagine moshing.
    5. 15 Jan: Attack of giant ants and talking about LDs

      by , 01-15-2019 at 08:13 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Mom's windows of her front balcony are once again wrongly inserted and dangerously dangling. I try to fix it before any strong wind hits, but two of them drop from the 4th floor to the ground below. No one is hit but it falls on two cars, which strangely suffer no harm.

      I am sort of an exchange student abroad. Visit some cute kindergarten where a friend works, then later I attend some classes. It's around Xmas time. There is a sale of arts and crafts and I break a few pieces by accident. I try to fix it, until I give up and apparently no one around cares that much.
      People are discussing math and other subjects, I think there is exam season coming. There are some snacks at a table and I see a huge dried fig I pick to eat. But I open it and it is full of ticks inside. Gross!
      I pick up some stones to squash the bugs when I look up and see what looks like two rainbows in the sky. I forget the ticks and reach for my phone to take a photo. Then they move and I see they are actually iridescent antennas. What?
      People start running on the streets, I hear a big noise and I see an ants head through the clouds, which aren't clouds but dust from debris. The ant is crushing the buildings as it walks. I run away too and I see more ants in different directions. We run for our lives. I reach areas where people are not yet aware of what's going on. There is a concert of classical music at a park with lots of families with kids. We try to warn but they don't understand and I just use the chance to go ahead of all them before they also start running. There is a lake and a canal leading to a river. I think about getting on a boat, but the only one I can get into has no key to start the engine. Then I spot some playboy in his boat and I try to get on board with him, but he actually decides to get out of the boat and walk away, taking the key. Meanwhile the ants seem to be approaching and I decide to just keep running towards the coast, I cross a train track and a train is stopped and some people are coming out of the train and seem to have organized among themselves and have a plan. They head for some empty condos by the river to stay the night and plan the next step. Apparently one of them has the key to some of the apartments. I join them, think it is better to be with a group who has plans or at least is organized. But they all speak Swedish. The only other foreign people is Tony from the show "Who's the boss?" who says he is Italian and doesn't understand what everybody is saying. I say I am Portuguese and also don't understand so we all start talking in English.

      Talking to some people about lucid dreams, my dad doesn't see the point and interest. I say it is a second life we all have and it is better when we live it with awareness. I say once I recalled 10 full pages of dream details on one single night. He gets a bit more interested and I say who wouldn't want to consciously fly and experience fantasies? Someone asks if I tried being with a dragon or turning into a dragon and I say yes.

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    6. Saturday, June 30

      by , 08-28-2018 at 09:28 PM
      I am at a Dead and Company show with Dad and one other guy, probably a family friend. The venue is on a grassy and sandy slope down to the ocean. Down towards the bottom of the slope, I can see the off-white top of the tent (kind of like Shoreline) in which they’re playing. Most of it is hidden by the incline. At times, I can see the band, but it is intermittent for whatever reason. There are also waves breaking that make their way up the slope and I think into the tent. I end up briefly talking with someone I know, before making my way down the slope. The band has started, and I dance as I walk. I think a few people look at me, but they are smiling. I’m by the tent now, and it looks more like a small seaside bar or café. You can walk right into it. Some people are doing just that, but they’re getting kicked out, as they are too close to the band or too much of a nuisance. The atmosphere other than that is very laid back. The band, in a single small room, laughs and chats while tuning up between songs. I think the drum kit is in a room separate but still connected to the other. Bill Kreutzmann is here, but he is just hanging out while another, older man plays the drums. It seems to me that Bill is unable to play tonight for whatever reason. I start talking with this other drummer, but it ends up being me talking to Bill, with him either on the drums or right by them. For a moment, I’m self conscious of taking up time if they’re playing music, but they’re taking a while between songs anyway. I ask Bill, prefacing the question with me knowing that it sounds like a typical fan thing to stay, how he would feel about playing Liberty. I am self conscious of my voice as I am speaking. He looks as if he’s really thinking about it. I mention how it would be fitting since it’s so close to the 4th of July. I also wonder if they’d play it mid-set or for the encore. Bill says he’s not sure, because he never really got the pace of the song and his playing was never really coherent on it. I think of versions I’ve heard and guess I could see it. He tells me that’s why they started playing [something with a longer name] in ‘94 and ‘95. This song is, I think, similar to Liberty in tempo and lyrical theme. I nod, thinking of my notes of shows, not sure I’ve ever actually heard it. I think he sees the uncertainty in my nod and briefly wonder if he’s thinking that I’m not that versed in the music, but I know I’ve listened to a fair amount of their shows in that era. (Whatever the name of the song was, it’s not an actual song they’ve done).
    7. Awesome old scrapheap city.

      by , 08-02-2018 at 02:33 PM (Exterminate)
      There was this town that I came across that was severely ruined and old. A kid brought me there to show me his junk collection. He had claimed this large area and wanted to give me a tour of all his treasures he had. He said it was important that I stay with him, and that he would help me in my quest. Think of this area like the gray terminal in One Piece. This kid had just claimed a small area of the terminal. I got impatient and ran ahead into the inner city. It seemed to just be a few mostly destroyed homes and empty plots of land. It had a big empty plot for a castle with two large staircases that had figures still standing where the stairs would be. You could almost imagine how big the castle would have been at the top of the hill. The inner city would have had about 10 homes, and the outer city down the hill a bit had about 30. Down further you could see a beautiful body of water. There was a building still standing, still inhabited. I talked with the man there. He was in his 60s and was willing to offer me a drug that could show me the past so that I may learn how to fight in incoming threat. He needed a few materials that I could get from the junkyard out front of the city. One of the materials was choline. I left the man's house and took in the sights again. I noticed a statue standing across the town, and by where I was were the plaques. I started telling my brother about this dream while reading the plaques. They were black with gold writing. They were very clean and looked brand new. The plaques told the town's purpose, their wars, the arena where they'd have duels with dragons, their use of dragons in defending their town, and more. My brother asked the name of the city and I couldn't find it. I was looking around and saw a sign that called the town jNIjl. I tried telling Kris the exact capitalization while telling myself not to wake up as I was doing so, but that caused me to do just that as I got about 3 letters in. Turns out I wasn't talking to my brother after all.

      I also had an earlier dream where my oldest brother did his ex-wife a favor my taking care of a baby with major deformations and a dog with a broken back. He tried to pawn the injuries onto me and Kris but we were disgusted and wanted nothing to do with them. We were upset at Jeff for ironically not having a backbone and that he should have declined to care for these poor souls, but he does whatever she tells him to and couldn't say no to her. I also noticed our grandparent's dog trixie was there. Apparently they didn't want their dog either. I was okay with that one though, their dog is a Shih Tzu. Adorable little ball of energy that one was.

      Another dream involved me at a concert looking for my brother. I looked everywhere and couldn't see him. He eventually finds me and says he was at the concession stand waiting for me. As we were leaving the concert some guy got real close behind me and kept walking my same pace. He was pressed all the way against me and then tried to rape me. By that I mean I felt penetration. Gross. Good thing there was two layers of clothes separating his thing and me, but wtf. I quickly turned around, knocked him off his feet, cut off his hand and grabbed a nearby buzzsaw and put it close to his face. I saw the panic in his eyes and decided it would be more torture to keep him alive, so I then just walked away.
    8. Concert Talk

      by , 08-01-2018 at 07:20 AM
      Morning of August 1, 2018. Wednesday.

      Reading time: 48 sec. Readability score: 76.

      I am in a setting that is reminiscent of the “Gunsmoke” (television series) set, outside of the Long Branch Saloon. It seems to be morning.

      A rendering of the interconsciousness is present. It is an unknown male of about twenty years old who is standing in the street as I sit on the curb. The man does not seem familiar in any way.

      He is talking to me about another unknown male who had left the area. I have no focus or recall of a backstory. I have to ask him to repeat certain words and information several times. (This is typical of this stage of the dreaming process. In many cases, I perceive it as gibberish.)

      He tells me that the other male had gone to Perth. He has gone to see a band called “Sister Cities.” (I do not know of any group with this name.)

      I am going to assume this is a random thread from the interconsciousness, that may or may not have anything to do with me. It is a different process than when I force a preconscious avatar to respond in a certain way or when I use my mental voice to speak through my emerging consciousness.

    9. July 9, 2018 Non-Lucid

      by , 07-09-2018 at 07:13 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I'm abroad with a group of friends. Initially, it seems like I'm in Russia. First, the idea is that I need to volunteer hours in order to get my CPA. I'm calling this person who is setting up a volunteer event. The message tells me that there is an event from 12-7, the first 30 minutes of which would be training and then the rest would be the event. I get my phone out and do some research to try to figure out what the event actually is. It seems like the event is either a graduation or some sort of ceremony in an old folks home. The building in the picture is pretty beaten up with a green roof and lining. I'm now at the place which seems to be an old factory. I go inside and get the feeling that it is actually more like a hotel in which people are walking up and down the stairs as well as going to do their laundry on one of the floors. I'm hiding for some reason.

      The dream goes over to what I believe to be Zagreb, Croatia. I'm standing in the middle of a crowd watching a show. On stage is this one man dressed in an S&M outfit screaming lyrics. There are other women on stage dancing around dressed in the same stuff. I look to my left and see Kolby is there with me. The people on stage are screaming very satanic lyrics which was visibly upsetting Kolby as well as me a little bit. The guy on stage screamed "6 6 and another 6." We're in a crowd but it's more like each person has 2 yards in between one another and looking back I see there's really only about 50 people at the show. A large woman on stage sees Kolby is upset and yells pointing at him. I remember saying out loud "okay I'm not that religious but this is making me uncomfortable too." Kolby leaves. I'm standing there and a girl on the right of me starts telling me that I should come with her to the bars after the show. Another girl on my left says pretty much the same thing. I take note of that and leave.

      I find Kolby and JP. I tell them we should go to Split which is a coastal city in Croatia. They agree and we take a ship over really rough water there. We get there and it looks more like Roman ruins with a massive old temple-like cave engraved in a mountain. We go around there and find the actual city on the coast. We were supposed to come with other people but apparently we got an early ship. Now the waters are too rough and it looks like we might be here a while. The city looks sort of like the back alleys of Venice. I'm trying to figure out how we're going to sleep there, looking up hostels on my phone. There's no wifi. I'm looking at an offline map on my phone looking for hostels. I say out loud "I've stayed at this one hostel but it was such a long hike every day." The boys say that they don't really want to stay in a hostel because they need sleep. My friend Jordan comes out of nowhere. I ask her for hostel recommendations and she says "One Hostel." Well that was good enough for me. I follow her directions into an underground space that has 10 or so women sewing or selling items in a shop. I see a sign on the wall that says "One Hostel" along with some other words. Behind a counter is a woman sewing with glasses on, not seeming to pay attention to me. It doesn't seem ideal so I decide to go somewhere else.
    10. Self Improvement

      by , 10-31-2017 at 02:21 AM
      All that I can remember is that I was at a live-in center where I would learn skills on how to improve myself or something. I have only vague memories of the place. At some point, I learned that the food was provided by Walmart. This was a relief as I was afraid that the food would be provided by "Sysco." I've had Sysco food before, it is not the greatest. Though my relief would be short lived as I would later learn that this center had signed a new contract with Sysco. I groaned as I saw the Sysco truck pull in.

      At the dining hall, I decided to bring my own meal as I did not want to eat Sysco's food. I was right to do this, the spaghetti that they were serving was nasty.

      Later I am at a place where a concert was held. I was there with Olga Pataki to help clean up the mess. I remember that I was doing this for a specific reason though I cannot remember what that reason was.
    11. Dream - A Dysfunctional Shopping Trip & Owner Of This Auditorium

      by , 05-23-2017 at 12:04 PM
      Date of Dream: TUE 23 MAY - 2017

      Dream No. 118 - Separated Sections

      Dream 118 A - A Dysfunctional Shopping Trip
      From where I can remember, I was at the shops with my mum and I walked past a Review store that I then wanted to go and look in. My mum was not too keen on this idea, she was constantly hurrying me up and saying that looking was not important. Still, I tried to look at as many clothes on display as possible as that's the main reason I was at the shops. I then noticed that some clothing racks had heavy discounts applied to them, still, this didn't change my mum's mind. When I was finally rushed out of there, she said she had to go to the bathroom and she told me to wait for her just outside in the mall. For a few minutes, I waited but then the thought came to my mind that I was going to leave her behind as a payback for not letting me look at the things I wanted to look at. So I walked home.

      The dream scene then skipped to me being at home with dad. A notification appeared on this random tablet and that's when I asked my dad “Where's mum?”. He goes “She's coming home from Parkmore”. In the dream, I was pretending like I didn't know anything about what happened earlier. He added “I don't think she'd be too keen on seeing you”. In the back of my mind, I knew she could make her way back because she still had the car. That's all I can remember from this dream.

      Dream 118 B – Owner Of This Auditorium
      I was in this large hall, although the dream seemed to call it an auditorium. All these schools were coming over for a music competition with their various bands and choirs. All throughout this dream, I had a feeling of joy and nostalgia. The majority of the ensembles were from Killester and I told everyone I spoke to that I was the owner of this auditorium and that I was also hosting the competition... The Killester students didn't appear to know this, so it was a nice surprise for them.

      The dream was doing some weird things though, like introducing one pushy girl who tried to be an imposter hosting. Although she was making her moves, I was still overjoyed, telling everyone I saw what I was doing. At one point, Mrs G had the school camera and called me over for a photo. I then saw the choir and there were a lot of faces I recognised, one most prominently being WB's. Other faces I remember were WB's older cousin AD and a little year 7 that started to adopt WB's facial features as well as her bomb of an afro.

      >> Sensitivity warning: Stop reading if you don't want to be grossed out | The next scene of the dream was a bit disturbing though. There was this woman that was wheeled into the auditorium who looked like some sort of pale zombie with all these scars and small bits of pus on her face and body. As the manager, I said to wheel her into this small room while we waited for an ambulance to come by. That's all I can remember from this dream.
    12. Shenanigans in Mid-Concert

      by , 06-22-2016 at 12:22 PM
      Morning of June 22, 2016. Wednesday.

      My wife Zsuzsanna and family and I as we are now are at a large unfamiliar park, though perhaps implied to be in Brisbane. It is somewhat like a composite of the South Bank and Nundah parks. After a time, a group of unknown people start to gather under a shelter. This seems to be related to the beginning of a concert.

      It seems to be nighttime at first, perhaps around nine o'clock. We listen to the music for a time. Our children stand to our right. We are not actually under the shelter at this point but just on the outer perimeter of it.

      Burl Ives, or someone much like him in this case, eventually shows up and there is the option to go with him on some sort of tour of the area. Zsuzsanna and I and a number of other people join the group. At this point, our children apparently remain behind, although our two oldest are with the younger ones.

      We are eventually on a bus going up a hill. Somehow, the time is now late morning or afternoon since it is now daylight. After a time, the bus transforms into a jeep and Zsuzsanna and I are sitting in the front to the right of the driver (which is the wrong orientation if assuming an Australia vehicle). The jeep goes over a narrow road and into a fissure; between two high rock faces (which almost come up to the sides of the jeep), right to the edge of a cliff - and I almost think we are going over and that it is meant to be the purpose and climax of the supposed tour. I see the view far below, mostly of forests and ravines. Soon though, the jeep backs up and I hear an unknown voice behind me say, “Oh, we are backing up now” as if they are relieved our tour did not include going over the cliff. “This is a really stupid way to make a road,” I say assertively.

      However, the jeep, after backing out from the fissure, is then driven in a perpendicular direction and comes to a stop just before going off another part of the cliff. Again, I contemplate if we are going over but instead the driver backs up a bit and turns and goes down the road and back into town. Having had enough of this “tour”, I leave the jeep as it is still going down the street and somehow end up on my own in an unusual fancy building, which is apparently closed at the time. I try to find a door out of the building to go home (as I am also concerned about where our children are) but I end up only going into what seem like business offices. One room has a male and female who do not regard me. I then turn and go down a hall and somehow (by force of will even though I am not at all lucid) create a door into a portico which leads into a parking lot. It is now nighttime again (and thus Ed Wood must be directing this dream as often seems the case with illogical sudden switches from night to day and back again during the same shorter time period).

      As I walk through the parking lot, Zsuzsanna is walking to my right as if she had been there all along. I am still concerned about our children’s safety, particularly our youngest daughter. As I continue to walk I realize that Zsuzsanna is still speaking to me even though she is now a mostly yellow (emergent consciousness color) cylindrical music box of the windup type that holds and rotates a baby cot mobile. I accidentally drop her on a parking block as I am stepping over it. I feel bad and hope she still works. I hear her musical whirring and realize she may recover.

      Firstly, a parking lot represents the liminal space between dreaming and waking and is always an element of the waking precursor for me. Many of my dreams end in a parking lot setting because of the symbolic association between being “elsewhere” (in the dream state) and from there will go “home” (real physical body) even though there is no car association here (and I am inclined to now believe that a parking block may be analogous to a pillow as a dream sign in at least some cases). This last part was also indirectly precognitive as our youngest daughter was slightly injured by falling on a music box (though was not hurt that much). The loose patterns included the music box, the association with a baby or young child, and being hurt in a fall. My dream however, though it foreshadowed the event correctly on one level, used completely different connections.

      What I find very curious here is how the typical falling start (waking point) was “stopped” twice before I took action to go into a different level of consciousness (though I sometimes deliberately jump from cliffs to enter an enhanced flying mode), which then foreshadowed an event from today. I was unable to prevent it, but I still find it very interesting and typical of the unexplainable facets that occur in some dream types.

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    13. 6/19/16

      by , 06-19-2016 at 02:31 PM (Book of Dreams)
      12:00 am
      7:00 am
      WILD attempt:

      No actual recall. Just a fragment. Last night, IRL I saw Caravan Palace, and it was the best concert I have ever been to! (If you ever get a chance to see them live, you MUST go, it was an amazing experience, and I was completely sober for it!) But with all the jumping and dancing and screaming, I had it in the back of my mind that I wouldn't have good recall and it was true. But maybe, if I had a more positive attitude, that would have been different?

      Did have one fragment, I was at a concert and it was outside during the daytime, and I remember everyone having a good time and being really happy. Very similar to my actual night.

      Also, I woke up around 7:00 am and after reading some other people's workbooks on DV, I decided to try to WILD, but like before, I feel like I'm just lying there with my eyes closed but still wide awake. I figured doing this in the morning hours would help push me back into REM but that doesn't happen. Maybe I just need to be patient and keep trying, but being patient is very hard sometimes. If anyone has advice on this sort of thing, feel free to comment! Thanks, y'all!
    14. #159 - Concert / Rumpus room / I punch cars?

      by , 11-17-2015 at 10:08 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - Concert
      I remember being at one side of a building which was used for stage performance concerts. It must have been night time and there were people starting to show up. It wasn't a big concert, maybe a couple hundred people that were to fit into this place. The seats available were fold-out chairs and bleachers. I was sitting pretty far back on the bleachers, I looked down at the crowd and saw my mate Zac. He looked up at me and smiled, waving happily, then he turned and sat down on one of the fold out seats at the front.

      I have some dream fragments about this dream too:
      - My mates girlfriend was managing the show or was a ticket collector? I met her yesterday. I also saw my mate too who I also saw yesterday.
      - I remember something about another friend called Giles, but I can't remember what.
      - The area we were in was next to Castle St, one of the most famous streets where I used to live.
      - I seem to remember something about another friend being the lead guitarist for the band, he plays guitar in RL and was shredding like crazy. His hair was really long too. I remember that the sounds weren't properly matching up to what he was playing.

      Dream 2 - Rumpus room
      I remember having a very erotic dream... I'll leave out the details . It happens in the rumpus room of my parents house where I lived for a while, but now it's been converted into a flash looking flat. After the erotic part of the dream my ex gf showed up and we started hanging out (I have no idea where the other girl went). I think at the time I was on the phone and she walked around while she waited for me to finish. The phone was a big as a brick though . I remember jokingly throwing something at my ex which made her laugh. I wrote that the phone call had something to do with managing a the concert of the other dream.

      Dream 3 - I punch cars? + Hill
      I felt like I was very lucid in this dream, I did a short reality check and was pretty convinced I was dreaming. It was surprisingly stable and clear. I was just standing on a normal suburban street on a sunny day and realized I didn't know what to do. I saw a white car approaching on the road, so I walked up to it and swung a left hook straight into it. It shot backwards really fast, but it hadn't been hit into the air which was what I was aiming to do. I then continued to do this a few times... Just hitting cars O_O. I remembered that I was lucid and then.. carried on hitting cars. At some point I think I lost lucidity and the dream led to a grassy slope going downhill by the side of the road. I sat on the grass here and looked below me, there was something going on but I can't remember what. I then saw a road bike to my left and pulled it out of the grass. Turning behind me I saw a couple teenage cyclists who had stopped because one of them had been injured. A scrape on his knee? Ouch. There's a red car behind them which a concerned mother hopped out of.

      I really should have written this down in the morning rather than when I'm off to bed again. There were so many people I knew in these dreams :/
    15. Concert in Israel

      by , 05-12-2015 at 09:57 AM
      Morning of May 12, 2015. Tuesday.

      I had a very peaceful and enjoyable long dream considering the recent NBN fiasco just outside our window where there was also a long loud argument later today between a young female and a lineman about why the telephones were not back on after a day.

      In my dream, I am in Tel Aviv, Israel with my wife and several people I knew more about in my school days, ready to become involved in a long music concert as the main performer (and I switch instruments at times). Some first members of the audience (mostly female in traditional Persian dress for some reason) stand on a mezzanine viewing us getting together on the first floor stage (though there are eventually more people on the first floor prior to the concert beginning). This makes me slightly wary at first, though I feel very assertive and confident throughout the rest of my dream even though things seem weird on a secondary level at times (like a wavering dream within a dream that is somewhat like having two or more dreams at the same time; fairly rare, but experienced enough to know the phenomenon in a familiar sense).

      My dream concert follows the general pattern of a recurring song set which varies in some versions of the scenario. Before we start, I notice two (unfamiliar) dark-haired girls, seated on the floor and leaning against the wall, who seem to be faithful fans of my group, though the group does not even seem to have a name (at least not one I can remember in this case). Oddly, one of the girls is wearing sunglasses, which takes me a moment to perceive as such - because the sunglasses have painted-on human eyes, a bit larger than normal, so that her appearance is somewhat eerie. The other girl is missing her left eye, which instead, is a mostly featureless area with barely discernible wrinkles. I do not comment on either oddity. There is also a light-haired girl who seems a bit too pale and I ask her where she is from. She comments that she does not actually live in Israel but that her family is on a vacation.

      I notice a male seated at a picnic table and facing me (though talking to others on his right about technical details of our upcoming show) at the second picnic table back on the opposite side from me. He is seemingly a member of my music group and I contemplate whether or not he is Orlando Jones (the actor from “Sleepy Hollow”; the television series) or my friend from middle school days who is now a well-known singer in Germany in real life. I conclude that he is my old friend Roosevelt and it is very good to see him here.

      When we are ready, we seem to go into ad-lib or practice modes now and then, making the songs quite a bit longer and more interesting, with many dynamics that are not in the original recordings. These new versions of the songs (via my imagination) have gradually built up over the years, becoming more and more theatrical and intriguing in their fullness. At one point, an unknown older male with a harmonica infuses some additional nice-sounding impromptu bars. In the offset (dream within a dream) there is the focus on at least two members playing cereal boxes like guitars, held at an angle. Guitar-like music can still be heard in this case.

      The first song performed is “Speak to the Sky” (originally done by Rick Springfield), which typically starts out with me playing the opening on a banjo and soon joined in crescendo (in the next verse) by drums, keyboards, and other vocalists (doing occasional intense harmonics that repeat part of a phrase I sing now and then, such as “I am blind” just after my phrasing, or fuller phrases such as “seems awful hard to find” at the same time as my phrasing). The audio of my voice seems amazingly well-rendered in my dream but does not sound like my real voice and also has an unidentifiable accent (almost like a composite of French and Romanian) - and there are also a few unusual “glitches” here and there (typical of dreams). However, in this particular dream, instead of a banjo, it seems I am actually playing the opening on a ukelele with somewhat of an odd muted sound at one point (though there are a few “resets” and offset “dream within a dream” sections). (“Doesn’t always rhyme” is usually done with more of a longer pentuplet feel, requiring a brief change in the otherwise 4/4 timing.)

      The second song we perform is “Dear Prudence” (originally a Beatles song), where I start out playing something that sounds a bit like the style of Jeff Lang (the best slide guitarist I have ever heard) but then I quickly switch to an electric bass by grabbing it from the person on my left when the song changes from the sustained beginning bass notes to the intimate, almost overwhelming bass riff (possibly one of the best bass lines I have ever heard, the second being from Bob Marley’s “I Shot the Sheriff”).

      After the first two songs (and in one “reset” there are also unusual-sounding horn sections - almost cinematic in style), my dream begins to decay into unusual “resets” and repeating patterns and becoming somewhat abstract, but remains a very positive dream experience until I wake.
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