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    1. 9th June 2013 Intense WILD entry, Changing wing colors

      by , 06-09-2013 at 12:00 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today's nap, haven't had intense entry into WILD like that before, haha, fits that i recently had talk in chat about not experiencing much vibrations.

      I am in my bed, after a while everything starts shaking and i have dream feeling, i just go with it and shaking becomes even more intense, like an earthquake, so intense that it throws me into air and almost off the bed, making me open eyes. I take control of the situation and stop them. I am in my room, looks pretty close to my room in waking life. I go to balcony, rub hands and jump off, i feel wings and start the flight, i look around and notice that i can actually see base of my wings this time, i easily change color of them a few times, stopping at black. Then i fly near some building and about to go with summoning, but dream fades out and i wake up.
    2. Help me out here.

      by , 08-08-2012 at 08:01 PM (Mysteries of my subconscious)
      Okay, keep in mind that I am 16. And that lately in order to become aware, in my dreams I would just KNOW that I'm dreaming without a reality check, and sometimes don't even use a reality check. (which I know, is bad.)

      So, it started out as me being in school one day. My friend that I kinda avoid hanging out with sometimes asked me to hang out with him, and I kind of avoided it. I rescheduled anyways. Then I went into my classroom that I was supposed to go into. It was my CAD classroom (which is a 3d computer design class). Then my teacher showed us a new seating chart, and I went to sit in my seat. Moments after I got there I appeared in this courtyard at my school that wasn't my actual courtyard.

      This is where it starts getting weird...
      I was in a dream scene that I had been in previously that night for an entirely different dream. I believe it may have been in a dream of mine last night too.
      So i hear people chanting something about dreaming, and then I quietly chant that "I will have a lucid dream tonight" I kept chanting it to myself and I only did a small reality check to ask if I was dreaming. I didn't catch myself one bit.

      Later on into that dream, I felt as if I woke up in waking life, and then rolled over in my bed and the scene changed again into a water world that was portrayed as a video game world in my head. I WAS the character in the game though, and I WAS actually scared of the feeling of drowning. At one point, I came into realization that I messed up in my last dream. That I didn't do a reality check. Then I was telling myself I have got to start looking at my hands more and really focusing in on that stuff, no matter what. I didn't do one reality check I believe.
      I carried on just thinking that.

      And then, I felt as if I kind of woke up. I felt myself roll over in my bed, keeping my eyes closed, and affirming myself that I would become aware. I continually did that. Then I felt some shaking, and I heard another bed shaking inside my house, and I feared something might be happening to my mom, and then I was focusing in on that. I felt my cat lift it's head up and jump off my bed. Then I rolled over, opened my eyes, and was in my room and all the shaking stopped. My door was closed [so a cat couldn't have been in my room].

      What was this for me? Was it vibrations and those vibration noises? Because like I said, I felt my cat jump off my bed. Could that have been my dream guide as I was entering into the dream? I didn't feel any sort of sleep paralysis, because and I was able to just roll over twice and open my eyes within those few seconds.
      I sort of thought that this sensation was awesome though. I thought it was exhilarating once I woke up. I simply loved it. I thought it was a great dream, even though I only reached layer 0 minor in the layers a lucid dream.
    3. My first recorded dream.

      by , 04-29-2012 at 10:44 AM
      It was a few months ago now, when my friend first told me about lucid dreaming and i started to research it and that night when i went to bed my first dream i cant really remember but it it had Jeremy Clarkson in it and i was in Paris as i remember seeing the Eiffel Tower.

      I woke up after that dream and i had heard from various places on the internet that you can go back into a dream if you imagine yourself spinning and visualise your previous dream. So i did this, and sort of got thrown into the dream, but everything was black and i realised i was dreaming but then everything started to shake and rumble and i woke up scared.

      The next night i tried it again but the same thing happened but without the rumbling feeling. This is the closest I have been to Lucid and have never done this since.
    4. Occupied space

      by , 02-01-2012 at 01:54 PM
      An unusual spattering of dreams from this morning.

      Somebody was stepping on my crotch. It hurt.

      Later, there was an Occupy protest in my town. Somewhere in the world, 4 more people were killed, and Wikipedia was going to mention the fact. This brought the worldwide toll from 96 to 100, quite remarkable considering this was supposed to be a revolution - but mostly, of the mind.

      I'm suffering from sleep paralysis, unable to turn my head more than 10 degrees, or was it 25? I'm apparently facing up, grabbing my laptop and going on Twitter, tweeting about the fact I have "testicular" sleep paralysis. Well, my fingers still can move, but when I try to turn my head, I start shaking like a wildman.

      Shaking. Just shaking.

      Facade - a giant room, chandelier on the top, wooden with big gates at the sides. Some kind of medieval fortres or university.

      I go on my computer again, this time on the website Weather Underground. I see that there are two tropical systems: one near Australia, and another over western Lake Michigan. How unusual for this time of year. The Great Lakes storm's name is Isabel, retired in 2003. Here it is a tropical storm, about to do an outside loop, and track into my area in four days. By then, it will have weakened.

      That's odd - it actually is expected to rain Sunday.

      Later, or possibly earlier. I'm reading some source material about Asperger's, and hypermasculine disorders. Where have I encountered this before?

      I awake to the sound of my alarm.
    5. Emergency Landing

      by , 05-08-2011 at 12:25 PM (I Have a Problem)
      Date: 08-19-10
      Length: 30 Minutes
      Vividness: 10/10

      I was sitting on an airplane with my girlfriend Dakota to my right, and a mother and child to my left who were watching T.V. together.

      I was on my iPhone registering for this website about condoms, when the "fasten seatbelt" sign came on.
      The pilot announced that we had to put on our seatbelts and that we couldn't watch T.V. at the moment so the mom told her son to say goodbye to the man on T.V. and he did.

      Suddenly, we sky-rocketed downwards, watching the altitude meter race downwards.
      It wasn't very scary, somehow I knew we were going to be fine right before we hit the ground.
      It felt as if I had done this before.

      As we were falling, Dakota told me she wished she had an iPhone like mine to give her hope, so I gave mine to her.
      Right before we hit the ground, the captain pulled upwards and we rolled towards an enormous tree.

      Everything was suddenly in third person and the plane was tiny, and very far away.
      It jumped over tree roots and landed in a field.
      Suddenly, a gigantic mutated chicken came out and started pecking at the plane.
      It was about 5 times the size of the plane.. And extremely ugly.
      A few mutated crabs were crawling around the plane as well.

    6. “What’s Upstairs?” (The Sleeping Giant)

      by , 10-06-1979 at 04:06 PM
      Morning of October 6, 1969. Monday.

      Dream #: 1,022-02. Reading time: 1 min 40 sec.

      Five or six schoolmates and I slowly become aware of, and choose to investigate, another part of our school in Arcadia that most people supposedly do not usually go to on the east side of the high school building (even though we are in elementary school, though we did have classes in the high school building).

      Bossy schoolmate Susan C is present. She is the authority for our tentative exploration. It is seemingly very early in the morning before sunrise. At one point, she lifts her finger to her lips in a “shush” gesture. (I consider this a dream sign as people sometimes do this when someone else is sleeping.)

      We arrive at a staircase behind a doorway, directly accessible from the outside of the building. It leads to the highest floor, to a big bedroom where a possibly dangerous male giant is sleeping. (There is never a sense of impending danger.) I get the impression he is about four times larger than a normal human being. We all walk up the steps slowly and cautiously, Susan in the lead. Eventually, everything starts shaking. The giant is possibly slowly waking for the day, but there is no immediate danger. We ascend the steps with curiosity and caution. Perhaps the shaking of the school building is only caused by the giant’s snoring, and he may not wake after all. We do not reach the top before I wake, yet I visualize him in my mind’s eye. He is asleep in his bed on his back kitty-corner from the doorway I peer through, his head in the opposite direction of my viewpoint, the soles of his feet facing me and uncovered (by the bed sheet) with one sock half-off.

      Here, the preconscious, as my classmate Susan, serves as the transitional vestibular system simulacrum as I remain passive to the dreaming process. She is guiding my infra-self into the subception that my conscious self is sleeping. The top of the stairs is a precursory factor that correlates with the extent of my readiness for getting out of bed and going to school. However, in this case, it is nowhere near the time to wake up for the day. That is why Susan “shushed” my infra-self, despite the incidental emergence of vestibular system awareness. It serves as a reinduction process rather than consciousness initiation. This shaking effect occurs in the first part of the sleep cycle.

      See my series, “Staircase Autosymbolism and Dream State Mediation” for important revelatory notes on dreams of this nature.

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