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    1. Reality Checks Fail at Disturbing Visit, lost and doubting

      by , 10-06-2013 at 08:59 AM
      My family was visiting my dad and step mother, but we were staying next door in some sort of rental. I did not notice that neither their home nor neighborhood were anything like they actually are.

      My husband and sons and dad and step mother were going to go somewhere in a car, but I was not going. I was helping them to the car, carrying a booster seat for my almost 5 year old. I did not notice that the booster seat was a way more elaborate contraption than in reality. But suddenly they were gone, and I did not remember them having left, and I was left with the booster seat.

      i did the finger through palm reality check, but it failed. Instead of seriously questioning reality or following up with another reality check, I started rationalizing that something must be mentally wrong with me, that I must not have long to live. I tried calling my dad on my cell phone, but he did not answer. I rationalized further that they must have had another booster seat in the car, and maybe the one I was carrying was not needed. I did not notice that the booster seat then disappeared.

      I then tried finding the place where we were staying, but could not. The neighborhood was nothing like what I "remembered" it being - both not matching reality and not matching false memories. It in fact became a more and more elaborate neighborhood, the longer I walked. It was like a small tourist town with shops. I heard some tourist comment, how quaint it was, that they had no clue this charming town was there, that they needed to explore it more. I heard someone laugh.

      I meanwhile was panicking more and more, and doubting my sanity. i did more reality checking. Again just the finger through palm attempt, but again without serious questioning, and again it failed. However, by then I was too panicked to stop and think. I tried calling my dad again and my husband in vain. I was crying, and thinking that this can't be happening to me.

      And that's when I woke up, and realized that it was not happening to me. And that I checked reality repeatedly in this dream, but did not seriously question it, even though the reason I checked was because stuff was happening that should not be happening! Soooo close, and yet sooo far.

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    2. Fish in kitchen sink, caught in bare hands, false friend

      by , 10-05-2013 at 09:24 AM
      I was going to change the water in the fish tanks when I discovered that all the fish were swimming in the kitchen sink. The kitchen sink was much bigger than in reality and the layout of our home was different. I caught two of the fish at once into my bare hands and carried them into the fish tank. As I was carrying them they were struggling in my hands and it occurred to me that doing two at once may have been a mistake. I would have to transfer the rest of the fish one at a time. The fish tank was almost impossible to see into, so I cleaned the lights, and that improved visibility. Then I told a woman (don't remember who but in my dream she was familiar and belonged) "When I cleaned the lights that did it." She was amazed that all it took was the cleaning of the lights.

      Fragment: there was a large maelstrom in our toilet but it was not going down.

      Another dream "False Friend": I was giving advice to my older son. Apparently another kid had told him that he wanted to be friends with him again, and did something for my son, and expected my son to do something for him in return now. And my son had told that boy that all he ever wanted was to be friends again. And I rather thought that the kid wanted to be friends again because he wanted something from my son. I advised my son to tell this friend that if he betrays his friendship again, he will not be his friend for good.
    3. The "Meet the Royalty Cruise"

      by , 05-29-2011 at 06:18 PM (Brainy Vapours)
      I am on an ornate cruise ship that is designed for common people to meet with royalty. I am with a friend of mine that looks like a girl I used to know in highschool. We are all stood around in lines in our finest gowns, waiting for one of the royals to walk by and pick from us whomever they are interested to meet.

      Some sort of prince goes by me and I am not picked. I am not really surprised at this as I feel rather old compared to most of the others. As this round is over we are told to move up to the next level, which is actually up a few floors. Here we are sat down in what looks like theatre seats. Again, a royal starts working his way down the line. For some reason I decide this is a good time to put cream on my legs as they are feeling dry. The cream has a look and texture similar to chocolate pudding. I get it done just in time.

      I think I must have been picked because now only a few of us are leaving the group to go up a few more floors. Here, in a line again, we are faced with a young girl. She goes through each of us, first tapping us on the shoulder then pulling us forward, mocking us and laughing. She thinks we're pathetic. When she does it to me, I laugh too. She picks me.

      I'm pulled forward into a space in front of the crowd and I see the royals. It's more like one prince and his friend/servant/advisor. He's sat beside the prince and he looks very bored. He frustratedly tells us that we should "dance or something", so we do, and he likes how the girls dance sexy. Suddenly it's over and the royals are whisked away.

      It's time to get off the cruise ship, to find our train, but I don't know where my son or friend is. I start going down levels, searching. I am questioning whether it was level 9 or 7 that I was originally on. Some random guy is trying to help me but it's slow going. He's asking people if they have seen my friend. We come across this crowd and someone tells me to watch out, there is a massive spider on the wall nearby and they know how I am terrified of spiders. I see what they are pointing at, it's a bubble of fabric on the wall that is moving in an irregular way. It frees itself from the wall and I see it's really just a leather jacket. I tell them their mistake.

      A massive gorgeous moth lands on the floor suddenly and someone grabs it. S/he starts breaking pieces off of it like it's made of some sort of brittle taffy and handing the pieces out. I freak out at the cruelty of this, but there is no reaction so I move on.

      I go into a lift and down another floor. There is a frustrated couple in there with me, trying to get to their floor. I finally find my son and ask him where his Papa is. He says Papa is by the car, and I ask him where the car is. He just says "down", so down we go in search of him. The car is parked in some of the many decks below, rather like a ferry. I am overwhelmed with the idea of searching blindly for it.
    4. Flat Viewing in the Caves

      by , 05-11-2011 at 10:26 AM (Brainy Vapours)
      I read on this forum somewhere that going to bed hungry or thirsty can improve dreaming. I was really hungry when I went to sleep, and I can definitely confirm that my dreaming was very clear, vivid, and realistic. Unfortunately no lucidity though.

      We move into a small flat but it feels to be like it's only a temporary arrangement because I am still actively looking for a better one. I think this is partly to do with the fact that it's haunted, mostly the shower. I hear that the one across the hall is becoming free, and I happen to catch the end of a flat viewing in action. The realtor is a man with dark hair, eyes and Mediterranean looking skin, dressed in an expensive looking grey silk suit. The realtor asks if I was one of the persons registered to look at the flat, and checks his list. My name is on it. I am relieved because I don't remember registering.

      He tells me this flat will go fast and leads me in through the door. I am struck immediately by three things, one by how huge and spacious the flat is, how oddly decorated (wood panel everywhere but modern looking) and also by how the realtor tries to molest me as soon as we get in the door. I push him off, no longer disturbed, now eager to take some video of the flat on my iPhone for my man to look at later. The realtor seems to imply that he will favour my application if I do him some favours. I push him away again, and begin my tour of the flat.

      It's almost like the walls are made of what looks to be the inside of a cave, together with the modern dark wood panel on most of it as well as the floors. It's beautiful. We go downstairs and it's more cave like, with stalactites and everything, but they are subtle and look very much like they fit to the flat. I ask how many kids the previous tenants have and he tells me they have 5, with one on the way. He tells me he wants the baby.

      We arrive at a kind of in flat delicatessen store. There are a few people milling around in there, one middle aged man stops to talk to me as I finish up the video. My son is being a bit of a brat and the man suddenly smacks his head against the wall as if to punish him. I'm horrified at this stranger's cruelty towards my son, and I proceed to flip out on him. The realtor reveals that the man is not only the current tenant, but also his brother, and I should go easy on him. The blow out passes and I dreamskip to asking how much the rent is on the flat. The realtor tells me it's 549 warm. I don't bother to fill out an application because it's too expensive for us.

      I leave to go home to deal with my haunted shower.
    5. Flat Decoration and an Injured Child :(

      by , 02-21-2011 at 10:13 AM (Brainy Vapours)

      I'm in a flat with my cousin. We live there together with my son. It's fairly small but bright and open plan. I come up with a plan to redecorate it, removing some cheesy stickers that are on the wall. The stickers are very 80s looking, music notes and bars in a wave sort of pattern that goes up and along the wall. My plan in to paint the wall with the design I've seen on one of the tee shirts that my cousin wears, a brown one with yellow script writing that says "Retro". My cousin agrees but wonders how we will do it, concerned that it will be a difficult project.

      Flash forward to the bathroom, I am giving my son a quick shower. He is playing around with the water, then gets a hold of the shower hose and then lets it go. Suddenly the water is on full blast and the hose is going mental, spraying everywhere. At first my son laughs hysterically, but not for long. The water has turned hot (I get the horrible impression that I turned it up???) and now it's burning him and he's screaming. I can't get to him at first and there is panic as all I can do is watch in horror.

      After I get the hose to stop spraying I poor some cool water on my poor kid's skin, which is red and angry. There is an imprint of the bathmat from the bottom of the tub burnt into his skin. I wrap him in cool towels and plan to go to the hospital.

      We end up at this strange cafeteria kind of place full of those fold out tables and chairs. I get the impression that there will be a wedding or something going on here
      (wedding is a dream sign of mine, I wish it triggered a RC, but nope) sometime soon. There are some nervous parents of the bride or groom milling around, one woman approaches me while I am trying to put my poor kid to bed (under a table!). She asks me if she can help me. I suddenly get a glimpse of some laundry hanging on a wire in a field and the dream ends.

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    6. Tiny Fragments

      by , 01-21-2011 at 07:17 PM (Brainy Vapours)
      Last night was really disappointing for recall. I only have 3 tiny fragments. I contemplated not even putting them in here, but as per Stephen LaBerge, apparently I must record everything.

      Fragment 1

      I had this vision (eyes open) of my son falling out of his highchair, so I grabbed for him in a panic. It turned out it was just my man's knees (bent so his feet were placed flat on the mattress) moving under the covers. He looked at me like I was nuts as I explained I thought his legs were our son falling from a highchair. But that's not unusual for him to look at me that way - he knows I do crazy things in my sleep

      Fragment 2

      My Step Dad was farming something in a field. I don't remember what it was, but it was something very unusual - something inanimate/not alive. I was questioning him as to what the heck he was doing.

      Fragment 3

      No real details about this one, except knowing that my Brother in Law was in it, and I had a definite feeling of awkwardness/discomfort. No idea what was going on there.

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