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    1. Phantom Friends

      by , 04-28-2018 at 02:25 AM (Nonsense and Conundrums)
      [From November 17, 2016]

      I don't remember the beginning, but here we go.

      I am staying at someone's house. Apparently, I have done something wrong, so I am placed in this room with "evil" spirits who are meant to drive me insane.

      Yes, there are spirits in this room. One is particularly active. I can only see him when he comes close to me, and he disappears when he moves too far away. He looks terrifying: a black humanoid mass with a crooked head, bloodshot eyes and a wide-open mouth. I am at first afraid, but soon notice the way he shies away when I come near. He does not intend to hurt me. He seems curious, but afraid.

      I greet him and begin talking to him, using humor and turning the lights off to make the environment more comfortable. Slowly his form changes into something more human and then into a man, now emitting a bright blue glow. I am cracking jokes and making him laugh; as he smiles, his aura glows brighter. He is wearing something rather silly - booty shorts and a tropical shirt. He cannot physically speak, but communicates through vibrations, which works better than words in this situation.

      We talk about art; apparently he is an artist, so I conjure some of my artwork. He also enjoys talking about holidays and Halloween. He has some rather fond memories of his family. I ask him why he is wearing such a ridiculous outfit, and he says he thinks it is rather funny.

      As we communicate, other spirits gather around. One is another man and the other is a woman who adorns a tangle of red hair. They all look weathered, but lighten up as they listen in and communicate with me and the others. The dream ends shortly after this. It was a rather pleasant dream.
    2. February 14, 2018 Non-Lucid

      by , 02-14-2018 at 08:04 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      The dream scene was in an amusement park, I don't believe it was any one I've ever been to IRL but it looks noticeable when I think back to all the dreams I've had about these places. I'm with my childhood friend Nate. It's early in the morning and we're trying to decide which ride to go on. I suggest to him that we go on the ride that usually has the longest line but probably does not because it's so early.

      We go over to the area where the ride is and look up to see the line is empty. The ride entrance is sort of purple and looks a little bit like a weird castle like staircase of some sort. It looked sort of like a water slide too but it was meant to be a rollercoaster. So we get up to the top of the ride and a person up there is showing us what the ride actually is. We're watching a simulation and there's Nate on this flat cart that had four wheels and was made of wooden planks. People are lifting him up by each end and shaking him and carrying him across this dark room of a dungeon. After that he's thrown down this hill that goes up and down. He's hitting these jumps and spinning and flipping uncontrollably to the point where it isn't even possible IRL.

      We aren't even afraid to go but before we can say anything a cart appears from the left out of the wall and the person throws me on top. I fly down this slope and start hitting these hills too.

      This ride was very strange. The ride was not a full rollercoaster but was actually like I was riding around on this cart trying to complete different objectives all the while there is a zombie or scary person chasing me in between objectives and to get them off I had to hit them or push them away.

      The ride was called something like "Infernal Man" or "Internal Person" or "Naughtorical something." It wasn't any of these but it was something close to that. That name kept coming to me everywhere on this ride. So now I'm on this cart at the bottom going around to different areas. The ride had a pool at the bottom with a hottub and a lot of people swimming around and doing various things. It almost felt like I was back at rockbridge in a way.

      I'm going to different areas and completing different things. I go up to this hottub area where there's people in the hottub and one of them comes up to me and is like "You have to blow 5 lines of parmesan cheese on this pizza" and I'm thinking 'what the fuck' as I turn around and see there's this person chasing me behind me so I smack that person in the face or punch them and start flowing cheese on this massive slice of pizza into separate lines. I manage to make 6 or 7 distinct lines so I say "see can I go now?" and then I leave to another task.

      It's really hard to remember what the other tasks were but I must've completed 10-15 in this dream with no exaggeration. Eventually I get into this room where Nate had been lifted up. I see a guy to the right of me and I'm thinking "oh no not this place" with a lack of enthusiasm or care. There's usually supposed to be two big guys lifting up the cart but they only had the one guy and then a fill in girl who never did this sort of thing so when they picked me up the back was barely getting off the ground. Another person comes in and helps the back. The place is gray and dark, filled with dust, and had stoned covered walls and floors. There might've been some medieval furniture in there too. Someone starts reading to me how I had conquered the ride or something like that but I was not interested at all. I had been distracted by something.

      Another dream I had which might've been an extension of the other one was I was running with my family away in some sort of apocalypse. There were massive storm clouds ahead shooting lightning at the ground. I was really afraid we were going to get struck. We were running along this giant wooden boardwalks above land/sea towards somewhere. There's a bunch of people running towards a safehouse. It's a two story run down white house. There's two lines of people at the front door trying to get in. One line was not making any progress while the right line people were moving quickly. I jump into the front and into the house. I get in there and there's a room with a dirt floor and kitchen appliances next to a staircase that lead to the second floor. I turn around and try to see where my family is. There's a person there who had no hair and dark skin asking me how I got in and I told him I "used the express line." Finally, my family gets in there but it isn't even my family anymore it's just these four random people I've never met. The dream ends when the person says the reason he let us in is because "you are my spirits."
    3. Unknown Spirits

      by , 01-31-2017 at 03:55 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a village of some sort. I went inside the ruins of a nearby castle. I think I exploded something by accident.

      The residents "woke up." They're something like spirits but can manifest into physical matter. They have different abilities and talents. They're definitely human-like. The rest are starting to get hazy, but one in particular looks like a count. He's calmer than the rest but I could also feel his power. I think I had an ability to "pause" or push them away but the count is largely unaffected. Instead, he proceeded with a calm and confident presence towards me. They were also kind of floating which made them seem like ghost, but not exactly.

      It took a while for me to get familiar with their presence. They became a part of me, sort of. Not possession. Kinda parasitic except they don't get anything from me; they were simply attached to me because I woke them up. They're capable of independent actions and have their own sets of skills and their own personalities.

      A lot of things happened but I forgot most of it when I woke up. What I do remember is me comparing them to "functions" and parallel programming.
    4. Reclaiming: Possession and Destruction

      by , 11-06-2016 at 04:04 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a cabin of sorts. I was with friends. I baked/cooked a cake for another friend whose birthday won't be on till after a few months. I thought of putting it in the fridge. For some reason, they had some reasons not to put it in some fridge located somewhere. One was in that cabin but for some reason, we had to move. Something about disturbing the spirits. We also thought of putting in the house fridge but won't the person find it easily?

      We "went out" of the place using a special key and a special door. We traveled through the spirit realm (why?). And we walked and avoided and escaped the malevolent spirits of the realm. There were two particular spirits we avoided: one was a male shadowy figure that follows us and one white ragged woman who screams and chases us. I remember hiding behind some crates and avoiding her. There were also some "puppy spirits." At least they looked like puppies. They were used by a teacher and some children to practice escaping from. There "attack" in swarms. I was going through a door when a swarm rained in. I led them out the door with difficulty but without any negative emotions whatsoever.

      Somehow, I was caught and I felt my physical body turn to the left. I was told in the dream it's wrong and somehow spirits can enter that way.

      This part happened somewhere in between. There's no linearity in the dream (like in some dreams). I was with a family flying through space. We went through zero space, and we've "heard" about some delays in such a travel but thought they were rare occurrences and don't have any serious repercussions. There was a boy (third-person) in this family who seems to have such a delay and asked where the others were and what took them so long. For the rest, it was an almost instant flight. I was that boy (first person).

      We were being chased by other space fighters (I don't know the name of the small space ships used to harass bigger ships without causing a lot of damage due to the energy shielding). I had a hard time with the controls. I turn too fast so instead of arcing back, I end up facing the enemy almost face-to-face with our ship. The rest were away. I was eventually able to control it enough so I see... stars and space and space stuff instead of a poorly modeled image of the fighter or the nearby planets and moons. I felt elated.

      My ship was destroyed. I was possessed.

      I was in a familiar place. I think it's the place in the "first" part of the story. I was kept in a room, and I felt different. I felt like I was glowing and there's a tingle throughout my "skin." I overheard that a woman (a friend?) was partially possessed. I went out/through the walls and doors and approached her in a room. I "absorbed" whatever was possessing her and I left. I felt stronger.

      I think this is a separate story but somehow still connected to the possession dream. I was at home. It was evening and very dark. We went home and closed the gate, but somehow, someone forgot to close one of the two gates. There's like another perimeter around the house, and there are two boys/guys just outside the inner perimeter, which means the outer one was open. A child was talking but I could barely understand. Mom was saying something too complaining about the other gate not being locked.

      I was outside the house. It was morning, or at least daytime. Someone was teaching me how to fly properly. I was able to "jump" on the first level with his help and then jumped the next two after. I looked up and saw the clouds. I was elated. I wanted to fly about the clouds and stay there. I was partially lucid and happy to be able to experience that.

      Everything was falling apart. Buildings were crumbling down. Alien attack? It was like a game in 3D. I used my possession skills to hold back falling buildings and debris. I felt powerful.

      I woke up feeling powerful and in control.



      - I went to sleep feeling down. After a few days of anxiety due to an overwhelming addition to my required subjects to take to finish school, I had my previous dream that really brought me down. I could barely do anything so I went to sleep. That was around 7:30 pm. I woke up around 10:00 pm. I thought the dream was so long I could swear I woke up around 3 or 4 am.
      - I felt powerless these several months, from failing to finish some courses I need to proceed with my long-term plan to being unable to complete Inktober or start NaNoWrimo (again). I think I was trying to regain control by putting an enforced structure (school).
      - There were a lot of mental chats that had no image. I was talking to myself about the meaning of the dream within the dream. A short while after(?) waking up but still lying down, I thought about how I reclaimed a part of myself (through possession and self-destruction) and it made me (feel?) stronger.

      Questions: How do I know this feeling of control is not as illusory as the feeling of lack of control? Both have real-life repercussions if wrong, and even if right, how do I distinguish what's within and without my control? How do I know I'm making the right decisions if my senses and mind betray me?

      For now, back to basics: simplify.
    5. Dark, the emperor, and the queen

      by , 12-13-2015 at 09:33 PM
      I gave an old woman a recipe which includes a poisonous flower. She later turns up dead by the effects of that poison - but I suspect her son took advantage of that situation to kill her himself, knowing that it would be dismissed as an error in dosage. There's an inheritance involved.

      Disembodied, I'm 'standing' at the edge of the ring of a gladiatorial circus, observing a man who's now lying on the ground looking half-dead, but he's nonetheless victorious and a crowd-pleaser. I'm bored. These games have been going on for days now and it's gotten repetitive, I'm impatient for him to move on.

      I shift my perspective, finding the emperor in a large private room attached to the circus. A man in armor is talking to him about the man who's won the games, and the emperor is incredulous - why should the emperor fear or make concessions? That man fears him, the emperor - the proof of that is in the way he travels from place to place and uses the name he does. (His name is a word literally meaning "dark," but associated with low, dirty things.) The man in armor raises the issue of Dark's rumored connection to the queen.

      The queen's present in the room, tall and dark and with green-tinted hair, hair mostly covered by a black veil. She's legendary for her beauty and suggested to be not entirely human; there's a rumor that Dark is one of her kind, and looking for her. It's close to the truth, but not quite it - in actuality, he's a survivor of the court of her previous husband. She's unaware of this. She only survived that massacre because the emperor refused to give her up, treated her as a prize.

      She joins in the conversation, teases the emperor, saying that if she ever sees this Dark, she might recognize one of her own kin and turn on the emperor. Her voice is nasally. She then speculates more seriously about what would happen if she ever really did meet one of her sisters - "Lure her to her death."

      The emperor is irritated with this line of conversation, and tells the two of them that this is enough talk, focus on the tribute instead.

      Later. Dark is standing in front of an open shrine, holding an antique sword in poor physical condition but with great symbolic meaning. He's telling the spirits that if he enters the dream with this weapon, with all that meaning attached, it will become something miraculous. He's lying. But in actuality, it will lead him to a cross buried in the ground - I see the cross glowing dull red - and then to a bow which will infect him with hatred for a time.

      I have a body now. I'm standing in a temple somewhere bright, talking to a woman who's explaining to me that she won't leave this building. She took a demon into herself, made herself its prison. She describes how she'd been fighting someone, and when it was over, a part of herself that should have been restoring was draining instead, and she hasn't been able to stop it - she can feel herself flaking away, and if this continues, there'll be nothing left of her in a mere few thousands of years.
    6. What kind of competition is this anyways?

      by , 11-21-2015 at 09:03 PM (Here be dragons)
      It's the night, in a place full of small, long wood and paper houses, with dirt paths around them. The place is lit by paper lanterns hanging in trees. I'm following a young girl with long, flowing dark hairs. She's transporting a big barrel of sake, with a thick rituel cord warped around it. She's running from a whole sled of chinese and japanese spirits, I can see their shadows on the walls of the houses, pointy headed foxes, jumping parasol, dancing lantern, witches and ogres. She managed to reach a hole in the ground and throw the barrel in.
      We're taken to a gigantic house, the woman in charge give us a room to clean. I open the door, it's dark inside, and the smell is horrible, decaying things in a dark, warm place, closed up for years. I gag and put a tissue on my mouth and nose, it's disgusting, but at least it's a dry rot, things turning to dust rather that slime. The girl with me starts filling garbage bin, but I notice another girl, in the room next door, strugling with a younger sibling. My fellow tells me that the younger sibling is mentaly deficient, and that's why they're struggling. I go back to cleaning, but she almost finished it. I pickup something from the previous occupant and unwarp it. It's a wooden sign, with "academy of cooking and baking, 1887" engraved on it. There's also a name, and I deduce that he was the previous candidate; this all thing is a sort of competition. I walk out of our room to another, and I meet up with this man, a chef. He's helping someone whip up a desert, and hand me a place. It's ice cream, with a syrup on it. The syrup is warm, dark chocolat with the faintest hint of coffee. I can't really pinpoint what the ice cream is. It's both sweet and savory, slighly nutty but more well rounded, in a crème anglaise base. It's delicious, the texture is wonderfull, rich without being cloying and creamy without feeling greasy.

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    7. #222. The Warden

      by , 09-19-2015 at 06:41 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      I remember that a previous LD involved me having to report in to a jail (um, juvenile detention facility) for a day, and I decide that sounds like an interesting dream plot. I warp the road that I'm driving down until it leads to a fictional location.

      This is a bad part of town, so I'm trying to chain down the bike that I'm now riding so that both the wheels are locked and it's attached to a concrete structure. I head inside and explain some of my health issues to the receptionist, and then I'm stuck in the waiting area with a book (a new fantasy series by J. K. Rowling!)

      I have to go back outside, though, because I'm not sure that I actually finished bolting my bike down. Sure enough, when I go outside, it's gone. Now there's a gang of some kind attacking... not the facility itself, but the people around it. I think it's a raid to steal all the bicycles.

      One of the gang members comes after me, and I pounce on him. "And what are you after, huh?" I ask, looking deep into his eyes. I take him down.

      The other gang members back down after I defeat their leader. I let them limp away, and go back into the building.

      I chat with Sadie, a friend from real life, and then I'm called into an office that belongs to the head of the facility. The warden walks into the room, and she throws down a series of print-outs that explain why the conversation that I was having with Sadie indicates that I'm a spy.

      (I'm secretly a SHIELD agent. I wonder if Sadie forgot to add up her character stats correctly again... that would explain the flubbed deception check.)

      I play innocent. And then I realize that somehow, I'm going to become the warden.

      So now I'm the warden, destroying my own facility because it reeks of pure evil. It's an easy job once the building is evacuated: the warden actually murdered the people who built the facility, so their spirits are perfectly willing to unmake the place during their escape. I destroy the stained glass wards leading to the outside world, and some spirits are quick to flee.

      Others will want their vengeance. I sit down, cross-legged, and calmly wait for them to find me.

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    8. Two board games

      by , 01-25-2015 at 11:01 PM
      I'm playing go with an old friend, and off to my left there's a woman who's thanking me on her hands and knees. I've just told her about the arrangements I've made to get her and her unborn child out of their current situation. I'm looking at the board, not at her, waiting for my friend to make his move - I'm smiling throughout this scene, since it irritates my friend. I haven't looked at the woman throughout the conversation. This was business, although I did take a personal interest since the father wasn't human. As she starts to leave, I tell her I'd like to see the child when it's born. Take it to a specific temple - I don't mention this last part, but there's a particular fox demon who lives behind that temple, a relative of mine, and I think he would take an interest in the child.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      The spirit of a certain man has been released and possessed someone, and since I and a friend of mine are the ones who bound him in the first place, a woman's asking me how we managed it the first time. I'm telling her it won't work again - we were relying on his trust in us. We prepared a meal and my friend put sleeping drugs in his soup. Scene changes to show that night - the three of us are having a casual conversation. I'm arguing against some point he's just made, and to illustrate my point, I compare it to chess players - although the point of the game is to defeat your opponent, it doesn't follow that a chess player would hate everyone else who plays chess, just because they intend to defeat them.
    9. Fragment

      by , 04-06-2014 at 09:27 PM
      There's a girl dancing at my shrine, a little marker in the woods that's rarely visited. I'm paying attention but I have a hard time understanding what she's communicating with some of the moves of the dance. I'm wondering why she keeps changing the form of it when she comes here; it would be much easier to understand her if she'd stop changing it.

      I shift to 3rd person (although the pov character was also disembodied, so there's not that much of a change) and realize that it wasn't actually one girl who comes to dance, it's actually different girls who came over many generations; the god/spirit of the shrine didn't really understand the difference, or didn't see the difference as important. On top of that, the moves of the ritual they perform weren't always passed down directly; some of them learned at least parts of it from writings and illustrations, without anyone to correct them.
    10. 3/18/2014

      by , 03-18-2014 at 07:19 PM
      All I remember last night is being in some sort of motel. The motel got taken over by tentacles and they started raping 2 girls. Later, I bought 2 mice and put them with the rats. I was then in a room with some people that were practicing witchcraft. They gave me a knife and told me that if spirits bug me to swing my knife in their general direction. I thought they were crazy and did it just to please them.
    11. 3/16/2014

      by , 03-17-2014 at 06:21 PM

      I was in a place that looked like rural New Mexico in the middle of the desert. Denise was trying to find me and was driving around. When she'd get close, I'd shine a laser at a nearby home and it would make a sound that would make Denise think I was there. Cars started showing up and it was some sort of gathering. I ran from my hiding place and found more houses. I entered one and it was abandoned. I looked around the kitchen to make sure the house was safe. Suddenly I see a group starting to enter the house. They come in and put their gun on the counter and I do the same. They ask if I checked the house and I said partially. We explore the house and spirits start attacking us. We can't see it but someone tells me where to shoot and I do. I see blood and I keep shooting where the person tells me to. The spirit then appears and is dying. She's an ugly girl with mossy-like skin. I shoot her again and she says I'm gonna see her again in the death realm. She gets up and I punch her but it doesn't affect her.

      After thinking about this for a bit. I think the person telling me where to shoot might have been my dream guide. I'm not completely sure though.

      In my other dream, I dreamt that I was in a big stadium with a game going on. The stage was pretty empty and I recognized people I went to school with in Venezuela. I ordered a hotdog and remember seeing Jebrineth.

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    12. Talking with the deceased; police and firemen antics

      by , 02-27-2014 at 08:27 AM
      Morning of February 27, 2014. Thursday.

      I am on the porch of my sister Marilyn’s house in La Crosse (who died recently). My youngest son is there (near the left of the front room’s doorway) but he does not do or say much. There is an armchair to the left of the doorway. My sister Marilyn is only there very briefly near the south end of the porch (farthest left of the doorway). My sister Carol is also there, seemingly younger and healthy (she had passed away prior to Marilyn). She is talking in a fairly fast way as she had in real life. She had a heart attack in real life at a fairly young age (especially for a female), but this was not directly related to her death. I think she is mostly talking about how to communicate with other deceased relatives in the dream state, particularly brother Jim.

      Time passes, and my brother Jim appears (who had also died). He appears fairly young and jovial. Prior to this, I had heard an unusual tonal “whooshing” in my left ear in three stages, which seemed to indicate he would appear soon (somewhat akin to a phone ringing, I suppose). He just appears out of nowhere on the middle of the porch. I feel very happy. He gives me three bear hugs though calls me by my surname instead of my first name (something he never did in reality - my surname is different due to having a different father - his father had died as a result of an accident while falling asleep at the wheel or so I was told). My brother-in-law is the only one who ever called me by my surname only, every now and then. My sister Marilyn also had a routine where she called him (my brother-in-law; her husband) by his last name when she could not seem to get his attention when he was commonly blankly “frozen” to the television.

      The part with my brother Jim is the most vivid and somewhat exhilarating, with a very happy and enriching mood. It is very good to see him even though it is only a dream. Even when alive, he always appeared in my dreams more than other relatives (excluding my parents) other than sister Marilyn.

      An offset scene from this dream (prior to these events on the carport) relate to my sister Marilyn (who had not appeared for very long in the carport scene). There are two somewhat disjointed parts. There is a scene where Marilyn discusses that a vest I made (not much like the one I made in real life) is not legal. It is not legal due to not using a certain kind of gemstone that has been “approved” by one (apparently snobbish) department of government bureaucracy. (Of course, in reality, this is rather absurd as more and more deception and fraud in businesses unfolds as time goes by and hardly anything is ever done.) Supposedly, the gemstones in the partial “vest” (which is a bit more like a woven, mostly woolen “breastplate” that ties up in the back) are not valuable enough to include in a hobby or project even if not put up for sale. These gemstones are in an equidistant squarish arrangement (about one and a half inches apart in each direction) and somewhat of a darker cyan shade, over most of the front. I do not think they are really “wrong” for the project, just not “allowable” by bureaucracy - for example, as a comparison, only being able to use real diamonds in clothing rather than rhinestones, regardless of any claims or actual usage of the clothing in any venue.

      Somehow, the above implications are connected to a confusing series of events. Firemen and police are involved. I believe I hide my “unapproved” vest in the basement as well as noticing some sort of weird narrow ramps (two smaller ones, unconnected with each other) in place of the floor’s trapdoor (located in the bathroom as in real life), which I have trouble with. There also seems to be something about a package delivered to the wrong address. I am not really sure why firemen would assume the role of postal inspectors or gemstone appraisers at apparently the same time. I pretend to be otherwise delayed in the bathroom while trying to align the ramps to the floor. It does not make much sense. (In real life, I made the vest in sewing class in middle school where there were only a few other males.)

      Later, there is some sort of Keystone-Kops-like misadventure. A female officer is chasing around an artificial (robotic) cat, which is causing problems with traffic and causing firemen to get stuck in trees during attempted rescues (whereas the robot cat just climbs quickly back down each time a firemen is “stuck” in a particular tree). The officer calls the cat a “bot”. Confusion ensues in a highly impersonal way.

      As usual, this dream had precognitive layers. Firemen actually did visit our house shortly after my dream but it was related to something concerning the neighbor’s place (of which we had known nothing about). No firemen or fire inspectors had ever been to any of our homes before in all the years I had lived in Australia and also, I had rarely dreamed about firemen in my lifetime.

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    13. 2/14/2014

      by , 02-27-2014 at 05:08 AM
      I was in a pretty big house with a woman and another person. The owners of the house were out and we had to babysit 2 girls. Turns out, the house was haunted and we would be attacked. We set up a trap in the bathroom and we thought we killed the spirit but then everything got worse. I prayed to God to let me defeat the spirits and when we went to look for them, I could see them. It was a demon and I started fighting it. It was all hand-to-hand combat but I eventually killed it. I then fought a spider demon and killed it but can't remember anything else.

      In my other dream, I dreamt that i bought a Scion or something. I went with Cristiam to pick it up. I had specifically asked for modded rims. The car was black and red with matching rims. If we took the top off the car, it would turn into an ATV. The old man selling me the car drove around his store with it and then it turned into an RC car that also worked as a helicopter. Cristiam drove the RC car/helicopter around for a bit and me and the shop owners were visibly annoyed that he just kept playing.
    14. 2/11/2014

      by , 02-27-2014 at 04:56 AM
      I was in a big crowd in a stadium and the girl directing the show called me out to be on the stage. I went down and there were 12 women on stage and 11 had no shirts on. The one without a shirt was a beautiful brunette with big breasts and a green shirt. While the show was going, I would jump around the things they had on stage. The crowd got mad and the girl directing the show asked why I was doing that. I stood there for a second or two before saying I was excited because I had over 10 boobs in front of me. The show girls seemed disappointed and the men in the crowd cheered while the women booed. The announcer said I shouldn't of said that cus of the female crowd. Then, the lights changed and some black dude started jumping from colored board to colored board. The whole stadium then started walking towards some event. We had backpacks with equipment because it was going to be a few days' trip. We came to a stop when some kid that exclaimed he was a swimmer dunked a basketball. There was a huge board and beyond it, water. We had to go through it but no one wanted to get wet. I tried scaling around the wall but it was difficult since it was eaten up by the water. Once I made it up, I couldn't run because there were twigs and branches and I didn't have any shoes on. I jumped back down and the water was almost gone but was rising. A few people were with me and I let them know. I ran back towards the crowd and jumped on a platform that was next to a wall. I noticed a huge gold statue holding up a torch. The statue was were the city was and it was facing away from us. The huge statue was the Colossus. The water got too high and I had to dive in. When I did, the weight the weight of my backpack caused me to do a front flip while underwater. I made it to ground but was the only one there. I found an old man in the old medieval-looking city and we teamed up. I told him we would loot the cars for supplies but we needed shelter from enemies and the cold. The first house in front of us would put us in the paths our enemies would take so we went around the corner into an alley and into a small home. Once we entered, the old man asked me to find anything weird in the room. I started going up the stairs when a closet door started opening behind me. I went down and there was a spirit. I hit it and suddenly, the old man was a zombie skeleton. I struck him with my sword and he tried to run so I chased after him. I killed him using a lightning spell. My hand had a glove with lights that would turn off depending on how much mana I had left. The old man then appeared out of hiding. He showed me what he found and we acquired minor supplies and useful melee weapons and magical supplies.
    15. 'He's not going to forget' and missing pages

      by , 02-19-2014 at 10:49 PM
      Various non-lucid scenes: two immortals discussing faith and religion while rummaging around one's kitchen; the owner of the kitchen and her mother are both christian, and I'm surprised and intrigued since I hadn't found that to be very compatible with physical immortality. Rose and Martha meeting all the past incarnations of the Doctor in the TARDIS. There's some fantastical mystery involving spirits, and I was tasked with demonstrating the rational, physical origins of the events - the drama with the spirits is still considered real, but as a sort of reflection of the physical world, not actually physically present there - however, now that I believe it's all been solved and wrapped up, I'm asked a series of questions that force me to go through and reevaluate all my conclusions, suggesting there may be another answer. IWTV references, thinking about Lestat's life-has-no-more-meaning-what-if-i-could-give-you-a-new-life speech, resulting in a bit of an IWTV-themed power trip. That ended in an unpleasant party, which I left and returned to my IRL home.

      In my home, looking out the window I've noticed various construction or roadwork or similar workers out in the street, and one of them's walking up the driveway. I move away from the windows since I need to go put some proper clothes on, but before I can do anything more than that I hear two of them inside the house, just in the next room. I'm aware that when I deliberately moved away from the windows, they'd mistakenly believed there was no one home and came inside. So I step into sight now and ask them wtf. They're surprised to see someone home. They talk briefly to each other. One of them says, "He's not going to forget. How do you want to do this?" After that, the two of them raise tools as if they're weapons - one of them's holding a hammer, the other a mallet - and although I'm aware this is a dream (I'm thinking as if I knew it all along but felt no need to act on that knowledge before now), I have difficulty defeating them or removing them. In that case, I decide to summon up something to remove them for me - I think of a dragon. One doesn't appear, but instead, as a direct result of that thought, I have a feeling that I think of as "a part of me that hasn't been fed," and with a voice much deeper than my own I say "Get the fuck out of my home," after which I see fire. Then I'm looking at the fire from a distance - I'm somewhere outside, and neither the burning cottage I'm looking at nor the scenery has any resemblance to my IRL home, I've completely changed scenes. Despite this, I believe that I've succeeded in removing those two from the house and feel satisfied.

      False awakening. I'm in a bed - not one I'm familiar with IRL, though I believed it was in a relative's house - and I reach for my dream journal. I can't find an empty page to write in, and I realize this is an old journal, one I'd already filled up. A few pages have been torn out.
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