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    1. Reality Checks Fail at Disturbing Visit, lost and doubting

      by , 10-06-2013 at 08:59 AM
      My family was visiting my dad and step mother, but we were staying next door in some sort of rental. I did not notice that neither their home nor neighborhood were anything like they actually are.

      My husband and sons and dad and step mother were going to go somewhere in a car, but I was not going. I was helping them to the car, carrying a booster seat for my almost 5 year old. I did not notice that the booster seat was a way more elaborate contraption than in reality. But suddenly they were gone, and I did not remember them having left, and I was left with the booster seat.

      i did the finger through palm reality check, but it failed. Instead of seriously questioning reality or following up with another reality check, I started rationalizing that something must be mentally wrong with me, that I must not have long to live. I tried calling my dad on my cell phone, but he did not answer. I rationalized further that they must have had another booster seat in the car, and maybe the one I was carrying was not needed. I did not notice that the booster seat then disappeared.

      I then tried finding the place where we were staying, but could not. The neighborhood was nothing like what I "remembered" it being - both not matching reality and not matching false memories. It in fact became a more and more elaborate neighborhood, the longer I walked. It was like a small tourist town with shops. I heard some tourist comment, how quaint it was, that they had no clue this charming town was there, that they needed to explore it more. I heard someone laugh.

      I meanwhile was panicking more and more, and doubting my sanity. i did more reality checking. Again just the finger through palm attempt, but again without serious questioning, and again it failed. However, by then I was too panicked to stop and think. I tried calling my dad again and my husband in vain. I was crying, and thinking that this can't be happening to me.

      And that's when I woke up, and realized that it was not happening to me. And that I checked reality repeatedly in this dream, but did not seriously question it, even though the reason I checked was because stuff was happening that should not be happening! Soooo close, and yet sooo far.

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    2. Daring Escape

      by , 05-18-2013 at 01:21 PM
      woke up at 8am

      Dream: Daring Escape

      So me and this dwarf or hafling fantasy creature of some sort were doing an escape from a building owned by bad guys. I don't know who I was, definitely not myself. The dwarf or hafling did not dare escape because he thought it was a bad idea because we would definitely be caught because the bad guys, whoever they were (it was not explained) were all powerful and no one escaped them, but I was daring and confident. My plan was to escape by just using the doors and stairs because they would not expect that at all, so by escaping in plain sight we would be successful. And indeed the staircase was all empty, and while we were full of tension we did not encounter any bad guys. Once we exited the building we got some sort of car somehow (not explained - probably just poofed into the car) and this completed our escape.

      Fragment: Broken necklace

      In this dream fragment I had a necklace which was falling apart. It seemed really poor quality, though I knew it had been expensive. It had been a gift from my father, I knew. I had to put it down on the table for him to see in the morning to get it fixed, but had trouble finding a spot of the table where there were not too many bread crumbs. Side note: in real life my dad would be nuts due to bread crumbs, a pet peeve of his.

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