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    1. Mission to return home (Another Video Game Dream)

      by , 03-17-2016 at 08:31 PM
      I had a dream that every Dragon Age inquisition character was with me in this world and they needed me to take them back to their world. Therefore I joined a dangerous group, so I could gather information. Then I got info there this group has operating teleporting portals that has to power to teleport to different place in this world and other worlds as well. So we decided to break into the boss's house. We sneaked pass the guards and then we went into the boss's room, In the room there was a metal door with a security code lock, we broke the lock and then the alarms went off.
      Then behind the door there was a small round pool and inside the pool glowed green (which was actually the portal) . So one by one I sent the others to jump through the portal. The guards were closing in and before I jumped into the portal I made sure it would self destruct.

      Then we teleported somewhere that looked like an empty watch tower. So we rested there, there were tables there and towels to dry ourselves off. So I sat on a table, infront of me Iron Bull was sitting and beside me was Solas.
      We were talking about somethings (which I can't remember) But then I remember telling Solas that, "I can understand you quite well." He then asked, "Really?" I remember giving him a smirk and then I told him things that I knew about him and things I understood from him. He just looked at me, silent, and I looked back at him. He then extended his hand towards my face, I thought he was going to kiss me but instead he just pulled back some of my hair infront of my face saying, "You shouldn't let your hair cover your eyes so much, it will weaken your eyesight."

      I vividly remember my heart beating faster that moment and my cheeks becoming red.

      After we rested, we continued our mission and we jumped through more portals. Then I remember we were running away from the enemy when suddenly I fell down into the water and then woke up.

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    2. #226. Andraste

      by , 01-09-2016 at 08:02 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      "So then Andraste was standing there looking like a normal human being, and Divine Victoria had to figure out how to explain to everyone who she was. And that was important, because Andraste was assembling a team to save the world."

      "Of course, why else would God come back as a snarky, gorgeous redhead?"

      (Explaining my dreams to someone IWL.)

      Divine Victoria
    3. Sparrow

      by , 08-18-2015 at 08:52 PM
      I watch the magician enter a building. Unusually, he's dressed in modern clothing and wearing round glasses with very thick lenses, and I make a point of remembering to write that detail down after I wake up. As I'm thinking about it, I wonder what dream interpretation would make of those glasses. The assumption here is that interpretation is the wrong way to go about it and will lead to mistaken conclusions.

      When he returns, he's ridiculously tall and wearing armor I associate with the temple of Mythal - less about Mythal, more about the temple - which is also unusual but in the opposite direction from before; the mental association is that he's dropped a disguise I'm used to seeing, though this one isn't exactly not a disguise. He asks me about various things I don't remember, and I answer as if I'm providing a status report. He's troubled by my responses.

      He tells me to wait for the sparrow. There's a sense that this is a reference to folklore or a fairy tale.
    4. Avoiding the templars

      by , 03-31-2015 at 01:54 AM
      Based on DA. There's this kid whose father had been an apostate and a friend of mine; I've been his guardian since his parents died, but I'm not around much. There's this old dwarf woman who's been acting as his tutor, and she's been telling me that the kid's started to show signs of inheriting his father's magic. Strange dreams, mostly. She's worried he'll attract a demon, get himself hurt - she wants to send him to the Circle to be trained. I completely refuse. His father worked hard to stay free of the Circle, I can't do that to his son. There must be someone else who can train him. In the meantime, we say nothing to the kid about any of this.

      But we don't find anyone else, and eventually the old woman informs me that she's written to the Circle about him. They'll be sending templars to pick the kid up.

      So I take the kid and we leave town. I don't explain why, and he thinks it's just a short trip. As we're walking on a path through the woods, he's telling me about a fennec he'd found out back, and how he's been trying to befriend it. But as he talks, his voice changes, goes deeper, and he starts saying strange things; I stop and turn around to look at him, and find the features of his face are shifting slightly, starting to resemble a sloth demon. That fades away, his face and voice returns to normal, but he's frightened - and he recognizes that was the beginning of possession.

      He'd watched a friend of his become possessed once; he says he'd rather be killed than go through that. He runs off into the woods. I follow, but I don't find him.

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    5. An unusual transition

      by , 03-07-2015 at 11:22 PM
      After a DA:O-based scene about pleasantly passing time with Zevran, I have a false awakening and go lucid in a much less pleasant setting: a college dorm where people are being influenced in their sleep by some sinister mental voice - I could make out his tone but not his words. My initial intent was to investigate this without letting the source of the voice realize I was immune to his influence, mimicking the behavior of his victims, but I approach a stone wall surrounding the building and decide nah, I'd rather just leave. I fly over the wall with some slight resistance which I think of as coming from the source of that voice, unwilling to let any of his prey escape.

      This takes me down to a river surrounded by great grey boulders, leading down to the sea; as I follow the river it becomes filled by creatures similar to dolphins or porpoises - but incredibly ugly. I'm still feeling a sort of dragging effect from the scene I'd just left, resistance to moving further away; the water and open air feel refreshing but the animals' ugly appearance reflects some negative feel that's still affecting the dream.

      There's a song in my head, and I choose to focus on the song instead of on my surroundings - an upbeat dance song from the 60s. I begin to see a music video that goes with it, though not vividly, more like daydreaming, still firmly aware of my surroundings along that river. I'm thinking this could be an interesting opportunity.

      The music video has a wipe transition effect, like a clock hand sweeping around, and I focus on it - and now the music video has changed scenes from a dance hall to a boardwalk, and I've transitioned with it. I'm observing the boardwalk from above, 3rd person, with no more sense of that river with the sea creatures, or of the general feeling of unpleasantness from the past few scenes. I'm surprised that worked. It's unusually unvivid, though, still about the quality of a daydream; I wonder if I'm waking up. I shift my perspective, now standing on that boardwalk in the 60s, with a row of brilliantly colored pinball machines off to my right. That's much better.
      I drop back to non-lucidity for two more scenes.

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    6. Three fragments

      by , 11-09-2014 at 04:49 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      I’m in a house, where a guy offers me a pill. I take it like I was expecting it and go lay on a bed next to a sleeping woman. I’m woken up by him shouting at me from the other room, asking me if I could come there. There was something about ‘3 ounces’, maybe a thought I had as I was waking up. I’m pretty groggy.

      Mom is at the door, very concerned/frazzled because she couldn’t find me. She goes on about how much danger I could have been in.

      Something about Wynne from Dragon Age: Origins.

      Rane ‘orders’ me a baby and two other people?? Picking them up at the drive-through? I wonder if ‘they’ will get long, might have been thinking about cats. I realize this is not what I want at all, and ask to cancel the order.

      When you order someone, you automatically get a twitter name with their username being their name plus a four digit number.


      Sitting at a dinner table, perspective is front to back, I was sitting at the front.


      At the store looking at the shelves. There’s a decoration you hang on the wall with two cats, their tails are entwined and if you pull down on it, a light comes on.

      There are comics on the table and shelves now and I get excited. I remember seeing X-Men.

      -Something about signing a doctor’s form.

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    7. Wacky driving

      by , 11-06-2014 at 03:19 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      Cullen was a Red Templar, glowing red like the one in the Gameplay Features – Choice & Consequences video that I recently watched.

      I’m driving, heading somewhere, but I’m lost. I look at a ‘map’, and the street I’m looking for, my old house on Renee Lane, is marked with a blue line.


      I pull out from where and am nervous because I have to drive in a procession with other vehicles. The car is so big (or I am so small) that I can’t reach the pedals. I get down and press the gas with my hands and somehow rev the engine at the same time.

      I do my usual insane dream driving and there’s a wreck. But not caused by me for once! It seems that the people in the car at the front jumped out.


      A group of people are set up on the side of the road recovering and stuff. Apparently I had to replace my shirt. I saw one that might be mine and put it on. Then I looked down and realized it wasn’t. It was black and had some kind of writing on it. I had somehow managed to grab my ‘boyfriend’s’ shirt.


      Mom’s showing me a book that’s supposed to be familiar. It says “Yellow _?_” on the front and it’s the second book in a series.

      Inspirations: On the last episode of Z-Nation, a guy jumped out of a morgue vault and pretty much killed himself. For the book, I’ve been looking at a lot of books in the last week.

      Side-notes: I still find it amazing how many little things throughout the day make it into my dreams. I wonder if I put some special notice into them or what? Just been thinking of the implications and ideas to do with it.
    8. Baby scandle

      by , 11-05-2014 at 01:46 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      It’s blurry here, but ‘I’ and some other people are negotiating or something but it goes bad, and turns into a big fight. I’m stealthily moving northward around the action.

      Huge golems are hurling rocks over to the left towards me. I as my dwarf Erde dodge them. As I pass the golems, I think about what I should be going after in the fight, but end up completely bypassing everything to go down the north corridor.

      I’m looking through the rooms when my sister comes up and seems to be looking for something. From here on, I felt like I knew a step ahead what was going on. I knew she was looking for her child that I hadn’t known about before. I keep looking for the place the child would be hiding. I see a blanket seat in a closet at one point.

      ”Read the letter,” She says as she looks in a closet to the right in the room at the end, calling out the boy’s name (which I can’t remember). There’s a folded up white piece of paper on a pile of blankets(?) on the floor.

      “This one?” I ask as I unfold it and glance over it. It doesn’t make much sense, but I know it’s supposed to be a letter telling me about the child.


      I’m looking at a blue box of corndogs, and there’s a quote on it from my sister and a friend about how they’d conceived the babies on accident. The friend’s name was something like ‘Gosh’ but I knew it really meant the red-headed friend Rane had long ago. I felt that something was kind of off with that.

      Inspiration: Playing Dragon Age: Origins, just finished the Deep Roads stuff recently. My sister and her child might have come from the dwarf commoner’s sister Rica, or from my own sister and a previous dream. We did have a box of corndogs a few weeks ago that I thought about recently.
    9. 12/30/13 - Wardenborn

      by , 12-30-2013 at 04:30 PM
      I had a dream in which I was playing/living in some sort of crossover between Skyrim and Dragon Age. I was both Dovahkiin and Grey Warden, which was brought up repeatedly. Alistair was my companion and had Skyrim behavior (e.g. he would sneak when I would). There was a Skyrim sneaking crosshair. The environment was a cross between Skyrim and the road I used to live on. I was repeatedly attacked by wolves and such. IRL, I am against dogma, and in the dream I had this realization that the wolves were trying to get me to believe their dogma -- that I am their food. Makes sense, actually.
    10. Inquisition

      by , 09-03-2013 at 10:39 PM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      I stayed up two hours later than usual with a friend the night before last, so only recalled a fragment that night.


      A man is running through a field, He, Varric, finds that a silver stone structure is still there. There was a moving contraption up top, along with overgrown foliage.

      The ‘camera’ pans over to some small stone structures (I think, 'of course they were made by dwarves'), and a gravesite with about eight graves with markers. I read: Dizzy, Logi, You— I pause at that last one, wondering if it’s ‘You’ as in the viewer, or as in the Japanese name. I also stopped before Logi, stumbling over the name, and thinking that his body actually couldn’t be there, because he’s nearly impossible to kill. I wonder what it was like for him to wake up (come out of the grave) in this place.

      I’m going through these square, fenced in spaces, where the only way to get out properly is to leap over sections of the fence. There are small Stop signs mounted at top right of the section that’s safe to jump.

      Other ‘heroes’ were doing the same. I caught a girl’s eye and nodded at her. A part of me wondered if I was supposed to know her. She didn’t look familiar (IWL). I laughed when I hear (and somehow see) from behind me Spider-Man jokingly asking an African-American police guard if he’d remove his mask. The man replied “that’s not my thing’.

      A really short, small girl flies back after trying to leap the fence but getting poked in the butt instead. She rolls across the grass and I can’t help but laugh. Her figure reminded me of Kabeyama. I see that she’s wearing a light yellow shirt with Kabayama’s face upside down on the back of it.

      A girl cringes as I reply to something, ‘but don’t get the fence stuck in your butt!’. As I said this, I was picking out two pieces of sharp fence from my thigh.

      Inspiration: I watched some gameplay videos for Dragon Age: The Inquisition recently so that’s where Varric comes from! Last night, me and mom were talking about how movies do in other countries, and she mentioned Wolverine, so that’s where ‘Logi’ comes from. The girl/Kabeyama comes from the last episode of Inazuma Eleven I watched, Kabeyama had more screentime because he was struggling. I think the stone structure and gravesite actually could have come from the book I started last night, The Book of Earth (Dragon Quartet #1).

      Notes: I got deja vu after thinking through the dream, I’m pretty sure I’ve had a dream in the past where I was hopping fences, during some sports event.

      Emotion: Humor

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    11. Adventure date vs the linear guild

      by , 08-29-2013 at 08:33 PM
      I was walking around in a city with a girl (that I know IRL), we were friends and had decided to go exploring. But it eventually became more of an adventure date.

      I remember us walking across this huge dark concrete bridge, seeing skyscrapers in the distance.

      We passed by a small trapdoor that read "XS (as in extra small) storage". The girl shuddered and explained she once had to hide in one of these that was on a train. She had done that since she didn't had a ticket, she said it was horribly crammed and one of her worst experiences ever.

      We walked across the bridge and ended up walking past an old abandoned mining complex. We decided to explore it, even though we knew it was illegal, and climbed across the fence that surrounded it. The place were painter mostly in grey, and with large 2-3 storage buildings. I remember the terrain was that of a desert.

      But when I entered there I ran into Nale, from the linear guild! It is a fictional character from a online comic called "order of the stick". We talked about something, and it ended with him attacking and killing me while I was trying to protect the girl.

      But then I loaded a previous save and returned to the point when I just met Nale! For some reason I saw the world with an UI like Dragon age 2! (probably because I was playing the game the entire other day :p) Like in DA 2 I got several choices of what to do, and I managed to choose the one that allowed me to talk my way through the situation. I don't remember what I said, but he replied "well played!" and summoned me to follow him into the building. He then called for Thog, another member of the linear guild, and he came. He was grumpy and complaining and pushed past all of us.
    12. Selling candy in Kirkwall

      by , 08-04-2013 at 06:16 AM
      I dreamt that I was a dwarven merchant in the Dragon age universe. I was in a city called Kirkwall (the setting for dragon 2) and standing on a wide paved street next to a huge pile of candy on a table.

      I had been planning an expedition, and the candy had been part of the supplies, but the expedition was either cancelled or a failure (can't remember which) and now I had to sell all the candy. I was complaining about this to someone, and told him that they were really hard to sell.
    13. “Get off my case”

      by , 03-13-2013 at 06:25 PM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      Notes: I had the worst time getting getting to sleep (again), even though I'd taken some sleeping pills. I ended up remembering some fragments anyway (enough to put them in my dream palace at least), so I thought I'd go ahead and type them up today (unlike yesterday when I couldn't even put my dreams into words, much less imagery - ugh).

      By now I already know I can hold a lot of information in my memory palace (I'm at 121+) and I have three dream "clusters" stored (I link all the dreams into one chunk each, so that's three days worth of dreams), so I'm thinking of removing dreams as I type them up here at DV, unless they are particularly memorable.

      These are all muddled so I'm just going to type them as one - but they may be separate dreams. When I woke up, there was already no order to them.

      I'm looking at Alistair and Zevran from Dragon Age: Origins on my computer, and dad comes up behind me. I flip through an image of one of their abs. We have a conversation about them that leads to dad calling one of them a 'she' (I think there was a picture of them together?), and I hesitate and start to let him think that, because he's against homosexuality, but in the end I stand firm and say "they're both guys". I think he says that it's fine.

      Side-note: In one of my loci, for remembering dad's phone number, I have my dad coming up to me and commenting on a porn scene on my screen - I wonder if that caused this dream? :O

      A little later, I'm doing something and I hear mom yell at dad, "Your religion is so sexist!". I hate when they fight in real life, but I was pretty into what I was doing and didn't seem to care in the dream.

      I have this man watching over a website of mine apparently, and I am in the room with him (maybe checking in). I look at one of the pages, and see that it's full of inaccurate Japanese. I express my dismay and exasperation.

      I believe the scene changes here a bit - me and a/the man are talking amiably, but at the same time we both know that we're just pretending for the sake of 'my sister' (I can't remember if she's in the room at the beginning, but she isn't in this next bit).

      We give up the pretense and talk about the task I have to go do, because the man is a demon who was put with my sister to have a hostage. I'm not worried that when I leave, he'll hurt her, but still a thought comes up from somewhere above my dream character - "Won't he hurt her while I'm gone anyway?"

      My aunt is leaving the house with a black camera, and I'm like, "oh, is that to get a better reading on the Japanese?". Mom, standing somewhere to the right, gets a mischievous look on her face. There's a few bits I couldn't remember.

      A trans* char (FTM I think?) was talking to someone in a room about what if someone they liked found out. Later, they're talking to that person and it turns out that he heard the conversation through the vents and knew, and was fine with it. He had blond hair. It's possible that DC!me from the demon part was trans* too and the demon had an inkling?