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    1. Fragment

      by , 04-06-2014 at 09:27 PM
      There's a girl dancing at my shrine, a little marker in the woods that's rarely visited. I'm paying attention but I have a hard time understanding what she's communicating with some of the moves of the dance. I'm wondering why she keeps changing the form of it when she comes here; it would be much easier to understand her if she'd stop changing it.

      I shift to 3rd person (although the pov character was also disembodied, so there's not that much of a change) and realize that it wasn't actually one girl who comes to dance, it's actually different girls who came over many generations; the god/spirit of the shrine didn't really understand the difference, or didn't see the difference as important. On top of that, the moves of the ritual they perform weren't always passed down directly; some of them learned at least parts of it from writings and illustrations, without anyone to correct them.
    2. My brother's forest

      by , 01-15-2014 at 10:32 PM
      There's this guy running from some gang. It's about the patent for something he invented. He can't believe his invention is something anyone would be willing to kill him over, but I remind him it's not the invention they want to kill him over, it's the money. He's got some legal document - not the patent itself, but related to it, possibly he hasn't filed for it yet - which is what everyone's after, and after I get him to reveal it to me, a man who is my brother appears and snatches both the guy and the document away and runs into the forest, just as the gang catches up to us. This was our plan, the woods are my brother's territory. I act like I'm on the gang's side, or at least as if I want to catch that guy as much as they do - they were already aware from past interactions that I have an interest in the guy with the patent, and they've assumed I want the document for my own reasons. So they follow me when I lead the chase into the forest, into my brother's traps.

      The path into the forest that I lead them on - and which my brother appears to be on, we catch glimpses of him now and then, though I'm aware he won't stick to the path - curves back and forth in strange ways, it's disorienting. I see an odd bullet coming - dark green like a beetle's wing - and I make sure I'm out of its path, that it picks off one of the gang as intended. It was fired by one of three men who work for/with my brother, people I know well. Time seems to have slowed down, and when one of the gang starts grumbling about the strangeness of it, a man emerges from the woods, the second of my brother's men. He explains that it's the insect-birds. They're insects which mimic birds and sing constantly, disorienting the birds and causing them to mistake night for day, and for us, creating an illusion of time slowing. They prevent violence being done in my brother's forest. But "their element is in possessing one," he says; that is, the insect enters and controls a single bird.
    3. Only fragments today

      by , 12-15-2013 at 11:40 PM
      Just a bit of scenery: I was flying through a forest by a river, with a road running through it. A few of the trees had formed something like natural nests in the places where their trunks divided: wide platforms ringed with thick branches and covered with moss, out of sight of the road and with a good view of the river. They looked like they'd make a nice place to rest, but I was in too much of a hurry to stop.
    4. Nighthog's Journal: 24th July 2010

      by , 07-25-2010 at 10:21 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      Been away to the cottage in Finland for 2 weeks. No computer or internet for that while. And I wasn't to settled or calm to keep track of my dreams all to much. To many excitements and distractions.

      But back in my normal life and house I'm back to familiar things and getting back to track.

      The dreams for the first night back are the following.

      A sex dream.
      Damn... Actually managed to have real sex for once again? To many derailings or weirdness deluxe have persisted so it was kinda nice.
      But the regular 'problems' made their presence noted as usual for these dreams.

      Spoiler for Just read it if you want to:

      Grand theft Auto influenced

      It's a dream influenced by the Grand Theft Auto games. The 3d ones. I'm seeing the world through computer generated graphics. I recognize the dream as one I've had before.

      I'm floating in from the sky like the camera to zoom down unto a street view where I go to walk out from a building where I had spoken with a Mafia guy about some missions I think. There is a special request out for me to handle. It's something about putting out a fire and stopping this fire rampage gang or similar. It's a strange mission. I went to walk out and am greeted by a car coming up and a guy walking out to great me and then to drive away with me as we discuss more details about what I need to do and some background to it all.
      Someone has been settings big and small fires all around the city and it's becoming issue as the water supply is running out trying to put out all the fires. The small fires are the biggest issue as they need to be put out quickly before they spread out to create larger ones. They are harder to spot and notice. There is a mention about the water supply and it amounting to the amount of a swimming pool. They can only gather so much new water each day.
      Soon I'm transitioned to starting my mission. I'm to first check out and spot the headquarters of the enemy to form a plan. There is a huge constant fire raging on the top levels of this huge skyscraper. I gather intelligence about some piping nearby and then the gutter system of the building. I could link the city piping system to the gutter pipes across the building to have the huge water pressure fly up the building to extinguish the fire.
      But the idea changes from the pipes in the ground supplying water to stop the fire to containing fire... the extra fire will make the building blow up as it comes in contact with the top and the system of the building.

      I arrive by car at night to go ahead with my plan. I've spotted the entrance and tracked the guard schedules. I have seen a time frame at which I can sneak into this manhole entrance underground through this low wall where the piping is close to the building. I see the guards move and cross the area and see it's time and me and others go to rush in black clothing to enter the underground tunnels and controls where we are to set the settings and rearrange the flow of the pipes. In the tunnels I see many buttons and lights. I'm there with a person who knows and presses the correct buttons and settings to set the pipe flow correctly. I give the order for them outside to go and drive in the pipe to connect the city system to the building. The have trouble installing it as the pipes are extremely hot and are brimming hot red soon enough. But they get it done. We are about to start the flow but we spot a hidden room in the tunnels that has many treasures and items stored away. The stuff commences in the background but I forget all about it as I look around the treasures. It belongs to the enemy leader. I am coerced to leave it alone as we have no time and need to evacuate before they notice what we have done. The explosion is still a little while away as they system builds and presses in the stuff to the building.
      I got stuck marvelling and getting interested in this Warhammer 40K figure of a space wolf sergeant or similar. I got thinking about how I had used to paint a few and how I still have them all around and so many unpainted. The model was painted much like the way I had done them and that caught my interest.
      But my guy was complaining for me to put it away and leave with him. I was just about to put it away and leave as I woke up.
    5. Dreams between July 2th -> 6th

      by , 07-06-2010 at 06:09 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      I didn't really keep to much track of my dreams the last few days. My waking life got a little more activity with guests and whatnot to occupy myself with.

      It will continue for a few weeks more. Will be going on vacation at the end of this week for 2 weeks in Finland and that will mean no computer time for that time at all.

      Either way my dreams are fragmented and I didn't remember dreams from each day and they got clouded on which day I had any dream in the end as I didn't write down the ones I recalled.

      Earliest one is this I think it's for the 2th.

      The house of traps and restraints.

      This is a dream once again I've had before.

      I'm walking with a supposed friends on a street with some kind of objective to go inside this one house looking for a man. A dangerous man. A fugitive I guess. It's kind of like a office building only 2 floors high.
      Inside I'm in a larger hall spanning between the two floors and it's now somewhat like a prison and there is some trouble with a revolt of sorts. One man is about to escape. I chased him around a little and then made a capture after searching the rooms and floors of the office it is now back again.
      But as I come about to capturing the guy my scene changes and I'm locked inside a room. I'm his hostage or captive instead.
      I'm this small 1x1meter room. Like a small closet or something but it has a good sturdy door that has a damn large lock mechanism. I'm sitting on a chair tied up with rope.

      I struggle and manage to escape and go outside and then am walking around the place again trying to find the guy again to recapture him. As I capture him or found him. I'm back in the room tied up once again.
      In a more advanced and harder state. This time I have a helmet of kinds filled with water making me unable to breath and I have more restraints on me and the lock is harder.
      First thing was me managing to free hands in a haste before I'm out of breath and take off the helmet and then once again going to open the door lock and escape to find him again.
      Third time I'm back in the room but now it's filled with water completely. This time I didn't have restraints but just had to struggle with the water not to drown in the flood. I'm now walking down in some basement or sewer paths before getting back to the office rooms and paths where I go to follow and find him on the roof this time for the last capture.
      I'm with a female protagonist this time. One that had been there and around each time before. She is like the officer trying to capture this guy.

      We just exited the staircase door unto the roof and see the man on the edge of the roof and below the roof of another lower building. It's evening or night. A police helicopter is apraoiching in the sky having the light on the roof and him.
      "You have no where to escape" she yells at the man indicating this is it. We have him captured.

      I go to walk to get closer.... I notice a trap... There are wires and threads all over the place. The guy goes to pull on some and trinkets and objects go moving about. Some thread catches my legs and I'm flying off the roof now. His damn traps.

      4 vs 1 Fight!

      A short recall of me versus 4 other people in a group. I remember one being a vampire and another kind of like using singing to cast spells, a female. The vampire was male and the most out spoken and confrontational. but he appeared a moment later after having a small non recalled small hostility of words with the female. I was walking back as they others kept following to approach not wanting me to escape or something. I just tried to keep a distance to make it easier to evade their attacks. I saw various things fly at me that I at first kept evading and then tried to counter with a few of my own attacks. I thought of trying to summon a torrent of discs or swords that spun in a circle to attack but am unsure if it manifested.
      After that my focus was a little lost and they got in closer. Basically the vampire guy came out after that kind of wondering who was attacking the female, which in this case would be me. I have no idea what the hostility was all about anyway. I only know I found myself in a bit of trouble all of a sudden and tried to defend myself to sorts. But I wasn't to serious though. It didn't feel like I really should need to be defending against them in the first place.
      It was in 3rd person watching from the side like a computer game for myself as longer it went. I was controlling my own actions and saw a health bar and stats and attack and healing things as pop up notes and scores.
      I did a torrent of different attacks to do some damage but they were really weak against these strong opponents and I would need to keep it up for a long time. I on the other hand really needed to avoid their attacks. I could only take 3 or 4 before I died I knew.
      It didn't take long before they team up to help each other to take me on and I'm soon hit with a first blow that takes about 1/4th of my health and soon glanced by a other hit to take a little more. I evaded a few more and soon the vampire guy was up close swinging and it wasn't to easy to evade him and was hit a few times and then some spell came flying to finish me off from the others as I was occupied and I soon saw "You have died" in big large text appear with voice over.

      Cooking with a Katana

      In a short fragment of a dream where I stood in a kitchen I picked up this Katana sword and was checking it out and making a mental note that this sword is mine. Soon though I'm interrupted by a girl 'J----'. One of my oldest brothers daughters asking me to help out with the cooking. She was asking me to cut this meet into slices. With the Katana in hand I made a quick assessment to and went to use it as I didn't want to go try find the appropriate tools. It was cutting the meat quite nicely into good slices to use.
      She was commenting with "good" for that I was doing it correctly according to her instructions. I was soon supposed to prepare some salads and the sort but made a fade out instead to end it.

      A dream with my brothers children, I thought
      One night I had a longer dream where I was with my brothers children. I was kinda semi-lucid and asked their names to make sure they are who I felt like they are. They really didn't look their parts but as I got the correct names I had expected I went with it that they were who I thought. I was even made aware of the presence of the youngest of their siblings who has a different father than my brother. The boy of them went to point at this location and said 'N-----' is there. I could see nothing but empty air. I said I could not see her. I assumed she was invisible and asked her to grab my finger as I greeted her. I somehow felt something grab my finger and that assured there was really someone there that I could not see at all.
      Next I was then being guided around to walk around to find some place. I had someone on my back on carrying around and was pointing from above my head in the direction I was to go next. Like this I was guided to walk around until I found a door behind a corner and there we found a apartment room filled with toys and other trinkets for children to play with. Somehow I felt it was my place.
      Inside the the room they had gone down and gathered around me. Now they really didn't look like who they were supposed to be and really were strangers.
      I went to say a few words to them and them back.
      I don't recall much but it went into some kind of hostility and a struggle in the end. What kind I can't recall. But they knew me and about me. They had said things I recalled but could not recall when I had had those thoughts or made those statements. I knew I had said those or written that document or other but for sure could not place when did I do it and how did they know.
      They knew of things I've only gone through my own mind never uttered in loud in dream or wake.
      It was unsettling having these things said to me.
      One was a document of sorts, or rather I statement I went to write down mentally in my mind in waking state on how I accept conduct or people to be around my inner world or dream state. Things that can be done and other that can't be done. Things I don't appreciate or do accept.
      It was unsettling and creepy and it ended in a hostile confrontation. The people were kind of making a laugh of me. Some dream state invaders?

      Trying to create a band and song in a weird way

      I've decided on wanting to create a tune or song. I end up walking through this forest path meeting various classmates and friends and having them engage in some tasks and quiz to settle on which one to choose for my song and instrument for each to play. I keep picking these least expecting candidates and singers and musical instruments. I don't pick the best one or normal one in each. I pick the worst or the most peculiar sounding one in each place I wander trough. I have something special in mind and keep thinking about the tune I have in mind. I have parts of it play in my head as I imagine how the part here or there will need this or that or this person or this sound. I'm smiling and being happy about it and have my goal set but my friends and others keep asking what am I doing and why am I picking the worst player or this instrument for this guy or why this singer. They keep bugging me about what the heck am I up to and are getting restless and more distant which each pick I make. They have no confidence in me. I am not allowed to pick every part needed before it's all cancelled.
      It had some weird sounds put a couple of different trumpets and other vocals.
      Even though I wasn't allowed to do it I kept thinking about how it would sound until the dream ended. I really wanted to create this song. I was also unhappy that the others could not see my vision.
    6. Nighthog's Journal: 30th June 2010

      by , 07-01-2010 at 01:43 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      I had a dream about some kind of adventure and strategy game.

      That was one awesome volcano eruption I experienced.

      Fragmented RPG/Strategy Game

      The earliest fragment consisted of me checking out a overview map of the world. It's basically this circular large island with a gigantic volcano in the middle. There are various countries or factions at war with each other trying to gain lands and resources.

      I was in the largest country but we were at war with all the others who had a alliance. They had declared war on us at some point but we had been to strong really and been taking lands from them continuously and we had 1/4 of it all for ourselves. We were the blue country. Some mediaeval looking clothing and armours with white and blue details. It had Asian influences though.

      I remember standing and chatting with a few people about our conquests and other battles. How well it has been going but soon the others make a counter attack and surround and take us all by surprise. Horsemen and all things come rushing from all direction and cuts through the lines to surround us toward the centre of the world. We were cut out from out capital etc.
      We were loosing and did so but I was free and walking about with a few companions as we had managed to escape the slaughter.
      The others were now mining and doing various things. They were trying to do something with magic's and construct things but it was all in connection with the volcano.
      I had some special connection to the volcano and felt it's temperament in my stomach. I felt my stomach suddenly in a large uproar and bulge feeling like bursting but soon felt it relieve of sorts with a rip and then a thunderous roar outside where we all rushed and saw the mountain bulging out lava into the air and the stone getting crumbled. Soon the sky was in seconds cowered in ash cloud spewing out and going in all directions in a roar and seed. I see it coming down in all direction including mine consuming everything in it's way.
      We try to run around in a panic to find a safe place to hide to get away from the ash path but we only try to find a bunker that is "the test site"
      We were running into it but I woke up shortly.

      Back to dreams and I'm restarting the game from the beginning.

      To make it short, I had some troop movements on the map and reclaiming some minor areas and then have some battles and at one moment I'm in some major battle and I'm a mage casting spells and other things. One moment trying to escape a swordsman. A skilled one, a leader of some country. I turn into a tiny fly to try and escape but it's futile and I turn back and fade out recall.
      I remember a few more battles and such before I try to continue the game in a more favourable path than the one before in which all was lost. I did various things for a while but mostly walking around and talking to my companions who were with me.

      In the end it drifted off into anther somewhat related setting. I was still a mage but the game was no longer.

      Being a Adventurous Mage

      I was walking with a few friends in a lustrous forest of trees and grass and what else green. We had walked over a smaller clearing of grasses and heading on our way on this grass path going though the forest. We hit a slight fork in the road head down this other path which we had not intended to go really at first to head for our destination somewhere.

      On the path we soon are surrounded by this group of sorceress who all have these huge daggers. They had red coloured leather on them. Kinda sexy in a way. (think about the female leather using anti-mage bitches from "Legend of the seeker series")
      Either way we clung together into a group as they stand around. Some had bows and we aren't yet doing anything but they are demanding we give up all our stuff. My group had some merchants whit us and a cartridge filled with stuff.
      We don't listen to their demands and I soon pick out a matchbox from my pocket in my trousers and take out a match. This one woman comes up to me closer and warns me to not lit it and also tells the others to be careful of me as she knows me. I have seen these girls around before I know in the dream. We are somewhat acquainted with each other by past encounters it seems. She knows I'm a mage.
      I lit the match but it goes out. They were thinking I would cast fire or something but I throw the match away unto the ground and make it create great amounts of smoke that I spread out into a circle around our group. They others outside can't see past it and the crossbowmen and other archers were nullified and had to drop them down to take up their daggers and walk closer inside our smoke circle.
      We went to spout words at each other and soon they made a retreat and ran away. It's not worth the trouble it seems and we can continue our way.
      We kind of are invited and follow them down the road to get to their encampment. We had agreed to try and trade I though instead.

      We were almost by the building which was constructed out of murky wood that I woke up.
    7. Nighthog's Journal: 1st July 2010

      by , 07-01-2010 at 12:43 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      Looking at a map system

      Me and others in military style clothing are going through these maps in this tablet or similar. We are inspecting a interesting satellite find on one area. We look for anomalies and then go to inspect them like some archaeologists. But we aren't civilian we are a special military unit.
      On the map we go to show various different of satellite feed data and the area of interest is just missed by the more refines higher resolution ones. Like that outcrop on the land next to the sea had been intentionally missed or something to not show any real detail. But the low resolution image we have still gave some kind of hints and anomalies. It looked like streets and buildings. In ancient kind of layout for some temple. It's just next to a cliff that looks like it broke of from a larger landmass with continental drift. I see it's a island really. It's a archipelago coast and many different sized islands populate the area.
      We look at the image and see other city ruin location nearby and the islands seems to fit the mainland. the island has done a 180degree rotation? Well that's what one of the guys or the group leader tells anyway. I try to be sure and have them make a double check before they decide on that. I could not believe it.
      "Check the coast line and see if it really matches" I told them and pointed the outline of them. They didn't take to much of a note. We were ready to leave and inspect.

      The bus ride to the location of interest

      Next thing I note is I've been showed of into a green bus and I'm sitting in the back on the right side. There are various men inside the bus which I recognize as team-mates for this unit. We are the first bus on the line and I see behind like 3-4 more buses following.
      We are on a more sparsely used asphalt road near the area. We are crossing through pine forests and bare bed rock on the ground here and there on small hills. There are small lakes and such here and there. I spot swamps also and many bodies of large rivers.
      Next to the road on my right just beside the water of these swamp grounds and n the pine forest next to it on slightly drier higher ground I see a went of steam coming out from the ground next to the road. I'm fixated on it and wonder what it is? A potential volcano or similar I'm thinking and go to note for the others to see it as we cross by and move on. They don't seem to agree it's a volcano sign but it just goes to give more pressure. We crossed several high piles of cut down trees placed next to the road for pick up.
      As I go to look back as we passed by I soon see the road go up and crash down into a pit and more steam and such gush out from the ground where we just where before the tree piles. The other buses are caught on the other side and soon I see all the cut down trees roll around and block the road completely. I just can't figure out anything but it's the initial signs of a volcano to blow out in the location.
      We are alone now in the single bus to head forward. We ain't stopping and continue as I look back to see the small destruction occur to stop the reinforcements for out troop.

      Not long forward we see more trouble. The area is completely flooded with large amounts of waters. The road goes under the water on many places where it goes to lower ground. The bus goes through anyway and we worry will it be safe but it seems the driver is experienced with this and just goes through liek it's no trouble. The water is quite high at the first point and we all kind of panic as the waters from the lake goes to rush into the bus and even reaches my feet in the back high end of the bus. The ones in the front including the driver really must be quite bogged down. But it just goes forward and then we pass through the first waters and the water goes down to not be a issue inside the bus any more. I was kind of the most calm in the whole bus and tried to calm others down not to panic or run around.
      We headed a little further and we are to exit the main asphalt road to head off into a gravel and dirt roads into the forest on the side. I see they are much muddy and we pass through some smaller waters and have a little trouble at one point as the backside of the bus goes to fall down back into a lake off the road for a moment but the driver manages to get us out quickly before the whole bus went under.

      We headed next up to higher ground and this hill. It was another challenge. The bus didn't want to go up the hill considering the loose ground and how there was a turn in the middle of it a bit higher and a split in two roads one going up the hill and another going down to cross next down a cliff side that has the road cut into the rock. After having gotten up the hill and then going for the cliff side road it was asphalted but the road or rather the hill from above had collapsed down to crush the whole cliff side road. We were driving on a perilous road that was really not there any more. It was full of gravel and stones and we drove on a tilt so to fall down the edge down into the water that was below.
      It felt many times like we would fall down into the waters below as the bus tilted dangerously as it drove on the small edge and ground that was left. It was a long path that took it's time to cross but we passed through with no real trouble and were relieved we came out through it safely. I was still wondering why are we going through these dangerous roads anyway.

      Again we encountered a flooded road. This was a river this time and there was supposed to be a bridge here but it was now underwater and including the bend of road on the other side and road continuing onward was all under water. I could not see where the road would go but down into the water.
      The bus had stopped for a moment before it progressed to head out again. It drove slowly and to make sure it wasn't going to drive off the road. Water didn't come inside the bus this time but it was deep waters.
      It took a while looking like driving blindly but we made it to the other side and were back on the roads again in the forests and were heading higher and higher again. We were soon to arrive at the place we had seen on the map.
      We were back on forest dirt roads but there was much grass in the area and soon we arrived to drive next to this cleared area that seemed off. We could see there was something there but it was covered by something like a invisibility cloak and force field to hide it away. This was supposed to be the location of where the buildings should be.

      We have arrived

      We stopped the bus and headed out and walked the ground and next to the field. We saw and could feel it was a energy field or something. We could not pass through it. We felt only a strong electrical current of sorts if you touched the field. You could throw rocks at it and they would stay on top of it. The field was tilted and you saw the forest on the other side here slightly distorted.
      We walked back and forth having some comments and then I spotted a weaker spot where you barely could see what was inside. It was hard but you saw there was a building inside. We went to walk further up the road and went to spot a crossways and then a road heading the other corner of the field back behind next to it on the backside you had a house and yard where I saw older people walking about. Even children. I first commented that I had found a elders home to the female commander we had around. We went to look closer from the crossways and I saw and mentioned there are children and others there. Maybe it wasn't a pension as I first had suggested with the many elders but a full family abode.
      I and three others of the unit were standing around the crossroads and soon saw that the people were leaving and getting into cars. Everyone in the house were heading away in a hurry as they had spotted out presence. We saw a couple cars pass by not doing anything but when the more ones were I was hiding behind some trees and trying to get my companions to do the same but they just stood out around the road as they watched the cars leave the area in a hurry.

      Soon we at the group went to explore further continuing the same road we had come ahead and we came up to some farm lands and fields there. I saw much grasslands and some stone walls. It's old, really old style. We soon came up to a village of sorts. The ruins of a mediaeval stone built housing and others buildings. The roofs and others had collapsed and many walls were down but there was one interesting building there. We saw what looked like a dead soldier in one. He had a silver helmet and weird kind of clothing. We all went to inspect it and it was a humanoid looking alien in a crashed spaceship. Though the supposed spaceship wasn't really anything but maybe this small model sized thing when we picked it out. Looked something like a formula racing car without tires.

      The female commander of sorts had come over and we figured out we could acquire something from this body and the stuff it had. We got it analysed and digitized and we had a code to shut down the forcefield after a little fidgeting with some kind of device we had around.

      We had gone back to the building and the forcefield and stood beside our bus and soon the field went down to enable to get inside.

      I woke up shortly but got back into the dream quickly.

      The building and the weird questions

      As I came back to the dream I had entered the building just now with various classmates. It looked like some kind of school. We were presented with a two choice question to answer in this booklet and notebook. There was some person there instructing us how to do it.
      I can't recall the questions but the firsy one was novice and everyone passed. Second one was a little harder and a few failed and it kept going like this and fewer and fewer people got to advance but I was doing well.
      Then on the 7th one I was presented with a new question and we only had half of the people left. At first we mostly spread out somewhat but the question had only the answers "yes" and "no". I was first leaning unto "yes" whit a couple others while the rest had picked no.
      Soon the instructor came about and ordered everyone to pick "no" I had now retracted my statement for "yes" and had not chosen anything. All the others went to pick "no" as they were instructed. It was related to the question. I just new this was wrong. I can't pick "yes" or "no" both are false. And I can't follow the orders. She kept ordering me to pick no. I refused and all other friends and team-mates were trying to coerce me to follow them as I can't stay around without a choice in this. They were like I would be in real trouble and hurt if I didn't so as them. Nothing good happened to them who failed from before.
      Time is ticking away and... time is out. "yes" lit up green. "no" lit up red as wrong. but then a f for failed came about to both "yes" and "no" for them to both be wrong and I'm declared to be right and everyone else failed.
      I'm the only one who passed the 7th round of the group I was with. They all could not believe it and disagreed and complained but the had failed and that was that and I was to continue onward.
      Next room I came to be united with the few that had survived so far from other groups. We were only a 4-5 people.

      I came to meet up and pair up with my high school girl crush. We went to work on things together and the 11th round of questions was formed in such a way that you could only pass if you teamed up with another to cooperate even though it was said to be forbidden in a way. You were to have give the exact same answer by writing down a A4 paper with something. We were not allowed to talk or look at each others answers but we got it figured in a way that one of us would turn around to be the other and write both documents in same way and have the other not do anything but be the other for a moment.
      I was chosen to write and turned and disguised myself as her and she as me for a moment and then turn back. it was a little strange. The referee came back to check it out and we had passed. What we did was allowed and didn't brake the rules as the others had complained and refused to acknowledge our idea.
      they all failed but we two got to continue.
      We quickly got 12 right and then to question 13. Or task 13 was again a little different. It was the last one. We got a paper and a quiz of sorts. We were supposed to with this figure out the solution and also the location of the exit. It was a riddle. We went to explore around the building from one room to another. We had a map of the building in our hands that showed more and more as we went around the building. We did some few things and as we were about to solve it and figure out where the exit was in the end I woke up.
      We only needed to go to the exit any more to finish.

      In continuation I woke up time and time again to see a somewhat of a continued fragmented following.

      I had gone out of the building and left away in the bus once more and was travelling around on some roads again. We were back soon to some military restricted areas for military training in forests and similar.
      I ended up walking around soon after being in a village. Then I was with my mother for a short instance and a couple of friends walking around some forests before I separated with them to go and check out these children that were playing around at a check point booth.
      I just passed and didn't say anything to them and headed back to base or the exit but was stopped by a guard that I was no allowed to leave. I was sent to the commander and was given a order and was soon on a boat on a lake/river heading away to get fresh water from some dams to the place from were I had been as they were out of it. I was on a mission to get water to the village and similar as they had busted water lines and also dried rivers etc.
    8. Nighthog's Journal: 22th June 2010

      by , 06-22-2010 at 03:33 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      A past fire-storm?
      Me and some friends and others had arrived to the forests and woods of a non particular area. I went to walk up this hillside and then some rocky grounds and mountainsides that were here. I was with the person I befriended at the time I was in the army. We were there to check something out or just having a nature sightseeing not fully sure about the reason. We soon walked a small mountain side that had a small outcrop that you could cling unto and walk out along as there was a small swampy grey lake underneath. We were crossing this as we were heading up ahead. I started to talk with him about that the waters had been getting higher as of late and how the old grounds below where he used to fish are now under water and we had now to go along the cliff side or the other levels of it higher if the waters kept going higher. The current level was only a meter high from the water line.

      We stopped and then lay down a hillside that was full of grey rocks and little vegetation mixed in. The rocks crumbled to pieces in your hands and so was it all. Hey this isn't rocks it's ash! It was all ash that has got stuck together in porous rocks. I was asking and wondering if there was a volcano nearby or had been in the past. He said no, he knew of no such thing. He did though soon remember and mention that there had been a super fire-storm in the area burning down everything in it's path some time back.
      It really must have been a awesome fire to burn everything in such a manner to ashes.

      We went to head back and were not crossing the waters that were about knee high but the bottoms was unstable and rolled around. The waters were also unsafe. They were heavy and I just could feel if I tumbled over I could not then get back up. I was close to falling over but grabbed some tree branches that grew out from the waters. It was a swamp not a lake I realized. We headed over and back to the cars.
      Seems they were making ready to make a tent and camp for the night.

      Playing tag in the forest
      I had come to be in some other forests of some other area and were there with some old classmates. I had at first just been going around the woods and dirt roads and passages there. Soon I had been warned as I found myself back to my friends they were hiding and running away from these giant grey monkeys that were running about chasing them a little.
      I resorted to climb the tall trees or rather flew up into the crowns to hide and then saw them chase and pass by. I then continue to walk about the tree crowns from one area to the other and soon found my friends again as I had lost contact on where the monkeys might have gone. My friends were acting like they were playing some game. Some were hiding as another was searching and trying to catch the others. One told me to hide from the other. I still kept myself in the tree crowns as a result as I then later realized they were playing a game of tag.
      I came out and then stood by this large warehouse kind of building in a small clearing. The building was like 3 floors high but only had metal roof and wooden walls with not windows. White painted.
      It was as a marker for the area to gather at. This was the centre piece from where and outward to the forest we were to play our game of tag. Soon it was only necessary to be seen and recognized to be captured. We kept the game going a little while. I noticed we were 3 girls from the class and one boy other than me.

      Playing video games

      I'm with my old friend and we are are at a computer and he is showing me some games. Some friends of his and such have programmed some basic simple games and he shows me a game that is like Super Mario. The first ones. Someone made a duplication out of fun but all features and happenings aren't coded into it yet.
      There are only 3 map areas and they all are short.

      He goes to switch to another game instead. Some Linux Pacman Mario game? You are this white ball and move around in a world of like Pacman and Mario mixed together. You pick up super powers by items and at the third map he picks out some items that make you a ninja and you can shoot away bullets as you swing your sword and all stones and boxes and whatnot to give your scores etc are taken super fast.

      We soon went to exit the games and I thought I could go and start a web browser and went to visit dreamviews and go check out the journals. I was just thinking about which person to visit as I wake up instead as I decided to check out Raven Knight.

      Sex thoughts
      Getting back to sleep I was trying to have the attention of two girls in continuation that were there at my friends house. A silly sex thought but it was just a pure failure. I was a mindless idiot. I had no need for it but my mind had just been obsessed whit it and that just made it manifest in a idiotic fashion of pure failure. My firend at one point asked what the heck I was trying to do. I wonder that myself.
      I stopped when I started to regain my consciousness and see the pointlessness of the thing

      I then later tried a WILD, it did work for lucidity but I had a hard time staying asleep and woke up and got back to sleep more than 15 times.

      Car ride
      My mom driving the car and my dad sitting in the passengers seat with me in the back...
      A bad combo. My father was bothering and messing with my mom mentally and I soon told him to shut the fuck up. He reacted like he could not understand anything why we would snap at him all the time. He was just getting more and more nasty in his ways and remarks. I was now suggesting for him to get out the car before I throw him out. My mother was visibly getting upset by him.
      I finally got lucid and... well realized I don't want to see this shit and woke up.

      Outside the apartment complex
      I'm standing in the small park features and walkways they have in the neighbourhoods in-between the houses and apartment complexes here and there. I was close to the area Centre of the whole housing neighbourhood. There is a large parking loot there and the food store.
      I thought I would head for the centre at first but then slowed down to think about a lucid dream goal and got to think about trying to find the gates of my sealed memory and knowledge. I was trying to intuitively try to feel in which direction to go to find it. I went to walk toward the centre but then stopped and turned to head back as I felt nothing in that direction any more. I walked back to the location I had started from. Not this way either... Damn I'm wasting my lucid time walking aimlessly. I then went to head back toward the centre but walked the left side path rather than the right side path around this square garden area. I saw a apartment complex building to my left here. I soon walked out up to this metal gate. I thought it was the entrance to the school grounds. Not there.
      I walked back to the apartment complex and saw a door was open and a woman standing there. I walked up and went inside the housing. She walked to the side after looking shortly at me and went to the kitchen. She then asked me what I wanted for desert. She was unsure in her voice on what to ask me.
      Further inside I saw a table and guests having dinner. I was a invited one? I saw my brother and mother and some sisters. We seemingly were visiting a person of my mothers acquaintances.
      I said I would have the on thing and then went to walk further inside to look around the downstairs of this apartment. It wasn't to large. I was now meet by one of the children of the house. There were a few I gathered after a few moments but this one blond girl was quite attendant of my stay.
      I tried to mingle and have a conversation but was unable to really at any moment to answer her as I went back and forth between getting back to the dream and exiting the dream. She was telling and asking me many things. She knew me well and I somehow knew her as well but could not place a name.
      I at one moment got enough time to try a focus and worded out "clarity..now" but woke up instead. As I got back I tried another approach of brining out energy from within with love kind of. It felt to work and I got a little more stability to stay about longer next.
      I was now alone, the others were to their own games. I went to try and check out the apartment in more detail. I was waling to this room I thought was a bedroom and a toilet next to it. The blond girl came back to tell me not to go there as one person was naked in the shower. I heard it and decided to not go there. I now saw it was all really only a large bathroom. The door was half open and I heard the shower was on now.
      I went to walk up the the table and the stairs behind. I saw the kids go up and down often and my brother was also soon walking up. I woke up as I decided I wanted to go up and look there also.
      When I got back the stairs had changed and the table was gone.
      I went to walk up these ragged wooden stairs in a spiral. I went to arrive at the second floor. The floor was these old wooden planks. Unpainted or anything. I went to walk about but felt the floor buckle beneath my feet at areas. I felt the whole 'tower' sway back and forth. I tried to walk about but it was hard and then I went to walk to the third floor. The stairs were even in worse shape here and some where missing. At the top I was at some kind of lookout spot over the house. It was a poor and old construction. It was really unstable. I wondered where the all others had gone as I had seen my brother and other children walk up here not long ago.
      It was really small and no where for them to go. Soon I felt the structure be more and more unstable until it went to slide away and to crash down and I was flying in the air in this room s the tower was collapsing down.

      I was quite far away from the building on which this construction had been on. I was on a kind of farming land down a slope. I saw the building further away and it was a almost torn down shackle of a building. There were not walls. Basically a skeleton of a apartment complex house.
      I saw some people walk around and by. Mostly children playing around. I soon saw the blond girl and the other kids in the house coming down to check up on me who was now on these dry fields.
      She asked me if I was all right. I told her I'm fine as I can get during the circumstances. I had been struggling with a couple new wake ups standing there. My movements were sluggish and slow.

      I got a hand from her to have her help me get back to standing and she then went to be close with me as she took me to walk into town, the others walked back. I really should know this girl I knew but as we were on a street I had to say that I really can't remember her name at all and asked for forgiveness and to ask for it anew. She got upset about me not knowing it. I kept asking for her forgiveness about it. But the situation was sour anyway. She took me to walk a little further until we stopped on the side of this street. I was against some wall and she stood in front of me. I saw all the others on the street. Looked maybe like a shopping street like in a South American city. Not the big towns but a small town.
      She looked like she had forgiven me for a moment but I had yet to hear her name.
      She did something and then seeing me kinda 'take it' she ran away and looked at me from a corner smiling mischievously before getting out from my view. I yelled "where are you going?"
      I didn't want her to leave just like that. I soon saw and got disturbed by her pranks. I had this long meaty thing stuck on me. I tried to get it away but it was stuck and not really removable. I managed to get it less in the way but had to contend to walk the street with it attached. I looked and saw things in more detail on how they were there now. I spotted many people walking by and such. Many had light clothing... Hey.. This isn't right. It's kinda like the exhibitionist street?!
      Why the heck did she do this to me? I saw the thing be back in full force to bother me again and had to struggle getting it off again but woke up a last time and did not go back to sleep again to continue that.