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    1. Saturday, December 7

      by , 12-17-2019 at 01:25 AM
      I am at work, I think just coming back from a break, because I have a Starbucks in my hand. By the mall entrance I see a group of two girls. One of them quickly takes a piece of jewelry off a display and starts to go out the mall entrance. It was quick, but I am close enough to have seen it all perfectly, so I go out to stop her. I can’t quite tell if they’re technically out of the store or not, with them being by the racks right on the edge of the store floor. I don’t think I have a radio on that could give away who I am, but they still look at me weird before they fully step out. I tell the one girl to come back, and she looks guilty but is also not coming back. The friend steps up, and I somehow convince her to come back with the other. I walk them back, staying very close to them. At the door, I tell them to leave their bags and phones on the desk, just for my safety. The girl who stole the earrings initially sits on the chair by the door, and I have to tell her to move to the ones against the wall. She makes a comment about never having been in trouble before. She has kinky golden hair and looks about high school age. The other looks similar, like they could be related. I start off being very cool with them, pointing to the Starbucks on the desk as I make a comment about being on break. I then notice the other girl is still holding onto all of her shopping bags and that they are both on their phones. I end up taking each phone from their hands and setting them on the far corner of the desk. I think the chairs are behind the desk, between it and the wall. They both don’t really seem to care about me or being here.
    2. Thursday, May 16

      by , 06-21-2019 at 08:27 PM
      I am going to Starbucks with Brittney and I think one other. It is dark out. I’m not sure if we’re walking or driving, but either my leg or arm is pressed up slightly against Brittney. Her back feels hard and slightly warm through the soft shirt. Earlier, I had gone to a different Starbucks to pick up a mobile ordered Americano. I saw a tall cup about ¾ full that looked like the right color and with a little froth on top. I was impressed with how good it looked, but discovered that it was a hot chocolate after taking a few sips. I felt a little ashamed for assuming. We now enter the Starbucks and see Blake working. He casually greets us and points us to the right to mobile order pickup. The building seems low, long, and somewhat industrial and dim. We go to the pickup, and Blake comes over and begins making the drinks. He is now more friendly with us, striking up conversation. He is wearing shorter shorts and either no shirt or a see-through shirt/tank top? I notice his chest hair, brunette on his whole chest and torso, contouring his body.
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    3. Sunday, June 24

      by , 08-15-2018 at 07:35 PM
      I am with Dad, getting food inside a Starbucks. We’re going to take it somewhere, so I have to cover it. The food looks like fried rice with something on it - some cooked food that you would not really find at a Starbucks. It comes out in a small, shallow, long cardboard container. I cover it with another same but empty container. I try to cover it completely, but the pieces of cardboard have become smaller. I ask the girl working for two pieces of tape, remembering the masking tape they have, and end up with two pieces of scotch tape. They secure the coverings on the food fairly well. Now, Dad, Makayla, and I are walking into My Pie with the food. We sit at the counter, and Dad says some of the food is for Makayla - but not my sister, a Makayla working here? It almost feels like they are the same though and just in two different places at the same time? We start eating some of the food, as well as some food from My Pie. A lady abruptly comes over and tells the three of us that we need to leave and waits by the door. I think they leave, but I do not. I ask them why we have to leave, but they won’t leave [?]. To me, this merits my not leaving. I am sure it is because of us bringing and eating our food, but since they will not simply tell me that, I am choosing to stay and make a scene about it. I notice the whole room is full of seated people - all employees?- watching. There is at least one table of non-employees; Gunnar is seated at the end and side closest to me. Our gazes briefly meet, and on the second occurrence of this we both smile and nod at each other. To be even more of an ass right now, I go over to talk to him. I crouch down and place my hand on his shoulder, asking something like ‘hey buddy, how’s it going?’ His hair is cut shorter, in that sort of styled bowl cut almost all young teen boys wear, and it causes him to look much younger (just about what he looked like in elementary school). Though he smiles, I see sadness behind his eyes. I remember what Reilly did to him and think he must still be hurt from it. I think there is some empathy in his gaze as well. I think about how we have both cut our hair short since, and wonder if he might comment on it or just stick with the silent knowing that we both went through about the same thing. He is sitting by another blonde boy that also looks very juvenile and suspiciously like Nelson Neiman (maybe just a slightly older Nelson). I am now back to making a scene again and asking for the manager. There are two ladies, and I’m not sure which is which position and not sure how each feels about the situation. One of them tells me her name is Tanya? It seems to be just us and the spectating employees now. There is a counter between her and me - it kind of looks like we’re in a kitchen (kind of like the one is Kris’ condo). When she’s still talking but has turned away from me, I duck down behind the counter, thinking it’ll be funny to have her turn around and see me missing. Right before this, it almost felt like we were going to fight. I understand they have the right to tell us to leave, but we also need to know why. Makayla’s thoughts about this whole thing enter my consideration - I’m not sure how she feels about it. It occurs to me that I might be jeopardizing some employees (all except for a core group that’s not as dispensable to them?) but I continue to push it. I end up running out of the building when she is not looking. I walk around the outside of this house, still trying to stay out of sight. I notice employees walking around in groups. There are three a little ways out by what looks like a small river. I let some spot me, and when they do, they return to the house. I round the corner, right into another group, but jump over them. I think I’ve just showered and have a towel on.
    4. #141: Dick

      by , 05-07-2016 at 07:23 AM
      Bed: ~01.00
      Wake up: -
      Now: 08.20

      I'm walking somewhere with my housemate. Not really sure what's going on, we're just chilling I guess. At some point I ask him if he shouldn't be on a date with Amber. He tells me he's about to. We're standing close to a Starbucks. Apparently this is where he'll meet her. It's difficult from where we're standing, but I scan the customers to see if Amber is already there. There are a few blonde girls with shoulder length hair. I'm not sure if one of them is Amber. My housemate walks to the store and sits down at a table. He and the girl whom is sitting opposite of him at the table exactly mimic each other's movements. They raise their shoulders a couple of times. Cute. Just met for their first date and already so connected. I start to walk away. Suddenly I wonder why I was chilling with him. He was being a total dick to me before. Did he make up for it already?
    5. Mzzkc Creates a Video Game

      by , 02-26-2014 at 10:09 PM (Into the Ether)
      As the night begins I find myself suckered into cleaning up a Spring Break motel room after an escapade of filthy sex. Not my own mind you, I was hired. As I'm digging through the mess, I find odd items. Old toys which I can't make sense of. Staying here seems like a waste of time. I look for an exit but two men interfere with my departure. They tell me I have a job to do. I tell them no, I don't. I head back into the room and they leave yet remain nearby. I manage to rip a hole in the wall and leave that way.

      I emerge into an old home of mine. I walk around. My close friend, K, is already here. She wants Starbucks again. We walk downstairs to the Starbucks, she gets her drink but I have a nagging feeling I can't get rid of.

      We go back upstairs and I sense it again. Something is following me. Something dark and heavy but I can't see it and it doesn't interact with me.

      I ignore it since I can't pinpoint it. I go into a bedroom to rest. I fall asleep and wake up looking at a computer screen. People are chatting, I'm reading the lines of text, nothing out of the ordinary for chat rooms. Until a symbol shows up on the screen.

      A glowing red eye appears at the bottom of the page and the chatter picks up. I look at the name next to the eye and it's Mzzkc. I lean away from the screen. Look left then right. Hrm.

      I haven't typed anything into chat yet and don't feel like I should. I'm about to log out when suddenly I get an invitation to join a call. Silently I click 'accept' and wait.

      Mzzkc is in the middle of talking to a group of us about a video game he's designed. I can't recall specifics, it was nerd-speak on the mechanics of it but I understood enough to know he was talking about the 'how' in regards to the creation of the game.

      A moment later I'm pulled through the screen of my computer and am within the game. Others are here with me and we're standing while listening to Mzzkc continue his lecture. I'm still decently confused of the 'how' and the 'why' behind this but don't mind it enough to leave yet.

      Along the way we passed through a barricaded hallway. I stared at the barricade for a long while, trying to make sense of the mess. Many fire extinguishers and boxes. . . varying types and sizes for both.

      We're doing a walk through of the progression of the game. We're guided through a school, eventually finding our way to a laboratory with a medical chair in the middle of the room. We walk into a connected room with windows and vials bordering the walls. As we walk around this area a werewolf looking character emerges. Startled, I prepare to fight it but soon realize it's not real. Sort of like a hologram or a replica of the real thing. The attention to detail in the character is impressive, in fact everything so far holds an excessive attention to detail.

      I haven't said much so far but decide to walk out. I walk down a driveway and then continue along the side walk for a short distance.

      "Hey, wait up."

      Mzzkc is walking on the grass at an angle before arriving in front me. He keeps walking, says something, then points out the snake nest to my right.

      "They won't bother you if you don't bother them." He points right in front of me.

      I look down. There's a couple coral snakes that I would have stepped on with my next step if he hadn't pointed them out.

      Slowly I step away but one of the snakes takes an interest and follows me. I slowly shift directions but the snake moves for me. I'm forced to jump to avoid it, when I land it comes at me again, I jump again and the cycle repeats a few times before I ask for help.

      Mzzkc catches it attention and it follows after him, which gives me enough time to leave.

      I'm now in a house nearby, safely away from the snakes. Then I see some kids running outside as I run inside. I'm concerned they'll run into the nest and head out after them.

      Turns out they've found a snake and they're hovering over it, staring at it curiously.

      I walk over and get to them before they've touched it, managing to pick the snake up and hold it near the neck.

      I can't seem to keep a solid grip on it and the longer I hold the snake, the more the flesh degrades and falls apart. Yet it's still alive and able to strike so I continue to hold it, considering tossing it but aren't sure the risks involved with tossing it free. I become worked up with holding it and eventually break down.




      He comes running out of the house I was just in, passes through the garage, and comes to help take the snake from me. Just in time for me to wake up.
    6. In Dreams

      by , 08-26-2013 at 12:07 AM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      I was at an outdoor Starbucks with Niki. I went up to order and the woman recognized me. She said, "I'm sorry but we've run out of the Mocha Cookie Crunch(or whatever drink it was)" which was what I normally would order. I was fine with that though because I was planning on ordering something different anyway. I told her I wanted a vanilla latte and a vanilla frappicino. She already had a cup with my name written on it like she knew what I was going to order. I was waiting for her to come back to the register to pay but she just looked at me and said, "okay?" asking if the order was correct. I said ok and went to sit down by Niki. We were sitting at small white table outside a gas station next to the coffee shop. There was a dead dog in the middle of the lot. It didn't seem weird at all. Just a dead dog that no one had gotten around to cleaning up yet. The woman came to me and handed us the drinks. I asked Niki if I should go up and ask the woman if I could pay her for the drinks. She looked at me with a serious expression and said, "Let me ask you this, Laura. Do you have wonderful dreams?" Taken off guard by this question, I tried to think of something insightful to say but all I came up with was, "sometimes."

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    7. Trying to remember to be lucid in dream - Getting hit by Van on bike - and some more...

      by , 08-31-2012 at 04:45 PM
      non-lucid commentary

      Went to bed tonight with a strong voice saying I'd be lucid

      Woke up. Had in my mind a list of things that I had to do. It was like I was trying to remember in my dream that I was supposed to do reality checks in my dream. It wasn't quite a dream though. It was more of a fixed idea that was posted onto my mind's eye

      2:45 AM
      Went to my old house in SP. It also had the feel of a place I work at. Two people that I'm familiar with were there. I considered staying and watching t.v. in the living room. Eventually I went to bed. My family was there in the morning. I woke up late. There were feet of snow on the ground surprisingly.

      Later I was in N.B. It was like a party atmosphere. A mixture between New Brunswick, Seaside, and some market. The bars were advertising specials. A guy told me to give him my bike in a joking way. Everyone was friendly. I wanted to see my friend MC again. In the dream there was a schedule that I was supposed to follow. It was a sleep schedule. There was only a small time frame devoted to REM sleep which disappointing me.

      5:55 AM
      I'm at the library watching t.v. when JL's band starts performing which surprises me because I was at the show that is being televised. The t.v. disappears and I am at the show. The band is really stoned. They are smoking bowls out of their mic stands.

      A girl from work is in bed with another girl. They are getting high.

      I see some dough in the refrigerator and I want to make some myself.

      6:45 Am

      A guy from my work breaks his arm and comes in to my office. I tell him to sit down but down put the chair beneath his butt and he falls down. The bone is sticking out of his arm. I try to call 911 but I can't figure out how to work my phone and I keep ending up calling the wrong person. I keep calling 811 instead. Trying to call 911 in a dream but not getting through is definitely another dream sign and it appears later as well.

      Later I am walking down George Street. I am at a crosswalk when I witness a girl ride her bike thoughtlessly into the street and get hit by a van. I go to help her. The van doesn't leave immediately but still nobody comes out. The crash causes traffic but nobody else is coming out to help. Nobody on the street at starbucks is coming to help either. It is just me. The people in traffic are beeping. I wait with her and try to calm her. I want to move her from the road but she can't move. I assume that somebody is calling 911 but we wait for a while and nobody comes. Finally, some of her friends arrive to comfort her and to help with her recovery. I try to call 911. I get through but the male operator doesn't believe my story. By the way, the girl is beautiful. I demand to speak to another operator. It is a woman. She doesn't believe me either. I go to some other friend and tell her to call 911 because they don't believe me. As she's calling, we're holding each other. The operator believes this girl. Afterwards, I go to starbucks.
    8. D in Biology 112, House Inspection, Linkzeidra, Kaomea, and Alyzarin Banned, Sitting Outside........

      by , 05-22-2012 at 07:05 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      D in Biology 112 and OctoberWind or Alyzarin? (Non-lucid)


      I don't even know what to say about this dream. I think it's a really pathetic dream, seeing as it's trying to be prophetic with which grade I'm going to get for my Biology 112 course.

      I'm inside a building, but it feels like a middle school building instead of a section in college, in fact, it looks likes like the Thornton Middle School I used to go.

      The flooring, the walls, and the gym that is basically one of the major sections in the school were all paired pretty accurately. It's kind of hard remembering what I did first, so I'll just trace my steps back and hope for the best.

      I believe I start getting ready to run to the gym, and I'm running pretty fast too
      (seems I was right about speed running being something I never really have to practice much in my dreams). Then there's this female in a blue jacket that is running along with me, and I realized that when I'm running, I'm using my toes to push myself forward.

      I decided to plant each foot to the ground instead of using my toes alone, and I went much faster, but the girl to the left of me went even faster than me. I tried to catch up to her, but she made me look so slow.

      She didn't even turn her face to talk to me or anything, especially since other dream characters weren't even running at all. I decided to just stop running, take a moment to stand still, and then just casually walk my way to the gym.

      Well aren't you smart to not do a reality check Link...*facepalm*

      It seems I'm going in the gym to do some kind of fitness test, but at the same time, it feels liike I'm trying to get my overall grade for the Biology course, very confusing. I get near a random guy sitting down who looks like a staff member who seems to be giving out information or something important to other people.

      I check my wallet for my college ID, and I see an ID, but it isn't the one for my University. I don't panic (oddly enough), and I had to go back to wherever
      (should've questioned where you were the last few minutes in your dream Link!) it is I started from.

      From here, my recall of where I went is totally blank, but there's a continuation of this dream with a dream shift.

      I believe I'm sitting in a different gym, it's a little darker, but it is very spacious and has just feels like I'm in a pretty clean environment. I'm sitting in a partial lotus position, and I see a few random females near me.

      Then I saw a girl that I thought I would never see in my dreams. She looked a lot like Shelby in waking life when I was a senior in High School. She's a blonde female
      (Go figure Link...), and even though she may not have the looks, she looked cute to me in waking life, but some guys would just think she has no appeal at all.

      Guess I'm weird like that, though I do admit that I looked at her body more in the dream, but just can't find the right description for it. She was wearing some shorts, and a shirt with long sleeves. The shirt itself was light green, with a mix of turquoise to it, I'm not really good with specific colors here....=(

      Then I have another dream shift where it feels like I missed something....that I forgot something important....then I had a "OH CRAP" moment. I'm outside, the sky is pretty neutral and gray, and I turn right to head to a buiilding, and for some odd reason, the insides of it represent a Biology lab.

      I go inside, close the door, and spend some time looking around. It had almost everything to fool myself into thinking it's the real deal in waking life. The blacktops with dark brown wood finish on the bottom, top shelves on the side, things like that.

      Then I realized I had to go back to get something....
      (it really took me a while to realize that I'm heading back with my ID this time, but even then, I'm not sure if I paid attention to double check to see if I do have it this time).

      I turn to my left, and I see someone in a blue jacket again.....Her hair, her face, she looked very happy, but she was looking down on the ground, and walking fairly slow. But I think that's because my mind was in such a rush. I could've sworn I saw OctoberWind just now.

      The girl fits her visage, cheekbone structure and everything, and she had a cute smile as well. I look at her for a while to see if she really is her, and I'm pretty sure that was her.

      But I didn't have time to do an ignore test to see if I accidently met her on the dreaming plane. Sometimes I wonder if it was Alyzarin as well, because I remember her wearing a blue hoodie as well in an non-lucid shared dream I had with her before.

      I was too focused in going back to the gym, and I think I have a dream shift to where I'm in the hallway getting closer to the gym. I have a feeling that it's too late for me to get whatever it is I'm looking for inside of the gym, because I see a group of guys in orange shirts and blue pants telling me that whatever it is, it's done.

      I didn't give up though, I ignored them, went to the right side and started to run quickly. Then I stumbled upon an older lady. She was a little shorter than me, she wore a black suit jacket with a white shirt underneath, and I was asking if I can get my grade for Biology.

      I asked her because I heard people talking about the grades they had, and tells me to follow her a bit. There's a small basket on top of a table with white cloth over it, and she takes out a folder with some paper in it (or it could've just been a set of papers she took out instead of a folder).

      Anyway, she shows me the grade I have for the lab section of the course, which is an "F"?

      Wait what? Isn't that supposed to....this doesn't even make sense.....but I didn't do a reality check..*sigh*

      Then she shows me my Lecture Grade for the course, which is a D A.....freaking D, you don't know how happy I felt when she handed me those papers for myself, and she said that this type of grade would give me a C.

      For a class that had a trolling professor who purposely wanted the class average to be a 70, passing the class with a D alone was enough for me.....

      I get out of the gym, walking a blindly in the hallway, still having the thought of passing this course saturated in my mind, and then a guy to the left of me said that I'll probably just get a D instead of a C.

      Well, okay buddy, way to try and destroy my moment of happiness. I don't really like the idea of a D or a C in a class, but it's Biology, so my standards are little bit different than they were in High School...

      That's all I remember.

      House Inspection (Non-lucid)


      I'm with my father, and we're inside of a random house, and the owners were not there at all. It seems they were evicted, and couldn't get all their belongings in time. My father goes inside one bedroom, and it's lit up as well, and the whole place looks like someone was having a rush getting their things together.

      I noticed I had a gun in my hand, in fact, I think it's the same gun in waking life, loooooool. Anyway, I had the magazine on my right hand I think, because with me being ambidextrous, my left hand seems to be a better trigger side instead of my right.

      Because if cocked the handgun back with my left, it's too weak and I struggle too much, so I have to use my right.

      I brace my back against the wall, and I honestly don't know why I'm all paranoid, since the house was empty. I almost put the magazine within the chamber for the gun, but I only put it half way, I had a hunch that I should just wait to see how things played out. Oh, and before I put it half way, I made sure it was inserted the right way....would be embarassing if I put it the other way and tried to shoot, get pissed because it didn't work, and then wonder why I failed, hahaha.

      I go inside the bedroom my father is looking around, and I see a bunch of stuff here that should've been taken into consideration on the evicted people's list of things to get. Like really, a mini HD TV on top of the shelf? *sigh*

      I forget what I did after that.

      Linkzeidra, Kaomea, and Alyzarin Banned (Non-lucid)


      No, I didn't spell my name wrong, because there was a person who had an account of Linkzeidra, or something like that, but not my name.

      The way this dream was set up, I had moments where I asked myself, "Wait a second....." but never did a reality check....LOL.

      First, Kaomea gets banned for some weird reason, I saw her last post being on the Rant and Rave, Cry and Complain thread....LOL. I think she posted like one or two words on a post, and then another Kaomea bans the previous Kaomea that posted?

      The new version of Kaomea's account had a dark avatar, like, it could've been a picture of a succubus or something, but it was a lady in profile view, and her skin was ranging from dark grey or light black.

      What what??!?!?!?!?!? And I STILL didn't do a reality check.

      This Linkzeidra guy, apparently it's my account, because I'm worried on why I'm banned. The account has over 9,600 likes, and it takes me a while to go into a "WTF" expression when I saw that many likes. I looked at Alyzarin, who was also banned, and I forget the number of likes she has.

      I started to speculate on how the hell did I get so many likes in a short span of time, but again, no reality checking for me, guess I was happy with the 9,600+ likes....hahahahahaha

      When I tried making a post, I get a message saying that my IP was banned, and I'm wondering why the hell am I still banned.

      I think I log on the KVirc client, but that doesn't work either. I also noticed that the KVirc client had a black background theme to it, another subtle change I didn't realize until now.

      After being patient, I go back and try to make a post again, and I'm finally able to. Apparently, Dreamviews is linked with Runescape? Because I was on the Runescape hompage, and it said the reason for the bans were because of a "Snook" test?

      Weird....anyway, that's all I remember.

      Sitting Outside (Non-lucid)


      I'm outside of my apartment, (I'm not even there in waking life), and I'm sitting at some chair near the columns supporting the upper regions of the apartment complex.

      I think I'm waiting for someone, and I see my blonde neighbor go out with some chicks. She's wearing a faded blue hoodie, and she and the two other ladies are walking straight on the grass, and then turn to the left to go inside the vehicle.

      I shift my attention back by looking down to see the desk I'm sitting on.

      Starbucks and C.C. (Non-lucid)


      I'm at Starbucks, and instead of going to the cash register, people can go near the employees making the coffee, etc., and ask them what they wanted.

      It was my turn, and I wanted to get a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino, but before I can make complete sentence, I start stuttering. The blonde female in front of me that's waiting for my order, she goes over to the next person, most likely because she's seeing I'm having trouble saying a few basic words.

      I finally tell her what I want, and she starts making it. How it's set up, she has to take 4 cups, add certain ingredients to each one, and then mix them all up in one cup.

      She asked me if I wanted more of any of the 4, and I started to stutter again, but I quickly got out of that and asked if I could get more sugar.
      She finishes making it for me, and then something weird happens.

      I get a flashing view, or maybe I'm seeing her right in front of me when I turn, but I see C.C. from Code Geass
      (but I didn't know her name until I googled it, hahaha). It was kind of awkward because when I turned around, I go into this weird view of looking at her from the bottom up.

      She had some ASS, and the moment I'm looking up slowly, I see green hair near her waist, and from that point on, I think I see her face, but then things start to fade too quickly.

      Mii Avatar Couple Insanity (Non-lucid)


      There's a Mii Couple standing on a ship, like the upper levels where the Sail is attached. The husband has to kill his wife who is near a ledge, I guess she was too crazy, and had to be killed.

      It takes the husband a while to kill his wife, but he slices the front of her head off, and he starts going crazy and I think he's crying while running away from where his wife died. I think there was a swat team or something like that.

      Too disturbing, but I did see blood for once.

      I believe there's a dream shift to where I'm Link from Legend of Zelda: Windwaker, and I'm going through some areas until I jump on a dark and evil section. The castle looked like one of those shady looking monsters where their eyes and mouth were the main features.....too lazy to remember that one.
    9. Stay Right Here, One shot, Blonde & Kitty, Killing Spree, Bacon and Anderj101, Starbucks, Steve Jobs

      by , 03-18-2012 at 06:25 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Stay Right Here, One shot, Blonde & Kitty, Killing Spree, Bacon and Anderj101, Starbucks, Steve Jobs (Non-lucid)


      Spoiler for Extra information:

      Dream 1: Stay Right Here....

      I'm in a classroom, and Lucille Ball from "I Love Lucy" is the teacher. At first I am not taking notice of this, I'm mainly focusing on the fact that there's a bunch of random people here.

      Name:  lucille-ball.jpg
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      After a while, it seems that students start to head out of class one by one, then it feels like they're getting even more scared every time one leaves. After a while, there's only a few people left, and I can't really remember the girl to boy ratio, but I saw
      Lucille roll her eyes a little bit.

      She said something about us staying right here, and she's declaring this as if we're her possessions. I try not to worry too much, but I remember a flash before this where one student that I thought was tough freaked out.

      I pretended as if I was afraid of him by purposefully sucking up to him and asking that a tough guy like him should be able to handle this type of situation. I felt kind of bad being sadistic in my own way because his response was that he wants to get the hell out of here basically.

      Poor guy, guess he was just being tough on the outside. Then the dream is back to where I'm in the classroom with the
      Lucille look a like. She's being a little quiet, but she's making sure that no one else leaves the classroom.

      I'm still assuming she's a crazy fuck who wants to make us her play things, but the women in this dream seemed to be perfectly okay with that, or maybe I was paranoid in this dream. I couldn't pick off any kind of fear from these women, if there would be one, it would just be a small expression of being bored.

      I think
      Lucille started to write on the chalkboard "QJ" or "JQ," and it was in red writing I believe with a thin yellow outline or some kind of bright color. Then Lucille said something that sparked an interest to the women in this classroom.

      She said something about a workout plan that we're going to do, and one of girls were filled with joy, and I think they even said that feel like things are going to get better or something like that.

      I think this whole time, I'm pretty much the only guy in the classroom, at least from my perspective.

      I'll just stop there, because I feel I'm just assuming the women's feelings if I continue.

      Dream 2: One shot Kills

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      I'm in a Call of Duty type of simulation dream again, and apparently the mode that's set is all weapons have a one shot kill. I become aware of this because I see the menu and an option hovering over what seems to be one hit kills, or something related to it.

      I'm in this weird place that is mostly water, so there's a lot of mini wooden bridges, with some mini-huts that help link to other bridges. It feels like I'm in a jungle, and I'm actually in the water looking up so I can do a sneak attack to random people in the battle field.

      I see one person crouching wearing camouflage, and I'm literally just a few inches of him noticing I'm right below him. So I take out a weapon, and I'm not paying attention to what it is, but I shoot him.

      It fails the first shot, so I try shooting again, again, nothing works. Then I start spamming the shit out of the weapon. Nothing works, I KNOW I AM SHOOTING HIM, I mean, I'm THIS close from him, missing a shot from this distance would either mean I'm have the competence of shit, or I'm having problems with weapons actually killing people in my dream.

      Then the dream shifts to where I pick other victims, but this time, I think they realize I'm there, and this time, the water that I thought I was using as a means to do a sneak attack is completely gone. At first things seem to be going at normal time, and by that, I mean seeing things in a logical smooth transition.

      Then when I lose grip on holding on to the edge of the mini wooden bridges, everything goes in slow-motion. Even though I'm basically falling, I'm still shooting this person who is also shooting me in slow-motion.

      Things get even slower, and I see a bullet that's slowly coming towards me, and then the first person perspective changes to third person perspective where I see my arms spread out and my legs out. Basically, my body is in a "U" shape formation, probably just conforming to the gravity occurring.

      The bullet is getting closer and closer, and I try to do something about it, and the bullet has a light gold tint to it, but that wasn't my main concern.

      The dream either fades or I'm just too afraid of the bullet actually making lethal contact with my body.

      Spoiler for Extra information on what I did for a failed WILD:

      Dream 3: Blonde & Kitty

      Click image for larger version. 

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      I'm in this random neighborhood, and the sky sort of gray, it almost feels like it's going to rain or something. It has that mystical feel to it, the weather just felt like it was perfect, and the gray clouds were soothing in some way to me.

      I'm walking on a sidewalk, and to the left of me is a long white fence I believe, maybe it was another color, but my first assumption is that it was coated with white paint.

      As I'm going forward in this random neighborhood, in fact, everything is in third-person perspective for a while, and then I notice a cat resting on the edge of the window outside of a house.

      It was on a pretty high window, and the cat looked like it passed out or something, because it really looks like it's having a good time sleeping to not be concerned about possibly falling down in its sleep.

      I look at it for a while, and then I turn around and I see a female in front of me? I know it was a female, and maybe she was a Brunette, or even a Redhead, or blonde, I'm not too sure on this.

      Then I hear a cat meow for a few seconds, and it seems it's the same cat that took a nap high above the edge of the window of a two-story house. It got closer to me, and I heard it purring for a while.

      I thought it was going to rub itself on my leg and purr, but it came closer to the female in front of me who is standing on the edge of the sidewalk. The cat is trying to get her attention, and it eve pokes her near her ankles for a while.

      Then it starts touching near her waist by extending its body a little bit, and I realized this cat is a little bit longer than your average cat.

      I believe the girl turns around to see the cat is interested in her, but I didn't see her face immediately, despite her turning around to see what was all the commotion with the cat touching her and everything.

      Then I turn my face to the right, and I see a blonde. She's wearing a small white hoodie jacket most likely, light blue jeans, and I believe a blue shirt underneath the white hoodie.

      She comes closer and closer to me, and I believe she's mentioning the content on my Zune HD, and how I have promiscuous videos in it, but when I look at it, I only see a small random clip of an Episode of Danny Phantom.

      (I don't even have Danny Phantom on my Zune HD, nor was a I huge fan of it anyway. I mean, I watched it whenever I had the chance a LONG time ago, but that's just it).

      I didn't really see anything bad on the Zune HD, but for some reason, I agreed with her because I still felt ashamed of what was in it. She started to mention other things, but I forgot most of them.

      Dream 4: Killing Spree

      I'm in a building that's fairly dark, I believe me and three random DCs have to kill a group of people. There were 4 windows, and each of us were assigned to a specific window, and I had the one to the right that was south of the other one.

      I don't know what weapon I'm using, but I'm assuming it has an explosive attachment, since I'm trying to blow up a huge vehicle that is slightly left of my perspective. I try to kill the person inside the vehicle first with regular gun ammo.

      He finds me and looks at me like he's scared, and starts running, but I end up shooting him after missing for a while. The thing is, I don't really recall him actually dying or at least seeing his corpse.

      After I presumably killed him, I started to shoot the vehicle he was in, and hopefully see that it would blow up or something, but it doesn't work.

      Dream 5: Bacon Fast Food & Anderj101 in an Adult Scene???????

      Name:  crispy_bacon_4.jpg
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      It's bright outside and I believe I'm with my father, we're going to some fast food that seems that it uses a lot of bacon. We go inside, and I look up at the menu above and see that there isn't a lot of options other than bacon, bacon with eggs, more bacon, and some other stuff I couldn't remember.

      My father is trying to ask one of the employees a question, and I'm trying to nudge at him to make him stop, but it seems he's just ignoring me. I look at one of the employees who is a female. She's kind of overweight, and she's wearing Khaki pants or light brown pants, and she's wearing your typical fast food uniform.

      The uniform mostly consisted of light yellow and dark gold colors, and it seems like she's a new employee, since I see her reading the instructions on how to make something. It looks like she's using a glass container to store some things like a huge block of cheese to fit its rectangular shape.

      She adds some rice on top of it along with a few extra small blocks of cheese while reading the instructions in front of her. She starts to mix if up a little, and then something random came up in my mind.

      The store seems to sell custom made photos of people who come to the restaurant often, and apparently, Anderj101 is their #1 customer!

      As I'm scrolling down this list, I see nothing but Anderj101 pictures, like him wearing a party hat, or with a small dog, and many things. It was funny seeing all these pictures of him, until a video clip came up of him engaging in sex scene with a lady and some other guy.

      He was in a double penetration porn video shoot, and I just can't process my expression after seeing this. I think he even says one point in the video, "Look what I can do!"

      Dream fades and he starts to abuse this woman along with the guy doing the same to the lady as well.

      Dream 6: Starbucks Conversation?

      I'm at Starbucks, and they're keeping the place fairly dark with small lighting. I'm waiting in line, and after it's my turn, there's this girl who skips me, but I let her skip me for some reason because I didn't want to start some type of petty conflict.

      The employee near the cash register saw this and didn't let the girl choose her order, and I think she says that she can after I get to pick what I wanted, so in a way, my silence was rewarded.

      I chose the Vanilla bean milkshake Frappuncino thing, and I ordered it in Venti. I wait a while for it, but I can't remember actually getting it. The dream shifts to where I am holding it most likely, and I go to a random seat, and I see a few familiar faces.

      I saw a girl that looked like Jasmine that I know in waking life, and I believe another person who looked like Kevin. Let's call him Kevin G.

      They're asking me some random questions and are smiling, and they usually are people that smile at me a lot when talking to me, and usually had small conversations while they were working when I went grocery shopping.

      I don't remember what they were asking me, but I sit there for a while and forgot everything after that.

      Dream 7: Meeting Steve Jobs??

      It's afternoon, and I believe I'm calling a person named James that was ranked #2 in a High School I went to in academics.

      I asked him if he knew about the event for the tennis team, and he confirms that he knows about this and says that he's going. I tell him all right and told him goodbye.

      Then I started to walk funny. You usually take a step to balance yourself for the other step, but I stretched my legs a bit further reach step, as if I was trying to rush to get somewhere. I could feel my legs going faster than normal, and I was worried that I might start sweating near the bottom region of my body.

      The environment feels like I'm at A&M at College Station, along with other structures that were probably contained in my unconscious from other large areas. I continue walking funny by stretching my legs far away from my body than usual, and I see two males riding a bicycle.

      They looked like twins, and they were wearing dark sports clothing. They took a break to stop and drink some water or whatever it is they're drinking, and they're doing it simultaneously!

      So before they're almost done with their drinks, I decided to move up a little bit to pass them so that I wouldn't have to wait for them to ride their bikes perpendicular from the direction I was going.

      I move up a large set of steps, and as I'm heading towards the left to go down to another set of wide steps, I see Steve Jobs just walking by with long gray business pants and a black shirt.

      I believe as I'm passing by him, and even before I saw him, I heard voices on people saying that others shouldn't have some kind of new interest in Steve Jobs accomplishments this late in time of his death.

      That's all I remember sadly. I'm not really trying to attempt MILDs, DILDs, or anything like that for now because WILDs are going to be the only thing that will increase my chance in finding Kaomea and Alyzarin.

      The other methods just don't cut it anymore, so I guess I'll be going through a lot of moments being pissed that I missed a lot of opportunities to go into the dream state directly after WBTBs.

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    10. The Yellow Car

      by , 05-26-2011 at 06:17 AM (I Have a Problem)
      Date: 09-24-10
      Length: 20 minutes
      Vividness: 6/10

      I was on a bike, with my girlfriend Dakota sitting on it facing sideways.
      At one point, the bike completely flipped forward, and i fell on my face.
      I thought it would hurt really badly, but I didn't feel a thing.
      I realized that I must be dreaming!

      I was still on the ground, and this yellow car drove half on inch from crushing my skull.
      I got up and Dakota and I started walking around.
      I wanted to make things explode so I tried making all the people around me blow up.
      It didn't work
      Dakota told me she wanted Starbucks, so we walked a couple feet to a Del-Taco.
      I closed my eyes and pictured it changing to a Starbucks.
      At first, only the sign changed.
      I tried again, and the name changed, but the sign changed back to Del-Taco.
      Then finally, the whole building transformed into a Starbucks.

      I remember something to do with a kidnapping, or bad people doing stuff to us.
      I forget everything that happened afterwards as well.

    11. #151. Frappuccino

      by , 09-20-2010 at 03:53 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)

      We're taking our lunch break. A bottle of Starbucks Frappuccino appears in my hand. It's delicious; the taste is replicated perfectly.

      "Are you ready to go?" My dad asks, from the couch. He's asking if I'm ready to go back to work.

      "I haven't even eaten yet!" I say, exasperated.

      Scare Factor: 1/10
      Rating: 1/10