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    1. September 8, 2020 Non-lucid

      by , 09-09-2020 at 05:02 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      Had several false awakenings where I thought I was getting up early to get work done early in the morning, checked my phone and thought it was 8am but then woke up IRL later than that.

      Dream was at the KC pool in the basketball/volleyball area except the slope down to the playground was much bigger. In the parking lot was a city, it was either dusk or dawn. I thought I was in my new apartment but going into another part of the building I realized it was a bar, people from my high school were there. We were catching up, it felt like the bar was closing and it was time to go home or maybe to another class in the city, I went out and tried to get into my apartment but it was just the bar now.

      Now I'm at my old apartment driving to a club or bar, I go in but I'm not dressed appropriately, I try to go to the shower but a random kid is about to go in and use it so I sigh and turn around. Eventually I end up back there and I'm in line, abb is there and we greet each other, the bouncer asks me for my ID and I get out my wallet.

      Show choir dream where I'm in a movie theater, we're doing dance moves but I don't really know them so I'm watching someone else. It's really messy. Another team goes onto the front stage and I think they aren't doing very well, they're ripping off a movie but I can't remember which.
    2. 19 Jan: Jumping through portals and sex with really hot boyfriend

      by , 01-19-2019 at 01:04 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Have some kind of portals that allow me to go into different places undetected because I can come out invisible if I want.
      I first go to a place where lots of animals roam, become friend with a tiny pigmee monkey, he has some skin disease and is infested with parasites. I try my best to remove them and he sits still. Then I realize the insects are scary. There is a huge praying mantis close by and then another big bug, the size of a cat, looking like a dinosaur, comes to eat it. Then I spot a few more dinossaur like creatures, like a couple of dog-sized t-rex fighting each other.
      I dont feel very safe here. I go through a portal and get to another location. Recognize it as the house of this lady I know, who is a hoarder and has dozens of animals. I want to be invisible as she is there with someone else. I just go from room to room to check on the animals, but I keep bumping and dragging stuff she has around and she senses my presence, thinks I am an angel and tries to communicate with me. I fly outside to her terrace and from there jump to the roof and find some other terraces and balconies. I spot some cool artsy place like a club or association whose symbol or mascot is a sexy cartoon female cat. I stop being invisible and I am welcomed by a friendly lady who shows me where is the bathroom, but there is some famous guy injecting some drugs and complaining I didn't knock before entering. She says she is so sorry and takes me elsewhere. I get to some other place and it is my own home and my boyfriend is waiting for me. He is tall, fit, dark hair and dark eyes, smooth white skin and I get instantly horny. He is also missing me a lot and also feels horny. We fuck, without even removing all the clothing. I scream with pleasure. He has a beautiful and well proportionate dick. We laugh and kiss and I instantly feel horny again and he says no problem, we go for a second round immediately. But the door opens and it's his mom and some friends. We look at each other awkwardly. They close the door. There was some surprise party planned or something, and people had already arrived. I feel a bit embarrassed but we are so in love, we just want to ignore them and continue.

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    3. Waterslide River Run

      by , 09-19-2018 at 07:11 PM
      I'm spending the entire dream trying to find something. I'm picked up in a limo with a bunch of rich characters going to some cool waterpark right by the sea. As we drive up to it, I see that the slides start high above the sea on a pier looking structure, and dump you right into the ocean. Everyone in the limo wants to go, so we all get out and head over to get tickets. Surprisingly, one girl says she's got this and approaches the ticket guy saying that she doesn't have enough money and hands him a fourth of the money needed to cover everyone. I say I can pitch in as well, but the guy accepts it as it is and starts handing out the tickets. The ticket is in the shape of a pamphlet and opening it shows that there are 3 different slides, each one varying in intensity. I start to walk to the slides, but realize I have to walk through a club with a ton of people. As I try to maneuver through the crowd, I get handed items, including a necklace of some kind. The club is narrow and facing diagonally from the orientation that I thought it would. Someone comes up to me and asks where I got the necklace from, and I tell them I don't know. They take it away from me and I go to try and find people I know. Later, I'm watching something about a river flowing down through some mountains with snow banks on either side. People are tubing down the river while a skier dude is skiing down the bank of snow. He eventually jumps off a ledge and into the water. I am suddenly there in a tube going along for the ride. Around a tight bend, I fall out of the tube and try to get back on. I swim as fast as I can, but can't seem to catch up to it. Instead, I get trapped under some rocks in a small air pocket struggling to get out. I'm not panicked, but just want to get away from this area. I take a deep breath and dive underwater. I emerge in a city falling from the sky, but I can use my left hand to shoot a grapple onto buildings to swing from, like Spiderman. I get myself under control and swing between a few more buildings before setting myself down softly on the ground.
    4. Club Rioting

      by , 09-11-2018 at 05:29 PM
      I'm in a club with friends and many other people. For some reason, I get into an argument with some other people on the floor above me and I start yelling at them. Eventually, I start a riot with everyone gathered around and they all begin fighting. I walk away as this is occurring and leave the club. The way back out is through a small restaurant which is completely empty except for the bouncer who says goodbye to me as I pass by. When I exit onto the street, I realize this it's one of the clubs that I know, but the exit is on the wrong side.
      Tags: club, night, riot
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    5. Synergism in Liminal Space

      by , 02-23-2018 at 08:36 AM
      Morning of February 23, 2018. Friday.

      In the first part of my dream, I am sitting on the floor of the Gellibrand Street apartment’s porch. (We have not lived there in years.) I am looking through and reading some coupons relating to free offers. By writing down four letters which appear on the coupon, KLRS, and then the next letter after each, underneath, LMST, it somehow causes a package to be immediately sent to our front door, though I do not open it as I focus on the unusual nature of this puzzling technology. I begin to ponder on how the company would know what I wrote in a notebook in my own home.

      I later write LMPR, and MNQS underneath. (Throughout my dream, I clearly read and write uppercase letters which remain the same, which is atypical of the dream state, as writing typically changes in many dreams when looking back at it again.) A handwritten message appears above the letters relating to the activation of a special offer. Similar events occur a few more times.

      I begin to wonder more about how this is possible. The setting changes (without my dream self paying much attention) to an unfamiliar location. It is a large room with a table. Dennis (an older half-brother on my mother’s side ) is present. (I have not seen him in real life since 1994.)

      I tell Dennis about the companies and clubs that somehow cause handwritten messages to appear in my notebook. I look through my notebook and, for a time, cannot find the evidence, though I eventually do and show him. One message is on what looks like black embossing tape with white letters. It easily comes off the page. Dennis is curious, but I consider he may not be convinced of this inexplicable technology.

      “Watch this,” I tell him. Instead of getting a code from a coupon, I make up a sequence. I write NOPQ, but decide to change it to LMNR, as I consider the code would probably not have four letters in a row in alphabetical order as such, even though they are otherwise in an alphabetical sequence. I then write MNOS underneath. A handwritten message appears out of nowhere that displays something like, “Thank you for activating your membership.” I use NORS, OPST underneath, and a similar message appears. I ask Dennis, “How are they doing this?” He does not reply. I use MNOS a few times (with NOPT), each time on a different page, and the same message appears above what I had written, relating to benefits of membership activation, though I eventually get, “You have already activated your membership. Thanks for your participation.”

      I start to consider that there may be hidden cameras everywhere. This seems to “explain” it, though I forget about the unlikelihood of writing appearing on paper from no discernible source.

      I write MNOS again and NOPT underneath. A large moving image of a Doberman Pinscher’s head appears on the wall. It is as if a film is being shown; the aspect ratio is square. The dog is apparently barking, but there is no sound. I perceive this as some sort of function to express a warning about repeatedly using the same code to activate something that had already been activated. There is no sense of threat at any time or any genuine wariness. In fact, I find it somewhat amusing even if it is inexplicable.

      Again, I ask Dennis, “How are they doing this?” There is now also an unfamiliar male in the room who I do not see as an imposer or related to the inexplicable events. I consider that he may be puzzled as well.

      Dreams are mainly ascending reticular activating system mediation (and modulation when the dream self by way of subliminal conscious self intent attempts to remain asleep) between transient dream self and whole conscious self identity, primarily being autosymbolism for consciousness reascension while subliminally exploring the dream state. Why so many people completely ignore this truth in favor of asinine pretense (often focusing on negative dynamics even where there are none) has baffled me since childhood. My development since early childhood, in understanding the dream state (and dismissing the tripe of books on the “meanings” of dreams while even marrying my literal “dream girl” in real life), has resulted in an extraordinary virtuous circle effect as seen in this dream, even though my dream self remains puzzled about the communication from my conscious self. Yes, that is what is happening. My conscious self is sending threads of communication (by way of the ECF, emergent consciousness factor, in RAS mediation) to my dream self to enhance skills which typically do not exist in the dream state (though some asinine individuals make the ridiculous claim that one cannot read in the dream state at all). It has nothing to do with “messages from the subconscious”, as my dream self IS the subconscious (and the subconscious is a dynamic band that has no viable temporality or consistent intelligence). Aside from that, only the conscious self has viable reasoning skills, including coherent perception of the written language, and yet here, my dream self maintains (again through the virtuous circle effect of having devoted much of my life to dream state study and enhancement of the dream state) some extent of control and feasible discernment regardless of not being viably lucid.

      The dog in the final scene represents the obedience factor (as I have explained in my journal many times before) as well as this dream’s WAF (waking alert factor) by way of my subliminal attempt to sustain the dream state. The wall is a liminal space divider between dream self and conscious self identity. The (transpersonal) preconscious personification (the unfamiliar male in the room) remains passive in my dream self’s subliminal activity until I wake.

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    6. [19-02-2017: Lucid club fragment]

      by , 02-19-2017 at 09:58 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I recall a fragment in which I thought about starting a Lucid club on the forums, though not sure what it was about and why.
    7. #260 - Vivid long dream

      by , 08-07-2016 at 07:38 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I really am kicking myself for not writing this up sooner, it just HAD to be a great dream that happened on one of the busiest days I've had this month :/ it's faded a bit from memory but it was still a cool dream.

      First off, I was watching a transformers movie.. It was really good, the first one (though nothing actually like the movie), it flicked to the adverts and I saw some sort of advertisement about old pop songs. There was a dude at a really nice beach in the water with his surf board and he was in the music video, selling his sex appeal in the way that the 90s pop songs did.

      I forget how the dream transitions.. But I finished the movie and had left to go somewhere. There's a bit of context in the dream now, I'm a demigod of some sort, I live in (and apparently own) a semi-underground building that houses parties for the local monsters (vampires and other stuff). I'm walking through the stone corridor and meet Alexis Texas, she comes onto me and we briefly do adult stuff, but the thing I really noted was that my hands were FREEZING cold. Another girl joins while I'm kissing Alexis, my mouth is full of gum for some reason... I kiss the other girl and her mouth is full of gummy bears. Weird. Then there's an ad for gummy bears, like I was briefly watching TV again.. I saw a bottle on a table with a bunch of gummy bears, I can't recall more than that.
      I'm back with the girls but I open the door nearby and head downstairs, leaving them. I'm in the foyer of the building where people have begun showing up, some guy talks shit and I grab his head and slam it into the ground with inhuman strength, killing him instantly and sending blood splattering everywhere. Some of the audience is unphased by this (the monsters). I turn and grab another human and slam his head against a wall repeatedly until he dies too. The remaining humans have scattered out the entrance to escape.. I look around and head up some stairs with some friends joining me, let the party begin. I spot Hamish on my way up the stairs and say hello, he's super non-chalant about the interaction. I thought he was meant to be sick yet he is going to the club, I decide to not bring it up as it's not a big deal. Our group arrives at the top of the stairs, opening up into a large spacious redlit room with music pumping. There aren't many people yet as the night only just started. I start dancing and people start joining, I'm just enjoying myself rather than trying to show off, occasionally dancing in sync with some mates which I found really fun ^_^.

      This was another very vivid dream, I think somewhere in the dream I watched transformer 2, and saw bumblebee riding on top of a train as the opening sequence. I remember thinking that the movies budget was way bigger but the movie itself was much worse than the first... Can't remember when this happening though, possible at the same time as the gummy bear advert.
    8. [24-07-2016]

      by , 07-24-2016 at 11:06 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was vampire, wandering around a town during night. I was involved with something big, vampire hunters and police were on the hunt. I entered a club of some kind, spoke with someone and escaped using backdoor. Then I climbed high up using a pipe and escaped to nearby school. All the people inside were strange zombies with completely red eyes. I sneaked past some of them and ran when detected. I escaped from the school and got to a city, to a hideout in friends house. I met my sister inside, she had facial hair and asked me to help her shave.
    9. [20-05-2016]

      by , 05-20-2016 at 06:28 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I recall a fragment. It was dark, the sky was just black. First I was in home, finishing renovating it, then I found myself in a club with brother and his pals. I met one of my classmates and we went to a parking lot and drove a car.
    10. [10-04-2016]

      by , 04-10-2016 at 11:39 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was sitting in a green coloured bus. It had only three seats for passengers. It was courising around the city, taking random passengers - only I stayed inside all the time. Once it took a fat and a bit ugly girl wearing dark blue hoodie and jeans trousers from a station. We were driving in silence, until I said "So... It's a nice bus." She replied "Yeah, it's quite good."

      Second dream

      I was a disembodied spectator. I've seen a dude enter his car and drive. On the crossroad he saw two pretty girls in their sports car and decided to follow them and get a date with one. They drove on. The road was surrounded by grassy hills with trees growing sparsely. There was a small, abandoned village nearby. They were speeding up greatly, suddenly they hit each other and I got into body of that dude. Seatbelts were too weak and I flewn out of the car - first hitting the front window with my head, then hitting the ground and skidding down.

      Somehow I survived and got closed in a cage by a strange cult that was just searching for sacrifices for their dark god. In another cage there was a strange cat-like creature. It's tail was ended with a mace. In another cage there was a raven-like monster with spruce alike needles protruding out of it's feathers.

      Suddenly I found myself in my house, in my own body. There was a long desk that took half of the kitchen's space. There was one computer with old RCT screen. I tried to write my DJ post, but for some reason strange words only appeared. There was one of my classmates sitting nearby. He asked if I'd want to summon someone. I tried, but for some reason it didn't worked.

      I decided to leave posting DJ entry for my classmate and entered a club. As soon as she saw me, a tall, long haired blonde woman wearing a white jacket, black blouse and black trousers decided to hit up with me. For some reason I couldn't see her face. We danced for a while - at first I was dancing badly, but after a while I did pretty good. Dancing with her was really turning me on, everything went black and I appeared in the middle of a street in my home town.
    11. #90: Mac / Foot drainage / Alexandra

      by , 02-09-2016 at 08:23 AM
      I run into an old friend, Martin. He's standing somewhere near a wall, bend over poking around in his bag I think. I approach him holding his 17" Macbook Pro and my own 13". I ask him if he was looking for this. In fact he was. I think I thank him for letting me use it.

      Foot drainage
      I think I'm in my room at my mom's house. I'm concentrated on my foot, I think my right one. I got a wound there which is pretty fresh. It's still healing, getting a crust. I peel it off. I start thinking that I shouldn't do this, but I can't help myself. I've totally removed the crust. Next thing I squeeze and some stuff exits from the wound, in a similar fashion to toothpaste exiting its tube, except the hole is bigger and the stuff is pinkish. At one point I think I should stop, cause I'm draining my whole foot it seems. It's just sooo much.

      I'm standing in an Indonesian club, perhaps 2 metres away from a wall. My friend Alexandra is standing in front of me. We haven't seen each other in a very long time. We give each other a very big hug, one that seems to be a bit more than just friendly. There are perhaps 3 people standing against or near the wall on my left, I think I know all of them. At least 2 of them are female friends. Alexandra asks me what I think of them, but asks me in a way that makes it sound as if she is trying to gage whether she's got competition.
    12. (#229) Midget Captian, My own Fan Club(s)?

      by , 07-25-2015 at 06:12 PM (Lucid Time!)
      All of this actually took place in a Wake Back To Bed. I had another non-lucid dream before this, but all of its content is lost to me now. I only vaguely remember something having to do with Marcus saying something about math. I recall waking up at around 6:30. I woke up from this dream at 8:00 so I guess that was my last sleep cycle.

      I was at a country resturant, eating out with an old guy in a ship captain outfit. He was really short with this big beard and all of these curls coming out of it. I remember thinking, even as I was talking to him that he reminded me of the captian crunch mascot. He even had the big hat.

      I remember he had this monocle or sighter device over one eye, kind of like an eye-patch with three lenses that would rotate depending upon what distance whatever he was looking at was.

      I can't remembered what we had ordered/were eating. The food was fairly good though.

      I held the expectation that he would be an unpleasant character, but he was actually extremely nice and had interesting stories to tell involving giant space monsters and the likes. (Yeah, giant space monsters. Turned out he wasn't a boat captian, but rather he had a spaceship that looked like a boat like the ships from Treasure Planet.) He had his quirks though. I told him some of my stories too.

      I remember I told him I had to leave because I had to go to my taekwondo class. I walked out of the restaurant and found I was in the hardware store near my friend S's house. But the one big hardware store had been replaced with several smaller stores. One of them being the country restaurant.

      I went to the taekwondo studio that turned out to be in a grocery store. We decided to practice by the freezer section since there was a lot of open space, and the freezers would help to keep us cool if we got too hot and sweaty.

      Everyone lined up. Right before my taekwondo master started class, he decided instead that I should teach. (Something that happens quite often in real life). He then told me that when I taught I had to remember something:

      "When is a number just a number, and when does it mean more? What does the number 9 mean to you? Also, try the fried chicken. It's good."

      I had a false memory of him saying this before and it being some kind of trick question. I tried to remember what the correct answer was.

      He then opened the freezer door and walked into a big pile of boxes of frozen fried chicken and disappeared. I tried to follow him in. I thought I found him but all I found was his disembodied floating head. He smiled at me then receded behind some boxes.


      I had finished teaching class without anything interesting or memorable happening. I had to head home. It was a beautiful summer night. I started to walk toward my friend S's house. In the dream, I was living in his house because my house had met with some kind of disaster.

      I walked a good distance and remembered that I had left my wallet at the country restaurant. I turned and started to walk back. I walked into a flickering streetlight and saw something move. I wished I'd had my hidden blade gauntlets because I thought it might be a criminal or something.
      I then looked at my wrists and realized I DID. Knowing it was a dream, I locked the blades out and advanced on the threat ready for a fight.

      It came into the picture. It was just a small, skinny, feral black cat. It hissed at me. I locked the blades back in and realized it was no threat. The cat calmed down and walked into the light, where it proceeded to begin rolling on the concrete and purring loudly. I gently petted the cat for a minute then
      (partial lucidity talking here.) realized I still needed to go back and get my wallet.

      I headed back into the hardware store. I opened the door to the country restaurant and...

      Spoiler for NSFW:

      I tried to go back outside but instead find myself in another room. The entire room looks like a large square sauna with mats all along the edges. There are four big square pots filled with bamboo in each corner. There is a step or terrace all along the wall with mats layed out it. There is a back door that is well hidden in the motif of the wall, but I can see it there.

      Three more girls approach me in the same kind of formation, but they're actually wearing clothes this time. What they are wearing actually looked like a version of Manei's tribe outfit, only white with blue details. Or at least two of them were. She too had blonde hair and blue eyes and looked like a younger version of the girl who's boobs I had removed a minute ago.

      The one on the right was very short and had buzz-cut hair. She couldn't have been more than 13 or 14. The one on the left was short, but she looked much different. She had black hair and green eyes.

      "Hi, we're your fan club. I'm the president." Said the tall one.

      "What are all those other people out there?"

      "They're your other fan club. We are better because we celebrate you for your philosophy and beliefs. They only celebrate you for... well... other reasons. "

      The black haired girl got cheery and said she wanted to show me something. She pulled out these paintings she had made of me on parchment. They were really good. All of them had chinese/japanese/koren characters on them. I asked myself for a moment why dreams seem to associate me so closely with oriental culture.

      I then rememeber while we were along the back wall someone opened the not-so-secret door. It was another blonde haired blue eyed girl. She had some black hair in her hand.

      "I have some of your hair." *giggles*

      She slowly receded back into the shadowy room that lay beyond and slowly closed the door.

      "Okay, you're not creepy at all..."

      The short haired girl came over to me and started tugging on my arm. She was much shorter than me, to the point where I had to get down on my knee to look her in the face.

      "If eyes are windows into the soul, then what do I see in yours?" She asked.

      I was about to say something back and I woke up.

      Spoiler for Long Side Notes:
    13. Secret group dream

      by , 04-28-2015 at 02:33 PM (Pasta time with patches!)
      I was shopping for clothes. I got a hundred and twenty dollars worth of clothes in two stores. Later on, I saw a woman in the mall who had baby huskies from her adult huskies. When we went to a place in a mall hallway to pick them up, they weren't there. The woman by the dogs told us that she wouldn't say which dogs were where, but we could go to the other place to pick them up.

      So I ran across the mall and took a shortcut through a hockey rink, but there were hockey players skating around the part I was going through. Eventually I got noticed, and I think someone gave up shooting or following me and gave me the gun or blade instead. They acted like it was a joke. However when I found a trapdoor with a screw to open it and started opening it, they said, 'Hey!' and someone chased me. I got open the door, shut it somewhat behind me, and found a set of stairs which I awkwardly started to run up. There was someone's dorm bedroom or something at the first flight of stairs, so I thought about going out that way. However this red headed girl was chasing me up the stairs, in the middle of the staircase opening some how, so I pushed her head down so she fell a flight or two.

      I went up a couple more flights and pushed her down again until I got to the top. There there was a group of people. One said something like, 'Amelia. Definitely not on our side' and Amelia shouted up that, 'British tea is better than Russian tea because we make our tea exclusive!' or something like that. Then the woman at the top loft--the leader, said, 'likely on our side' in reference to me.
    14. A Scary Spider Bite and PercyLucid's Awesome Dream Control

      by , 01-25-2015 at 11:51 AM
      Non-Lucid Dreams

      NL Dream#1:

      I had a False Awakening where I started to look at dreamviews. I saw someone post about how PercyLucid uses the heat from his hands to control his dreams. I heard Dreamer's disembodied voice explain it to me further while I saw Percy acting it out in a dream. She said that his life energy would flow from his hands and he could expand his conscious awareness to embody more of the dream. I saw this golden light come from his hands to occupy space and whatever was within that space, he could manipulate as he desired. Dreamer said that it was a very powerful technique for dream control and that I should try it. I'm totally going to try it.

      NL Dream#2 (fragment):

      I was going to some secret club in a back alley with Dreamer. The ground was overgrown with weeds and the club looked like a cement bunker. She had bought only one ticket and I wondered how I was going to get in because I didn't have one. The bouncer guy at the entrance looked like a real creep but Dreamer wanted to be friends with him, she is very nice to everyone. She ran into the club without me and I tried to chase after her but couldn't keep up.

      NL Dream#3 (fragment):

      I had a False Awakening where I was writing in the dream journal for the study. I noticed that I had marked the year wrong for all of the dates (I put 2016 instead of 2015). I started to worry a little bit that I was doing something wrong and that I would mess up the study.

      NL Dream#4 (should have been lucid ):

      I was in a parking garage with a few people that I knew really well in the dream. They were my dream family I guess. My grandpa was Clint Eastwood, my dad was some random actor that starred in action films, and I also had a younger brother that was pretty much just a little kid DC. Grandpa Clint Eastwood was driving around the town, he was supposed to be an ex-cop. There were ambulances and police cars that drove past us, he said not to worry about it. Grandpa Clint Eastwood then began to drive very fast and very fancy-like. I knew that I had nothing to worry about because he was a pro, but my little brother was still worried. He drove us off a ramp that went over a giant river (probably about 300 feet across). The car started spinning as it went through the air and ran through this floating oil that was supposed to clean the car somehow. I remember thinking that such a thing was ridiculous and there was no way it would clean the car. The vehicle landed in the water and I jumped out before it could sink, but when I got in the water the vehicle started to float like a boat and took off towards the land. I swam after it by pushing the water behind me like it was solid.

      I swam SUPER fast at mega speed and remarked to myself that there was no way that I could do that in the regular world but I never acknowledged it was a dream. Dreamer was at the shore, she began to take off her clothes to get ready for a swim. I noticed that she had a giant outie belly button and remembered that it was normally an innie. I looked away and back again and it was super long now, like an elephant trunk coming out of her tummy. She could move it around and it had a patch of fur at the bottom that resembled some nice, bushy pubes. A guy from my old lab group appeared and took off her belly button. She took it back and started trying to put it back in this now empty, black hole that was in her tummy. The guy said that he was surprised she could do that and that his belly button stuck to him like glass.

      Lucid Dreams

      Lucid Dream#1:

      This happened really early in the night so I only remember part of it. I was lucid and hanging out with Francine Smith from American Dad. I thought that she was boring and I wanted to find Hayley Smith so that I could have dream sex with her (my usual auto-pilot lucid dreaming activity ). I tried to find her and get to her but I woke up before I could.

      Lucid Dream#2:

      This was another short one. I was in the backyard with Dreamer and one of her friends. She was doing something on her phone and I didn't want to bother her. I noticed that I had a huge bite on my arm and it looked super swollen. Her friend saw it and he said that it was probably a bite from a water creature. I did a reality check to make sure that it was really happening and air went through my closed mouth hole. I stood up and started to walk around while trying to think of what to do. I was really bothered by the spider bite so I popped it and white goo came out.

      The dream started to fade so I stayed calm and tried to rebuild it by imagining details and engaging my senses. The dream came back and I remembered that I wanted to create a portal so that I could teleport to D.R., but I was worried about the stability of the dream. So I recited a mantra about being stable and calm but the dream ended super quickly and I woke up.
    15. Taking a Thief's Kittens, Walking in the Rain, and the Dance Club/Uncomfortable Sleepover

      by , 09-09-2014 at 02:52 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was doing laundry at the house I grew up in, but the washing machine was in the middle of a room. I just needed to wash a pair of blue jeans and two other things. The two other things were white. I wanted to use bleach for some reason. I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do. A middle-aged lady then came up to me and showed me what to do. The wash cycle started. I hoped that my pants wouldn't get bleached out. I pictured them being completely bleached out.

      Then I was somewhere else, like an airport or a shopping mall, not sure which. I was sitting down somewhere at a high-top table, and this kid, a boy of about 9 or 10, came up to me and tried to plug something into my iPod. I took it away before he could. Wow, what a rude kid! Soon after, I discovered he was doing this to everyone. He was also telling some people he needed to charge his phone or iPod or something and that's why he needed to do it. In reality, he was trying to steal music and files off of people's devices. His mom was the middle-aged woman, and she had told him to do it. It was some kind of scheme.

      Then, I was at home with Dallas, though the apartment looked way different. I saw that there were some kittens there. What?? How did those get there? They were tiny and adorable, as kittens tend to be. I bent down to pet them, asking Dallas where they came from. I don't remember his response. They all looked different. I named off all the different types there were. The only one I remember is the last one, though, which was a Russian Blue-looking cat.

      The kittens also had cages. I saw them stacked in the bathroom. I think there were some in some of the cages as well. I then saw my cat, Belle, who hates everyone and everything (except me ). The mother cat, a fluffy, grayish cat, came up to Belle. I thought for sure they would fight, but Belle seemed to like her.

      I then saw Dallas trying to give the kittens to the lady from before. He had some kittens in his hand that he was trying to pass over to her. Apparently, the kittens were hers and they had gotten away from her. I came up to them and held back Dallas's hand from giving her the kittens.
      "No, you can't have them," I said, "I know what you were doing, you were trying to steal."
      She seemed taken aback, but I did not let her have those kittens. Who knows what she was trying to scheme with them, poor little babies.

      I then had all the kittens in the bathroom together. They were laying down in two lines. I counted them in twos. I came up with 12, but realized I missed two and got 14. 14 kittens! I was very surprised, since they were all from the same litter. That is a lot of kittens to be born to one cat at one time! I also had no idea how we were going to take care of these kittens. We were going to give them away anyway, but until then, I had no clue. I remember, at some point, making sure they had food and water. I saw the kibbles in a food dish, and the water in a white water bowl like the one I use IWL for my cat. I was using the food I give to Belle, my grown cat, because it's what we had. I said something to Dallas about how we needed to get kitten food.

      Then, something about work, but it was at Kohl's. Then something about this video game-type thing where you were in some virtual reality world where your face was projected onto this weird robotic-looking, floating body. It was something that I had to do. I was there with many others, and we were at a long conference table for some meeting. My brother was there too, and so was the lady. I hoped the lady didn't see me. I floated to the other side of the table.

      Then, I was talking to my friend Caitlin. She was telling me how her review went with our high school band director. She had gotten a 19 cent raise. We were in school still apparently, but were getting paid to be. It's hard to explain; it was weird. I pictured her in the office with him as he read off her review that determined how much of a raise she got. There was one thing that she said she got a lower score on. It was something about attending LSU, which she had no interest in doing so had made no effort to. She still got a "+5" out of a possible 15, so it didn't affect her too bad. I saw the +5 written in a blank spot to the left of the LSU question. I also saw her raise at the bottom of the page; she was now making $9 and some change. I was seeing it from the band director's POV.


      I was walking home. I was walking downtown when it started to rain. It was slow at first. I could feel the drops very vividly. It then started to get steadier and a bit heavier. I was crossing the street.

      Then, all the sudden I was home, though it didn't resemble our apartment at all. Dallas was laying on the couch. I noticed that we didn't have as many kittens. I said
      "Dallas, did you give those kittens back to Blake and Sarah (my brother and his fiance')?" He didn't answer, so I knew he did. I was also referring to a different set of kittens; we still had the ones from the lady. I continued.
      "Why???" I asked. Again, no answer. He was getting up from the couch.


      I was at a gay dance club. I went in and bought a ticket at a ticket booth to go to the dance floor. It was still quite early, so no one was dancing yet. I went through the doorway beside the ticket booth anyway. This is what I always did when I went; I always got there early and was always the first to be on the dance floor. The lights were still on on the big dance floor. There was a stage in the front as well where the DJ was. I don't remember if there was music or not.

      I then was going to leave for the night, just as it was starting to get busy. I walked out to where the booth was. I was now standing beside the booth, and felt the need to fart. I meant to keep it quiet, but it was super loud and gross. No one laughed, but a lady in the ticket booth asked if I was alright.
      "I hope so," I replied.
      I then went into the bathroom and into a stall. I don't think there was a door on the stall.

      I then was at home in the bonus room, but it was at the house I grew up in. It was quite late at night, probably about 4am. Dallas was there and was still awake. He was on the computer. I saw a kitten run by that looked just like my cat, Belle. I pet her as she ran by. I thought about how she had Belle's personality. I then saw another cat that was slightly bigger, but also looked just like Belle. At first I thought it was her, but I saw her next to the cat that had just run by me and saw that they were relatively the same size, but, like I said, the other one was just a tad bigger. I pet that one too. That one also reminded me of Belle.

      My phone then rang. I saw on the caller ID that it was Brittany, a butch lesbian that I hung out with at the club a lot (I don't know this person IWL). I was hesitant to answer, but picked up and started to talk to her. We talked for a bit, and then I had her talk to Dallas while I got ready for bed. I did some other things as well. I had hoped that maybe she would have hung up by now, but she hadn't, and Dallas gave the phone back to me. We talked a little bit more. I tried to steer the conversation to an end, but she kept talking. I really needed to get some sleep...

      I then was in my room at the house I grew up in. I was standing by a chest of drawers with a TV on top of it. My bed was across from it, against the wall that it was against when I was in elementary/middle school. It was morning now, about 7am, and I still hadn't gone to bed. Laying in my bed who also hadn't slept yet was Brittany. I felt a little uncomfortable about sleeping next to her, especially since I was married, but I didn't think she'd try anything. I was talking to her about how tired I was going to be at work. She then said
      "What?" I said.
      "I left my thumb drive." She had left it at the club.
      I don't remember my response. I doubted that it was still there unless someone had turned it in, but I think she doubted that as well.

      I still hadn't gotten into bed. I was stalling. I thought about me sleeping next to her. I'm sure it would be fine, but I was still uncomfortable.

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