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    1. 2 Aug: Giant turtle and elephant gods storm a mountain cabin

      by , 08-02-2019 at 08:34 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Huge storm forming. I am with Zilla and some other friend and we run indoors to take shelter. We're staying at a strange pretty house, sort of carved in the rock of a mountain side. It starts raining and a big hailstorm follows. I close the door but there is water still coming in, so I find ways to fix it. Meanwhile, I look to the side to one of our panoramic windows and I see a giant tortoise. I go tell my friends who are in some other room, they don't believe me. When I come back, the turtle knocked down our door and behind it comes a small elephant. I am freaking out, don't know what to do, but one of my friends appears and he can speak their language. He tells me they require offerings like rice, wine, music. I wonder if they are some kind of gods testing our generosity. I go to the kitchen and pantry. They pick up normal rice, but I say we have basmati rice and to look for it. They complain a bit and but I insist on offering the basmati rice.
    2. Splendid Competition Night 2

      by , 01-16-2017 at 05:48 AM (Awake to take in the view...)
      I'm actually about to go to bed now, but I didn't get the chance to write here this morning. So here goes!

      Dream 1 (Fragment): Hypnagogic imagery, but I wasn't quite lucid. I was in a malfunctioning spaceship, and someone kept yelling something.

      Dream 2 (Fragment): I was exiting a restaurant. A nice lady (waitress?) asked if I wanted any cars. Like, you know, cars that you drive. Weird, right? And then I fell through a random hole that was in the ground outside of the restaurant. I felt the sensation of falling very strongly, and woke up with the feeling of landing on my bed.

      Dream 3 (Full Non-Lucid): There was a dog in the yard who analyzed my danger level as low (hence, I was not perceived as a threat). But it hadn't done the second part of its evaluation, and it fell asleep. I was afraid to walk past it, thinking that it might awake and change its mind and start attacking me. It had some pretty sharp teeth that it bore as it was snoring there.

      I believe that my dad was there, as well as the dog's owner, and some other creature.

      Dream 4 (Full Non-Lucid): My family and I were going on a tour of a tropical island that was kind of like the one on Moana. Our tour guide was really pretty. Now, this is where it gets mildly explicit, so any kids had better stop reading now. It wasn't lucid, okay! XD The tour guide wore a 2-piece outfit, but it still exposed her, um, chest and her rear if she bent over. All ladies on the island wore this or a similar outfit. We walked throughout the island. I believe that my family thought it was weird, whereas I was like LOL EVERYONE IS SO PRETTY OKAY. I was the only one who kept up with the main tour guide, who was walking really fast, so my family was walking much farther behind with some other guides. I remember feeling like I was falling in love with her -- the main guide, I mean. And certainly a large amount of infatuation as well. She was really sweet.

      An entire life spent without any semblance of a romantic relationship will do this to you, guys. All hail the mighty subconscious mind. :p

      We went through this cool outdoor corridor, and then up a hill to a giant temple/factory hybrid.

      It was extremely cool, because its entire ceiling was made up of rice. It wasn't attached very well, because grains of rice would occasionally fall down on us as we viewed it. And you actually had to climb through the ceiling of rice in order to get to the attic, or upper floor, or roof, or something. I'm not really sure. Asian power? ? xD

      Sadly, I awoke just as I was climbing up a carpeted ramp to get through the ceiling of rice. That would have been so cool to walk through. D:

      And there was fog, I believe, in the background, and rainforest trees!

      Dream 5 (Fragment): My sister didn't want to go to a new place for vacation.

      Dream 6 (Fragment): Okay, this barely even counts. My dream journal reads "Express add-on." I believe this had to do with FedEx. Like I was watching the truck, and some new service had been added to their repertoire.

      EDIT: I'm going back to the rice temple in a future LD. This is definitely happening.
      EDIT 2: I also only slept 6.5 hours last night because I had to wake up early but stayed up late writing one of my novels.

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    3. Earth Movers and Chinese Food

      by , 05-02-2016 at 04:36 PM
      05-02-16 Very weird, not too detailed, and all over the place. First I am just kind of driving around in fairly large vehicles, running into some driving problems, and especially having problems with backing up in these large, earth-mover types of vehicles. Soon it turns to a point where I am kind of standing there looking at a truck filled with dirt.

      Somehow this truck has two levels. One level holds dirt, the other (underneath the dirt) is filled with water. There is a hose running from the underside of the truck, to above the section containing dirt, where it can spray water over the dirt. The weird thing is, the hose just seems to hang there, but doesn't seem to be attached to anything to hold it in place, so I am trying to figure out how it works. Unfortunately, however it works, it doesn't seem to work very well.

      What it is supposed to do is add a lot of water, and then mix into the dirt to make mud, but there doesn't seem to be nearly enough water, and it is just kind of being absorbed into the dirt without making any mud at all. Others are standing around, complaining about how there isn't enough water. And, being a dream, things are starting to change.

      It is soon like I am looking at a sort of light blue sticky topping being poured over popcorn to make popcorn balls, except there isn't enough, and it is only coating the outside top of the popcorn, and it needs to be mixed up enough to coat everything, so it can help hold things together. Except now it is a sauce (perhaps soy sauce) being poured on the top of one of three small mounds of rice, and I am quickly eating the rice (and it is pretty good.) Problem is, all the others are now complaining, and how dare I eat all that rice, and not be worrying about eating all kinds of vegetables, instead.

      Now the amount I ate was not, in any way, unreasonable, and I just get tired of listening to these people yell at me, so I say I guess I'll just have to avoid meals at 'home' any more, and eat out all the time, from here on out. I walk out the door, and start to head a couple of blocks over, where I remember seeing a Chinese restaurant, and as I walk along, I find myself muttering to myself about how I wish I had joined another foreign exchange program to England, instead of the one to the Midwest that I am actually on.

      The next thing I know, I am walking from Smith's Food King and dipping onto Tamarack, before I double-back onto Dale. It is late at night, and there are several tough looking guys wandering around, and I am trying to stay out of their way, while walking down the block. I am trying to fill out some sort of grid, but things aren't starting where they should, and columns are not lining up, and it is all very weird, and I find myself trying to turn in weird test papers to Dolores Umbridge, and things are just fragmenting into nonsense as I wake up.
    4. The Black Rice Farmers

      by , 09-26-2014 at 07:14 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I can remember fighting for lucidity during some dream about driving down a dark road at night. I could also tell that I was partially awake as I could feel my waking life body back in bed. I was flying, and doing pretty well. I could feel my DG's presence as well. After a few minutes the dream ended and I woke up.

      I am watching a history program, something to do with a man who was famous for leading an army and conquering a large area of land. The man looked a little like king Henry, but I was told that he was not in fact king Henry.
      So anyways, his army is cutting a swath across the countryside when they come across this small tribal village that grows some kind of black rice. The village is in this river valley surrounded by these tall exotic trees.
      The king Henry conqueror seized the village instantly. The women were raped, then killed. The children were taken to be brought up as soldiers. The men were enslaved and forced to continue farming the black rice as it was very nutritious and helped the conqueror's soldiers fight better.
      I can recall the narrator of the show talked about how the slaves were actually paid in dirt. This was a joke done by the conqueror's soldiers as more dirt meant that they could farm more.
      I can remember some shots of his army being stationed in the village. They have this massive wooden tower on wheels that the conqueror rides in. The tower is also equipped with catapults.
      The dream glitches and I become one of the conqueror's soldiers who is responsible for watching over the slaves. I guess the dream made a mistake there, because unlike the conqueror, I actually had morals.
      I come up to one of the men while he works in the feild. I think he was the leader of the village. If not, he was important to the farming village. I 'Remember' there is another village that we did not conquer because it was high in the mountain, and did not normally make contact with the outside world. I tell him I will lead him to a safe village high in the mountain. He says he wants to gather the rest of the men in the tribe and escape with whoever is still alive. I tell him that it is too dangerous as the other soldiers still want control of the village.
      I recall seeing some of the black rice in my hand. The dream glitched a little here. I can also recall that for some reason, there is this big mound of sand in the middle of the black rice farm.
      The man tells me that I have somehow 'worthy' of his trust, even though we haven't gone anywhere yet, and I begin to lead him out to the edge of the fields. Once we make it into the jungle, we can feel a bit safer because we are not as easily spotted. We walk along the edge of the river, following it upstream. At one point, there is a massive stone bridge/dam that we must cross in order to continue. The bridge is broken at one point, and we must jump across. The man I am helping goes first. I am a little afraid that I cannot make the jump, but I manage to do so as well.
      After I land, I am taken OOB and see myself and the man. We begin walking upstream again. Faster now, and knowing that soon we will be climbing a mountain.

      I become partially lucid and realize that I am losing the dream but am fascinated by the story that is playing out, and I really want to see what happens next. I manage to hang on a little longer.
      Some of the conqueror's men are heard coming, on horseback. It's just a random patrol. We duck behind these standing stones that are nearby, hoping that they do not spot us.
    5. An Alternate Past With My First Crush

      by , 08-09-2014 at 02:16 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was reliving my past, though it was an alternate version. Honestly, I'm not sure where I was, I just know I was inside somewhere. I was watching the guy that I first kissed, Nick, taking these girls into the bathroom with him. I was jealous because I really liked him. I think at one point I went in there with him, but we didn't make out or anything. He was showing me something in there.

      This alternate past went on for quite awhile, mostly it was me watching Nick, wishing he would be with me. There was a brief point of lucidity, though it was hard to grasp. It was like I was having trouble letting go of the dream plot. I finally grasped the idea that I was dreaming, and started trying to do other things,
      when I woke up.


      I was in Nick's house, though it was a weird house; it was like a mixture between a house and another location. I saw that Nick was in his room, though I did not go in there. I was in a dark, basement-like part of the building, but I could clearly see the entrance to Nick's room, and I could see the kitchen. We were older now. I had been in this building with him for quite awhile, it seems like years, and he had been in his room for mostly the whole time. I did not see him come out. I didn't want him to see me.

      I then had to go in there to give him something. I was afraid he wouldn't talk to me. I believe we did talk, but I can't remember for sure.

      I then was "remembering" a part of my alternate past again, though it was when we were older and in college. We were talking and having a great time. We weren't together as a couple, but we were quite close with one another, closer than we ever were IWL. We were sitting on some stairs, just talking and having a great time. I looked into his eyes, and saw him for who he was; his light brown eyes were quite happy.

      I then was "remembering" us writing letters to each other. At some point during this, I started to "remember" the past more as it really happened IWL, though not to a T; I wrote him a letter that upset him, and he never spoke to me again. I was now back in the present moment. I then had another "memory" of me in a dark room that was lit with starlights, and it was full of small models of the orbiting planets. There was also a picture on the wall of all the planets that apparently I had made. It looked very realistic, as if it were a computer rendered image or a very realistic painting. It wasn't accurate as far as their orbits went, and I had more on on there than the ones we know, but still, it was really good. It was really quite beautiful. I tried to telekinetically take control of Neptune, which looked like a grey rock with an indentation in the middle. I was not doing a great job at it. As this was happening with the planets, I was thinking about Nick and how close we had been and how upset he was at me.

      Then, I was back in the present moment, considering whether or not I should write him more letters, though I was receiving no response. I wanted to write poetry to him, but I then thought about how inappropriate that would be since I'm married.

      Dream skip, though the Nick thing was still relevant somehow. I was working at a grocery store, the same one I work at now, though I was not in the bakery, but I was doing something else. I was in a different section. It looked like produce, but was not all produce; there were other things besides fruits and veggies, like rice and such. I was working on setting up a display, when a woman approached me, an older, Asian woman with glasses. She asked me about a bag of rice that she had that was slightly opened. I told her I'd get her another one. I took the one from her and gave her another one. She examined it very carefully to make sure it wasn't opened. The bag was VERY slightly torn, and she noticed. I told her it was fine, it wasn't opened like the other one was. She still needed another one, however. Before I left, she told me she needed a 1-pound bag because the one she had was 3 pounds, and she wanted 4 pounds of rice. She was holding up two bags and showing me how one said one pound and the other said three pound. I took them from her to look, one at a time. For bags of rice, they were extremely lightweight. I gave them back to her. As I was leaving to go get one from the back, she shouted after me
      "One pound!" as if I didn't hear her the first time.

      I went and found one, I think asking someone about it on the way. I made sure that it said 1 pound on the bag. I went to bring it to her, and she swore it said 3 pounds. -_-'

      She then directed my attention to another woman, a customer, who looked like she had chain smoked all her life, who was standing at a microphone at a podium to make an announcement. Only associates were supposed to use those. I saw some smoke trickle from between her lips. She was announcing something. The customer then asked me
      "What's your joystick policy?" she asked as if she was quizzing me; she knew the answer, but wanted to see if I knew.
      "I don't know," I responded. I had never heard of a "joystick policy" before.
      She then directed my attention to an associate, a girl wearing the uniform we have to wear, who was standing behind a different podium with a microphone, but she was standing a bit further a way. The customer asked her to tell me what it was. She started to speak into the microphone, but her voice was no clear at all and I could not understand a word she said. I told the lady I couldn't understand what she was saying.


      On average, I dream about Nick 1-3 times a year. It's usually something vivid too.
    6. Food!

      by , 10-20-2012 at 02:06 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      I had a dream last night that I went to a restaurant and ate a bunch of food. I had three small plates of food, each with peas with gravy, rice, and one other thing (which was different on each plate). I also had a bowl of chicken vegetable soup. I woke up before I'd eaten much, but what I had eaten had tasted really good.
    7. Nothing much to eat

      by , 09-28-2012 at 05:58 PM
      I was home with my mom and hungry. I found some leftover steamed rice to eat but found nothing to have with it. I used the ceramic bowl from my dorm days that has a glossy turquoise interior and matte black outer finish.
    8. Blow Up A building, Charades, New Job

      by , 09-10-2012 at 03:54 PM (Covlad96's Road to Lucid Dreaming)

      Dream 1

      I was at school in one of the taller buildings at my school, I was with one of my friends. We were in the hallway on the second floor and my friend had a bomb in his hand. The bomb was circular in shape and about the size of a hand. In the hallway in the middle was a fire extinguisher planted to the middle of the wall. My friend got his bomb and placed it firmly behind that, we ran to the top of this building which was about 5 floors high. A teacher walked out of the classroom as we stood there and watched us. My friend pulled out a detonator and with no hesitation pushed the button. Nothing happened. I said 'Just push it again!' and he did just that. The bomb exploded and because the bomb was on the left side of the building the building started falling over in that direction. I ran over and got close to a window, as it was falling I shouted to him 'When it gets close to the floor jump out onto a railing and we should live!' The building toppled and just before it hit the floor we both jumped out and landed on a railing and it took all the impact. We looked at the mess we had made and walked off. However we didn't want them to know it was my friend who blew the building up so we had to think of a plan to trick them.
      I am then in a underground tunnel sort of thing and we had thought of the plan. We were going to say that he had won gold in long jump at the Olympics so that people pay attention to that rather than the building. We walked out of this passage which was very sandy and mossy and into the school. My friend was carrying the Olympic torch and these massive Olympic rings. Everybody was celebrating and applauding him and also everyone forgot about the attack on the building!

      Dream 2 (Fragment)

      I was in a room and the chairs were in a circle. Everybody was playing a game of charades, I thought 'this is a boring dream, I'm going to wake myself up.' And I did just that!

      Dream 3

      I was in the food court in my local town. In this food court is where KFC, McDonalds and all that sort of stuff is. I was at the McDonalds one again! In the McDonalds one I was offered a job of hanging up the clothes for everyone behind the shop. I accepted and I walked through, I walked into this massive sort of warehouse and my job was to hang up all the coats and cloaks on this line and wheel them through to where the customers are sitting. I walked out and told my friends about the job, they didn't really believe me. We were sitting round a table and I said 'Anyway mate, want a Mcflurry'
      'Sure' he replied. So I walked over to the other McDonalds and I was in the queue. In front of me was another one of my friends he brought a McFlurry and left his change so I could buy one 'Are you sure?' I asked.
      'Yes' he said and walked off. I bought two McFlurrys and with the McFlurrys they gave me loads of free tickets to see Scrufizzer. The tickets weren't like normal tickets, they were more like credit cards. I picked them all up and walked over. This man stopped me and said 'You going Scrufizzer?'
      'Yes' I replied.
      'I like it when he laughs' he said.
      I said 'what, do you mean when he pssooooar woaaaaar'
      'No' he said, he then followed on by saying 'he has got really good flow and delivery as well.' I agreed and walked back to my seat. I don't remember eating my McFlurrys but I went back to my job. I put some cloaks, like white lab coats on the line and wheeled them out. As I walked through the door this old man about 80 thrust and oxygen mask into my chest. However it was more like a defibrillator, it gave me a shock and i fell to the floor. I got dragged over to the side and someone pulled me up and asked if I was ok. I said yes. He said 'Look he's doing it to that person and his visions gone all funny, is yours ok?' Then my vision started going blurry and its the last I remember.
    9. Sunken Ship and the Mall

      by , 11-08-2011 at 03:26 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      It was an adventure. I was inside a ship. A wooden ship, like in the times of pirates. It's a sunken ship. There are zombies all over, and we have to avoid them. Zombies and other creatures. I also saw ice several times. But it was more like a platform game, avoiding obstacles and creatures. I was helping a companion.

      Then I was up in the air with a few people, as if we were "thrown" there. There are stuff in the air, as if they're pinned on air. Made me feel like I'm in a pinball machine. I slide and jump, hoping to reach something, but falling at the same time.

      I landed near a mall. I was inside the grocery store, and was looking for stuff to buy. I bought a sack of rice. Then something about stealing. I'm not sure if it was me or someone else.
    10. Heroes vs Villains an flirting with a teacher

      by , 08-11-2011 at 07:01 AM
      I was in this building and it was like a team deathmatch. On the heroes side there was JFK and other guys (I only remember JFK) and on villains was Bush(maybe) but definetly Condoleeza Rice and a few other guys. We battled it out shooting each other. Then in the same dream there was an assembly and one of my teachers was sitting down and there were no seats but there was one.???. "I guess you'll have to sit here" she signals to here lap and I said "Or you could sit on mine". So she did.

      I went back outside into thematch on the villains side and thats how I saw Rice and some random guy. Honestly the villain team sucked.

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    11. June 19 and 20, 2011 Dreams

      by , 06-23-2011 at 03:25 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I recall a boat and rough seas, with friends/allies, in a war/battle. We landed on land, and I was surprised that we ended up on level with the dock, despite the terrible waves and the storm and dark skies.

      I was walking with someone, down the Manapla town road. We went to tito Ric's place. It's being renovated. I was gonna take the rice and stuff, but it was too heavy. Mom was there. She suggested we get an artist to help carry the stuff.



      Mom's suggestion of carrying the sack of rice with the help of an artist (yeah, he'll paint all the way home)

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    12. Sopranos and knife fights

      by , 06-15-2011 at 03:53 PM
      I dreamt I was with the Soprano's family waiting in a lounge room.

      There was an unpleasant woman who spoke to me in irritation about another cast member when I explained to her that hating someone is not a pleasant pursuit and will do nothing to the person you hate but will hurt you by creating hate within yourself.

      I made a marvellous argument and lay down and even repeated a point to myself and laughed about it. She later had to share a car with Tony's wife Carmella who later related to me how much the lady had changed which was due to my enlightened chat.

      Later I was having significant trouble cooking rice and each batch was spoilt.

      I realised at some point that it was a dream and I had an uncontrolled side dream about hanging out with people and having to hold a knife in fear of them attacking me, which they did.

      Then later I realised that since it was a dream that I didn't have to put up with all the fear and uncomfortableness and began floating about and checking light switches.

      I tried to imagine myself in a location that I once camped in but my dream faded. I then woke up hoping it was a false awakening but sadly it wasn't and the lamp was turning on and off as it should.
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    13. Books, IMSA people, dead snake, friends, food

      , 06-19-2010 at 04:24 PM
      I was in my old apartment in Taiwan and I woke up in the room and realized I was really late to a IMSA trip. My dad help me put up cloth. so I was wearing the brownie T-shirt, a white formal-looking blouse, and a kimono (??). I put those random stuff in the purse Anu gave me (it feels like that time when I was late to 6 flags).
      I went to the school with a book about an adventure in hand. oddly, I started to help my friends lifting book. My roommate had a lot of book to carry, so I helped her with that. Lucy had at least five huge stacks of book she needed to carry, so I helped her carry them to a library, which was filled of books. because of all those work, I missed the trip, luckily those people only went to "korean to korean" , "popcorn world" (something like that) those restaurants, and there are more trips on that week. i kinda feel bad about missing the sushi meal in "korean to korean". I was hungry and I went into a room where Jing was sitting in front of a plate filled with mini hamburgers. the meat looked like turkey to me, but she told me it was beef. So I could only eat one of those apples with onion in them; I closed my eyes to chew the apple and onion.

      I also dreamed of seaweed wrapped around rice on a plate. On the circular seaweed (beneath it is rice) a dead, short snake is wrapped within seaweed. I was in line with my IMSA friends waiting to get onto a plane and I want to eat. but I was afraid that the dead snake already contaminate my seaweed and rice. I took the snake in the seaweed from my plate and put it in my pocket because something told me that I should keep it, and then I ate everything else on that plate. when I reached the end of the line I remembered to wave at vlad in case he got mad at me again for getting ahead of him, but unlike that time at six flag he was cool with it.