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    1. Help me out here.

      by , 08-08-2012 at 08:01 PM (Mysteries of my subconscious)
      Okay, keep in mind that I am 16. And that lately in order to become aware, in my dreams I would just KNOW that I'm dreaming without a reality check, and sometimes don't even use a reality check. (which I know, is bad.)

      So, it started out as me being in school one day. My friend that I kinda avoid hanging out with sometimes asked me to hang out with him, and I kind of avoided it. I rescheduled anyways. Then I went into my classroom that I was supposed to go into. It was my CAD classroom (which is a 3d computer design class). Then my teacher showed us a new seating chart, and I went to sit in my seat. Moments after I got there I appeared in this courtyard at my school that wasn't my actual courtyard.

      This is where it starts getting weird...
      I was in a dream scene that I had been in previously that night for an entirely different dream. I believe it may have been in a dream of mine last night too.
      So i hear people chanting something about dreaming, and then I quietly chant that "I will have a lucid dream tonight" I kept chanting it to myself and I only did a small reality check to ask if I was dreaming. I didn't catch myself one bit.

      Later on into that dream, I felt as if I woke up in waking life, and then rolled over in my bed and the scene changed again into a water world that was portrayed as a video game world in my head. I WAS the character in the game though, and I WAS actually scared of the feeling of drowning. At one point, I came into realization that I messed up in my last dream. That I didn't do a reality check. Then I was telling myself I have got to start looking at my hands more and really focusing in on that stuff, no matter what. I didn't do one reality check I believe.
      I carried on just thinking that.

      And then, I felt as if I kind of woke up. I felt myself roll over in my bed, keeping my eyes closed, and affirming myself that I would become aware. I continually did that. Then I felt some shaking, and I heard another bed shaking inside my house, and I feared something might be happening to my mom, and then I was focusing in on that. I felt my cat lift it's head up and jump off my bed. Then I rolled over, opened my eyes, and was in my room and all the shaking stopped. My door was closed [so a cat couldn't have been in my room].

      What was this for me? Was it vibrations and those vibration noises? Because like I said, I felt my cat jump off my bed. Could that have been my dream guide as I was entering into the dream? I didn't feel any sort of sleep paralysis, because and I was able to just roll over twice and open my eyes within those few seconds.
      I sort of thought that this sensation was awesome though. I thought it was exhilarating once I woke up. I simply loved it. I thought it was a great dream, even though I only reached layer 0 minor in the layers a lucid dream.
    2. Blade Runner to Blackpool. Possibly meeting a dream guide.:)Thoughts???

      by , 04-18-2012 at 03:39 PM
      So, last night I had the most successful number of dream recalls in a long time.
      Dream 1
      This dream began in a cafe that I frequent quite regulary at University. Instead of looking out onto University buildings, it had an aspect that encompassed a futuristic city skyline. (I have had to research blade runner). It was my birthday but I vaugley sensed that something was wrong. I began to cry, upon which I ran into the stairwell followed by my friends. Suddenly I noticed that the lobby was huge, and a cross between a skyscraper lobby and the architecture of Epcot!!?! My mother was seen walking with someone from school, who I assumed had become her new daughter and then cried some more.Dream 2
      The second dream of last night was even more bizarre. I arrived back at what looked like my High school campus on a coach, presumably having been on a trip. The theatre or opera springs to mind but goodness knows why. I left my luggage on the coach and went to my University room (which looked nothing like it actually does). Alarm bells rang briefly as I wondered why it looked so strange-coming lucidity that I easily quashed when I believed that the student knocking at my door would take me back to the coach to get my luggage. I was anxious that the luggage would get driven off with. But the unknown third year boy reassured me that he ran the trip so would help get my luggage back if we missed the coach.Again, the architecture was somewhat futuristic but there was a lot of dark wood.Dream 3
      The third dream was more complex. I had accompanied a couple that I know well to London. ( I have been there recently) We booked into a travelodge, the female of the couple wouldnt let me take the single bed and made me sleep in the double with her boyfriend, watching us sleep all night. All perfectly innocent, just odd! We made it to the cafe bar downstairs in the hotel lobby where a number of people,including some I had just seen from afar in a pub the night before the dream, were having a meal. We played with Guinea Pigs, me all the time worrying that we would get thrown out for having animals. We did eventually, by a woman with dark,curly hair and apron as we broke a glass by accident. The couple and I mad eour way back upstairs in a lift and the by stairs. They ran ahead whilst I tripped and fell up the stairs throwing my luggage (which was the same as the previous dream and appeared from nowhere) everywhere. I feel asleep on the stairs, dreamed in the sleep in a hazy brown fog and woke up. I proceeded to climb the stairs to look for our room 4004. The male in the couple was some way ahead but he did not stop to get me. The corridors were oak pannelled and there were suddenly almost disney-like guides everywhere,wearing deer stalkers. I walked under the space-shuttle simulator..(I saw pictures of Discovery before bed.) and suddenly felt concious. I felt I should ask for help, and this ginger haired man appeared, fairly tall,wearing a red,tour guiding t-shirt. He showed me the way to go and led me down a corridor. The corridor became sandy, I could feel the sand beneath my feet. Looking to my right, I noticed that I was on Blackpool beach. I questioned how this could be. The tour guide decided to confide in me that his father was an alcoholic and taht he was here to help me. I questioned him, I asked, 'Why is the path suddenly a beach?We were in a corridor?' (Or words to that effect) His reply was quite inspirational: 'Just because you are on a path, it does not mean it is the right one'. We walked further down the beach, past a lot of people all in pairs, he pointed a large, white and lime green 50's style condo/house/mansion. I got images of the interior and then I woke up.

      So what have I learnt? My dreams last night were obviously characterised by anxiety but I put this down to the fact that I have a bad cold and Uni stress. What is interesting to me is A) the number of men in my dream. B) The lucidity I gained a little after falling asleep in a dream and the ginger haired man. That part of my dream was particulary lucid.

      Key dream themes: Anxiety,luggage ( lost,unpacked and left),Oak.

      I would appreciate your thoughts,have you ever questioned a dream character?Did you believe them to be guides or just a standard part of a dream?
    3. A quick nap leads to several observations about LDing.

      by , 10-29-2010 at 08:31 PM (Dreams I can Only Dream.)
      Time: 2:30 pm.

      This isn't a dream post in the regular sense, this is more of food for thought. Different (not new) ideas about dreaming. I mention God, and soul, but there isn't a specific religion, and this isn't me preaching. I don't mean to offend anyone, or take anyone's enjoyment out of Lucid dreaming, if you don't agree, that is perfectly fine, but this post is more for the thinkers on the sight. Also I don't take on sides of Astral Projecting/OBEing/Lucid dreaming. Instead I think of them more of experiences than any kind of category. I will post a link to a new thread, so please do not comment here. Comment on the actual post. Thanks, and enjoy!
      What if lucid dreaming was more than dreaming while being conscious What if it was a gateway to another world(Not the astral realm, but the after life!)? Think about it, all of the dream characters some of them you have never seen before, what if they were actual beings? Sure some of them are just dream characters representing you, but what if there were others that weren't? Today I took an hour long nap, a successful WILD! After several failed attempts at realizing false awakenings, I finally started to think. I ended getting out of my bed at my place of work. From there the rest were lucid dreams. This isn't going to be a post about my specific lucid dreams (coming shortly), they are about my ideas that I ended up with during the dream.

      Getting started: I want to make a few notes about what I have discovered in the dream world today. First dream charactersare representations of yourself. What ever your thinking, that DC will be saying. I noticed several times when I was thinking or talking to myself, a nearby dream character was repeating it. At first I didn't think anything of it, since it always happened, but now I paid attention to what I was thinking, and who was talking. The exact same thing was being thought, and said. Now this idea goes further with, whatever your doing (just not controlling the dream world by manipulation, instead just letting it happen) will be done to you. I noticed a DC eating something, but for some odd reason my mouth felt like it was full of food and I couldn't do anything. I didn't put two and two together until today as I have had that happen several times. Other properties about yourself can be manipulated by a DC along with the DC can manipulate yourself. You almost trick yourself out when in a dreamworld. Once I understood this, then I could control anything I wanted. I could fly at will (no arm flailing), summon tornadoes, breathe underwater, run super fast, read minds (my own haha), shoot energy blasts, and tons of others when the other night all I could do was explore. Flying was the best one I got the hang of it, no more butterflies, just the excitement to be able to fly! I used to walk my dog at night, and looked up into the sky and said I wish cool nights like this were in my dreams, and that I could fly! Today it happened! More to what I accomplished in the actual dream journal entry!

      Have you ever heard a radio in your dreams? For me I never noticed until now, but there were always some kind of background noise somewhere. Once I started listening to it I found the source. It sounded like rapid clips of commercials, shows, and songs put together, and having it play super fast. Kind of sounds like channel surfing. You have the white noise, and occasionally you'll come across a channel that works and hear it for a second until you switch it. Now imagine there are hidden messages within it. It seems like your being is being contacted (no pun intended) by another being through this. I listened closely at it.

      First I thought it was just everything I heard today being played at a super fast rate, that my subconscious was playing it out. Then I thought it was all of my thoughts playing at a super alarming rate, since my dream is within my head, people can speak as fast as they think! There are no physical limits. Then I heard the word God a couple of times and sat down next to it and listened. It brought up all of my concerns about dieing. It even said I had till Halloween night, or right around it until I was going to die. Then an announcer came on the speaker phone of were I was at and asked if there was some body named something was there, I couldn't remember the name. And the radio laughed and said never mind. They said that i was afraid of being just short of making it into purgatory and that I was afraid I would end up in hell. That was correct, that is what I am afraid of, not death itself. They said something about cleaning up my act, and that I would make it to heaven eventually, I just have to make peace with God. Then I tried asking a question but the radio shut off. It turned back on after a couple of minutes and said that what I was experiencing was part of the afterlife. Since we have a soul we are able to just barely connect with other souls. But there are still dream characters that were just made up by my mind.

      Then I met two people who escorted me around my dream, I asked questions about this afterlife thought, and said it was true. I just thought back to when somebody on here said dream characters tend to try and trick you into believing your not dreaming. So I denied it for a couple of seconds until I thought of something. I asked well aren't you two apart of my dream, so I can control you, and I attempted to control them and their actions, but I couldn't. I could do it on everything else, but couldn't on them.

      So I began to wonder about it. They said we were able to control what we called a "dream" by physical manipulation of the environment. Since there were no laws of physics, I could fly, but it was not me flying, it was the environment bending to what I wanted. Objects can appear, because the environment put them there, not us. That is why we have to turn around think of something, then turn back around and it is there. Then shortly after all of these thoughts I woke up, but with brand new ideas of what the meaning of our dreams, and why we have them.