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    1. Sunday, June 24

      by , 08-15-2018 at 07:35 PM
      I am with Dad, getting food inside a Starbucks. Weíre going to take it somewhere, so I have to cover it. The food looks like fried rice with something on it - some cooked food that you would not really find at a Starbucks. It comes out in a small, shallow, long cardboard container. I cover it with another same but empty container. I try to cover it completely, but the pieces of cardboard have become smaller. I ask the girl working for two pieces of tape, remembering the masking tape they have, and end up with two pieces of scotch tape. They secure the coverings on the food fairly well. Now, Dad, Makayla, and I are walking into My Pie with the food. We sit at the counter, and Dad says some of the food is for Makayla - but not my sister, a Makayla working here? It almost feels like they are the same though and just in two different places at the same time? We start eating some of the food, as well as some food from My Pie. A lady abruptly comes over and tells the three of us that we need to leave and waits by the door. I think they leave, but I do not. I ask them why we have to leave, but they wonít leave [?]. To me, this merits my not leaving. I am sure it is because of us bringing and eating our food, but since they will not simply tell me that, I am choosing to stay and make a scene about it. I notice the whole room is full of seated people - all employees?- watching. There is at least one table of non-employees; Gunnar is seated at the end and side closest to me. Our gazes briefly meet, and on the second occurrence of this we both smile and nod at each other. To be even more of an ass right now, I go over to talk to him. I crouch down and place my hand on his shoulder, asking something like Ďhey buddy, howís it going?í His hair is cut shorter, in that sort of styled bowl cut almost all young teen boys wear, and it causes him to look much younger (just about what he looked like in elementary school). Though he smiles, I see sadness behind his eyes. I remember what Reilly did to him and think he must still be hurt from it. I think there is some empathy in his gaze as well. I think about how we have both cut our hair short since, and wonder if he might comment on it or just stick with the silent knowing that we both went through about the same thing. He is sitting by another blonde boy that also looks very juvenile and suspiciously like Nelson Neiman (maybe just a slightly older Nelson). I am now back to making a scene again and asking for the manager. There are two ladies, and Iím not sure which is which position and not sure how each feels about the situation. One of them tells me her name is Tanya? It seems to be just us and the spectating employees now. There is a counter between her and me - it kind of looks like weíre in a kitchen (kind of like the one is Krisí condo). When sheís still talking but has turned away from me, I duck down behind the counter, thinking itíll be funny to have her turn around and see me missing. Right before this, it almost felt like we were going to fight. I understand they have the right to tell us to leave, but we also need to know why. Makaylaís thoughts about this whole thing enter my consideration - Iím not sure how she feels about it. It occurs to me that I might be jeopardizing some employees (all except for a core group thatís not as dispensable to them?) but I continue to push it. I end up running out of the building when she is not looking. I walk around the outside of this house, still trying to stay out of sight. I notice employees walking around in groups. There are three a little ways out by what looks like a small river. I let some spot me, and when they do, they return to the house. I round the corner, right into another group, but jump over them. I think Iíve just showered and have a towel on.
    2. Almost Had Sex w/ Math Tutor & Manager, Jim Carrey is Creepy & Is a Sponsor, YouTube Account Peeped

      by , 04-27-2014 at 12:23 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Almost Had Sex with Math Tutor and a Manager (DILD)


      I enter a room, and thereís an older lady thatís sitting down on a rotatable chair, you know, the fluffy black ones on wheels. Sheís typing with her left hand, and seems to be fairly busy. I sit down on a bed, or at least it felt as if I was sitting on one, seeing how it was very comfortable, and I had the urge to lay down.

      The lady looked like she was in her 50s, wore glasses, had a black and white dress shirt that had some abstract formatting, and she wore long milky manila pants. I think she starts engaging in conversation with me, and even though I canít remember what she specifically stated to me, I felt as if she was trying to be verbally sexual.

      I shrug it off, and wanted to wait until she wasnít so busy. And as Iím waiting, I look to my left, and I see someone that looks like a manager I talked to occasionally. She had the same short blonde hair, a cheeky visage where theyíre (the cheeks) are closer to her eyes, and sheís wearing a black and white dress shirt as well (in a different formatting no doubt). I think she was wearing dark brown pants, or some dark-colored pants, and she seemed to have fixated on me through peripheral vision while she was talking to someone else.

      She (let's call her "H" so I know which one she is in waking life) was within the same proximity as the other lady, and I started getting mixed feelings about what may happen. But seeing how the environment looked like it was a half-bedroom, half-office/working area, I kept making the presumption that they could just be here to inform me on something, without any kind of sexual advances to be performed after.

      But I kept getting that nagging feeling, and it just felt awkward trying to hold in sexual urges, even though it was just a dream, and couldíve spiraled into a sexual descent, and I would wake up, and not feel bad about what couldíve happened.

      But with those two people, it would be kind of weird to meet them one day, and look at them with a straight face.


      Jim Carrey is being Creepy (DILD)


      Jim Carrey is my math tutor, or I presumed he was, and how he advances to me compared to the previous dream is a lot creepier, but non-sexual thankfully.

      The environment seems to be within a large house, and Iím sitting on a chair in a living room with him.


      Jim Carrey Sponsors a Parachute Event (DILD)


      Iím watching people jump off from a helicopter, and other flying vehicles to eventually parachute their way down to what seems to be a huge forest with cliffs they could collide into.

      Apparently, Jim Carrey is sponsoring this event, and I recall one dream character that looks like the skinny dark-skinned dude I used to know at work.


      Someone Looks Into My YouTube Account (Non-lucid)


      Someone is looking into one of my YouTube accounts, and I felt as if I should panic. Though the content they were looking at didnít really seem to suggest they looked into something else. I saw something like this:

      Then I wasnít worried at all.
    3. Readings and healing at the backroom

      by , 05-18-2011 at 03:39 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Readings and healing at the backroom (Non-lucid)


      I was at work, but the store was way bigger and I had a different manager. I was told something and the manager started to laugh.

      I went to the backroom where I found a kitchen and met with a psychic. I had to find a light or something. The psychic told me she had a light, made out of her energy. She told me that as I was a psychic too, I could hold the light, but non psychic would just make the light vanish.

      The psychic offered a reading, but I told her I could make my own readings as I was able to Read the tarot. The psychic opened a small box with joints and cigarettes, offering one. I told her I did not smoke, besides of the eventual cigar. I decided to take a cigar.

      A few moments later, the psychic was giving a reading to a guy about his work. She told me that I needed to heal that guy after the reading, and I agreed. However, the psychic was smoking and bothered the guy who was receiving the reading. A few moments later, the psychic was a medium now and she needed to find some evidence on the Spirit World.
    4. Home Depot Seed Fight- 7-29-10

      by , 07-29-2010 at 01:15 PM (My Randomness)
      lol this one was funny. im inside this store, i think its home depot because were around these shelves with wood and carpet and other stuff. the floor is wooden at the start, but later it turns into tile. anyway, im with my sister and neighbor, were just standing around, when suddenly either me or K (neighbor) throws a handful of bird seed at each other, starting a big seed fight. i run off and hide behind a shelf. i see him and grab a handful of seeds, then jump out and throw them at him, but i think it misses. he then swings this really long yard stick at me, which i stop and grab right out of his hand, much to the surprise of everyone there. then this dude walks over, and we all run, i think he was the manager or something, coming to yell at us for throwing the seeds. thats all i remember.

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