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    1. 19 Jan: Jumping through portals and sex with really hot boyfriend

      by , 01-19-2019 at 01:04 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Have some kind of portals that allow me to go into different places undetected because I can come out invisible if I want.
      I first go to a place where lots of animals roam, become friend with a tiny pigmee monkey, he has some skin disease and is infested with parasites. I try my best to remove them and he sits still. Then I realize the insects are scary. There is a huge praying mantis close by and then another big bug, the size of a cat, looking like a dinosaur, comes to eat it. Then I spot a few more dinossaur like creatures, like a couple of dog-sized t-rex fighting each other.
      I dont feel very safe here. I go through a portal and get to another location. Recognize it as the house of this lady I know, who is a hoarder and has dozens of animals. I want to be invisible as she is there with someone else. I just go from room to room to check on the animals, but I keep bumping and dragging stuff she has around and she senses my presence, thinks I am an angel and tries to communicate with me. I fly outside to her terrace and from there jump to the roof and find some other terraces and balconies. I spot some cool artsy place like a club or association whose symbol or mascot is a sexy cartoon female cat. I stop being invisible and I am welcomed by a friendly lady who shows me where is the bathroom, but there is some famous guy injecting some drugs and complaining I didn't knock before entering. She says she is so sorry and takes me elsewhere. I get to some other place and it is my own home and my boyfriend is waiting for me. He is tall, fit, dark hair and dark eyes, smooth white skin and I get instantly horny. He is also missing me a lot and also feels horny. We fuck, without even removing all the clothing. I scream with pleasure. He has a beautiful and well proportionate dick. We laugh and kiss and I instantly feel horny again and he says no problem, we go for a second round immediately. But the door opens and it's his mom and some friends. We look at each other awkwardly. They close the door. There was some surprise party planned or something, and people had already arrived. I feel a bit embarrassed but we are so in love, we just want to ignore them and continue.

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    2. playing game, penises and Robocop!

      by , 05-15-2016 at 06:00 PM (My Robotic imagination)
      I start off at Burton Ave in the diningroom. It was night time and I was at the computer playing against other players. For some reason I was after the a RL player I hate and was looking for him to cause problems with :-p Any ways I find him but was unable to get into the room with him and left to go elsewhere.

      After that I'm now in a different part of the dream and is in the basement with me mom. We are washing cloths and as we are doing so I see that there are realistic penises inside of the pants. We are are shifting through the pants and find more detached penises. They are the correct color and e has hair on them and various sizes. Why are these here? We seem to take no note of this strangeness going on and go about looking at them. I find on, hanging out of the opened zipper area that was limp and small while my mom says after picking up a pair of Khakis that here is a big one. I look and it is indeed a 6 incher blown up dick pocking through the hole of the pants. There are many more of them, various shapes and sizes and hairiness all floating around and from under the cloths. As we were messing around with this. I began to hear footsteps coming down the stairs.

      Me and my mom looks up only to see robocop coming down and he was looking at me through his visor. It showed me and my mom in his targeting computer like sensors. He said something and then he starts heading towards me, completely ignoring me mom who bolts up the steps behind him. I darted around the furnace as he reached out, trying to grab me but get air instead. I tried to go up the steps but lost my footing on something and fell on to the steps, collapsing part of them. I fell in the gap and robo looked down from where he was, which was right behind me. He jumped down, making that giant thump sound with his feet and starts pulling the debris off of me not to help me, but to get at me. He wants to kill me for some unknown reason that much was known and I had to find out some kind of way to elude his sensors and thermals. I kicked some debris at him and he swatted it away and started kicking his way through the pieces of wood and trash. I side rolled pass his as he tried to grab me again, ran up the bottom part of the steps and seen that there was another way out but it was in a nearly impossible area, between the gap and the steps I jumped and grabbed on to its ledge and start to pull my self up. I hear robocop yell, "Noo!" and he jumps up and grabs me from behind, pulling us both back down into the gap. His hands were around my waist but the fall impact caused him to lose his grip and I got away from him just in time before His hand clenched shut. I had no other way out of here. I needed to make that jump or die trying. I made a B-line for the gap again, leaping up the damaged steps and bounding across the gap and made it. I pulled myself the rest of the way up and turned to see Robocop looking up at me from the lower half of the steps. They were cracking under his feet and knew that he wasn't going to be getting out of there anytime soon. Or did I.

      He did a super jump, landing on the surface I was on, nearly falling backwards. He righted himself, looked at me and started after me. I backed up until my back was up against a stove. I was in the kitchen which was brighter but smaller then the basement I saw a door and ran over to it. Robo saw it and he tried to block me from it but I narrowly escaped with out face planting into his chest.

      Once I got outside Knowing he was trying to kill me I became angry at him and said. "So this is what you like to do, Alex? A titanium dead man walking around, killing organics like me? I'm pretty much glad that I can die, that way I don't have to put up with watching people grow old, wither up and die like you do!" His eye widened up and he let out a cry of rage as he hurls himself into me, knocking us both down with him on top of me, pinning my face against his chest anyhow. He was heavy and it was hard to breath. He took his helmet of and showed me his face that had crying eyes. I was telling the truth. "why are you trying to kill me?" I looks at me and says. "I am not." He then gets up, puts his helmet on, wanks aways, picks up a sponge like item and throws it at me. He then starts to run at something and once he gets there he says "safe." Baseball? Really? You want to play ball? Are you serious? I throw it with lack of interest but robo walks fast over to it and then throws it back at me, this time I catch it and says "out!" Another DC wearing a peach colored shirt comes in and this time I was taking up bases that were not really bases. We used items that were part of the environments such as trees, rocks or even a car. I slid towards a rock but I was unaware of it being muddy and slipped and fell. The DC I was with started laughing, sounding like a laugh from a fail video I watched where a man trys to bust a TV screen with a bat that bounces off and hit the man in his face and someone starts laughing at the end. lol. Anyhow this DC was almost an elder but still had blonde hair and she tackled me next to a car, getting her self all muddy. This was a nightmare of a place to be trying to play this at but I think something I said to Robo cop made him Murphy again and he is showing his human said of being playful instead of the murderous mechanical side. I ducked down into the mud, burying my mouth in it and I can see how nasty this mud looked all black, sticky and yukky. When I came up again there was a bog bubble around my mouth, expanding with I breathed out and contracting when I inhaled. Robo said something to me about that but don't know what it was.

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