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    1. 15 Mar: Bus falling on a river and tiny people

      by , 03-15-2019 at 11:41 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      With my grandpa on a bus that is on a road parallel to the Tagus river in Santarém. The river is so dry, he feels disturbed. I notice the lack of sand under the pillars of the bridge that crosses the river and soon enough part of the bridge collapses, when we were just at the beginning of it. When we fall, the bus lands partially on a platform at the river bed, but dangerously dangling. I call people to our side of the bus to make it tilt and it stays balanced. Then we realize somehow we and the bus have been shrunk and we are now tiny people in a big world. We don't know what to do but we find other tiny people like us. At first they don't want to help us, but I manage to at least converse with them. They seem fine with being tiny.

      (A secret dream about my guru)
    2. Why did I die?

      by , 08-12-2018 at 08:53 PM
      Two dreams

      My dad, brother and my foster-brother said that men are better than women on everything. My sister and I got very upset but didn’t had a chance to tell them off. So I poked my brother with a stick in his stomach and yelled: ”Too bad it wasn’t a harpoon!” Everybody laughed and my sister told me I had a sassy comeback as always. Then we tried to do everything to prove the guys wrong.

      I was in Italy, just paying a visit to my old school there from when I studied abroad. I had a looong conversation with the principle who asked me questions... strangly in english but I liked it. We had a really good time. She asked me what I wanted to do with my life and I was thinking really hard to come up with a good answer.
      The principle wanted me to come back, but not sure how tho. She was talking and talking and talking. I realized that I no longer really knew where I was. Wasn’t it a part of my own hometown just right outside the window? I wanted to end the conversation but principle seemed so determinded to keep talking about things I could do if I wanted to stay there, Which I didn’t want.
      She wanted me to dye my hair blonde but I didn’t want that. She took me outside to a balcoony and asked me if there were any guys I would like to date but as soon as I looked. I only saw guys that I already knew. Some even from kindergarden. I refused and told her that I already knew these guys and didn’t want anything to do with them. She became very angry and headed inside again. It was time for her to have a lesson. So I decided to run with my old friend’s younger brother, who I never really spoke to.
      We quickly ran away from the school and tried to get to a bus stop. Suddenly I could hear the principle’s vocie behind me. She was furious!
      I wasn’t far from the bus stop when I stopped running and looked back. The young brother was gone but the principal stood there instead, looking at me with sadness in her eyes. First I thought she was going to beg me not to go but what she told me made me go insane. The younger brother was hit by a bus... the very same bus we were supposed to take to get away from this place. I ran away from the bus stop and kept going until I was hit myself by a car.

      Suddenly spirits appeared on the streets, singing and laughing. But not I, because I cried. I covered my face with the hands and cried as loudly as I could. Until I heard my mother’s voice. She wanted someone to hold the dogs’ leashes and take them to a field. I gladly took the dogs over there and found three presents for each pet. The cat wasn’t there tho. I opened the first gift. It was a perfume bottle... MY perfume. I glanced at my dog that was sitting down and paying attention to the bottle. I realized that I had chose the wrong path and cried because I wasn’t there for my dog anymore. I could not pet him, feed him or talk to him. He couldn’t even see me! I couldn’t help but to cry even harder. I just wanted it to be a dream.
    3. The Art of Defying DILD

      by , 02-23-2018 at 02:12 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I find myself in the middle of the night in a car. As I am about to start the engine I see a man who is driving from left and then right. He bumps in to the back of another vehicle and flips to the side of the road. I get out of my car to call 911 but I could see ambulance already on their way. I take a few minutes to run to them but eventually they drove right pass me and to the scene.

      As I run back to the scene I was introduce to this detective. She tells me we are going over to a part where we suspect dangerous criminals live. I ask her have you done this before and if she'll be okay on her own. She said yes but if she needs my help she'll let me know. We both pulled out our guns and enter the forest in till we appeared on a road.

      As we are walking on the road we hear a bullet zoom right passed us. It came from twelve clock , I look at the tree's in the distance and could see a man in a tree made house holding a sniper. I tried shooting at him a couple of times but then someone at the far left in the woods also began shooting. I begin wondering if we were cornered so I told lets take shelter at this abandon cabin not too far from us.

      The weather was clouded grey but now began to rain. I look out the cabin windows and could no longer see them at their original positions. I assume they were coming to us inside the cabin. I pulled my knife out and enter inside the first room closet to the door. I told her to hide in the closet that would be straight across the hallway all the way down. So that when they open the door she would have a clear shot.

      I decided to leave the room door I was in slightly open so that it could possibly distract them. Even if they enter I would take advantage of the situation by hiding at the side of the door and use the knife in a close up fight. The door opens and I could hear someone footsteps can closer and closer to my room. Then the door brushes against my shoulder, I act on my instincts and turn around to stab him in the neck.

      I am surprise when I see it is my brother. Unfortunately I had already stab him as he drops to the floor holding his neck. The shock and confusion made me realize there's no way I could have just killed my brother. I become lucid and told the detective with me that I am going to go get some air. I look out the cabin window and jump while now flying through the tree's. My then flying turned in to floating so I decided to land at a near by road.

      I could see people who appeared to be near by neighbors talking to one another while making jokes. A woman who resembled a video game character was having trouble starting her car. I approach it and took her out of it as it was car I wanted to test my driving on. She then runs from me and I notice there's no key. If I had better dream control I would have been able to start it off.

      I walk towards the neighbors to see if they had any cars. When I got to them I was puzzled to just hearing them repeating the same phrases to each other and then laughing about it. It happen over and over again so I decided I would rather not talk to them. I then had a false awakening.
    4. 04-08-16

      by , 08-04-2016 at 08:12 PM
      Trying to form new habits. First start developing an habit on meditation: zazen and theravada meditation. After this is established i will try to keep mindfulness for the rest of the day (everyday), which will be supported by ADA and self-awareness. I will take this as seriously as i can.

      I dreamt many events last night, so i will post the fragments here:

      • My mother throws flour on me. We weren't at home, but at a place we were staying... It was uncertain for how long, and the place wasn't ours.
      • I go to the bathrooms to take a shower. It was a big room (I think it was located where the primary bathrooms of my college were). There were toilet boxes in the wall in front of the door. To the left side of the door there were like 4 sinks. Some steps more and there was like an empty space in the middle where all the showers were together (like 6) [For description: it was like the gas rooms of WWII where german prisioners walked in for a "collective shower", but this was a shower for real...]. There was nobody in the showers so i decided i would take one myself, but i notice that it was reserved by Obama. After realizing this i see him, fully dressed. I realize that he was on Argentina, and on this school, but i wasn't surprised or anything. I start seeing that more people come in the bathroom, some going to the toilets, some going to the sinks, so i decide that i do not need a shower anymore and i go outside.
      • Outside the bathroom there was an event going on, like a festival. The lights shut down and everything is dark. I stay for a while without seeing until some lights come again. I see some kids climbing in some desks, away of this event, so i go to help them. A girl was having trouble to come down, so i hold the desk and the chair and i tell her to climb on me. She nervously did and was safe.
      • After that i dreamt something else that is not connected to the previous dreams. I was in a jail, not inside a cell, but where police officers should be. Well, there was no police apparently, many dangerous guys on cells and one drunk bald guy coming in and out of the cells. He had a beer glass and every time it ran out of beer he went in the cells to refill it. He asked me if i wanted to drink, of course i said no (it was home made alcohol..., and who knows what it had inside, besides i didn't want to drink any alcohol at all). After the third, fourth drink he started puring the drink in my head, since he was standing and i was lying on the floor. I wanted to do something about it, but at the same time i thought that he could easily open the cells and all the others would come out and that wouldn't be good (although there was an axe in the floor, beside the drunk man. He looked like Flea of RHCP). However i think i questioned why i couldn't get out of that place (i was waiting for the guy in charge there, so when he leaves i would go with him, but i questioned why i had to do that).
      • Then i dream about the future and my family. Apparently the economic measures of this country aren't doing any good to the economics of the members of my family, so each time they are poorer. I dreamt something that supposedly happens about 6 months or a year from now. My aunt from my mother has no electricity on her house anymore, she can't pay the bills anymore and apparently she will loose her house. She barely has anything to eat because there's no work. However we were reunited with the rest of my mom's family, and we were enjoying the moment. My grandfather gave me some pens (blue and green), we were standing on a roof and the place was wide. We could have jumped through roofs (i think there was a big tree with vines, that's why the place felt wide).
      • Then i find myself experimenting in a swamp. I had like 2 repelents on water, which repeled some monsters. Those monsters were like dolphins with heads of human and teeth of sharks. If those things caught you, you definitely were dead. But i was on water, proximate to 2 of them, and they couldn't touch me, because of this "net" that repelled them. A group came by with my father in it and i think i showed this to them. First i showed the monsters, and they showed how dangerous they were, and then i showed this device. After that we caught one of these monsters and we chop its head off (it was cruel but that's the decision we took as a group (very stupid to take decisions as groups)). Anyhow she was still alive and with those fierce teeth. Somehow the repellent blanket gets moved, my father didn't notice this and he stomps right on her mouth. Of course the blonde monster head ate his foot. He was asking me to come back, like coming back in time, to the part we were in the swamp. I checked if i could do this and i asked a partner there if he could, but both couldn't. There were 2 options. Going back in time (i was trying CTRL + Z, but i didn't have the keys... i should get away from PC for a while), or deal with this, accept it and start moving on. (This things happens, and even though one doesn't like it, it is of no use to regret or lament, so i try not to from the very beginning).
      • Then i was left with the head alone for a while, while the group did other things. Of course i was watching it, and i noticed that it was coming to me (like rolling down). So i grabbed it by the hair and i throwed it up where it belonged again. It didn't stay, it came down again to me, so i grabbed it again and throwed it again. It did the same, but at this time i was already angry. Angry and cruel apparently, because i grabbed the head and started hitting it in the wall. After i was done i throwed it where it belonged and it stayed there, but i think the monster was dead by now...


      I liked the part where i just met Obama and didn't care at all, and walked outside that place which was of no use to me anymore.
      I liked the part where i helped the little girl.
      I would have liked to question myself about the situation a little more, to avoid uncomfortable situations. Also i would like to develop more the skill of observation.
      I didn't like the group decisions. Probably it was because my father was there, but since im old enough now i have to take leadership on myself. I will start to be more responsible for myself.
      I didn't like the cruelty of chopping of the head of that swamp monster. It doens't matter if it is evil or not, i don't have any right for doing that, and if i do it is a false right since kamma doesn't work that way. I recognize i was cruel, so if i acted cruel something related to that will come up as result.
      I didn't like the moment of perplexity where i saw my father lost his foot. Either i accept it or i do something about it, but at that moment i was stiff.
      I didnt like the anger and cruelty that i took on that head. I acted based on that qualities of the mind, and i felt like no control. I should have felt with control, and i had discernment i probably could have stopped, but i didn't. I hope to diminish anger, erradicate cruelty, be mindful even in moments i forget, and develop discernment (with observance and questioning).


      I was navigating through internet, looking for an avatar image. I saw an image on a geiser i had on site before and i decided to change it. I thought about looking for something related to fire, because of Zodiac (although i don't believe on it). However a couple days before (30th July) we talked about how "Ofiuco" changed the signs. So I recalled i was actually Piscis (water) instead of Aries (fire). And i realized that although i like fire i probably feel more at ease with water. So i looked for Piscis and in the images i saw, i saw sirens (the monsters of the swamp were actually sirens, but there were male as well and neither gender were beautiful). After seeing this i decided to write down the dreams of last night.
    5. Freaky Celebration & Baby falling down a stairwell

      by , 06-29-2016 at 07:34 PM
      D1: Non-Lucid--I was at this place which was like a Christmas celebration but they seemed like Morman's but somehow also occult like. Super weird. It was being in a place that looked like they should be holding a 4H fair but without the animals. In a building for animals. The people there didn't seem to want me or my friends there so I left. I hitchhiked to a nearby gas station on an oddly familiar old road. ( was watching Bates Motel before bed, lol).... I realized my purse was gone when I needed my billfold to pay at the gas station. I went back & the people there were now living in some really nice mobile home. The people there took me back to the 4H kind of place where we now bedded down like animals which was somehow against the rules. My friend wanted me to be curteous but I was mad cuz my purse & billfold was gone. But by then I had found them & was still pissed off cuz my phone in my pocket was now an old phone not my iphone. I told them they needed to give me back my phone or pay me like $800 for it. In the end they gave me cash when I threatend to press charges for the phone & on them personally for being sexual deviants. I said deviant in the dream but I was referring to them keeping the women & children being raped by the men but I never actually saw this, I just had the vibe.... Suddenly the festivities were back on everything was back to how it was when I got there in the beginning with my purse, phone & billfold all back where they belonged. I just wanted to leave & then Meesha woke me up.

      D2: Non-Lucid Nightmare!- My family, like a lot of us, were in this tall hotel with really nice rooms. I've been here before, this hotel is a reoccurring dream place but I haven't been there in a while & there is usually a casino there. Anyway my twin daughters (real life twin daughters) had twins. But each had given birth to only one but they looked identical & we were calling them twins. The family went off & left me & my mom with them. My mom said I was being over protective of them & she let one wander off. The next thing I knew it fell off a stairwell & hit a shitload of stairs on it's way down! Fucking horrific! A woman who was dressed like a high end servant but was also some kind of doctor. I don't know, she just looked out of place. After me freaking the hell out eventually the baby was fine & I woke up all hot & sweaty.
    6. [13-06-2016]

      by , 06-13-2016 at 04:40 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was a dark, cold night. I've got arrested, though nobody ever told me what I did. After a few days they were moving me to another prison, to a seclusion cell. They were moving me in a huge cage, halfway to new prison we had to stop in front of some building that was a mix of hotel and a school. Police officers had to leave me for a while. I used this moment to escape from the cage, remove handcuffs and get some better clothes. There was a radio nearby, I turned it on and heard that police already knew about my escape. Luckily they didn't knew my appearance. A police officer came closer and asked "Excuse me Sir, what's your name?" I replied "Uhm... Robert Frankowicz." We stood there silent for a moment, then he asked again "What was your name again?" to which I replied "Robert Ziemieniewicz." The officer only made "Ah." and went away, clueless.

      I decided to check what's going on around - there was some kind of party in that school, where people I saw before in school were partying. There was also some kind of contest and students were preparing for it. As I was wandering the school, police finally found out who I was. I ran down a hallway, then using backdoor I escaped to nearby grove and run into a city, through dark alleys to a hospital. Time of day changed from night to a warm, summer day. I found a stash I left before, full of deadly weapons. Again, police somehow found out that I'm there. What's more - they sent psychiatrists after me. I took some explosive pasta and spread it all around the hospital while escaping from them. I was desperately looking for detonator, but I couldn't find it, so I ran to a nearby parking and stole a car.

      I was driving with really high speed, hearing a voice saying "And so he escaped the police and psychiatrists. For months he was driving recklessly, until one day." I was driving in a city near my home town, still with really high speed. When I was on a curve, the car swinged and hit a street lamp. My perspective changed to third person. I was a black, bald male with green t-shirt and jeans trousers. I got shot out of the car, still holding steering wheel in my hands. I flewn towards another street lamp, which was really elastic. It bended down and shot me back at a metal bar, I hit it with my stomach and started puking blood. Voice said "The hit was so hard that it damaged intestines badly, making him puke out his own blood."
    7. Stained Carpet (7.8.15)

      by , 08-07-2015 at 03:29 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Stained Carpet
      I'm at my House and I see some footage of Eddie having sex with some girl. Shes above average in looks. Eddies dick looks dark brown and well endowed. Eddy is in Dave's room, which is eddies now. Ed asks for a drink and I go get one for him. I fill it up in a small glass that doesn't fit much in it. Someone is with me helping me through the process. The liquid looks weird, as it's looking like its overlapping each other. I take it to Eddy and notice a bad stain on the carpet. I stress out wondering how to clean it. Someone says to use a method where u clean it from underneath the floor boards. I ask about normal method of just dabbing it with a wet cloth.

      Im at the park in marinda. Im with a group of people that are complaining about the stain. They're looking to take the other person to court over it. I check the stain again and it's fine. The writing near the stain has been modified a little and is off its angle a bit. I change my mind and want to tell them that we should just let it be and not sue. I see a warehouse. I'm trying to find faults in it. I see a tire sticking out a bit and a few bumps in places. Another group is next to us and they are warming up for something by saying chants. I imagine getting out group to do same thing.

      I rock up at a house with brother. See Ron and older gentleman and someone else across the road. They're in garage sitting at a table drinking beverages. I give them a wave. I walk into the house we arrived and see Nat on the couch. Dave tries waking her up, and I join in and tug on her legs. Dave tells me not to do it, as she might get upset. Now Dave talks to one of a girls. I think a lot of these people are gay. I see 2 good looking girls come in, I think they're lesbians. One of the girls asses looked really small. I sit down on couch with my bro and the others. Bro tells me that we'll go soon due to thinking that I wouldn't want to be there due to everyone being gay. I say I'm cool with that, as I'm not anti gay. A guy sits next to me and pushes me into my chair a little. I say I recognize him. He tells me that he knows I recognize him because I wanted to beat him at anything. He's wearing a suit and looks important. Except his head looks a little big. He offers to challenge me at something. He explains the first step that is 5 draw poker. He says he's really good at poker. I feel I'm weak at anything that's not hold em poker. I see scene of cards, explaining the game

      Dream Fragment
      I'm sitting down at a school desk and Jane is the teacher. I think there's only myself and 1 other. I see text in my vision. It's got a few fruit emojis in the text. The emojis are spaced out oddly, so I correct them. Jane give a lecture on the reason why middle age women are not able to fall pregnant. She explains that it's in the mind and that young women don't seem to have that problem.
    8. Casey's Here, Off To A Bad Start (17.7.15)

      by , 07-17-2015 at 01:16 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Casey's Here
      I'm in my bedroom at my house, but it's my old bedroom. I think I was sleeping when Megan came in. Megan says I should get up or something. It felt rude. She says that her old friend was over. Megan leaves the room. I take a massive drink from my water jug, finishing about 80% of it. I'm disappointed that I finished that much, as that needed to last my the whole day. I begin getting ready and try some clothes on. I try a heavy brown jumper on. I quite like it, but it's a tad big maybe. I go through a lot of clothes, with a lot being ugly or too big etc. I think one of them is dads. Daryl comes Into the room with a massive plastic water container, which he places on my bed. I hear Casey's voice in the house. I anticipate Jane or someone coming in to get me to come out and socialize. As I come out, the guests have left. I sit on the couch eating a small tub of coleslaw. Jane walks in and asks if I'm ready for a bike ride. I'm not sure if I'm keen at first, but decide I probably should. Jane shows us some food that we can have, which was a sourdough roll. I get up and walk over to the bench. Daryl is telling me that this place really brings out his beautiful eyes. I examine them closely and see that they're light blue mostly. They seem to be still changing as its a bit patchy.

      Off To A Bad Start
      I'm at a house and there seems to be a bit of a gathering going on. I'm on the toilet which is in a bedroom. I have the runs. It doesn't have a pleasant smell to it. I wipe my ass and get shit on my jumper or something. It drips onto the floor and leaves a stain. I'm not feeling too good about that, and try to see if I can rub it out, or blend it in with the carpet somehow. I try to find some more toilet paper, eventually finding some near the toilet itself. My brother is now using the toilet, and he realizes I still need to use it. He grabs the toilet bowl and moves it closer to him. Im a bit shocked with what I just saw. He is pissing into the bowl and almost filling it to the top. The toilet bowl falls over and piss goes everywhere. I feel a little better about myself that I'm not the only one that made a mess in the bedroom. A bit of piss gets onto the side of the bed. I smell the sheets to see if it reeks of piss. It doesn't.

      I'm in the kitchen and there are people at the table. I decide to play a game where I have to sell product to them. I see 3 vita biscuits on a plate. I pick up the plate and tell them my pitch, which goes a bit like this.
      "Ok I have these rare biscuits here. The reason they're rare is due to the ingredients and the culture of them. You know how normal flour is used for making biscuits? Well this isn't normal flour. This is MOON DUST Aka Moon Flour. Also If you look at the 3 biscuits, they have a different color to them. I call this the multicultural biscuits. One is dark, other is medium and last is lightest of the colors."
      I had a black hooded jacket on, with the hood over my head when doing the pitch. I really put some professionalism into the pitch, even put on the goofy fake voice they do. As I finished, I continued my act and walked out like I was overly cocky with what I had achieved. I feel a bit embarrassed with what had just happened.

      I'm outside and there's an announcement of a man performing a triple backflip on a BMX and eventually landed it after many tries in practice. I think to myself that someone recently performed a quadruple backflip on BMX and that this may have been the one he was talking about. It's night time and I see the set up for the show. It looks like nitro circus which is sponsored by red bull. I see a man go down a big ramp, he's connected to a metal chariot. The horse is made out of metal also. He's flying around the track and notice that he's in a wheel chair. He disconnects from the chariot and flys across what looks to be water. He doesn't make it all the wave and falls off the side of the narrow path.

      The scene changes and I'm seeing Daryl run from a girl. Everyone is playing hide and seek. I decide to join in and hide behind these thick trees. There are a lot of trees near one another. Daryl climbs the tree and is hesitant to go any higher. I think that's the right option as there isn't much to hold onto, apart from the trunk. I keep an eye on Daryl incase he falls onto me. I imagine if I was up there and fell, would anyone catch me? And if they did, would it work out ok. I see the girl coming my way. I decide to run to the side of her, hoping to be covered by the trees. She spots me and I run quickly towards a safe zone. I reach the safe zone, but the hole to enter it is too small. I think I try another hut which allows me in. The roof is cut off the hut. Me and the other guy in there are poking our heads out. We're talking about Julian Wilson the pro surfer.

      I meet up with some people from the gathering. I don't feel too comfortable due to drinking the night before. I see my cousin Trev. He's sitting in a covered area. There's a lot of cars on top of the small hill. I see Trev's dad, and give him a wave. My dad is walking towards me also. I'm a bit shocked to see him come to something like this.
    9. From Good to Bad

      by , 04-10-2015 at 10:37 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      Haven't remembered anything since Monday, in which I had a lucid. It seems like my recall tends to take a nosedive the days following my lucid dreams. In any case, I finally remembered a dream this morning after having an absolutely terrible day on Thursday. Nothing was going right, and I was in a terrible mood for the entire day up till I went to bed. Seems to have given me a sad dream.

      I was at my house, except it was very warped and different from my normal house. Part of it was modified so that an entire wall looked like it was the night sky, and it opened outward into an expanse of sea, where many people (whom my dreamself considered friends) were swimming and having a good time.
      I decided to join in, and went for a relaxing swim for a while. The water was nice and warm.
      After finishing up my swim, it was time for me to go to work (in the dream). I headed to work with my girlfriend, with me behind the wheel and her sticking her head out the passenger side window enjoying the breeze. Things took a sudden turn for the worse when, out of no where, a huge chunk of metal came flying off of a nearby vehicle, slamming into my girlfriend and knocking her out of the car. She was killed.
      Afterwards, a medical team recovered her body, and I made funeral arrangements with one of my coworkers, who just so happened to be nearby. Once things were squared off, I headed back home, uncertain of my future now that my girlfriend was gone.

      -takes a deep breath- A not so great day and a not so great dream (aside from the swimming part). I am glad I remembered one though, so
    10. Wacky driving

      by , 11-06-2014 at 03:19 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      Cullen was a Red Templar, glowing red like the one in the Gameplay Features – Choice & Consequences video that I recently watched.

      I’m driving, heading somewhere, but I’m lost. I look at a ‘map’, and the street I’m looking for, my old house on Renee Lane, is marked with a blue line.


      I pull out from where and am nervous because I have to drive in a procession with other vehicles. The car is so big (or I am so small) that I can’t reach the pedals. I get down and press the gas with my hands and somehow rev the engine at the same time.

      I do my usual insane dream driving and there’s a wreck. But not caused by me for once! It seems that the people in the car at the front jumped out.


      A group of people are set up on the side of the road recovering and stuff. Apparently I had to replace my shirt. I saw one that might be mine and put it on. Then I looked down and realized it wasn’t. It was black and had some kind of writing on it. I had somehow managed to grab my ‘boyfriend’s’ shirt.


      Mom’s showing me a book that’s supposed to be familiar. It says “Yellow _?_” on the front and it’s the second book in a series.

      Inspirations: On the last episode of Z-Nation, a guy jumped out of a morgue vault and pretty much killed himself. For the book, I’ve been looking at a lot of books in the last week.

      Side-notes: I still find it amazing how many little things throughout the day make it into my dreams. I wonder if I put some special notice into them or what? Just been thinking of the implications and ideas to do with it.
    11. God-Pa

      by , 11-01-2014 at 03:33 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      I’m one of two children of parents who are gods. The parent of one of them came over for us to meet for the first time.

      I’m about eight years old. I have short, wavy, dark brown hair and freckles and look sleepy like I just woke up. I walk into the kitchen - everyone else is already in there, including my ‘brother’, who has cropped light brown hair and seems to be about six or seven.

      We eat and talk with him. He looks to be mid-age, with dark hair and a beard, reminds me a bit of Duncan.

      He tries to show me a trick with Smoke but it backfires:

      “Did you notice that he won’t pay attention to me if you call me a bastard? Try calling me one when I walk by him.”

      Note: It had the feeling of implying that Smoke snubbed him because I didn’t like him called him a bastard).

      He leaves the kitchen. We wait. When it seems like he’s not coming back, he teleports outside the back door of the kitchen. He comes through and walks by Smoke, and I remember to say ‘bastard’ just when he’s almost past. Smoke just keeps on sleeping.

      I’m roughhousing with mom but end up kicking her or something and she gets mad.

      I leave the kitchen and go to the bathroom. I lock a few locks but they get kind of jammed. I go to the huge stall and climb up to look down into it. There are some items inside. I don’t want to use it because you can see into it from the door easily. I think there was some light from a window coming through.

      I go over to a dresser, open the bottom drawer and prepare to use the bathroom there. Apparently I had before.

      A guy and his girlfriend get in a terrible accident, but she didn’t survive. He got stuck with her gruesome body in some kind of box container until he could be saved. I think someone had asked him about this story so he told them.

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    12. 10-18-14 Life (and death) on the farm

      by , 10-25-2014 at 09:46 PM
      I dreamed I was working on a farm with a good friend of mine and his father. His father was pulling something with a tractor. Suddenly, he made a sharp right turn and the tractor tipped over on its side. The father wasn't hurt, but my friend was. I started crying and ran to him and picked him up in my arms. He was pinned under the tractor and unconscious. He had been very close to being crushed by a tire. It seemed, though, that he would probably heal in time.

      I was showing director Wes Anderson around our house, and he was entranced by a moving picture of a train that we had hanging on our wall. He commented that he "liked the framing". I'm not sure if it was in reference to the composition of the picture or the picture frame it was hung in.

      Another of my friends and his sister and I and another guy were sitting at a table in a cold room with a radio. It was raining outside. The guy turned on the radio, and a classical station came on, playing Bach's Air for G String. The song made me soooo sad, and I started to cry. The sister moved closer to me and comforted me.
    13. The Party Ark in Venice

      by , 09-30-2014 at 09:45 AM
      Monday, 29th September 2014

      Moon Cycle: 30% illuminated waxing crescent in Sagittarius
      Tarot card: 9 of Pentacles
      Mayan Calender: White Resonant Wizard


      I appeared to be in the shallow dock yards of Venice. The long and wide megalithic canal walls where lined with many open topped boats and people sat and enjoyed their sundowners. Our boat was old, unpainted and wooden resembling a small version of Noah's Ark.

      My friends steered on deck as I jumped off and pushed the boat outward, a little journey was in order. As the ark began to move I noticed my friends where fooling around and not controling the rudder to steer. The Ark now headed toward some other expensive looking yachts. Luckily the people on the other yacht soon realised danger and swiftly moved just in time.
      "Idiots!" I think to myself about my friends.

      The crew from the yacht that we almost just hit into shot us disapproving death stares, and signalled to the coast guard security closeby, who had seen everything anyway.

      They signalled us to come over immediately.
      "Uh-oh...now we're in shit",I exclaimed out loud. My mind immediatly asked if we had any illegal substances on the boat...its wasn't our boat and who knows what could have been stowed away.
      I sat in the front of the ark,legs hanging of each side, steering toward the coast guard.

      As we got closer a short man tanned with a mustauche climed down the ladder from the watch tower to receive us.
      Beaming my most sincere smile, I greeted with a "how are you sir" as if the previous events didnt occour.
      Strangely, the guard was cheerily friendly and we began a conversation consisting of unrelated small talk.

      After observing his body language and facial expressions for a while I soon realised that he was intoxicated and merely was looking for another drink from any unsuspecting citizen.
    14. Weird phone messages at the abandoned movie theater.

      by , 09-24-2014 at 10:00 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Weird phone messages at the abandoned movie theater. (Non-lucid)


      I was with some friends and a female friend told me to go with her somewhere and that she would drive. I jumped in her car and right away we were at the place. While she was parking, she jumped of the car before it was parked and the car crashed by the wall. She also hit a bus and the bus flipped over by some bushes and trees that were at one of the corners:

      There was a cop right next to us, but the cop did not seem to car. She grabbed the edge of the bus and lifted it, placing it on the wheels so it could be towed easily.

      We went to a movie theater, but it was abandoned. Despite that, the chairs were in great shape and there was some soft music player. I believe that you could see stars also. We were sitting next to each other and see started to kiss me very softly. She told me she was in love with me.

      I notice that the chairs were made out of letters and I had right in front of me a word that could read, "LESBICWORD" and I wondered why would it say that. There was also another strange word, but I was not able to recall it upon awakening.

      She hugged me and kissed me more. I could feel a soft wind coming from a cracked wall. Also, her phone rang and suddenly, there was the voice of an automated system that said:

      - You need to accept the statement.
      - You are there, I do sense you.
      - This call can end, you can't hang up, you need to accept.
      - This is the 9th attempt.
      - Are you meditating?
      - Please do answer.

      The automated system said these sentences a few times until I woke up.
    15. Motorcycle Rampage in the City *(Lucid + Basic Task Attempt)

      by , 08-26-2014 at 02:39 PM
      Monday, 25th August 2014

      Moon Cycle:New Moon in Virgo

      Tarot card of the Day: Ace of Cups

      Mayan Calender:Blue Cosmic Storm

      Nostril less blocked on awakening: Right (Masculine,left brain,logical/analytical)

      This dream occoured on the start of the New Moon on Monday when my girlfriend,myself and two other friends (another couple) decided to hike up one of the nearby mountains and camp out in a secluded cave for a night of shamanism and star-gazing.

      As the clear,still night fell we all consumed a small amount of plant medicines in the form of a tea (San Pedro and Psilocybin).
      The effects where felt, although very mild.
      We made a fire and began telling stories,playing music and chanting before falling asleeping just before the crack of dawn.


      I'm speeding through a city which resembles my hometown on my black Enfield motorbike, still on the initial lucidity realization high. I feel confident and invincible...there seems no reason to stabilize the dream.
      (ln retrospect I should have, as I only maintained a surface level of lucidity)

      I weaved through traffic, knocking pedestrians and cars to pieces knowing that no real bodily harm could transpire.
      Or could it?
      I asked myself the question while taking a particularly long and wide corner and the mental doubt caused the tires to slip from under me .
      I began to slide with my right leg being dragged underneath the bike.

      Swiftly I jumped up and let my bike continue to slide away while i scurried to my feet.
      "it's just a dream,its just a dream...",I reminded myself.

      There was a feeling of angst that the dream was about to end, which caused my behavior to become erratic and crazy to say the least.
      Even though I was conscious and somewhat lucidly aware,it was as if my primal male instincts took over and I was observing my dream body on auto pilot.

      I saw a frozen yogurt cafe on the sidewalk where I just had crashed and sprinted into it in a frenzy.
      Jumping over the counter where various cakes and sweets where displayed, i proceeded to stuff as many flavors of frozen yogurt in my mouth using the cooling dispensers which lay along the far wall.

      "What are you doing?",the cashier shouts from across the other end of the room.
      "Whatever I want!" I reply in a commanding tone.

      I double take at the cashier and notice she is extremely attractive.
      Curly brunette hair ,deep brown eyes,olive skin, curvaceous body and full lips.

      My "cave-man" mentality at the time gets the better of me and I grab her by the arm and pull her into the back room.
      Strangely she complied without any resistance.
      The erotica that ensued was very intense,fast paced and primal...with ripping off clothes, loud shouts and groans and the collision of sweaty bodies... often being thrown around the room.

      Then she uttered something in my ear...
      "Remember what you are here for...."
      I was struck by a sudden clarity and lucidity again.
      "The dream task!"I exclaimed.
      I left the sexual escapades in the back room and ran outside.

      Many dream characters where sitting on the sidewalk in the sunshine drinking around round white tables.
      I took a seat at one of them and asked a chubby short man to tell me a foreign word and its meaning.
      He replied in something that sounded similar to Spanish.
      I then asked a middle aged lady sitting adjacent to him the same question,and she replied in what I could make out to be a French accent.

      Upon awakening I was unable to recall the words or their meaning...only the unique accents in which the DC's spoke.

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