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    1. Setting the Preconscious Avatar Afire

      by , 09-16-2018 at 07:01 PM
      Morning of September 09, 2018. Sunday.

      Reading time: 1 min 18 sec. Readability score: 63.

      I do not usually set the preconscious avatar on fire. It depends upon my acceptance of, and resonance with, the waking process (or how annoyed I might be about waking up in contrast to the more positive willingness) and whether or not vestibular system correlation is a factor of the transition.

      My conscious self identity is not present at the beginning. It starts with a typical bedroom induction. The bedroom is a variation of Gellibrand Street in Brisbane, where we have not lived for many years.

      Curiously, there are several other people in our bed with us, though I do not perceive them as intruders. (Our bed would need to be unrealistically wide to accommodate them, but I do not perceive it as such.) I am aware that the door into the bedroom is open, but it is to the left rather than in the middle of the opposite wall. (I am atypically sleeping on my right side, with my left more exposed to my real environment).

      Two unknown males step into the bedroom. I do not know their intent, but I assume it is intrusive. Having a vague memory of my conscious self identity but not my real-life status, I consider what I should do.

      Becoming aware that I am in the waking process of a dream, I become annoyed (as I had not used the induction process to sustain lucidity). I take hold of what is left of my dream self’s side of liminal space and create the intersection process, which is otherwise the choice to reenter deeper sleep or to wake. However, the feature is two rivers that cross each other perpendicularly rather than streets (though they are about the same size as urban streets). I mentally tie the preconscious avatar and his partner to a post where the rivers cross, mentally douse them with gasoline, and set them on fire. I deliberately fly up and out of the dream state much to my satisfaction.

      Tags: bed, fire, rivers
    2. An unusual transition

      by , 03-07-2015 at 11:22 PM
      After a DA:O-based scene about pleasantly passing time with Zevran, I have a false awakening and go lucid in a much less pleasant setting: a college dorm where people are being influenced in their sleep by some sinister mental voice - I could make out his tone but not his words. My initial intent was to investigate this without letting the source of the voice realize I was immune to his influence, mimicking the behavior of his victims, but I approach a stone wall surrounding the building and decide nah, I'd rather just leave. I fly over the wall with some slight resistance which I think of as coming from the source of that voice, unwilling to let any of his prey escape.

      This takes me down to a river surrounded by great grey boulders, leading down to the sea; as I follow the river it becomes filled by creatures similar to dolphins or porpoises - but incredibly ugly. I'm still feeling a sort of dragging effect from the scene I'd just left, resistance to moving further away; the water and open air feel refreshing but the animals' ugly appearance reflects some negative feel that's still affecting the dream.

      There's a song in my head, and I choose to focus on the song instead of on my surroundings - an upbeat dance song from the 60s. I begin to see a music video that goes with it, though not vividly, more like daydreaming, still firmly aware of my surroundings along that river. I'm thinking this could be an interesting opportunity.

      The music video has a wipe transition effect, like a clock hand sweeping around, and I focus on it - and now the music video has changed scenes from a dance hall to a boardwalk, and I've transitioned with it. I'm observing the boardwalk from above, 3rd person, with no more sense of that river with the sea creatures, or of the general feeling of unpleasantness from the past few scenes. I'm surprised that worked. It's unusually unvivid, though, still about the quality of a daydream; I wonder if I'm waking up. I shift my perspective, now standing on that boardwalk in the 60s, with a row of brilliantly colored pinball machines off to my right. That's much better.
      I drop back to non-lucidity for two more scenes.

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    3. Only fragments today

      by , 12-15-2013 at 11:40 PM
      Just a bit of scenery: I was flying through a forest by a river, with a road running through it. A few of the trees had formed something like natural nests in the places where their trunks divided: wide platforms ringed with thick branches and covered with moss, out of sight of the road and with a good view of the river. They looked like they'd make a nice place to rest, but I was in too much of a hurry to stop.
    4. The Quest to get back from Russia

      by , 08-01-2011 at 11:47 AM
      01-08-11 I am in Russia or an eastern European country. I have been forgotten and have to find my way back home. It is cold and we are going to have to find some sort of cover if we are to get back.

      A rubber ring appears with quite the amount of plastic coverings over it. We remove them and find a child or some sort of sentient animal we know under it. It is barely conscious, but alive. It would seem the plastic coverings has been enough to insulate it.

      We start discussing how to best get back home. Aidin wants to go North and take the Bering straight, though I point out that the last time we got stuck in Russia we had the same discussion and decided to get back home via the rivers.

      We settle for that solution and take out on the rubber ring under the plastic coverings. There is a lot of ice flakes on the sides of the rivers we travel, which would indicate spring time.

      The travelling is a minor part, reduced to something like a montage.

      Back home I speak to Aidin and try and establish if it really was him I got stuck in Russia with back in the days. I am not entirely sure myself if it actually happened or was just something I dreamt.

      He says that he remembers an experience like that and that it could have been me he shared it with.

      I later speak with AD and she confirms that I indeed did get lost when I was younger, in fact that experience and the quest to get back happened when I was 6 years old. This doesn't make sense to me. I am pleased to get a clear confirmation that it took place, but when I was 6 years old Aidin wasn't even in Denmark and I certainly didn't know him at this time.
    5. A few fragments here and there...

      by , 09-25-2010 at 04:57 PM

      I was playing an AvA match on global agenda (online game,AvA is basically complicated capture the flag) but like,I was IN it. Anyway, I turned invisible and snuck past my enemies,and when I was behind where they were firing from cover,I threw a grenade. Took almost all of them out. I then proceeded to try to capture an area,which was going fine until the enemies came back. I took care of them though,but then realized my team lost another point. So I went to go capture a different area,while all the enemies were trying to kill me. And there was this one hawk lady thing, shooting claws at me. But my gun jammed so I had to go back for a new one (which obviously was annoying). Anyway,after the match was over the place turned into a beach resort/theme park type place. And I went into this shop and put the shoes I was wearing back,and got different ones. Turns out the shoes I was wearing I had rented from that place but forgot to pay. Suddenly my mom was there and she said to follow her, and I did, and she took me to the customer service desk. Where the guy fixed the renting thing. Suddenly I was teleported to what I think was another dream..

      Everything was black except for someone talking to me about how to cheat halo. (I don't even play halo) Then I was in a room with my brother,and we both had assault rifles. Turns out we had to get through an area infected with zombies. (I had watched I am Legend,a zombie ish movie the night I had this dream) Me,of course being the zombie killing/strategist from months of playing Left 4 Dead, took charge (being that I always want to be leader,also had something to do with it) and we slowly made our way through the house without much incident. Except for my brother falling through broken stairs into a room with a giant mutated zombie dog. Which he made it out of. Then,we fell through the floor into a room that looked like the stomach of something. And there was this big grey blobby creature talking to us about some evil plot or another. About how he was going to become so powerful, but he needed this diamond thing. And he wanted us to find it for him. Then suddenly we're outside, zombies trying to kill us and all. We shoot the few that are there, and start to go on, but then I realize that shooting ones that used to know us, without killing them cured them. So I went back for a couple, and they helped us. Suddenly we're in a river in a canyon. Me and someone else crashed on this indent that led to a cave in the wall. (my brother wasn't there anymore) We found a platinum and gold diamond ring (rare much?) and we ran into the cave (cuz it was a store) to get another "fake" ring, so we could give it to that evil dude who wanted a diamond. And as I get to the jewelry counter, there's this little girl that's right next to me that thinks I'm her mommy. (or daddy don't remember) And I tell her that I'm not, but I'll let her get anything in the counter (it turned into one of those cheap prize things from arcades). And she got 3 rings. And then the dream ended.
    6. Entry #2: - Lucidity and Rivers

      by , 07-23-2010 at 02:28 PM
      Possibly the most vivid dream I've had in recent memory and my first remembered lucid dream! Amazing, is all I can say. I took melatonin before sleeping, which may have contributed to everything. It truly is like nothing you've ever experienced. I will try to explain it in detail.

      I'm watching movies with my family, one of which is Terminator I think, and eventually I get up and leave to go for a drive. I end up taking a car somewhere and now am on my way home. As I drive behind the guy in front of me, I lose footing on my brakes and try hard not to bump into him at a stoplight. I come very close to his bumper. At this point, when the light turns green, I guess I assumed I was driving on my own, but the view from my car still looked suspiciously close to his bumper. At this point, the view from my car and the backseat of his car, were completely relative. I was in the back right seat of his car now. As I looked behind me I noticed I was not in my car, or driving it, and it was nowhere to be found. So as he noticed me, I began to explain, telling him I didn't know how I got there and to just turn around. He takes the first turn and starts heading back to where my car might be. It's at this point I believe I think to look at my hand to see if it's normal, and to my extreme and utmost suprise, my hand is morphing. I can't really explain how it looks, but it switches from four fingers to more fingers to my hand again. I am in complete shock, but control myself as to not wake up. The car stops, I look around me through the windows. I am in a city, and in front of me are buildings, old buildings with billboards. Lots of people are out, walking around, I stare at some, some stare back at me. Words on the billboard change to nonsense to strings of sentences with no meaning. I am completely excited and happy I am lucid dreaming. I think I may have told the driver of the car this. It's infinite possibilities, just the thought of such is amazing. I wish I could share this feeling with people who nothing of it. It's like having your own world. Albeit hard to control at first.
      Note: The driver of the car has a very worried and disgruntled look on his face for the entirety dream. This is the only expression I noticed and his face I can't remember or explain in detail.
      I want to immediately test if I can do whatever I want. For some reason I look down at my feet and imagine something silly, and rather imagined just for the purpose of testing. My shoe slowly becomes a rainboot. It worked. But as I get out of the car, things began to lose context. I can only explain it as the foundation of 'reality' (reality being my dream) shaking. Breaking apart almost. My mind is shaking me awake, but not so easily. I try to hold my fantistic world together. The sun is shining. The driver gets out of the car, we are parked beside a streetlamp, in what appears to be the same location except closer to the buildings in front of us and now it's drizzling rain. Details change constantly. He runs into a house directly 100 feet or so in front of the car. So I follow. The house is vivid. I walk inside and there's a party going on. The living room is the first room as you walk in, I barge through past a dining table straight into a kitchen that is half-and-half the same room as the living room. At the end of the kitchen is a wall, a bulliten board with flyers and concert listings posted all over, in front of and below this wall are stairs leading to a basement. I follow the driver. In my mind, I am completely aware that my dream may fall apart at any moment. I am aware that time in the dream is considerably longer than real life, I began hurrying up despite this. I want to get back home. I walk down and pass some subconsious strangers, some look at me and some don't even notice me. I take a right into a room, it's got a fridge full of drinks, and two couches. I walk through that room and take another right into a different room where more people are. There is a table, a couch, and maybe a TV on the wall. I walk up to the table and try to fit in, allowing the atmosphere of the party to take over. Some people walk over and look at me and go over to some friends. I'm afraid someone will ask what I'm doing there and kick me out. I leave the room and go back to the room with the fridge. The couches are full of people. I sit down just to get up and open the fridge, I see many beverages. Root beer, Beer. At first what I think is orange soda, I grab to discover it's some sort of sparks drink. It's an assorted fruity alcholic beverage. Mandarin I believe. I grab it, and then I grab a bottle of coke, or something like that. I sit back down. I feel nervous, people look at me, someone asks why I grabbed two drinks. I don't see the driver anywhere. I leave the room and head back upstairs, where I bump into... the driver. I tell him I got to get outta here, and he stills looks quite disheveled. He nods yes. He almost seems too acceptant. I then ask him if he's here to guide me in my dream, he nods yes again. I run upstairs, now positive that I DO NOT want to wake up, that this cannot possibly even be a dream. I go to the living room, it is empty, there is a tv on, lights are dim, I go to the couch. There are piles of clothes laying all over. I remember stuffing things into a bag, trying to hurry to collect the two drinks and anything else I needed. It shouldn't have been that hard. I notice 5 dollars peeking out from someone's shirt, and I grabbed it. I hoped I could take it and use it in my dream, or hoping that when I awoke, I would still have the 5 dollars. I assumed the driver was back in the car. I open and leave the front door. It's raining out.

      I am now back at home, and leaving my back door.It's raining out. I'm heading into my backyard. There is a car with it's headlights on parked beside a trailor, I run towards it. I know that my brother is inside with friends smoking, but I knock and ask anyway. A kid named AndyZ is driving. My brother pauses before answering but says yes. I say Alright, close the door and run back inside. I hear laughing from in the car before I'm inside.

      From here, I appear at a river in Missouri. It is beautiful. It is quite shallow. My eldest brother grabs me and pulls me in further, much to my dismay. I yell and tell him this is why I hate this. He gets mad, stops struggling to bring me to the middle of the river and yells back before going on. I am with my entire family. The river beams with greens, blues and yellows reflecting off a sunset somewhere in the sky. I began a path upward the river beside the rocky and dirt-hilled side near the shore. The shore dissapears and to my side is only trees and stones, stones placed deliberatly. The sky is mighty and gorgeous. The trees fade, the river gets deeper. My dad is not far behind me. I feel like a young child in this part of my dream. I grab and climb above some rocks, getting out of the deep water that had me up to my neck and on my tip toes. These stones are smooth and like bricks but bigger. I climb above them as far as I can go, and look out on the other side. It is a dried out long strip of land. It is a mirror reflection of this river, except waterless. Abandoned construction vehicles sit stuck in mud, varying down the long stretch of mud and dirt.
      I climb back down and walk along the stones until I reach a point where they no longer divide the two rivers. The river we are in slowly begins to dry out the farther we progress. This dream feels like days and days on end, we get to know people at stores in towns, but I don't remember how it ends. And I don't remember how I got there.

      At some point it feels like I may have woken up in between the lucid and river dream. The river dream was not as controlled. It's hard to remember
    7. Oompa Loompas and Creeper Old Ladies

      by , 06-09-2010 at 05:13 AM
      Quote Originally Posted by Hannah4445 View Post
      Sunday- June 6, 2o10

      I was an oompa loompa (yeah I know, from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory we had a play for that at school lol) I was dancing like the movie but instead of being good and following the other oompa loompas I jumped into the chocolate river and was swimming in it lol. This dream didn’t last very long I got up early this morning… some old lady called my cell phone, making me wake up. When I didn’t recognize the number I was like screw it Im going back to sleep. Then I realized I couldn’t go back to sleep. So THANKYOU confused old lady that got the wrong number and called my number at 8:30 in the morning THANKS! Ugh……