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    1. Dangerous animals and boys scouts

      by , 09-15-2018 at 10:25 PM
      Dangerous animals and boys scouts

      I remember passing by my grandparents house, over the yard right to the horse paddock. The house was full of grown up-boy scouts and I was… naked, for some reason. Since the guys were such a bullies I couldn’t go inside the house. What was very unusual for being their house was that it got large windows and looked way to modern actually. But anyway, these boy scouts had been torturing me all day and they had probably been stealing my clothes somehow. I was not worried about being seen by other people since the house lies in a forest on the country side so no one is ever around. It was getting dark and I was… still naked. I really wanted to go inside but needed to find something to cover up myself with first. So I was watching out for not touching the electricity wire that was surrounding the horse paddock when I stepped in. I had seen a polo shirt laying around in one of the horse paddocks and didn’t care how I got it as longs I would just have something to cover my body with. Suddenly an ostrich appeared on the other side of the wire which scared me a bit. Then I heard someone behind me saying: “Wait!”

      I looked over the shoulder and saw one of the boy scouts walking towards me, trying to look cool meanwhile doing so. He looked at me briefly before the polo shirt really caught his attention. He told me that ostriches are dangerous and that I shouldn’t even try to go in there. I was just nodding very slowly and sighed. I KNOW. He looked at my face and then his eyes were walking down towards my body before turning away to face the ostrich again. This motion was repeated every time he talked or just wanted to know what I had to say. I just told him to go on if he really wanted to help me get that polo shirt. He entered the corral and got instantly chased be the ostrich. The guy kept running around screaming like a crazy idiot while I was kind of hoping the ostrich wouldn’t kill him before I got the polo shirt. During the chase I noticed that I suddenly started to feel cold and looked down. I was wearing clothes!
      But now the guy was running around with a thick and warm vest. He came out from the corral with the vest in his hands. As he entered the horse paddock where I was waiting, an enormous horse appeared out of nowhere which scared the shit out of me. It was rearing and almost hit both of us with the hooves.
      I screamed: “RUN!” and we both ran for our lives to the other side of the horse paddock and under the electrical wires. We kept running towards the house and didn’t dare to stop. As I was going to thank the guy for the help…

      I woke up.

      Note: My grandparents had ostriches when I was a kid, they even had emus! But I was never allowed to go in there to them since they can actually kill you. They also had plenty of horses but now as my grandparents are starting to get real old, they simply just don't have to energy to take care of all their animals. So they have been sold off and some have even died of age.

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      non-lucid , nightmare
    2. Chased

      by , 08-21-2018 at 04:04 PM

      I was at a welcome-party were all my old classmates were. I knew who they were but they didn’t know me. I realized it was before we met... they thought that I was being weird and scary since I knew all kinds of things about them that I couldn’t possible have known.

      I was calling my dad but he didn’t answer the phone. I wanted someone to pick me up but no one did. It was so frustrating and stressful. It felt like if no one would come... I would end up being in deep shit. I was soon chased by guards from this welcome-party and fell and hit my head. I woke up in a strange place what looked like an reception. The receptionist wanted to talk with me so I did. She was all sweet and flirty st first but then when she saw my passport and got some info from me she grew cold. It made me worried. I tried to ran away. Taking a flight but the airplane crashed. I tried to escape these people that were chasing me again. I soon found an abonded house and hided on the roof. But the roof was in two pieces and two other women were hiding there as well. I jumped over to their side and stayed there. The guards didn’t find me.

      Note: The dream was really hard to follow since everything happened so fast.

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      Tags: chased
    3. rare good dream Chased by white truck

      by , 07-30-2018 at 05:03 PM (My Robotic imagination)
      I'm over at the lakeshore apartments doing things when I see a man lingering around me. He is Caucasian with dark colored hair and hazel colored eyes.He looked a cross between A.J. Styles and dean abrose (wrestlers) I was in the living room but came out and went into a room that had bins in it. I opened one and saw that there was sandwich meat inside of them. It looked like it was bologna or turkey and started to get some but decided not to. As I was looking around in there I heard a loud engine sound from behind me. I turn around only to see a person in a huge, white forklift like vehicle. It was shiny, clean and just the way I liked it. He rolled up on me slowly and being careful not to harm me. I knew about it and seen that he was gonna end up trapping me. I ducked underneath the forks and he swung around and chased me and I was running across the livingroom. I got semi lucid and ran back to where I saw the food thinking about how good food tastes in dreams. I reached and tore me off a piece of what looks like bologna and rand out the front slidingdoors. It was night time and I was high up on a balcony. I knew that I was gonna end up trapped if I stayed here. So I went back in just as truck rolled up. I tried the back door and went down zig zaging stairs and as I did that, it became daytime. I'm now in the front parking lot and I see the truck show up. He was much faster then what he was indoors and realized that this was his turf now. I ran across the lot and he let me get ahead of him then charges at me, raising the forks up like it was gonna grab me with them. I took off up lake street. He went over to the adjacent road next to it. He was gonna cut me off so I turned back and went farther down lakeshore and saw the truck with him looking at me, realizing that I was one the next street and didn't have time to turn into it. Haha! I laughed at him as he pointed at me and made a U turn. The street I was on was now long and narrow and he was coming up behind me. I thought that he was gonna hit me but he didn't. Instead he pulled up along side me and told me to get in. He opens the back door and I think wait a sec. I look at him and sees that he is the man I had saw earlier in the dream and he smiled at me. I tried to get in but realized that I was too tall and me head is having issues getting below the roof and is in between to door. he says "oh boy..". The truck is now a white car and I finally managed to get my head in and is now in the front seat. He says something to me but I don't know what it is and we drive back to the apartments. It was now night time again and I get out and look up into the sky. It is partially cloudy with the clouds being a nice purple color and the sky being a lighter purple. I smiled at the dream and told it that you will be one of those rare dream where I actually appreciate what it has done. As I'm looking into the sky I accidentally bump into something. I look and seen a group of people has spawned in with two cars side by side. One was black and the other was a two toner. I had bumped into his car that was a nice two tone purple and blue color and he was looking at me angrily. I said sorry to him and he pulls his head back into the car as two other guys sat on the back on it. Shortly after this I walk around a bit then wake up.

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    4. Strange Prime,games and kids

      by , 06-20-2018 at 06:48 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I start off this dream messing around with kids. We are in a large, strange room with a lot of cots inside. I'm laying down on one, trying to get rest when someone came up to me with DCs. I look at them and realized that they were games. One was a horror game like Jason Voorhees but it was different. It had a female character covered in fake looking clear gel like stuff. She was posed in a strange way, trying to look scary but really isen't at all in a realistic room with windows behind her. I Put that on down and seen other game that looked like clear CDs with most of the stickers and paint scraped off of it.

      After that the kids go to sleep but then something happens and there is a monster running around here. He looks like Optimus Prime from the Last Knight and he sees and starts chasing me. I ran out of the bed room and into another room where Prime followed me to. This room was a dangerous room that had a factory feel to it and Prime back handed something that was in his way but ended up hurting himself. His arm got snagged on it and it exploded. His arm was charred on the surface with bits of wire and pipe broken on it. He shook that off and he opened his arms up like he was about to hug me and I ducked just as he attempted to grab me but only got an arm full of air. I syked him out, running between his legs in which he tried to trap me in. Sometime had pass and I'm running out of a liking room with Prime behind me who is now a human size. I looked around and found an attic and started for that. the steps were very weird. There were made out of stone and flat. When I got to the attic I seen that the kids laying on the floor, shaped like heaps. They had moved there since it was more room and I didn't realize it. Not wanting them to get hurt I quickly turned around and seen that I was trapped. Prime was on his way up and I ended up jumping the whole flight of steps, surprising him and he ducked as I flew overhead. He turned into his monster mode that gave me a strange vibe and he ended up catching me. "I'm going to get you with my Prime mode." He laughed as he morphed into Optimus prime. He held me down on my back and forcefully kissed me on the lips with his unmasked face, laughing as he did so." Another Prime appeared from behind the bad one and pulled him up of off me. He looked down at me and I seen he was to same version and think he was angry because I like what was going on.
    5. energy weapons

      , 05-31-2017 at 05:00 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Few days ago:


      I'm running around outside. Shooting at someone with my bow, that's shooting blue energy arrows. I hit the other person a couple of times and see bloody spots on his body. I get hit a few times too. It's like some kind of games, or real fight, maybe war.


      We are going out. Everybody is dressed up and waiting for me to do the same. I'm like how did I get myself into this? Stockings and a smart business dress.
      Tags: chased, weapons
    6. Danger

      , 05-26-2017 at 11:54 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed 9:15pm.

      This dream was full of danger, and I didn't think of it as just a game. I was really worried.

      It all revolves about a guy official. We are in his house, being chased around. 2 of us make it to the gate, open it and go through. I think they closed it behind them and it locked, but I get to the back door and run through a short yard to this heavy red metal gate and manage to open it. Just in time, because a woman who was chasing us is right behind me. I close the first set of the gate doors and the second one as she runs up to the gate. I don't want to waste my time closing it, but I hope it will lock and she has no keys on her.

      Now I'm with my best friend M, she is leaving. Someone very young is giving birth so we are taking her to the town house. There is a dilemma weather to put her on a large white sofa in the lobby, or in some other room. A woman who works there says "other room", coz that huge sofa is so hard to clean.

      We hear that dangerous guy and the woman talking. She just told him how we escaped. We put 2 and 2 together and now we have a better picture about who he is and his connections. I am scared, we have to get out. I get to an opened window and across a small courtyard there is another opened window and that guy is in there, talking to someone. I start yelling at him that I am coming for him. I throw a few tangerines at him to make sure he can hear me. I'm scared, but I do this often in my dreams. Instead of running away, I confront and charge at the scary stuff. I imagine running up to him, knocking him over and beating the crap out of him.

      Not a very good dream, the danger was not pleasant.
      Tags: chased
    7. A school dream (huge dream)

      by , 11-09-2016 at 07:16 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      This dream was so long that I had forgotten the beginning upon wakening since I was disturbed from it. My earliest recall of this dream was when I was walking down a hallways and I was coming from science and heading to English class. The hallway looks like a home hall with no lockers, just the various class rooms and a restroom. The lights were on and I made it to the double doors. I go down some stairs and made it to me next class room. Here it is kinda fuzzy but I clearly remember that I was in a room, lit by judging from the white lighting, looks to be only one florescent light that was off in the back somewhere. I'm sitting at a desk and I was playing with a very old Power ranger Titanus zord. It was remote controlled and I was driving it around since I was very bored. There was no teacher there and didn't see too many students around me. Someone told me to stop messing around but I ignored whoever and continued to play with my stuff. After sometime had pass of the teacher talking my toy rolls under a desk and gets tangled up in something, making a somewhat loud sound. An angry DC man came over and tried to snatch it away but it was still tangled and had to get it loose before taking it away. After that laid my head down and closed my eyes. Sometime has passed again and finally it was time to go. I got up and on my way out, grabbed my toy that was taken from me and headed on out. I run into Vernall (my old job coach) and was talking to her and then realized that it was the end out the day and school was out. Once I realized that I began to walk around in the school as various things began to happen.

      The first even was me talking to people and explaining my situation to them to see if they can help me get a ride since I didn't own a cellphone. No one complied and went out about their business. Then I go down some steps and look around there. I'm in a sub hallways and the toy in my hand was very different from before. Instead of the black motor one it was earlier, it was now red and I realized that it was the RPM Megazord and seen Speedor (to red Condor car) looking up at me. He says something but don't know what it was. It was no longer motor powered just a plastic figure that can change shapes. I ended up getting semi lucid but wasn't enough to gain control over the dream. I pictured the Megazord and human size coming from around a corner and when I looked around it, nothing was there. Just a big hallways leading to some lobbies.

      In the lobbies were sofas, chairs and TVs, some female DCs were there lounging and chilling out and here it was brighter since there was some windows and doors around. There was also a lobby desk next to me with a DC there, looking at me. So after that I talked to the toy in my hand and then went back down the hallway since this was obviously the wrong way.

      I ran down the hallway only to discover that I had long missed my ride home (public transportation) and was night time! I ran up some steps and found myself in a huge room that looked like some kind of empty store outlet that led into a busy mall. I began to hear music and see people walking around, shopping. This was not it. I go back downstairs to see if I can find another way out. I'm in another hall way and this time almost run into RPM Megazord who had randomly Spawned out of nowhere. He saw me and the first thing that came into thought, was what Speedor said that he was gonna do when he find me in my sleep. He was gonna seek out the darkness within me and destroy it. Good right? No. The darkness within me is a part of myself and he would end up making things far worse if he were to get a hold of it and to top it off I was still aware enough to realize that I am within myself and he could end up targeting me as the darkness. No wanting him to tear through me. I ran back up the steps and back up into the mall that has now filled the room up with arcade games, toys, more music and people. I ran through the people as I looked back and seen the Zord walking up the steps behind me and Speedors eyes seeming to be filled with Anger, blindly running forwards I ran into someone who elbowed me in the face and tripped me. I rolled to me feet just in time as I seen Speedors beak plow into the ground/floor where I was at. Shit! He was right there and attempted to grab me into it's arms but I ducked under them, ran down some steps and hide inside of an eclove. He ran into view, losing sight of me, looking around a speeding off into the lobby somewhere.

      After that I lose what bit of lucidity I had and go back to trying to get home. I was worried that my parents would be panicking about me not coming home and thought well shit...Completely forgetting about RPM who returned back to me when he saw that I came out of hiding. "Speedor." I heard something behind me and before I can turn around, I felt metal arms wrap around me and knew that it was him. He seemed less hostile this time and picked me up. Some DCs Saw what was going on and I heard someone yell and Speedor released me and I took off. He tried to get me again but ran down some steps. It was very dark here and only had some tan colored light at the end of the steps. As I tried to go down them I felt my arms began to feel like they were getting squeezed by invisible walls and it was harder to move forwards. Shit. I knew someone had me and you can only guess who that was.

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    8. Chased; Factory

      , 09-21-2016 at 11:54 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night, late bed at 10:20 pm because long afternoon nap. Getting up at 3:25am


      I have a puppy or a mouse. We are being chased through the town at night by a guy on a escavator. I can hear it's sound raring as it's coming closer. We are running through the streets, making turns, looking for opened doors or shortcuts to get to next street.


      Me and my brother, we get to some factory. I look up at the classic very tall factory chimney. It has metal rungs that start little higher up. I ask him if we really have to go to the very top while I know that we have to. A man inside knockes my brother out by putting some chemical in his nose. I know I don't have smelling salts to waking up, so I scoop these sleep crystals out of his nose and he wakes up.


      I'm at work. I see that me and one other person are assigned to Isle 9 (NEIN, haha). We can get free potatoes.
      Tags: chased, work
    9. #267 - Ape lucid

      by , 08-29-2016 at 06:37 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Wasn't able to write this up straight away but I'll try remember what I can..

      I think this was a dream where me and someone else were running from this ape-like beast. At some point I think I was climbing across a few beams.. I saw my hands and became lucid, but I woke shortly after. I was too tired for a lucid and eventually fell back asleep to the same dream.
      non-lucid , lucid
    10. #258 - Cyberman / Interstellar

      by , 07-23-2016 at 12:04 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I remember that I was outside during the day and there was a metal robot thing that kind of reminded me of the cybermen from Doctor Who. It was chasing me slowly, I turned to run away and it teleported in front of me. I tried scrambling away and then woke up.

      I watched Interstellar for the first time a couple nights ago and it inspired this dream. I was in a spaceship but there were aliens on board, I had to get my suit on so I could open the hatchway to outside and still be able to breathe or something. The area I was in was pretty much a laboratory, and the alien that was chasing me kind of reminded me of a two-legged triceratops, there was also an elephant that started chasing me. I clambered over tables trying to fix my suit on as the creatures were chasing me and then woke up.
    11. escape

      by , 07-10-2016 at 07:05 PM
      D1 - In a large house with sprawling corridors, like a hotel, all is dark. My daughter is a baby in her bed. I go to check on her and the scene suddenly changes to very tense. I find a giant rat, its head is bigger than mine, about twice the size and its is about to bite my throat. It is looking at me and I am willing it not to attack. I notice that in the doorway, there are horrible spidery grubbs that are clustered there, some dropping down. I pull a large blade out of nowhere and am hesitating whether to stab the rat which is poised to attack. We are eyeball to eyeball.

      D2 - Helping someone to write a document on computer, I give them the correct filename it is 16 digits long, lol, a code. There are a series of many documents with a similar code that need to be entered?

      D3 - I am in a horrible appartment, with a sofa in the kitchen area. There is a cover thrown over it as someone has been sleeping on it.
      A large burly man with a bald head, is after me for something, not sure might be debts. I run out of kitchen and down a corridor. The corridor has a zillion identical looking doors. I take the one on the end and hide in there and find a large mallet with a long handle. I lay in wait for the man.
      Tags: chased
      non-lucid , nightmare
    12. playing game, penises and Robocop!

      by , 05-15-2016 at 06:00 PM (My Robotic imagination)
      I start off at Burton Ave in the diningroom. It was night time and I was at the computer playing against other players. For some reason I was after the a RL player I hate and was looking for him to cause problems with :-p Any ways I find him but was unable to get into the room with him and left to go elsewhere.

      After that I'm now in a different part of the dream and is in the basement with me mom. We are washing cloths and as we are doing so I see that there are realistic penises inside of the pants. We are are shifting through the pants and find more detached penises. They are the correct color and e has hair on them and various sizes. Why are these here? We seem to take no note of this strangeness going on and go about looking at them. I find on, hanging out of the opened zipper area that was limp and small while my mom says after picking up a pair of Khakis that here is a big one. I look and it is indeed a 6 incher blown up dick pocking through the hole of the pants. There are many more of them, various shapes and sizes and hairiness all floating around and from under the cloths. As we were messing around with this. I began to hear footsteps coming down the stairs.

      Me and my mom looks up only to see robocop coming down and he was looking at me through his visor. It showed me and my mom in his targeting computer like sensors. He said something and then he starts heading towards me, completely ignoring me mom who bolts up the steps behind him. I darted around the furnace as he reached out, trying to grab me but get air instead. I tried to go up the steps but lost my footing on something and fell on to the steps, collapsing part of them. I fell in the gap and robo looked down from where he was, which was right behind me. He jumped down, making that giant thump sound with his feet and starts pulling the debris off of me not to help me, but to get at me. He wants to kill me for some unknown reason that much was known and I had to find out some kind of way to elude his sensors and thermals. I kicked some debris at him and he swatted it away and started kicking his way through the pieces of wood and trash. I side rolled pass his as he tried to grab me again, ran up the bottom part of the steps and seen that there was another way out but it was in a nearly impossible area, between the gap and the steps I jumped and grabbed on to its ledge and start to pull my self up. I hear robocop yell, "Noo!" and he jumps up and grabs me from behind, pulling us both back down into the gap. His hands were around my waist but the fall impact caused him to lose his grip and I got away from him just in time before His hand clenched shut. I had no other way out of here. I needed to make that jump or die trying. I made a B-line for the gap again, leaping up the damaged steps and bounding across the gap and made it. I pulled myself the rest of the way up and turned to see Robocop looking up at me from the lower half of the steps. They were cracking under his feet and knew that he wasn't going to be getting out of there anytime soon. Or did I.

      He did a super jump, landing on the surface I was on, nearly falling backwards. He righted himself, looked at me and started after me. I backed up until my back was up against a stove. I was in the kitchen which was brighter but smaller then the basement I saw a door and ran over to it. Robo saw it and he tried to block me from it but I narrowly escaped with out face planting into his chest.

      Once I got outside Knowing he was trying to kill me I became angry at him and said. "So this is what you like to do, Alex? A titanium dead man walking around, killing organics like me? I'm pretty much glad that I can die, that way I don't have to put up with watching people grow old, wither up and die like you do!" His eye widened up and he let out a cry of rage as he hurls himself into me, knocking us both down with him on top of me, pinning my face against his chest anyhow. He was heavy and it was hard to breath. He took his helmet of and showed me his face that had crying eyes. I was telling the truth. "why are you trying to kill me?" I looks at me and says. "I am not." He then gets up, puts his helmet on, wanks aways, picks up a sponge like item and throws it at me. He then starts to run at something and once he gets there he says "safe." Baseball? Really? You want to play ball? Are you serious? I throw it with lack of interest but robo walks fast over to it and then throws it back at me, this time I catch it and says "out!" Another DC wearing a peach colored shirt comes in and this time I was taking up bases that were not really bases. We used items that were part of the environments such as trees, rocks or even a car. I slid towards a rock but I was unaware of it being muddy and slipped and fell. The DC I was with started laughing, sounding like a laugh from a fail video I watched where a man trys to bust a TV screen with a bat that bounces off and hit the man in his face and someone starts laughing at the end. lol. Anyhow this DC was almost an elder but still had blonde hair and she tackled me next to a car, getting her self all muddy. This was a nightmare of a place to be trying to play this at but I think something I said to Robo cop made him Murphy again and he is showing his human said of being playful instead of the murderous mechanical side. I ducked down into the mud, burying my mouth in it and I can see how nasty this mud looked all black, sticky and yukky. When I came up again there was a bog bubble around my mouth, expanding with I breathed out and contracting when I inhaled. Robo said something to me about that but don't know what it was.

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      lucid , non-lucid
    13. #207 - Escape

      by , 03-08-2016 at 09:48 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Only remembered a small part of the last dream I had, and it wasn't very vivid. This might be because I ended up vomiting my guts out violently for no reason before going to bed last night.

      Me and some others are in a wooden rampart + wall building, we're running away from guards. One of the people I'm running with is a bear I'm pretty sure... As we're running we grab makeshift weapons like sticks, I remember hurling them back as I see the guards round the corner. There are some moments where it's like "No, go on without me" and then we grab them and pull them onwards. No man left behind .
      Apparently the people in this world have devices similar to walky talkies or phones which they can contact each other with. Though they don't have screens. As we're running we loot a whole bunch of them and spread the word that there's a revolution coming.
    14. Dream 15/01/2016

      by , 01-15-2016 at 05:51 PM
      First dream i dream about being in a shopping:
      -First i was with my younger sister, she was buying a hamburger.
      -Then i was with Fran. He wanted to purchase a puzzle game. I stood by his side, probably i had to answer as well. Then i note that the ladies were just walking there.

      Then i was on school, talking about Game of Thrones with Fran. Then he talks about it with another classmate called Mili. Then he just layed on the floor, to sleep. We were on a break. I was just sitting on a table talking with some classmates called Ro and Mica J. Mica handed me a brochure with ten points, and she asks me, remember these? I said yes, i do. The number 8 specially. I don't know what that brochures were but i seemed to know in my dream. Then a woman comes, she was interviewing groups. I didn't mind to go and get interviewed but i refused. So she appealed for kind of threats. She said, well i will have to call by names of the lists. It was actually the same, and i didn't care. She wasn't a teacher. Anyways she left with a group.

      Then i find myself in a walking path/road in a forest. I was with two older guys. I was being chased and suddenly the chaser came. He was Salva's bigger brother. But he came out of prision, he was something like Sideshow Bob. I hid and the two older guys said they didn't know where i was. Then i was being tired of seeing that. I knew i was stronger, those enemies were strong too but behind my capabilities. So i came out and grabbed this guy by the neck.
      Then i find myself coming out of a roof, from a house located in Hugo Salvai's shop. I came out of the window of that house, (it looked like a realistic dreaming scenario, i had high awareness but no lucidity) and the front yard had yellow flowers with healing powers. Immediately when i came down and stepped into the flowers i knew the powers of those flowers and adquired them as well. Since i was the first i was the only one that i could adquire them. Then i saw these people, now they were 2, were chasing me on a car. I run in the opposite sense of the street, with a great velocity. And i continue running. I didn't care if a car hitted me, i would jump. My velocity was about 40-50 km/h. After about 5-6 blocks i stopped in a cafe, next to a building, with the intention of jumping the wall and hiding in the building. I just crashed on that open cafe and went on invisible mode, so people in there couldn't see me. By that time i knew i was being chased and i heard some noises of Waking Life, so i knew i was dreaming. I suddenly woke up.
    15. 010116: Have to Isolate the Attacker, the Doorman and Trump, On the Hood of a Car?!?!

      by , 01-07-2016 at 05:56 PM (The Dream Journal)
      Crazy Brother Attacking Us
      I'm in a house, it is fairly large and modern looking. It is dark inside, it's night, but there is some light coming from little cracks in doors and from streetlights shining through windows. I'm in trouble. I'm with a woman I don't know, she is my age, and her brother has gone insane and is attacking us. We have lost him as we ran away through a hall leaving him behind. I try to think of a way to lock him in a room to trap him. I close a bug heavy door like something in a bomb shelter, thinking he is trapped in the room ahead of me.

      The woman leaves, trying to escape just in case. I stay behind. The brother appears, he is a skinny and crazy looking guy. He attacks me and he feels very weak. I put him in a sleeper hold and keep on squeezing, I know I have to kill him, it is the only way he won't chase us. I keep him in the hold, squeezing really tight, feeling very sad that I'm killing the guy. I sense that he too knows why this has to happen, or I try to explain it to him? At the last moment I let him go, I can't do it, the guilt would destroy me.

      He's limp on the floor, unconscious but still alive I think. I reason to myself, he must be alive. It is now daytime, morning. The sister is now there as well with a mutual friend of ours (not in real life but in the dream). Now that things have calmed down we can relax. I see the brother's jacket, a red college jacket, and the pocket is full of cigarettes, reds. I join the sister on the bed, what a crazy night.

      Old Apartment
      I'm in my childhood home. I'm in the stairwell, it is a summer day, I see the golden sun shining through the windows. I get up to our floor. I see they have put a new outdoor entrance to the right where the stairs are. That will be convenient but how did they build it? We are on the second floor!

      The Doorman at the Club. Meeting Trump
      I enter a dingy club in a far-off part of town. It's evening, a grey day. I go up the stairs until I reach the jacket check-in. The light is a stained, dirty type coming from dirty fluorescent lamps overhead. I see a doorman by the jacket racks. I say hi and he tells me to check in my jacket. I'm reluctant to but I confidently give it to him. I'm weary a very fine leather jacket and I take it off and give it to him. He says that the door charge is 7.50. I have a wallet full of money so I pay him with a 10, asking for a receipt, I'm on business. Am I meeting Donald Trump?!? I tell the doorman I haven't been to this club in years. It has really been run into the ground, I think to myself.

      On the Hood of a Car
      Suddenly I'm on the hood of a car. It is a grey day, looks like a place out further from the city. I think the car passes a McDonald's. The car suddenly stops and I almost fly off the hood, I'm just able to stay on. The guy who is driving it, a friend of mine, a guy my age (but who I don't know in real life) apologizes he had to stop to avoid hitting someone. He turns to the right and starts accelerating. I notice he is now on a road leading to the highway. Uh oh. I look to my right and see a man yelling, what am I doing?!?! I see the ground is raised by to the right of the road, I try to find a place to jump off. We pass under a small overhead bridge made of concrete. On the column to the right I see someone had made a 3D picture of the Illuminati symbol, very impressive. Street art?

      Am I becoming lucid?-illuminati.jpg

      Stop at the Machine Shop
      It's dark, could be late afternoon, the sun sets so early. I'm at the machine shop. I see many rooms in there, lots of people I don't know. A woman who works there has dreadlocks now? Even has a tab of a can in it. Weird. I see the actual dreaded hippie person who works there. She is about to go for a cigarette. I go outside, circle around the back of the shop where the cargo bay is. I see my boss there, I flag him down and tell him about the model I made for him. He is excited but I get carried away and as I follow him to his office asking for more details he is obviously annoyed. I try to tie my questions up and leave to not annoy him anymore.

      It feels like I'm back in the big house from the beginning, a fancy modern building in the night, in the kitchen, the lights are on. The kitchen is large. I stand there with my own sister and a friend of mine I know a little bit. I talk to him, I think my sister is pushing me to, asking why we don't know each other that well. He seems to feel awkward about the question. He says he has always tried to be social with me. I tell him I know him quite well to be honest, more than others.

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