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    1. bleh

      by , 03-09-2020 at 06:09 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Jamie dreams

      forgot one from the previous week. It was a dream about me and her getting married. Well, honestly I think she'd rather go to her grave than talk to me again. So keep dreaming?

      Other dreams were not good.In one dream she is visibly mad at me. In another one she is walking beside me outside at night sometime but not talking to me. In another dream I am tracking her in a large city and she is a completely different person with a new identy. She walks near me but pretends I don't exist. And i don't remember her this bad since early 2019. somethings wrong. I have no idea what, since she won't write me at all.


      Just a vague dream about meeting the people from the paranormal files again... No real details, just we were in some house exploring.

      There were other longer dreams, but as usual, when I'm ready to write them down i forget everything
    2. A little better recall.

      by , 02-04-2020 at 04:28 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Jamie 1

      A dream where I'm in a room that is dark and trying to focus. Now I'm standing by a living room where Jamie is watching TV or something. She comes up to me and kisses me.

      Jamie 2

      Similar dream to last week. We are clasping our hands over a table, And jesus is there this time giving approval.

      I Still hope something like this really happens.

      More youtube dreams

      Dream about being on some hill with some youtuber I don't like. People ask if we are friends, and I say no. People are shooting in the distance and I wake cover in a bush. Earlier I remember walking around some construction building that kept changing. Then I had a FA In some room But I saw two really large ants floating above me. I freaked out and had to leave the room.

      I had other recall that I clearly remembered all week, but it's gone now.
      Tags: jamie, youtube
      non-lucid , nightmare , side notes
    3. jVlog Guest Star

      by , 05-20-2018 at 09:00 AM
      Had a dream last night I went kit-kat shopping with Abroad In Japan, Dogen, & The Anime Man, I think I acted as some guest star in a collab vid or something, maybe a camera man.
    4. Oops.

      by , 12-20-2017 at 03:04 PM (Exterminate)
      Mountain Security Base

      In this dream I was moving from one location in the US to another. I used to live in Marshfield Wisconsin when I was a kid. I have many fond memories of it, and would like to revisit one day. In fact I intend to make my old house in Spencer Wisconsin, just 10 minutes away from Marshfield, into a persistent dream location since I have dreamed about it so much. Several months ago I moved to Illinois, which is what prompted this dream I just had today. I also just watched Moana which kind of attributed to this as well. I forget exactly which location I moved to in this dream, but it was on an island almost exactly like the one in Moana, only covered in snow. I remember passing through Marshfield, Wisconsin on the way there. In this dream I recognized the town going through it, and acknowledged this was the 3rd time being there (In the dream, there seemed to be past memories of driving past/through this town on other occasions, but not IRL). Within no time I arrived in the city and state I was intending to go. The trip was by car. I didn't spend long here, before looking at a map to see just how far away Marshfield was from here. On the map it said 18 hours away, but that was because I had to go around this huge mountain in the middle of the island. I scouted the area with some sort of drone and saw various things that looked like robots and robot enclaves. Something caused my drone to fail, so I decided it would be best to just start my journey. I packed up and started walking.

      I much liked the scenery. I looked at all the hills and trails, and trees, and even these enclaves I mentioned earlier. I tried to stay away from them, but they kept trying to get closer to me, almost to shoo me away. It wasn't long at all before I started hearing a loud alarm. It was like a high-pitched constant noise meant to warn anyone who hears it. Either that or a siren. I heard children crying, and I started to look around me. The path I was on went steadily up the mountain parallel to it. So if you continue up this path it will take you around and around until you reach the top; the mountain was so large that this path seemed quite straight however. As I looked around me I saw many guards stationed around, and 2 children being picked up by security and put into police cars. I noticed many dogs roaming around just off the path I was on. The guards, including where the children were caught appeared to be on a path just to my left about 10 or 15 feet. I then saw floodlights and chain link fences all about, and I started quickly to walk back the way I came. I don't know how far I must have walked, but it was evident I should not be here.

      A guard grabbed me by my arm on my way back and started asking me questions. She was clearly older than me. I was only around 14 in this dream for some reason, but she was around 23 or 24, fairly tall, and had long brown hair under a police hat. I asked her if this was some sort of military base and she told me I had no idea, as if it were something much more. She asked where I came from, and I told her. I told her that I didn't see much of anything, and would not tell anyone the things I had seen. (Except anyone who may be reading this blog post.) I said I would love to get a tour of the place, but I understand protocol, that it must be a very secret place and you would likely have to be a high leveled general to enter. She responded lightheartedly that just about any utility worker could gain entrance. She told the story of how they got someone in to install internet around the base, and he was given no security clearance. I was starting to think just how stupid this must be that she is sharing all this info with me, and just as I was about to say something she responded that they have a system in place that if any part of the base is tampered with or modified in any way unexpected, then the whole area goes on lockdown. The lights go out, the doors are sealed, and the area is secured until it can be investigated. I responded that it would allow them to immediately know where any breach is and who had done it. I then corrected myself to say they would not know the person's identity, but they would soon find out of course.

      Just then a second guard caught up with us and almost all dialogue ceased. He led us down a flight of stairs hidden in a rock somewhere. He asked where it was I wanted to return to, and I said the state I had come from. This was the last I had seen of the first security guard. I can only assume the worst had happened to her after our encounter. I quickly descended the staircase over and over. I could see no end in sight. The stairs were almost like a stairwell in a tall building. You could not see the next floor down until you reached it- there wasn't a clear path down the railings you could look down through. The stairs were all cramped and slanted. There was no room to stand. You must down down at an angle. They were also not all uniform either, as some went different directions. I believe there were some small landings that had exits to locations nearby, but I knew by the guard's silence that none of these were my exit. He had been going behind me the whole time, and keeping a strong pace with me. I had to gown down many steps backwards, so that allowed me to keep him in sight. He had a very stern and solemn look, as if all emotions were erased within him. Just as I came upon an exit I realized I had forgotten what state I had moved to earlier in the week. I told the guard I was to be brought back to Texas, and so it was. I exited the stairway by myself through a small vent behind some chairs in a grocery/hardware store. Nobody noticed me as I got out of the vent, covered the entrance, and walked out into the warm Texas breeze.

      Now in this dream Texas was still in the mainland, but Wisconsin, Illinois, and the other state I moved to in this dream, of which I have no recollection of the name, were all on the island with the huge mountain.

      New house
      I am not sure where this dream fits in. I feel it was a dream I had just before the one above. I recall my brother, who had the appearance of Matpat from youtube, kept showing a group of people around the house to his room. He was not the only one to do this, and I don't remember the whole purpose, but he wanted to take it an extra step each time. He would hide and wait until the whole group of us were gathered near his room, and he would throw a surprise of some sort and make a show of it. I have forgotten just what he was showing us, but it was something new each time. Eventually he changed bedrooms to a neglected part of the house. It was a small door located in a crawlspace in the basement. The door was much to small to fit through by anyone bigger than a small child, but he somehow managed. I saw this room when we moved into this house, but I had no desire to take it since I could see no easy way in. Nobody had examined this room before my brother had, so nobody had seen its potential. The people who lived in this house, and the group checking the rooms were my grandparents, my parents, my aunt and uncle, my other brother, and this brother's children. As it turns out this room was not dark or basement like at all. In fact it led to a secret part of the house that could not be seen from the outside. It was shrouded in mystery and had to use some sort of technology in its creation to hide it from prying eyes. There was a door to the left of the room that had not existed before being examined closely. This door led to a small room. It was an entry way to both an outside porch and the hidden bedroom that was there all along. You could always see this bedoom through the small door mentioned before, but you could not see its potential until you entered via this hidden hallway. The room was well lit and bare. Someone had lived here several decades prior, but this is the first time someone had gained enterance since then. It was very bright due to the outside light peering in from the veranda, and very clean as the room could not even allow for dust to gather about. Inside was just a queen size bed and a flat screen television with a mirror over it on the wall.

      Youtube video
      This one is more of a dream fragment. It involved being in the dark, on the same island mentioned above, watching a video on a computer on a desk in the middle of a fenced in area. There seemed to be nobody around, but I felt I was in danger as I watched the following videos. They were filmed by a man named David Knight of Infowars. He was showing off a new popular video game, and these images and themes hidden inside meant to program and brainwash anyone who had played it. They were obvious, but ignored by the vast majority of players. The signs had been messages from global overlords saying they would rule the people and establish their kingdom. Their way is the way of the future, and there should be no dissidents. Slowly these people in power would take over control of minor things around the population. Eventually, 1000 years down the road everything would be subtley owned, controlled, and created by the global elite. The average person would not notice it at all, but their whole lives would be under the control of some dark force unless they started to fight against it now.

      Bear in mind I actually find David Knight a very reasonable person outside of that dream, and even though I don't watch him often, I would recommend his opinions and stances on many things.
    5. An Illegal Dream?

      by , 08-10-2017 at 03:18 PM
      1st dream-(pretty uneventful) I was in my house, I didn't just wake up I was in my parents bedroom. I am watching YouTube, but this video was weird. The YouTuber's girlfriends had her breast bare. (could of become lucid because they were completely family friendly they don't even cuss at all) They're playing a game it was like black opps zombie mode, cause the map was weird and it had weapons to buy on the wall, has zombies, but it had a some things non black opps related. For one, it had a left for dead zombie called the tank and had a poison head crab from Garys mod. They were just talking and talking but I don't remember them saying anything except for hey (forgot the name) girlfriend why don't you have a shirt on. The dream ends after a while of gameplay.
      2nd dream- yall should comment cause what is in this dream is illegal. I would put it down but It is to embarrassing. (seriously what if I put it in my old dream journal and a family member reads it? I would be in trouble. but of course if no one cares I'll put down even the most disgusting stories.

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      Tags: boobs, youtube
    6. Sonic Boom but It Has 2D Animation

      by , 08-06-2017 at 02:51 PM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      I think I can officially call myself a fanboy.

      Fell asleep at: 2:00 AM

      Woke up at: 8:00 AM


      Alright so last night I had a dream that I was just on Youtube and I came across a video that went over the subject of "What if Sonic Boom was a 2D animated show?". I watched it and MAN did it look good.

      The animation was smooth, the characters looked top notch, and body movements were a sight to behold. But due to the negative association that goes towards the Boom cartoon, there were (Of course) some hate comments.

      +1 for realism I guess.


      1. This isn't the first time I've had a dream where I was using the internet (And especially Youtube).

      2. The video in question was not even close to finished. The animation was there but it looked like they still needed to clean it up a bit and add some color to it.
    7. Dream - Booming On YouTube

      by , 08-05-2017 at 01:08 PM
      Date of Dream: SAT 5 AUG - 2017

      Dream No. 170 - Booming On YouTube

      I don't remember what happened at the start of the dream. I was shopping with my mum and there were heaps of lolly shops around the place. I wanted to get some but mum wasn't too keen on the idea. Back at home, I end up checking my YouTube channel and I see that there are multiple copies of the videos that I uploaded. I listened to some of the videos of me singing songs that I have never heard of in real life. I don't remember anything else about this dream.
      Tags: shops, videos, youtube
    8. Something?

      by , 04-22-2017 at 12:15 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      This guy from Chicago just showed up at a wedding he wasn't invited to, and he didn't know anybody there. He walked over to the dance floor and passed out. Suddenly, it turned into a YouTube video. One of the comments was, "Should have said Never giving up, Livin on a prayer"
    9. Watching a Youtube video

      by , 12-02-2016 at 05:33 PM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      I didn't recall much today except that in my dream I watched a Youtube video of the LPer Muselk playing TF2 on Upward.
    10. #256 - X-Men, youtube babes

      by , 07-17-2016 at 01:32 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - X-Men
      I have a dream about x-men, it's dark and we're on top of a building, it feels like I'm watching a movie. Wolverine and Storm are there, maybe someone else. There's a helicopter too, and the weather is stormy. Wolverine had the best hair I've ever seen, it was long and flowing, black with brown and gold highlights. Storm had lightning flashing around her, and she walked up to wolverine and the lightning engulfed them both in a wicked display of effects, teleporting them somewhere else. I remember thinking "That's bullshit, she shouldn't be allowed to teleport with her power" as if she had cheated in a game or something. It was a pretty epic dream and there's a lot more to it, but this dream was like a week ago. Also it occurred during my 3rd sleep cycle which was unusual since I've been slack with my dream journaling lately and would usually only remember the last dream of the night.

      Dream 2 - Youtube Babes
      I remember a dream where I was at my laptop and I was fighting the urge to fap (since I've recently started up 'No PMO' again). I was on Youtube and saw a music video that had hot chicks in it, and I thought "Hmm well it's only Youtube". I watched the video which had lots of hot chicks in tight and revealing clothing dancing around each other, I had the feeling like it would lead to me searching for porn after but then I woke up.
    11. #76: Fragments

      by , 01-24-2016 at 09:05 AM
      Went to bed around 00:00 again, woke up somewhere between 08:00 and 08:30. It's now 09:00.
      I remember only 3 fragments.

      I'm searching for a video on Youtube. As far as I can recall, the screen is everything that I'm able to see. I enter the exact same search phrase as I always do, but I can't find the right video. It takes me a couple of tries and changes of search phrases before I find what I've been looking for. I notice that I'm not looking through Youtube in it's entirety, but through my watched videos. I play the video I was after, but it's not what I expected it to be. It's a different version.

      Louis and Sheila from the show Suits are together at a bar or a club or something alike. I think Sheila walks away a bit mad and Louis has someone bring her a phone so that they can talk. The phone is really old school. A big black thing.

      Harvey and Scotty are at the same place. They each sit down at a different table and take chairs that are facing away from each other, though they are very close to one another. They are also talking to each other. I can't see why they would do it like this.
    12. Toy Set, Giant Worm, Time Travel, News Memories, Secret Mission.

      by , 12-27-2015 at 04:47 PM (The Dream Cauldron)
      (Unconnected dreams indicated by a *. Connected dreams indicated by a . )

      * I'm trying to sell a toy set for a fictional book, but the main character is missing.

      * A giant worm is destroying an underground area in a place vaguely resembling Hogwarts.

      * I seem to have travelled back to the early 1900s. I have repeated run-ins with two horses named "Neighborhood Horse 1" and "Neighborhood Horse 2". I am wearing a dress and seem to be much younger (about 10 or 11). Somehow, I am captured on video and spread all over YouTube, but the majority of people don't beleive what they're seeing.

      * A news broadcast is remembering the five things they will miss at that station.

      * I'm on a secret mission to find someone. An alarm goes off (not my wake up alarm). This scene repeats itself.

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    13. Fragments and Friends

      by , 04-17-2015 at 11:05 AM (Exploring My Mind)
      This dream, which I meant to write down yesterday, is a fragment. I recalled some of it yesterday (Thursday) morning. I recalled a more vivid dream this morning which I'll post later in a separate entry.
      I was at a factory, where loads of people were shopping at various booths, almost like a convention. At this place were the four Best Friends Zaibatsu, whom my girlfriend and I hung out with, watching video games and anime.
      Not the most exciting dream, but I jotted it down nonetheless.
    14. Lucidity, My Dream Guide Dies, and a FA

      by , 02-01-2015 at 12:10 AM (My Dream Goals)
      Notes Lucid Semilucid Non-Lucid

      I do not remember anything prior to becoming lucid. This is organized to be written in a chat, so it is sort of a bulletpoint-type organization.

      I was in a grocery store when I realized I was lucid.
      I made everyone in the store sing for a short time
      I ran into MrEnter and PewDiePie in a way I don't remember
      I ran into 2 ladies (actually a sim from the sims 2 and my 5th grade teacher)
      I decided to run around at hyper-speed with E. and P. for a while before realizing I had to stabilize.
      I realized that I was on some sort of gravel parking lot.
      I stabilized by touching the ground, which felt just as it was supposed to: rocky and really shifty.
      I went on to wreck havoc for a while, getting some sort of riot to chase us.
      I found out that my 5th grade teacher was my dream guide.
      I threw her into the rioters, who proceeded to kill her with spears. (oops... glad it's just a dream)
      As chaos goes on, Pewds decides we should get into his car to escape.
      We agree, MrEnter questioning why we need a car in a dream.
      After a while we crash the car into some kind of hill. The car's totaled, but no one's injured.
      We step out to find ourselves on a bright road, no chaos, car nowhere to be seen.
      We all decided to get a Delorian time machine and travel in time.

      MrEnter (driver) suggested that we go to year 104.
      I reply that it is dangerous as that was "Aztec time" (actually in the early 1000s)
      I suggest going to the year 1774, but the others flatly decline.
      Before I have a chance for rebuttal, Pewdiepie (passenger) sets the year to 104.
      MrEnter speeds up within seconds and we find some sort of Native American tribe.
      They wield blowdarts, and look over to us menacingly when we see them. They do not look realistic, but rather like they're part of an animated cartoon.
      They chase us and we quickly drive back to the current year of 2015.
      We find ourselves on the same road.

      I had a FA and next thing I knew I was in a wooden chair with my laptop on a table in front of me.
      I went to MrEnter's twitter feed to find him describing the Delorian part of the dream.
      I note him on Deviantart saying that we may have had a shared dream.
      Moments later he replies saying that it's unlikely, and we just had a shared part-of-dream.
      I tell him about the first part of the dream (before the FA) in the comments.
      I refresh to find that nothing has changed.
      I scroll to the comments to find people complaining about a rushed Animated Atrocity.
      I refresh to see that his twitter feed contains an apology about it.
      He has posted a journal containing the Animated Atrocity apologizing on the fact that it was rushed.
      I check my replies, but there are none.

      I wake up.

      Links: youtube.com/user/themysteriousmrenter (MrEnter's Youtube)
      youtube.com/user/pewdiepie (Pewdiepie's Youtube)
      mrenter.deviantart.com (MrEnter's Deviantart)

      I walked into a traditional-style kitchen to find a man eating a blueberry pastry while a woman in the corner played intense, depressing music on a piano.
    15. Facebook, The Legend of Korra, and Jack's Diddy From 1589

      by , 01-14-2015 at 09:41 PM (My Dream Goals)
      Notes Dream Semilucid
      Dream shift: ####################

      I attempted a WILD, but gave up since I was too tired. I went to sleep and had this semilucid dream:
      I began by doing something I don't remember (Woke up late, no time to write) When I asked myself: Am I dreaming?
      I was no longer lucid, and was in front of a frameless computer monitor. The full screen was taken up by Jacksepticeye, with the exception of a Facebook chat menu in the bottom right corner with a black box where the chatbox should be. I feel that I want to leave the page to watch some of season 2 of "The Legend of Korra", and in my mind I see a FM of an episode of it; this was an episode generated by my mind in a previous dream. Before I can do this, a video of a teenage girl (about 15) appears in the black box. She and Jacksepticeye are talking with a conversation I cannot recall, before the box goes black again and Jack seems extremely overly-happy, exclaiming that the chat is "so fun" and the people on it are "really nice". 2 identical kids, about 12 or 13, appear in the box. Jack suddenly exclaims "Let me sing a little diddy i know from the year'of 15 of 8 9. At this point, I get up out of my seat, but still try to listen to the "diddy" (which is more of a sort of classical love song) when I suddenly think: wasn't I dreaming?

      I wake up.
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