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    1. Poker Table in Elevator - No Problem, but Elevator Numbers Out of Order - LUCID!

      by , 06-09-2013 at 11:50 AM
      To bed at 11pm, Woke up around 5:50am

      In this dream I was in an elevator. The door opened and an attractive thin, tall, blond, young caucasian woman stepped in. I asked her "Going Up?" She: "Does not matter." And she stepped to the side of the elevator where there was a spacious card table and several chairs lined up, and she started shuffling a deck of cards, setting up for a poker game. This did not phase me - I was not questioning things yet. Apparently my mind has no problem with poker games in the elevator.

      Then I looked at the elevator buttons to make sure my floor was pressed. The floor I wanted was 6, which is where my office is at in reall life. The woman had pressed 10 (though she had stated it did not matter, and clearly intended to just stay in the elevator to play poker).

      Suddenly I noticed that the elevator button numbers were out of order. I decided to do a reality check, to look away and look back and see if the numbers change. Out of some reason the reality check was not working properly, but I thought to myself, "Skrew that, I don't need a reality check to confirm this is a dream. I know this is a dream." When I thought that, the numbers rearranged themselves (though I have a sense they were still out of order, but in a different way). The dream started fading. The vividness was low, and I did not have the presence of mind to fight it, to stabilize.

      When I woke up, I tried falling right back to sleep in a DEILD, but was not successful, and I remembered several dreams from earlier that night, and had an urge to write them down - I had not written them down yet. I remembered to reality check only after I wrote them down, but yes, I am awake.

      Earlier Dream 1: Learning Hebrew - under 21 need an escort In this dream I was at the Jewish Community Center, and I was supposed to learn the phrase in Hebrew that I am under 21 and thus need an escort into the building. Dream did not explain why I needed to learn this phrase though I am not under 21, 20 year olds don't need escorts, and the people at the JCC understand English of course. But I did not question any of that. In my dream the phrase was supposedly in Hebrew, but in hindsight it was more like Spanish, and I understood most of it. However, out of some reason I said "This is too hard for me. Luckily my learning this phrase is just optional." My older son was with me, while I was learning this phrase. We were in the lobby of the JCC. My older son was going to go back to his school, and someone at the JCC reminded him to bring back a bottled drink for his teacher from the cafeteria, which in my dream was something he regularly did.

      Earlier Dream 2: Room Size Aquarium, Fish with Issues, Running out of Water In this dream I was looking at our aquarium which in the dream was room sized (in reality it is 29 gallons). I noticed that some fish were made out of paper but swimming, some had their tails bitten off, and some were mostly eaten, but all were still swimming. I was concerned about a guppy with tail bitten off because I knew that that guppy had been ok the previous day (I actually have this guppy and he is ok). I went around the corner to another ventage point on the room sized aquarium, and there the aquarium was almost out of water. I realized it was my responsibility to refill it somehow.

      Earlier Dream 3: Failed to Attend Work Paid Training While Out of Town In this dream I was out of town for three one day long IT courses, a training that had been paid for by my work, and somehow I managed to fail to attend any of the courses. I was worried about that, because I did not want to waste my company's money and they had paid for the training. I wondered whether I could make up the courses at m\home, and pretend to my company that I had taken them while out of town.

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    2. College Tests for Failed Classes, Singing at the Church Bar

      by , 01-06-2013 at 09:13 AM
      01-06-2013 -- [What fragments I had earlier in the night didn't seem worth remembering, but I know there was something about mom being around, and dad being dead, stuff at the Church of the Nazarene, and something about Anne and I being friendly with each other. I don't get why she is in my dreams so much, recently. I haven't seen her in years, haven't thought about her except in my dreams, and have no desire to have anything to do with her anymore. But the last few nights she keeps popping into my dreams.]

      I find myself at college, sitting for finals on two classes that I have never once attended through the year. This is my last chance to do something which might be able to salvage my grades. I think one class is a civics class, and the other may be a math class.

      Anyway, for the Civics final, I have to write a paper on what I would consider the perfect form of government, if money were no issue. I know what my beliefs are on government, and I think this ought to be easy, but every time I am about to write something, I think of more things to consider.

      I am planning on writing something in favor of a Rand-ist, Objectivism pro-business government and system, which is what I believe in, both in my dreams, and in real life, but I also keep coming back to the issue of big corporations with CEOs who make billions while they try to pay their workers minimum wage (or less), and while the system allows this, it still isn't right.

      [This could lead to a big argument on how no government system could ever work, because people quite simply suck! Communism is a good system in theory but can't work in practice because of human nature. Some are going to take charge and abuse the system while making others do all the work. Capitalism is the best system, but still the exact same thing happens. Our current liberal system with all the welfare and things fails for the same reasons, and in the same way as communism. All systems fail, and for the same reasons. Humans suck! So ends the soap box.]

      By this time, three fourths of the testing period is over, and I still haven't written anything, and the teacher is trying to talk me into just giving up, taking an F for the class, and leaving. But I am still convinced I can write something good enough to salvage my grade. Meanwhile, time keeps passing, and I think I am now in the middle of the testing period for the second class, still trying to write the paper for the first class.

      In some odd was that makes no sense, I soon find myself picking up and throwing down either a bust, or a broken bit of statue, again and again. I am kind of doing weight lifting with it, and must have been doing so for a while, because I have really built up my strength and stamina, and have some pretty serious muscles.

      Then I find myself in what seems to be a bar, but I am with the choir, and they are doing a concert. I haven't been around for rehearsals, and am not a part of it, but as they start singing, I find it is all Gaither songs, and I can't help but sing along. We're now several songs in, and one has just finished, and somebody is on a bar stool next to me. I think it is Laura S., and she leans to me and very nastily tells me to either quit singing, or get out! Even though I've been singing great because I know all the Gaither songs perfectly. [Don't think I have ever exchanged a cross word with her, no idea where this dream bit came from.]

      Without a word, I bend to pick up my backpack, and start to leave. She calls after me that Carl has things to do, so can't give me a ride home, and something about being ready on time on Sunday if I want a ride to church? She didn't think so! And I really don't have a clue why she is upset with me, but I must not have a car, currently, from all she is saying.

      I walk out of the church, and it turns out to be the church in Buena Park, and I start to walk home. It's only a couple of miles, not all that far. I pass through Servant's Heart, where they are talking about one of the people now constantly visiting or living at Rosemary's (the tall guy with curly black hair) and they are saying something about how they gave him some money and he went out and got sloshed on it ... never again money for him.

      By this point, I have walked through the flower neighborhood down to Dale, and have reached La Palma, and am preparing to jaywalk across to Food King, but the traffic is really heavy. Right about when I am going to bolt across, a car pulls up. It has nothing to do with me, but since I know the person, I stop and say hi. It is Tracey M (also from choir) who is either picking up or dropping off somebody.

      Soon I make it across the street, and soon make it home to the Hickory house, where I head into the house and move to my first bedroom, where I plan to go to sleep. I am remembering just a tiny bit about whatever the earlier bit here at the Hickory house was about, and how at least dad wasn't alive in the dream, so it is catching up with reality. Meanwhile, there is a cat in my room, and I am trying to pet it, but it seems to be a stray, so it is skittish, probably has fleas, and it isn't one I know.

      [When my dad died, I kept having weird dreams that he came back to help me with my mom's death. Once mom died too, then either parent might show up in my dreams, dead, alive, as a ghost, as having faked their own death, or back in time, before they died, so none of the above applied. Oddly, by the end of this dream I was a little kid, so they would have both been alive, yet I was glad my dreams were catching up enough to remember dad was dead.]