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    1. Earth Movers and Chinese Food

      by , 05-02-2016 at 04:36 PM
      05-02-16 Very weird, not too detailed, and all over the place. First I am just kind of driving around in fairly large vehicles, running into some driving problems, and especially having problems with backing up in these large, earth-mover types of vehicles. Soon it turns to a point where I am kind of standing there looking at a truck filled with dirt.

      Somehow this truck has two levels. One level holds dirt, the other (underneath the dirt) is filled with water. There is a hose running from the underside of the truck, to above the section containing dirt, where it can spray water over the dirt. The weird thing is, the hose just seems to hang there, but doesn't seem to be attached to anything to hold it in place, so I am trying to figure out how it works. Unfortunately, however it works, it doesn't seem to work very well.

      What it is supposed to do is add a lot of water, and then mix into the dirt to make mud, but there doesn't seem to be nearly enough water, and it is just kind of being absorbed into the dirt without making any mud at all. Others are standing around, complaining about how there isn't enough water. And, being a dream, things are starting to change.

      It is soon like I am looking at a sort of light blue sticky topping being poured over popcorn to make popcorn balls, except there isn't enough, and it is only coating the outside top of the popcorn, and it needs to be mixed up enough to coat everything, so it can help hold things together. Except now it is a sauce (perhaps soy sauce) being poured on the top of one of three small mounds of rice, and I am quickly eating the rice (and it is pretty good.) Problem is, all the others are now complaining, and how dare I eat all that rice, and not be worrying about eating all kinds of vegetables, instead.

      Now the amount I ate was not, in any way, unreasonable, and I just get tired of listening to these people yell at me, so I say I guess I'll just have to avoid meals at 'home' any more, and eat out all the time, from here on out. I walk out the door, and start to head a couple of blocks over, where I remember seeing a Chinese restaurant, and as I walk along, I find myself muttering to myself about how I wish I had joined another foreign exchange program to England, instead of the one to the Midwest that I am actually on.

      The next thing I know, I am walking from Smith's Food King and dipping onto Tamarack, before I double-back onto Dale. It is late at night, and there are several tough looking guys wandering around, and I am trying to stay out of their way, while walking down the block. I am trying to fill out some sort of grid, but things aren't starting where they should, and columns are not lining up, and it is all very weird, and I find myself trying to turn in weird test papers to Dolores Umbridge, and things are just fragmenting into nonsense as I wake up.
    2. College Tests for Failed Classes, Singing at the Church Bar

      by , 01-06-2013 at 09:13 AM
      01-06-2013 -- [What fragments I had earlier in the night didn't seem worth remembering, but I know there was something about mom being around, and dad being dead, stuff at the Church of the Nazarene, and something about Anne and I being friendly with each other. I don't get why she is in my dreams so much, recently. I haven't seen her in years, haven't thought about her except in my dreams, and have no desire to have anything to do with her anymore. But the last few nights she keeps popping into my dreams.]

      I find myself at college, sitting for finals on two classes that I have never once attended through the year. This is my last chance to do something which might be able to salvage my grades. I think one class is a civics class, and the other may be a math class.

      Anyway, for the Civics final, I have to write a paper on what I would consider the perfect form of government, if money were no issue. I know what my beliefs are on government, and I think this ought to be easy, but every time I am about to write something, I think of more things to consider.

      I am planning on writing something in favor of a Rand-ist, Objectivism pro-business government and system, which is what I believe in, both in my dreams, and in real life, but I also keep coming back to the issue of big corporations with CEOs who make billions while they try to pay their workers minimum wage (or less), and while the system allows this, it still isn't right.

      [This could lead to a big argument on how no government system could ever work, because people quite simply suck! Communism is a good system in theory but can't work in practice because of human nature. Some are going to take charge and abuse the system while making others do all the work. Capitalism is the best system, but still the exact same thing happens. Our current liberal system with all the welfare and things fails for the same reasons, and in the same way as communism. All systems fail, and for the same reasons. Humans suck! So ends the soap box.]

      By this time, three fourths of the testing period is over, and I still haven't written anything, and the teacher is trying to talk me into just giving up, taking an F for the class, and leaving. But I am still convinced I can write something good enough to salvage my grade. Meanwhile, time keeps passing, and I think I am now in the middle of the testing period for the second class, still trying to write the paper for the first class.

      In some odd was that makes no sense, I soon find myself picking up and throwing down either a bust, or a broken bit of statue, again and again. I am kind of doing weight lifting with it, and must have been doing so for a while, because I have really built up my strength and stamina, and have some pretty serious muscles.

      Then I find myself in what seems to be a bar, but I am with the choir, and they are doing a concert. I haven't been around for rehearsals, and am not a part of it, but as they start singing, I find it is all Gaither songs, and I can't help but sing along. We're now several songs in, and one has just finished, and somebody is on a bar stool next to me. I think it is Laura S., and she leans to me and very nastily tells me to either quit singing, or get out! Even though I've been singing great because I know all the Gaither songs perfectly. [Don't think I have ever exchanged a cross word with her, no idea where this dream bit came from.]

      Without a word, I bend to pick up my backpack, and start to leave. She calls after me that Carl has things to do, so can't give me a ride home, and something about being ready on time on Sunday if I want a ride to church? She didn't think so! And I really don't have a clue why she is upset with me, but I must not have a car, currently, from all she is saying.

      I walk out of the church, and it turns out to be the church in Buena Park, and I start to walk home. It's only a couple of miles, not all that far. I pass through Servant's Heart, where they are talking about one of the people now constantly visiting or living at Rosemary's (the tall guy with curly black hair) and they are saying something about how they gave him some money and he went out and got sloshed on it ... never again money for him.

      By this point, I have walked through the flower neighborhood down to Dale, and have reached La Palma, and am preparing to jaywalk across to Food King, but the traffic is really heavy. Right about when I am going to bolt across, a car pulls up. It has nothing to do with me, but since I know the person, I stop and say hi. It is Tracey M (also from choir) who is either picking up or dropping off somebody.

      Soon I make it across the street, and soon make it home to the Hickory house, where I head into the house and move to my first bedroom, where I plan to go to sleep. I am remembering just a tiny bit about whatever the earlier bit here at the Hickory house was about, and how at least dad wasn't alive in the dream, so it is catching up with reality. Meanwhile, there is a cat in my room, and I am trying to pet it, but it seems to be a stray, so it is skittish, probably has fleas, and it isn't one I know.

      [When my dad died, I kept having weird dreams that he came back to help me with my mom's death. Once mom died too, then either parent might show up in my dreams, dead, alive, as a ghost, as having faked their own death, or back in time, before they died, so none of the above applied. Oddly, by the end of this dream I was a little kid, so they would have both been alive, yet I was glad my dreams were catching up enough to remember dad was dead.]
    3. Wizards at the Mall and Escaping with Batman

      by , 12-24-2012 at 07:17 PM
      12-03-2012 -- [Hope this works out. This was a very long, interesting dream, and I made very short, abbreviated notes on it, and am almost a month late in entering it in, so depending on how well the memory works, a lot of this could be missing. Sigh.]

      I'm on Hickory, just a house away from the end of the block, down by Crescent, and find Cheryl there, ranting and raving and yelling at her kids. They are piling into her van to drive somewhere, and I sure don't want to get in any sort of fight, so I just walk down the block to my house.

      About the time I get there, things change and shift, and I am outside a gas station, doing a mystery shop. Basic stuff, no big deal, but soon I find things have shifted again, and I am inside the Buena Park Mall. At this point I can't remember what was happening earlier in this part of the dream, but I know there were some Harry Potter characters around, and possibly some strange magical critters.

      There are people (probably evil wizards) following me, and little bits of chasing through the mall, where I find myself doing a little bit of flying, but the ceiling is too low to get enough height to really stay out of the way. So I can't get away entirely, but it adds a little more dimension to the chase. I soon find myself in the Video Concepts store, right near May Company.

      The evil wizards have been gathering, and there are more and more of them. We have to try and get out of the place, but how to get away when there are so many of them watching for us? Luna is here, and I am trying to get her free, too. And Patches, one of my landlord's dogs, is also running around. Part of the time, Luna Lovegood may even be turning into Lois Lane, though I am not sure.

      Turns out there is a half-hidden secret exit to the place which leads into the multi-story hotel which now exists at the Buena Park Mall, and we fake toward one of the front doors, then dash to the hidden exit, which may be a sort of elevator. It leads up several floors to a hotel corridor, and we walk a few rooms down, and enter a room where Batman is waiting for us. There is a little bit of planning and making arrangements, then we crawl out through the window, out onto the penthouse roof, where we quickly find ourselves being chased again.

      Somehow from the roof we are going up or down an escalator to a valet parking area (yeah, on the penthouse roof. I know it doesn't make much sense.) I have a note about some sort of escalator gag which was tremendously humorous and funny at the time, and may have involved Batman trying to hold a kid who disappeared, and me getting accidentally kissed by a beautiful woman. It was a really great gag, unfortunately now I can't remember how it went. I hate myself for not getting this entered earlier.

      Anyway, Batman is getting the Batmobile, while I am flying, and somebody is rolling around on roller skates. There is something about a Siamese twin, except it is Siamese twin Siamese cats, with a loud, obnoxious howl. Batman comes driving up in the car, and I just fly above it as he drives away from the hotel.

      [This would have been so much better if I had managed to get to it promptly!]
    4. La Nouba (Cirque du Soleil) Performer Keeps Attacking Me

      by , 11-06-2012 at 12:11 AM
      11-07-2012 -- I am walking up Crescent, just before Dale, on the side of the street where the church is located. Oddly, as I walk along, I am pulling the metal core from a wire that is still strung up on the poles [like Don DuFour used to do] and it seems to have gotten caught or tangled on a transformer or something. I'm kind of shaking it to get it to come loose while trying not to electrocute myself.

      For some reason, Petey the Clown is walking with me, and is accusing me of being selfish or a bad friend or something. I am just about to cross the street and start walking down Hickory, when some guy from the last house on the block comes out and also starts berating me. He is angry because I am removing the core of this wire, and is afraid somebody will lose power because of it or something. Oddly, he looks like the strongman character from La Nouba [Cirque du Soleil show at Disney World, I just saw a video of it for the first time two days ago.]

      As I approach my house, he seems to be kind of stripping my bones out of my fingers as punishment. It doesn't hurt as he does it, oddly enough, but a few seconds later it starts to sting really badly. Then when I reach my house, he starts to remove the screen from the windows on my car, and I am really starting to get ticked off. I start cursing him rather severely, and tell him to stop hurting me and my car, and the generic neighborhood kids are very impressed because he is an adult and I am a little kid like them.

      I head toward the front door, planning to enter the house, and just suddenly find myself back on Crescent, across Magnolia from Peter Marshall, walking toward the school. Just as I step into the street I am kind of attacked by a large crate with eye holes that I know contains the strong man character, and has my name on it. He gets loaded on a truck or something, however, and is gone for a bit. I am also being attacked by a very La Nouba-looking clown who has no hair and a solid orange face.

      The only way I can stop this clown is to wrap my arms around her and pin her arms to her side, and as I grapple with her I realize it is Petey in different make-up, and she thinks I don't know her well enough to recognize her, but I do. She is still pinned in my arms and I carry her into the office at Peter Marshall and then set her down. The other office workers start celebrating her birthday, and I walk off, leaving her thinking I may not be as bad a friend as she thought. [Petey's real life persona does work in a school, but not a grade school, and not in California.]

      I start to head home again. Maybe I'll make it there this time. I am walking through a crowd of several girls who seem to be talking about Halloween costumes and/or playing Bloody Mary. Between the school and La Reina (a very short block) there are five gas stations that I can remember mystery shopping at other times, though today I am not doing any shops. By this time the strongman character has gotten free of his crate and is bugging me again as I walk down the street.

      As I turn on to Hickory Drive, I'm muttering about killing the strongman character, and I suddenly find myself running into a bunch of older politicians (Reagan, Nixon, perhaps Margaret Thatcher), and they reveal the rasping strongman is actually some sort of spy or agent, and I am expected to ignore all of his harassment because of his diplomatic mission to the Middle East. I'm thinking his mission is no excuse for his being an idiot.

      I actually manage to enter the house this time, and I find myself sorting through a lot of mail in my name. Mom is there and is being a bit of a pest, but I am trying to ignore her. I enter my second bedroom through the kitchen door, and I find the room is huge. In real life it was probably about ten feet by fifteen, but here is is more like 20 x 30. I find that mom has gone against my wishes and has rearranged my room, forming a sort of wall of bookcases surrounding my bed in the upper right corner of the room, leaving the other 3/4 of the room mostly empty. [Actually I never had a problem with my mom rearranging my room against my wishes, but it is something my current landlord is kind of threatening to do.]

      I am so angry about the rearrangement, I am about to tell mom off and move out, except I am out of work, broke, and worry I won't be able to find anywhere else to go. Then I wake up.

      Also a brief fragment somewhere in the night where I am trying to get some sort of computer layout job and am talking about being asked to do photo essays on the Hornet newspaper overnight to fill in pages that others didn't bother doing, back in my college days.