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    1. The Hunt for the Hot Springs

      by , 07-08-2019 at 01:27 AM
      I'm out on a long backpacking trip with some people. Our destination is some sort of hot springs, and we are apparently still several days away form reaching it. I spot some steam coming up from a group of trees in the distance and point it out to the leader. He says that's not the right one and we keep going. Eventually, we make it to a hot springs that a building has been built on top of and has created artificial pools and such. We go inside where the staff welcome us and tell us some information.

      Later, I'm in line at a cafeteria and I'm being patient waiting for it to open while everyone else is very impatient. The lady in charge tells everyone to back off and tells me to come up front since I was behaving. When the doors open up, I go in first to find that they are only serving one thing, some kind of bread, and I don't want to eat it. I suggest to some people that we should go out to eat somewhere.
    2. February 8ish, 2019 Frag

      by , 02-12-2019 at 04:17 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I had been in my mom's kitchen with my mom. We had talked about doing mushrooms. She had a snake on her head, that or her head had turned into a snake's head. I thought she might've been mother ayahuasca. The dream also went to my high school for show choir.

      I had another dream where I was in high school in my cafeteria line picking out food but I was vegetarian having a hard time finding food I could eat.
    3. Day 110: Breaking the System

      by , 05-31-2018 at 02:53 PM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Fell asleep at: 12:00 AM

      Woke up at: 7:30 AM

      Dream 94: securityguard.exe has stopped working

      School cafeteria; daytime, in line for lunch. I remember it perfectly, macaroni and cheese, bread, corn, and PB&J. The line was getting shorter by the second until I reached the register. The PB&J morphed into a grilled cheese, something I thought was odd but never acted on it.

      Approaching the register I see not a lunch lady, but a female security guard (One that I'm familiar with). She tells me that I couldn't have the grilled cheese because I already grabbed a mac & cheese. This made no sense to me seeing as I saw three kids walk by her with both a grilled and mac & cheese.

      Then she says I will only acquire both food items if I prove to her I'm a true Christian(?). She asks me a couple pretty easy questions but one ends up tripping me, "What is one famous Christian Russian philosopher?" I don't happen to know any Russian Christian philosophers myself, so I end up guessing.

      Then she breaks.

      For whatever reason, her face is frozen with her mouth wide open, and speaking in tongues. Her gaze is locked straight on me as I try to get away from her. She doesn't move an inch, but she's still speaking in tongue. I end up leaving the school building with my lunch.
    4. Day 18 and 19: Vivid Burst

      by , 03-03-2018 at 04:55 PM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Day 18:

      Fell asleep at: 10:30 PM

      Woke up at: 6:40 AM

      Dream 14: For Dear Life

      I remember exiting out of my grandma's neighborhood during the dead of night. My brother and brother-in-law and I are sitting in the backseat of an oversized truck, which my sister is driving.

      None of us are wearing our seatbelts, nor did I find any around. I'm clinging onto my seat as my sister swerves around town. The seat is straight metal, so even trying to maintain a grip is impossible. We stopped by a water fountain as a red light mercifully saved me from falling off the car.

      Dream 15: Expected Laziness

      I'm in an unidentifiable interior setting. It resembles a library, combined with some sort of coffee shop. It seems some people from school are preparing for a race.

      All of them are getting into position, and I manage to sneak my way past them and into another room. Two people I know are there, N.Rio and Mike. Both of them are sitting on a black couch in front of a window. Looking out the window, there was another white cuboidal building off in the distance.

      N.Rio and Mike are both on their phones. And since mine was (And still is) broken, I just stared at what they were watching. I remember coming across as awkward and nosy, but beyond that there wasn't much else.

      Dream 16: Rolling Chairs are Awesome

      Now it's lunchtime. Talking to some DCs, I bring up the undeniable fact that rolling chairs are the best thing one could ask for. To demonstrate my point, I tell them I can get from place to place without even getting out of my chair. My destination? The other side of the cafeteria.

      Rolling around at the speed of sound, I race my way past the cluttered cafeteria and to a table where the lunch ladies are sitting, across from where I was at. I hand them my chair, pretending that there's something wrong with it, and I ask them if I can go to the restroom. I guess I thought it was weird that I'd show up there for no reason and head back, so I improvised a reason for doing so when I got there.

      Day 19:

      Fell asleep at: 4:00 AM

      Woke up at: 7:30 AM

      Dream 17: Dang it...

      I remember having a really vivid dream today, but my two puppies woke me up so I forgot all about it. They bark when they're hungry, thirsty, angry, happy, jealous, or when they feel anything at all.
    5. Cafeteria, Roommate Accusations

      by , 09-11-2015 at 10:51 PM
      In a cafeteria. Talk to roommate about political issues. Roommate accuses me of being an anarchist.
    6. A Strange Place To Work

      by , 03-10-2015 at 03:51 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #420 - DILD - 5:27AM

      I was experimenting with meditation pre-bed and after a brief awakening. This dream is the after effect. Sadly, lucidity was short, but the non lucid part was just as interesting.

      I am late for work and I get there just before lunch break. There is some sort of potluck in the break room and I go ahead and help myself to a plate. My old boss is there and she is mad that I got into the food already, but I don't pay her much attention. I recall eating some brisket, corn and (I think) mashed potatoes. After I eat I am at the smoker tables outside talking about the meal. I find out that I was supposed to pay $2 for a plate and some people are irritated about it. I tell them I will pay the $2 later. Bethany asks how I like the brisket. She says it was made by her family and has been smoking for a whole year. She adds that when customers ask to have something smoked, they put the brisket back in. I say, "Wow! A whole year? Funny... it didn't taste smoked." I thought I should have looked for the barbeque sauce.

      I am going into the bathroom. The entryway is long and maze-like. I quickly see that the bathroom is now co-ed. I remember how I joked about this. I feel odd walking up to a urinal as ladies come out of stalls. The urinal is very strange. There is an extra back wall with partition in the middle of a watery toilet bowl hole in the floor. It appears that this is a shared urinal. I pee getting it mostly on the floor. I have a thought that this seems a lot like one of my dream signs; strange bathrooms. Before I can think too much about this, I am distracted by the feel of my right foot touching bare on cold moist tile. I quickly pick it up and rest it on my other foot that has a shoe. I am really worried about getting floor pee on my foot and I try to forget the fact that it's actually too late. I focus back on my peeing and see there is now a realistically colored, plastic penis sticking up out of the water. This really freaks me out and I decide I am done peeing. Billy walks up to the other side of the urinal and I think to make a joke about the plastic penis, but I feel this is all too awkward. I wash my hands and step out of the restroom.

      I am now in what looks like a really awesome cafeteria. I wonder when they remodeled and someone says it only took one day. I remark on this and the man seems to think I was scoffing. I assure him that I was just impressed by how fast they put all of this together. I see some pop machines and an intricate snack bar with the Pizza Hut logo. I say something to the man working the snack bar in Pizza Hut uniform and then pass by a salad bar. I look down the long room and see lots of tables and booths full of people. I turn right and see more vending machines and a strange public shower thing like at the beach. There is a sign that reads, "Warm your feet." My feet do feel cold, so I put my bare foot in the water. It's nice and warm, but I am getting totally wet from the over-spray, so I leave. I back up and see a hallway down to the right of all the people seated at restaurant booths.

      In the hallway is a large, bald, white man with a basketball. He looks pretty fierce and is staring me down has he bounces the ball. I try to ignore the man and intend to walk past him, but I am distracted by the many over-head dryers blowing warm air on me. It feels really nice and warm and I'm much dryer now.

      There is some slight memory gap or glitch and I am in the same hallway, but I am trying to get into a large slit in a wall. It's tight and I have to pull myself up a bit, but the strain of my muscles feels nice and I have lots of strength. However, I start to feel claustrophobic, so I pause. The bald man starts screaming at me, "Run! Get through! Scream like it's the Apocalypse!." I give a huge effort and I am suddenly past the opening in a very small triangular attic. I see that I have removed some metal plate from where the large slit in the wall was and I drop the screws that are in my hand. There are more openings ahead and to either side of me that look even more tight. The feeling of claustrophobia grips me again, but now something finally clicks and I realize this is all just a dream. I feel relief from my discomfort and tell myself that no opening is too small in a dream. All fear leaves me as I squeeze myself through a very small hole. I get caught at the waist, but I relax and let myself pour out like liquid.

      I am outside, several stories high and I jump down. The feeling of falling grips my stomach so tight that my whole body tenses up and I grunt a bit. I smile at the illusionary dream sensation as I gently touch my feet to the grass on the ground. It's a bright, sunny day and as I look at my hands, I marvel that I am completely immersed in an environment that's generated in my own mind power. I look up and see I am outside of my workplace. I am on the south east side where there are no entry ways. I recall being really impressed with the oddities inside and want to work my way back in. I try to take a step forward, but I am surprised that my feet have zero traction. I begin to loose my sense of gravity and the dream starts to collapse. I incorrectly assume that I am waking up and forget to try stabilization.

      I lose lucidity and have a short segment where I see the crazy bald man back inside the hallway with the dude from the cafeteria. Baldy forcefully kisses the other guy who seems disgusted and pulls away. He starts to storm off, but pauses and rushes back to return the kiss. Thankfully, I wake up at this point.

      This dream may have been partially inspired by The Internship with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.

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    7. 10/21/2014

      by , 11-10-2014 at 03:13 AM

      I was in an apartment complex talking to people I recognized. I moved around the area a lot, seeing some man-made ponds of water. I entered a building and saw a girl and asked when she was moving in, "In a few weeks" she replied. I looked at my watch, which showed the time 38:38. I wondered if I was dreaming and looked around. I asked the girl I was talking to "Hey, the time is 38:38, right?" She giggled and said "Sure?" which made me realize I was dreaming!
      I flew up and around the cafeteria-looking area and had fun. I climbed to the roof of a place where food is cooked and as I scaled it, it broke, almost causing me to fall. I felt scared and the girls yelled out for me to be careful. I pulled myself up and decided to jump down. It was a pretty long fall but I reminded myself "This is a dream! Nothing can hurt me!" I jumped down the tall place I was standing on and when I landed, I felt a slight jolt of pain on my feet, which made me do a parkour roll. I ran on some walls and flew around, doing whatever came to mind as the area got more populated. Again, the thought of playing with water came to me.
      I raised my right hand and tried to conjure an orb of water. Nothing. I wasn't going to give up in this dream. I ran and hovered over the floor, passing through people looking for any sort of water. I was in a college campus so I looked for a water fountain, eventually finding one outside. The water inside the water fountain was dirty and had mud, it wasn't clean so I flew away in search of another fountain with cleaner water. Again, I flew around and through people and found a water fountain that looked like the one in my apartment complex. There were many people sitting in tables talking to each other. I brought my right hand up and attempted to control the water in the fountain, but nothing happened. I stuck my hand in the water and as I brought it out, I noticed the water fly from my fingertips. I repeated this a few times and eventually said "I can control water like I control telekinesis!" I stuck my hand in the water and brought it out, again noticing the water come out of my fingertips. I had an idea: That's where the water will come out from.
      I shifted the palm of my hand upward, pointed my fingers towards the sky, and expected water come out of my finger tips... It did! Blue water kept shooting upwards from my finger tips as I finally succeeded in controlling water. I yelled out "I did it!" and heard people starting to cheer. I decided to wake up into a false awakening.

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    8. Chuck Norris!

      by , 10-01-2014 at 10:52 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      Waiting in line for some cafeteria food at a university, I suspect I might be dreaming. I do a reality check by seeing if I can put my hand through the cinder block wall. I can! Now that I'm dreaming, I don't have to wait in line at all. I use telekinesis to pull fried chicken from across the room into my outstretched hand. Catching it, I put it on my plate as I hold my tray with my other hand.

      Not that interested in food since I'm dreaming, I just sit down at one of the cafeteria tables, and run my hand through them like water. It feels really cool. After a bit of doing this, I look up and see none other than Chuck Norris sitting across from me. "Holy Sh!t, it's Chuck Norris!" I yell to get everyone's attention. I forget I'm dreaming as I assume everyone would appreciate being graced by Chuck Norris' company....
    9. Crashing into the pink and gold planet, The easter island heads beach, Destiny

      by , 08-27-2014 at 04:53 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I am at the helm of a spaceship exploring another solar system. I can recall there is an inner system of gas planets and an outer system of gas planets, leaving room in the middle for a belt of smaller rocky planets to orbit. This is the area that command has asked us to explore.
      Anyways, I end up falling asleep at the helm, only to be awoke by the ships alarm because the radar has picked up that we are near the surface of something. I wake up and see that we are flying dangerously low over the surface of a very strange planet.
      The planet has a bright pink surface, with pink boulders scattered about, and there are huge golden crystals jutting out from the surface. In some of the crystals there were evidence of carving as though an alien civilization had carved out the inside of the golden crystals into homes.
      Regardless, we are about to crash. I begin turning the ship upwards, and fire the main engine. The main engine is rather slow however, and after about fifteen seconds and almost no change in velocity we run out of fuel.
      The ship ends up crashing into a large golden crystal. I somehow survive. Command scolds me for falling asleep at the helm and killing my entire crew... But I was alone.
      I know that I am going to die, but I figure I might as well explore some of the hollowed out crystals in my space suit before I run out of oxygen. I think eventually I do run out of oxygen and discover that what I have been doing was actually just a training simulation and I failed because I fell asleep.

      I do not recall much at all about this dream. It feels like I might have actually had this dream years ago and perhaps only recalled it now. I don't even recall the plot of the dream, only the location that it took place in.
      I recall a beach with Easter island heads on it. Everywhere. They all looked exactly the same but some were broken. Some were tipped over. Some had palm trees growing out of them. The beach is beautiful. The water is clear and blue, and the clouds in the sky looked amazing. It was a very vivid dream.
      I can also recall being on a boat and going down a river that let out into the ocean. I think Manei may have been there but I am not sure.

      H has invited me to go to a convention/event type thing where we are going to get an early-release copy of the game Destiny. Anyways me and a few hundred people are waiting around in what sort of feels like the cafeteria to my old middle school. (Yes we get to put a because there is a connection to my old middle school. In fact, we get to put two. I hated middle school.)
      Anyways I am sitting at the table with H and my cousin and many other people. I look around and think that the crowd is awfully young to be playing this game. I mean this is an officially sponsored event by Bungie, and I think that Destiny is going to be rated T or M, so having almost the entire crowd by eight-year-olds is a little odd. Granted, there are some older people in here, but me and them are in the minority.
      Also, to add to the childishness of the event all of the tables boxes of crayons and coloring pages. I don't remember actually coloring anything, but I think H was. We sat there for what felt like a really long time and caught up.
      Anyways, to decide who gets an early-release copy of Destiny you get to draw a card out of this jar. If you get a white card, you have to leave, but if you get a card that is sort of a teal color then you win a free copy, and get to stay and play in a big LAN party with everyone. I end up getting a white card but somebody else lets me have their card, them having a teal one obviously. I wake up a few moments after they give me the card.
    10. More fragments, better than nothing

      by , 08-14-2014 at 12:05 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      .../I'm arguing with my dad about something, I'm getting angry with him for something I don't remember/...

      * Unfortunately I didn't have a piece of paper at hand to write fast notes when I woke up from this first dream, there were a lot more but didn't want to wake up too much. I saw myself writing some notes, turning on the netbook, exploring different options, but always gave up because of the possibility of not being able to go back to sleep.

      .../I'm in the old cafeteria at the university, I see the lady who served there and we talk about something. I'm hungry and ask her to give me something to eat and drink. It looks like it's late and there's no more. I got a glass of some fruit juice although I wanted a Coke. There's a piece of broken glass in it, I drink it anyway leaving the little piece at the bottom. I think I may go to the canteen, got some chicken from somebody first, I finish it before getting in/...

      .../I'm getting back to another house from my university times, it's in front of a park, there are two women lying on the grass. They same to be half naked, and kiss each other. I see my wife on another grass spot, at first glance she looks like she's not covering her breasts, although when I get closer, she's lying face down. We talk something and get into the house/...

      * That house uses to appear from time to time, now it has a third floor. Those days was just one floor on the ground.

      * It wouldn't be a bad idea to put some recalling tools close to my bed, since these days I will have some more time

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    11. 7/1/14 - airplane cartoon

      by , 07-01-2014 at 10:41 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm walking in a sloppy line and there are teachers keeping us in line as we walk next to this blue and red airplane. The other people in this line are kids, they look like 5th graders, but I'm a cartoon character, like a cross between sonic the hedgehog and marvin the marshian. I'm shorter than all of them, I'm touching the airplane and I shouldn't but I feel the need to disobey, then my grandma runs through the line to get to me to try and catch me, but it was too late because I touched the airplane again and an engine burst on at full speed and I flew into the air, then I landed on the other side of the plane and my grandma was there waiting for me, we get into a different line that leads into a school cafeteria, their are middle schoolers in there. She tells me I shouldn't be wearing sandles to go in there so she makes me run around the corner to get some vans slip-ons to grow up or something but then a grab a old crappy razor scooter to ride around the corner and she tries to stop me but i'm faster, then I come back with different shoes and a new scooter. Then the line moves enough for us to be inside, and once into the door the temperature changes the sound changes and my scooter is gone and now I look like I'm in middle school too. I see that we;'re in line for the salad bar type thing in the cafeteria, I look to the roll out tables and see they're all full but it doesn't bother me. I grab a plate and think to myself that I have no appetite right now, but the line move more and I see apple crisp stuff and decide to get some, my sister is on the other side and says she got the rest of the apple pie, I tell her it's alright and that I like the crisp part of the apple crisp better anyways and put some on my plate, then I look up and see this girl watching me and I get nervous and try to get away and get my sister and grandma to hurry up.
    12. Rebuilding Recall

      by , 04-30-2014 at 01:16 AM (Lucid Time!)
      This is old and I never published it for some reason.

      Four or five people are sitting around a table and are snorting cocaine. They offer me to join. I decline.

      I am at some cafe or food court area. There are several restaurants. Only one of them is open; a pizza place. I ask the person behind the to please get me some pizza. She gives me a pita bread with some ketchup on it. Some other dream characters come, and the woman gives them actual pizza. I am jealous and ask some of the other dream characters if they were willing to share. They are not.
      Several other food-related things took place. Some of the other restaurants came open. I went to a chinese restaurant where they offered noodles. I tried to purchase noodles but they gave me raw dry noodles.

      I am in some industrial park or power plant area. Odd mix of heavy industry and nature. I find a hole with a ladder leading underground. I open it and some man emerges wearing heavy high-tech looking armor, something like the fallout armor.
      The armor grants him superhuman strength and he begins throwing rocks and large pieces of stone at me and other dream characters. Me and the other dream characters fight back by [dream logic] throwing fruit [/dream logic] Supposedly it was because the fruit had acid in it that would cause the armor to rust and freeze up.

      I get hit by one of the rocks, and die but become partially lucid upon the moment of my death and reset the situation.
      I help coordinate the dream characters and instead of simply attacking we plan an ambush and end up defeating the man in the armor.

      I am in what feels like a combination of a shopping mall and my middle school. I am lucid, and try to throw a plasma ball. It fails.

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    13. 4/22/2014

      by , 04-23-2014 at 02:57 AM
      I remember becoming aware for a few seconds in one of my dreams.

      I was in a huge cafeteria and with a lot of people. Some dude wanted to fight me but I don't remember what happened I was then taking a dump in a bathroom that I think was very dirty

      I went underwater into a beautiful reef that was enclosed on all sides. I saw 2 little fish-like things. One with 1 fin and another with 2 fins. The one I wanted to talk to was the one with 2. We swam around jellyfish and I warned the fish with 2 fins, who was a girl, not totouch the tentacles, only the caps of the jellyfish. The jellyfish were floating upwards and created a beautiful square wall with their tentacles. I took my phone out and took a picture of the jellyfish wall. The fish with 2 fins then turned into a mermaid and we kept talking and even took pictures together.
      I was then on some bed in an apartment and the mermaid had grown legs. She started giving my apparent roommate a massage and I was mad because she was mine but not really because I never asked her out. I was still jelly. She left and she suddenly turned into Christa and would talk all retarded. I got disgusted and left to some karate place where the teacher/instructor was testing us on how to make origami out of popcorn bags. I didn't know what I was doing but Chenn from drill helped me while the professor wasn't looking.
    14. 1/23/14 - army genocide and hide

      by , 01-23-2014 at 07:16 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      Me and some random DC's, about 2 woman and three men are hurriedly walking through this cafeteria, it's dim and loud and it looks futuristic. Then we barge into this door and walk into this room that it brightly lit up, we all sit down, I don't know what's going on but I just float along, they're making plans for trying to find someone, someone bad. Then one of the guys shows us a video of who we're after on a little video recorder, we see in the video this blonde girl and this brunette guy who has this man strapped into a hospital bed, and they put a shot into him and say it's to paralyze him and that they need to to do experiments on him, then suddenly as we are watching one of the guy in our group seems enraged he points to the blonde girl in our group and says "That's you in the video!", then we all look at her, he says how could she because he became closer to her than all of us in fact he had a crush on her, she looked worried and innocent and kept saying we don;t understand and that she can explain, I got the vibe that she was right, because the guy who showed us the video seemed suspicious and conniving, and he had this dirty smirk the whole time the guy was yelling at the girl, so I knew we didn't have the full story and that it was probably necessary, then the girl said that the guy strapped up was a zombie and that it was necessary for the sake of all the people, but the guy who liked her was to infuriated and reached for his gun, and by the time we all looked back to her she had ran through the door that led to more brightly lit up lab rooms. They all took chase after her, and I followed, we got into a room that had three doors with windows, one door was from where we came from back into the lit building, one door that led outside to the left gated area, and one in front that led outside to another gated area. This room is lit with outside day light. The girl ran out the front door straight ahead, and she jammed it shut, me and the others realize it's of no use and importance so they go out the the left outside area. I stand in this a room a little longer watching the guy who loved her and the conniving guy angrily try everything to get into that room, she's just looking through the window with a pained look on her face, then she walks away. The guy who loved her climbs up the wall a bit to the vent that leads to her outside area and brakes the glass above, I'm not worried because I know she's probably gotten away so I lose interest because my interest was the blondes safety, so I go out the left outside door, and go sit with my comrades I guess you say. I see them sitting in the shade against the cool brick wall. Then we see the army commander on this tall stage area, he is so mad and he's angry about one of my comrades, he wants to kill him, I turn to him and tell him we need to sneak away because now the commander has ordered his men to search this area, so I grabbed him and we walked through this crowded area around the corner, I hear the commander yelling in a microphone that his enemy only has a shitty shot gun, and I look to him and see he has a sawed off shot gun, I realize this will draw attention to us, but surely he needs a weapon so we keep going into crowds of people trying to hide, then we hear the commanders men shooting multiple rounds into all of my fellow comrades and people begin to run in our direction trying to get away and we begin to run away as well.
    15. 3 Typical Dreams

      by , 01-20-2014 at 04:37 PM
      1. I was walking down this dam and out of
      no where the sky got really dark, despite
      it being a sunny day. Then a tornado came
      out of no where and I hit the deck. It
      actually passed RIGHT over me, but it was
      weird because I felt no suction whatsoever
      and it was actually kind of funny. Should have
      realized this and become lucid.

      2.I first remember being at this buffet type place
      with only a couple people there. I can distinctly
      remember grabbing my plate, then getting a piece
      of chicken parm pizza, potato wedges (which the guy
      had JUST put out, so they were fresh and yummy), and
      then went back to get a piece of chocolate pie. I then
      walked outside and realized I had forgotten to pay.
      Then I went back inside to do so and everyone working
      there was all freaked out for some reason and packing up.
      Then the dream got a little less concrete and I remember
      going out back and helping some guy replace the water heater,
      which I'm not sure what had to do with anything else but yeah.

      3. I was at school and in the restroom there were a bunch of people
      texting, not too unreasonable. However I then went back to lunch and
      the bell rang, and for some reason I was just moving really slow
      (happens to me a lot in dreams, despite my best efforts) and I
      was late to class. Then the teacher came running out of the room and
      said he had the wrong class and told everyone to wait in the cafeteria.
      Then a bunch of cops showed up (some of which were my teachers, weird)
      and began this big investigation of I'm not sure what. That's about all
      I remember.
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