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    1. 8/13/16 - Computers, Toast & Boyfriends

      by , 08-14-2016 at 11:38 PM
      I'm at Grandpa's house using a computer. I get up from the chair for a second to get something. As soon as I get up, Jasmine immediately takes my seat. I get annoyed and run over to make sure I'm signed out of all my accounts, etc. She starts to mock me, asking if I have anything to hide, but I ignore her. She then gets up and walks away. Before she gets too far, just to be a smartass, I loudly ask mom if she wants on the computer.She says no, but another girls walks up and asks to get on, so I let her. I go outside and nibble on a piece of toast. A boy walks up Grandma's driveway and up to me. I ask him if he's eaten since he has to go to work soon. He says no so I shove the rest of my toast into his hand and tell him to eat. He smiles and starts eating it. Farquaad comes outside and I pull the boy close to me and kiss him. Farquaad looks shocked so I look at him and explain that the boy is my boyfriend. Farquaad tries to threaten him, but I cut him off and tell him to go away.
    2. Wacky driving

      by , 11-06-2014 at 03:19 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      Cullen was a Red Templar, glowing red like the one in the Gameplay Features – Choice & Consequences video that I recently watched.

      I’m driving, heading somewhere, but I’m lost. I look at a ‘map’, and the street I’m looking for, my old house on Renee Lane, is marked with a blue line.


      I pull out from where and am nervous because I have to drive in a procession with other vehicles. The car is so big (or I am so small) that I can’t reach the pedals. I get down and press the gas with my hands and somehow rev the engine at the same time.

      I do my usual insane dream driving and there’s a wreck. But not caused by me for once! It seems that the people in the car at the front jumped out.


      A group of people are set up on the side of the road recovering and stuff. Apparently I had to replace my shirt. I saw one that might be mine and put it on. Then I looked down and realized it wasn’t. It was black and had some kind of writing on it. I had somehow managed to grab my ‘boyfriend’s’ shirt.


      Mom’s showing me a book that’s supposed to be familiar. It says “Yellow _?_” on the front and it’s the second book in a series.

      Inspirations: On the last episode of Z-Nation, a guy jumped out of a morgue vault and pretty much killed himself. For the book, I’ve been looking at a lot of books in the last week.

      Side-notes: I still find it amazing how many little things throughout the day make it into my dreams. I wonder if I put some special notice into them or what? Just been thinking of the implications and ideas to do with it.
    3. Attempted robbery

      by , 08-21-2010 at 01:01 PM (Kjarva's dream journal)
      quite a vivid dream last night but still no lucidity since my first timy period of it the other week.

      I was in Dundee at the seagate, just outside the church there. I was carrying 2 tesco bags for some reason and seemed to have made camp in a black tent at the bottom of the church stairs by the bench. I turned my back to go put some rubbish in the bin and when I turned round again the tent was flattened and flapping in the wind, while I saw a junkie lifting my stuff and putting it in a really strong, clear plastic bag.

      He hadn't seen me yet, so I walked up behind him as he was about to cross the road and jerked the bag out of his hands, telling him "I don't think so mate!" He made a run for it and suddenly we were in the Perth road. He made a run for the flats that were opposite the Londis. I could see him in the window of the flats upstairs and it was as if all of the flats were joined together into one big flat, as he continued up Perth road through the flats.

      I clearly remember one of his junkie mates that was with him. He had long dirty blonde hair tied back in a ponytail, looked to be in his late 40's or early 50's and had a scraggly beard to match his hair. He was wearing a green jacket, like the kind of army surplus thing that Ewan used to wear and blue Jeans.

      This guy shouted out the window for me to fuck off and I screamed back that he was a homeless junkie fuck who deserved to go to prison. I gave up on the chase at this point and the scenery shifted again.

      I don't clearly remember where I was but I do remember laying the clear plastic bag that I'd stolen back from the Junkie next to a battered looking coffee table. As I pulled my stuff out of the bag, I realised that there was other peoples stuff in the bag as well. Purses and wallets mostly. I remember agonising in my dream over what to do with them. Should I keep the money in them and call the owners, giving them their cards etc, sans cash? Should I take them down to the police station and hand them in? Or should I just keep the cash and bin the evidence of ever having them?

      I don't know when I decided but I found myself on the phone, calling round the owners to tell them to come and pick up their belongings from my house. At this point as far as I am concerned I am in my old house at south george street but on waking, it looked nothing like it. I clearly remember one of the purse owners saying "hello" when she answered the phone to me but don't remember any of the subsequent conversation.

      That's it, I must have woken up or ended my REM cycle, as I don't remember anything after that.