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    1. The Hunt for the Hot Springs

      by , 07-08-2019 at 01:27 AM
      I'm out on a long backpacking trip with some people. Our destination is some sort of hot springs, and we are apparently still several days away form reaching it. I spot some steam coming up from a group of trees in the distance and point it out to the leader. He says that's not the right one and we keep going. Eventually, we make it to a hot springs that a building has been built on top of and has created artificial pools and such. We go inside where the staff welcome us and tell us some information.

      Later, I'm in line at a cafeteria and I'm being patient waiting for it to open while everyone else is very impatient. The lady in charge tells everyone to back off and tells me to come up front since I was behaving. When the doors open up, I go in first to find that they are only serving one thing, some kind of bread, and I don't want to eat it. I suggest to some people that we should go out to eat somewhere.
    2. The Sisters

      by , 02-07-2012 at 05:48 AM
      Myself and two girls, whom I feel are my sisters, (I do not have any sisters is real life) are at what seems to be my elementary school at night. The ground is under a thick layer of water, roughly 2-3 feet high (75-110 cm). A play fight/war involving water powers and water balloons between two factions of students is occurring. I am ducked behind some walls and suddenly the sisters come to my side to help, we talk about our situation. Suddenly a black/purple butterfly comes near the area, it is what feels like my mother (It is not actually my mom but it is the closest feeling I can describe, she has long black hair {My mom has blonde mid-length hair}. The butterfly morphs into a more human figure and also begins helping in the water wars. Water is parted and the opposite side loses, by what rules, I have no idea! After being aided by these 3 girls we all run out of the area; the water has cleared from the ground and I pass the classroom where I was taught in 5th and 6th grade. As we exit, I see that my 2 sisters and mother have changed shape. 1 sister becomes a bug, like a roach,beetle, or ladybug. The other sister is also some variant of bug. The mom is back to being a butterfly I think. I don't change but instead keep up by skipping backwards, calmly keeping pace, almost like dancing. I nearly step on one sister. The moon is out (It has been throughout the dream and it shines like an almost ethereal, full white moon). As we exit school via a staircase that is connected to the school, 1 sister (younger?) darts up the street, turning a right at the end of the street. My other sister and I follow up to the next entrance of the school (which is at the top of the next street, rather than where we exited). The younger sister is standing there alone and in tears. She is encompassed by a red aura that affects even the sky around us. This aura feels sadistic and I see that she has what appears to be a billhook. The older sister and myself are not afraid but rather melancholic and understanding, we comfort her and the younger sister accepts it. The scene (not necessarily dream) changes and our lives seemingly pass in an almost movie like montage. We are in a hot-spring. The mom is there but I have trouble focusing in on her. The 2 sisters and I watch each other and keep close and embrace tightly (in a kinship kinda way)...Suddenly credits out of no where!!! Some credits like you would see at the end of a movie pop out and my perception is no longer 1st person but rather watching the credits and a still-frame of myself and the sisters. The credits appear to be either Chinese or Japanese...I wake up as they end.
    3. Hot springs.

      by , 11-14-2011 at 04:54 AM (Typho's DJ)

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    4. 08/15/10 The Cleansing Waters

      by , 08-16-2010 at 11:13 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Note: My recall lately has been sucking, but last night it took a rocket ship right out of this world, straight to epic! My plans were simple enough… first to go pick up MoSh, Asuka, and the kids to take them to the healing hot springs in the biodome on the moon, and then to maybe complete a task from the list of tasks of the month from Mortal Mist which include a basic task of summoning a large thunder storm, an intermediate task of stepping through a mirror, and an advanced task of multiplying or cloning one's self. So I used my light / sound machine and slipped into a WILD that turned out to be much more epic than I expected. I will be breaking it into a few parts here…

      Since my first goal was to fetch MoSh and his family, I appeared in the usual place within MoSh's inner world that I always appear. I went to the door and knocked on it, Asuka came to the door and said MoSh was just about to arrive into a deep dream state. She said she would get the kids and be ready to go, I could help myself to some cookies in the mean time. I saw a plate of steaming cookies on the table in the living room. I reached for a cookie, but before I could take one, a big black dog ate them all, seemed to grin at me, and then left the room. Soon Asuka returned with MoSh and the kids. Asuka looked at the empty cookie plate and commented that I must have been hungry, I was going to say I hadn't even eaten one, but everyone was in a hurry to go, so we left. I opened a portal back to the biodome, and entered the place near the koi pond.

      When I got to the koi pond I saw there was someone there. It was a man, and he was looking into the koi pond, watching the fish, and I wondered if he was one of the people I had suggested meet me there. I went over to him and tried to get his attention. I told him I was Raven, asked who he was, but he didn't seem very lucid at all. He just stared into the water at the colorful fish, finally he made a comment as to how pretty they were, and then he looked at me with a blank look in his eyes. He asked me if I had ever seen the fish fly so beautifully… um… I said they aren't flying, they're swimming, but he still looked out of it. He looked back at the fish… he had dark hair that came to about the base of his neck, was wearing jeans and a solid black t-shirt, he had a pendant around his neck that was silver and had some blue gems set in it… I couldn't see it very well, though… then he disappeared.

      So now I went with MoSh and the others down the path to the hot springs, where Asuka climbed slowly in, a small amount of dirty brown stuff washed off of her… and quickly dispersed into the water. MoSh did a graceless cannonball, soaking everyone in the vicinity, including me… I considered getting into the water, but then I stopped myself… I didn't want to do that, I had too much dark energy in me now, and I figured getting in there now wouldn't be of any benefit as it would take some of my energy away and put unnecessary contamination into the water. So I watched MoSh and Asuka in the water along with the kids. The kids were playing around and having fun, MoSh and Asuka were sitting close together on the other side of the spring. MoSh waved to me to come on it, the water is great, I commented to him about why I wasn't going to do that, and added that I had some other goals I wanted to accomplish. MoSh said if I needed help he could go with me after he spent a while in the spring. I said I was going to complete a task of the month for Mortal Mist first, but I could come back and maybe pick him up later.

      I turned to walk away from the spring and was almost knocked back into the water by a ball of excited fur jumping into my arms. I kept my balance and realized the ball of fur was a cute fox, it was no doubt Pablo, showing up in his fox form yet again. Cute! So as I pondered where it would be safe to create a massive thunder storm I walked through the biodome and petted Pablo as I went, scratching him behind his ears to hear him purr. I finally decided that just outside the biodome, on the moon itself, would be a good place for a storm, so that's where I headed…

      To be continued…