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    1. Riverside, robbing, jury

      by , 03-03-2011 at 10:08 PM
      3/2-3. 1. Town and Country? Heather Xxxx?

      610. Sara Xxxx sends me a text of a friend and her. One person has pants over their arms and the other on their legs, but the people are connected. Looks really funny. Then at some homes in Riverside. Poor looking kind of, just unkempt. Large field next to them. Small fires along the fence line and the people are very scared. Then I’m at Riverside station 1, except it’s in a different area of down, by the Victorian homes? Xxxx there. The whole city is laid out differently. We then go on a tour of the station. Mxxxxx and Jxxxxx there. Then we’re getting off an engine like we were driving around. Saw a few buildings. As we’re getting off, we’re told that there’s a training burn that’s going to happen. Get off and we’re watching another academy throw ladders, inside. I look to the side, the parking lot(?), and something is missing (not sure what, but that’s how I felt). One guy almost drops a 35’er. Outside now and Mxxxxx and I leave to go check out the training burn, but I have to go to the bathroom first. Go into what I thought was the bathroom, but looks like a restaurant. People look at me weird. Building for training burn is on fire. People are panicking. Everyone running toward it. Some guy is up on a ramp and falls off. I go to his aid and check his pulse, don’t think I feel anything. Another guy tries to log roll him, but I didn’t have C-spine yet and told the guy to stop. Guy rolls anyway. Guy that fell says he’s fine and gets up. Then march to Fraizer Park (diff location). On the way, Mrs. Xxxxxx is stabbed with a flag that someone threw. She’s find and no bleeding and is miffed. I call 911. I ask to tell the operator the location and he says he doesn’t need it. It’s dusk and the building implodes. Not in park. Dark and fireworks are going off. Look of city looks like NYC with lights and stuff. Erik Xxxxxxxxxx there and taking photos. I take a few also. Then it’s day and I watch Theresa’s video

      Looking out bedroom window. See something going on, robbing? Breaking into my house? Run to the bathroom and call 911. Tell them someone’s breaking into my house. Cops show up super fast. Robbers apprehended, but they say they’re not. Cops interview them. Then they take me across the street and interview me. More details but can’t remember

      Outside of a building. Something about being on a jury. A class? Dan Xxxxx is next to me. A lot more but can’t remember
    2. Universal Studios, LotR, fire station, bad guy

      by , 02-17-2011 at 10:25 PM
      2/16-17. 1130. At Universal Studios. There’s a light rain and we’re deciding on getting on the backlot tour tram

      LotR. I’m with Frodo and Sam. Sam, Pippin, and I have to leave so start to go. Head down a hallway, bt then go back to room with Frodo in it. Merry’s there. I tell Merry to take care of Frodo. I give some sort of speech telling Merry how important Frodo is. “Like a mare, or garden” is all I can remember. Leave and go out and I’m at a school. There’s a horse there and I jump on it, but then it’s a girl, wearing a blue shirt. Ride her across a lawn area. I see Dave and so stop and get off. Praise girl with, “Good girl” and she gets mad. Then mad at Dave because she gave him many chances to ask her out, but now is with Richard. Girl is Carrie(?) but looks nothing like her

      725. Doing a ride along with Station 1. Xxxx is captain. We’re getting the rig ready for the shift to start. Xxxxp seems to be mad at me for some reason and tell me to pull a hose, “Yes, sir!” I pull a preconnect and flow some water to make sure it’s working. Have to restabilize myself because of the pressure. Xxxx puts on and takes off a silver HazMat suit. After taking it off, I check it out and it seems like it neoprene, like a wetsuit. Rig is now a black truck. Engineer is playing some music loud and the chief(?) comes out and has him turn it down. Xxxx tells him to turn it down more. Then we head over to a large garage that’s for storage. Rig now looks like Jim’s blue and white Ford. Then head out, but I’m not on rig

      835. Mira Loma? Driving and go under a freeway. I was supposed to get on(?) and miss it, so go to the next street and pull down it to turn around. See some cops pass by on the other side after I get turned around. Matt Xxxxxxx is a bad guy, but the cop is Matt as well. Cop shoots bad guy and hits him. Bad guy then runs away toward the freeway and up the embankment. I hop a fence to go after bad guy, and find where bad guys hide out. Freeway is no longer there, but the hide out looks kind of like a bus stop/ train stop