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    1. 19 Mar: Reality show, whistleblowing, beating the crap of a racist homophobe

      by , 03-19-2019 at 04:46 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Watching a reality show to find the best tenant for houses. The best judge is an arab guy, super honest and the only non-racist. He expels an Irish girl that others think is the best option, just because of her ethnicity. But she makes the landlord go crazy, feels entitled to everything, thinks she is an artist although been struggling for years to finish one work with dolls made of corn cobs, accuses fellow competitor of not being an artist, although he clearly is better artist than she is.

      Working at a lab that is taken over by bad guys who hide some nasty truth about some product. I sneak in at night to try to prove it. Almost get caught because the big bad boss is visiting. I have to go deeper into lab rooms and end up finding what I want, a room with corpses and samples harvested proving serious damage. I try to examine them, but the visitors are coming and I have to keep moving. They detect someone has been there, I rush to a back exit. There is a guard and a dog, but I have been making friends with the dog who dislikes its owner. So I escape easily and I go to van with my friends waiting for me. The dog actually follows us and wants to come, so we say "jump in" and he does. Then the guard realizes and comes to attack us, mostly wants the dog back.

      Back to my dojo for training and it doesn't go so well, I am out of shape, but doing my best. Then at the end there is some kind of funds collection for something, everybody donates some coins. And then some weirdos are coming for a lecture. They say it's time that we get political and I think that's going to end up bad, because some of us are left wing, others right wing and bringing politics into the dojo will divide us. But their agenda is to brainwash people to be homophobic and racist and so they show some slides and pretend they are backed by science, talking complete nonsense about supposed physical differences that make some ethnicities weaker than others and insulting gays with horrible prejudices. I get really angry, I get up and tell them that's a load of crap and I ain't staying another second listening to it and if this sanctioned by sensei he just lost a student. And then the majority of my colleagues also get up and leave. Only a few stay. Then their leader comes after me, angry that I disturbed their little campaign and he keeps popping up on the corridors that I go through. I try to go around him and ignore him, but he wants to hurt me, so I decide to face him and I kick him in the face. One more kick and he is on the ground. Then I beat him until he is literally squashed and unrecognizable as a human being.

      Outside there is a large running table and I spot some of my cousins and other family members gathered there. My two uncles look angry and unpleasant as usual, but everybody else seems to be having fun. Then they complain nobody takes their orders but all the pretty girls and younger kids and nice people are constantly making requests that are attended. I think that's karma, because they are so nasty and I don't feel sorry for them.
    2. Classroom sleep, desert war

      by , 11-21-2013 at 01:35 PM (iBranko's Dream Journey)
      17.11.2013 2/2

      Eu estava numa sala gigante de faculdade e era representante da sala. Estávamos em uma aula livre e quase todo mundo dormia. Algum aluno me pedia pra acordá-los e eu dizia que não iria. Acho que ele mesmo acordava os outros depois.
      A aula começava, não me lembro sobre o que era.
      Saíamos da sala e íamos pra uma banca de jornal, eu e mais umas 3-4 pessoas. Parecia muito a banca que ficava na saída do condomínio Acácias. Eu ou alguém estava procurando mangás.
      Depois disso lembro de estar em um deserto, indo pra uma base. Lá haviam muitas pessoas armadas. O sonho virava um tipo de FPS e eu, com um rifle de mira telescópica matava todos que estavam lá.
      Dentro da base aparecia um casal de gordos que eram imunes as minhas armas. Eu pegava um lança granadas parecido com o do Shadow Warrior e disparava várias granadas dentro de uma máquina de lavar que estava perto deles. Ela explodia e os atordoava. Nessa hora eu fugia. Encontrava uma porta branca e lisa, sem fechadura ou maçaneta, apenas uma tranca simples e quebrada. Eu tentava entortar a tranca pra trancar a porta.
      Do outro lado eu colocava minas na parece, parecidas com as do Duke Nukem, mas redondas, e fugia.
    3. Crônicas de Nárnia - O leão, os caras maus e a hemorragia na garganta

      by , 11-21-2013 at 01:11 PM (iBranko's Dream Journey)
      16.11.2013 2/4

      Eu estava em Nárnia junto com Aslam e haviam uns caras maus. Um deles parecia com o Quilge Opie do Bleach e parecia ser o líder. Ela fazia um corte profundo na garganta do Aslam e ele sangrava muito.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    4. The Bank and the Superheroes

      by , 11-07-2013 at 08:16 PM
      11-07-2013 -- [Haven't had any dreams worth recording for two or three days. Woke this morning with no dreams yet again, but it was quite early in the morning. Haven't had any fun sexual dreams in probably a month, so went back to sleep constantly repeating in my mind that I was going to have a long, involved, fun dream that included having sex. Slept for a few minutes, was briefly woke, then fell back asleep, and in the process had the following fragment and dream.]

      I am in a somewhat nice building that seems to be a cross of a Mercedes showroom, a bank, or perhaps an office building. Decent sized offices with glass fronts. There are a fair amount of people walking around, including a smarmy male manager, and several females, ranging from very attractive to fairly attractive wandering around in a variety of tops, but all wearing very short, white, pleated skirts that kind of remind me of Supergirl. They wander around in this building, running various errands, and whenever they bend over to pick up something off the floor, they provide a [b]very[/i] nice view. I'm feeling very horny, so I wander around, trying to stay away from the smarmy manager dude, hoping to catch one of the women alone and bent over in one of the offices.

      I follow around the most attractive blonde for a while, bright golden hair, fairly large breasts, long shapely legs, but it almost seems the manager is following her, and because of that, she never seems to bend over. Finally, I end up following another woman. She is not quite as wow as the other, but still very nice. She has a slightly smaller chest and dirty blonde hair. In one of the offices, alone, she bends over to pick something up, flashing a very skimpy pair of panties, and I drop to my knees behind her, and bury my face in her backside, tugging her panties to the side as I give her a lick. She gasps, and starts to say no, no, no, as I continue to lick, but as I reach a hand around and also begin to stroke her clit, it turns to more of a no, no, nore, more, more moan. But oddly, while she seems to be enjoying herself, and I am certainly enjoying myself, I don't seem to be erect, to take the next step. Which is exactly when I awoke to a trash truck going by outside.

      Fell back asleep to find myself in what started out as almost a doctor's office, but started changing into more a sort of abandoned super market. I am wandering around, and there are a lot of beautiful women here, and a lot of strong, handsome men. Many of both sexes are nude, and having sex with each other in individual rooms, but with no doors. Nobody seems to be bothered by it, though. I come across one fairly attractive redhead who doesn't seem to have anybody to spend time with, and we have some sex. It's nice and fun, but not very detailed or textured if you know what I mean. The dream isn't really making it real, yet.

      She wanders off, having things to do, and slowly I discover everybody is turning into superheroes, while still just wandering around, having sex. I am looking for somebody new, and come across an attractive brunette, slightly slim, good sized breasts, long brown hair, a nice figure, but slightly less curves than someone like Wonder Woman would have. She is alone, and nude, and seems kind of upset, and I ask her about it. It seems she is fighting with her boyfriend, because he refuses to eat her out, and I say I'd be happy to do that for her. She isn't completely sure, because her boyfriend is extremely strong, extremely jealous, and kind of stupid, but she's really horny, so she agrees.

      She is soon laying on a towel, her legs spread, and I dive in. She is moaning slightly as I start to lick her, and we carry on for a while, but though I try, I am not quite getting her there with my tongue. I add a couple of fingers, alternating between sliding them inside and using them to alternate with tongue strokes along her clit, and I must eventually hit on the exact right rhythm eventually, because she convulses, gives a huge groan, and starts spraying my face with her juices. Seems I've got a squirter. We continue with some rather nice sex for quite a while, and when we eventually finish, we kind of rest there in each others' arms, cuddling.

      That's when her boyfriend shows up, angry as hell and itching for a fight. He's a big, muscle-bound fellow, wearing a bright red costume. No idea what I am wearing. We exchange punches and throws for a while, and I am managing to hold my own, but we're managing to bang each other up pretty badly. At one point I have him pinned against a wall and straight out tell him, if he isn't going to please his girl, then I bloody well am. He claims that he does please her, and I tell him he refuses to eat her out. He get's this little-kid-icky look on his face and goes "Eeeeewwwwww!" and I look at him in amazement. "Have you ever tasted your girl's cum?" From this he realizes we weren't just cuddling, we've actually had sex, and he goes even more ballistic.

      We continue fighting for a while, and eventually I have the strength and leverage to catch him in a full nelson, completely locked in, and have him pressed against a wall. I tell him flat out that this can go a couple of ways. He can decide to give his girl what she wants, as well as taking what he wants, in which case I'll only be with her once more, to show him what to do, or he can continue to be selfish, and I'll be with her whenever she wants. He gets this intense look on his face, like its a really hard thing to think through.

      About this time, some other heroes come running through, and say some bad guys have planted some bombs at a nearby strip mall, and we have to go stop them. I let the guy go, and he kind of collapses to the ground. I almost follow him ... we've really battered each other. A couple of the other heroes are half supporting me, half carrying me, one on each side, as they start to lead me off to the strip mall. The farther we go, the more I regain my strength, and am able to move under my own power. Soon we reach the abandoned store front where the bombs are, and we find there are a lot of bombs held within some good-sized cardboard boxes. We start grabbing the boxes one or two at a time, pulling off a tab that kind of forces them to detonate within a few minutes (like a delayed action pin on a hand grenade) instead of whenever the bad guys had set them for, then are stacking them in a big, open area outside, where we hope they will do no harm.

      The guy I was fighting with wasn't here for a while, and I am worried that he is going to come along and attack and fight me again, rather than working on the bombs, but as I reenter to grab more, I come across him carrying two out. He seems to be more interested in doing his job, and I briefly clap a hand on his shoulder, then grab a couple more bombs and haul them outside. A fire engine pulls up right next to the bombs, and we try to chase them back a bit away so they won't get blown up when the bombs all go off. We've got all the bombs out of the strip mall, but what were medium sized cardboard boxes have turned into a number of railroad containers filled with explosives, and kind of quivering from the volatile contents inside. Now we're just kind of standing around, waiting for them to explode, and to find out whether the area is open enough to avoid them doing any major damage or not.

      Then I stop to think for a moment. We have a lot of heroes here, maybe 20 or 30, and some of them are probably not as impervious to damage as I am. I call out, loudly "Who here is not invulnerable?" I hear a couple of voices call out on the other side of the crowd, including a couple of female voices, and I head over that way until I find an attractive blonde female hero with her hand up. She's got a nice figure, a nice costume, very sexy. I explain when all these containers blow, there is going to be a lot of shrapnel, and if she isn't invulnerable, I am going to have to protect her. I pull her into a very tight, very invasive embrace, and pull her to the ground, my body between her and the containers, while they continue to quiver and pulse with the unstable materials inside. We're laying there for several very long seconds, though she does seem to be enjoying herself.

      Suddenly there is a flash of light, and we are flying through the air. For several seconds, it is very peaceful, almost as if we had the power of flight (neither of us do) as we somehow move smoothly and rapidly through the air, then there is noise and turbulence and fire, and we crash violently to the ground. I glance around, and there is flaming debris everywhere, but nobody is seriously hurt, and the buildings are all OK, so it seems we got everything set up all right. The beautiful hero in my arms seems rather affectionate, and we're only two or three miles from the abandoned supermarket where we seem to live, so I figure it is time to go back and have some more fun. I know we can't fly, but I am super strong, so I figure maybe I can jump a mile at a time, like the Hulk. I hold her tight in my arms, but only manage to jump maybe 30 yards into the air, and only about 50 yards distance before I drop back to the ground. I do a couple more jumps like that, but it just isn't moving me far enough, fast enough. I try running at super speed, but it turns out that isn't one of my gifts either, because I can only run about a mile a minute. Phooey. With our headquarters two or three miles away, it takes me two whole minutes to get us there! AAUUGGHH!! But soon we're moving among the abandoned aisles looking for a bed, then we start to rapidly undress each other, ready to relax after a tough day of explosives!
    5. Daring Escape

      by , 05-18-2013 at 01:21 PM
      woke up at 8am

      Dream: Daring Escape

      So me and this dwarf or hafling fantasy creature of some sort were doing an escape from a building owned by bad guys. I don't know who I was, definitely not myself. The dwarf or hafling did not dare escape because he thought it was a bad idea because we would definitely be caught because the bad guys, whoever they were (it was not explained) were all powerful and no one escaped them, but I was daring and confident. My plan was to escape by just using the doors and stairs because they would not expect that at all, so by escaping in plain sight we would be successful. And indeed the staircase was all empty, and while we were full of tension we did not encounter any bad guys. Once we exited the building we got some sort of car somehow (not explained - probably just poofed into the car) and this completed our escape.

      Fragment: Broken necklace

      In this dream fragment I had a necklace which was falling apart. It seemed really poor quality, though I knew it had been expensive. It had been a gift from my father, I knew. I had to put it down on the table for him to see in the morning to get it fixed, but had trouble finding a spot of the table where there were not too many bread crumbs. Side note: in real life my dad would be nuts due to bread crumbs, a pet peeve of his.

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    6. Ready to Fight

      by , 06-26-2011 at 04:40 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I was in a restaurant and recognized characters in white or yellowish hoodies. They were going to kill
      me and someone that I was with. I tried to get my friends attention to warn them. I don't think I was
      able to warn them, but I got up and left the room before the evil people could kill me.

      I was in a building that had lots of rooms because I kept running through different rooms to get away.
      On two occasions, two small men would come through an open doorway to get me. Instead of running away,
      I ran after them. They weren't expecting that and they ended up running away. Then a single guy came
      through an open doorway. I ran after him and surprised, he ran away too.

      Then I was at my dad's old house. I had a '65 limmo/charger in the garage. I was with 3 women in some
      kind of costumes. One was a '50s waitress or something. Then there was one that I really liked, but I don't
      remember what she was wearing. I think she was in black. Then there was another lady that I don't remember
      anything about.

      I commented on how odd it was that I was with three women.

      My dad lived on a corner, so as we walked up one street, we had to pass the other street that ran along my
      dad's house. I told the ladies I would come back for them. I went up to my dad's house trying not to be
      noticed by the bad guys. I made it up to the garage where I saw my dad. My dad used to be
      a trigger to lucid dreaming, but not so much lately.

      My dad was showing me cap guns I could use to scare the bad guys. Then the guns he was offering became shrapnel guns.
      The idea was like a .22 where there was a small projectile, but still a low caliber weapon. I thought it would be weak compared
      to what the bad guys had.

      My dad started showing me knives then. I thought that was worse than the guns. Then, when I decided I should at least get a
      couple shrapnel guns, I found the knives more accessible. I loaded up on throwing knives.

      I went over to the car in the garage. I uncovered it and got in. I was hoping it would start because it looked as though it had been
      parked for some time. Before I got a chance to drive it and pick up the girls I was supposed to pick up, I dream-skipped.

      I was in a house where the bad guys were still after me. I was looking out windows waiting for them. I had a shotgun. I was going to
      be ready to blow them away. I decided that they would likely shoot a machine gun through the windows before they even got to my
      place, so I found a window that they would hit last. I positioned myself so I could blow them away.

      I remember cocking my shotgun. There was a handle on the shotgun slide I had to pull back and push back forward.

      That was the end of the dream, but I had a hard time getting my shotgun ready, and I remember feeling great that I was ready. I
      also remember taking a practice shot, but it may have been a mental practice shot.
    7. Bodyless

      by , 04-03-2011 at 09:12 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      I am a spirit and invisible to some people, though I can voluntarily be visible in front of certain people. I can pass through floors and walls, yet I can reach out and move small objects and interact with the people who can see me.

      I'm not dead, and I am still human, but for some reason nonphysical existance is normal for me and my friends and co-workers accept that. I am working at an investigation office of some kind. Because of my non physical form I work as spy and information gathering. The building I work in is a three storey Edwardian style house and I can float around safely inside without bothering the many people who work there.

      My division manager is an young Asian man who's name starts with a T (but I forget the actual name now) and he sends me out in my invisible form to spy on gangsters and corrupt corporations working around the city. I always work at night because sun light hurts me or paralyzes me or something.

      The dream becomes blurry and I cannot remember a bit, but something happens and a big bad corporation with corrupt political ties obtains some kind of technology that not only detects my nonphysical presence, but can harm me if I come to close to security sensitive areas in their head office.

      Another of the bad guy's technologies is a machine that allows users to mimic my nonphysical form and float around, but unlike me, they are always visible in a semi-transparent state and cannot interact with physical objects. The people they test the machine on die afterwards. My boss, T is kidnapped and forced to used the machine. He dies before we can save him.

      I cannot remember the end of this dream.
    8. Lines, game, bad guys, Texas, academy,

      by , 02-16-2011 at 08:25 PM
      Was able to get a lot written down last night

      2/15-16. 1130. Waiting in line for a ride at Universal Studios. I think it was next to The Simpsons ride because I recall some of that ride’s look in the background

      On my computer. I notice that my Facebook relationship is different and longer. Still said “In a relationship,” but there was more after it. I couldn’t see all of it so I clicked on it and went to Theresa’s page and could see all of it. Then I’m watching a video, webcam look, of Brianna and Theresa playing a racing videogame. They both have steering wheels, but Brianna has control of the gas and steering, and I think Theresa controlled shifting and braking. Then shows the game. Looks similar to 1nsane. They were going around a long, sweeping left turn, but they always had too much speed because they kept crashing into the cliff. All the other players (computer) were doing the same. I think there was water (ocean?) to their left

      6. In the desert at night. I’m driving or walking. Then come across three guys and I detain them because they’re wanted. One of the guys walks off across the road and continues east. I don’t go after him. The other two just sit by my truck. One of the guys is right at my door and his fingers are always at the door jamb and I keep slamming his fingers into the door, but it’s like he doesn’t even know I’m doing it, doesn’t care. Then I’m back to walking, but I’m walking toward my truck, like I left to go to the bathroom, and it’s daylight now. Captain Xxxxx calls me and says that Txxx and Uxxx were on their way. He says that Txxx needed $10 and that Uxxx needed change so Txxx had to get more than $10, so Uxxx would have change

      In Austin, TX. Place looks like it’s out of a Western kind of, dirt streets and crude concrete/ wood/ brick buildings. Visiting the fire dept. Guys want help improving a part of the road because they always get stuck on it and have to push the rig. Small bump that I thought was it, but ends up being a 3’ drop. I suggest taking a skiploader and flattening the drop. The drop is then part of a flatbed trailer that hauls cars. Then say we can get some grinders and cut holes in the metal and then lay pieces of flat metal in those cuts and the drop is still there, but the rig can get through. Then we’re in a diff section of the town. Volunteers are getting into a block formation. For some reason, academy is there and we do the same. Volunteers do this weird hand thing, left arm bent in an L shape, palm up, and the right arm is at a 75º angle to the sky. Something about fallen volunteers I think. We then march over some area. There are lots of crosses, graveyard. Tourist kind of signs that say how many die, plains grass fires. Then to another area close by. A bunch of the volunteers wives are on the ground, about to give birth?

      In some place just off a freeway. Desert looking. Messing around on some hills. Then in academy. Run over the mounds, another mound you go up and slide down a rope, only 5’ down. Then Xxxxx looking guy says, “I bet you can’t break down that door!” Kind of a barn door look. Run up to it, push on it to see where the hinges and stuff are, find them, and take a few steps back and run and break down the door with ease, door seemed floppy anyway. Next we went into a room where we had to help out our cadets I think. Then I’m standing outside and everyone is gone. I have to wait a while for my ride, so decide to go on a run. There’s an offramp about a mile out, so run to it. At some point, I’m on a light green bike. End up going under the offramp. There’s some sort of water collection basin dug out, not deep. Check it out, then start to head back
    9. Nighthog's Journal: 30th January 2011, A Restart.

      by , 01-30-2011 at 12:19 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      A strange but not impossible future.

      I find myself in a pseudo future where civilization has degraded and forgotten about much of what we have today. But it doesn't mean we have lost it all. As there is technology of today and buildings of today all about but many are crumbling down and much is struggling to be still working. The know-how has been lost and people manage by just utilizing that which still works in general.
      I could say it's not more than 50 years into the future but like after some catastrophe to have wrecked the social systems etc to have to start over. People basically lived in like farms and villages again.

      I somehow at a point tagged along with my brother that came along from far away. He had moved away qutie a while back there far away and then got stuck and been there since then until now that he was travelling back here to his home country.
      I saw images of maps and country names. I could not recognise the map layout. Nothing familiar with it. But My brother had supposedly been living in Zimbabwe or Uruguay as some of the names I heard pop out.
      The map seemed to be not to large and was like between Sweden and Finland and some 1/3rd into Russia I felt like. But the country names and areas etc made that a little confusing. Besides the geography made no sense to me. All I saw was there was much greenery.

      The countries where he had lived where thriving and getting good well on getting back on track to whence they were before it all degraded. They had restarted the use of paper money and ... gold was highly sought after once again.
      People were leaving for search of that everywhere to make themselves rich when they returned.
      But there was a problem though paper money wasn't accepted elsewhere but these few clustered countries. Many elders remembered how it went the last time and saw this was exactly the same deal re branded as salvation once again. Some were taking it hook line and sinker.
      Word of mouth was spreading back to where I was on how some of these places where moving ahead at great speed compared to the rest.

      My brother arrived and he got me with him. Or I decided to walk with him to see what will he end up with. He was going back because he had heard we had loads of gold and silver at our disposal as currency but the value was highly different from to where he had come from. Basically gold was not worth much at all here and highly valued there so people were coming over to try and get us to trade it for something of theirs.
      We travelled long and far to get back toward our home.
      At last when we were close we encounter a small Swedish farm village next to a old industrial plant.
      We end up staying in a barn as visitors and tell of our journey. How these were our birth places but we had gone off far and wide. Me though a lot closer but like in Finland instead. I had been a little worried about my brothers plan to try and gain gold. I kinda knew this wasn't going to work. The metals and other goods had completely different values and at times where not interchangeable.
      He finally goes ahead to ask about the value of things. He had a few coins up. Looked like smaller 1/10th ounce silver coins. Some younger girls had 2 1/2 ounce looking like gold coins they were given by their father. They were meant to go buy some things in the general market. He had picked them up as they had showed and placed them on the barrel we were standing by as we talked with some villagers.
      They the girls had said "No, those are ours". We just smiled and said we wanted to look at them as we gave them back.
      I saw the elder man with us look a bit worried about our interest in the gold.
      My brother then asked as some hand pulled carriages with foods was crossing by on how many of these (the gold coins) would be necessary to get a carriage of the stuff they were transporting.

      To my brothers not thought off surprise... 10 years of labor. A marriage... No gold/metals would buy that, besides they are too young still.. huh? (I slightly think he was referring to the daughters pulling them carriages to make a joke). Gold was for other trades. Food wasn't really "for sale". My brothers plans crumbled. He quickly took of and went to leave and head back or try elsewhere. I stood by and sat along in the barn seeing him leave. I have no intention of following him back.
      I heard the old men tell back at him are you like those "missionaries" who try to trade for gold at all costs? Well bad luck, you won't be getting any around here.
      I saw my brother get more irritated and kinda angry as he left for good.
      The man came back and saw me still sit around and asked wasn't I going to go with him.
      No. I tell. I only tagged along with him to see how it would go. I was more interested only getting back to these areas more than anything else.
      It was already quite late on the evening and then I suddenly notice them around to switch on electric lights. I'm surprised they still have electricity here.
      Yeah, the whole village has as they use a old still working generator that is inside the industry building I saw before. I'm told.
      I soon see the man taking care of it come by the house and farm I'm at. They seem to be close friends. He tells me about the generator shortly. Been tugging away reliably for a long time. He knows how to do some repairs and maintenance as well on it.

      Short moment later as I stand about outside looking around at the village and the sky and the lights shining down the road and in the village down at the industry.
      Something isn't right as I see helicopters crashed on the ground in the area and others burned and destroyed buildings.
      Not a moment later I hear the engines and rotors of helicopters approaching. I hear the villagers yell and keep to panic as they run around and get to safety. It looks like 3 black hawks military helicopters are approaching the village now at sundown. One launches a missile that hits a house. machine guns fire down into the village and running people helpless.

      I quickly need to get to cover as they are kinda flying straight at my location. They are soldiers coming down ropes and starting to run about. They are looters. Stealing and killing...
      I have my RK62 like weapon with me with me and pull it out and deploy it. I lock and load and then take shots and them killing a few. They are surprised and don't notice as the others think it's their shots. I kinda take them out where others don't see. I hear them say they lost contact with a few. The Lieutenant or commander of the group comes down with the helicopter and stands with a walky talky it seems on the ground on one knee. He is still to asses the situation. He stand in the open. I see most of the villagers and soldiers are occupied with each other. I take aim and shoot him in the head... he falls down.

      I ran about shooting a little more until I'm with a group of villagers running away. We have entered a old town it seems. There are railways here which we are going by. We activate a door and crossing or similar. A train is coming moving down slowly. It started to move all of a sudden as it got electricity as we pulled some levers. I tell them to take cover and get away from the way.
      Dream starts to fade.
    10. Nighthog's Journal: 24th July 2010

      by , 07-25-2010 at 10:21 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      Been away to the cottage in Finland for 2 weeks. No computer or internet for that while. And I wasn't to settled or calm to keep track of my dreams all to much. To many excitements and distractions.

      But back in my normal life and house I'm back to familiar things and getting back to track.

      The dreams for the first night back are the following.

      A sex dream.
      Damn... Actually managed to have real sex for once again? To many derailings or weirdness deluxe have persisted so it was kinda nice.
      But the regular 'problems' made their presence noted as usual for these dreams.

      Spoiler for Just read it if you want to:

      Grand theft Auto influenced

      It's a dream influenced by the Grand Theft Auto games. The 3d ones. I'm seeing the world through computer generated graphics. I recognize the dream as one I've had before.

      I'm floating in from the sky like the camera to zoom down unto a street view where I go to walk out from a building where I had spoken with a Mafia guy about some missions I think. There is a special request out for me to handle. It's something about putting out a fire and stopping this fire rampage gang or similar. It's a strange mission. I went to walk out and am greeted by a car coming up and a guy walking out to great me and then to drive away with me as we discuss more details about what I need to do and some background to it all.
      Someone has been settings big and small fires all around the city and it's becoming issue as the water supply is running out trying to put out all the fires. The small fires are the biggest issue as they need to be put out quickly before they spread out to create larger ones. They are harder to spot and notice. There is a mention about the water supply and it amounting to the amount of a swimming pool. They can only gather so much new water each day.
      Soon I'm transitioned to starting my mission. I'm to first check out and spot the headquarters of the enemy to form a plan. There is a huge constant fire raging on the top levels of this huge skyscraper. I gather intelligence about some piping nearby and then the gutter system of the building. I could link the city piping system to the gutter pipes across the building to have the huge water pressure fly up the building to extinguish the fire.
      But the idea changes from the pipes in the ground supplying water to stop the fire to containing fire... the extra fire will make the building blow up as it comes in contact with the top and the system of the building.

      I arrive by car at night to go ahead with my plan. I've spotted the entrance and tracked the guard schedules. I have seen a time frame at which I can sneak into this manhole entrance underground through this low wall where the piping is close to the building. I see the guards move and cross the area and see it's time and me and others go to rush in black clothing to enter the underground tunnels and controls where we are to set the settings and rearrange the flow of the pipes. In the tunnels I see many buttons and lights. I'm there with a person who knows and presses the correct buttons and settings to set the pipe flow correctly. I give the order for them outside to go and drive in the pipe to connect the city system to the building. The have trouble installing it as the pipes are extremely hot and are brimming hot red soon enough. But they get it done. We are about to start the flow but we spot a hidden room in the tunnels that has many treasures and items stored away. The stuff commences in the background but I forget all about it as I look around the treasures. It belongs to the enemy leader. I am coerced to leave it alone as we have no time and need to evacuate before they notice what we have done. The explosion is still a little while away as they system builds and presses in the stuff to the building.
      I got stuck marvelling and getting interested in this Warhammer 40K figure of a space wolf sergeant or similar. I got thinking about how I had used to paint a few and how I still have them all around and so many unpainted. The model was painted much like the way I had done them and that caught my interest.
      But my guy was complaining for me to put it away and leave with him. I was just about to put it away and leave as I woke up.
    11. Boda borg

      by , 07-09-2010 at 01:01 PM
      Me and Fred was going to boda borg with the church for some reason. We weren't really excited about it since we both agreed on that boda borg is quite dull (it is fun irl). Besides, we had already been there earlier not long ago. We discussed if we were going to pay it or if the church would. Fred said that he wasn't going to pay anyhow because it was not worth it.

      The boda borg in the dream was more like a fun house with connected rooms that contained weird stuff. I don't really remember any in particular though. The memory gets fuzzy for a while and then I was in a room. Possibly still in boda borg. Everything suddenly became like an anime. Naruto in particular. There were some bad guys there and one huge boss bad guy who was on a boat in an ocean that was in the room somehow. The good guys (I was one of them) all had different weapons. I had a wooden sword. The purpose of everything was to find the real weapon. Not any of the fakes. The boss had the real one among with fakes. He handed out weapons to the good guys as soon as one of the good ones weapons broke. (lol sense: it makes none)

      I had an idea that I thought seemed epic so I proposed it out loud. That was that all of us should wear traditional japanese samurai clothes. Because it would enhance the feeling or something. xD No one really cared. I

      I accidentally broke my wooden sword by sitting on it, so I went to the boss boat to get a new weapon. I took two boxes from him and I was hoping that one of them was the real one. On my way back in my boat I opened one box and saw a golden sword that flashed with green light effects. I had a convincing feeling that it was the real one! This was even made of jade (golden jade or what? xP)! I was excited about it.

      I remember no more.
    12. 7th July 2010:

      by , 07-07-2010 at 04:15 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      RPG Quest, changing out grey rusty armour to gold armour.

      I've been given a task at some point to go and find several different objects of power. Magical items of great importance. I'm walking about in a mediaeval looking armour. I don't like it at all. It's cheap and in bad shape. I did a short slashing to attack something like soldiers. Was easy and then I was picking up objects spread about the grass and on the dead guy. I'm picking up armour made out of gold and trying to switch out each part of my armour but it's a little tricky and I have to hurry before others come and take the stuff and I have my hands full. Some other guys had already picked up most of the items I would need go to get. They were a set of 12 or similar, I looked around and found one after the another of different gold and intricate items. magical jewellery and swords and weapons. I'm at the moment picking up these few magical needle pins and fastening them to a piece of paper I had. It's like my inventory. It has swords and armour parts and various other things represented on the piece of paper.
      I've picked up about 7 of the necessary parts already in the area but the rest have not yet been retrieved and I'm out of time and need to leave and go elsewhere. I'm just now managed to change my armour out for the gold one and soon walk up to this bar or similar. I'm there to gather information but they owner only asks.
      "What is a a rich guy like yourself doing here" And I am ignored as detested.
      I realize it's because of the gold armour I just picked up that they made that conclusion.
      I stand a bit confused thinking on what do I do.
      I hear a female talking. She had been talking with me the whole time at all parts but I never saw her though. She was mentioning for me to hurry up and go to find the other pieces. But I was in a bind as I could not get the information I needed from the guy who was just ignoring me.

      Strategy game focused around Korea.

      I'm playing a game of sorts like civilization but it's focused around Korea and the close proximity. There is a abundance of islands in the area for a reason though. I'm a country in the south of the peninsula working on my way to capture and take over the other countries around. It's a mix of a handful of small countries and tribes.
      I hear about a narration mentioning China, Russia, North Korea. North Korea being the adversary for me. China had cast some kind of ultimatum to the Koreans which had resulted in all out war on the peninsula. It was something about Nuclear weapons. Accepting some kind of annihilation. Though it mainly was a game China and Russia was having between themselves and the Korea's was a proxy war between them. North Korea had sided with Russia, Many smaller alliance of smaller tribes with China and Then there was me in the south trying to stay out of it but needed out of necessity go out and battle all the others. I had been a small tribe but managed thanks to high technology been able to overcome the assault by the less advanced foes and taking land from them working my way upward and taking over the several different islands. It's now a lot like Hearths of Iron games.
      I'm having my forces focus on few individual areas while leaving much the rest undefended. It's a gamble and I need to work fast. It's working out as they need to focus their troops on where I'm attacking and gaining into their territories. I have no direct land contact with North Korea but the many small tribes and nations allied together under the influence of China. There are a few neutral ones but they are being attacked by the others anyway.
      Soon I see I have many territories of a couple counties that I've basically already crushed and see in a window that I can annex them. I go to do so at a later stage as I over viewed the details and resources and other things I would gain. It's much needed I get their cooperation in the effort. They are much located on the offshoot islands.

      This creates a situation whit the Chinese that they launch some kind of space ship armed to the teeth with nuclear warheads to take care of me once and for all.
      It ensues into a hacker battle and I'm zoomed into the ground to some city and then a mall building where I walk around trying to avoid some enemies. I hear the results of the struggle in space and we managed to take over the ship but then we were loosing it again but decided to do a self destruct of it, thinking it would solve it all.
      I hear and am reported that the self destruct was a success. We think the danger is over. Though not so. Many of the nuclear warheads flew away and scattered in the destruction rather than become destroyed. They are raining down like rain unto the whole area.
      I see the map again and hear a gloomy voice over speak about the aftermath. I see one nuke after the other fall down and hit cities and countries destroying much of my enemies but also 2/3 of my own lands. But my core country remaining safe. Much was captured lands that were hit. Soon I see the view go over the seas and enter Japan... Damn. One nuke after the another completely annihilates 80-90% of all Japanese lands. tiny pockets are left here or there between a few blasts but I reckon it's the end for them in either case. It's gonna be pure luck to survive afterwards.

      The Mall struggle.
      This played out to parts between the Korea game start and the end nuclear holocaust.

      It's a little vague in recall detail on what happened before the nuclear blasts but it kind of went to continue the Mall dream afterwards.

      I was still followed and soon was confronted by the enemies. I was alone against a full squad of soldiers. They were telling me to give up. I have no chance at all. They are telling me they have won the battle. There had been a fire fight and other things around the building while I was running away trying not to be captured. My troops seemingly had been killed of and I was the only one left besides one civilian ally or friend who was standing to the side between us. Kind of doing the talking for me. It was a girl if I recall correctly.
      Either way I suddenly remember about "Gax" I've already collected 7 of them.
      Around me I summon about 7 different character and warriors. They all have different kind of gear and weapons. I didn't get to take a long look but looked from various times even. They came out from a puff of black mist as they got summoned.
      They could not believe I had them. My ally was making sure to put it down in a condensing overtone to the others.
      "Aha! You had 7 Gax collected already. I forgot about that"
      The soldiers made ready for battle and to retreat. I see my view get out of focus to look around and be not focused on my character or the 7 summoned persons. But I hear I'm beating the shit out of the others.

      I'm being followed

      I'm walking around and feel like I'm being followed and try to escape really walking here and there and looking back but not seeing anyone really. Just a shadow now and then.

      FA: I wake up in bed and hear my brothers children come into my room as I try to sleep. They are having fun and are going to play a prank on me thinking I'm still asleep which I think I'm going to play. They get to jump on me but I am back to the dream of being followed... Another FA, children do the same thing again but slightly diffrent.
      Another scene my father walks in to where I am. I just try with all my effort to have him leave me permanently and not say a word to me. I repeat the removal of my father 3 more times but not before having another wake up n bed being pranked by my brothers children walking inside.
      I finally manage to get my father away for the last time and I wake up to another scene... The follower again... Hey wait I spotted him there! I go to check and wait for him to soon approach again as I stand still pretending to not know of his presence. I turn around.
      I see a man with a scythe come walking toward me. Death? The ripper? The scythe has a black smoke about it and the guy has just some normal everyday clothing. He gets surprised I managed to turn around to see him.
      The scythe disappears into thin air and the guy steps away to my side to vanish and me wake up to another scene whit a guy standing there walking up to me.
      "You have forgotten your mission" he tells and is about to cut me down to eliminate me or something like I have not followed up to this whatever plan.
      "I know your lying" I tell him quickly, I just know it. I have no task or mission for myself to have come here to earth. I have not signed anything.
      His attitude quickly changes and he is quickly hostile and then goes to stab me with these needle like daggers. I try to fend him of but can't do it properly and he hits me on my left shoulder then my right shoulder. I realize for some reason he is here to make me forget or something. The daggers inject something into me and I feel just drugged and weak. I pushed him away but he had done what he was there to do and vanished as I tried to figure out what the heck just happened and tried to neutralize whatever he had gotten into me. I stood about thinking for a few moments feeling it take effect making me disoriented before fading away. I woke up not long after.
    13. Dreams between July 2th -> 6th

      by , 07-06-2010 at 06:09 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      I didn't really keep to much track of my dreams the last few days. My waking life got a little more activity with guests and whatnot to occupy myself with.

      It will continue for a few weeks more. Will be going on vacation at the end of this week for 2 weeks in Finland and that will mean no computer time for that time at all.

      Either way my dreams are fragmented and I didn't remember dreams from each day and they got clouded on which day I had any dream in the end as I didn't write down the ones I recalled.

      Earliest one is this I think it's for the 2th.

      The house of traps and restraints.

      This is a dream once again I've had before.

      I'm walking with a supposed friends on a street with some kind of objective to go inside this one house looking for a man. A dangerous man. A fugitive I guess. It's kind of like a office building only 2 floors high.
      Inside I'm in a larger hall spanning between the two floors and it's now somewhat like a prison and there is some trouble with a revolt of sorts. One man is about to escape. I chased him around a little and then made a capture after searching the rooms and floors of the office it is now back again.
      But as I come about to capturing the guy my scene changes and I'm locked inside a room. I'm his hostage or captive instead.
      I'm this small 1x1meter room. Like a small closet or something but it has a good sturdy door that has a damn large lock mechanism. I'm sitting on a chair tied up with rope.

      I struggle and manage to escape and go outside and then am walking around the place again trying to find the guy again to recapture him. As I capture him or found him. I'm back in the room tied up once again.
      In a more advanced and harder state. This time I have a helmet of kinds filled with water making me unable to breath and I have more restraints on me and the lock is harder.
      First thing was me managing to free hands in a haste before I'm out of breath and take off the helmet and then once again going to open the door lock and escape to find him again.
      Third time I'm back in the room but now it's filled with water completely. This time I didn't have restraints but just had to struggle with the water not to drown in the flood. I'm now walking down in some basement or sewer paths before getting back to the office rooms and paths where I go to follow and find him on the roof this time for the last capture.
      I'm with a female protagonist this time. One that had been there and around each time before. She is like the officer trying to capture this guy.

      We just exited the staircase door unto the roof and see the man on the edge of the roof and below the roof of another lower building. It's evening or night. A police helicopter is apraoiching in the sky having the light on the roof and him.
      "You have no where to escape" she yells at the man indicating this is it. We have him captured.

      I go to walk to get closer.... I notice a trap... There are wires and threads all over the place. The guy goes to pull on some and trinkets and objects go moving about. Some thread catches my legs and I'm flying off the roof now. His damn traps.

      4 vs 1 Fight!

      A short recall of me versus 4 other people in a group. I remember one being a vampire and another kind of like using singing to cast spells, a female. The vampire was male and the most out spoken and confrontational. but he appeared a moment later after having a small non recalled small hostility of words with the female. I was walking back as they others kept following to approach not wanting me to escape or something. I just tried to keep a distance to make it easier to evade their attacks. I saw various things fly at me that I at first kept evading and then tried to counter with a few of my own attacks. I thought of trying to summon a torrent of discs or swords that spun in a circle to attack but am unsure if it manifested.
      After that my focus was a little lost and they got in closer. Basically the vampire guy came out after that kind of wondering who was attacking the female, which in this case would be me. I have no idea what the hostility was all about anyway. I only know I found myself in a bit of trouble all of a sudden and tried to defend myself to sorts. But I wasn't to serious though. It didn't feel like I really should need to be defending against them in the first place.
      It was in 3rd person watching from the side like a computer game for myself as longer it went. I was controlling my own actions and saw a health bar and stats and attack and healing things as pop up notes and scores.
      I did a torrent of different attacks to do some damage but they were really weak against these strong opponents and I would need to keep it up for a long time. I on the other hand really needed to avoid their attacks. I could only take 3 or 4 before I died I knew.
      It didn't take long before they team up to help each other to take me on and I'm soon hit with a first blow that takes about 1/4th of my health and soon glanced by a other hit to take a little more. I evaded a few more and soon the vampire guy was up close swinging and it wasn't to easy to evade him and was hit a few times and then some spell came flying to finish me off from the others as I was occupied and I soon saw "You have died" in big large text appear with voice over.

      Cooking with a Katana

      In a short fragment of a dream where I stood in a kitchen I picked up this Katana sword and was checking it out and making a mental note that this sword is mine. Soon though I'm interrupted by a girl 'J----'. One of my oldest brothers daughters asking me to help out with the cooking. She was asking me to cut this meet into slices. With the Katana in hand I made a quick assessment to and went to use it as I didn't want to go try find the appropriate tools. It was cutting the meat quite nicely into good slices to use.
      She was commenting with "good" for that I was doing it correctly according to her instructions. I was soon supposed to prepare some salads and the sort but made a fade out instead to end it.

      A dream with my brothers children, I thought
      One night I had a longer dream where I was with my brothers children. I was kinda semi-lucid and asked their names to make sure they are who I felt like they are. They really didn't look their parts but as I got the correct names I had expected I went with it that they were who I thought. I was even made aware of the presence of the youngest of their siblings who has a different father than my brother. The boy of them went to point at this location and said 'N-----' is there. I could see nothing but empty air. I said I could not see her. I assumed she was invisible and asked her to grab my finger as I greeted her. I somehow felt something grab my finger and that assured there was really someone there that I could not see at all.
      Next I was then being guided around to walk around to find some place. I had someone on my back on carrying around and was pointing from above my head in the direction I was to go next. Like this I was guided to walk around until I found a door behind a corner and there we found a apartment room filled with toys and other trinkets for children to play with. Somehow I felt it was my place.
      Inside the the room they had gone down and gathered around me. Now they really didn't look like who they were supposed to be and really were strangers.
      I went to say a few words to them and them back.
      I don't recall much but it went into some kind of hostility and a struggle in the end. What kind I can't recall. But they knew me and about me. They had said things I recalled but could not recall when I had had those thoughts or made those statements. I knew I had said those or written that document or other but for sure could not place when did I do it and how did they know.
      They knew of things I've only gone through my own mind never uttered in loud in dream or wake.
      It was unsettling having these things said to me.
      One was a document of sorts, or rather I statement I went to write down mentally in my mind in waking state on how I accept conduct or people to be around my inner world or dream state. Things that can be done and other that can't be done. Things I don't appreciate or do accept.
      It was unsettling and creepy and it ended in a hostile confrontation. The people were kind of making a laugh of me. Some dream state invaders?

      Trying to create a band and song in a weird way

      I've decided on wanting to create a tune or song. I end up walking through this forest path meeting various classmates and friends and having them engage in some tasks and quiz to settle on which one to choose for my song and instrument for each to play. I keep picking these least expecting candidates and singers and musical instruments. I don't pick the best one or normal one in each. I pick the worst or the most peculiar sounding one in each place I wander trough. I have something special in mind and keep thinking about the tune I have in mind. I have parts of it play in my head as I imagine how the part here or there will need this or that or this person or this sound. I'm smiling and being happy about it and have my goal set but my friends and others keep asking what am I doing and why am I picking the worst player or this instrument for this guy or why this singer. They keep bugging me about what the heck am I up to and are getting restless and more distant which each pick I make. They have no confidence in me. I am not allowed to pick every part needed before it's all cancelled.
      It had some weird sounds put a couple of different trumpets and other vocals.
      Even though I wasn't allowed to do it I kept thinking about how it would sound until the dream ended. I really wanted to create this song. I was also unhappy that the others could not see my vision.
    14. Nighthog's Journal: 21st June 2010

      by , 06-21-2010 at 09:17 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      Influenced by the movie "the road"

      From a previous dream that kind of linked to this one I had been travelling and walking around to end up arriving at my house with a girl child.

      I was at my houses backyard and I see a family come to approach from across the road that goes there just behind the small sliver of trees.
      It was a kind of happy reunion and the girl went to run and greet them while I stood behind to take it more slowly to get up to move. I hadn't yet gathered my bearings from the short wake up in between the dreams.
      I thought it's her family here to get her. I had found her somewhere and been making sure she is safe and sound.

      But trouble spews. A raggedy middle-aged man comes to approach walking the road from the right but the family had walked over and then tried to get me to go with them as it wasn't safe. They were afraid of him. He really looked dirty and otherwise bad. I wasn't really sure what to do and didn't see anything evil about him at first but wasn't feeling to comfortable anyway with his approach. He did not spot the others as I walked up and catched his attention by walking up the forest sliver to the road after first looking and hiding behind my bushes as they family had run across the road to the other side and had entered the housings there.
      The man spotted and walked a few steps to stop and then asks me to go with him. He only says it's safe and want's no trouble.
      I don't want to go with him as I now suspect nothing good will come with that. I realize he must be hungry and could settle for food. I go to tell him he can go inside the house and eat and take the food that is there. He though doesn't listen to my suggestion or look at the house anything further than a glance. I repeat he can go into the house and eat the food that is still left there. But he doesn't and just stands about. Soon I hear some noise and a pick-up truck comes rolling down the road and a larger gathering of people. He looks over there and then smiles at me. I spot the family now finally stop trying to see what's going to happen to me to escape.
      I now knew they were cannibals. They don't care about regular food. They will eat humans instead.
      I rushed up to the man and took the shotgun he had had in his hand pointing to the ground before and hit him and threw him at the ground before I shot him. I need to move fast. The others have already noticed the calamity and are running up but before they reach me I run over the road to enter the housing on the other side and try to reach and protect the family. A guy had noticed some movement around there and some guys had been summoned to get and walk to check it out.
      As I ran I spotted the family further away and whisked them a signal whit my hands to have them hide. They did so by running into a house.
      Soon the men came to the streets and I climbed up on the roofs of the buildings and start to run around there. Better to have high ground I thought. I could shoot them more easily like this. I ran some roofs and to get closer to were the family had run to hide and the bad guys were here close. I jumped down to attack and manned them over and killed a couple and then the family was running again but now toward myself. There were still many bad guys around so I went to face were others might be and went to run to confront others before they spotted the family and went after them for real.
      I woke up before I could finish it.