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    1. June 25, 2020 Non-lucid

      by , 06-25-2020 at 03:41 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      In a hotel, checked in, cardholder with pen, corner of the room was fenced off, there was a baja blast can on the table.

      Auditorium, tried to get my luggage with $300, guy covered it for me, starts rapping in my ear, I fall in the mud.

      Game designer explaining to me the origins of a game.
    2. Jogging my memory

      by , 09-29-2017 at 08:42 AM
      On holiday, I woke laying on the floor of a dark cramped room. I was determined to get up early and go jogging (which is often my intention on holiday, to go before it gets to hot).
      I was sleepy in the dream, which is something I haven't often experienced. S&P were in the room. I had to find my running shoes, but searching through the pile I could not find them, only a cloth pair (like vans) most unsuitable. It was really dark outside, raining and muddy. I remembered has muddy it was by remembering a recent dream where I had gone through a muddy stretch of path. Woke up.

      Notes: Another dream about jogging, which I look forward to be doing again sometime. As I injured myself in the summer and had trouble just walking for a while.

      I was really pleased with myself that I remembered to keep my eyes shut each time I woke in the night (I am trying to catch a false wakeup). Lots of wbtb attempts.
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    3. I ken-do that

      by , 12-28-2016 at 12:36 PM
      One dream blended into another, I was at a work place when a guy with a bald head and glasses came in.
      He lifted up my clothes revealing a black and red silken kimono apparently a martial arts garb. He too was wearing similar garb.
      We had a friendly bout discussing our fighting styles and I threw him to the ground. He asked me smilingly to come with him to help.
      They had a problem with some people trying to takeover their operations. He was a farmer Oo.
      I headed out to a muddy farm yard, where I was assailed by many ruffians. they circled me and matrix style I got hold of a kendo stick
      from somewhere and started battering them. Swirling the stick I hit many at a time. Eventually the battle was over, it was quite fun.
      A large lorry had drawn up in the yard with a big old guy in it. He asked if I could come with him to sort out some more problems.
      I woke up.
    4. #216: Mudcrawl / batshit insane

      by , 11-25-2016 at 01:06 AM
      I'm somewhere outside, during daytime. I'm together with another person throughout some moments, while alone for some others. I'm standing in a muddy area. I'm walking carefully, sinking into the ground a bit all the time cause the ground is quite liquid. I'm trying not to get too dirty shoes. There's one moment where I'm standing still for a while and quite suddenly I sink up until maybe my knees, within 1 second. Great, standing still is also not an option anymore. I decide to tiger crawl, so as to divide my weight over a larger surface. I crawl past some sort of natural fountain. I turn blind for a while. Over exposure to sunlight? I continue crawling and then stop and wait for my vision to return. It takes a moment. In between I have a conversation with a friend, Fiona. It's been a long time since we last saw each other. Ow perhaps we'll see each other this Saturday? Ah wait, I'm meeting another friend this Saturday though.

      Batshit insane
      I'm with my friend Coco. She's having an argument over how much her clothes weigh with a guy. The guy is trying to overcharge her for the weight of her clothes. I butt in and say that if I can pack my big backpack and live out of it for 2 weeks and it's still only 7-8 kg, then there's no way these clothes are more. The guy doesn't reply. Eventually I go to the housekeeper and ask her in Indonesian if she has a weighing scale we can borrow. I don't know the word for weighing scale, so first I take a guess, and then I try to describe it. She tells me she got one in the room and to just bring by what needs to be weighed. I go back to Coco to let her know. She's already arranged some whacky bet, where she will play baseball while blindfolded. There's not even enough room here for her to swing her bat without destroying something. There's also motorcycles all around. They've all been chained together with a few long chains, as protection against thieves. I take a look.. despite my bike being a crappy, not worth so much bike, it's still chained up as well.
    5. playing game, penises and Robocop!

      by , 05-15-2016 at 06:00 PM (My Robotic imagination)
      I start off at Burton Ave in the diningroom. It was night time and I was at the computer playing against other players. For some reason I was after the a RL player I hate and was looking for him to cause problems with :-p Any ways I find him but was unable to get into the room with him and left to go elsewhere.

      After that I'm now in a different part of the dream and is in the basement with me mom. We are washing cloths and as we are doing so I see that there are realistic penises inside of the pants. We are are shifting through the pants and find more detached penises. They are the correct color and e has hair on them and various sizes. Why are these here? We seem to take no note of this strangeness going on and go about looking at them. I find on, hanging out of the opened zipper area that was limp and small while my mom says after picking up a pair of Khakis that here is a big one. I look and it is indeed a 6 incher blown up dick pocking through the hole of the pants. There are many more of them, various shapes and sizes and hairiness all floating around and from under the cloths. As we were messing around with this. I began to hear footsteps coming down the stairs.

      Me and my mom looks up only to see robocop coming down and he was looking at me through his visor. It showed me and my mom in his targeting computer like sensors. He said something and then he starts heading towards me, completely ignoring me mom who bolts up the steps behind him. I darted around the furnace as he reached out, trying to grab me but get air instead. I tried to go up the steps but lost my footing on something and fell on to the steps, collapsing part of them. I fell in the gap and robo looked down from where he was, which was right behind me. He jumped down, making that giant thump sound with his feet and starts pulling the debris off of me not to help me, but to get at me. He wants to kill me for some unknown reason that much was known and I had to find out some kind of way to elude his sensors and thermals. I kicked some debris at him and he swatted it away and started kicking his way through the pieces of wood and trash. I side rolled pass his as he tried to grab me again, ran up the bottom part of the steps and seen that there was another way out but it was in a nearly impossible area, between the gap and the steps I jumped and grabbed on to its ledge and start to pull my self up. I hear robocop yell, "Noo!" and he jumps up and grabs me from behind, pulling us both back down into the gap. His hands were around my waist but the fall impact caused him to lose his grip and I got away from him just in time before His hand clenched shut. I had no other way out of here. I needed to make that jump or die trying. I made a B-line for the gap again, leaping up the damaged steps and bounding across the gap and made it. I pulled myself the rest of the way up and turned to see Robocop looking up at me from the lower half of the steps. They were cracking under his feet and knew that he wasn't going to be getting out of there anytime soon. Or did I.

      He did a super jump, landing on the surface I was on, nearly falling backwards. He righted himself, looked at me and started after me. I backed up until my back was up against a stove. I was in the kitchen which was brighter but smaller then the basement I saw a door and ran over to it. Robo saw it and he tried to block me from it but I narrowly escaped with out face planting into his chest.

      Once I got outside Knowing he was trying to kill me I became angry at him and said. "So this is what you like to do, Alex? A titanium dead man walking around, killing organics like me? I'm pretty much glad that I can die, that way I don't have to put up with watching people grow old, wither up and die like you do!" His eye widened up and he let out a cry of rage as he hurls himself into me, knocking us both down with him on top of me, pinning my face against his chest anyhow. He was heavy and it was hard to breath. He took his helmet of and showed me his face that had crying eyes. I was telling the truth. "why are you trying to kill me?" I looks at me and says. "I am not." He then gets up, puts his helmet on, wanks aways, picks up a sponge like item and throws it at me. He then starts to run at something and once he gets there he says "safe." Baseball? Really? You want to play ball? Are you serious? I throw it with lack of interest but robo walks fast over to it and then throws it back at me, this time I catch it and says "out!" Another DC wearing a peach colored shirt comes in and this time I was taking up bases that were not really bases. We used items that were part of the environments such as trees, rocks or even a car. I slid towards a rock but I was unaware of it being muddy and slipped and fell. The DC I was with started laughing, sounding like a laugh from a fail video I watched where a man trys to bust a TV screen with a bat that bounces off and hit the man in his face and someone starts laughing at the end. lol. Anyhow this DC was almost an elder but still had blonde hair and she tackled me next to a car, getting her self all muddy. This was a nightmare of a place to be trying to play this at but I think something I said to Robo cop made him Murphy again and he is showing his human said of being playful instead of the murderous mechanical side. I ducked down into the mud, burying my mouth in it and I can see how nasty this mud looked all black, sticky and yukky. When I came up again there was a bog bubble around my mouth, expanding with I breathed out and contracting when I inhaled. Robo said something to me about that but don't know what it was.

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    6. November 12th 2015

      by , 11-12-2015 at 07:30 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      Dream Fragment: Nightmare about how I was in this church thing which had no roof and no windows. In a previous dream I was there and there were children there who were acting as different wizards and warriors or something. But in this nightmare, I could see myself and I was evil.

      Another dream I'm in this house and my friend Moo is about to get married to his ex-girlfriend Katie. We're upstairs preparing for the wedding by getting dressed and talking about things. In my mind I keep thinking that this is a terrible idea to get married because IRL they are broken up. There's also some little kid upstairs with us running around. My mom tells me that there's a whole bunch of people down there and we need to come down soon to get the wedding started. I keep looking at my watch and 15 minutes keeps going by quickly. The wedding was supposed to start at 3:30 but now it's 3:45. I realize I'm not even wearing the right clothing, but a belt around my waist. I start to change upstairs in my room. Someone says that half the people have left because they were so impatient. We go downstairs to a room with 3 couches and a balcony along the upper part of the walls with no people there. There is a woman with short hair facing the opposite direction that is supposedly the person wedding my friends and 3 people sitting on the couch facing us. I walk right to see a huge open house. In another open room to the right is Katie surrounded by a group of girls trying to calm her down. My mom is really upset at this point, but I just keep saying its not a big deal at all. I say something out loud about how its everything is fine and suddenly I'm hit in the head by a ball of some sort that my mom threw at my face. She starts to storm off as I'm chasing her trying to tell her to let me explain. She gets in an elevator around the corner and the doors close.

      Dream Fragment: I'm telling my mom about studying abroad this past summer with this girl that I knew, but I can't think of the name of the place. Then, I remember it is China, but my view goes to this very open and tropical place with mountains surrounding besides the sea making it a bay thing, but my view is only really of a green field.

      Dream Fragment: I'm in California. I believe I'm in some sort of airport where I get hold of this motorcycle thing, instead there's no handle bars, just this peg thing on it like a saddle for a horse thing I push down to go forwards. I'm zooming through small hallways that are connecting rooms in the airport. I bring it to this lobby where I get off it and stand on this statue thing trying to get in contact with my dad because I have no money or no one in California with me. A small kid gets on the motorcycle which now looks like it's on display while a dad watches him. I walk up and say that it is my bike. A woman dressed as a flight attendant comes up and she verifies that I've actually bought it when I tell her that uncertainly. Then, I hop on it and go out of the open room into the city which has gray skyscrapers and moving cars. My dad is there suddenly and he tells me we're going to some professional game with his friends and that I can come.

      Another dream, The view goes over to this sort of disconnected island piece that's raised up above the land and sea. Inside there is a family of two kids and I was possibly the parent or something, there was also some other kid with me. The two kids go fall off of the cliff into the water so the other kid and I go rock by rock down until we get into the water. We start to look for the kids in the water. I remember thinking that I had already had this dream before but I didn't go looking for the kids. But I knew this was a nightmare of some sort. We see one kid come out of the water, and she walks up onto a rock with us. Then I see the other kid swimming, but he's grabbed by something very suddenly in the water that pulls him down. We start to run up the rock path when one of the kids says that there's a mud monster coming. I turn around and there's an arm sticking out of the water holding a brick. It starts to gradually emerge from the water and walk towards us. It looks like a mud monster from scooby doo. We start to run all the way up the rock path to higher level ground. We get to higher ground so I turn around and now the mud monster is half mud monster, half pennywise the clown from IT. He starts screaming and running at the kids. Now, I'm not even involved in the dream. I watch as the monster is now all Pennywise the clown with a sledgehammer. I thought I was now in a movie where they couldn't get the original actor, so they used a step in who was just as scary. He starts crushing at the structure that the kids are on. It looked kinda like an aqueduct.
    7. Rundown houses, and a call I may never get 2-26-15

      by , 02-26-2015 at 09:32 PM
      I was in a broken down old house that was set on some support beams above water and mud. Maybe a river bank. I remember that my ex had called me. Specifically, he called me to apologize and he wanted me back. I remember wondering out of the door, over a wooden plank on to an open platform, I could see that I was very high, the sky was cloudy, like it was going to start raining. I jumped to another house straight across from the platform and it looked a lot like the other house only it was way more run down. The floor was weak and every time I took a step it creaked and bowed beneath my weight. I was still on the phone with my ex and I eventually stepped on a weak spot and fell through the floor. I remember a dusty Tv on a dusty dresser in the room where I fell. When I fell I landed in the mud, about chest deep, and not long after that, the dresser and tv fell but barley missed me. I must've went into a deeper sleep, because I can't remember much else.

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    8. Robot Ponies

      by , 11-14-2013 at 11:41 PM
      Original entry dated April 13th, 2002:

      My friends and I were battling giant robotic ponies in the mall. It was a sort of laser-tag type setup, only less fun and more deadly. Our foes looked like giant My Little Ponies with googly-eyes that shot lasers, so they were REEEEALLY creepy.

      *THUD THUD THUD* "AAAH! GIANT ROBOTIC PONY! ...aww... it has a butterfly on its butt!"

      In the battle all of us had skills, MUD-style, that we had to use and train to develop proficiency in. There was a kickass hoverbike with cannons on it that I couldn't ride because my Cycling skill was only at 20%. So instead I had a sorry-assed excuse for a pistol that did about as much damage as, say, a squirt-gun.

      I don't remember the rest, I think the dream just sort of fizzled out, and then I had a really sad dream but I don't remember what it was abou
    9. Almost lucid and things :/

      by , 08-18-2013 at 06:01 PM
      Dream 1 : [COLOR="#800080"]I was somewhere in Romania (I believe it was Moldova) with my dad,mom and sister. I don't know why suddenly me and my mom ran to a kind of waterfall(There were stones and mud water falling) and my mom yelled at my sister that was sitting on a stone with a dog near her: What do you think you're doing?! then my sister said : I'm just feeding the dog mommy,no need to worry.Then my dad came from a tiny house with his brother and said : Hey Anna, Let's run! then I started to run then there was this big fence and my dad and his brother jumped over it and I was like : Hey! Wait for me! Can you please help me? Help... Then I said to myself : Okay,Time to use my flexibility (wat) I do some weird things but in the end I successfully jump over the fence. Then I walk with my dad and there was this park and I enter in it and I suddenly see my ex-bestfriend with some other girls and then I said to myself: What are they doing here?They can't be here. Then they come to me and we start arguing and then she notices a boy and starts to talk with him and then I start to run away from her.Then I don't know how I appeared in the back of my apartment complex with my other ex-bestfriend <.<.There were a lot of gangsta people looking at us and I asked my ex-bestfriend why they were looking at us she said we were too fabulous or something I looked at her saying: oh shut up and then this girl from my class appeared and said something (I don't remember what) and then I see my mom and she tells me to go to her for a bit.I go to her and she tells me to go to the apartment complex's entrance door and to get her the keys because she forgot them.I run to the entrance door and get the keys from it and then when I want to run back to her there is this female on the bench (there were a lot of people on the bench) that gives me an blue umbrella. I go to her,give her both of the things then the dream ends. [/COLOR]

      Dream 2 : [COLOR="#800080"]I was walking in my room trying to remember something when I see my sister at the computer I walk near her and stare at her face closely when I'm suddenly like: [COLOR="#008080"]Wait a second,You're supposed to be on vacation,Why are you here? I'm dreaming![/COLOR] She said : Maybe. But then ( -_- ) I said to myself: This is too vivid,It can't be a dream.[/COLOR]

      Dream 3 fragment: [COLOR="#800080"] I was in a bedroom with a girl who was holding a baby.I was holding the other baby(They weren't mine but I felt so close to them and I couldn't leave them even for a second)and I kept talking with her when I suddenly tell her something that I can't remember and she replied : Woah! I need to go to McDonalds to celebrate!I'm going to get my booties.End. :/[/COLOR]

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    10. Little Kid Game Show, A Muddy Walk, and Pretzels

      by , 01-30-2013 at 02:56 PM
      I only remember a few dream fragments. I think I woke up in the middle of the night and thought about writing down my dreams right away, but I was too lazy, so … oops.

      1. In one dream, I’m watching some kind of game show, and all the contestants are little kids. I can’t really remember anything else about this one.

      2. I’m staying in some large house, and some of my high school friends are there. I decide to go for a walk with one of my friends––Alison––but I need to find my rain boots first. I seem to have brought an enormous pile of shoes with me, and I have to search through them before I finally find the right boots. Then I go outside with Alison. It’s very gross and barren looking outside. The ground is muddy and covered with ice/snow in some places. There are only a few trees here and there, and they’re all completely bare. When Alison and I return to the house, I see that all of our other friends are reading the books I brought with me. I notice that Catherine is almost done with the book she’s reading even though we were only gone for like ten minutes (which is funny, because she does read extremely quickly in real life).

      3. I go to this food store place with some friends. We’re all planning on buying pretzels. There are these pretzel sticks and they all cost like 25¢ or something. So I grab a handful of pretzel sticks. And then there’s this tray with change all over it, and I grab a few coins. I wonder if I’m stealing the money or whether I’m allowed to do this … but I do it anyway.

      I go up to the counter and put my pretzel sticks down. The cashier tells me that it will cost me $3.99. This surprises me since I thought it would be cheaper, but I don’t question it. I look in my wallet and I seem to only have quarters, so I start to pay the guy in quarters. It’s taking forever and I’m holding up the line, and the cashier is getting impatient with me and telling me to hurry up. Finally I find a $5 bill and put it down on the counter. But when I look up, I see that the original cashier is gone and now there’s this random girl where he was standing. And she’s like, “He got so impatient that he left” or something. So I’m like, “… Sorry,” and I buy the pretzels.

      I go outside and sit down on the sidewalk with my friends. I believe Sarah Jayne, Cara, Megan, and Luna are there. We all start to eat our food. Sarah Jayne has these big vitamin things that she offers to everyone but we’re all like, “No.”

      Somehow, we all end up sitting in this random tunnel. Megan is rolling around on the ground for some reason, and then Luna is asking her questions about her life and Megan has to answer them. I think Sarah Jayne is also asking some questions. And … I’m just sitting there. And that’s all I remember!
    11. Dangerouse Ocean and other Lousy Swimming Spots

      by , 11-17-2012 at 08:08 AM
      3 or 4 years ago
      note: I am not a strong swimmer so I don't swim in the ocean in real life.

      On my way to where my friends and family would be swimming, I was walking through a mountain meadow and became a little disoriented. As I stood in front of a group of large rock formations, I contemplated on which way to go.

      I climbed up one boulder and up between two small cliffs and onto a trail that led down to the ocean. I think my uncle may have told me how to get hear in the dream but I'm not sure. The fishing was supposed to be great and the water clean.

      Finally I made it down to the ocean which was at least thirty feet below the cliff where I stood. There wasn't any beach but I made my way down a narrow eroded path to the water any way. Off to my right was a larger cliff and a tiny bit of a cove. I jumped into the water and swam over to the larger cliffs.

      Once below the cliffs, waves started to build up. They never crested but were often as tall as the cliffs themselves. The deep water, big waves and towering cliffs felt treacherous but I swam for a bit any way. I rode up and down on the giant waves until I decided that It was irresponsible for me to be swimming alone in these conditions. I got out and went back the way I came.

      Back across the meadow I came to a dirt road that I decided to follow. The pines were dense here and I could barely see the ocean. I soon came around a corner and could see an area where bulldozers had dug into the mountain side parallel to the road ahead of me. The bulldozers had graded an area about sixty feet across that slopped down to some ocean water that came from around the bend of a hill towards the direction I had come from. The sides of the dig were fresh and muddy but everyone was swimming down at the shore.

      There was an old wooden building with ramps and gray paint that was cracked and peeling. Some sort of chase went on here in my dream but I can't remember exactly what happened.

      I didn't like this spot and I convinced everyone to follow me back through the meadow. They came with me but when we got to the meadow they stopped. Now in the meadow there were cold springs that filled up several jacuzzi sized holes in the ground. The holes weren't all that bad but I thought they looked a little dirty and that possibly cows might come through here and take a dip from time to time. However, despite my best efforts I couldn't get them to continue on to the awesomeness of the big waves of the ocean.

      I settled in and everyone set up picnics. Soon people were soaking, eating, chatting each other up, and children were playing. Then I heard someone scream for me. I looked over and saw a large black panther stalking one of the children. I ran as fast as I could and only barely intercepted the large hungry cat. Somehow, probably with pointy stick, I managed to stab it through the chest as it leapt through the air.

      I can't remember if everyone was happy that I saved the child or angry that I killed the poor animal. Maybe a bit of both. END
    12. Just Keep Running

      by , 09-03-2012 at 01:29 PM (Dimension X)
      I don't remember much of this one... First, I was in school and I was playing on my Nintendo 3DS system, then some guy who looked like he was from the CIA or FBI came up to me and said he needed to talk to me, so I put my 3DS in my left pocket. Then some person was going around saying either "Stay" or "Home" to all of the kids. Apparently if you were being good, you would get to stay in the school, and if you were being bad, they sent you home. The person pointed at me and said "Home", and then I thought "What did I do?" Everything went blank for a little bit. Then I was in an entirely different environment, trying to get somewhere, and I just remember running and running and running. Eventually I had to get through kind of a swampy area with a lot of mud. And then an area that had a lot of bees. I don't remember where I was supposed to be going but it was really weird...
    13. Turtles

      by , 08-12-2012 at 02:49 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      I hardly remember the beginning of this dream. I remember being in this tundra-like place, and there was a girl with me. She reached down and touched the snow and said it felt warm (since she was from Mars, and Martian winters can reach temperatures of below -200 degrees Fahrenheit at night... I learned that last night IWL).

      I don't remember how, but I somehow ended up on a beach. I have no idea what happened to that girl. Anyway, I ended up finding two turtles at some point and taking them with me. I think they were painted turtles (or something similar, at least).

      I started exploring and soon came across a village full of school bus houses. That is, each house was made from a school bus. Some were red, and some were blue. I don't think there were any yellow ones, though. I thought they were really cool, since I'd never seen a school bus house before.

      Later, when I was outside of the village, I noticed one of the turtles was really cold, so I wrapped it in a blanket. I asked the turtles if they wanted to go back to the water, and they said yes. There was a creek nearby, so I decided to let them go there. It was really muddy, though, and I ended up getting mud up to my knees. I decided I should find some clearer water instead. The water was a bit clearer at the end of the creek (seriously, it just ended not far away... and, no, it didn't empty into anything; it just stopped), so I went there to wash the mud off my legs.

      I remembered that the water was crystal clear at the beach where I had found the turtles, so I decided to go back there to release them. I woke up before I got there, though.
    14. Flood Aftermath / Driving (fragment)

      by , 05-22-2012 at 01:36 PM (...from the dark corners of my mind...)
      DJ Log: April 13, 2012 – 6:00AM (USA Eastern)

      I am standing on the top of a ridge, looking down into a valley which is flooded. The flood waters are receding, revealing a path of devastation. I walk down the hill and find a black Ford ranger 4x4 with large tires on it. I get in and find that the key is hanging out of the ignition. I start it up and drive around a bit. I can get a decent running start, but it starts sliding around once I near the top of the hill. I try a few times and give up.

      I'm standing at the edge of the valley, looking through some of the debris that has washed into the area. I pick up a couple of pieces and walk off, I wake up.

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    15. Beating an Anxiety dream

      by , 04-17-2012 at 07:59 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was leaving school. It was cold, dark and raining/snowing. I believe that I was also mildly lucid, at least in the beginning of the dream. I went out the the bus loop and I was getting close to the buses when they all started leaving without me, meaning that I would have to walk home several miles in the snow. (This is a common anxiety that I have in real life.)
      To make matters worse somebody shoved me into the street and I was now cold, wet and muddy.
      I got up and found out that there was one bus still there. It was bus number 25. There was a scrawny-looking man driving it and he told me that he was going to the middle school next to my subdivision. I told him to let me ride the bus but he said he could not because I was not singed up, so I still had to walk home.
      I would not be beat, and took my cell phone out of my backpack and called my mom for a ride. I guess anxiety dreams don't like being "beaten" because the dream ended at that point.

      I remember the number "25" on the side of the bus so vividly. I'm quite certain I was completely focused on it for a few seconds. I wonder if it will have further significance in my dreams...

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